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LOVE-MAKING WITH JESUS!       London, 15/1/73       DO1525
--Is Bound to Bear Fruit!

       1. FIRST YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE SO MUCH LOVE & FAITH YOU OBEY, You come when He calls. You must be willing to be stripped bare before Him. You're just you & that's what He wants. He doesn't want your fancy clothes & fancy duds. He wants you. You have to come when He calls because He can't wait.

       2. YOU'VE GOT TO DROP EVERYTHING, FORSAKE ALL, COME IMMEDIATELY, be willing to be stripped bare, abandon all your cover-ups & just exposed yourself to Him. And then you've got to let Him make love to you. First you yield your ears to Him, when He call, you come & obey in submission & yield. You prostrate yourself before the Lord.

       3. THEN YOU YIELD YOUR MOUTH & TONGUE & BOSOM & HEART, & then that part of you that receives His inspiration & inspires you. And He fills you with His seed & you bear fruit. You must concentrate & put everything else out of your mind, your business, your problems, your tiredness, & everything & just concentrate & think about Him.

       4. WITH SOME OF THESE GUYS, when it come to the final showdown, they're impotent! They're not really filled with the Spirit like they should be. (Impotency is a result of fear born of pride. If you don't have the pride then you're not worried about it. You just concentrate on making the other person happy. Some of the best times I've had was when I wasn't trying so hard!)

       5. I HAVE TO BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT in order to be able to inspire. It's not just one time, but you have to keep coming back to be filled with the Spirit again and again.

       6. THE IMPOTENT HASN'T GOT ENOUGH OF THE SPIRIT, & when it comes to the showdown he hasn't got it. And the reason is, he's holding back & not willing to give his all & lie stripped before the Lord let the Lord empower him.

       7. SOMETIMES GOD MAKES THE ADVANCES sometimes you initiate them. If you just receive the kisses on the outside & let Him cover you with kisses, but you don't let Him in, it's because of fear you might bear fruit & have babies!

       8. YOU HAVE TO HAVE FAITH TO OBEY & come & strip off the outer appearance & cover ups & false fronts & expose yourself to the Lord & totally yield yourself to the Lord in submission. And then if you do your part, the Lord will do His & inspire you & fill you with His Spirit. Inspire & spear & spirit, inspiration & spirit must all come from the same root. The Spirit of His inspiration is what fills you with His Spirt.

       9. YOU MAKE LOVE TO HIM, but then He has to make love to you. And the other little Brides have to be willing, too. Some Brides want to be, "Well, we're the only ones who have it, & we're going to keep it."

       10. IT'S LIKE US WITNESSING. Those who have already been inspired, they go & want others to be inspired. The one that's had the inspiration has to be unselfish & sacrificial & willing to share & to say, "Come to the feast & be inspired." You not only bring forth fruit once you've been inspired, but you go out & share & witness & bring others to be inspired.

       11. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW THAT STAY CLOSE TO THE LORD. Our kids are like the few who stayed close to the Lord & in bed every day with the Lord & getting inspired, compared to the vast many, like the church people who have known the Lord but have not stayed close to His side. The church people are still in the same room, but not in bed with Him. We call others to come share His bed! He'll thrill you & fill you.--And bear fruit!

       12. SOME OF THE CHURCHES ARE AN OLD JEALOUS & SELFISH BRIDE & CONCEITED. All she's concerned with is the wealth & adornments & the house & her jewelry, & all she wants to do is jealously keep the Lord & her over-aged children to herself, but she can't even satisfy her Bridegroom! Once we've been inspired, then we go call others, & when they've been inspired, then they go & call still others.

       13. "EVEN AS THE FIRE BEARER GOES FROM VILLAGE TO VILLAGE LIGHTING THE FIRES, even so thou shalt be lit by My heart so thou canst go from heart to heart."

       14. ALL THESE THINGS MAKE YOUR FIRE GO OUT: Laziness, failure to refuel or shelter from the storm, not giving constant attention. Like with the furnace, if I let it go down too low, it's hard to get it revived again.

       15. THE CHURCH SEEM TO THINK THEY GET THE SPIRIT THROUGH THEIR MOUTH, But "out of the innermost being shall flow rivers of Living Water." "Out of my bowels." (Jn.7:38.) "How wonderful are the things Thou dost show unto David!"

       16. YOUR TONGUES TOUCH & THEN YOUR MOUTHS, then your hearts, then you're inspired. In one explosive orgasm you can get your inspiration without any explanation!

       17. AN ORGASM IS LIKE AN ELECTRICAL EXPLOSION--explosion of the spirit--goes right through every fiber of your being! To really explode you have to absolutely let yourself go! You can go again & again. Of course, you can't go too long or you'll get exhausted.

       18. RIGHT AFTER STARTING THE ENGINE, THE BATTERY'S REAL LOW. After the battery' exploded & given its electrical shock it's down & it has to rest awhile, then it comes up again. But if you leave it on all the time, it will go flat. You've got to keep well-fed & rested in the Lord so you can really get inspired. You have to have some energy of your own in order to be inspired.

       19. SOME OF THE OLDER CHURCHES ARE EVEN LIKE A DEAD BRIDE, a cold & unresponsive body which has received Him, which has been fucked & seed left in, but gives no response. The seed of His Word has died within her because she is without life & strength to respond & conceive & therefore bears no fruit & has no children, resulting in spiritual genocide! She has become a stinking dead body, an abomination to the Lord, unclean & contaminating, & remains only to be buried!

       20. SO HE HAS RAISED UP HIS NEW CHURCH, a young Bride, bursting with energy & a passionate love for her Bridegroom!--An alive, vibrant, warm, living, beautiful body that responds quickly, fervently & ardently to His slightest touch & who is widely ravished with His Love! ("Praise Me for the Words that I give unto David!") She is exploding with the organs of His Spirit & strong to conceive many children unto Him from being filled with the seed of His Word! Hallelujah!

       21. THESE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD & this is what makes them what they are today!--The busy bouncy buxom Bride, bursting with bearing babies for her Bridegroom!

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