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TEEN TERRORS!--Crime & Punishment!       DO 1512       5/83

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): The Charter is the current source of Family policy and rules regarding the discipline of minors."]

       1. (MARIA: RECENTLY WE RECEIVED A REPORT OF SOME PROBLEMS WHICH OCCURRED IN ONE OF OUR HIGH SCHOOLS with three of the teenage boys, one of whom was the ringleader & instigator of a whole rash of deceptive, violent, malicious, dirty, very unloving & unChristian activities. The boys participated in fights against the neighbourhood gangs, damaged neighbours' houses & even their own Home (& blaming it on the younger children!), fights amongst themselves, lying & unwillingness to confess to anything whenever questioned, were guilty of letting air out of the tires of their cars so they would not have to go litnessing, dirty & unwholesome attitudes towards sex, public destruction in parks & many much more shocking & unbelievable acts of behaviour & vandalism. This was all done in a manner which somehow escaped the knowledge of their teachers & supervisors, much of it done in the middle of the night when the adults were in bed asleep!--Below is Dad's reaction when he heard the sad news!:)
       2. IF I WERE THERE, I'D THRASH THOSE GUYS GOOD & TEACH THEM A LESSON THEY'D NEVER FORGET! Boy, I'll tell you, I was good to my kids & I was patient & I was loving & I was kind, but if they'd kept up that kind of obstreperous rebellious absolutely devilish meanness, [DELETED] they woulda been sorry they ever had anything to do with it! Boy oh boy! Their parents ought to be ashamed! If we can't have teenagers that behave in the Family, we just won't have any teenagers! Send them back to [DELETED] the U.S.!
       3. OUR HIGH SCHOOLS WON'T EVEN BE ABLE TO OPERATE UNLESS THEY OPERATE LIKE AN ARMY! Forget high schools! If the teenagers don't appreciate'm & if they're not going to really respond & cooperate & make them possible, forget it, we don't need high schools!--And we certainly don't need'm with teenagers like that! I'm absolutely horrified that we should have any such teenagers in our Family at all! How come they let that little ringleader devil get on stage & pretend to act & sing & preach the Gospel when he's such a little demon? I want to see a picture of his mother!--I hear his father's in the U.S.
       4. I'LL TELL YOU, WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE THAT KIND OF PEOPLE IN THE FAMILY! We're not going to have that kind of teenagers--we'll send them back to Hell where they came from! Our teenagers are either going to behave & appreciate the Family & appreciate what we do for them & appreciate their parents & take care of their younger brothers & sisters & be shining examples of Jesus Christ & His Love, or if they're going to act like the Devil, we're going to send them back to Hell where they came from! I'll tell you, I won't waste any time on'm! I'll let'm go to Hell! If they want to be Hell-raisers & raise Hell, let'm go to Hell! That guy would have been back in the U.S. with his God-damned relatives faster than you could make his head swim if I'd have had anything to do with it! I wouldn't have stood it for a minute! I probably would've thrashed him on the spot & shipped him off to his ungodly relatives!
       5. I DON'T WANT HIM TO APPEAR IN ANOTHER SKIT OR IN ANY KIND OF PUBLIC ACTIVITY, ANY KIND OF WITNESSING, ANY KIND OF ANYTHING, UNTIL HE STRAIGHTENS OUT!--If he straightens out! If he doesn't, ship him back to his relatives! Tell him that's his last chance, never again! We'll never have any more of that foolishness, period! One more shennanigan like that & out he goes! Excommunication! Boot him back to the States & God damn him! Boy, that just makes me furious!
       6. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SHINING EXAMPLES TO THE HEATHEN, BUT WITH TEENAGERS LIKE THAT, WE'RE SHINING EXAMPLES OF THE DEVIL! The heathen there in that city probably don't even behave like that! What a reputation to give the Family & our young people in a foreign country where they're their guests, to treat their hosts like that! What a reflection on the Family & on the Lord! (Maria: And what a terrible sample to our little children, our younger people!) How long has he been getting away with this sort of thing? How come nobody ever reported it before & let him go on singing & acting in skits like he was some kind of a little angel? I did notice from videos he never had any light on his face & hardly ever smiled. (Maria: You remarked about that several times.)
       7. I WONDER IF HE'S EVEN SAVED! I doubt it! Saved Christian young people don't act like that! That's just like the Devil's crowd, & as far as I'm concerned, if he doesn't straighten out real quick, he can go back to the Devil where he came from!--And any other teenager like him! We're not going to have teenagers like that in the Family, we'll just get rid of'm! I'm shocked & horrified & amazed that any of our parents have any teenagers like that, & on top of it, tolerate them & that kind of behaviour! We're just not going to have it, period! I'll tell you, in the Old Testament they didn't tolerate it, they stoned'm to death!--They got rid of'm! And we're going to get rid of them too! We're certainly not going to have them besmirching the Family & degrading our message & our reputation! We've got a bad enough reputation as it is without downright deviltry & chicanery like that!
       8. THAT WAS WILFUL VANDALISM & AN INSULT TO THEIR HOST COUNTRY & THEIR NEIGHBOURS! The Lord says, "Love thy neighbour!" (Mt.22:39). That's not love your neighbour, that's hate your neighbour! That kid must be full of hate! They ought to send him back to his hateful father where he came from, if that's the problem! (Maria: And those other boys who have been in the Family all their lives!) Any others that are guilty of the same thing, they ought to [EDITED: "severely discipline them"]! I would if I were there! If I'd caught those kids in a thing like that, I would have [EDITED: "severely disciplined them"]!
       9. LET ME TELL YOU, MY FATHER NEVER LET ME GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING LIKE THAT! He'd pick up the nearest thing handy & slam me with it! He picked up a two-by-four once & hit me so hard, he lifted me up off the ground! I thought he was about to kill me! I was scared, let me tell you, & I needed to be scared! But boy oh boy, he never let me get away with anything, & I thank God for it, that I had the right kind of father & mother! And any fathers & mothers that tolerate that kind of behaviour, are not the right kind of fathers & mothers! If they can't straighten out their teenagers & keep'm under control & make them behave & set them enough of a good example to make them want to behave & to be good, & to be good shining examples of what a Christian ought to be, then we ought to kick out the whole family! It makes me madder than almost anything I've heard yet! It's worse than backsliders! It's worse than those silly skits at those meaningless meetings! We're just not going to have any of this, period! That's that!
       10. BELONGING TO THIS FAMILY IS A PRIVILEGE & A BLESSING & AN HONOUR!--AND ANYBODY THAT DISHONOURS THIS FAMILY LIKE THAT DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE A MEMBER! And if they've been in the Family that long & were raised in the Family & still don't know how to behave any better than that, they don't belong in the Family! And if they haven't got some Godless relative to send'm back to, maybe you ought to send the whole family back, or certainly excommunicate them & totally ostracise them! We don't want it believed or thought or known that we've got any kind of members like that or children like that, much less such parents who tolerate children like that!
       11. I DID A FEW MISCHIEVOUS THINGS WHEN I WAS A KID & A TEENAGER, but actual wilful damage & vandalism & hurting people & their property, just senseless insane idiocy, I don't think I ever got into anything like that! I never threw eggs or tomatoes or pumpkins or coconuts or anything at people or property so as to damage it or offend people or hurt neighbours--never!--And we're not going to have that in the Family either! I'm not going to tolerate it! If I hear of any more teenagers like that, we're going to get rid of'm! And that's it! Period!
       12. THIS IS THEIR LAST CHANCE! IF THE PARENTS CAN'T CONTROL'M & STRAIGHTEN'M OUT & DO IT QUICK, ONE WARNING & THEY'RE OUT!--They & their parents! We cannot have them around, not in the Family, & certainly not going out doing busking & skits & pretending to preach the Gospel! Forget it! We don't want to have anything to do with such people! If that father can't control his children any better than that, forget it! If that mother can't control her children any better than that, she ought to quit & get out or get rid of'm, either one! Send them back to their relatives in the States! Their God-damned Godless anti-Christ relatives would be happy to have them! Send them back to the devils they belong with if they're going to act like devils & behave like Satan! Send'm back to Hell--the Hell of America where they came from!
       13. ONE CHANCE & THAT'S ALL THEY GET!--THIS WARNING & THAT'S IT! If the parents can't keep those kids under control & let'm get away with another shennanigan like that, they're going to have to get rid of the kids! And if they can't get rid of the kids, then they're going to have to go with them--we'll get rid of the whole family! Period! Let me tell you right now, I never tolerated any such behaviour in this Family! My kids never pulled a trick like that in their lives!--They'd have known better! I'd have [EDITED: "disciplined"] them within an inch of their lives if they'd ever pulled a trick like that!--And they knew it!
       14. BROTHER, MY CHILDREN TREATED ME WITH RESPECT & OBEYED ME[DELETED]!--And look how they turned out, thank God! The only one that I was never able to discipline because her mother constantly rebelled & disobeyed & protected her & defied me & came between us, was Deborah, & look what happened to her! The rest of them all turned out to be good kids, thank God, preachers of the Gospel serving the Lord! They never pulled a stunt like that in their lives to hurt people & damage their property! Boy, they knew better! If I'd have ever caught'm, I'll tell you, I would have [EDITED: "severely disciplined them"]! [DELETED]
       15. THAT LITTLE DEVIL NEEDS HIS HIDE TANNED [DELETED] & A GOOD MAN TO DO IT! Now where the Hell is the father of that family? Where's her husband? (Maria: He backslid.) She should find another father! You can't have teenagers without a father, or that's the way they'll turn out! No woman can control teenage boys unless she's a real toughy! It takes a man that can really lower the boom on'm [DELETED] & sock it to'm! (Maria: It's not even any excuse that the boy was so many years in the System! Look at our first teens in Huntington Beach--they were in the System all their lives, but look how well-behaved they became at the Club when they started living with the Family!)
       16. LET ME TELL YOU, EVEN WITH THEM I WOULDN'T TOLERATE ANY FOOLISHNESS OR MISBEHAVIOUR! I tore down to that Club sometimes & really told'm off & nearly banged their heads together when they got up to any kind of little foolishness of any kind! I wouldn't tolerate it for a moment! This is a war & they were soldiers, & we absolutely cannot tolerate any kind of foolish vandalism & mischievousness that acts as a reflection on the Family & harms our neighbours & shows lack of appreciation & gratitude for their hospitality & their country! Here they are strangers & foreigners & guests in the country, & they turn around & treat their hosts like that!
       17. THOSE KIDS ARE GOING TO STRAIGHTEN OUT QUICK & STRAIGHTEN OUT RIGHT NOW, & THIS IS THE LAST WARNING THEY'RE GOING TO GET! They either straighten out or their parents get rid of them!--Or we get rid of the parents too! Period! We will not have that sort of thing in our Family! That's no example of Christ & Jesus & love & our kind of God! That's the Devil, that's Hell, that's the kind of things we're fighting! That's the kind of thing we hate & we fight & we accuse America & the Americans of!--And look at'm, every one of them are Americans that are causing the trouble! Send'm back to the God-damned Hell of America where they came from if they don't straighten out, & straighten out right now!--And their parents with'm if they can't straighten'm out! We don't want parents like that in the Family either, that can't control their children!
       18. BOY, THAT'S ONE THING THAT THEY NEVER COULD HAVE ACCUSED ME OF, THAT I COULDN'T CONTROL MY KIDS, EVEN WHEN THEY WERE BIG TEENAGERS! [DELETED] I [EDITED: "rebuked"] in public when they were more than teenagers! I [EDITED: "rebuked"] Ho one time before 200 people when he got sassy!--When he was already married! [DELETED] Aaron [DELETED]feared me & he feared God & he knew he didn't dare try any of that shennanigan stuff! I thank God that my teenagers feared me as well as loved me! Any parent whose children don't fear him as well as love him, is no parent like God!--We not only love God, but we fear Him! We know He won't tolerate any foolishness & won't let us get away with anything, & we're not going to let them get away with anything either!
       19. I WANT THEM TO TAKE THAT GUY OFF OF ANY KIND OF PUBLIC OR FAMILY ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER! If we had a jail, I'd put him in jail! And be sure he doesn't get that reward I was going to give to that bunch for their performances! He doesn't deserve it!--Or any others of them that had anything to do with those pranks as well. Take it back! I was going to reward them for their good performances that we saw on video, but since they were absolute hypocrites & their performances were a vain show & they didn't mean it & they're full of the Devil instead of the Lord, I'm not going to reward them for that!
       20. ANY KIDS THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THOSE PRANKS & THAT KIND OF ACTIVITY NEED TO BE PUNISHED, SEVERELY PUNISHED, & if they still won't straighten out after punishment & this warning & denial of privileges & any kind of pleasures or anything, they ought to [EDITED: "be grounded"] till they straighten out! And if they won't--get rid of'm, period! This is their last warning!--Not the first, but the last! That's what the Bible says. God's Word says that him that is an heretic is supposed to be put out of the congregation after the first or second warning! (Tit.3:10). Well, this is the first & the second & the last! We're not going to have that kind of teenagers in our Family, & we're not going to have parents of that kind of teenagers in our Family, either, who can't control their own kids! What the Hell happened to the other boys' father? Isn't he man enough to control his own children? (Maria: They were at the high school. But if these kids have been in the Family for 14 years, it seems mostly the parents' fault if the minute they get out, they go wild!)
       21. SEND'M ALL HOME!--AND IF THEIR PARENTS CAN'T CONTROL'M, WE SHOULD SEND'M BACK TO THE STATES!--WITH THEIR PARENTS! Parents that haven't got teenagers that behave any better than that, that can't control'm & don't know how to discipline'm & make'm behave, we can't have either the kids or the parents! What good are the parents if they can't even control their own kids? God's Word says he that can't even rule his own house, how's he going to rule the Church of God? (1Tim.3:5). (Maria: And a lot of times others into whose care they put them, like high school supervisors, their hands are tied, because the parents get upset at them for disciplining the kids!)
       22. HONEY, I WAS A HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER WHO HAD TO DEAL WITH PARENTS LIKE THAT, & I SAID, "EITHER YOU ACCEPT MY DISCIPLINE FOR YOUR KID, OR TAKE YOUR SO-CALLED ANGEL OUT OF OUR SCHOOL! Boy, I told some parents off one time in my school! They were both supposed to be evangelists, & they had one God-damned little hellion who came to my class. He couldn't get along in any other school, public school or anything. He tried to pull some of those stunts in my class & on my bus, & brother, I got rid of him in a hurry! I put him off the bus one day! I said, "One more peep out of you & off you go! I don't care where the Hell we are, you can phone your parents to come get you! I'll give you the dime for the phone call!"--And I put him off the bus! And his sister, a teenager a little older than he, was yelling & screaming & crying, "My poor little brother, blah blah blah blah, my mom & dad, blah blah blah blah blah!" I said, "Get off! I gave you plenty of warning, now get off!" He was throwing balls & books & Coke bottles around on the bus, he could have caused an accident & caused us all to get killed! He wouldn't shut up & he wouldn't sit down & he wouldn't behave so I said, "You're not going to get away with that on my bus--off you go!"
       23. HIS PARENTS CAME DOWN TO CLASS THE NEXT MORNING TO THE SCHOOL, SCREAMING & RANTING & RAVING, LIKE EVANGELISTS! "Our little Johnny, he's such a wonderful boy, he preaches the Gospel, he sings, he does this on stage & he does that & he's a wonderful little angel of God!" I said, "Well, maybe he is at home & maybe he is in public, but he's one God-damned little devil on my bus!--And unless he straightens out & becomes a little angel, I'm not going to have him!" So they pulled him out! And so my school superintendent comes to me wringing his hands, "Dave, you know, you can't lose students! They pay good money & we've got to take it easy & be a little patient with some of these people!" I said, "I'm not going to be patient with kids like that! That is one God-damned little hellion, a little devil, demon-possessed, & I'm not going to have him on my bus or in my class, period! You can fire me if you want to!" And he knew I meant it!
       24. LET ME TELL YOU, I WAS THE ONLY TEACHER THAT LASTED IN THAT CLASS! Five other teachers had quit in one year, but I lasted there three years!--And those kids straightened out & settled down & behaved & respected me & loved me! I gave them Jesus & the Gospel & a vision to serve the Lord, & they were different kids when I got done with them. But I never put up with any of that kind of foolishness, & I'm not going to put up with it now in the Family! If those parents can't make their kids behave, then the parents can't behave, & we'll get rid of them all!
       25. (MARIA: AND WHEN YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE PUT INTO SOMEBODY ELSE'S CARE FOR ANY REASON, YOU'VE GOT TO ACCEPT THEIR DISCIPLINE!) You bet you've got to accept their discipline! I just told my District Superintendent, "Either I'm going to do my discipline my way here & make these kids behave, or you can fire me!" Well, he didn't fire me! I kept those kids & I kept the job three years & I never did get fired. Well, I sort of did by his boss, because I finally told the boss off too because he wasn't behaving! (Maria: But Sara doesn't have to come to us every time she wants to [EDITED: "discipline"] David or Techi, which isn't very often, thank the Lord! But every time she has to discipline them, she doesn't have to come & ask for our permission!) Of course not! That's ridiculous!
       26. WHEN YOU COMMIT YOUR CHILD TO A TEACHER OR A NANNY OR A GUARDIAN OR A GOVERNESS, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE ONE UNLESS YOU TRUST THEM ENOUGH FOR THEM TO TEACH'M & TRAIN'M RIGHT & MAKE'M BEHAVE!--And to use whatever means & measures are necessary to make'm behave! We're just not going to have that kind of misbehaviour in the Family, I'll tell you! We're not going to have any kids or parents of that kind of kids who are going to reflect on the message we preach, the Jesus we're supposed to manifest, & the kind of a behaviour we should have as Christians! We're just not going to have it if we have to get rid of all of our teenagers! We're not that hard-up for teenagers! If none of them can behave, we'll just get rid of them, that's all! That's what they did in the Bible! (Maria: And the others in the high school were very wrong to never let a word out about their bad behaviour. It was all kept secret.) Absolutely!
       27. FAILURE TO REPORT A CRIME IS A CRIME, & THEY ALL OUGHT TO BE DISCIPLINED FOR IT! They probably all ought to be sent home for misbehaviour! (Maria: Well, they had some that were real sweet & doing real well.) Well, that's the only kind they ought to keep, the ones that are sweet & do well & behave themselves! (Maria: They just didn't want to tell.) Maybe they were afraid to tell! I mean, kids that are that violent, the others might have been afraid of their violence!
       28. I KNOW WHEN I WAS A LITTLE KID IN SCHOOL, THE BIG KIDS USED TO THREATEN US WITH VIOLENCE IF WE TOLD ON THEM! We were afraid to tell! If you went & told the teacher, you got beat up after school! Well, I couldn't do anything about that. The law compelled me to go to school, my parents didn't know what a Hell-on-Earth U.S. public schools were, & you had to go! So I let the devils go their way, but I certainly didn't associate with them!--And we're certainly not going to let them associate with us! Those parents are either going to get their kids to behave & be shining examples of the love of Jesus Christ & behave like they preach & sing about Jesus, or they're out!--In which case either they send the kids back home to the relatives or they all leave! Period!
       29. (MARIA: LOOK WHOM WE HAD IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, THEY WERE ALMOST ALL TEENS! Some of them were 14, 15 & 16 years old, but they were expected to carry the responsibility of adults! They didn't get away with anything!) Nothing! And one reason for it was that I cracked the whip! I lowered the boom [DELETED] if we had anybody that stepped out of line in any way! But we had hardly anybody do it because they were there for a purpose. They were sincere! They were fed-up with the World & their families & school & all the rest, & they meant business! They were serious soldiers of Jesus Christ, not playing around! That kind of stuff was for their past. They used to do that & worse before they came to us! (Maria: They knew it was a privilege to get to stay at the Club.) They'd rather come & sleep on our floor than in their luxury mansions back home!--To be where they had the Truth & Jesus & an opportunity to serve the Lord & help others, to preach the Gospel!
       30. IF THESE KIDS DON'T APPRECIATE IT, GOD DAMN'M! LET'M GO TO HELL THEN! SEND'M HOME! If their parents don't like it or they can't control'm, send them home too! We can't have that kind of a reputation on the mission field. I'd rather be guilty of all the other things they accuse us of, rather than have misbehaving children that are not shining examples of the Lord. They can accuse us of being wild & sex maniacs & heretics & everything else they want to accuse us of, but I don't ever want them to point a finger at us & tell us we're not good parents & we don't know how to make our children behave & can't keep our kids under control! To me, that's the worst kind of a reflection on parenthood, parents who can't keep their kids under control! I kept mine under control, & I was kept under control!
       31. (MARIA: THEY SOMEHOW PERSUADED SOMEBODY TO LET THE KIDS GO OUT ON THEIR OWN, & one argument they used was, "Well, when Dad was a teenager, he was left on his own a lot & he stayed by himself & he didn't have to have anybody run around with him!) And I behaved myself too! About the worst thing I ever did was sneak off to movies, which never did anybody any harm or damage, or me either! They gave me an education I needed of what the World was like, which I didn't know anything about. (Maria: Plus it wasn't possible for you to have an adult with you all the time.) No, of course not! (Maria: But we have plenty of adults.)
       32. THE FACT OF THE MATTER WAS, I WAS MAN ENOUGH & MATURE ENOUGH & ADULT ENOUGH, even as a young teenager, & I behaved myself well enough that they could trust me to live alone with very little supervision! I was a good boy & behaved! That's what they expected, & that's what they got, because that's the way they raised me!--And I loved & respected my parents!
       33. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE PARENTS?--THAT'S WHAT I'D LIKE TO KNOW! (Maria: You reap what you sow!) (Ga.6:7.) These so-called teenage delinquents, I'd say there's something delinquent about the parents that have such children! It's the old story, "Who Are the Rebels?" (No.E). Who are the delinquents? Any parents that have kids who do stunts like that, there must be something wrong with them! I'll tell you, we're not going to tolerate it in any of our schools, or we will disband the schools & send them back to their God-damned parents that don't know how to make'm behave! And if they can't make'm behave at home on their home mission field, then we'll get rid of the whole caboodle of them & send them all home!
       34. LIKE GIDEON & HIS ARMY!--I'D RATHER SEND 30-SOME-THOUSAND OF THEM HOME THAN HAVE THEM MISBEHAVE LIKE THAT! I'd rather have 300 that can obey & behave & do what they're told & trust God & have faith & do God's work & be serious about it & be willing to challenge the Devil's whole army & win a victory, than have 30-some-thousand who don't even know how to behave! (Judges 7). My God, deliver us from that kind of stuff! We're just not going to have it, that's all! (Maria: Look at how the teens at Huntington Beach went out on their own on witnessing excursions & really important missions like demonstrations by themselves.)
       35. I CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND OR COMPREHEND THAT WE HAVE ANY KIND OF TEENAGERS LIKE THAT IN OUR FAMILY!--But we're not going to have! Something is wrong with somebody somewhere--either the school authorities that couldn't make'm behave, or their parents. And of course the original blame is with their parents. (Maria: Because not all the kids at the school behave that way. There was one boy that refused to behave that way.) God bless him, he ought to get a medal! (Maria: He was the Australian boy.) Well, the Americans are the little hellions & hellcats as a rule. I mean, that's the way I always found them from the time I was small in school in America!
       36. ALL THE AMERICAN BOYS WERE INTERESTED IN WAS FIGHTING & VIOLENCE & CRIME & ROBBERY & THIEVERY & ROBBING YOU AT THE POINT OF A KNIFE & ALL THE REST! I can hardly remember a good boy the whole time I was in school, from first grade to high school!--Not one good boy like myself who was really serious, concerned about his studies & well-behaved. They were all a bunch of hellions! So God damn'm! That's what they deserve is Hell, & that's what they're going to get! And that's what they've gotten in all their wars ever since then! Those guys I went to school with deserve the kind of Hell they've had to go through! They gave me Hell, they got Hell! I mean to tell you, it was Hell! School was Hell amongst a bunch of devils!--And we're not going to have that kind of devils & hellions in the Family! If their parents can't make'm behave, we're going to throw the parents out too! (Maria: These boys were making it Hell for their classmates & younger children!--Doing exactly the same thing!)
       37. LET ME TELL YOU, BROTHER, YOU'D BETTER GET THOSE GUYS STRAIGHTENED OUT! And Mother, you'd better get your little devil straightened out, & all you parents had better get your little rascals straightened out or we're going to throw the whole bunch of you out if we have to start all over again! Period! That's enough! I'm just furious! I don't want to ever hear a report like that again! Never! I'm sure there must have been something wrong with that high school in South America or God wouldn't have let it be swept away in a big flood! What the Hell was going on there? Huh?
       38. IF THESE TEENAGERS AREN'T GOING TO APPRECIATE THESE HIGH SCHOOLS & KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE, THEN WE'LL HAVE NO MORE HIGH SCHOOLS!--Back to the treadmill! (Maria: Maybe the Lord doesn't want them! Maybe He wants the kids to grow up in their regular normal atmosphere & have the normal family responsibilities.) Well, we're going to cancel the high schools right now if that's the kind of behaviour they've been having. Right now! If I hear of any such behaviour in any high school anywhere, that's the end of that high school! And if I hear of any such behaviour in any Home, or outside the Home, of any Home anywhere in any country in the whole wide World, that's going to be the end of that Home & the end of those kids' occupancy of that Home & those parents!
       39. WE'RE GOING TO DIVORCE THEM FROM THE FAMILY & SEND'M HOME IF THEY CAN'T BEHAVE! We're not going to have it in the Family, & we're not going to have them in the Family to bring reproach on the cause of Christ & give the Family a bad name & be bad examples! It's bad enough to be bad examples to other young people in the Family & other families, but worse yet to be bad examples to the whole World when we're supposed to be good examples of the Love of Christ & be Christians! We're just not going to have it! We're not going to have people like that in the Family, that's all there is to it! Either they're going to make their kids behave, or they're going to get rid of their kids!--Or we'll get rid of them! Period! That's it! That's enough! What more do I need to say than that? That's it!
       40. PARENTS, YOU EITHER GET YOUR KIDS UNDER CONTROL & TEACH'M HOW TO BEHAVE & HOW TO BE SHINING EXAMPLES OF CHRISTIAN YOUNG PEOPLE, OR OUT THEY & YOU BOTH GO! Period! It's going to be a period for you! That's it, we're just not going to have it, & we're just not going to have them if they can't straighten out & straighten their kids out. If I ever hear of any other juvenile delinquency like that in our Family, out the delinquents are going to go, & this is their last warning right now! Out they're going to go & their parents with them!
       41. THE PARENTS ARE THE DELINQUENTS WHO HAVEN'T TAUGHT THEIR CHILDREN TO BEHAVE ANY BETTER THAN THAT & ALLOWED THEM TO GET AWAY WITH THAT KIND OF THING! Good trees don't produce bad fruit, & that's bad fruit! (Mt.7:18). Something's wrong with the parents, & until they can get themselves straightened out & their kids straightened out, they'd better get out! We can't have them in the Family. That's it! Those parents had better learn how to get their kids under control & [EDITED: "put"] the fear of God into them so they'll behave & be scared to death not to!--And put the Love of God into them to teach them how to want to behave, to love the Lord & their Family & their parents & want to behave, or something's wrong! Something's not only wrong with them, but with their parents most of all, & we certainly don't want parents like that in the Family who don't know how to make their kids behave!
       42. OUR KIDS ARE EITHER GOING TO BE OUR GREATEST WITNESS & TESTIMONY, AS THEY HAVE BEEN, OR THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOUR COULD BE THE WORST KIND OF TESTIMONY & THE WORST KIND OF REFLECTION ON US, & WE'RE JUST NOT GOING TO HAVE IT, PERIOD! That's that! If I hear of any more misbehaviour like that, any more juvenile delinquency like that--which is just like those little hellcats & hellions out in the World, no difference--we're just going to get rid of them! They don't belong in the Family. They can go back to Hell where they came from! Send them back to the States & let'm go down with the ship! [DELETED]
       43. I AM SO MAD, IF I WERE THERE I'D GIVE THAT GUY [EDITED: "WHAT"] HE DESERVES WITH MY OWN HANDS! That's what he needs! I'd scare the daylights out of him! He needs somebody to strike the fear of God into him! I'll tell you, I could get angry enough with people like that, they'd be terrified of me! [DELETED]
       44. BUT, BOY, THAT'S NOT THE WAY THE WORLD TREATS KIDS TODAY! They've abandoned all that kind of discipline, the rod & spankings & real strict discipline. But let me tell you, we haven't in the Family, & we're not going to have that kind of behaviour in the Family either! That's enough, I've said it! That's their first, second & last warning! Either they behave & straighten out & their parents get'm under control, or out they all go!
       45. IT'S A PRIVILEGE TO BE IN THIS FAMILY! IT'S AN HONOUR!--And they'd better thank God for it & appreciate it & show Him by behaving & having respect for their elders & respect for our Family & our rules & laws & me & God & His Word!--Or out they go! I'm not going to tolerate that kind of thing for a minute, not a minute! If I'd have been that kid's father or teacher or anyone in authority & he came back from an exploit like that, & I'd heard about it, I would have [EDITED: "dealt with him very severely"]! [DELETED] And my God, he'd never do it again!--Or he'd know he'd better never come home!
       46. IMAGINE WHAT THOSE NEIGHBOURS MUST THINK OF US! Kids never do anything but what it gets known & other kids know about it. The neighbour kids know who did it & they tell their parents. Don't tell me it's not going to be known, they know who misbehaves in the neighbourhood. It could get the whole Family kicked out of that country through just a little stunt like that if they knew it was the Family & figured that's the way we let our kids behave. They certainly wouldn't want any of us there, & I wouldn't blame'm! I don't want'm there! And if they can't behave & straighten out right this minute, they're not going to be there any longer!
       47. THOSE LITTLE HYPOCRITES THAT GET UP ON STAGE & PUT ON THOSE ACTS & SING THOSE SONGS, & THEN GO OUT & ACT LIKE HELL--TO HELL WITH'M!--And their parents too, if they can't make'm behave! They don't belong in the Family, that's for sure! Let'm go back to the States where they can get the kind of punishment they deserve, the judgements of God that'll burn'm up! I am furious about that! And I'll tell you, they're either going to straighten out, or some heads are going to roll!--Including teachers or leaders or people who have been putting up with that kind of behaviour & tolerating it & letting them get away with it & doing nothing about it! They don't deserve to be rulers in the Family of God if they can't make their own students & their own people behave! (1Tim.3:4-5).
       48. HE THAT CANNOT RULE HIS OWN FAMILY & HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD, CANNOT BE A RULER OF THE CHURCH OF GOD! Period! I'll fire the kids, I'll fire the parents, I'll fire the Shepherds, I'll fire the leaders who tolerate that kind of behaviour in this Family, & I mean it! They oughtta resign! They're not fit to rule the house of God! We'll close up those high schools & forget it if that's the kind of teenagers we've got & the kind of students they're going to be! They don't deserve high schools. They don't deserve to be with each other. Send'm home!--and if they can't behave at home, then send them back to their country & their ungodly relatives to suffer the judgements of God along with the rest of them! We're just not going to have it, that's all! Period!
       49. I'D RATHER NOT HAVE A FAMILY THAN A FAMILY LIKE THAT! And I'd rather not have their family if they're going to be like that! They don't belong in this Family! Period! That's enough! I've said it & that's it! Any more reports of such behaviour, & that family is out!--Excommunicated!--Unless they learn how to behave & really repent & show they can control their kids, & their kids can show that they love the Lord & love others & love the Family & love to behave & be good kids. That kind of misbehaviour is demon-possessed, it's demonic, it's Satanic, it belongs to the Devil, & there's something wrong with kids like that & their parents, & we're not going to have them in the Family. And that's it! That's it!
       50. I WANT ANY SUCH KIND OF BEHAVIOUR REPORTED, & REPORTED IMMEDIATELY, & DISCIPLINED IMMEDIATELY, OR OUT THEY GO!--And out go their parents & their leaders too who tolerate it! I want reports right now from all parents & leaders who are having any kind of problems like that whatsoever. I want to know about it. Somebody should tell us. Failure to report a crime is a crime! So anybody who knows anything about any such behaviour, please tell us, & we'll see that it gets action, & tough stiff action!--Either they behave or out they go! And no more of that sort of thing, not in our Family!
       51. THAT'S NOT THE LORD, THAT'S NOT CHRISTIAN, THAT'S NOT LOVE, THAT'S NOT WHAT WE'RE LIVING FOR & DYING FOR! That's the very essence of what we're against, the very kind of deviltry we're fighting, characteristic of the World & its devils! It's the kind of thing we're trying to exorcise out of the Family, any demoniacs like that! If we can't get rid of the devil, we can get rid of the demoniac! No more, that's all there is to it. No more of it! We'll get rid of it right now! Let us know of any other kind of behaviour like that & we're going to give it immediate action, because we're just not going to have it in our Family, that's all! Period! I want to know where those kids are & what they're up to now, & what their parents have done about it, what kind of punishment they got for it.
       52. YOU KNOW WHAT MY FATHER WOULD HAVE DONE?--HE WOULD HAVE MADE ME GO OVER & CLEAN UP THE MESS & APOLOGISE TO THE NEIGHBOURS!--Scrub the houses & mow the lawn or whatever else needed to be done to make up for it! That's what my Dad would have done or what I would have done if my kids had ever done a trick like that, ever! But they never did! They knew they didn't dare[DELETED]! They knew I loved'm & they knew what I taught'm was right, but they also knew that if they did wrong, I wouldn't tolerate it! And they knew that if they ever did a trick like that, they would have gotten it, & I mean really gotten it! I would have thrashed'm[DELETED]!
       53. BUT OF COURSE THAT'S NOT THE STYLE OF DISCIPLINE TODAY FOR CHILD BEHAVIOUR, & IT'S EVEN AGAINST THE LAW! And that's why the U.S. & the West are raising a bunch of devils, hellcats & hellions & are Hell on wheels & are going to Hell as a result!--Because they don't have God, they don't have Godly love & discipline, & Godly behaviour, so they're going to the Devil, & acting like the Devil, that's for sure! They were like that when I was in school, they were already far gone! The U.S. deserves every war it's had & all the Hell it's had & still going to get, because that's the kind of kids they've got!
       54. WELL, LET'S THANK GOD THAT NOT ALL OF OUR KIDS ARE LIKE THAT, THAT WE'VE GOT MOSTLY GOOD KIDS WHO ARE REAL CHRISTIANS & WHO REALLY LOVE THE LORD & ARE REALLY SERVING JESUS & REALLY MEAN IT & REALLY MEAN BUSINESS! Let me tell you, that's the only kind of kids we're going to have, if we don't have any other kids at all! But thank the Lord we do have good kids, & nearly all of our kids are good kids, well-behaved, from all I've heard, really love the Lord & are seriously sincerely serving Jesus & sacrificing, along with their parents, to serve the Lord & witness & litness & win souls, & they really mean business! Hellcats like that are the rarest exception! In fact, it's the first time I've ever heard of them, first time I've ever heard of such behaviour in our Family! And let me tell you right now, it's going to be the last time!--The last time! Period!
       55. WE'RE NEVER GOING TO HEAR OF THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOUR OF OUR CHILDREN AGAIN IN THIS FAMILY, EVER, OR THEY'LL NO LONGER BE IN THE FAMILY! This is our last warning to both the kids & their parents! If we ever hear of any kind of behaviour like that again, out they go, kids & parents, the whole family, & back home they go, or wherever! We're not going to have them in the Family!--Excommunication, period! Kids who can't behave & parents who can't control their children don't belong in God's Family, & they'll be more of a stumblingblock & a hindrance & nothing but trouble! So we're just not going to have'm, that's all!
       56. I WANT TO HEAR AN IMMEDIATE REPORT OF ANY SUCH BEHAVIOUR EVER AGAIN, & I HOPE I NEVER DO!--Because the guilty are going to be plenty sorry, lose their place in the Family & be cast out! God's Word says they'll be cast out into outer darkness & there will be weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth! (Mt.22:13). And that's God's orders! That's God's order & what to do with them, it tells you to throw them out! If they can't behave or can't rule their own houses & control their own children, they're to be cast out & treated like a heathen & no longer a part of the Family! That kind of people have no part in us, that's for sure, & we don't even want'm around! So I hope that's the last I ever hear of anything like that. But if I ever do, out you go!--This means YOU!
       57. THEY HAD A REALLY GOOD WAY TO ERADICATE JUVENILE DELINQUENCY IN THE OLD TESTAMENT!--21 ways to eradicate juvenile delinquency!: By stoning them!--All 21 ways, stoning, ha! That would be a good title, "21 Ways to Eradicate Juvenile Delinquency: 1) Stoning 2) Stoning 3) Stoning 4) Stoning 5) Stoning[DELETED]" right on down to 21! I'll bet that sure struck fear into those [EDITED: "people's"] hearts! [DELETED]
       58. YOU COULD GET STONED TO DEATH JUST FOR INSULTING YOUR PARENTS. Imagine!--What a savage barbaric way to die, what a painful way to die. God really really socked it to them!--And everybody got in the act & everybody threw the stones! They didn't just have one executioner, everybody did the executing! I'll tell you, God was pretty rough in those days! Apparently they needed it. No wonder they didn't have much crime, when you could be stoned to death for any one of 20-some crimes!--Capital punishment for any one of them!--Even for just insulting parents!
       59. (MARIA: YOU KNOW, OUR TEENS IN HUNTINGTON BEACH DIDN'T HAVE TO HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL!--And they got along fine, most of them grew up to be good strong, healthy disciples!) Well I was doing it for the poor teens' sake to give them a chance to get together & know each other & fall in love & get married, etc., but if they don't appreciate it, forget it! (Maria: But are we still convinced it's the best way to do things?) OK, well let's kill'm!--I mean the schools, not the teens.
       60. OBVIOUSLY THE LORD HASN'T BLESSED THE HIGH SCHOOLS, one of them got washed up & the other got washed out! (Maria: I don't know what happened in India yet, haven't heard about it.) If they're not doing any better than the others, forget it! (Maria: If the main reason we're conducting high schools is so our teens can find mates, I don't know if that's a good enough reason. They can do everything else at home & grow up more responsibly.) All right, let's cancel the High Schools.
       61. THEY CAN EDUCATE THEMSELVES IF THEY WANT TO BY READING, read the MO Letters, that's a pretty good education. (Maria: We're giving them all the help we can in the form of reference books as well, so they can learn, they can just read & they can learn it. We're giving them the best of everything. Everything I'd want to learn I'm putting in books for them, or we have already, so they certainly can learn a lot by just reading our books, all they need to know about anything we need to do in our life: Photography, Printing, Acting, Drawing & so much more!) Right! And if they want to find a mate, why not write letters, they can use the Want Ads for penpals, exchange photos & then even visit each other. Forget the High Schools! (Maria: Well I don't know, maybe there're some good reasons for having them, but I don't know exactly if they're really necessary.)
       62. THAT RINGLEADER MUST BE DEMON-POSSESSED, & obviously the other two boys hadn't been filled with the Holy Spirit! (Maria: We need to make sure we get our teens filled with the Holy Spirit, just don't take their word for it that they prayed when they were little or something. If they're not manifesting the fruits of the Spirit, they probably don't have the Spirit.) Well I'll tell you, that little ringleader is sure filled with the spirit, the spirit of the Devil! He's so smart too. It's just like the Devil to get ahold of an instrument like that to lead the others astray.
       63. HERE IN OUR HOME WE DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BAD KIDS! Ours are all absolute angels, they never fight, rarely say a cross word to each other, are unselfish, share, love each other, study the Word, diligently obey. I mean they don't ever seem to do anything wrong at all, they hardly act naughty or say a naughty word or give a naughty look, anything! (Maria: The more I think about it, the more I think the teens would be a greater help on the field or in the Combo or in the MWM outreach or somewhere else, helping & being adults instead of being babies waited on by all the good personnel that has to be supervising them in a high school.)
       64. ALL RIGHT, LET'S CUT THE SCHOOLS RIGHT NOW, SEND'M BACK HOME! Maybe that delinquent did us a favour. (Maria: Yes, the teens seem to love the high schools, but I don't know if they're the best thing for them.) Because it doesn't work. (Maria: Well I think they're working in some cases, but I'm just not sure it's the best thing for them.)
       65. WITH MY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS [EDITED: "1951-1953"] I WAS TOUGH & THEY KNEW I MEANT IT, I CARRIED A PADDLE in my hand most of the time, how about that! Sometimes [DELETED] I'd come up behind them when they were misbehaving & I'd whack that paddle down on the desk with a crash & it would scare them so they nearly jumped through the roof & I'd say, "The next time it's going to be you!" And I tell you they knew I meant it! There was a guy there, a big huge Mexican guy almost twice as big as I was, Manuel Ochoa, & I used to give him some whacks & he'd stand there looking down at me like he could eat me in one gulp, but he never dared lay a finger on me, he knew I was ready to fight!--And he simmered down & became docile as a little lamb, one of my best helpers, like a bodyguard, but I had to win his respect first & let him know there was gonna be no monkey business!
       66.IF TEENAGERS HAVE TO GET AWAY FROM HOME, ONE THING THAT SEEMS PRETTY FRUITFUL IS SORT OF AN EXCHANGE PROGRAM, send them to somebody else that they like & who will be good to them, they'll have some variety that way & some change & still get away from home, but they can still be on the Mission Field & they can still be working & not just being some pampered little spoiled brats lounging around somewhere together having a high old time!
       67. WELL, THAT ABOUT ENDS THE HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM! That troublemaker can give himself credit for that! I agree with the British system of schools where they allow the professors to use the cane! I would have sure given those rascals a caning they'd never forget! They would have remembered that the officer of the law beareth the cane not in vain!--To paraphrase the Scripture (Rom.13:4). Those little rascals better be thankful I wasn't there or they would have gotten a tannin'! I'd have tanned their hides[DELETED]! That really upset me!
       68. THANK GOD FOR ALL OUR GOOD TEENAGERS, if they were all bad like that I'd quit, which is what the Devil would like me to do, but I won't! If they're all like that, they'll quit, but I'll keep on fighting! I'll quit them! Any kids that will do tricks like that guy did & lead others to do the same thing is demon-possessed! They better get it out of him, or we're going to get him out of there! Well, somebody was smart to send them all home, anyhow. I want to know the mother's history & what the score is about that boy & how he turned out to be such a rotter!--Even trying to rot others! How could they let him go on the platform on stage performing when he's such a bad boy?--Such a poor sample! How could they let him do anything? I'll tell you, he's finished unless he straightens up right quick! He's done for! He'll never see another stage!
       69. I WANT TO EXCOMMUNICATE BOTH FAMILIES AS WELL AS THEIR KIDS UNTIL THIS THING GETS STRAIGHTENED OUT, until we get some abject apologies from the parents as well as the kids, promises that it will never happen again! We'll just withhold their mailings until we get it. I'm not going to mail all this stuff I'm working so hard on to people that don't deserve it! They need to get punished! They need to get disciplined & suffer for it! I want to make them a dandy bad example to the whole World!--For any parents that let their kids get out of hand like that, it's instant excommunication until they get straightened out!--And if they don't straighten it out, it'll be not only excommunication but expulsion from the Family! I want letters of apology & repentance & promises to never let it happen again from all the parents & anyone else that had anything to do with it! I'm furious with them & those damn little rapscallions! I mean it! They'd better make their repentance & apology good, or we'll not restore their mailings! They'd better make it very good, or they're no longer in the Family!
       70. EXCOMMUNICATION & EXPULSION! Boy, I'll tell you, when I was in school that was about the worst thing that could happen to a kid was to get expelled! No other school would want him or take him! I tell you, we're getting ready for the Wrath of God & I'm ready to apply it right now! It's raised my wrath & they're not going to get away with it!--That's it!--The end! Finito!--Never again!--Or out you go!--Savvy? That's the final Word with the bark on it & the bite! I'm putting teeth in these roars this time!--One more strike & you're out!--And may God have mercy on us!
         1) AS OF THIS MOMENT THEY ARE TEMPORARILY EXCOMMUNICATED & all their mailings cut off until further notice.
         2) EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE SITUATION NEEDS TO IMMEDIATELY WRITE A LETTER OF (1) CONFESSION, (2) APOLOGY & (3) REPENTANCE & the promise never to allow something like this to happen again, including those adults who were supposed to be in charge of them. Each of the involved adults & teenagers & each parent are to personally write their own individual separate confession letters to Dad & Maria, who will then decide whether or not these Homes will be able to remain in the Family & have their mailings restored.
         3) STARTING NOW, THESE GUILTY TEENAGERS ARE UNDER HOUSE RESTRICTION. They must not be allowed to go out in any public ministry, performing, busking, witnessing or litnessing in any way whatsoever, & must be kept under strict strong adult supervision at all times, day & night! Parents who need to go out to raise support may do so with the other children, but the guilty teenagers are in no way to go out in any public ministry at all until their case has been decided.
         4) WE'D LIKE A FULL REPORT ON THE CHILDREN'S BACKGROUNDS & why they are such dangerous juvenile delinquents!
         5) THE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP, TEACHERS & EVERYONE INVOLVED ALSO NEED TO WRITE A FULL & DETAILED REPORT on exactly what did happen & why they allowed it to continue.
       72. THE GUILTY TEENAGERS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY SORT OF PUBLIC WITNESSING, LITNESSING OR PUBLIC FAMILY ACTIVITIES WHATSOEVER & must remain within the Home under house restriction doing all the dirtiest & most difficult jobs of the Home--dishes, diapers, floors, toilets, laundry, etc., while on probation. They are a reproach & embarrassment to God's Work & God's Family & we do not want them out in the public or to have it even known that they are Members of our Family! We are ashamed of them!
       73. WE CANNOT & WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH FRIGHTFUL ACTIVITIES BY ANYONE IN OUR FAMILY!--It's an extremely poor testimony, to say the least!--It could hurt & endanger the whole Family & hinder our ministry seriously! The guilty boys are to remain under house restriction beginning now until further notice, & if any other intolerable activities such as these arise during the time of their probation, they will be immediately expelled from the Family without further notice! If the parents don't agree with this disciplinary action, they may also leave.
       74. IF THE PARENTS COOPERATE & THE APPROPRIATE LETTERS ARE RECEIVED SOON, THE EXCOMMUNICATION MAY BE LIFTED, but the boys are to be kept at Home on probation until proven truly sorry, repentant & changed, at which time such transformation must be certified by written letters from both parents, Home & Area Shepherds & other adults living with them in the same Home.
       75. IF A POSITIVE CHANGE IS SO CERTIFIED, THE HOUSE RESTRICTIONS ON THE THREE BOYS INVOLVED MAY BE LIFTED, but they are to be placed on a period of further probation awaiting time-tested proof of such change, during which the distasteful duties should be continued & their public ministries prohibited until the change is proven.
       76. WE ARE JUST FURIOUS THAT ANY OF OUR CHILDREN WOULD HAVE HAD SUCH BAD PARENTAL TRAINING & that any parent would allow their children to grow up in this manner without proper discipline and care! We therefore blame the parents as much as, if not more so, than the teenagers!
       77. SO SORRY TO BURDEN YOU, BUT THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS CASE & the first in the Family that we know of, & we intend to nip it in the bud & put such teeth into this disciplinary action as to deter any more such juvenile delinquency & parental or supervisory neglect or failure to live up to Family standards of Christian training & behaviour that could seriously affect the Family!
       78. MAY GOD FORBID THAT WE HAVE ANY MORE SUCH TRAGIC CASES!--But if ever, we intend to treat them in like manner, punishing both parents, supervisors & juveniles involved by similar means! Incorrigibles will be expelled from the Family, sent home to relatives or depart with their parents & remain excommunicated & out of the Family until certified as permanently cured!--Sorry! Please read together Heb.12:1-13.--Thanks for your cooperation in this heartbreaking tragedy! WLY&PFY continually.--Love, Peter & M&M.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family