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THE FIVE WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST!       DFO 1528       26/5/83
--Could Put Off the Atomic War to the End of the Tribulation!

       1. IT CERTAINLY LOOKS TO ME LIKE THE ANTICHRIST INVADES ISRAEL AT LEAST THREE TIMES! In Daniel 11 after describing the rise of the Antichrist, in the 25th verse it says "And he shall stir up his power & his courage against the King of the South with a great army." That sounds like a war to me! "And the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army." That sure sounds like a war! 26th verse: "And many shall fall down slain." And the 28th verse: "Then shall he return into his land"--this is the King of the North returning into his North land, obviously Russia--"with great riches." And here comes the mention of the Covenant again: "And his heart shall be against the Holy Covenant." He goes home, but his heart is against the Covenant.

       2. HERE'S ANOTHER PROOF THAT THIS IS ABOUT THE TIME OF THE END, because in the 27th verse it says: "For yet the End shall be at the time appointed." It starts talking about the End, showing that these events are at the End--contrary to the Historicists & Preterists who claim that all these events occurred long ago in ancient history at the time of the Greek & Roman invasions!--Which cannot be, because, beginning with the 21st verse on, it's talking about the same Antichrist King all the way through to the very end, right clear through the Tribulation to the Resurrection--the King of the North! The whole thing describes him without interruption, constantly talking about him all the way right to the end, so it couldn't have been any past kings of Greece or Rome blah blah! It's talking about the King of the North at the Time of the End, who can be no other than the Antichrist!

       3. 25TH VERSE OF DANIEL 11: "AND HE SHALL STIR UP HIS POWER & HIS COURAGE AGAINST THE KING OF THE SOUTH WITH A GREAT ARMY; & the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle"--against him in other words--"with a very great & mighty army; but he"--the King of the South--"shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him. Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him"--the King of the South.--"And his army (King of the North) shall overflow; & many shall fall down slain." In other words, the King of the South is defeated by the King of the North.

       4. NOW THERE'S ONLY ONE AREA SOUTH OF THE NORTH SPOKEN OF IN THE BIBLE, & the invasion by the King of the North is spoken of throughout Jeremiah & all the various Prophets, meaning an invasion of Israel & Israel's allies.--Which today are turning out to be Egypt, Lebanon, the U.S., Britain, etc. But Israel is obviously the leader & is the King of the South, because only Israel is South of the North. Only the Mideast is South of Russia, & only Israel is the South's most powerful & leading King.

       5. SO IT'S OBVIOUSLY A WAR BETWEEN RUSSIA, THE KING OF THE NORTH, & THE KING OR KINGS OF THE SOUTH, WHICH CAN ONLY BE THE MIDEAST, LED BY ISRAEL. And Israel, being the head, is the King of the South. If you ask me, Israel today is also the King of the West, running the U.S. & Europe! So the King of the South has lots of allies.--"A very great & mighty army," He says. Well, in spite of this very great army the King of the South musters up, the King of the North wins! Now that takes a war!

       6. TWO GREAT ARMIES!--ONE'S CALLED A GREAT ARMY & THE OTHER'S CALLED A VERY GREAT & MIGHTY ARMY! And it says that many fall down slain. Now how are you going to have that without a war? And these are obviously Kings of the End, because it says "for yet the End shall be at the time appointed." It starts talking about the End right here, & the story continues with these guys right up to the End. Then it says in the 28th verse that this King of the North returns into his land with great riches, but his heart is against the Holy Covenant. Meanwhile, the Holy Covenant has been made. But he does exploits & he returns to his own land, the land of the North, obviously Russia or the USSR.

       7. NOW, 29TH VERSE: "AT THE TIME APPOINTED HE SHALL RETURN, & COME TOWARD THE SOUTH, BUT IT SHALL NOT BE AS THE FORMER, OR AS THE LATTER." In some way it's going to be different when he comes back. But again it is going to be some kind of a war, because it says in the 30th verse: "The ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, & return, & have indignation"--anger--"against the Holy Covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, & have intelligence with them that forsake the Holy Covenant." He's very angry with Israel & its allies, Chittim, which symbolises both Cyprus & Greece, the biggest British & U.S. air bases in the Mideast!

       8. FIRST OF ALL HIS HEART IS AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT ANYHOW. Apparently his heart's not in it from the beginning, really, it's just a farce & a fake & a phoney & hypocrisy. It's a compromise which he doesn't really believe in, but he only makes in order to have a temporary peace to get into a stronger position of power. He goes home very rich with all these riches that he's gotten, but then he comes back again in fury against the Covenant. Obviously it's not working, at least not working his way.

       9. THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM SYMBOLISE BRITISH & AMERICAN AIR POWER, SO APPARENTLY THE BRITISH & THE AMERICANS ARE GOING TO HELP WITH AIR SHIPS, which is obviously the greatest help they always give to Israel. In every one of Israel's wars they have poured munitions & planes into Israel by means of tremendous air armadas sent from both Britain & America to Israel. And if that's not the ships of Chittim, I don't know what is! "The ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved & return"--he goes back to Israel again--"& have indigation"--fury, anger--"against the Holy Covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return"--again it says return! If that's not the second war, I don't know what is! "And have intelligence"--or carry on spy work--"with them that forsake the Holy Covenant."

       10. BY THE WAY, THIS WORD "COVENANT" IS MENTIONED SIX TIMES IN THESE PASSAGES. Actually, the first mention of this Covenant is in Daniel 9:27 when it's made: "He shall confirm the Covenant with many for one week"--or seven years--"& in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice & oblation to cease, & for the overspreading of abominations, he shall make it desolate." This is a verse virtually quoted by Jesus in Matthew 24:15. So first, according to Daniel 9:27, he makes the Covenant. Second, according to Daniel 11:22, he is the prince of the Covenant, again confirmation that he has made this Covenant. Third, his heart is against the Covenant, Daniel 11:28. Fourth, he has indignation against the Covenant, Daniel 11:30. Fifth, he works secretly with spies against the Covenant, also Daniel 11:30. And sixth, he corrupts with flatteries those who do wickedly against the Covenant, Daniel 11:32.

       11. YOU MIGHT SAY THAT THE SECOND TIME HE COMES BACK IN A DIFFERENT WAY, BECAUSE IT SAYS, "IT SHALL NOT BE AS THE FORMER OR AS THE LATTER."--Not like the time before, nor like it's going to be later. In other words, he seems to make quite a few trips back & forth between Russia & Israel, probably Moscow & Jerusalem. But it certainly sounds like he has opposition when he returns in indignation against the Holy Covenant in Daniel 11:30. If the ships of Chittim are going to come against him, that sounds like war to me! How can planes come against him without a war?

       12. I'VE BEEN CONCERNED ABOUT THIS BECAUSE OF DEVELOPMENTS IN THE NEWS, ETC. We don't want to get too unwary & unprepared & unwatchful. Because after he's already confirmed the Covenant, made the Covenant, then he, the Antichrist prince of the Covenant, has a big war with Israel, the King of the South. (Maria: And it doesn't say how soon after?) No, it doesn't say how soon after at all. He makes the Covenant in Daniel 9:27, he is called the prince of the Covenant in Daniel 11:22, & then after he's called the prince of the Covenant--it is made already--he has this big war with the King of this South, which he wins, & many are slain. Two giant armies battling! It's a battle, it's a war! It's possible that this first one will be a conventional invasion, but let's not try to get too interpretative. Let's get the basic facts you can prove by the Scripture first.

       13. HE IS ALREADY THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT & HAS MADE THE COVENANT BEFORE THIS BIG INVASION--which confirms our ideas in "War or Peace" (No.1518)--but it doesn't give you any idea how long it is from then until his invasion of Israel. But there're all kinds of things going on between the time he's called the prince of the Covenant & the invasion. "After the league (Covenant) made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up & shall become strong with a small people, he shall enter peaceably," etc. (Da.11:23,24) All those things about the rise of the Antichrist occur between the Covenant & this big invasion.

       14. THEN IN THE 25TH VERSE: "HE SHALL STIR UP HIS POWER & HIS COURAGE AGAINST THE KING OF THE SOUTH WITH A GREAT ARMY." Now after he has made the Covenant & he has become strong, then he makes war on the King of the South & invades Israel & wins! But the Covenant is still in existence, he hasn't actually broken it yet. But it says in the 28th verse that his heart is against it, & in the 30th verse that he works against it, has fury or indignation against it, & he works with those that work against it! Apparently, it sounds almost like he never was really for it. It was only a treaty of necessity, a Pact for temporary peace until he could do away with the whole thing--which is, of course, in accordance with everything we have believed & seen & taught about the Antichrist.

       15. SO HE HAS THIS MAJOR WAR AFTER MAKING THE COVENANT, GOES BACK HOME, THEN COMES BACK AGAIN & WORKS DIRECTLY AGAINST THE COVENANT. First he makes it & is called the prince of the Covenant, but his heart is not in it, his heart is against it all the time. But then after this major war he comes back again & he works against the Covenant together with those who work against the Covenant. It is not completely broken yet, but he's working against it. But then in the 31st verse he must finally resort to force, because it says: "And arms shall stand on his part, & they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, & shall take away the daily sacrifice, & they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate." Now that's as clear as can be--arms! You can say, "Well, maybe he just had superiority of arms, he didn't have to use'm. Maybe just because of his military superiority he just pressured'm into breaking the Covenant, & then comes the Abomination of Desolation."

       16. BUT IT PRETTY MUCH SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER WAR, OR CERTAINLY A THREAT OF WAR! It doesn't make it quite as clear, but it's certainly by the threat of arms. He comes back, he works with the people who are working against the Covenant, & it says the "arms shall stand on his part." In other words, he has the greatest arms strength & is able to enforce his will now. Whether he uses those arms & this is another war or not, it doesn't make very clear, except for the fact that if ships of Chittim come against him, it certainly sounds like another war!

       17. WELL, IF THERE'S SHIPS OF CHITTIM IN THE 30TH VERSE & IT'S TALKING ABOUT "ARMS STAND ON HIS PART" IN THE 31ST VERSE, IT CERTAINLY SOUNDS TO ME LIKE ANOTHER FORCEFUL INVASION OF ISRAEL!--Maybe not as big a war, but another war, a second invasion. No matter how you look at it, whether you say it's war or what, if the ships of Chittim, Britain & America, are coming against him, it sure sounds like it would result in some kind of a war or conflict. But it says "the arms shall stand on his part." In other words, he'll have the greatest military superiority. Well, how?--Just by a show of force? Rattling of the saber? This sure sounds like war to me! Two wars is what it sounds like to me: One, a major big war which occurs after the Covenant is made, then another war which occurs at the time he breaks the Covenant.--Two invasions of Israel right there, after he makes it & when he breaks it!

       18. NOW GET THE PICTURE, THE FIRST ONE IS DEFINITELY A MAJOR WAR AFTER THE COVENANT HAS BEEN MADE. Yet after this war it speaks of, he comes down & works against the Covenant & breaks it, with what sounds like another war, a second invasion of Israel. It certainly sounds like it. It talks about arms, it says that he returns, comes toward the South & the ships come against him, but the arms stand on his part. If that's not another invasion, I don't know what it is! Now maybe they do it all without firing a shot, I don't know, but it sounds unlikely. Western warplanes are built for shooting!

       19. THEN AT THIS TIME IS WHEN DEFINITELY THE COVENANT IS BROKEN & THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION IS SET UP, which is specifically mentioned by Jesus as the beginning of the Tribulation. (Mt.24:15,21) And everything that follows that 30th- & 31st-verse war, or whatever you want to call it, the second invasion of Israel, is specifically definitely & undoubtedly the Tribulation! Because the Tribulation begins with the breaking of the Covenant & the Abomination of Desolation. So following this second invasion, he then breaks the Covenant & sets up the Abomination of Desolation. Then it goes on & talks about the Tribulation in the next few verses & how he makes himself to be god.--The total description of the Antichrist to the ultimate, plain as day! It couldn't be anybody else but the Antichrist! And it talks about all the things he does--rules over many, divides the land for gain, etc.

       20. THEN AGAIN NOW DANIEL 11:40 SOUNDS LIKE A THIRD WAR!: "And at the time of the End"--now we're pinpointing the very End--"shall the King of the South push at him." Now mind you, up to this time he has already had two invasions of Israel, won both wars, broken the Covenant, set up the Abomination of Desolation, made himself a god & the only religion of the World, & the Tribulation is going on. It must be toward the end of the Tribulation because the Tribulation is already in progress, according to what's said here.

       21. "AT THE TIME OF THE END SHALL THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM." Apparently there's a rebellion, no doubt instigated by his enemies, & of course I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews still haven't called it quits! Do they want the books or don't they?--Ha! (Maria: Even though they have accepted the Mark?) Yes! As I have said before, not everybody does & not everybody submits willingly & not everybody worships him, & there are powers & countries & obviously even kings who rebel against him.

       22. AFTER ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED, COVENANT IS BROKEN, ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION SET-UP, HE'S MADE HIMSELF A GOD & HE'S CONDUCTING THE TRIBULATION, now it says in the 40th verse: "At the time of the End"--sounds like toward the end of the Tribulation to me--"shall the King of the South push at him."--In other words, Israel again rebels against him. It could even be people who might even already have the Mark, but now they see he's not their messiah. It sounds like the Jews to me. They finally recognise that he's really not the Messiah, so they rebel. The King of the South is epitomised by Israel, obviously, because this is spoken of other places in the Bible about the invasion of Israel from the North.

       23. "AT THE TIME OF THE END SHALL THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM"--Israel rebels against him, rises up against him--"& the King of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind with chariots & with horsemen & with many (air) ships; & he shall enter into the countries, & shall overflow & pass over." He totally conquers the King of the South & the whole South. "And he shall enter into the glorious land"--obviously Israel--"& many countries shall be overthrown." This is a third major invasion of Israel & the surrounding countries by the Northern country of Russia or the USSR! A third invasion! I don't see how it can sound like anything else. This certainly is a war! I mean, how can you describe it as anything else but a third war? It sure sounds like war to me!

       24. "HE SHALL ENTER INTO THE GLORIOUS LAND & MANY COUNTRIES SHALL BE OVERTHROWN: BUT THESE SHALL ESCAPE OUT OF HIS HAND"--& it says those that are going to escape, apparently because they didn't fight against him--are Edom, Moab & Ammon, which constitute Jordan today. Obviously they escape out of his hand. They couldn't possibly escape unless he allows'm to escape, & the only reason he would allow them to escape & not have warred against them is obviously because they didn't oppose him. And considering the way they're behaving right now, that would be no surprise to anybody! King Hussein of Jordan himself has said that the U.S., by its failure to help the Palestinians, is driving them into the arms of the Russians, & they can only look to Russia for help now. Which of course they're doing, obviously. The PLO, Syria & all of them are now backed by Russia. They've given up any hopes that the U.S. would ever take their part, because the U.S. of course, never does anything but take the part of Israel & the Jews.

       25. ALL RIGHT, HERE COMES A THIRD TIME THAT HE COMES DOWN & INVADES THE SOUTH AGAIN! 42nd verse: "He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: & the land of Egypt shall not escape."--In other words, the other countries who sided with the King of the South or Israel, which Egypt is doing right now with U.S. help, bought off with U.S. millions! "But he shall have power over the treasures of gold & silver & over all the precious things of Egypt: & the Libyans & the Ethiopians shall be at his steps." (Da.11:43) Obviously he is against Egypt & conquers Egypt. He not only conquers Israel this time, he invades Egypt & takes over Egypt too, with apparently the help of the Libyans & the Ethiopians who are already virtually pro-Russian & pro-Communist or being helped by Russia.

       26. "BUT TIDINGS OUT OF THE EAST & OUT OF THE NORTH SHALL TROUBLE HIM!" (Da.11:44) Now that sounds like a possible threatened coup in his own country. And out of the East, there's trouble coming maybe from China or Japan, Eastern nations who obviously also sound like they're rising up against him. He's got trouble everywhere: Trouble in the South, trouble in the North, trouble in the East! "Therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, & utterly to make away many." Now he has invaded Israel for the third time, left Jordan alone, but this time conquered Egypt with the help of the Libyans & the Ethiopians. But there's trouble in the North, back home, & trouble in the East. So "he goes forth with great fury to destroy & utterly make away many!" That sounds like either another war, or a continuation of the same war.--And it sounds like this is at the end of the Tribulation. Could it be the Atom War that completely destroys all Israel's friends?

       27. VERSE 45: "AND HE SHALL PLANT THE TABERNACLES OF HIS PALACE BETWEEN THE SEAS IN THE GLORIOUS HOLY MOUNTAIN." He obviously wins it! How else could he set his tabernacle up there? He has already set himself up in the Temple & the Abomination of Desolation, etc., & all of that, at his second return when he breaks the Covenant. It also seemed as though that would be the logical thing, that at the same time he sets up his Image in front of the Temple & sets himself up on a throne in the Temple declaring himself to be god, it certainly sounds like that would be the time when he also makes Jerusalem his palace & his headquarters. But it doesn't actually say that happens until after this third war, 11th Chapter, last verse: "He shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain." Now that doesn't necessarily mean he waits until then, it's just an acknowledgement that that's what he's done. He could have done it when he came back the second time & set up his idol & himself as god. So just because this 45th verse is in this particular position doesn't necessarily mean it happens at this particular time, but it sounds somewhat like it.

       28. HE COULD HAVE MADE JERUSALEM HIS RELIGIOUS HEADQUARTERS UP TO THIS TIME, but maybe now, after this third war with trouble in the North & the East, maybe he finds that Jerusalem is a safer place for him, so he makes it his World headquarters of his World Government as well. So that's it! That's the End, because the next thing that comes is the Resurrection, right after it says he finally sets up his actual palace there in Jerusalem & makes that his World Headquarters of his World Government. Then is the End of the Tribulation! So it certainly sounds like three or four different wars! (Maria: And the Atomic War has to be one of the end ones?--Maybe where it says "utterly" destroys.) Well, obviously he doesn't wipe out Chittim in his first invasion of Israel, because he comes back again & in the second invasion the ships of Chittim come against him again.

       29. (MARIA: HOW CAN THE WORLD REFRAIN FROM ATOMIC WAR THAT LONG?) They have refrained in all-out wars between Israel & the Arabs in the Mideast several times now, several wars, without going to atom bombs, so it could happen again, even if Russia backs the other side. Russia's already backing the other side. Russia's backed the other side in several of these wars already, supplied them with all their tanks & guns & planes & rockets & ammunition, etc. Russia's already backing them & it didn't result in Atomic War. And Russia's backing'm again. (Maria: To draw all the nations into it, it seems it would have to be an Atom War.) Well, it seemed so, but it ain't necessarily so. We could be wrong. There could be another Israeli-Arab War.--In fact three more, with Russia backing or leading'm!

       30. IN ALL OF THESE PREVIOUS ARAB-ISRAELI WARS, THE U.S. & RUSSIA WERE BACKING BOTH SIDES ALL-OUT AS MUCH AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD WITHOUT OPENLY COMING IN CONFLICT WITH EACH OTHER. The U.S. was backing Israel & Russia was backing the Arabs in all of these previous wars without escalating to an Atomic War, so maybe it could happen again, even to the point that Israel is literally invaded! And maybe only the Covenant keeps them from escalating to the Big One, the Big War. Savvy?

       31. (MARIA: WHY HAVE WE ALWAYS CONSIDERED THAT THE FIRST 3-1/2 YEARS OF TRIBULATION WOULD BE A TIME OF WORLD PEACE? Because it sounds like a lot of his chicanery is done by peace & flattery, he "enters peaceably" & that sort of thing. That's where we got the idea that it was done by peace.--And it's true! All of that is described right after the making of the Covenant & him being called the Prince of the Covenant. There's a lot of peaceable chicanery with him entering the countries by flatteries, etc., & "by peace destroying many"--for awhile--but it doesn't say how long. Because then the peace is quite obviously broken by this major war (Dan.11:25-26) between the King of the North & the King of the South, between the Antichrist & the only power strong enough to be called the King of the South (Israel) & strong enough to fight him with the help of the U.S. & the obvious enemies of Russia.

       32. SO AFTER THE COVENANT & ANY PERIOD OF PEACE WHICH FOLLOWS--& WHICH FROM DANIEL 11:23-24 OBVIOUSLY FOR AWHILE DOES FOLLOW--THERE IS ANOTHER WAR, THERE IS AN INVASION. Because despite the Covenant, Israel, the King of the South rises up against him, so the Antichrist comes down & defeats him. But it's still not the end of the King of the South. Because the next time the Antichrist comes back against the Holy Covenant, the King of the South along with the ships of Chittim rise up against him. But he again wins, breaks the Covenant, sets up the Abomination of Desolation, puts himself in the Temple, calls himself god & all of that happens then, & that's the Tribulation!

       33. IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE AFTER THE COVENANT IS MADE, THERE'S PEACE FOR AWHILE--according to the 21st through the 24th verses--but then beginning with the 25th verse there's obviously a big war, following this temporary period of peace. And quite obviously this big war occurs before the Tribulation, during the first 3-1/2 years, because the Tribulation doesn't begin until the Abomination of Desolation, & the Abomination of Desolation does not occur until the 31st verse! The Abomination doesn't even occur until after the second invasion, beginning in the 29th verse.

       34. (MARIA: IS THERE A WAR BEFORE THE COVENANT?) We're not talking here about anything before the Covenant at all, nothing. The order of events here is very clear: First the Covenant & his rise to power through peace & flattery & conspiracy, etc., then he apparently carries on a major war with the King of the South. Apparently everybody knuckles under except Israel & their friends, so he has to attack them by force. First the Covenant, then a period of peace, then this major war against Israel. It's in that order right here just as plain as day! But the End is not yet, God's Word says! (Vs.27)

       35. BUT NOW HIS HEART IS DEFINITELY AGAINST THE COVENANT, HE'S VERY ANGRY AGAINST THE COVENANT, & HE COMES DOWN TO ISRAEL AGAIN!--29th verse: "At the time appointed he shall return, & come toward the South." 30th verse: "For the ships of Chittim shall come against him." Why does he come toward the South? Because apparently the British & the Americans & their friends, the West, are conniving against him to stir up Israel to fight him again. Although he's already invaded Israel & won the victory once, you know the Jews, it's hard to keep'm down!

       36. SO HE THEN RETURNS AGAIN DUE TO THE OPPOSITION OF THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM, & THIS TIME HE SPECIFICALLY, DEFINITELY WORKS AGAINST THE COVENANT & APPARENTLY BREAKS IT, destroys it, sets up the Abomination of Desolation & puts himself in the Temple as god & does all these other terrible things which are obviously the Tribulation. This is after the second invasion of Israel. Whatever you want to call it, it sounds like some kind of a battle or war if the ships of Chittim come against him. Even if it's merely the threat of the ships of Chittim & the threat of his arms which give him the victory, whatever it is, it sounds close to war to me!

       37. AND THEN AFTER THE TRIBULATION IS IN PROGRESS, ONCE AGAIN THE SOUTH REBELS: "THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSHES AT HIM" AGAIN! (Vs.40) Again the Jews rise up against him! So he comes down "like a whirlwind with chariots, horsemen, many ships, & he shall enter into the countries & overflow & pass over, & enter into the glorious land." Here's the third invasion of Israel during the Seven-Year period! It's hard to keep the Jews down!

       38. HAVE YOU GOT THE ORDER OF EVENTS?--The Covenant, period of peace, a major war in which he invades Israel due to their rebellion. Then he goes home, but because of the Covenant & trouble with those South people again, he comes back again, & this time it's in the midst of the Week, when he breaks the Covenant, sets up the Image & puts himself in the Temple as god.--And it looks like it has taken two invasions of Israel to do it! First the Covenant, then the period of peace in which he gains enough power to carry on a major war with the King of the South, to conquer the King of the South, Israel.--To try, apparently, to enforce the Covenant or make'm live up to the Covenant. But in the meantime, apparently he has enough power so he thinks he can do without the Covenant now, so he comes back & breaks it in what sounds like a second invasion of Israel to me, & sets himself up as god.

       39. THEN AFTER ALL THIS, THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSHES AT HIM AGAIN! Now you're somewhere in the Tribulation or toward the end of the Tribulation, so he has to come down furiously against the King of the South & many lands are overthrown, etc. It tells you which lands will escape & which lands will be with him, which lands will be against him, which lands he'll conquer the third time, & this time it is not that he breaks the Covenant, not that he sets up his Image, not that he puts himself in the Temple as god, he's already done that. This time it says he sets up his palace there.

       40. IT SOUNDS LIKE THREE SEPARATE INVASIONS OF ISRAEL DURING THE SEVEN YEARS--one invasion during the first half of the Seven Years, another invasion right in the middle at the breaking of the Covenant, & another invasion during the Tribulation. Now that seems pretty clear from these verses here in Daniel as far as I can see. (Maria: So the Atomic War will probably be the last one.) According to Revelation, if the U.S. is Babylon, it certainly sounds like Babylon is destroyed after the Ten Kings of Europe get their hearts & minds & wills together to support the Antichrist. Now when would that be? It sounds like he possibly has gained enough power by the time Europe is with him during that last hour & "shall give their mind & power to the Beast for one hour" & destroy Babylon at the very End, & that sounds like it would be during that fourth war of the Antichrist! (Dan.11:44 & Rev.17:12,13)

       41. THEN HAVING CONQUERED THE WHOLE WORLD, INCLUDING BABYLON, HE SETS UP HIS PALACE "BETWEEN THE SEAS IN THE GLORIOUS HOLY MOUNTAIN," which means Jerusalem, & makes that his World capital. He wins the war with Babylon, & that Fourth War sounds like the Atomic War, near the end of the Tribulation. It's a horrible mess! Well, he's obviously making his last-ditch stand, & this is the End! He has conquered the World, he has blotted out Babylon, he's established his World religion, the worship of himself, & now he makes Jerusalem specifically & definitely his World Capital of his World Government, as well as his World religion, & that's his end! (Dan.11:45)

       42. IN FACT, IT SOUNDS LIKE THERE ARE TWO WARS DURING THE TRIBULATION! There's one when the King of the South rises up against him in the 40th verse & he goes after him like a whirlwind with many chariots, horsemen & ships, enters into the countries, overflows & passes over, enters the glorious land, many countries shall be overthrown, etc. But then after this third war he has trouble in the East & the North. "Therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy & utterly to make away many!"--In a Fourth War!

       43. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A FOURTH WAR!--FOUR WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST!--The first one ending the period of peace, the second one breaking the Covenant & setting up his World religion, the third one putting down the rebellion of Israel again, apparently against his World religion, & then the fourth one to put down rebellion at home & in the East, & "to make away many," 44th verse, which could sound like the final Atomic War in which he obliterates Babylon with the help of the Kings of Europe.

       44. (MARIA: IT DOESN'T SAY AT THAT TIME THAT HE HAS ANY TROUBLE WITH THE WEST, MAYBE HE'S GOT THEM WIPED OUT ALREADY.) Maybe. His main opposition from Chittim seems to come in the second war in which he breaks the Covenant & sets up his religion, then the next opposition is when Israel rebels again in the 40th verse & he comes down & invades all those Mideastern countries again & conquers Egypt, etc. And then he gets trouble out of the East & the North & "shall go forth with great fury to destroy & utterly to make away many!" Well, maybe in this, the North is North America! North America certainly represents the North too, although North America has been fighting for the King of the South, Israel.

       45. IN THIS CASE ISRAEL IS COMPLETELY SUBJUGATED BY THE THIRD INVASION, & THESE TIDINGS OUT OF THE NORTH COULD HAVE COME FROM NORTH AMERICA! So "he goes forth with great fury to destroy & utterly to make away many"--that could be the Atomic War! Then he "plants the tabernacles of his palace between the seas," puts his palace in Jerusalem. Then it says, "Yet he shall come to his end & none shall help him. And at that time shall Michael stand up," etc., a great time of trouble, & then there's the Resurrection & the Rapture.

       46. SO IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE THERE ARE AT LEAST THREE OR FOUR ANTICHRIST WARS DURING THE SEVEN YEARS: One after a temporary period of peace, the second one to break the Covenant & set up his religion, the third one to put down another rebellion of Israel, & the fourth one which might be almost like a continuation of it, to completely wipe out all of his enemies, in which case this could be also North America in the Atom War! Then the End comes! So I think that picture's a little clearer now! I was really troubled about this succession of events & the sequence of them, but I don't think you can deny that that is as clear as can be, that he has about three or four wars during his reign!

       47. IT SOUNDS LIKE BABYLON FALLS DURING THE TRIBULATION, & IN SOME OF THE PASSAGES IN REVELATION, IT SOUNDS LIKE IT HAS FALLEN JUST BEFORE THE RAPTURE! We have all this Tribulation going on & occupation of Jerusalem in the 11th Chapter of Revelation & the story of the Two Witnesses; the 12th Chapter tells of the Persecution of the Church & the Tribulation obviously; & the 14th Chapter tells about the Gospel being preached in all nations, the announcement that Babylon is fallen, & it gives a warning to those that receive the Mark of the Beast. So the Antichrist's Kingdom is already set up & his religion's already set up. Then it's followed by the Rapture. And then we have in the 15th & 16th Chapters the Wrath of God.

       48. THEN IN THE 17TH & 18TH CHAPTERS, WE SEEM TO GO BACK ONCE AGAIN INTO THE TRIBULATION PERIOD! It's a flashback, because again it's talking about the Tribulation & the Antichrist & his Ten Kings & Babylon the Great Whore & how she fell. He's already announced her fall as far back as the 14th Chapter, but He doesn't describe who she is or what happened until the 17th chapter. And it doesn't actually describe her fall in detail until the 18th Chapter! So the 17th & 18th are obviously flashbacks of something that's already been announced & already occurred, according to the sequence of the Scriptures & the chronology, which is then immediately followed by Armageddon, which is the End of the Wrath of God. Why 17 & 18 were put there & why it wasn't described until virtually after the Wrath of God, God only knows!--Except to give it in greater detail.

       49. BUT ANYHOW, THEN COMES A VERY CLEAR SEQUENCE OF EVENTS AFTER THAT: Revelation 19, the Battle of Armageddon; Revelation 20, the Devil is bound & the Millennium takes place; followed by the Battle of Gog & Magog & the Great White Throne Judgement, the assignment of the dead to their various judgements & rewards, followed then by the Heavenly City on the New Earth, Chapters 21 & 22! So the ones that have caused the most difficulty in the order & the chronology are these 17th & 18th Chapters, which seem to be nothing at all but flashbacks to more thoroughly describe Babylon & her final fall. Savvy? Because then it's immediately followed by Armageddon in the 19th, followed by the Millennium & Gog & Magog & the White Throne Judgement & then the New Heaven & New Earth.

       50. SO, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT OBVIOUSLY THE FALL OF BABYLON OCCURS SOMEWHERE DURING OR AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION PERIOD!--Because God's people are still there & He says to them to come out of Babylon. (Rev.18:4) So it couldn't possibly be during the Wrath of God--although its position in the Scripture seems to follow the Wrath of God--because in the 14th Chapter she's already fallen & the Rapture's already occurred! So 17 & 18 have to occur back before that during the Tribulation.

       51. SO THEN IN WHICH ONE OF THE ANTICHRIST'S FOUR MAJOR WARS DURING THE PERIOD OF HIS REIGN IS IT MOST LIKELY THAT BABYLON IS DESTROYED? Daniel gives the most specific sequence of events & of these wars. Obviously the Covenant comes first & then a temporary period of peace, then a major war which still apparently has not destroyed Babylon or North America, because in the second invasion of Israel the ships of Chittim come against him. So it's not in the second either. So then since it also looks quite obvious in Revelation that Babylon is destroyed during the Tribulation, it is neither in his first war with Israel in which he establishes his power, nor the second one in which he establishes his religion. It's got to be either in the third or the fourth war!

       52. ACTUALLY, IT SOUNDS LIKE THE FOURTH WAR IS JUST A CONTINUATION OF THE THIRD WAR! In his third war he comes down & again puts down the rebellion against him by the King of the South, during the Tribulation, & that's when he seemingly finally puts down rebellion in the South forever, the final conquest of Israel! The third time's the charm! And that's when he actually sets up his palace & his government in Jerusalem. He can't trust to go back to Russia as his power base any more, from now on Israel & Jerusalem & the Mideast are his power base & his capital, & he accomplishes that through what sounds like the third war.

       53. THE FIRST THREE WARS ARE ALL INVASIONS OF ISRAEL, ALL WARS SPECIFICALLY WITH THE KING OF THE SOUTH: First, to put down the Israeli rebellion, apparently against the Covenant; second, to break the Covenant & set up his World religion; third, to put down the final Israeli rebellion & set up the seat of his government right in Jerusalem; fourth, to utterly make away with many! That sounds to me like it would be the final one!--The big one! The Atom War! It is the final one described here in Daniel 11 as part of his reign, & would be the final wiping out of his final enemies! Probably at this time he's got sufficient power & cooperation of Europe & the Ten Kings & all to wipe out Babylon, who has been the source of his trouble all the time in stirring up the King of the South, Israel, against him time & again!

       54. IN OTHER WORDS, THERE IS NO LONGER ANY USE IN JUST PUTTING DOWN THE KING OF THE SOUTH! He tried it three times, & she's risen up against him every time--probably due to the instigation of the other Kings of the North, North America & the ships of Chittim. So this time he not only totally conquers the South, but he goes forth with great fury to destroy & utterly to make away many! In other words, that sounds like the final utter destruction of Babylon, the U.S., the great friend of Israel, the King of the South, in the final horrible Atom War!

       55. SO ALL THAT TO SAY WHAT?--IT SOUNDS LIKE FROM DANIEL 11 THAT THE KING OF THE NORTH, THE ANTICHRIST, HAS FOUR MAJOR WARS DURING HIS REIGN! His reign begins with the Covenant & a period of temporary peace. His first major war is to conquer Israel the first time. His second invasion of Israel is to put down her rebellion again, which apparently has something to do with the Covenant, because he breaks it & sets up his religion. His third major war is again against a rebellion of Israel during the Tribulation, probably because of the Tribulation & his tyrannical rule, Mark of the Beast policies & Image-worship!--In which he conquers Israel for the last time & even makes Jerusalem his Capital & his power base to permanently sit on top of the Jews & hold them down & keep them down!--Because that is where most of his trouble comes from all the time, from the King of the South!--Obviously Israel & her friends!

       56. BUT THEN AFTER HE HAS FOR THE THIRD & LAST TIME CONQUERED ISRAEL & ACTUALLY SET UP HIS GOVERNMENT THERE, HE HAS TO FIGHT ONE MORE WAR TO WIPE OUT HER FRIENDS: "To go forth with great fury to destroy & utterly to make away many."--Which sounds like the Atomic War to wipe out Babylon! That would put it chronologically somewhere toward the End of the Tribulation, which sounds pretty logical, because after that war there wouldn't be too much left! So we're moving the final major Atomic War back a little further all the time, to where now it sounds as though it's toward the End of the Tribulation! And then conditions are so horrible, obviously, that the Lord comes to rescue His Own!

       57. WELL, IT SEEMS CLEARER TO ME NOW THAN EVER BEFORE! I never really analysed that Chapter from a standpoint of all his wars. There's just such confusion regarding all his wars that I figured there was no use to even try to interpret it or analyse it. But I got a real strong burden, & I believe it was from the Lord, in reading the paper the other day, that we just had to somehow get these periods & various wars straightened out, particularly regarding the Atom War. Since it looks already so much like War all over the World, we've got to decide on, is there going to be Atom War or not? Is this the War coming now or not?

       58. THE LORD ALREADY HAS PROGRESSIVELY REVEALED MORE TO US STEP BY STEP, THANK THE LORD, & HELPED TO DEVELOP OUR KNOWLEDGE & VISION OF WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AS HE'S CLARIFIED THE PICTURE, showing us first of all that obviously the Covenant's going to come first before any major war!--Followed by a period of peace while the Antichrist is coming to power sufficient enough to fight a major war to invade Israel & conquer the King of the South. But this is still under the Covenant & it's not broken yet. But apparently Israel continues to cause trouble, so he comes down again & breaks the Covenant & sets up his one-World religion, the beginning of the Tribulation. Then because Israel rebels again against that, he has to come down & finally conquer Israel for the third & last time completely & set up his government there, as well as his religion. And then the fourth & final war wipes out Israel's friends, "makes away many with great fury," no doubt then including Babylon in the Atomic War.

       59. THEN, OF COURSE, HE'S NOT THROUGH WITH HIS WARS YET, HE'S GOT A FIFTH WAR ON HIS HANDS, & THAT'S THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! So the Antichrist fights five wars during his reign, & the fifth, the Battle of Armageddon, is against Christ & our forces ourselves, which finally bring him to his end completely!--Five wars in seven years! If you ask me, that's one Hell of a mess! One war in the first half, one in the middle, & three wars in the last half!

       60. THERE'S AT LEAST ONE MAJOR WAR DURING THE FIRST HALF, another war with Israel right in the middle to set up the Abomination & start the Tribulation, another war with Israel to put them down for good & to set up his government in Jerusalem, an Atom War to wipe out Israel's friends, & a fifth war, Armageddon, to try to wipe out the Lord & His friends, in which we win, thank the Lord! So Israel loses three wars to the Antichrist during his reign, & evidently Israel's friends lose two wars, & the atomic destruction of Babylon is the fourth war! But then finally the Antichrist loses the fifth war with us in Armageddon!

       61. SO I SUPPOSE YOU MIGHT CALL THIS DISCUSSION "THE FIVE WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST!" Whew! That's a bomb, huh? Well, it's all right there as plain as day, & it's very specific in Daniel! The final War is Armageddon, & that's very specific in Revelation. Well, at least that's what it sounds like to me, & it sounds like that very clearly in Daniel, so PTL! Sounds like most of the Antichrist's reign will be nothing but wars one after the other, three of them with Israel, two of them with the West--or at least North America with the cooperation of the Ten Kings of Europe--& the final one with the very forces of Christ & the Saved at Armageddon, which is again in Israel! [DELETED]

       62. [DELETED] The only one of these five Antichrist wars that does not occur in Israel is the one in which he wipes out America or Babylon--the other four wipe out Israel! [DELETED] [EDITED: "O"]nly in the last [EDITED: "war"] is the Antichrist defeated--Armageddon! And then so many people are killed that the rivers run with blood to the horses' bridles & it takes seven months to bury the dead & seven years to destroy the rubble! (Re.14:20; Ez.39:9,12)

       63. FIVE ANTICHRIST WARS, FOUR OF THEM IN ISRAEL! THINK OF THAT! Boy, Israel is really going to get it! The Jews have sown war & destruction the World over, either in Israel or in other countries by using the U.S. & Europe as their tools, now they're going to get four of the World's five last great wars, either fought to invade Israel or completely subjugate Israel! So there you are, five great wars of the Antichrist! That's the way I look at that 11th Chapter & analyse it, with the correlation of Revelation. That's the way it looks to me, & that's certainly the way it sounds from Daniel the 11th Chapter.

       64. IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A VERY HAPPY PERIOD!--AND OF COURSE THE LORD CALLS IT THE WORST PERIOD IN THE WORLD'S HISTORY, "SUCH AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN"! (Mt.24:21)--With one of the wars coming before the Tribulation, one of them to establish the Tribulation, two more in the Tribulation & one to end the Tribulation, actually the Wrath of God! The Wrath of God, in a way, is an extension of the Tribulation period, only then it's tribulation against the Antichrist & his kingdom after God's people are gone! Because his existence & reign & power is not totally destroyed until Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God.--The End!

       65. WELL, THAT'S THE WAY IT LOOKS TO ME FROM HERE! WHETHER IT HAPPENS THAT WAY IS UP TO THE LORD, BUT THAT'S THE WAY HIS PROPHECIES SOUND TO ME & maybe that gets those wars straightened out! There's not going to be one or two invasions of Israel, there's going to be three!--Then the fourth, the Atomic War to wipe out Babylon, & the final fifth war to wipe out the Antichrist! Whew! GHU!--And He will! GBY! If you'll just stay close to Him!

       66. --AT LEAST THAT SEEMS TO PUT OFF THE ATOMIC WAR A BIT LONGER than we expected, & if so, would give us more time to finish our war to win souls for Jesus!--Amen? PTL! GBAKYAMYAB for many more years, God willing!--And it looks like we may have seven to ten more years till Jesus comes! HAL! TYJ!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family