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MEANINGFUL MEETINGS!--The Meeting Revolution!        DFO1511        4/5/83

       1. WHEN I TALK AGAINST MASS EVANGELISM, I'M NOT MEANING MWM CLUB MEETINGS. MOST OF THESE PEOPLE AT THE MWM PARTIES WOULDN'T BE AT THE PARTIES IF THEY HADN'T BEEN LISTENING TO MWM & ON THE MAILING LIST.--Or are already friends of Club Members. So to invite them to a weekly Bible Study or a party or a meeting at a certain place every week, that's a different story than just a huge en masse crowd in a public auditorium or public school, or worse yet, religious school! Large MWM parties or any kind of meeting held in anything that's bigger than a normal living room however, must have a good PA system!--It's not hard to have at all--even if you don't have anything but a guitar amplifier. Family members should scatter throughout the crowd & sit with the visitors & make them feel at home.

       2. THAT WAS SURE A BUNCH OF FINE-LOOKING MANPOWER WE SAW ON THAT VIDEO OF THE MWM PARTY!--Beautiful girls too, intelligent, strong-looking characters! There were very few in the whole bunch, or hardly any, that did not look like real quality. But I really think that they expected something stronger in the way of a meeting, & I don't think there's any reason not to just sock it to'm!

       3. THAT MEETING IS THE CLINCHER! Many have listened to the radio show for months or years, or been followed-up with lit & Letters, & most of them wouldn't still be on the mailing list if they hadn't taken the whole course & accepted the Lord & all the rest! (Maria: And know they're supposed to witness to others.) Yes! Of course there are many new ones, too, but I think from the looks on their faces, some of them were a little disappointed that the program was so light & frivolous! It was too much like a party atmosphere. Maybe "party" is the wrong word for it, because anybody that's followed that Show all these years knows what it's about!

       4. TWO THINGS CAME TO ME VERY STRONGLY: FIRST OF ALL, THERE WAS TOO MUCH FOOLISHNESS! That Russian Roulette "shooting skit" was totally without any meaning--ridiculous! It had no message! In fact, it had the wrong message, just the opposite message from what we preach! Our message is, "He saved others, Himself He couldn't save." (Mt.27:42.) But here was a guy who saved himself & shot a whole bunch of other guys! That's a terrible message! Even if it's supposed to be just in joke, it's a pretty sick joke! (Maria: And they opened the meeting with it!) The way you start things is the keynote, & I think the people were really disappointed.

       5. I THINK THOSE PEOPLE WERE HUNGRY, SINCERE, SOBER & THEY WERE REALLY EXPECTING SOME REAL MEAT!--INSTEAD OF THAT, THEY GOT A LOT OF FOOLISHNESS! That stupid ridiculous skit that had no good meaning or message at all! The skit the children did, the Heart Skit was very good. But I'm against those crazy foolish silly skits without any meaning, strictly for entertainment! I don't like it! It's foolishness! "Whatsoever ye do in word or in deed, do it all to the glory of God!" (1Co.10:31) That was not for the glory of God! (Maria: They seem to have the idea that you can't have fun & laugh & relax without doing something foolish!) Even the dance was very poor & amateurish compared to what our girls can really do! They must have been almost amused at that little childish practically unrehearsed dance.--And in the wrong place.

       6. WE DIDN'T PUT OUR BEST FOOT FORWARD IN THAT THING AT ALL! I was surprised. Even the MC didn't have enough drive or enthusiasm or enough real sparkle! The whole thing was just sort of blah! I was surprised that even the music was not our best by any means. Here they've been listening to the very best on MWM, & they come to what's supposed to be an MWM Party, & it's downright amateurish! I mean, it was really not the best! If that's the best musicians & the best singers they've got there, I think it was pretty poor!

       7. I THINK THEY'VE STILL GOT THAT IDEA OF TRYING TO PUSH THE NATIONALS! I don't think they had a single foreigner on the whole show except the one couple & their children! (Maria: There were some in the band & in the skit.) In that silly skit they were nearly all foreigners! The worst part of the show was the foreigners, except for the children! Well, I was really disappointed. It doesn't really matter whether you use nationals or non-nationals, just so you use the best talent you have.

       8. I WAS THINKING & THINKING & PRAYING ABOUT IT AFTERWARDS, EVEN DURING THE NIGHT IN MY SLEEP IT SEEMED LIKE, & DO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS THE MAIN LACK?--IT LACKED THE WORD! And there's nothing more powerful than the Word! And do you know what else it lacked, which was the making of Fred Jordan's ministry & his show?--Personal testimonies! There's nothing more interesting to people than that! I think they ought to forget this "Party" idea & this foolishness & this game-playing without a purpose, & that silliness! Forget it! We don't have time for it! Forget the Party idea! Call it an MWM Club or Fellowship or Friendship Meeting--you're coming together for fellowship! Most of these kids are sick of this World & sick of parties & sick of the froth & sick of the foolishness & all this junk that doesn't satisfy! They're looking for something better, something real, something with real meaning!

       9. MUSIC WITH MEANING?--THAT PARTY SHOULD HAVE HAD MUCH MORE MEANING. That one little boy that played the guitar with the MC & gave his brief little testimony about what Jesus had done for him.--That was the only thing in the whole thing that was actually a testimony outside of the children's Heart Skit! (Maria: They could have had a lot of testimonies of the Members that had come.) Exactly! Of course, the fact that they didn't have a good PA system & nobody could hear'm just about killed the whole thing! At first when the people got up & were saying something, the audience shouted, "Louder, louder!" But finally they just gave up! They saw they couldn't get it any louder & they just quit. They just had to sit there & not hear what was going on. One of the MCs repeated the answers a couple of times, but then he forgot to do it after that.

       10. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THAT PARTY WAS A FLOP! I was disappointed! I was really expecting something better. If that's any sample of the kind of parties we've been putting on, God deliver us! I don't want to support that kind of a program, I'll tell you right now! Those people who have been listening to MWM for years & have been followed-up with the mail program are already virtually in & Members! They call them Members, why can't they trust them to be Members? You mean to tell me that two years of follow-up has not done'm any more good than that?--It hasn't brought'm into seriousness & fellowship with the Lord & expecting something better than that?

       11. I THINK THOSE PEOPLE WERE DISAPPOINTED! I think they thought it was ridiculous! I think they thought it was silly! Some of them sat there & looked like they were actually embarrassed! And to put their first foot forward with that silly meaningless ridiculous shooting skit was absolutely offensive! Who goes in for that kind of stuff, I don't know, but it certainly shouldn't be any part of our ministry! Ridiculousness! Foolishness!

       12. OUR MUSIC, AFTER ALL, IS WHAT HAS ATTRACTED THOSE PEOPLE! Was that the best music they had to offer? Were those the best musicians they had? They didn't even have too much music! What made "Music With Meaning" attractive, anyhow? Number one, the music is the bait. Number two, the Word. And Number three, the testimonies. That's what we have had on "Music With Meaning", & that's what they expected! I think they were disappointed that it was such a silly frivolous ridiculous stupid idiotic foolishness! I hope they never throw another party like that!

       13. I WANT THEM TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS & GET SERIOUS & HAVE THE RIGHT KIND OF MEETINGS! Forget the Party idea! Cancel the "Party" expression at all! Get away from the Party idea completely! Just say it's going to be a Fellowship or Friendship Meeting, & if they don't want to come to a Fellowship Meeting, forget it! If they're going to just come for silliness & foolishness & ridiculous idiocy & they're not serious enough to want to come to an MWM Fellowship Meeting, we don't want'm there anyhow! What's the matter with calling it a Fellowship?--

       14. CALL IT A CLUB MEETING THEN! It's called the MWM Club, why not call it a Club Meeting? Fine! But then it doesn't have to be a silly party! I am disgusted with it & I'm going to stop their support if they're not going to straighten that out! I don't care to support that kind of a program! I'm absolutely disgusted with it! I want them to get away from that Party idea completely--at least Club Meeting gives some idea of something more serious. Most clubs have some purpose & some serious program of some kind.

       15. IF THE PEOPLE HAVE LISTENED TO MWM AT ALL, THEY KNOW IT'S A FAIRLY SERIOUS SHOW. We have a few little jokes in there once in awhile, but their skits are for an actual purpose, they have a clincher at the end! Yes, yes, yes, & they don't take a whole half-an-hour like that stupid idiotic Russian roulette thing took! I mean, that thing dragged out so long I thought it would never end! So silly! And the way the thing ended was horrible! It was the exact opposite of what we preach--dying for others--he let'm all die for him!

       16. (MARIA: EVEN OUR OLD POORBOY CLUBS HAD LOTS & LOTS OF MUSIC!--And they had slow dancing, which is such a good way to really get to know people & talk to them.) Yes! Why didn't they have dancing after the show? There were plenty of girls there. There were about twice as many men as girls, but so what? They could take turns! At least they could have had some seriousness & soberness about the program. A few songs were fairly good.

       17. I DON'T THINK IN A FIRST MEETING LIKE THAT YOU SHOULD TRY TO INSIST ON TOO MUCH AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION. People like to sing & if they want to clap, fine, & hug each other, but they are very shy & they're uncertain, & you just cannot expect them to come out right off the bat & be like one of us, clap hands wholeheartedly & sing wholeheartedly & become a sudden Pentecostal! A lot of them are from very conservative backgrounds, conservative churches & conservative religions, quiet, shy & conservative. About the only thing that saved it were so many Family members scattered throughout.

       18. (MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT HAVING A FEW "GET-ACQUAINTED" GAMES?--LIKE HOW THEY DANCED ALL TOGETHER & THEN HUGGED EVERYBODY.) That wasn't too bad, but it was a little bit strong for people who are seeing each other for the first time & don't even know each other. (Maria: If everybody had known everybody pretty well, that would have been all right.) I thought pulling names out of the hat & giving them tapes as prizes was good too, like a little raffle. (Maria: And some serious games can be used to teach the Word.)

       19. THEY SHOULD KNOW WHAT WE LIKE & WHAT WE THINK IS RIGHT JUST BY THE FORMAT OF THE MWM SHOW--MUSIC WITH MEANING & WORD WITH A MESSAGE! They should have had lots of good music! They should have had lots of good testimonies: "What Music With Meaning means to me!" After all, the Members shouldn't mind saying why they're there--they obviously liked the show or they wouldn't be there! But people under circumstances like that are very shy, very quiet, & they're not going to yell loud to the whole congregation.

       20. YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE A GOOD PA SYSTEM!--The lack of that just killed the show to begin with! The show was an absolute flat failure, really, as far as a good show or a good program, because nobody could hear it! The only thing they understood was the stupid idiotic pantomime, that roulette skit, & that was the worst thing in the whole show! (Maria: I think maybe the London Poorboy Club might have started those silly skits.) Yeah--it sounds like Jethro! They should have had more good music, good testimonies, "What MWM means to me!" That's a perfectly legitimate question! And then at the very end they should have wound up with a very good serious Message. The little children's skit was the closest thing to a good serious Message in the whole thing! Thank God their parents at least pushed that forward!

       21. BUT THINKING THAT THEY HAVE TO COMPLETELY HAVE ALMOST NO FOREIGNERS ON THE PROGRAM AT ALL, PROBABLY ELIMINATED SOME OF THEIR BEST MUSICIANS & SOME OF THEIR BEST LEADERSHIP TALENT FOR MEETINGS LIKE THAT! They've got that nationalistic idea that they can only have the nationals lead & take part etc. But you can't tell me that they aren't like anybody else in the World, & underneath they secretly admire the Americans & the Westerners! They go for their jeans & their music & their youth culture & everything else! So they're going to like our good music & even our personalities if really talented!

       22. I DON'T THINK WE SHOULD MAKE IT AN EXCLUSIVELY NATIONALISTIC SHOW! I think we should put our best talent on the stage, our very best talent, & I don't care what colour they are--red, white or blue or black or upside-down or what! They ought to put the best talent on the stage, the best musicians, the best singers, & of course there're bound to be some nationals amongst them. The fact that we have the nationals there ought to be enough sign that we're integrated. But to rule out some of your best talent just because they happen to be foreigners, I think they're making a mistake!

       23. I THINK IT'S VERY GOOD TO HAVE A NATIONAL LEADER THERE AS THE MC, BUT IT WAS KIND OF FLAT & DEAD WITH NOT MUCH SPARKLE & ENTHUSIASM. You need somebody that's got more flair & push! Meetings like that are like an evangelistic meeting--it is an evangelistic meeting & you've gotta have talent! You've gotta have somebody with acting & dramatic ability & showmanship & somebody to really keep the ball rolling, to really put everything they've got into it & keep the people constantly excited!--Whereas that thing was really dead! I mean, it was dead! It was slow as Christmas & molasses in January!

       24. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, IT WAS A FLOP! It was terrible! Pitiful! It was bad enough to be dead, you could just blame that on amateurishness & lack of know-how, but then in the bargain they didn't even have the real good music & talent that they have got, that MWM has got! They were probably expecting to hear some real MWM talent, & all they heard were a bunch of amateurs that don't even compare to MWM! (Maria: If they didn't have it there, they could have played tapes!) It would have been better to have played the recorded music than to have had such amateurish stuff!

       25. AND THEN TO ALSO LACK THE WORD & TO HAVE MISSED THE BOAT ON TESTIMONIES WAS JUST PITIFUL! Well, they tried to have some testimonies, but they couldn't hear because of the poor PA system! Now, who was responsible for that, I don't know. Even when they got the mike right up to their mouth they couldn't hear'm! It was terrible!--No PA system in a big room like that with 200 people! Ugh! And then they didn't have the real strong Word at the end to really draw in the net, pull in the hook & really have a sober serious time at the end. They know MWM is a fairly sober serious Show about God & Love, so I think they would have expected something better--better talent, a more sober approach, more serious atmosphere, better music, better message & more Word! I really think they would have expected more!--If they didn't have anybody do anything but get up & quote a Daily Might or something like that at the end! Something!--Or somebody with a good strong testimony!

       26. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BY EVANGELISTIC FERVOUR, DON'T YOU? Look how most politicians speak, with conviction & fire & flair & fervour! My God, they didn't have a person on that platform who got up & spoke like that! The little boy that played the guitar was about as close as they came to it. As far as I'm concerned, the MC was a flop, a flat failure with no fire, no fervour, no flair!

       27. I THINK THE PARTY SPIRIT IDEA ABSOLUTELY SQUELCHED THE HOLY SPIRIT COMPLETELY, to where they were scared to death to express the fire & fervour of the Holy Spirit! In fact, I think the Holy Spirit just practically ignored that meeting! I think the Lord was absolutely fed-up & sick of the whole mess & refused to even inspire them! I never heard anybody on the whole show that was really inspired. One of the ones that came closest to it at all was the father who tried to kind of help the little kids' show. The rest of the show was a mess! No inspiration, really. Really no inspiration! No Spirit! No fire! No fervour! No conviction! No ringing testimonies! I was absolutely disgusted & disappointed with the whole thing, & I'm going to withdraw their support if they can't do better than that! You'd better get'm on the phone & tell'm that we were absolutely disgusted with that "party spirit" idea!

       28. IF THEY WANT FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR FRIENDS TO CALL IT A CLUB MEETING, ALL RIGHT, BUT WHEN THEY GET THERE, SOCK IT TO'M! Forget that party idea & those silly meaningless skits! They're worse than meaningless, they're wrong-meaning skits! And forget any meaningless games! We don't have time for silly games, for party spirit, silly skits--forget the whole thing! Get down to business at that meeting! Most of those people said they've been listening to MWM for two years!--So they certainly would have expected something more serious & sober & with greater real meaning.

       29. THAT WAS A MEETING WITHOUT A MEANING, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED!--Absolutely a meeting without a meaning & music without meaning! The few little songs that they did sing were about the only thing in the whole meeting that was hardly worth anything, & that didn't have much quality or inspiration! Where is their fire & their fervour? Where's their Message? Where's the Word? Is this the way they preach at their meetings?

       30. FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHERE'S THE SPIRIT OF GOD? Are they afraid to come out full blast? When I went into those schools & trailer parks & God knows what, I pulled out all the stops & let'm have it! I figured it was my last chance to ever reach some of those people, so I just socked it to'm! I used my pictures to get in, I showed my movies, but then I showed my Bible pictures & my colour slides about Jesus & the Coming of the Lord & the Endtime & Creation & all kinds of things, & I preached!

       31. WE'RE TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL--NOT GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & HAVE A STUPID SILLY PARTY! I'm sick of it! I don't ever want to see another one of those again, or ever hear that they ever have another one again! Well, I did see one once before, & that wasn't quite so bad, but I was worrying about it a little even then. But this one really convinced me, if that's the best they could do.

       32. WHEN YOU GO IN THERE WITH AN AUDIENCE LIKE THAT, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE SHOWMANSHIP! You've got to at least have evangelistic fervour & flair, if nothing else! Whatever you want to call it, you have got to have something that really excites the audience, holds their attention, grips their hearts & keeps it moving! That thing just almost dragged to a stop several times! It was just flat! There was no flair, no drive, no fervour, no spirit, no inspiration, no conviction, no testimonies, no Word, no real strong singing! I can't do the subject justice! It was horrible!

       33. FROM NOW ON, NO MORE MWM PARTIES! THEY CAN CALL'M CLUB MEETINGS IF THEY WANT TO, BUT WHEN THEY GET THERE, FOR GOD'S SAKE, IT SHOULD BE AN EVANGELISTIC MEETING! They ought to sock it to'm like they do in the parks or in the schools & everyplace else! I hope they're doing better than that. If they're not doing better than that, they're not preaching the Gospel! (Maria: Well, all of them prayed to receive Jesus, they did give the invitation.) In that silly atmosphere, what does it mean? Well, I hope it did mean something.

       34. YOU SAW THE POTENTIAL THERE! Boy, if I'd had a chance at that crowd it would be like saying "sic'm" to a dog! When I saw the quality of those young people, those hungry hearts & faces, I would have gotten up there & socked away! Did I pull my punches at the so-called Light Club?--It was supposed to be a Club, but it was anything but light & anything but a club! It was an evangelistic service! When I got up there & taught Bible Prophecy & screamed "Revolution", was there anything silly about me? Anything ridiculous? Well, I was comical sometimes in my antics & whatnot, & cracked jokes, but I'll tell you, I was dead serious! And if I hadn't attacked that audience of those hippies with more conviction & fire & fervour & inspiration than that God-damned party, there never would have been a Jesus Revolution! Never!

       35. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK AT THE POINT THAT THEY GET THEM TO THE CLUB MEETING is the point to pull out all the stops?) That's the time to sock it to'm & really pull out all the stops! Let'm have it & sift the tares from the wheat & the sheep from the goats & hope that nobody comes back the next time except those that are really sincere, mean business & care about us! They don't have to say anything about the Family, they can just say they're the MWM Club Members Meeting! (Maria: It'll probably slip out soon that we are also the Family of Love. Somebody will soon catch on.)

       36. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THAT THE LORD LEADS THE MEETING, THE HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRES THE MEETING & GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY!--Instead of all that other diabolical devilish Satanic fiendish foolishness! If you let go & let God have His way, whatever each individual group needs will come out!--Whether it's Family or fire or sex or whatever! At least it will be sincere & with conviction & reality & inspiration! But that thing was a God-damned flop, & I think God did damn it! It was absolutely a flat failure, as far as I'm concerned. The only thing successful about it--& that was a credit to the audience--was that they came! But I think they were disappointed! And I was disgusted because I knew how much better they could do!

       37. THEY FAILED TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY EXPECTED & WHAT THEY WERE LOOKING FOR! No wonder they've been having to go out & pass out handbills to invite people, they probably didn't get as good a crowd as last time. They probably lost some of their best people because they saw nothing in it. I mean, there was nothing there!--No real inspiration, no real conviction, no convicting message, no fire, no fervour, no inspiration, no Holy Ghost!--No meaning! The Lord just walked out of that thing disgusted like I would have, just disgusted, & left'm flat! It was sickening!--And I don't ever want to hear of another one like that!

       38. ONCE THEY'VE GOT'M THERE IN PERSON, THEN IT'S THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO PREACH'M THE GOSPEL & SOCK IT TO'M--JUST LIKE I DID! I never pulled any punches, I went into that Club & I preached just what we preached all the time! I socked it to'm! I just put it in their language & whacked away! Right?--Just the way I'm doing now! I never pulled any punches or pussy-footed around about anything, I just socked it to'm! I'm telling you, it didn't drive anybody away except the chaff! Instead of that, it packed them in!

       39. IF YOU'RE ON FIRE, THE WORLD WILL COME OUT TO SEE YOU BURN!--And they did! They knew they had something coming when they came to hear me, & it packed'm in! I had a bigger crowd for my lectures than the kids had for their music & entertainment! I packed them in wall-to-wall, 150 people in there!--Whereas you hardly ever had that many there when they were just playing music & singing songs & it got boring. But boy, when I came, they came!

       40. I'M DISGUSTED! IF THAT'S THE KIND OF PROGRAM WE'RE SUPPORTING & THE KIND OF GOSPEL WE'RE PREACHING, MY LORD, IT'S A FLAT FAILURE & I'M SURPRISED WE'RE STILL IN BUSINESS! I'm surprised we're still going if that's the kind of preaching our missionaries are doing! From what I saw at that MWM Party Meeting & that school meeting, I can consider we're flat failures, absolute total failures! There was no fire, no spirit, no inspiration, no conviction, no testimony, no Message, no Gospel!--Horrible! Many people don't even understand a skit like "The Land of Not Too Much"! They go on & on & on about the "Land of Not Too Much", & only at the very very end mention Jesus, & I don't think the audience even gets the connection!

       41. (MARIA: I DON'T THINK THE MWM MINSTRELS WILL BE ABLE TO DIVORCE THEMSELVES COMPLETELY FROM THE FAMILY OF LOVE. They can't, because they get up there & they preach the same thing & pass out the same lit!) Of course not, but they don't have to mention it. They can call it the MWM Club! It'll be the same Message--what other Message have we got to preach? (Maria: But when they take them back to their Bible Study in their home...) By that time they should be close enough in!

       42. I'LL TELL YOU, HONEY, I NEVER PULLED ANY PUNCHES!--NO MATTER WHERE I WENT OR WHAT KIND OF AN AUDIENCE I HAD!--And most of all I wasn't foolish! I wasn't silly, insipid, frivolous & ridiculous! I was sincere! If the people didn't know anything else, they knew I was sincere & I meant it & it was a serious message & sober & convicting & convincing!--They knew I meant business & I was preaching the Gospel & I was preaching Jesus! So if they don't want to do that, forget it! I'm sick & fed-up with it! My Lord, if there's anything they ought to do at those meetings when they've finally got'm there in person, is sock it to'm with the Love of Jesus!

       43. HONEY, IN ALL OF THE HISTORY OF THE REVOLUTION & ALL OF OUR MEETINGS IN PARKS & GATHERINGS OF ANY KIND, DID YOU EVER SEE ANYTHING SUCH A FLAT FAILURE AS THAT PARTY MEETING? Did you ever see anything as flat as that & as dead as that? I mean, look back at the parks & all those places where we used to go--our kids got up & sang with fervour! Faith or Ho or Aaron or somebody got up & preached with fire & we socked it to'm!--And it was out in public places & they took it & they loved it & they followed! I think they killed half their audience, most of it, with that silly Party! I think they disappointed'm, disgusted'm & killed their chances dead of reaching some of those people, it was so ridiculous & silly & foolish!

       44. I WANT THEM TO CANCEL PARTIES, FORGET PARTIES! They're having Club meetings, & when they get there, they're going to find out it's a holy-roller hot-Pentecostal on-fire Gospel meeting!--Full of fervour, fire & testimonies & the Word of God & the Gospel is preached! "Nevertheless the Gospel is preached!" (Ph.1:18.) And if they can't do that, forget it! If they've got some idea that they've got to have some kind of silly party & they've got to compromise with the World, that just because it's MWM it's got to be something light & frothy--I don't think the MWM Show is that light & frothy! I'd have been fed-up with it & abandoned it long ago if it were! I mean, we have fun, we have a few jokes, but most of it is dead serious, & serious songs. They sometimes have a few little silly songs in-between just for humour, but we have real Music with Meaning, & a message with a meaning! We sock it to them with testimonies & we give it to them on the radio!

       45. BUT MY LORD, IF THERE'S ANY CHANCE YOU EVER HAD TO GIVE'M THE GOSPEL & REALLY PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS & LET'M HAVE IT, IT'S AT THOSE MEETINGS! We can't do it on the radio or we'd lose stations. But we can do it when they're our hot prospects, they're our hot contacts, hot connections! They're nearly all Club Members, they are halfway in, so to speak, & of all the chances we have, this is our last chance to really sock it to'm & get ahold of them & grip'm & pull'm the rest of the way in! Instead of that, as far as I'm concerned, that silly stupid party probably drove some away--disappointed, disgusted, dissatisfied & really disillusioned! If that's MWM, I want none of it! And if that's the kind of program we're going to back, I don't want anything to do with it! I'm certainly not going to support it. It's disgusting! Pitiful!

       46. FROM NOW ON WE'RE GOING TO HAVE MWM CLUB MEETINGS! They don't have to tell them anything about what's going to be on the program if they don't want to, they can say they're going to have a drawing for tapes & lots of good music. We used to advertise, "Music, Food & Fun" at the Club! Well, let me tell you, I was the fun! We really socked it to'm! They got the music, they got the food & they got me!--And did it work?--Here we are!--With 10, 20, 30,000 followers! But if I'd ever run a meeting like they did that one, I wouldn't have 30 followers! My Lord, what a disgusting thing!--No inspiration, no Holy Spirit, no really moving atmosphere, no gripping testimonies, no inspiring music, no real convincing message, no real hot Gospel! There was just no reality! It was all froth, foam, scum!--Sickening disgusting foolishness! I just can't do the subject justice! If that's the kind of Club meetings you're going to have, forget it! I'll abandon the Club & the whole works!

       47. LET'S HAVE SOME MISSIONARIES THAT KNOW HOW TO GO IN WITH REAL LOVE & CONVICTION & INSPIRATION & CAN REALLY PREACH THE GOSPEL TO A BUNCH LIKE THAT, & WEEP & PRAY & CRY & REALLY SOCK IT TO'M WITH CONVICTION! Most of your audiences have heard of Christ before, they've heard of the Gospel before, they've been listening to MWM for a long time! They're not going to be offended by the name of Jesus! If they are, let'm be offended! Jesus said, "Blessed is he who is not offended in Me!" (Mt.11:6.) (Maria: You don't mean to say we should put the name of Jesus on the MWM Show, do you?) No, Honey, we have to be very careful on the Show because of the radio stations & the general audience. We have to handle that with terrific care! But once we have got their names & addresses to write to, then we are supposed to sock it to'm through the mail! That's the hook! The Show is the bait, the Mail Ministry is the hook, & by the time we get around to a local--my God deliver us from the word "party"--to local Club Meetings, which really should amount to Fellowship Meetings, we ought to have genuine inspiration & fire there & conviction & testimonies & powerful singing, powerful music, powerful messages, powerful testimonies!--A meeting with Meaning & a Message!

       48. DID YOU SEE ANYTHING POWERFUL ON THAT SHOW?--NOTHING! Not a thing on the whole show was powerful except the little kids! They came the closest to being powerful, the poor little things, & they got the best response too! They did the best they could, but even that was kind of pitiful. They're the only ones that really gave an invitation & really preached the Gospel! That whole thing was weak! In fact, it was not only weak, it was sick! In fact, it was not only sick, it was dead!--Absolutely dead! I am disappointed & fed-up & disgusted, & if I had been one of those young people, I'd never come back to another one!

       49. IF THAT'S THE KIND OF THING THEY WANT TO PROMOTE, TO ATTRACT THE KIND OF PEOPLE THAT WOULD BE ATTRACTED BY THAT KIND OF SILLINESS, FOOLISHNESS, FROTH & SHALLOWNESS, THEY'RE GOING TO GET THE WRONG PEOPLE OUT OF IT! It's disgusting! My Lord, deliver us! If that's the kind of a ministry we have there, let's forget it, let's quit supporting it! If that's the kind of missionaries we have, let's stop it!--If they can't give it any more punch than that, any more fire, any more fervour, any more inspiration, any more power in their music & their message! My Lord, you could never say you came to one of those meetings of ours at the Light Club that there was not powerful music, powerful testimonies & a powerful powerhouse of a message from me at the end!--Or from Faithy or Ho or Aaron or whoever! We really socked it to'm! They knew in short order what it was all about, that it was "Come & die for Jesus! Come & live for the Lord! Forsake all!" We preached it right from the beginning, boom! We didn't pull any punches or soft-pedal anything! We only do that on the Radio Show!--We have to, or we couldn't even get the Show on the air! They wouldn't even let us put our address on there to get mail response if we weren't very very careful!

       50. BUT ONCE WE'VE GOT THEIR NAME & ADDRESS & WE'VE BEEN FOLLOWING-UP BY MAIL FOR MONTHS, MY LORD, IF WE CAN'T SOCK IT TO'M IN A PERSONAL FACE-TO-FACE MEETING, LET'S FORGET IT! At last we've got'm! Once you have invited them to a meeting & you've got'm there, you have either got to hook'm there or forget it! If you don't hook'm when they're already swallowing the bait & nibbling at it, then you've lost your chance, just like fishing. Once they find out there's a hook underneath it & they don't respond, then forget it. But once you get them to a meeting like that, I don't think you should hesitate to sock it to them with the hook! And if they don't want the hook, if they don't want the message, if they don't want the real article & you get rid of some of the people, be thankful! If they don't want the Book, forget it!

       51. THAT MEETING OUGHT TO BE THE TIME TO WEED OUT THE GOATS FROM THE SHEEP & THE TARES FROM THE WHEAT! Once they're there for one of those first meetings, you ought to really sock it to'm! Forget this party idea, party atmosphere, fun & games! Forget it! I don't want to hear of another MWM Party, period! No more parties! Is that clear? I want meetings at which they really sock it to'm with the Gospel & with good powerful Gospel music & powerful Gospel testimonies with a powerful Gospel message & a powerful Gospel invitation, & those that won't come, let'm go to Hell then! Forget it! If they only have half-a-dozen real solid sheep come to the next meeting, it's worth it!

       52. DRIVE THE GOATS AWAY! GET RID OF THE TARES! WEED'M OUT! Let's get the real quality stuff!--And that's the time to find out, right there at that first meeting! They've played along with them all this time. Do you realise what Jesus said they were like?--"We have piped unto you, & you have not danced!" We sang to you, you haven't responded, blah blah, in the marketplace. (Mt.11:16-17.) Foolishness! Jesus was ridiculing their foolishness & their silliness! It sounds like the churches, putting on their pretty little programs & piping & dancing & trying to entice them with junk like that!

       53. I DON'T THINK WE OUGHT TO EVEN HAVE DANCING AT THOSE MEETINGS UNLESS IT'S THE VERY LAST THING AFTER IT'S ALL OVER--AFTER THEY'VE HAD PRAYER, INVITATION, WON SOULS & WHATNOT! Either that, or have their dance at a separate time. I think the dancing can wait till they get to the Home, when they get that far in, but not at these public meetings. I really don't think dancing has a place at these public meetings.--Especially that foolish silly kind of dancing they had! In Hyde Park & places like that, we used to have a huge circle of people dancing around holding hands & that sort of thing, just sort of a happy little fling!--But not a bunch of girls dressed like dancing girls & just putting on some kind of a girlie show! We never had that kind of a thing as far as the public meetings were concerned--except Jethro's clubs.

       54. ON TV & VIDEO WHEN WE'RE PUTTING ON A SHOW, THAT'S A DIFFERENT KIND OF THING ENTIRELY! Our real sexy dances certainly are not intended for the public at all!--That's for Family entertainment or fish entertainment, but certainly not for the general public. (Maria: What about a Gypsy dance or "Gypsy Caravan" or something to show our happiness & our freedom?) Well, if everybody was participating like it used to be in the parks & places where we were, if the whole Family was getting up & participating in it, that's something different. If they got the whole bunch up & everybody was dancing & everybody was sort of prancing around & just joyfully dancing as unto the Lord, that's something else, like we do in the Family! But those costumed dancers--pretty flimsily costumed at that, I was afraid their bras were going to fall off--that is not the kind of thing for our serious sober public meetings!

       55. THAT'S THE TIME TO GET THEM SERIOUS & SOBER & DOWN TO BUSINESS WITH THE LORD! That's the time to hook'm! That's the time to divide the sheep from the goats & weed out the tares, get rid of the chaff, blow it away!--Give them what they really need & the real Gospel & power & strong music & strong meat & strong messages! They've had enough of this other stuff on the Show, because that's as far as we could go. But even the MWM Show has never been that silly, stupid, idiotic, frivolous, frothy, shallow & meaningless!

       56. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THAT MEETING WAS MEANINGLESS!--Virtually meaningless except for what the little kids did & the one testimony the one guy that played the guitar gave about what Jesus had done for him, & he was there because of Jesus. I think that was about the only thing in the whole show that had any meaning!--And that was so weak & so pitiful by comparison, a weak little murmur almost, a weak little voice raised!--The poor little children & one poor little guitar player! Those guys who did that stupid idiotic ridiculous skit acted with more fervour & conviction than anybody else on the show! (Maria: Several of them could have been the DJs!) Exactly! Those Jews, let me tell you, they've got drive & punch & they could have socked it to'm! I think the whole thing was squelched, they were so God-damned afraid to use foreigners or say Jesus or preach the Gospel or testify or really come out with powerful music! It was pitiful, just pitiful! I don't ever want to hear of another one like that one again!

       57. THOSE MEETINGS OUGHT TO BE A POWERHOUSE OF HOLY GHOST SPIRITUAL POWER & CONVICTION & SINGING & TESTIMONIES & MESSAGE--a Gospel message & evangelistic message with evangelistic fervour & power & fire & inspiration & sock it to'm!--And if they can't take it, forget it! But I think if you do that, you'll get results!--Just like we did in the early days when I was around & my children were holding the meetings, & as far as I know the Family's been doing it since then, & we got fruit, good lasting fruit! But that kind of a thing will never get anywhere! My God, if that's what's been going on for the last year, forget it! I don't want to have anything to do with it at all! I don't care to support it! It's throwing money away on that kind of a program! Forget it! I'm through! Enough said. (Maria: So the Light Club was a good sample!)

       58. THE LIGHT CLUB WAS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF THE WAY I WOULD RUN THOSE MEETINGS! We had powerful music, powerful testimonies & a powerful message! I got up there & socked it to them!--So did Faithy, so did Aaron, so did Ho & anybody else! Terrific! We didn't pull any punches, we socked it to'm!--And they ate it up & we packed'm in!--And the same from then on in the parks, wherever we went, that's the kind of meetings we had. We never pulled any punches or soft-pedaled anything! I came bursting in the door every time screaming, "Revolution!" And they'd yell, "For Jesus!" My God, we nearly scared the town to death! In fact, we did, till they drove us out! But we got the fruit, lasting fruit!--Good solid disciples who forsook all & bore fruit!

       59. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO GET ANYONE THAT WAY! If they're going to give that kind of approach & that kind of appeal & that's what they're offering, they're going to get stupid idiotic idiots!--Sickening frivolous people who are there for nothing! (Maria: Their invitation to the Club should be an approach like, "Do you want to come & see how to have a more meaningful satisfying life?"--Or "Do you want to come & learn how to be happy?" or "Do you want to learn how to share love with others, or do you want to come & hear some music & a program with meaning?" Instead of, "Do you want to come & just have fun?") Yes! They've already got plenty of Worldly friends that invite them for fun & parties & that kind of stuff!

       60. THEY NEED TO ADVERTISE GOOD MUSIC & GOOD FELLOWSHIP & GOOD INFORMATION, WHATEVER THEY WANT TO CALL IT! "Learn more about MWM, what makes it tick! What are we really here for?" (Maria: "How to have a happier life! How to be more loving & kind to your friends!") That initial skit killed it for me! That wasn't how to be more loving & kind to your friends--it was how to save yourself & kill your brothers! That was horrible! I'd like to know who's responsible for that stuff! (Maria: I think it was those at the London Poorboy Club who started it in the beginning.) I don't want to hear any more of that kind of stuff! I don't want to see any more of it, & I don't want to hear about it or of it, that we're promoting or doing that kind of stuff at our public meetings! I think it's diabolical, devilish, fiendish & of the Devil, & I don't want to have anything to do with it!--Or the Tobasco Brothers either!

       61. IF THAT'S THE KIND OF STUFF WE PUT ON, NO WONDER THE PARENTS DON'T LIKE US! No wonder even the System doesn't like us if that's the kind of stuff we promote! It was trash, it was slop, it was garbage, & I'm sick of it! I don't ever want to hear or see another thing like it! We're to preach Christ, & Him crucified! (1Cor.2:2) Did I ever pull any punches about Jesus in our Club meetings?--I socked'm to'm! On the front window we advertised fun, food, fellowship & whatnot, but when they got there, they knew what they were going to get once they came! Oh, there were a few guys that got disgusted, got up & stomped out & said, "Oh, I didn't know I was coming to church!" Well, it was anything but like church, I'll tell you! Just because I talked about God & Jesus, some of them didn't want it. Well, it was good riddance of bad rubbish as far as I was concerned! The quicker they left the better!

       62. MY GOD, DELIVER US FROM THAT KIND OF FOOLISHNESS! Lord deliver us from that kind of shallowness & froth & foam & sickening garbage, trash, with no substance, no real meaning, no message, no power, no spirit & no results! Deliver us, Lord, in Jesus' name! Help our folks to get down to business & preach the Gospel & really sock it to'm, in Jesus' name! Amen. Enough said. I couldn't do the subject justice if I talked for ten hours!

       63. WHAT DO YOU THINK KEPT THE KIDS SITTING THERE LISTENING TO ME SOMETIMES FOR HOURS, FASCINATED, SPELLBOUND? What do you think kept them sitting there for hours listening to somebody talk & preach? It wasn't fun & games, it wasn't silliness & foolish skits! They came out to see me burn, somebody on fire, & they knew I was on fire & they loved it!--And they followed it! Who are they going to get to follow that?--Some kind of stupid silly ridiculous goats? Forget it!

       64. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT STORY ABOUT THE ACTOR & THE PREACHER! The actor said, "The reason they listen to me is because I act my fiction like it was fact, & you preach your fact like it was fiction!" Why did they come listen to me? Because they knew I meant it! But that meeting was meaningless, ridiculous, sickening, no meaning! "Meaningless Meetings!"--That's a good title for it! A lot of the Family are guilty, apparently. God knows how many more are doing this! How come they let them get away with it? What kind of leadership have they got? I must have failed somewhere. (Maria: Well, you can't instruct them in everything until it comes to your attention.)

       65. YOU CAN BET YOUR BOOTS THAT THERE'RE NO MEETINGS THAT FAITHY HOLDS THAT ARE LIKE THAT!--And I hope she never gets the idea that's the way they're supposed to be! My kids were never taught to be like that!--They were powerhouses, on fire, & people came out to see'm burn! I just can't do the subject justice! That was the most disgusting meeting I think I ever saw in my whole life, the most disgusting sickening thing I ever saw, & I don't ever want to see another one or hear of another one!

       66. I'LL TELL YOU, THE DEVIL WAS PLEASED WITH THAT MEETING, THAT'S FOR SURE! He just absolutely squelched it! He poured cold water on the whole thing & he must have had a real laugh!--Powerless Christians, worse than the Church! It was worse than a church meeting! It was more ineffective, ineffectual, flat, powerless, stupid, dumb & meaningless than church meetings! If that's supposed to be a substitute for church, God help us!--Nobody on fire, nobody inspired!

       67. WHO DID YOU SEE ON THAT WHOLE SHOW THAT WAS REALLY INSPIRED & ON-FIRE?--ONLY THE LITTLE KIDS! The poor little kids had to try to carry the whole thing, the only Message in it! The most important thing in the meeting is how you start it, & it started with that stupid idiotic death-dealing skit! It was horrifying! I just can't tell you how bad it was! I feel like firing everybody that had anything to do with it! Having a guy kill the whole bunch to save himself--is that our message? Huh? (Maria: Just the opposite!) He killed others that he might save himself!--That was the message! That was the message they put across first thing--& it took them half-an-hour to do it! He saved himself, others he could not save!

       68. WHAT A TRICK OF THE DEVIL! We go to all these thousands of dollars of expense & radio shows & literature & everything else, & we get it down to the final stretch, down to the final analysis of the face-to-face meeting to bury the hook & get'm in, & the Devil throws us a mickey like that & frustrates the whole thing at the very end! How horrible! The final place to get'm finally really in, & he absolutely frustrates it all with a silly thing like that! It's tragic, just tragic!--All of our efforts in vain! As far as I'm concerned, if that's any sample of what we produce & our grand finale & the finish & the results & the fruit we expect, it's a total flop & all in vain!

       69. THAT MUST STILL BE SOME OF THAT EVIL VILE JETHRO CHAIN INFLUENCE, THAT POORBOY CLUB ENTERTAINMENT ATMOSPHERE! Even Simon has still got a little bit of it in him & we've had to weed it out every now & then.--At least he can act with conviction! Well, if the church people wanted to know whether we had anything or not, & they came out just to see--I wouldn't be surprised if some of them did--I'm sure they were convinced that we're phoneys after that meeting, & that we don't have anything!--And that they shouldn't be afraid of us anymore--that meeting was so weak & powerless & spitless!

       70. WHERE'S THEIR FIRE? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST? What happened to their conviction, meaning, message, music? My God help us! If that's all we've got left in this outfit, let's go home! Let's forget it! I can't believe it! I can't believe that's what our missionaries are living & dying for & forsaking all for & leaving home for, can you? I mean, if that's all they're leaving home for, they might as well stay home!--Or go home! If that's all the power they've got & all the spirit they've got & all the conviction they've got, all the fire they've got & all the Message they've got, forget it! Let's pack up & go home!

       71. I'M WONDERING IF THINGS ARE THAT BAD EVERYWHERE ELSE! Maybe we've caught them in time! Let's hope we can revolute'm somehow & save'm before they get too bad!--I just can't believe the whole Family is like that!--I hope not! But I'm disappointed in those we saw, I'll tell you right now. Where are the evangelists? Where are the missionaries? Where are the powerhouses of dynamite for the Lord like I am or I was & my kids were & most of our early disciples were! What the Hell's happened to them all? Don't we have any more? Where's the fire? My God! The Devil & the World won't have to worry about us if that's the way we are now! There's no fire to put out! We're dead! If they're afraid of dying for the Lord, God have mercy!

       72. I RISKED MY LIFE TO GO DOWN TO THAT CLUB NIGHT AFTER NIGHT & PREACH THE WAY I DID! I was expecting to get arrested momentarily, & I came very close to it!--Policemen inside & out! Imagine, the Fire Chief coming up & questioning me right in the middle of a class when I was teaching the people! I said, "Listen, you get out of here. You're disturbing a religious meeting, you're breaking the law!" I rebuked him & told him to go! I said, "I'm going to call the cops!"--And he left! If that's all the fervour we've got left now, God help us! The System shouldn't worry about us! The Devil shouldn't worry about us!

       73. (MARIA: I THINK WE NEED TO GET BACK TO MORE OF HOW THE FAMILY AT HUNTINGTON BEACH WAS!--Not only in our fire & fervour, but in the responsibility that our disciples carry. The teens going to high school think they can just have a fun old time getting away from their parents & responsibility now, when look how they were in Huntington Beach! They were teens there, 14, 15, & look at the responsibility they carried!) They ran the thing, they ran it! (Maria: Yes! Our teenagers who are going to these high schools think that now they can have lots of sex, now they can get away from their parents, now they don't have to do all the hard work they did when they were with their parents, now they can just lounge around & learn photography & learn printing & learn all these fun things, & then they get into mischief with not enough responsibility. What are we going to do with them?)

       74. THEY OUGHT TO HAVE TO CONTINUE TO GO OUT & LITNESS & WITNESS & SKITNESS OR WHATEVER, & WORK HARD JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM, OR THE SAME THING!--Study should be a sparetime thing! (Maria: Now at the high schools they think they don't have to raise up 5 or 8 or 10 little kids & take care of them & teach them & litness with them.) They ought to be working just as hard as ever, if not harder, taking care of things & everybody. Forget it! It's no vacation! It's not some kind of a free room-&-board vacation! They're supposed to work for a living, earn their way! (Maria: We even had one incident recently where some of our teenage boys at one of the high schools went into their neighbourhood like a gang, throwing eggs at neighbours' houses, letting air out of tires, making fun of the little kids & just becoming real vandals! Can you imagine things like that? What in the World are we coming to?) The minute they do things like that they ought to send them home! Any kids that are no more serious & sober about what they're doing than that, send them back to their parents! Let the parents who are responsible for such kids take care of them! (Maria: Don't you think the teens should be treated just like any other Family members?)

       75. HOW DID I TREAT MY TEENS?--THEY WERE PREACHING THE GOSPEL, PRAYING & SOBER & SERIOUS & RISKING THEIR LIVES FOR JESUS WHEN THEY WERE TEENS! (Maria: They were carrying more responsibility than most of the adults did! They were expected to do more than adults!) My Lord help us! If this is what we've come to, I've failed! But there must be something right or something good if we're accomplishing what we're accomplishing! (Maria: There's a lot good, we just have to keep steering them back to the basics. It's sort of like "Remember the Alamo"--we've got to say, "Remember Huntington Beach!") It sounds like we're going the way of the churches & all flesh!--Cooling off & going dead! It's almost unbelievable! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I don't think I would have believed it!

       76. I HAVE RISKED MY LIFE FOR THIS MESSAGE & THIS MEANING! I mean, there are people who want to kill me! I have to hide out! What the Hell do they think they're in this business for--to save their lives & just have fun? If so, they'd better get into something else! If they're just here to save themselves & have fun, it's the wrong place to do it! If they're afraid to take any risks to preach the Message, Lord help us! If we cancel their gift for one month, that'll make'm depend on the Lord & see what they've really got! That ought to throw the fear of God into them that we mean what we say!

       77. I'LL TELL YOU, AT THE CLUB I KICKED OUT THE GUYS WHO ONLY CAME FOR THE LOAVES & FISHES! I said, "If you're not willing to come for the Bible Study, no sandwiches!" I started right off the bat first thing with a serious Bible Study on Bible Prophecy with those hippies in the Club & socked it to them with power the first night! They knew where I stood right off the bat!--I preached Jesus! But they're never going to get anywhere with that kind of silliness & foolishness! It's ridiculous! I hope to God that nobody thinks I was responsible for that kind of party & that kind of foolishness, that I ever advocated that sort of thing! I never knew they were doing it! It was somebody else's idea, not mine! Dear Simon even has a little streak of that in him. As I recall his parties, they had a bit of a streak of that in them too! There's still some of the old Chain influence & their disgusting ways still persisting, their rottenness still around!

       78. YOU REMEMBER THE CLUB! YOU REMEMBER THE KIND OF MEETINGS WE HAD! There was a sober atmosphere in that Club even during the songs & the music & the testimonies, & my God, certainly the preaching! We never had any silliness like they're having at those so-called "parties". Well, I'll tell you, they are parties, they are certainly not Gospel meetings, & we're going to dispense with this partying! It wasn't parties that made us what we are, it wasn't even sex & dancing, & it certainly wasn't foolishness! No wonder God's got to send the Tribulation to weed out that kind of junk, to purge & purify & make the Church white & get rid of some of that sort of foolishness! I don't think the Tribulation can come too soon if it's going to make them sober up & get down to business!

       79. I'LL NEVER FORGET THE TIME I PRAYED ON THE WAY HOME FROM THAT YOUTH MEETING IN FLORIDA! There were eight of us packed in that car & they were acting so silly & so ridiculous after a serious Gospel meeting where they were preaching the Gospel! Here was my Young People's group cutting up & acting silly & ridiculous, & I said, "My God, I wish You could do something to sober up these kids!"--And just then a car hit us broadside & rolled us completely over so we landed back on our wheels again! Some of us were cut up & bruised etc., but boy, did they sober up in a hurry! They got dead serious! You should have heard the praying & the praising the Lord then! They had completely forgotten about the Lord before that!

       80. WHAT DOES GOD HAVE TO DO TO US TO SOBER US UP & GET US SERIOUS WITH THE KIND OF FAITH & THE KIND OF FIRE & FERVOUR & POWER OF DO-OR-DIE TO GET US BACK ON THE WALL? What's He got to do to us to make us sober up & get down to business & get serious about what we're doing? God forgive me for my foolishness, but I certainly don't think you could say that most of my ministry has been foolishness & most of my message has been foolishness & frivolity & jokes! I'm funny & comical sometimes, I can't help but be a clown sometimes, it's part of my nature, but it's not my full approach & my full nature & my complete message all the time! It's a little comical relief to relieve us from the seriousness, & even the jokes I tell have got some meaning. They've even got some application, they've got a moral of some kind! If they're jokes with meaning like we've got on MWM, that's another thing!--Those little funny skits & jokes with meaning: "Sorry Juliette, I've got to hear Music With Meaning! Sorry, I've got to get up & turn on the radio!" I mean, they've got some meaning, not just a complete total ridiculous anti-message!

       81. THAT GOD-DAMNED SKIT THEY STARTED THAT MEETING WITH WAS AGAINST OUR MESSAGE! It was absolutely against everything we preach! The guy killed everybody else to save himself! Well, they're going to kill our ministry & kill us if they keep killing the Message that way! If they're going to kill everybody else to save themselves, that was a very good illustration that they started out with of exactly what they're doing!--Killing others that they might save themselves!--Killing the Spirit, killing the Message, killing the Meaning, killing the Meeting, killing the whole thing to save themselves! What are they saving? What for? I'd rather die for something than live for nothing! That was living for nothing! That wasn't even living, it wasn't even alive, it was dead! The only thing lively about it was that God-damned killing skit that killed the whole thing, killed the whole spirit of the meeting, killed everything, as well as all the guys!

       82. IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE ANTITHESIS OF WHAT WE BELIEVE & PREACH! They probably thought, "Being the very first thing on the show, of course it must be important! It must have some kind of meaning! After all, isn't this a Music with Meaning meeting? This must be some kind of illustration of their message!--Kill everybody else to save yourself!" (Maria: If they'd even said, "This is not what we do, but we are here to save you" or something!) If they'd said, "This is the way of the World, to kill others that you might live, this is the exact opposite of our message."--If they even had said that, it would have had some point!

       83. FROM NOW ON THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE MEETINGS WITH MEANING OR NO MEETINGS AT ALL! If they're going to have no meaning at all, there'll be no meetings at all!--Period! I'm sick of the subject & I want to get down to business on the future! No more parties! From now on, they either have evangelistic meetings or nothing!--Meetings with meaning or nothing!

       84. IN SUMMARY, HERE ARE THE MAIN POINTS to help guide you in your Club Meetings. We do not want to have any MWM Parties with a light, shallow, frivolous, silly, foolish spirit--or call'm parties at all! From now on they are to be happy Club meetings or Friendship Meetings but not parties!

       85. DO NOT INCLUDE ON THE PROGRAM ANY FOOLISH, SILLY COMEDY-SKITS OR GAMES WHICH HAVE NO MEANING! The MWM Parties should have the best Music, with real Meaning, your best most inspiring testimonies, top interviews, a lot of Word & lit & message! If you don't have good musicians to play & sing the songs, then play & sing along with the MWM tapes.

       86. THESE HAPPY CLUB MEETINGS SHOULD BE INSPIRING, LIVELY, FAST-MOVING & FULL OF CONVICTION, DRIVE & ENTHUSIASM, NOT DEAD & FLAT!--A real genuine inspirational Holy Ghost sample of our happiness! You also should have a good PA system so that everyone can hear! They should be inspired, sock-it-to'm powerful Good News meetings with the Word & an invitation to Salvation which will either bring them in or drive them away, to separate the wheat from the chaff!--The sheep from the goats!

       87. YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME DISCERNMENT AS TO WHO IS INVITED, & AVOID PUBLIC ADS & passing out flyers wholesale on the street as invitations.--Members & attendants invited to come should be hand-picked personally by you or other Music Club Members!

       88. PLEASE PUT THESE POINTERS INTO EFFECT IMMEDIATELY! We have to pull our punches a bit on radio, but we can sock it to'm at the face-to-face Meetings!--In love! Be so happy--but not silly!

       89. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE, COOPERATION & HELP.--You're doing a great job!--Don't come down! (Neh.6:3) GBAKYAMYAB!--In Jesus' name, amen.--WLY!--What are your meetings like?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family