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THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!--Revelation 13       France, 28/4/81       DFO1523

       1. THOSE WERE THE WEIRDEST WEEKS I EVER SPENT AT IBM DATA PROCESSING! They talked about those computers just like they were persons! They'd say, "Well, the machine thinks this, the machine thinks this, the machine thinks that, the machine says so & so." Even sometimes instead of saying "it" they would say "he says so & so"!

       2. MAN WILL HAVE FINALLY CREATED HIS OWN GOD that can actually talk & speak & make decisions, etc.--the Image of the Beast, Revelation 13!--And it's coming out more all the time. The amazing thing about it is that some of these new cybernetics inventions such as the latest robots are so sensitive that they can even be controlled by human thoughts, so that your thoughts can turn the television on or off or change channels!

       3. IT'S LIKE THE MEDUSA TOUCH! And the moral of that is, that if they make them that sensitive to human thought control, they will be able to be controlled by demons, demon power, to power them! And this is no doubt what will happen with the Image of the Beast!

       4. WE KNOW, OF COURSE, IT WILL BE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE ANTICHRIST, SATAN, but undoubtedly under the inspiration of evil spirits! I've been wanting to get out that thing on the "Image of the Beast" for so long, somehow I never manage to make it, about the latest development in cybernetics & computers.

       5. THEY'RE GOING TO COMBINE THE COMPUTERS WITH THE ROBOTS, so that the robots will be computer-controlled to the ultimate end of being literally robots that can think & move & talk & make decisions & take actions etc. That's what the Lord says in the Bible, Revelation 13, of the Image!

       6. WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN TO THIS YET IN OUR STUDY BUT HERE IT IS. I've always thought that the False Prophet & the Antichrist & his priests will be scientists, hece they will worship science, which means the creation of man's own hands, such as cybernetics & computers & robots etc. It's just a whole new series of human idols.

       7. MAN HAS ALWAYS HAD HIS IDOLS THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, &now these idols of wood & stone & metal etc. are supposedly debunked. But science is now going to create idols which can think & act & move & make decisions, & this one is going to rule the world!

       8. REVELATION 13:14 IS TALKING ABOUT THE FALSE PROPHET, that he had power to do these miracles in the sight of the Beast--miracles of science no doubt. "Saying to them that dwell on the Earth that they should make an Image to the Beast, which had the wound by a sword & did live"--the Beast did. "And he had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast"--the False Prophet had the power.

       9. YOU SEE THE ONE THING THESE COMPUTERS LACK IS, IN A SENSE, A SOUL, A CONSCIOUS SPIRIT. But these devils will have the power to give these computer robots spirits who will then control them. See, the Spirit World is limited, God has limited it to a certain realm & they have to operate under certain rules. They have only so much power & only so much power of communication with human beings, & only so much power over human actions, etc.

       10. THEY AT THIS TIME REQUIRE VEHICLES, FLESH & BLOOD VEHICLES, AS A RULE. They need to possess human beings to be able to do things & take actions & cause damage etc. through demon possession. Even sometimes possess animals! They need vehicles in order to express their desire & their needs & through whom they can act. You understand? Well, man is now creating machinery which will be versatile enough & sensitive enough that it can be controlled by evil spirits.

       11. "AND HE HAD POWER TO GIVE LIFE UNTO THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, that the Image of the Beast should both speak & cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast shall be killed." Listen to what this Image does! It speaks of it just like he is a personality: "And he causeth all, both small & great, rich & poor, free & bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads".

       12. IT'S JUST AS THOUGH THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE TURNED OVER TO THIS THING TO RUN THE WORLD, under, of course, the control of the Antichrist. "That no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the Beast or the number of his name." It'll be either a mark or his name or his number. "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man; & his number is Six hundred threescore & six"--666!

       13. YOU KNOW, THEY'RE COMING OUT MORE BOLDLY WITH THAT NUMBER ALL THE TIME in records & plans etc. We keep hearing about it being on the new Social Security cards & welfare checks & Internal Revenue checks, government checks, etc. And of course eventually in the hand, etc. So it will come.

       14. THEY WILL FINALLY MAKE THEMSELVES A NEW IDOL, a scientific idol they can worship, smarter than man himself!--The ultimate of the tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, all the combined knowledge of mankind & history & science & all in one super-computer Robot!

       15. THIS IMAGE OF THE BEAST WILL BE PROGRAMMED, computerised so as to know everything that man knows in one idol, one Image! In other words, smarter than any man on Earth, think of that!--And so smart that man will turn right around & actually worship it!

       16. AND IN FACT, THE IMAGE WILL BE SO SMART, you heard what he's going to do, he'll command that people be killed that don't worship him! Of course it's going to be demonically-possessed, really, & operated. But that's what man's waiting for, a Superman & a Super Image, Image of the Beast!

       17. IT'S REALLY SHOCKING TO SEE HOW THEY'RE REALLY WORKING IN THAT DIRECTION. In fact, some of then are getting to the point where they're almost bragging about it & flaunting the number! It's like the Devil is already bragging about what he's going to do & the power he's going to have & the system it's going to have, & so he wants you to know.

       18. WELL, IN THE FIRST PLACE, GOD GIVES HIM ENOUGH ROPE & HE HANGS HIMSELF!--Because thereby we who are Christians will recognise who it is & who's behind it, & what it is & it's of the Devil & the Antichrist. And no doubt we'll recognise thereby, if not many other ways in which we could, we'll recognise the Antichrist because he'll back the 666 language System!

       19. THIS COMPUTER EXPERT SCIENTIST SAYS HERE "that as a result of the micro-mini computers, by 1990 we shall witness the death of the printed word, because silicon chip computers & screens will be much cheaper than books, & we shall have the cashless society that will make money transfers more efficient than today.

       20. "THEN WILL BE DEVELOPED THE ULTRA-INTELLIGENT MACHINE which will be above human intelligence & above the intelligence of other computers. Computer IQ has already passed that of 99.5% of mankind." Then he makes some statements that are really weird & chilling! He says,

       21. "MAN WILL NO LONGER HAVE TO FACE THE UNIVERSE ALONE, but computer intelligences vastly superior will stand by his side." He says, "Thus a new species is to arise out of man, surpassing man's own achievements, as he did those of his predecessors."

       22. SEE, WHAT THEY'RE TRYING TO DO NOW IS CLAIM THAT THIS IS THE FINAL ULTIMATE GOAL OF THE EVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM, that this particular step of evolution from man to the superior intelligence does not have to be created by his physical body, but by his mind, a creature of his consciousness & of his intelligence rather than a mere descendant of his physical anatomy or his biology. So this fellow goes on to say:

       23. "THIS NEW SPECIES THEREFORE WILL ARISE OUT OF MAN, SURPASSING HIS ACHIEVEMENTS as he surpassed those of his predecessors. This new species instead of flesh & blood will be made of silicon or other substances declared suitable by the Ultimate Intelligences." When he speaks of the UIMs, the Ultimate Intelligence Machines, he's talking about these super-duper computers, computers which rule computers & solve problems of other computers etc.

       24. "THESE NEW SUPER COMPUTERS, THE UIMs, WILL BE MACHINES CAPABLE OF CONSCIOUS THOUGHT, or what man today calls spirit or soul. Problems of other complex computer systems will be completely solved by these Super Computers." And he says here that it's likely to lead to greater affluence of man & the decline of Communism.

       25. HE DOESN'T REALISE THAT COMMUNISM & THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO USE THE COMPUTER TO RULE THE WORLD! He thinks it's going to help them lick Communism because it's a creature of capitalism. But I'm quite sure that the Antichrist government will not hesitate to use the creatures of capitalism to their own ends, as they already do.--Such as modern technology, atomic bombs, power plants, etc. The Russians use'm too.

       26. HE CLAIMS IT'S GOING TO PUT AN END TO WAR because the Super Computers will tell both sides you cannot win, you will both lose, & so therefore, as we know, the Antichrist wins & takes over. And of course he'll have to do this with a final war, coming atomic war, & pick up the pieces.

       27. HIS FINAL PARAGRAPH IN HIS ARTICLE says he believes that computers will become seen as deities, in other words, worshipped as gods by man. Well, in a way they already are. In a way man already worships the creation of his own hands--his homes, automobiles, televisions, computers, airplanes, all of these things.

       28. MAN GLORIES IN THESE IDOLS THAT HE HAS CREATED, creations of his own hands already, & he will undoubtedly not hesitate to fall down & worship his ultimate creation, the ultimate Intelligence Machine, as the new super computers are know, UIMs, ultra Intelligence Machines, becoming the Ultimate Intelligence Machines.

       29. AND HERE OF COURSE THEN WE SEE THE FULFILMENT OF THE PASSAGE WE JUST READ OUT OF REVELATION, that he will cause this Image of the Beast to live & to speak & to command that all who will not worship him must be killed, & all men must receive his mark or his number or his name or be killed. In other words, man's Frankenstein takes over!

       30. WELL, THE THING I WAS POINTING OUT BEFORE is that they have now developed such sensitive robots or cybernetics machines & computers etc., that by a combination of the computer & the robot, these things are so sensitive that they can be even controlled by human thought!

       31. YOU RECALL THE ACTUAL SCIENCE DOCUMENTARY WE SAW in which the television was being turned off or on & channels changed by thought control. Which means, as I was pointing out, that the Devil will finally have his ultimate instrument, because he needs vehicles.

       32. EVIL SPIRITS & DEMONS NEED VEHICLES, but they must be sufficiently sensitive to spiritual control, such as thought control. And therefore he'll have his ideal machines that he can control, the computers themselves & the robots, with his devils & demons.

       33. THEY WILL REALLY BE MADE TO LIVE, to have spirits, consciousness, souls, the souls of devils & demons & the consciousness of evil spirits, & be run by these demonic spirits to the Devil's own ends to accomplish their work for the Antichrist! And man will fall down & worship these images, especially the Image that will be set up there in Jerusalem in the Temple area--the Image of the Beast!

       34. THIS IS BROUGHT OUT I THINK IN THE SCI-FI MOVIE "2001"' where the computer which was running the ship finally took over, rebelled against its human masters & took over the ship & was in control. It sounds weird, but very possible, & obviously is going to happen in the end with the Image of the Beast.

       35. MAN WILL HAVE CREATED A CREATURE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN HIMSELF & more powerful with greater knowledge. They can program this Image of the Beast with all the knowledge known to man & all the history & the ultimate of the Tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil. Man will have finally attained that state where although he himself could not attain it, but that in his place he creates a creature which has all of his combined intelligence of all history & all the world & all science!

       36. IMAGINE, ONE MIND, ONE GIANT SUPER COMPUTER WHICH KNOWS EVERYTHING, & HE MAKES THAT HIS GOD! One Super Computer which knows everything that man knows or has ever known, they'll be able to combine in one Super Computer which will be the greatest Intelligence ever known to man outside of God or the Devil!

       37. OF COURSE IT WILL BE LIMITED BY MAN'S OWN KNOWLEDGE. He'll not be able to program it with more than man himself knows, so it still of course cannot possibly reach God's level. (Maria: But it will have what the Devil knows too.) It will have everything man knows & everything the Devil knows, & it will be so superior to man's intelligence that he will fall down & worship this Creature of his own hands & worship it as his god!--The ultimate idol!--The Image of the Beast!

       38. WE WERE JUST READING WHERE HE HAS THE POWER TO COMMAND THE IMAGE TO LOVE & TO SPEAK & to order the people to be killed who don't worship it & take the Mark of the Beast, & it'll rule the World under the control of Satan & the Antichrist & be used as their instrument, their idol--god Image to cause the world to fall down & worship him.

       39. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN TRUE OF THE PRIESTHOOD OF SATAN. They've always created some kind of an image or an idol to command the people to worship, to be the symbol of their power, or Satan's power, demonic power, made of wood or stone or gold or silver or whatever.--And this one undoubtedly will be made of silicon chips, microchips, supercomputers, cybernetics.

       40. THE SUPER-DUPER ULTIMATE ROBOT THAT CAN MOVE & TALK & MAKE DECISIONS & reason & answer questions & commands & be smarter in the conglomerate sense, smarter than man himself, , know everything that anybody ever knew in the way of man's knowledge.--The ultimate outgrowth of the tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil!

       41. MAN HAS GOTTEN ALMOST AS SMART AS HE CAN POSSIBLY GET, so since his brain can't hold any more & he can't get much smarter, he's got to create a machine that can hold more knowledge & more facts & can compute & figure faster. They already have computers that figure almost millions of times as fast as man can figure. They already have these machines that are superior to man's intelligence as far as figuring & computing & mathematics etc.

       42. AS HE SAYS HERE, THEY ALREADY HAVE COMPUTERS WHICH ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN 99.5% OF MEN. As Sue laughed & pointed out, "What's the other half-a-percent? The guys who make'm?" Ha! No doubt! The half-a-percent who know how to make these machines & create them are going to be the rulers of the World! Just like "Burke's Connections." (Maria: Like you said in "Super Dupers.") In "Super Dupers" it works right into that. (ML#1036.)

       43. HE'S AS GOOD AS SAYING YOU'D BETTER GET ON THE COMPUTER BANDWAGON NOW because the boys who know how to make'm & run'm & program'm will rule the World with'm! And so that's the way it'll be. And that will be the ultimate creation of man, this Super Computer, the UIM, the ultimate Intelligence Machine combining all of man's knowledge & intelligence in one gigantic computerised robot--the Image!

       44. WHEN I HEAR THE SOUND OF THESE MACHINE VOICES that they've got on these little puzzles & small hand computers & teaching games & talking clocks & you hear the voice of computers on the telephone too, you see how easily this machine can be made to talk. (Maria: Now they're preparing the world for it. Look at the computers in "Star Trek", and that little box in "Blake's 7" that tells them anything & can reason things out.) Yes, exactly.

       45. AND THEY EVEN CALL THEM BY NAMES AS THOUGHT THEY'RE ACTUALLY AN INTELLIGENCE, a consciousness, they have a mind of their own, a soul or spirit! And as I pointed out, they will of course have spirits, they will have minds of their own, they'll have soul-consciousness of demons! That's the way he'll bring them to life.

       46. THE DEMONS NOW WILL BE ABLE TO RUN THEM, because they'll be so sensitive they'll be sufficiently sensitive to be responsive to demonic thought & intelligence & power in the spiritual World. Machines that man is creating, run by intelligent demons to make it possible for the Devil & his demons to control the World.

       47. IN OTHER WORDS, MAN IS CREATING HIS OWN DOWNFALL IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!--Not only possible destruction by atom bombs, but he's creating his own god to rule over him & who eventually will virtually destroy him by of course being anti-Christ & anti-God, & who will therefore be destroyed by the Lord before he can utterly destroy man.

       48. (MARIA: IN THE FACE OF ALL OF THAT, WHAT WILL BE THE CHRISTIAN'S DEFENCE? I guess the Lord in one person is stronger & if necessary can outwit anything!) Oh yes, of course! The power of god! "Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the World." (1Jn.4:4.) (Maria: No matter if it is a Super Intelligence.) The power of God is greater & the intelligence of God is greater, & the wisdom of God is greater!

       49. "THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD IS WISER THAN THE WISDOM OF MEN" (1Co.1:25), so that God must be laughing at their ridiculousness to think that they're going to be so wise! "And ye shall be as gods, knowing good & evil." (Gen.3:5.) Well, they're getting close! They're going to be like demon gods, at least, the devil gods, & they certainly know plenty of evil, not too much good. So there it is.

       50. AND AS BURKE WAS BRINGING OUT THE CHOICE WILL REMAIN WHETHER YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THE CREATORS OF THIS IDOL, this Image, this god, & one of those who runs it, or one of those who has to serve it & serve them. And people will be given the choice whether they want to receive the Mark of the Beast or not, cooperate or die!

       51. BUT GOD, PRAISE GOD, IS SO FAR SMARTER & SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL! "He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh with derision" (Ps.2:4), because they can't even begin to come close to his power & His wisdom & His knowledge. After all, He made it all! He made the intelligences that build the Super Computers, & He must look on man like little children making some kind of a doll!

       52. BUT IT IS RATHER DISTURBING TO THINK THAT MAN IS GETTING SO CLOSE & science is fulfilling the very things which the Lord predicted, & it's not far away. Man says by the 1990s he thinks this will be possible, & according to our calculations, that's when the Beast will be in full swing & about the time of the Tribulation when he sets up the Image for everybody to worship!

       53. SO GOD KNEW ALL ALONG JUST WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN & what man was finally going to wind up with, his final creation of his own hands, the god that he worships, as he always has throughout the centuries. But in this supposedly intelligent scientific age, man wouldn't think of worshipping idols made of wood & stone & gold & silver as ancient superstitious man did.

       54. HE WORSHIPS A MORE INTELLIGENT CREATION OF HIS OWN HANDS that really is smarter than he is & knows more & can do more & which he will worship as a Superior Intelligence & virtually a Super-Being that will be run by the Devil & his demons! So it will be a Super Intelligence run by Super Beings--but not super to God, TTL! Praise God!

       55. GOD IS THE SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-DUPER OF ALL & so far ahead of them they'll never even begin to hardly start running compared to where He is! "As high as the heavens above the Earth, so high are His ways above our ways & His thoughts above our thoughts." (Is.55:9.) So God must really laugh at this child's play, but man is going to take it very seriously & himself very seriously & going to fall down & worship this Image of the Beast. And that will bring on the last 3-1/2 years of history.

       56. WELL, MAYBE THAT'S THE LONG LOST "IMAGE OF THE BEAST" I was going to write for so long & never got around to it. I didn't bring in the fact that there is already a super computer occupying three floors of a big office building in Brussels, the capital of the European Economic Community, which they already are planning to use to centralise computer controls of finances & the new credit system etc. of Europe, & no doubt eventually the World.

       57. THE CASHLESS SOCIETY, THE WORLD CREDIT SYSTEM, at first being run by credit cards, eventually by an actual number, laser-beam tattooed invisibly in the palm of you hand or in you forehead so that they can be sure it's you & you're not using a forged or stolen credit card, as you'll have to have the same number.

       58. AND AS WE POINTED OUT ALREADY THE SAME INVISIBLE NUMBER IS GOING TO BE ON YOUR PASSPORT, on your credit card & all the rest so that you can be completely controlled by the computerised system, & you'll just be another little cog in the Devil's machine if you don't know the Lord & you're not wise to what he's up to, if you're not aware of his tricks.

       59. SO IT'S NOT FAR AWAY! Some say those new systems are coming out in 1984 & some say '86--which is about the time we figured the Antichrist should begin to be revealed & appear, or at least his system. So it's not far away.

       60. BUT PRAISE GOD, JESUS WILL COME FOR US TO TAKE US OUT OF IT ALL & destroy it so we can take over, & the World will then be run by Super Beings with Super Intelligence for sure, because it's going to be us & the angels, indestructible creatures of God to rule over wicked man & the Earth in the Kingdom of God! PTL! TYL!

       61. SO ALL OF THESE MARVELLOUS WORKS OF MAN'S HAND, creations of science which man already worships really, must look like children playing with mere toys to God, because He's so far above them & beyond them & so much smarter. For there's no way that they're ever going to stop us, TTL!--Even if He has to take us out of this World to spare us, which He will. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       62. THANK YOU LORD FOR A BEAUTIFUL DAY, THAT THE FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE PROMISES OF GOD!--In spite of the Devil & his machines & machinations & all he can do, TTL! He's tried to stop our electricity quite a few times, but he hasn't been able to do it yet, TTL!

       63. THANK GOD, JESUS COMES & TAKES US OUT OF IT ALL, wreaks His judgements on the Antichrist & his kingdom & his images & beasts & all & destroys them all, & we take over! PTL! And they can never touch us again because we'll be supernatural, immortal, even invisible, & we'll be untouchable, able to fly back & forth from this dimension into the other dimensions of the Spirit world!

       64. WE'LL BE ENDUED WITH TREMENDOUS SUPERNATURAL POWERS LIKE THE ANGELS TO RULE OVER THEM! He says "with a rod of iron"' so that must be a lot of force. Because wicked man has to be forced to do what he's supposed to do. Since he hasn't been persuaded to cooperate voluntarily by God's love, he'll have to be forced to cooperate by God's power! So that's the story of the Devil's final Frankenstein's monster!--The Super Image!

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