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THE BEAST IS THE EIGHTH?       DFO 1517       1/2/74
--In Reply to a Question

       1. 17TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION: "AND I SAW A WOMAN SIT UPON A SCARLET COLOURED BEAST, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads & ten horns"--here comes this Beast out of the sea having seven heads & ten horns. Then it goes on to describe the Woman, etc., & talks about the Beast that carried her with seven heads & ten horns. "The Beast that thou sawest was, & is not: & shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, & go into perdition: & they that dwell on the Earth shall wonder." He speaks of "the beast that was, & is not, & yet is." (Rev.17:3,8.)

       2. "THE SEVEN HEADS ARE SEVEN MOUNTAINS" OR KINGDOMS, "five are fallen," which had fallen before that, one was Rome at that time, "the other is not yet come." The other one that is not yet come was always believed to be the Antichrist kingdom. "And when he cometh he must continue a short space." There hasn't been a World empire to control the whole World since Rome. Now get it: "The Beast that was, & is not," talking about the Beast himself that's got these seven heads, & it just gets through indicating that these heads are the seven kingdoms. Seven heads are seven mountains, there are seven kings. In other words, mountains are kingdoms, kingdoms and leaders, etc.

       3. "THE BEAST THAT WAS, & IS NOT, EVEN HE IS THE EIGHTH, & IS OF THE SEVEN & GOETH INTO PERDITION." It didn't have but seven heads, where does this Eighth one pop up from? "The Beast that was, & is not, even he is the Eighth." "And when he cometh he must continue a short space." If the seventh is the Antichrist, then who is this Eight one? "The other is not yet come, & when he cometh, he must continue a short space," that was the Seventh one. What head was that? "The Beast that was & is not, even he is the Eighth," he's after the Seventh head. The body of the Beast itself, he is the Eighth but he's of the Seven! How do you account for that? He's the Eighth head, but he's one of the Seven heads.

       4. THAT HAS BEEN THE MOST MYSTERIOUS SCRIPTURE, I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO EXPLAIN IT! Now the only thing I can think of it could possibly mean is he starts off maybe before the Tribulation, before the Abomination of Desolation. He is the Seventh great World empire, that of the Antichrist. But he is not yet really the Antichrist, he hasn't been possessed of the Devil, he hasn't become the Antichrist, he is the Seventh great one-World government. But at the point of the Abomination of Desolation he is possessed of the Devil & he becomes a new government, totally of the Devil, the Antichrist, Tribulation, the whole works! It's the very same man, Seventh man, only he is now the Eighth. That's about the only way you can explain it! Savvy?

       5. HE IS ONE OF THE SEVEN, & IF HE'S THE EIGHTH THEN HE'S GOT TO BE THE LAST ONE, THE SEVENTH ONE. So he is both Seventh & Eighth, the last two World governments! "And is of the Seven & goeth into perdition," the Eighth. Now it does say "he was & is not & yet is," & this would explain "wounded unto death & yet did live." Say this young man becomes the Seventh World Empire, but then let's say he's shot, he's assassinated or something, but by the miraculous power of the Devil, he possesses him & raises him as it were from the dead, "wounded unto death & yet did live," "was & is not & yet is"!

       6. THIS WOULD EXPLAIN THAT, THAT HE WAS THE ONE BEFORE & THE ONE AFTER, & THIS TIME THAT HE IS KILLED HAPPENS IN BETWEEN. "And the ten horns which thou sawest are Ten Kings"--now it's talking about the horns which are obviously on the last head--'which have received no kingdom as yet, but receive power as Kings one hour with the Beast." Now it does say that this Beast himself is the Eighth. The Beast himself which bore the other heads, including the Seventh, he becomes the Eighth. It shows that the Beast himself is like the Devil himself, who was the sponsor of all these big World empires, but he actually becomes the Eighth one.

       7. THIS LAST ONE HAS TEN HORNS WHICH HAVE RECEIVED NO KINGDOM YET, BUT RECEIVE POWER ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST. They rule just a short time with the Beast, that Eighth head, meaning the eighth government. The Seventh Head is the Eighth Head & has these ten horns which are World leaders which rule with him for a short time. "These shall make war with the Lamb," etc. So all I can figure out from that is whoever this Seventh King is, he also becomes the Eighth, & the Eighth is the very Beast himself, the very Devil himself, but different from the Seventh.--And yet he seems the same.

       8. THE 11th SCRIPTURE IS THE MOST STRANGE SCRIPTURE! "And the Beast that was, & is not, even he is the Eighth & is of the Seven"--if he's one of the Seven, then he has to be the last one, which is the Seventh, of course. Very strange language! And boy, have I heard Bible teachers trying to explain it, oh boy! What explanations! But I've never heard one explain it this way! (Maria: Then we must be pretty sure this is the right explanation!) Well, it's the only one I can think of! I'm trying to interpret what I read.

       9. I MEAN, IF THERE'S GOING TO BE AN EIGHTH & YET THERE ARE ONLY SEVEN HEADS, IT'S GOTTA BE THE SAME AS THE SEVENTH HEAD! It says he's of the Seven. The Eighth head is one of the Seven heads, that's what is says, plain & simple, right? It says so! He's of the Seven. "The Beast that was, & is not, even he is the Eighth," the Beast itself, not just the heads. "He is the Eighth & is of the Seven." All right, if he's one of the Seven heads, which one has he got to be? He's got to be the Seventh head!

       10. SO IN OTHER WORDS, THIS FINAL WORLD GOVERNMENT IS SCHIZOPHRENIC, it is two-fold, apparently. It starts off apparently good, & is the Seventh final World empire. But then the Beast himself which bears the Seventh head becomes the Eighth, & yet it's still one of the Seven, so it has to be that the Eighth takes over the Seventh, & that would have to be the Devil! And that would explain this change & why suddenly he breaks the Covenant, profanes the altar, places the Abomination of Desolation, Image of the Beast & causes himself to be worshipped--which sound like the Devil all the way through! (Maria: That explanation sounds so simple!)

       11. (READS QUESTION FROM A MEMBER:) "IN ML #248:7, 'MORE ON GODAHFI,' IT SAYS, 'AND HE IS THE EIGHTH WHICH SHALL BE WOUNDED UNTO DEATH, & yet shall he rise again & shall rule as I have promised.' Farther down in the same paragraph the Lord says, 'He shall fulfil the words of My heart & the thoughts of My bosom if he is faithful'. It seemed to me, as I was reading the latter Letter when it first came out, that God was telling us that Godahfi would be the AC."--(Continuing the question:)

       12. "SO IN THE LAST PART OF THE PARAGRAPH, DOES THAT MEAN THE LORD IS LOOKING TO GODAHFI TO FULFIL REV.13? Is God looking to Godahfi to be the one who will be the next World leader? Did God say Godahfi is the AC or not?" (Dad:) Now didn't' I go over that business that night when we went over the Letter, "Questions & Answers" (ML #111) about Godahfi? Has that ever been published? That is so needed! You mean that has never gotten out?--That revelation about what we discovered, that Godahfi definitely could not be the Antichrist? Don't you remember that night? We have never published that? I thought we cleared that up! (ML #102:36-38)

       13. THIS IS THE FIRST PART OF QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ON GODAHFI, "MORE ON GODAHFI," FROM JUNE 7, 1973. Right? He probably didn't even notice this July 20th date in the seventh paragraph more than a month-&-a-half later, because we ran it together. And how we got this I don't remember even, do you have any idea? "For he is..." See he just naturally connected it with the other. How did it happen? Do you remember how it came? We must have just been talking in the middle of the night or something. Do you have it in connection with anything else at all that we got on July 20th?

       14. (DAD READS:) "(MO PAUSES SILENTLY)--(MARIA: HE IS WHAT?) AND HE IS THE EIGHTH WHICH SHALL BE WOUNDED UNTO DEATH & yet shall he arise again & shall rule as I have promised. Even so shall I fulfil the words which I have spoken to thy father."--Who's that talking about? It doesn't say who it's talking about, really. (Reads on:) "O Jesus, help him to believe"--who said that about whom? "Help him that he shall fulfil Thy will." He just naturally supposes I'm talking about Godahfi, but it doesn't say so!

       15. (READS:) "(MARIA: WHO IS THE EIGHTH?) Search the Scriptures for they shall reveal unto thee the words of thy father's bosom." Well, we just did that right now & they're pretty hard to understand! ("Maria: Godahfi?") Now the Lord says, "I speak of him"--it doesn't say yes--"I speak of him if he shall fulfil the words of My heart & the thoughts of My bosom, he is faithful." Now you might construe it to mean that, but it does not say that he is the Eighth at all! But that's the way he interpreted it, & that is the way we were saying was a possibility, but you can't prove it from that. [DELETED] (Continues reading Family member's question:)

       16. "DID GOD SAY GODAHFI IS THE AC OR NOT? Perhaps it may be possible for you to clear up a few things for me. Sorry to burden you with more problems, please forgive me. I see now how you have tough time interpreting the things you get from the Lord. I pray the Lord strengthens you & you arrive safely at your new destination South, if & when you go."--It sounds to me like he's being pretty bold about a lot of things!

       17. I DO EXPLAIN IT, IT'S IN "INTERPRETATION," ML #282A:48: "It was just after Nasser died & the Lord said that after him there shall rise another king in Egypt. I mean, Sadat had already taken over after Nasser, & the Lord said there shall yet be one more king, & in 'Pied Piper' Maria was wise enough to ask--that was once she sure asked the right question about Godahfi--& the Lord said he would be second in Egypt, something like that. Well, that's already happened if you want to accept the interpretation that Sadat was the first king after Nasser & that Godahfi is second under him.--That's exactly what he is in United Egypt & Libya.

       18. "THEY'RE HAVING A HELL OF A TIME TRYING TO GET TOGETHER because Sadat doesn't want to get together. But if this war goes on & ends in the wrong settlement, that'll be the end of Sadat! The people will lose confidence in him & they'll probably follow Godahfi. Now that's a good example of an interpretation. That was not a prediction nor a prophecy & I have said things to that effect in the Letters."

       19. NOW I DON'T MAKE IT REAL CLEAR THERE LIKE WE GOT THAT NIGHT. We must have never come out with that! We explain it pretty well in here, all about misinterpretation, & how on occasion we have misinterpreted or misunderstood what the Lord said. When was it we went & found out about Godahfi? We went back to "Questions & Answers" & it was plain as day that he was not & could not be the Antichrist! I say, "No, but he shall be second unto him," flatly that Godahfi is not the Antichrist, in that Letter!--Amen?

       (P.S. Many prophecies are very mysterious & difficult to understand. So don't worry about'm--You'll know when you need to or it happens! GBY!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family