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THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD ON AMERICA!       DFO 1516       22/5/75

       1. GOD'S RELIGION & GOVERNMENT ARE ONE & THE SAME THING, & ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! Of course under modern conditions they pretty much operate independently & separately. But it is true of our own Worldwide nation.

       2. YOUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS ARE THE SAME AS YOUR GOVERNMENTAL LEADERS! Your church is also your state, right? Your religion is also your government, & I don't see anything wrong with that! That's the way God intended for it to be begin with!

       3. BUT OF COURSE MODERN AMERICANS STRENUOUSLY OBJECT TO THAT: "We don't believe in the union of Church and State! We believe in separating the Church & State!"--And the result of their attitude has been a total secularization & materialization of the State, making it totally anti-God, Anti-religious!

       4. AMERICA HAS BECOME ONE OF THE GREATEST ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-RELIGIOUS POWERS ON EARTH! Its state technically, according to its own laws, is just as anti-religious, anti-God, secular & materialistic as is that of any Communist power such as Russia & China!

       5. AS FAR AS THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS CONCERNED, IT IS TOTALLY ANTI-RELIGIOUS. Religion can have nothing to do with it whatsoever, & if it's not pro-religious, pro-Christ, pro-God, then it's anti, because there are no neutrals!

       6. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS NOT FOR GOD OR JESUS or in favour of religion, & it cannot be because technically they're supposed to have nothing to do with religion or the church whatsoever. Therefore it has to be anti-religious, & now we see that's exactly where it's at!

       7. NO MATTER HOW SOME OF ITS GREAT LEADERS CALL UPON GOD & ask you to pray & all these things, technically the government & the whole System is strictly anti-religious & anti-God!

       8. THERE ARE A FEW LAWS THAT SOMEWHAT FAVOUR RELIGION, including tax exemptions & all that, but now they're saying that for the State to give special privileges to religion shows that the State favours religion & they say this is contrary to the Constitution where there's supposed to be a separation of Church & State.

       9. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOW FAVOUR TOWARD ANY RELIGION or anything religious according to the Constitution. It has to be totally secular & materialistic, which if it is, of course, makes it totally anti-God & anti-Christ!

       10. SO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS NO MORE RELIGIOUS THAN IS THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT or the Chinese Government or any other Communist power, & it's proving itself to be more materialistic.

       11. IN FACT, IT IS PROVING ITSELF TO BE MORE VICIOUSLY & VIOLENTLY MATERIALISTIC than any other World power on the face of the Earth! In other words, a government which is apostate & a people which are apostate have become even more irreligious than any other government!

       12. THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ONCE THE PEOPLE OF GOD, the Jews, [DELETED] rejected His Son! [EDITED: "John 1:11; 1Thes.2:14-16"] [DELETED]


       14. THOSE WHO HAVE HAD THE TRUTH & REJECT IT, those who have had the real thing & reject it, those who have had the knowledge of God or Jesus & reject it, usually become the Judases & the most violently opposed & the worst betrayers and traitors! Isn't that what we've found out about our own backsliders?

       15. THOSE WHO GET THE LIGHT & THEN GO BACK ON IT BECOME THE WORST ENEMIES! [DELETED] Even so, America, having had so much light & so much Christianity, is today arising & becoming the World's worst enemy of true Christian faith!--Believe it or not! If not in theory, definitely in practice! Let me show you:

       16. EVEN THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS ARE MANIFESTING MORE COMPASSION for the poor, a more righteous, if self-righteous, morality, less political corruption, get the point? The Communists are continually becoming more righteous in practice than the United States is in theory, religious theory.

       17. AMERICA & AMERICANS CLAIM, "WE ARE CHRISTIANS, A GREAT CHRISTIAN NATION, & we're more righteous than anybody else on the face of the Earth!"--& they really believe it!--While they go about with monstrous, vicious, fiendish wars that burn babies & destroy mothers & almost totally wreck whole poor little countries!

       18. THIS IS CHRISTIAN?--TO DROP ATOM BOMBS ON WHOLE CITIES & wipe out entire civilian populations & make the rest of the people suffer a horrible tortured slow death for years afterwards? This is Christian?

       19. NO COMMUNIST NATION HAS DONE THIS, believe it or not! Think of it! None of these so-called horrible evil monstrous anti-God Communist powers have done the horrible acts of war & the vicious violent horrible tortures of civilian populations as has America!

       20. THE VIETNAMESE WAR IS PROBABLY GOING TO GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE WORLD'S WORST WAR so far in history, with maybe the exception of World War II! More civilians were slaughtered & maimed & burned, & they weren't satisfied with killing the people!

       21. THEY TRIED TO EVEN KILL ALL THE PLANT LIFE, & the very land itself they tried to destroy! They say that some areas of Vietnam are so pockmarked with shell-holes that it is impossible now to till the land! Some areas of Vietnam have been so defoliated, every vestige of vegetation so killed that nothing can grow there--it is a barren desolate waste!

       22. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN PERPETRATED SUCH HORRIBLE DEVASTATION & SUCH HORRIBLE SUFFERING on any nation on the face of the Earth as the United States Government, a so-called Christian nation, perpetrated upon the little tiny nation of poor almost helpless Vietnam!--Almost the most viciously horrible war in history where the general & tacticians themselves told the President of the United States:

       23. "IF WE CANNOT STOP THE COMMUNISTS OF VIETNAM, THEN THE THING TO DO IS EXTERMINATE THEM, obliterate the population totally! If we can't persuade them to come over on our side, if we can't stop them from being Communists, then just exterminate them & destroy their land!" This was actually said by the military tacticians who advised the Presidents of the United States. "We can't stop them so let's just wipe them out!"

       24. IF THE U.S. COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH THE ATOM BOMB THEY WOULD HAVE USED IT! But they were afraid to use it for fear Russia might decide to use it on them, so they did everything short of atom bombs & some things almost worse, napalm, defoliants & horribly vicious warfare!

       25. VIETNAM HAS HAD 40 YEARS OF WAR, 20 years of U.S. war, & remember the French fought a 20-year war before that! This is the average lifespan of the average Vietnamese, not more than 40 years! Did you know that most Vietnamese have never known anything but war? They were born in war & grew up in war & that's all they have ever known, think of it!--40 years of war!

       26. MORE BOMBS WERE DROPPED ON VIETNAM THAN WERE DROPPED UPON THE ENTIRE OF EUROPE during the whole of four years of World War II from '41 to '45!--Think of it! All the saturation bombings & B-17s & B-24s & blockbusters & tons & tons, millions of tons that were dropped on all of Europe by both sides, still didn't equal the number of bombs which the U.S. government dropped on that one little tiny patch of land, Vietnam!

       27. NO WONDER THEY SAY THE COUNTRY IS A WRECK & THE ECONOMY IS RUINED & if they can ever rebuild that country it will be a miracle! And yet they say at one time it was one of the most beautiful, productive, peaceful countries in the World!

       28. PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TO PLACES IN INDOCHINA LIKE CAMBODIA CAN'T IMAGINE WAR THERE because they say the little pitiful poor people there are so sweet & so kind & so loving & so gentle, such a gentle people, that they can't imagine them even fighting or taking up guns & shooting people!

       29. WHO TAUGHT THEM TO DO THIS?--THE AMERICANS!--They turned these peaceful, gentle, loving, kind little people of the pastures, these loving little sheep, they turned them into the same monstrous, vicious, hellish, demonic demons of killers like the American soldiers themselves--think of it!

       30. THEY NOT ONLY WRECKED THE COUNTRY & SLAUGHTERED ITS PEOPLE, THEY CORRUPTED & RUINED THOSE WHO WERE LEFT ALIVE so they'll never be the same! If the Communists can change them it'll be a miracle & take them years, probably generations, to purge them of the poison which America sowed there & its filth & its corruptions & its wickedness and its violence! Think of what God is going to hold America responsible for! What judgments of God are going to fall! You know what I think?--

       31. THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD THAT ARE GOING TO FALL ON AMERICA ARE GOING TO BE EQUAL OR MANY TIMES MANIFOLD WHAT AMERICA DID TO VIETNAM! She sowed that horror & she is going to reap the same kind of horror & her people are going to suffer like the Vietnamese suffered! Her land's going to be desolated like Vietnam & Indochina have been desolated, & she's going to be wrecked & ruined & destroyed like she destroyed others!--Horror, horror upon horror! It's almost unbelievable the horror a so-called Christian country has wreaked upon a little country like that!

       32. THE FACT THE U.S. COULD NEVER WIN THAT WAR & WAS & WAS FINALLY DRIVEN OUT BY THOSE LITTLE MEN behind the trees, the guerrilla warriors, shows that no matter how mighty are the great conventional armies & the firepower of the mightiest military powers on Earth, they can never conquer a righteous cause! I believe God was with the Vietnamese & I know God is against America! Horrible America!--Monstrous U.S.A.!

       33. I SAT IN AN AIRPORT & I LOOKED AT THOSE AMERICANS & I just couldn't even fathom how they could be so blind. They are the blindest, dumbest, most ignorant people on the face of the Earth!

       34. THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW HORRIBLE THEY ARE! They don't even know what monsters they are! I looked at the faces of those men & those women, & I thought to myself, "These are the people who directly or indirectly viciously slaughtered & maimed & burned the poor little innocent South Vietnamese, because they were all for it!"

       35. THEY WANTED IT, THEY LIKED IT, THEY WERE BEHIND IT, until they got sick & fed up with it finally because it was chewing up too many of their own boys! They saw they couldn't win & it was costing them more money than they were going to get out of it! Besides, the whole World was against them, they were losing on every other diplomatic front because of the Vietnamese war!

       36. THEY JUST FINALLY DECIDED VIETNAM WAS COSTING THEM TOO MUCH! It wasn't that they gave a damn about what was happening to the poor little Vietnamese or their country, they got out of Vietnam to save their own necks!

       37. THIS IS TYPICAL OF YOUR SO-CALLED RELIGIOUS PEOPLE, of the leaders of so-called Christianity in America! What a monstrous farce! What a quackery & fakery! What hypocrisy!--The worst on the face of the Earth!

       38. THOSE WHO HAVE HAD SO MUCH LIGHT & HAVE SO SINNED AGAINST THE LIGHT as the Americans have, & perpetrated such evil deeds & such monstrous crimes on innocent population as America has, are going to get the worst judgments, I think, that God has ever meted out on any people on the face of the Earth in all history! And I'm just waiting to see it happen!

       39. WHEN I LOOKED AT THOSE AMERICANS, even those dumb stupid-looking women standing there, I thought to myself, "Sister, you're a part of the whole God-damned anti-Christ vicious, monstrous, fiendish, killing System! Though you stand there so dumb & so ignorant, your very dumbness & ignorance condemns you because you should have known better! But you stood by & let it happen, you even paid for it, voted for it!"

       40. THAT LANDSLIDE VOTE FOR NIXON WAS A VOTE FOR WAR! Frankly, if Nixon hadn't been so terribly horribly disqualified & discredited, I don't know if we'd ever have gotten out of the war, really!

       41. BUT PEOPLE BEGAN TO SEE HOW CROOKED HE WAS & how corrupt their government was & they finally decided, well, maybe the war isn't a very good idea after all! It didn't seem to be helping their economy any & didn't seem to be solving inflation or unemployment, so they decided, "Well, why pour any more money down that rat hole & any more of our boys?"

       42. I THINK THE YOUTH OF AMERICA ALSO HELPED IN THEIR REBELLION AGAINST IT with their demonstrating against it & their refusal to go to war. If they'd have kept that war up much longer, why, all of their children would have fled the country rather than go to that fiendish, hellish, God-damned war that nobody could see any sense in, not even finally their politicians or their munitions-makers!

       43. WHEN THE MONEY MEN FINALLY SEE THAT THEY'RE LOSING MORE MONEY ON A WAR THAN THEY'RE MAKING, then they finally decide to get out, & that's what they finally saw! Well how did we get on this? I got to talking about my pet subject, the religionists, the religious fakers, Christian fakers of America.

       44. THE CHURCHES WERE ALL BEHIND IT, most of them!--Especially the Fundamentalists & Evangelicals who are supposed to really know Jesus, & the Pentecostals who are supposed to really be saved & have the Spirit! Think of that! They were the ones behind it the most!--Gung-ho for slaughter!

       45. THEY SAY THAT THE RELIGIONISTS WERE THE ONES WHO SUPPORTED HITLER THE MOST IN GERMANY. The Fundamental Evangelical Pentecostal, so-called most "holy" & Spirit-filled Christians, seem to always manage to get on the wrong side & the worst side when it comes to war!--All over the matter of religion! As long as the leader says he's for religion they will fight for him & die for him & kill anybody in the name of Christ & religion!

       46. SO LONG AMERICA! YOU'RE DOOMED TO DIE FOR YOUR OWN HORRENDOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!--And the sooner the better! For the sooner they stop you, the quicker they'll end all your murderous, maniacal massacres of the poor! Good riddance of bad rubbish U.S.A.! To Hell with you & all your Hellish wars! May God give you the Hell you've given the World!--And soon!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family