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HEAVENLY MANSIONS!       DFO 1531       2/6/83

       1. WELL, YOU SAY, WHAT ABOUT THE PLACE? What about that big City & the buildings & all of that? Well, I've even tried to give you an idea of what our Heavenly Home is going to be like, & God has tried to give you a very explicit description of it--its size & its colours & its capacities & its beauties & its joys & comforts & ecstasies & fellowship! He's told you just about all He can tell you that you could possibly understand about that Heavenly place, that Heavenly City, that Paradise that He's already gone to prepare for you where there are many mansions (Jn.14:2), because there'll be so many of us!

       2. WELL, IN A PREVIOUS DISCOURSE IN "THE GARDEN OF EDEN" SERIES (No.1199), I'VE DESCRIBED HEAVEN IN CONSIDERABLE DETAIL WITH ITS DIMENSIONS, EXACT MEASUREMENTS, ETC. & I am accompanying this little talk with some pictures that I have dreamed up & imagined & consider possible, drawing things to scale according to the actual measurements given in the Bible, & its potentialities & possibilities in the way of living quarters, what kind of mansions those might be & what they might even look like!

       3. I FIGURE IF THE LORD'S GOING TO GIVE ME THE DESIRES OF MY HEART BECAUSE I DELIGHT MYSELF IN HIM, HE'S GOING TO GIVE ME A HOME OVER THERE PERHAPS SIMILAR TO THE ONE I LIVE IN HERE, ONLY BIGGER TO HOLD MORE OF YOU! I'd like to be able to have all of you, as many as possible living with me! If I'm a King, I'm going to have me a court over there as well, with all my courtesans & courtiers & courtly lords & ladies & beauties & wives & queens & wonderful friends & lovers! I'd love to have you all live with me in one of those mansions, one of those palaces over there!

       4. YOU MAY LAUGH AT MY FUNNY LITTLE PICTURES I DREW--LIKE GOING FROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS--BECAUSE I'M PRETTY SURE IT MUST BE REDICULOUS COMPARED TO WHAT JESUS IS ACTUALLY PREPARING FOR US THERE! I'm sure that His mansions are going to have much greater beauty & perhaps greater dimensions beyond our wildest dreams!--More than I've ever even imagined or thought of! But still, I just wanted to give you an idea of size & dimensions & capacities--in this case trying to show you a similar home to what we live in here & how that could hold a similar number of people--& I have drawn this funny little picture of a four-story mansion with 12 rooms, 9 bedrooms.--Not that you need to go to bed or that you need to sleep or ever be tired or weary, but that you can if you want to! I would especially like to go to bed with you!

       5. SO MAYBE THE BEDS ARE JUST FOR MAKING LOVE, NOT FOR SLEEPING! Although some of you have enjoyed sleep on this Earth, so maybe He'll let you enjoy some sleep there too!--Ha! So PTL! If all the things we enjoy here & now we'll enjoy there, then perhaps we're going to enjoy sleeping too sometimes & lovely dreams about all these Heavenly things & Heavenly you, as well as some delicious meals like Jesus ate & cooked! We enjoy eating, don't we? So why not enjoy it there? It's one of the pleasures that we enjoy here. Love & sex are two of the most wonderful marvellous exciting pleasures we enjoy here, so why not continue those enjoyments in Heaven? Some of you even enjoy sleeping, so maybe you can sleep like Rip Van Winkle for awhile & catch up on all the sleep you lost down here!

       6. WE ENJOY SOME DRINKING--THE PLEASURE OF A LITTLE WINE FOR OUR STOMACH'S SAKE THAT MAKES THE HEART OF MAN MERRY! (1Ti.5:23; Ps.104:15) The Muslims believe there'll be rivers of wine there & whole hosts of Heavenly Houris to make love to! Maybe they're right! Although it says that the River of the Water of Life that flows out from the Throne of God & the Heavenly City is water, not wine!--And that's the only river I know about up there! I think that Heavenly Water of Life is going to be a lot better for you than wine, but perhaps we'll even enjoy some of the fruit of the vine up there too!--There'll surely be vineyards on those farms!

       7. IF ONE OF THE PROPHETS IS GOING TO STAND IN HIS LOT AT THE END OF THE TIME (DAN.12:13), MAYBE HE'S GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE GARDEN IN HIS LOT!--So I have pictured each of these Homes as having a good-sized garden, almost as big as the house itself, & having enough accommodations for a Family of a couple dozen, a good-sized Co-op, a good Fellowship Family!--The living room could house a whole Fellowship bigger than the church that I built in Arizona--which was only 30 by 40 feet, & yet could seat 200 people--the living room of this mansion that I have visualised & sketched for you, I & Jac, has a living room that's 35 by 45! Think of that! That's pretty big!--Bigger than the church that held 200 people! So we can have some Fellowships, some Parties, some Club Meetings in that living room, & I think we're gonna have'm!

       8. I THINK WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SOME GOOD FELLOWSHIPS & CLUB MEETINGS & PARTIES & WONDERFUL TIMES TOGETHER UP THERE! Maybe we'll meet today in my house & tomorrow in yours & so on down the line, get to know everybody better! It really helps you to get acquainted & get to know people at a Fellowship or a Party or a Club Meeting. So the living room's big enough for that, think of that! And a dining room too in case we want to enjoy a feast!

       9. I CAN PROVE TO YOU WE'RE GOING TO EAT IN HEAVEN!--WE'RE GOING TO HAVE THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB, THE MARRIAGE FEAST THERE! It's going to be a feast! You say, "Oh, that's just symbolic, that's just spiritual! That doesn't mean we're really going to eat!" Oh yeah? I believe we're going to eat & drink & be merry as we did at marriage feasts on this Earth! It says it's a supper, it says it's a feast, so I think we're going to eat, drink & be merry! Praise God!--Although you're not going to be marrying & giving in marriage in the sense that we do here! (Mt.22:30)

       10. IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO BE A LOT MORE LIKE OUR OWN FAMILY! We don't worry so much about marriage & formal weddings etc., we just live together in love & mate together in love & we're all married together & all wedded together! We're all one in our Family, one wife, one in Christ Jesus, one Bride, one life together! We are all one, all mated together! Isn't that wonderful? I think that's the way it's going to be in Heaven! I think our Heavenly Homes here & now are a little sample of what Heaven's going to be like. I believe it!

       11. AND WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A MARRIAGE FEAST WITH OUR BRIDEGROOM--JESUS! That sounds pretty sexy to me!--And an ecstatic Rapture first before the Wedding! That's a term often used for sex here & now, & our ecstatic Rapture to meet Jesus in the air is going to be like a sexual orgasm thrill, it's going to be so exciting! We're gonna go & come & have went! PTL!--When we go to be with Jesus! And "so shall we ever be with the Lord!" When we're with Him we're going to go & come & have went, & I believe it's going to be even more exciting, thrilling, wonderful & ecstatic than sex itself! Whether you'll be able to enjoy sex with Jesus Himself or not, I don't know, but if you're His Bride, why not? Why shouldn't He enjoy sex with you & you with Him? So I believe you could have that to look forward to as well! Praise God!

       12. WELL, I'VE DRAWN MY FUNNY LITTLE PICTURE OF A POSSIBLE HEAVENLY MANSION & I'VE KEPT IT DOWN TO WHAT I THOUGHT WAS AT LEAST THE MINIMUM THAT WE WOULD NEED!--Not only a living room for Fellowship Meetings & parties & dances & fun & fellowship, but also a dining room for feasting! And if you're going to have feasting, well, there must be a little cooking of some kind! Jesus cooked for the disciples in His resurrection body, cooked them some fish on the shore of the lake when they were hungry. (Jn.21:9-12) So I put a nice big kitchen in this Heavenly Mansion that I designed. I'm sure God's design is going to be a lot better than mine, but I was just sort of trying to visualise it & imagine it!

       13. IT'S THE ONE THING I DIDN'T SEE ON THOSE HEAVENLY TRIPS, I NEVER GOT TO VISIT THE MANSIONS! I guess the Lord is reserving that as a special surprise for me, & I'm probably going to be really surprised, because it's probably going to look maybe nothing at all like the one I have here sketched & depicted for you. But I'm just trying to show you by the dimensions of this house, this funny little mansion I've drawn for you, the size that it could be, plenty big enough for a Family of a couple dozen, with a beautiful large garden & a gorgeous view of hundreds of miles from within the golden crystal walls of the City! Through its transparent see-through walls you can see outside on the surface of the beautiful New Earth, as well as inside the base of the Pyramid on the ground level, the gorgeous garden, beautiful forest & playground paradise!

       14. I WAS LOOKING UP THE WORD THAT THE LORD USES IN THE BIBLE, NOT ONLY FOR HEAVEN, BUT ALSO FOR PARADISE! You recall that when Jesus was dying on the cross He said to the dying thief, "This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise!" (Lk.23:43) And John, in his vision of Heaven, talked about the Tree of Life which was there in Paradise--the Garden of Eden or Paradise transported to Heaven! (Rev.2:7) The word is a Greek word which meant a grove or forest or garden or playground, believe it or not!--A playground for the children!

       15. THAT IS ONE THING I DEFINITELY SAW, & IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Apparently on the ground level, the surface of the New Earth, within the City, is a beautiful park, garden, paradise, playground, almost like a fairground with those strange buildings, gorgeous beautiful buildings containing those amazing crystals & different things that we saw on our Space City trip! And outside are these marvellous fountains of light & giant flowers & things which are even more beautiful than the Heavenly Earth that God has created for us here & now!

       16. WHEN I LOOK OUT IN OUR LITTLE GARDEN, IT'S A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN ON EARTH! It's a little sample of the Garden of Eden! It's a small park, a beautiful little playground for the children! It has a few trees & lots of flowers, & though we don't have any fountains, it's got a pool, & it's a little sample of Paradise! It's a little Paradise on Earth, a little bit of Heaven, a little bit of Paradise right now.

       17.AND ISN'T IT AMAZING THAT THE LORD CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING HARDLY EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WHAT HE'S ALREADY CREATED FOR MAN TO ENJOY ALL THESE YEARS? Because the Garden of God, the Paradise of the Lord, the Park of the Heavenly City, occupies, from what I saw, virtually all of the territory on the New Earth ground level within the City, as well as these buildings within the Park! God can hardly think of anything more beautiful than He's already created than to have another Park, another Garden, another beautiful Heaven on Earth Paradise of beautiful trees & flowers & gorgeous gardens, a beautiful City Park for you & me, our loved ones & children to enjoy!

       18. AND IN THIS PARK ARE THESE AMAZING BUILDINGS! I was discussing these buildings with Maria today, wondering what they were for, besides the one that I did see inside of, which had that giant crystal that was so tall & slowly revolving! I didn't even realise how big it was until I looked way way way down on the floor & I saw what looked almost like tiny ants crawling around, & finally realised they were people walking around on the floor below, so far below that they didn't look any bigger than ants! Then I realised how gigantic that great crystal was as it slowly revolved, scintillating its beautiful colours in glowing light from within! What its purpose was, I didn't know, but I had the feeling that it had something to do with the control of the City & the atmosphere or its maintenance or whatever. Well, if it's got one like that, it must have others, & I did see other buildings, although I didn't enter them all.

       19. AND I WAS THINKING TODAY, WELL, WHAT KIND OF BUILDINGS WOULD THEY HAVE IN SUCH A PUBLIC PARK? What sort of public buildings would they be? And it immediately came to my mind the great World's Fairs that I've attended & all of their beautiful buildings! And what were they? They were exhibits of various forms of life & science & history & various nations & peoples & arts & crafts & libraries & knowledge & the works of men's hands--all these marvellous exhibits of the wonders of man! Then if this great Park within the Golden City is going to be like a Fairground of God, only with the buildings of the Lord, exhibiting the marvels of His Creation & of History & of His Science & all of these things, instead of going into these buildings to see the past history of nations & pictures & symbols of science, we can go into these buildings & actually witness Creation! Think of that!

       20. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO SEE GOD CREATING THE WORLD, THE HEAVENS & THE EARTH, THE ANIMALS, THE FISH, THE BIRDS & MAN?--And I especially want to watch Him create woman! Hallelujah! TYJ! Praise God! Maria knows how much I love women! After all, why not? They're God's most beautiful crowning ultimate creation, & He must have made the most beautiful thing He could possibly think of when He made women! So God bless you women, I really love you, & I'm glad you love us too, even if we're not so beautiful. Maybe you think we are. Maria thinks I am! Of course, she's a little bit crazy, but I'm glad she's crazy about me! PTL!

       21. WHAT IF THAT PARK IS FILLED WITH GOD'S EXHIBITS? I've often said that one of the first things I want to do is ask a lot of questions & find out about a lot of things & mysteries of God that I wanted to know about! Well, isn't that what you do at a World's Fair? You want to know about the mysteries of man & his sciences & his countries & his history & plants & animals & all those things, so you go into man's exhibits, his buildings of his nations & his sciences & history, & you see for yourself exhibitions of these things. So why not in God's great Park, His great Playground, His great World's Fair?--His Heavenly Fair in His Heaven so fair!

       22. I KNOW THERE'S A GIANT GARDEN THERE! The whole inside of the Pyramid on the ground level on the New Earth is one great Garden within the City, a great City Park!--Like one grand & great Heavenly Fair with Heavenly buildings--public buildings. I'm not talking about the private residences or mansions now, but the public buildings. What better could they be than exhibits of God's handiwork, exhibits of His Creations, marvels of His Science, the wonders of History?

       23. YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT A CERTAIN PERIOD & WHAT HAPPENED?--YOU GO INTO THIS BUILDING & ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU ARE TRANSPORTED! You're not just shown pictures, not even 3-D pictures, not even movies, but suddenly you are transported like by a time machine to that very time, that very age & you see it happen, you watch it happen, you hear it happen, you feel it happen! Think of it! Not only the movies but the feelies! You are there!

       24. THERE USED TO BE A HISTORICAL SERIES ON TELEVISION CALLED "YOU ARE THERE!" I think it was sponsored or MCed by Edward R. Murrow, one of the famous news commentators. They tried to take you back into history & interview some of the great characters of history, & back into those actual events. They visualise them for you, they pictorialise them for you, they dramatise them for you & they try to help you see what they were like & make you feel like you were there!

       25. WELL, IN GOD'S GREAT FAIR, HIS HEAVENLY FAIR IN HIS HEAVENLY PARK IN THOSE HEAVENLY BUILDINGS, I BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO INTO THEM & NOT ONLY SEE & HEAR, BUT FEEL & LITERALLY BE THERE IN TIME & SPACE & KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE! You say, "I sure wouldn't want to be some places & know what some of those horrors were like!" Well, I wouldn't either. But we don't have to go to the places we don't like, we can go back in time to the events that we would enjoy! Watch Caesar make love to Cleopatra! Watch the creation of Eve, & Adam as well! Wouldn't that be thrilling to watch when Adam first woke up & saw Eve?--And bang!--I'll bet they hit it off right away! They came together like a couple of magnets when they saw each other & realised what it was all for & all about! And I'm sure God let'm go to it, because He'd already commanded them, "Thou shalt have sex!" "Be fruitful & multiply!" And so they did, praise God! (Ge.1:28)

       26. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO SEE THAT FIRST MEETING OF ADAM & EVE? WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO WATCH GOD CREATE THE WORLDS? Wouldn't you like to be carried back in time by His Time & Space Machine to watch the creation of the Heavens & the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the stars & the land & the grass & the flowers & the trees & the plants & animals & fish & birds & man & woman? Hallelujah! TYL! Amen? Wow! What exhibit buildings God could have!--The Historical exhibits, the Scientific exhibits, the Spiritual exhibits, to be able to see the marvellous wonders of the Spirit World!--Be transported in the spirit or somehow to get glimpses of Heavenly places & the Universe & stars & other Worlds, & maybe even take a peek at Hell to see how horrible it is & be thankful we missed it!

       27. SO PRAISE GOD FOR THAT MARVELLOUS HEAVENLY FAIR!--That great City Park of Heaven where will be all those great public exhibit buildings where we can see all the marvellous wonders of the Lord & of His Science & of History & other Worlds! You won't even have to leave Space City to see it all, know it all, feel it all, get all your answers & experience it just like you were there! You are there! Hallelujah!

       28. WHAT A WONDERFUL EDUCATION SYSTEM GOD MUST HAVE for us to be able to go into those buildings & to see, hear, feel & experience the very things just like they happened, as though they were happening again, or still! Because we will be able to travel back or forward in time & see what has been & what's going to be, as well as experience the glorious wonderful present! Praise God? Hallelujah? Do you believe it? I believe it! I know it! I've been there, I've seen it, & it's marvellous, wonderful, more than tongue can tell! I get so excited I'm just at a loss for words to try to describe it to you, how marvellous it will be!

       29. I'VE SHOWN YOU THE DIMENSIONS, THE TREMENDOUS HEIGHT & SIZE OF THAT HEAVENLY CITY--how the base will cover an area almost as big as Europe or Australia or over half the United States!--Tremendous, gigantic, it's so big! Think of how long it would take you to see all of that Park, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles long inside the base of the Heavenly City, & visit all those exhibits! That'll be the biggest Fair you ever went to! I don't know if we'll ever get through looking at it all!

       30. I REMEMBER THEY SAID ABOUT THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR THAT IT WOULD TAKE YEARS TO SEE THE FAIR!--If you went to everything there & saw everything & did everything that was possible to do in the Fair & at every exhibit & listen to every lecture & see every movie!--And it was only open two years, & only six months of the Summer out of each of those years! So of course we never got to see all the Fair. I only got to see a few of the buildings that I was most interested in, & a few of the exhibits, & the same at the Montreal World's Fair & the Chicago World's Fair which I have been privileged to visit!--The Chicago one was first in the '30s, the New York World's Fair of the '60s, & the Montreal World's Fair I think was '68 & 1969. But they were beautiful, & the buildings were beautiful, & the exhibits were exciting & wonderful & thrilling & informative & educational & marvellous, amazing miracles of science & history & the creations of man!

       31. WELL, IF MAN CAN MAKE ANYTHING SO BEAUTIFUL, GOD CAN CERTAINLY DO BETTER! And that's the way that beautiful Heavenly Park is within that Heavenly City on that ground level that I saw! You'll never get tired of walking around seeing it, because you never get tired there & you don't even have to walk! You just sort of float along gracefully & slowly! I was thinking the other day while watching our girls swimming underwater in those beautiful heavenly water ballets they do, how like the motion of Heaven it is, & the motion I saw of the Wild Wind of His Spirit in that marvellous vision & dream I had of the "Wild Wind"! (No.154B) I said then it was like a slow motion underwater ballet moving with no hurry or haste or jerky movements, but slow, graceful, unhurried, beautiful dance movements.

       32. THIS IS THE WAY THE MOVEMENTS & MOTIONS ARE IN HEAVEN, SORT OF LIKE THE WAY YOU SEE OTHERS MOVE AROUND UNDER THE WATER IN SLOW MOTION, or the way the astronauts move slowly in those spaceships, floating & flying through the air in graceful slow motion. In fact, did you know that they train them underwater so they can get used to that slow motion weightlessness? You can't move fast because of the water around you. Well, that's a lot like the way I've seen people moving in Heaven! They move with great grace & beauty like slow motion, & slowly glide along with their feet hardly seeming to touch the ground. And yet they can also get someplace in a hurry if they have to, by flying!

       33. SO JUST THINK, YOU'LL NEVER GET TIRED OF SEEING ALL OF GOD'S EXHIBITS IN HIS GREAT FAIRGROUND OF THE HEAVENLY CITY ON EARTH, Heaven on Earth, where you can really learn the facts & the truth about everything the way it really was! So how's that for a great Heavenly Fair in Heaven so fair? Amen? That's the way I saw what I actually saw in the Heavenly City on the ground level in the beautiful New Earth! Even the New Earth outside was Heavenly & beautiful, much like it is today with fields & streams & lakes.--No seas, but forests & farms, roadways, villages, houses & cottages for the people who live outside, life going on very similar to what it does today. How could anything be more beautiful than God's original Creation & the way He originally made the World? Well, I could tell you what could be more beautiful is the New Earth & the New Heaven! It's just absolutely gorgeous!

       34. SO I SAW THE GARDENS & THE FAIR BUILDINGS, THE BUILDINGS SO FAIR, & I HAD A CHANCE TO TAKE A VIEW OUT THROUGH THE WALL OF THE CITY ITSELF!--Not the protective wall that's outside the City that's composed of so many precious gems, 216 feet high surrounding the City, 6,000 miles long, but through the City wall of the golden crystal City itself, which is transparent. I must have been somewhere above that jewelled wall. In fact, I was up quite high like you'd be flying an airplane looking out across the New Earth, & it was beautiful!--No great mountains, no seas, only the Mountain of the Lord, the Mountain of His Great Pyramid!

       35. AND I FOUND ANOTHER PROOF THAT IT'S GOING TO BE PYRAMIDICALLY SHAPED! I was noticing today in reading one of the Scriptures that it says "the tabernacle of God is with men, & He will dwell with them" in this tabernacle! (Rev.21:3) Well, you know what a tabernacle is?--It's a tent! You know what it's shaped like?--Like a pyramid! Some of you who have camped out know what I'm talking about! That's going to be God's great Tent & we're going to be camped out with the Lord! What a Camp-Out! Hallelujah!--With all that beautiful Park down below & all the beautiful City above!

       36. AND BESIDES THE PARK & THE BUILDINGS & EXHIBITS & THE WONDERS, the marvellous new flowers as big as trees, & trees unearthly tall & all of that, there's so much room for it inside the City, oodles of room, that it seems almost like space going to waste!--1500 miles wide & long & high! Oodles of room! And no transportation problems because you can either glide along, float along or fly! And no feeding problems because you can either eat for pleasure, or you don't have to eat at all!

       37. THERE'LL BE NO HOUSING PROBLEMS, ALTHOUGH HE SAYS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE MANSIONS, so I tried to draw me one that I thought would accommodate me & my family & my favourite lovers & queens & workers, like the bees! Even a beehive has a queen & workers, & we sure work as busy as bees in a beehive here! And I really wouldn't know hardly what to do if I didn't have you all still with me, still around me, to love & work with & thrill with & excite with & accomplish with, so I drew myself a mansion in Heaven! You may think it looks pretty funny & ridiculous & really a joke, but I just simply drew it to get an idea of the size of a modest mansion which could hold some of our wonderful Family!

       38. AND HOW MANY OF THESE MANSIONS IN SUCH A SPACE COULD YOU CROWD INTO THAT HOLY CITY? Well, as you'll notice, I made each of my living spaces containing the mansions about 80 feet by 80 feet by 80 feet, cubical-shaped, more I think like what's called a rhomboid, because one side is slanted. The outside City wall of the Pyramid, of course, is at a 65 degree angle, & therefore that one side looking out, giving us that gorgeous view from our garden, is that transparent golden crystal see-through City wall! On both sides are our neighbours, from whom we may or may not be separated with a wall, I don't know, perhaps not. Then in the rear you have a view of that great giant City Park below from the rear terrace in my funny little drawing! I was just trying to imagine what it's going to be like, & since the Lord never did show me one of those mansions, I dreamed up one myself! I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see one, I guess He's saving that for a surprise!

       39. I SORT OF DREAMED ABOUT IT THE OTHER NIGHT! I was asking the Lord for a little more to dream about the Heavenly City so I could tell you more about it since I was going to write a little more about it, & this is what came to me! So you can believe it or not whether that's going to look like your Heavenly mansion or not. I sort of visualised it that way, but I'm sure the Lord's going to make it much more beautiful!

       40. BUT FOR SIZE & CAPACITY, THAT'S ALL WE NEED! Four stories, nine bedrooms to house lots of folks & children, & a gorgeous big garden with that marvellous view of the New Earth & lovely terraces all around each floor so you can enjoy that gorgeous view from any floor, all four floors! And from the rear of the mansion you have those gorgeous views of the interior of the Heavenly City, both the beautiful Park & its Fairground exhibit buildings below, its marvellous amazing structures down there in that City Park, as well as the heights of Heaven itself that you'll be able to view above, the interior of the Golden Pyramid clear to the peak!

       41. THE FRONT WALL, WHICH IS THE CITY WALL ITSELF--THAT CLEAR TRANSPARENT GOLDEN SEE-THROUGH CRYSTAL WALL--WILL BE EXACTLY 80-FEET SQUARE IN MY DRAWINGS, MY LITTLE DREAMED-UP PICTURES! And for you Europeans who are not familiar with our English & American feet, that's about 26 meters. Actually, the direct inside height is only 72 feet or 24 meters high. And just figuring at that minimum of space occupied by a maximum of 24 people in a 12-room 9-bedroom mansion with a beautiful garden & lots of room around it, guess how many tiers of these homes & these living spaces there could be? The mansion itself is only about half as high as the tier or the living space, since it's only about 36 feet high all together, with the first two floors with 10-foot ceilings, & the next two floors with 8-foot ceilings. And the complete height of the living space is 72 feet in my artist's conception of what it could look like or the size it could occupy.

       42. I WANTED TO SEE HOW MANY OF THESE HOMES IT WOULD TAKE TO HOUSE AS MANY AS 24 BILLION CHRISTIANS, AND GUESS WHAT I CAME UP WITH? I don't think anybody would want to be so low that they couldn't see out over that outside City wall, that bejewelled wall, so you'd have to start up a couple hundred feet so you could see over the wall & see the outside beautiful view of the New Earth! So in order to house even 24 billion people in such mansions of that size, you'd only have to have one billion of those mansions, 24 people in each one, & it would only take, believe it or not, a first layer of the City above the Park & above the City wall about 100 miles high! Only 100 miles high, & only around the walls, not inside at all! In other words, everybody would have an outside apartment with an outside view--as well as an inside view! Just around the walls! Just those tiers of dwellings about 100 miles high, that many tiers of about 80 feet each up the sides of the great Heavenly City!

       43. SO THERE WOULD BE SUFFICIENT MANSIONS FOR 24 BILLION CHRISTIANS JUST OCCUPYING ONLY THE WALLS OF THE CITY, ONLY TO A HEIGHT OF ABOUT 100 MILES! Now what are you going to do with the other 1400 miles? There's another 1400 miles to go to the Top, to the Peak! What's going to happen to that? Well, since that's all it takes, a Park below to have the public buildings & all we need in the way of education & information & instruction about the past, present, future, Science, Creation, History & everything else, & we've got plenty of park & recreational space below & living accommodations above, what's the rest of the City for? Well, I don't know!

       44. AS I TOLD YOU BEFORE, THAT'S AS FAR AS I GOT! I remember the Park & the buildings & that one big crystal particularly, & the tree-sized flowers & unearthly tall trees & that view from somewhere high up, of the New Earth through the City Wall, & as I told you, I never went up any higher. I guess that's all the Lord had time for or we had time for at that particular time. Maybe He'll show me more later. He has shown me a few little things, but nothing that has enlarged on it much more than that. You can go back & read the Komix & the Letters & maybe you can remember more about it than I can even now! But some of those scenes & vistas were so impressed upon me I'll never forget them, so beautiful & so marvellous & so wonderful!

       45. SO IF YOU DON'T NEED ANY MORE SPACE TO PLAY & BE ENLIGHTENED, EDUCATED, INFORMED & NO MORE SPACE TO LIVE, IT LOOKS LIKE ABOUT THE ONLY THING LEFT IS MAYBE A PLACE TO MEET! And I was figuring, well, 24 billion people, how much space would they have to have for a meeting? If they all sat on the floor like the Arabs & the Muslims, they'd only require about one square meter or one square yard each for one great big Family Fellowship Meeting of 24 billion--which of course is at the very outside & probably an exaggeration of exactly how many Christians are going to be there! But even 24 billion people sitting on the floor would only occupy a 100-mile square, 10,000 square miles, a big square 100 miles wide!

       46. MAYBE IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK! That's where most cities have their bandstands, grandstands & city auditoriums, they usually have them in the middle of their parks somewhere. And what better place for that than in the center of the City Park? They could easily spare 10,000 square miles, or a 100-mile square in other words, for any great Family gatherings of the Fellowship of all of us together at one time to hear & see the Lord!

       47. YOU SAY, "WELL, HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU SEE THE LORD? You might be 50 miles away even if He sat in the middle! How could you see Him?" Well, the Lord could increase His size to help us all see Him easily. He could stand like a giant on the Earth so we could all see Him. You say, "But how could you hear Him?" Well, He could thunder like the angels did in the Bible, so that everybody could hear Him! If when the Lord comes He can shout & have the voice of the Archangel & the Trump of God sound & everybody around the whole World will hear Him, He certainly wouldn't have any trouble having a crowd of 24 billion in a 100-mile-square space hear Him at a Family Fellowship Meeting!

       48. SO THERE'S A THEORY FOR YOU, THAT'S JUST MY GUESS, BUT OF COURSE JUST HOW THE LORD'S GOING TO DO IT, I DON'T KNOW! Maybe it'll be circular, maybe it'll be globular, maybe it'll be spherical! Who knows what His meeting place is going to be like! But anyhow, there must be someplace there for one great Family Meeting! There certainly is one great Family Feast Hall for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, & that I did see! I remember that floor was highly polished & lined with thrones that stretched into the distance until it was far away. With my own finite sight I couldn't even see the end of it! So I know that's one great Meeting Hall it has where we're probably going to have the Wedding Supper of the Lamb!--And any other great Family gatherings, Fellowship Meetings of all of us Christians who ever lived! Think of that! That's another place we're going to have to have inside the City, so that's one use of that space!

       49. YOU SAY, "WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT OTHER SPACE GOING UP THERE?" Well, maybe up at the Top somewhere can be some offices. I always used to think that maybe the Throne of God was up there at the Top, but the more I read the Bible I find out that out from the Throne of God flows this River of the Water of Life, & it would be kind of funny having that water flowing down from the peak of the Pyramid, spiraling down through the air till it hit the Park & then flowed out from the City into the outer New Earth--which apparently it does from the descriptions in both Revelation & Ezekiel! Waters to swim in! (Ez.47:5; Rev.22:1)--Waters so wide you couldn't cross'm without swimming, & bringing Life to the World!

       50. AND THOSE TREES OF LIFE LINE THE SHORES, FILLED WITH THE FRUITS OF LIFE, 12 fruits, bearing every month a new fruit & a different kind of fruit, & leaves for the healing of the nations! It describes those in both Revelation & Ezekiel, by the way, if you want to go back & read Ezekiel too. (Rev.22:2; Ez.47:12) After the horrible horrors of the Tribulation & Armageddon described in the 38th & 39th Chapters of Ezekiel, read that marvellous 47th Chapter describing the Heavenly City, the River of God etc. Some say that the one described in Ezekiel is going to be the Millennial City & the Millennial Temple & Millennial River, but it sure sounds an awful lot like the Heavenly one to me!

       51. WELL, IF WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE SPACE IN THE HEAVENLY CITY FOR LIVING & FOR WALKING OR FLOATING OR FLYING OR RECREATION OR EDUCATION & VISITATION & FELLOWSHIP, why not just let the rest of the City be nice clear golden walls like a giant skylight facing the beautiful created Heavens of the Lord, through which we can look through its amber sun-shaded glass like sunglasses or tinted windows! We can look up at the stars & the sun & the moon, & although we don't need the sun, it doesn't say there isn't any! (Rev.21:23,22:5) Because the City itself will be lighted by the Lord day & night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! It's going to be lighted all the time! So that although the outside New Earth is still having day & night & perhaps even seasons, I don't know, the City's going to be lighted up all the time!

       52. SO IMAGINE WHAT THAT GORGEOUS GOLDEN CITY'S GOING TO LOOK LIKE AT NIGHT FROM THE WORLD OUTSIDE! You'd be able to see it from 4,000 miles way, think of that! And if you fly up to the Observatory Tower at the Peak of the Pyramid, you could see 4,000 miles away! Imagine that! So I should say they certainly must have some kind of an Observation Tower or observation platform or room up there in the top of this most gorgeous building ever built! Every great tall building or tower of man that I've ever been in always had an observation room or an observation tower or a look-out on the top, so you could go up & see the World from this great tall tower that man had built! Well, why not see God's World from the great tall Tower that He has built?--Higher than anything man ever built before!

       53. SO I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT THERE'S SOME KIND OF AN OBSERVATION ROOM UP THERE SUFFICIENT TO ACCOMMODATE THOUSANDS, perhaps millions of people looking out all the sides of the City through those clear golden crystal walls like amber glass. Won't that be nice? It won't hurt your eyes, it will be beautiful! Amen? So that's another thing I could think of as a use for the City, otherwise it's just one giant skylight up there! I never saw much of what was above, except that one view I saw out the side. I never got any higher up. Maybe I didn't deserve to, or maybe I didn't have time. I'm sure God had plenty of time, He wasn't in a hurry, but I was restricted by the meeting in which we were having this vision & this experience & the people who were there, some of them even unbelievers. So it was a very difficult situation. Thank God we got what we did!

       54. BUT WHAT IF IT'S ALL ONE GIANT SKYLIGHT, besides the Observation Room on top, & we can see the beauties of God's created Heavens & Sun, Moon & stars! Wouldn't that be a beautiful sight from that Garden below or from each of our apartments, to be able to look straight up & see the Heavens, night or day, all the time? We don't need the Sun, but it's there! We don't even need the Moon, but it's still there!--Nor the stars, but they'll still be there!--And the view will be marvellous, if that's so!

       55. MIND YOU NOW, I'M JUST IMAGINING & I'M GUESSTIMATING & I'M TRYING TO VISUALISE FOR YOU & FOR YOUR SAKE THE MARVELLOUS MAGNITUDE & ENORMITY OF THIS GIANT CITY, & ITS CAPABILITIES, its possible sizes & contents & uses, to give you some little idea, even a big idea, of how big & marvellous Heaven is--is now--& still going to be when it finally comes down to this Earth! It will not only be so big & accommodate so much & so many, but also float or fly! Think of that! It's on its way here through space right now, as I saw that in another dream or vision! ("Spaceship!", No.624) Marvellous! What all those other gadgets were for, I don't quite understand, but anyhow, it's coming, & we'll know someday, & soon! As soon as Jesus comes & we go up to marry Him in Heaven, we're going to be in it & enjoy it & see it & feel it & thrill to its beauty, excite to its wonders & marvel at its majesty & enjoy its tremendous supernatural spectacles! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       56. SO THAT'S WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE! That's just giving you a little tiny finite human conception of what Heaven is like from the descriptions that God has already given us, & the few dreams & visions & experiences I have had concerning it. And I hope that thrills you & fills you with a desire to see it & be there soon! Now don't run off from your job here too soon! Don't cop out & want to die & go to be with the Lord before you're finished--you've got a lot of folks to round up yet to take with you! You'd feel real bad if you got there without'm, wouldn't you? And you'd certainly feel bad if they had to go someplace else or even to Hell because you didn't reach them with the Gospel & the Love of Jesus & your love!

       57. SO PLEASE FINISH YOUR JOB FIRST, & THANK GOD, A FEW ALREADY HAVE! My son Aaron's already gone & enjoying it, & dear Phoebe went yesterday morning at 11 o'clock! Who knows but what the Lord was preparing me for this talk & description of Heaven & your Heavenly bodies in preparation for her passing, so that you could look up & not feel down! "Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!" (Lk.21:28) Look up toward that Heavenly City coming soon! And so that you wouldn't feel too bad about Phoebe going, the Lord was already preparing me to talk about Heaven! Think of that!

       58. AND MAYBE HE TOOK HER & SENT HER THERE JUST A LITTLE BIT AHEAD OF THIS TALK, ONLY YESTERDAY MORNING, SO THAT SHE COULD HELP ME NOW EVEN VISUALISE IT & DESCRIBE IT TO YOU & inspire me to do a better job of helping you to see it, feel it, revel in it, enjoy it & thrill to its beauties even better than I could have done without her help! God bless her! I'm sure she's going to help us all she can, as well as a few others of our folks who have gone on to be with the Lord. I know they're still helping us now, or helping Him over there, or helping get it ready for us, its new occupants coming soon! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Isn't that wonderful?

       59. WELL, I COULD JUST GO ON & ON, THERE'S NO END! There's hardly any end to Heaven, & there's hardly any end to trying to describe it to you! It's so marvellous & wonderful & just...well, words fail me to try to describe it! In my funny little pictures & diagrams you see with this Letter you may laugh at my poor miserable ridiculous little conceptions & visualisations, sketches of what I & Jac drew to try to help you see what Heaven is like, but maybe it'll give you some little sample at least, better than nothing, & give you an idea of the size & the capacity & content & facilities of that beautiful, gorgeous, golden Heavenly City that Jesus has gone to prepare for us!--And those beautiful mansions therein that we're going to occupy someday very soon!

       60. YOU DIDN'T THINK WE WERE JUST GOING TO SIT AROUND THE WEDDING FEAST TABLE 24 HOURS A DAY FOR 30 DAYS DID YOU?--If that's how long it's going to be. I think we're going to take a little time off & maybe go home for a little break & a rest & a change & have a little lovin' & love-makin' on the side with Jesus & each other in our Heavenly Mansions! We can't just be sitting at the table stuffing ourselves & gorging ourselves & eating all the time, no matter how many good speeches there are! I think we're going to have to take a little time off & then back to meet the next day & carry on!

       61. SO THAT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN ANYHOW! Maybe you say that's not your idea & maybe you don't think that's quite like it is in the Bible, but I'm using Bible dimensions, I'm using Bible descriptions, & I've just filled in a little here & there from my own trips & experiences & revelations & imaginations to try to help you visualise it & help you see it, help you sense it, help you envision it, help you enjoy it & to help you look forward to it, anticipate it & get half of your Heaven here & now just by anticipating it!--Having half the enjoyment now just through looking forward to it & enjoying thinking & hearing about it & reading about it & seeing artist's conceptions of it, trying to visualise it, as we've tried to do for you! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       62. THANK THE LORD HE HAS GONE TO PREPARE IT, & I'M SURE IT MUST BE JUST ABOUT PREPARED ALREADY, because it should only be a few more years before the Lord comes to take us there for our first trip to our new Home, His Bride's new Home to show her around & to give her a great feast & a great Marriage Supper & a great lovin' up time with the Lord & each other to enjoy it for quite awhile before we have to come back here & do the dirtywork of moppin' up for the Millennium, the Battle of Armageddon to conquer the World & the Antichrist forces & the Devil, to set up God's Kingdom on Earth! We may sort of hate to leave it when it comes time to get back to work in that great War of Heaven on Earth in which we conquer the forces of the Enemy & establish the Kingdom of Christ & His righteousness throughout the World in the great Millennium of God's Kingdom on Earth!

       63. "THY KINGDOM COME ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! THY WILL BE DONE!" Praise God! What more fitting prayer could we finish with than that?--A prayer which is for today, & could even be for the Millennium, & may yet be applicable & true even in the Heavenly City, since there will still be some who are being healed & saved outside & down below. I wish I had more time to tell you more about it & how many different heavens there are! You're living in one right now, the atmospheric heavens! But time & tape fail me, & I'm sure your patience & your weariness of the flesh! "Much study is a weariness of the flesh & of the writing of books there's no end!" (Ecc.12:12) So I'm sure it's time for me to conclude this particular discourse upon Heaven & the Heavenlies & your Heavenly bodies & what Heaven's going to be like & what you're going to be like as one of the Citizens of Heaven! So shall we pray the Lord's Prayer together?

       64. "OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME! THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!" Hallelujah! Isn't that a beautiful prayer? "Give us this day our daily bread"--whatever that may be when we eat in Heaven--"& forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." You say, "Well, I didn't know we were going to have any more trespasses." Well, I've even found some of the spirits sometimes make mistakes! "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"--well, even the Archangel of Light, Lucifer, fell from Heaven, so watch your step! "For Thine is the Kingdom & the power & the glory forever!"--In Jesus' name, amen!--See you there!--Are you comin'?

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