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WHY HEAVEN?       DFO 1529       2/6/83

       1. WELL, PTL! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! AMEN, AMEN! TODAY IS JUNE THE 2ND, 1983, MY FATHER'S BIRTHDAY! Hallelujah! And he was born, as I recall, about 1883, just 100 years ago! So he's 100 years old today, how about that? Of course, he died, I think, when he was 83, so he's already been in Heaven about 16 or 17 years! He & my Mother have been there quite awhile, & my Grandfather's been there longer than that! Grandfather Brandt, Father Brandt as we called him, was born in 1860 during the American Civil War. He died when he was 86, & that now makes him 123 & in Heaven 37 years! And our dear sister Phoebe, the co-MC of Music with Meaning, one of our radio shows, passed on to be with the Lord just yesterday morning about 11 o'clock! Hallelujah! TTL!

       2. SO I'VE BEEN THINKING A LOT ABOUT HEAVEN LATELY! I've got a lot of folks up there already, lots of friends & relatives & family. It reminds me of when my Grandfather was getting pretty old, he told my Mother one day, "Nina Virginia, I'm beginning to look forward to passing on to Heaven! I'm so old now, most of my relatives & old friends have already gone, so that I actually have more over there now than I have here!" Well, I can't say that, because with nearly 40,000 of you children whom I love here & now, I certainly don't have that many close relatives or even close friends on the other side whom I know personally.

       3. MY OLDEST RELATIVE THAT I KNEW PERSONALLY WAS MY GRANDFATHER BRANDT. I was personally acquainted with "Far-Far," my Swedish Grandfather, although I didn't know him as well as Father Brandt. He died, as I recall, somewhere in his 80s too, way back when I was still a young man, so he's there! Also his wife "Mar-Mur," my Swedish Grandmother, my Father's Mother, she's there, praise the Lord!--All happy, well & rejoicing in the Lord & their beautiful Paradise in Heaven!

       4. SO I HAVE TWO GRANDFATHERS & TWO GRANDMOTHERS THERE, ONE OF WHOM I KNEW WELL. My Mother's Mother died before I was born so I never got to meet her, but I have seen her pictures & heard lots about her, & sometimes I seem to have caught glimpses of her in Heaven, always beautiful & smiling. She was a little French-English girl, very quiet, a missionary to the Chinese in America & who spoke Cantonese fluently.

       5. THEN, OF COURSE, THERE'S MY MOTHER & FATHER, & I HAVE LOTS OF AUNTS & UNCLES THERE ALREADY, & Great Aunts & Great Uncles, some whom I knew & some I didn't, but I have at least two Uncles that I knew well. My Grandfather Brandt's second wife, Auntie Grace is also there, & I knew her very well. She was a cheerful, delightful, exuberant, beautiful personality who was about half his age & also part-Jewish & half-Mexican & spoke Spanish fluently. That was my Auntie Grace, Grandfather Brandt's young second wife. He remarried only about a year after my Mother's Mother died.

       6. MY MOTHER'S BROTHERS, UNCLE MARK & UNCLE JOHN & THEIR WIVES ARE THERE. I didn't know my Father's brother very well, he had mostly sisters. There's Aunt Ellen, the older rich one who pioneered our family in California, her younger sister Esther, & another one, Jean, who died when I was young. The others have all gone to be with the Lord since then, all Christians, having a fairly simple faith in the Lord, if not very deep. I also knew their husbands: Uncle Homer, my Aunt Ellen's husband, & Uncle George, Aunt Esther's husband, all of them Church Christians, formal professing Christians after a sort, & I trust they had sufficient faith to get'm in!

       7. BUT I KNOW SOME OF THEM ARE THERE BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN THEM ON MY COUPLE TRIPS THERE, & from time to time I've seen them gazing down at me, smiling, as I did Phoebe yesterday when I heard of her passing. I was looking to the Lord & praying, & she was smiling down from the ceiling, radiantly beautiful as usual, very happy, as though reassuring me that she was fine & all was well & not to worry about it! PTL! I've seen so many departed loved ones that way, suddenly their picture appears just like in a circle or an oval, usually just the head & face somewhere around the height of the ceiling, looking down with joy & smiles, happy & reassuring that they are well & fine & happy in the Lord in the place that He's gone to prepare for us--all of us!

       8. MY BROTHER & SISTER ARE STILL IN THIS WORLD LAST I HEARD, but our son Aaron has gone on to be with the Lord, as well as other of our children whom we knew well & who have served the Lord with us & have gone on to their rewards, such as Abner & a number of others.--Not too many, thank the Lord. Our Family has a very low death rate compared to other nations, & we have an exceptionally high birth rate! So the Lord is giving us a great many more than He's taking away! TTL!

       9. AND ALL OF THOSE WHOM HE'S TAKEN, I'M SURE HE'S TAKEN FOR A VERY GOOD REASON!--Either life here was getting perhaps too hard or too difficult for them, too many complications, or they had finished their work, what God sent them here for, & He needed them up There to help Him carry on His work from above, as well as to return in spirit to help us in a more effective way & perhaps more influential way than in the flesh.--Certainly, I'm sure, in a wiser way, & actually in a more powerful way, in the spirit!

       10. SO WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT HEAVEN? Well, for one thing, I've got a lot of loved ones there already, with a lot more to go, including you, as well as me! I've got a lot of treasure stored up there as well, my rewards that have gone before me!--Whatever I haven't already received here, which is quite a bit! I've had lots of reward here already! Just to know & love you & know that you're saved & bound for Heaven along with the rest of us is really reward enough in itself. That's the payoff! That's sufficient compensation, just one saved soul to make all Heaven rejoice, & sufficient payment for all the hard work & sacrifices, if any, & a few little hard trials & tribulations.

       11. ACTUALLY, I THINK I COULD SAY WITH DAVID LIVINGSTONE WHO'S ALREADY OVER THERE TOO, THAT WE'VE NEVER REALLY MADE A SACRIFICE! The Lord has always more than repaid anything we've given to Him. He said, "Whatsoever thou spendest, I will repay when I come again!" (Lk.10:35) So He's repaid me a lot already right here just in finding & knowing & loving you & saving you & enjoying you & your salvation & life & labour for the Lord. That's a big payoff in itself, that's almost reward enough without anything else.

       12. WE HAVE ALL THIS ALREADY & HEAVEN TOO! I often feel like the old lady who, when they were trying to tell her there wasn't any Heaven, she said, "Well, at least I've had a mighty good time getting this far!" And we've sure had a good time getting this far, haven't we? PTL! Well, we've got a lot farther to go & more to do yet, here & there, so it's only the beginning, folks, only the beginning!--As they used to say at the circus, at the "Greatest Shows on Earth," as they used to advertise them! Well, we really are characters in the Greatest Show on Earth, & it really is only the beginning! When we die & go to be with the Lord, we're just getting started!

       13. SO WHY DO I WANT TO TALK ABOUT HEAVEN? Well, there are quite a few of my loved ones already there, there are some of you already there, & I expect to be there not very long from now! I expect all of you to be there pretty soon, as soon as the Lord comes, all of us! So praise the Lord, it's a pretty important place!--Besides the fact that we're going to spend Eternity there. Of course, I don't want you to get mixed up again about your chronology of the future! When we die now & when the Lord comes & we're resurrected & raptured, in all of these cases, now & then, we go straight to be in Paradise, the Heavenly City, with the Lord, & we spend time with Him there either now or when He comes. After He comes to take us up there in the Rapture we will all be there for the great wonderful Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

       14. WE HAVE MERELY GUESSTIMATED THAT THERE MIGHT BE AS MANY AS 23 OR 24 BILLION SAVED IN THE HEAVENLY CITY, which is about a third of the World's guesstimated total population who have ever lived on this Earth. One-third of the World's population are supposed to be professing Christians, Church members, but as you & I of course well know, very few of them are actually saved. Many many Church members are just Church members, professing Christians & not possessing Christians! If maybe one out of 100, or certainly not more than one out of ten of all Church members living today are actually saved, I'd say that was a pretty optimistic estimate of the supposed one billion Christians or population of so-called Christian nations!--Which of course as we know are certainly not all Christians, many just in name only, & certainly not all saved.

       15. IN OTHER WORDS, IF THERE ARE A BILLION PROFESSING CHRISTIANS, THE POPULATION OF NATIONS SUPPOSED TO BE CHRISTIAN TODAY, & if only one out of ten of those is saved--which would be a pretty optimistic estimate--then instead of one billion, you've only got a hundred million. And if maybe only one out of a hundred of the so-called Christians of today are actually saved, then you've only got about ten million real Christians in the World today. If there are ten million real saved born-again Christians in this World today, I would say that was a pretty optimistic guess or guesstimate. And if the same were true of all the people who are guesstimated to have ever lived on this Earth, approximately 70 billion, if only one out of ten were saved, you've only got seven billion saved. And if only one out of 100 were saved, you've only got seven hundred million saved. So which figure is right, only God knows! We shall see when we get there, amen?

       16. BUT EVEN IF THE WILDEST BROADEST MOST GENEROUS POSSIBLE GUESS OF THE NUMBER OF CHRISTIANS WHO'VE EVER LIVED ON THIS EARTH WERE STRETCHED TO AS MANY AS 23 OR 24 BILLION, or a third of the 70 billion, I've been amazed in our measurements lately at how much room there is in that Heavenly City! It seems like there's even almost too much room! I figured last night that you could even seat 24 billion people on a 100-mile-square floor like the Muslims in their prayer & worship, with one square yard or meter to each person! That's about all the space you'd need to sit'm all down on the floor.--Only 10,000 square miles of its 2-1/4 million square mile floor!

       17. AND WITH THE LORD ABLE TO INCREASE HIS SIZE SO WE COULD ALL SEE HIM, THERE WILL BE NO VISUAL PROBLEMS AT A MEETING IN THAT HEAVENLY CITY WHICH ALL WOULD ATTEND FOR A HEAVENLY FELLOWSHIP MEETING! I'm sure the Lord would have no problems with His great trumpet P.A. systems & amplifiers--Trumps of God! I'm sure if the whole surface of the whole Earth could hear Him & hear them when they come, hear that Trumpet of the Archangel & hear the Lord shout, at any Fellowship Meeting in Heaven all of us will certainly be able to hear Him very well & very clearly, like the voice of thunder! You hear that over quite a radius of distance, don't you? Well, often in the Bible when God spoke from the Heavens it sounded like thunder & everybody heard it. Some of them didn't understand what He said but they heard Him & they thought it thundered. So I've been having a lot of fun mathematically lately trying to figure out all these possibilities of that marvellous amazing Heavenly City!

       18. SO WHY SHOULD I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE HEAVENLY CITY? Well, as I say, I've already got a lot of my loved ones over there, & I'm sure you have some too you'd like to see again. And you've been laying up a lot of treasures in Heaven, rewards that you haven't yet received here that you'll receive over there. And frankly, I think as it has been with me, the more I think about Heaven, the more thrilled I am & the more excited I get about what the Lord has stored up for us there, "more than eye hath seen or ear heard, nor hath even entered into the heart of man," except that the Holy Spirit has showed it to us, thank the Lord! (1Co.2:9,10)

       19. I'M EXCITED ABOUT HEAVEN LIKE I USED TO BE AS A LITTLE BOY ABOUT CHRISTMAS, AREN'T YOU? Didn't you get awful excited when December rolled around?--And from the very first of the month you began thinking about Christmas & Christmas presents & doing a little Christmas shopping yourself! I remember my Mother used to give me $5 to go out & buy Christmas presents for about 25 people, which meant I could only spend about 20-25 cents on each one!--Including her & my Dad & brother & sister & all of our helpers which lived with us in our home, which was usually about 25 people--like most of our Co-op-Combo Homes today! We don't call them Blobs any more, not on the Mission Field, because on the Mission Field they need to be fairly good-sized with lots of talent & lots of support & lots of cooperation & lots of help.

       20. AND IN MY PREPARATION OF MATHEMATICALLY FIGURING OUT HOW MUCH ROOM THERE WOULD BE FOR US IN HEAVEN, I HAVE EVEN DESIGNED SOME HEAVENLY MANSIONS! And in my Heavenly Mansions I estimated about 24 people, a couple dozen people to each Mansion, just like a lot of you live today, & I'll tell you about that a little bit later. But the more I've been reading about Heaven & thinking about Heaven & having dreams & visions about Heaven--which some of you have already heard & read & seen in the Books & the Komix such as "Space City" & "Spaceship" & "Ultimate Trip" & various others like that, & our most recent "Garden of Eden" study on that Heavenly City--the more excited I get about how wonderful & beautiful it is & what a thrilling place it's going to be & already is for those who are already there, such as all of our departed loved ones, including our dear Phoebe who left here & went there only yesterday! Isn't that wonderful? Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       21. DON'T BE SORRY FOR PHOEBE!--SHE'S HAVING FUN! She is happier than she ever was even on this Earth. She was pretty happy here with Heaven in her heart, Jesus in her heart, but she can see Him face-to-face now! "They shall see His face," God's Word tells us in Revelation 22nd Chapter, 4th Verse.--And she's going to see Jesus, or already has, think of that! But she can also see us.--I just saw her yesterday! I thought that was nice of her to come pay me a visit & smile down on me before she went up, kind of like the way the Lord did with Mary Magdalene after His Resurrection. He loved her so much He hung around the tomb long enough waiting for her to come so she could see Him & He could see her & cheer her up, even before He went up to Heaven to be with the Father.

       22. SO HEAVEN IS REALLY SOMETHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT & THRILLED ABOUT & LOOK FORWARD TO, LIKE CHRISTMAS, ONLY IT'LL BE THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS YOU EVER HAD! It'll be the greatest Family Reunion we've ever known, with all your loved ones & relatives & children & parents & ancestors & descendants & ascendants all together in one place at the same time, rejoicing & praising the Lord all together in one great grand Heavenly Fellowship Meeting! All together at last! TYJ! Hallelujah! So I think that's something to really get excited about & get thrilled about & look forward to, don't you? I love to think about Heaven! It doesn't scare me. I don't fear death, because sudden death for us is sudden glory & we go straight to be with the Lord, or very shortly.

       23. SO DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR US WHO GO ON, OR FOR THOSE WHO'VE ALREADY GONE. I know we do feel a little sorry for ourselves sometimes because we have lost them from here & we miss them & we miss their smiling shining encouraging faces & help, fellowship & love, but surely you wouldn't feel so sorry for yourself that you'd want them to have to come back to this old World & all of its troubles & sorrows & hardships & hard work just to please you & cheer you up a bit, would you? That would be pretty selfish, wouldn't it, to want them to leave those Heavenly places?

       24. I KNOW IN MOST OF THOSE "LIFE AFTER LIFE" EXPERIENCES, MOST OF THE PEOPLE WERE SORRY TO HAVE TO LEAVE THERE. Those who came back again to this Earth really dreaded leaving or were hesitant to leave, really sorry to leave, but felt that they had some unfinished business or work to do that they did have to come back for, & they would prefer to return to do a better job for the Lord & their loved ones. So it's the kind of place you'd like to go to, & the kind of place you'd be very sorry to have to leave. And of course most people who get there never do leave & never will. Only a few have been allowed to go & come back to do a better job here & be better witnesses for the Lord here, & more loving & kind, faithful & helpful to their loved ones & others.

       25. SO WHY TALK ABOUT HEAVEN?--WELL, I THINK IT'S A WONDERFUL PLACE TO TALK ABOUT! It's sure a Heaven of a lot better than talking about Earth & this Hell on Earth we live in today, more like Hell every day! Thank God for our little bits of Heaven & little Heavenly Homes & the Heaven we have in our hearts, or it would be one Hell of a place to live! Praise God! Hallelujah for the Heaven we have in our hearts with the Love of Jesus, His Spirit, & the Heaven we have in our Homes with each other & our love together & our work & service together for Him. It's really a little bit of Heaven right here & right now!

       Heaven is here, & I'll tell you how!
       Jesus to know is Heaven below,
       Heaven is here, is here & now!"

So those of us who know & love the Lord & have His Spirit & live together in our Heavenly Homes with our Heavenly loved ones, all these Heavenly bodies about us, & have Heaven in our hearts, we have Heaven on Earth already! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! Beautiful! Wonderful! Sometimes I wonder how Heaven could be any better! I'm having such a good time already & I'm so happy here & now with you & Jesus in our Heavenly Homes & our Heavenly labours, winning souls for Jesus, making other people happy & bringing Heaven to them! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!

       27. SO WE HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN ALREADY--HEAVENLY HEARTS, HEAVENLY HOMES, HEAVENLY LOVED ONES, HEAVENLY WORK TO DO FOR THE LORD, BRINGING THE HEAVEN OF HIS LOVE TO OTHERS! So we're already having a Heaven of a wonderful time even right here on Earth! But if this is only a sample of what's coming, wow!--Think of what the real full Heaven is going to be like! God's Word tells us that this is just the earnest of our salvation (Eph.1:14), this is just a little sample, just a little bit of Heaven here to have His Love & His Spirit now & each other & His wonderful work.--Just a sample! So if this is a sample, think of what the whole thing is going to be like! Hallelujah!

       28. AGAIN I SAY, WHY SHOULD I BE TALKING ABOUT HEAVEN WHEN SOME PEOPLE THINK IT'S A LONG WAYS OFF? Well, since they say that anticipation is 50% of enjoyment, you can enjoy half of Heaven right now just thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it, dreaming about it & taking trips in the spirit there! I've even figured about it lately, mathematically, about its size & its wonders & spaces & all of that. Even its mathematics is Heavenly!--Gorgeous, stupendous, magnificent, absolutely almost beyond our wildest dreams or imaginations!

       29. SO WHY NOT ENJOY HALF OF HEAVEN NOW? We're halfway to Heaven here in the spirit, & we can get half of the enjoyment ahead of time just thinking about it, praising the Lord for it, thanking the Lord for it, reading about it, dreaming about it, looking forward to it & anticipating it! We can have 50% of our enjoyment now just looking forward to it. PTL?

       30. SO THAT'S ONE REASON I LIKE TO TALK ABOUT HEAVEN, THINK ABOUT HEAVEN & READ ABOUT HEAVEN! After all, that's where we're going to spend Eternity, so it's a pretty important place & we ought to be pretty interested, don't you think? It's our Eternal Home, the place Jesus has gone to prepare for us forever, so we certainly ought to be interested in it & want to know what it's like & what we're going to be like when we get there!

       31. WELL, AS I SAY, I DON'T WANT YOU TO GET YOUR FUTURE CHRONOLOGY MIXED UP! Although we all go straight to Heaven when we die & when Jesus comes in the Rapture also, then everybody will go & we'll all be there a little while at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but we are going to come back to this Earth for the Battle of Armageddon to conquer the World & set up the Kingdom of God on Earth for a Thousand Years of the Millennium. So we'll have to leave Heaven a little while, although I believe with all my heart that in our Heavenly bodies we will be frequently travelling back & forth to our Heavenly Headquarters, our general Headquarters in Heaven--not GHQ but GHH!--General Heavenly Headquarters!

       32. THERE'S EVERY INDICATION OF THIS IN THE SCRIPTURES! Since that is our future Home & definitely our Heavenly Home, it already exists & we go there when we die, we all go there when Jesus comes, we have the Marriage Supper of the Lamb there, I believe that it will still act as our Headquarters even while we're endeavouring to establish the Millennium on Earth! That will be our Heavenly Headquarters, at least. So I don't doubt that we'll be touring back & forth as the situation requires, on various Heavenly errands for that Thousand Years of the Millennium!

       33. BUT THEN OF COURSE, AS YOU KNOW, WHEN THE MILLENNIUM IS OVER & THE OLD EARTH & THE OLD HEAVEN ARE DEVOURED BY FIRE & ARE NO MORE, THERE'S GOING TO BE A NEW EARTH & A NEW HEAVEN COMING DOWN TO EARTH OUT OF HEAVEN, THE OTHER HEAVENS! There are a lot of different Heavens, by the way, I'll have to tell you about that too. But the Heavenly City shall be coming down out of the Heavenly Heavens to the New Earth, "wherein dwelleth righteousness," Praise God! (2Pe.3:13) And then we will be able to enjoy the Heavenly City & live in it permanently & forever from then on. So as a permanent residence, we've got a little over a thousand years yet to look forward to before we move in for good, but I think we will be making frequent trips back & forth to enjoy it & encourage us as we try to establish a little bit of Heaven on Earth during the Millennium.

       34. SO WHY DO I LIKE TO TALK ABOUT HEAVEN? Well, those are a lot of reasons why! But why do I want to tell you so much about Heaven? What's my motive? What good reason have I got for trying to tell you so much about Heaven, even its measurements & everything? Well, I want to inspire you & encourage you & thrill you & fill you with the knowledge of your Heavenly Home, as something very marvellous & wonderful & exciting to look forward to, to give you all the more determination to get there, & all the more determination to get as many other people there as you possibly can!

       35. THAT IS GOING TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST THRILLS YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE IN HEAVEN, TO SEE ALL THOSE SOULS THAT YOU PREACHED THE GOSPEL TO & WON TO THE LORD, ALL THE FOLKS THAT GOT THERE BECAUSE OF YOU!--All those friends & loved ones & fish & converts & people that you witnessed to, many of whom you didn't even know got saved until after you had sowed the seed. That's going to be one of the greatest thrills of getting to Heaven, is to see all the folks that we helped get there, & receive all their smiles & thanks & thrill to their rejoicing that they made it too! Hallelujah! PTL! Isn't that wonderful? That's going to be one of the greatest blessings in Heaven besides being with the Lord, being with all our loved ones, being with all our saved ones, those whom we were responsible for getting there, by preaching them the Gospel so they could be saved & be members of His Kingdom there!

       36. WELL, WE'RE GOING TO SEE ALL OF THEM VERY SOON IN THE RAPTURE WHEN JESUS COMES, & we're going to fellowship with them at the first great Fellowship Meeting, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, in that giant hall that seemed so big to me when I was there that it just stretched away & almost faded away in the distance! Thrones, thrones, thrones! Rows & rows & lines of thrones that disappeared in the distance, such a big place! Well, with billions of Christians there, you can't expect to know'm all right away or meet'm all & get to know'm all right away, but I expect to fellowship with all those that I have known, loved ones, saved ones, co-workers, you, Family, friends, all the folks I have known & knew & want to see again. I expect you to be around me & near me. I have seen a picture of my queens on thrones surrounding mine with their children playing around my feet, praise God! So you'll be there, & you'll be near to me, thank the Lord!

       37. I DON'T KNOW HOW CLOSE WE'LL BE TO THE LORD, BUT IT SAYS WE'LL SEE HIS FACE, SO HE CAN'T BE TOO FAR AWAY! I don't feel that I deserve to be very close. Even on my Heavenly trips I never got up there in the Top to see Him in person, I guess it wasn't necessary, but I'll just be glad to be there, won't you? And I'll be glad you're there too & we can have lots of fun together just renewing old times & acquaintances & swapping stories about things & all the latest news & what's going on up there, even what's going on down here!

       38. SO HEAVEN IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE & A GREAT PLACE TO LOOK FORWARD TO, & I'M THRILLED & EXCITED ABOUT IT, & I WANT TO GET YOU THRILLED & EXCITED ABOUT IT! I want you to really get thrilled & excited & looking forward to it, & it will help you bear some of these burdens & trials that you're going through now when you realise these are only just for a moment. "The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us!" (Rom.8:18)

       39. SO WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT THAT, IT HELPS YOU BEAR SOME OF THE THINGS YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH NOW. This is one reason Moses could do it, because he had "respect unto the recompense of the reward, as seeing Him Who is invisible." (He.11:26,27) He looked past all the troubles he had in Egypt & with those [EDITED: "rebellious"] Jews, as seeing the Lord & seeing His reward in the future, praise God! He could put up with the present by foreseeing the future, thank the Lord! And all of those heroes who passed on there in God's Hall of Fame in Hebrews the 11th Chapter, all of them counted themselves as Pilgrims & Strangers here because they were looking for a City whose Builder & Maker is God, which hath foundations, & a Country that belongs to them! They were able to endure all kinds of tribulation on this Earth & suffering & hard work & even torture & death because they looked forward to that City! (He.11:10,13,14,16)

       40. SO IT PAYS TO THINK ABOUT HEAVEN & TALK ABOUT HEAVEN & TRY TO VISUALISE HEAVEN, & that's what I've been trying to do for you, so it will help you to visualise what you have to look forward to!--Knowing that the suffering of this present time is not anything compared to the glories that we are going to share in the near future. Well, PTL! My oh my! I'll bet I talked for half-an-hour already & I haven't really given you very much actual explanation of Heaven yet! But maybe I should answer the second question in our subtitle before the first one. The first one was "Heaven--What Will It Be Like?", & the next one was "What Will I Be Like?"

       (To Be Continued in "Heavenly Bodies!", ML #1530.)

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