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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

THE {\ul \i MOP}!       DFO 1536       24/5/83

       1. WELL, PTL! TYJ! MARIA & I SELDOM EVER DISAGREE ABOUT ANYTHING, IN FACT, WE HARDLY EVER EVEN HAVE A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION! Usually we are two hearts that beat as one & two minds with but a single thought, almost like mental telepathy! She often takes the Words right out of my mouth, so to speak, or says just what I'm about to say, or is following my thoughts so closely that she goes ahead & says what I'm thinking about, just as though she were reading my mind!

       2. WE ARE IN SUCH PERFECT HARMONY THAT IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE, & ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, WITH A FEW VERY VERY RARE EXCEPTIONS!--And these have never been on any basic fundamentals such as Salvation or serving the Lord or forsaking-all or obeying the Lord or putting His Work first & His Word, which she loves above all else, even as His Word says, "putting His Word above His Name" (Ps.138:2) & even before me, whom she loves very dearly.

       3. ON THESE BLOOMIN' AUTOMATIC VOLUME CONTROL SYSTEMS I'VE GOT TO WAIT ABOUT TEN SECONDS FOR THE SOUND TO COME BACK UP AFTER MERELY CLEARING MY THROAT! I don't know whoever invented these crazy things, but they certainly are a nuisance! Of course, they were made to prevent noise that would be too loud & cause distortion, but most often they prevent proper recording by some loud noise suddenly knocking the volume way down & not coming back up for several seconds & missing quite a bit in the meantime. But anyhow, once in awhile if we do differ on something, it kind of knocks our volume down & we don't readjust for a little bit until we're back in tune again after some minor difficulty.

       4. AS I SAY, WE DON'T DISAGREE ON ANY OF THE BASICS & FUNDAMENTALS, NOT EVEN IN DOCTRINE OR THEOLOGY OR PRACTICE OR METHODS! We are usually almost entirely in total agreement on everything, & our minds & hearts work together as one--which is as it should be in any team, particularly mates. "These two shall become one!" (Gen.2:24) And if you've ever noticed some elderly couples that have been married or lived together a long time, they even begin to look alike! Well, dear Maria & I haven't had that long, & poor Maria, I surely wouldn't want her to begin to look like me, because I like her the way she is, which is very beautiful & very young! I think she's always going to be a teenager! She has the body of a teenager that never seems to grow old--slim, trim, lithe, gorgeous & youthful!--The beauty of a teenager along with a wealth of womanly wisdom, thank the Lord!

       5. WE WERE BOTH AMAZED THE OTHER DAY WHEN WE WERE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT EXACTLY HOW OLD SHE IS! We were rather shocked to realise that she is as old as she is, & I have been kidding her lately about being almost 40--middle-aged! As the fella said, "I'm not surprised at being a grandfather, but sometimes it is rather a shock to realise I'm married to a grandmother!" But in her case, that's not so, because she looks like anything but a grandmother! She doesn't even look like a mother! She looks & acts & exuberates & enthuses & inspires & radiates & scintillates & sparkles & bubbles more like a teenager! She jumps & bounces around playfully with me or the kids just like she is one of us kids!

       6. SO I LIKE HER THE WAY SHE IS!--I DON'T THINK I'D WANT ANY CHANGES WHATSOEVER! I can't think of anything at all in any way that I would like to have her changed or different. I like what I see & I like what I've got, & I don't care to have any changes made that I can possibly think of. She's just about as perfect a woman as anyone could ever desire, & she's just about as good a girl as anybody could possibly ever hope for! She's even better than I ever dreamed of! She's not my dream girl, she's better!--Because I could never have dreamed of such a wonderful woman as my Maria!

       7. ONLY GOD COULD HAVE THOUGHT UP & CREATED SUCH A MARVELLOUS HELPMATE, SO PERFECT FOR ME & MY WORK & MINISTRY, DESIGNED BY THE LORD!--Although I did have a little something to do with ordering her. I didn't order her from any existing menu, I requested the ingredients that I desired in a new mate & I ordered her before she was born! So it took the Lord 23 years to create her & bring her to me all cooked in His kitchen & prepared by the Master Chef & finally presented to me on a platter of Love! And it was love at first sight! I knew this was it, she was the girl! From the moment I set eyes on her & met her, I never ceased to try to get her!

       8. SHE WAS JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED & WHAT I HAD REQUESTED THE DOCTOR TO ORDER!--Only this Doctor was able to create her from scratch! It took a little while, the cooking took about 23 years or so, perfect preparation with just the right ingredients & done to just the right turn with all the special sauces & spices & nutrients necessary, but when He finally had her ready & presented her to me, she was delicious! She was absolutely scrumptious! She was just almost out of this World! Thank God she is in this World, though, because this is where I need her!

       9. SO PTL! SHE'S JUST ABOUT AS PERFECT A MATE & WOMAN & GIRL & LOVER & HELPMEET & CO-WORKER IN THE LORD'S SERVICE THAT ANYBODY COULD POSSIBLY EVER WANT, DESIRE OR EVEN DREAM OF!--Even more than I dreamed of!--Because I never dreamed of the kind of work I was going to be doing! I never realised what God was going to do with both of us. I never knew what I was going to be or what God was going to make me, so I couldn't possibly have prepared for it or chosen the right wife myself for the purpose.

       10. ONLY GOD KNEW WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO WITH ME & WITH US, & HE ALONE KNEW WHAT I NEEDED! So He not only made her to order the way I wanted her, but He also made her to His order the way He knew she needed to be for the work He wanted done & for us to do! So PTL! All that to say this, that we make such a perfect match that we work just like one & seldom ever have a difference of opinion or disagreement about anything! But if ever we do--which is so extremely rare I even have a hard time remembering any at all--if ever I do disagree with her, I can be pretty disagreeable, such as this morning!

       11. AS YOU KNOW, I'VE BEEN VERY VERY BUSY GETTING OUT MY LITTLE GN BOOKLETS & I've been very concerned about getting the Bible Prophecy & Endtime Series finished before the War, to get them out to you while you still need them & can use them & to prepare you for whatever's coming, to inform you on the coming events so that you will know what to expect & how to plan. So I've had a very great burden on my heart to complete this particular series before I did anything else, both the Old & New Testament Bible Prophecy Series as well as the transcripts of the videoed "Garden of Eden" Series on the Book of Revelation.

       12. IN FACT, WE COVERED EVERYTHING FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN TO THE BOOK OF REVELATION, FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION IN THAT 31-PART SERIES which you'll find on about 15 video tapes one of these days when I'm gone & Maria dares to publish them & circulate them. Then it won't matter if you know what I look like & recognise me. I'll only be appearing to you as a ghost & in the spirit from then on, where my enemies can't touch me or reach me, so it won't matter if you do recognise me or if they see exactly what I look like!

       13. SO FOR NOW WE'RE HAVING TO RESERVE THE ACTUAL VIDEOS ONLY FOR TOP PERSONNEL & TOP SECURITY WORLD SERVICE UNITS WHO HAVE SEEN THEM, & THEREFORE BEEN INSPIRED THEREBY! But their circulation throughout the whole Family & perhaps publication even to the World--which they seem to be largely designed for & inspired for, the General Public, with a strong evangelistic Salvation Message in almost every one--will have to wait probably until after my departure for the next World when I am beyond reach of my enemies so that they will not be able to find me by recognising me from the videos.

       14. BUT I BELIEVE IN THE DAYS WHEN I AM GONE THEY'RE GOING TO PROVE TO BE A VERY GREAT INSPIRATION TO YOU, a great encouragement to you, particularly since their message will be about the very days in which you will be living at that time, such as the very End Time & Great Tribulation. So I think those videos were made, apparently, with that thought in mind by the Lord, because I never dreamed that I was going to turn each one of them into an Evangelistic Message & a Salvation appeal to the World & General Public! It seemed that the Lord led in that direction with almost every one, with an invitation at the end of every one to receive Jesus & be saved & thereby be ready for whatever comes!

       15. SO, PTL! YOU ARE NOW GETTING THE WORD! We have now recorded them all, transcribed them all, I have now edited & proofread them all & published them all, & we wound up with a total of ten volumes, ten little GN Booklets of 1-10 with all of these Endtime Bible Prophecy messages in print for you to read in these handy little pocket-sized booklets of only 256 pages each, printed on very thin Bible paper. They're so small because we have intended them that size to make them more convenient for you to carry & read at your leisure & even virtually hide in the palm of your hand while reading, even in public places, if necessary, on the bus or train or long rides or in waiting rooms & places where you have nothing else to do but wait & read & be inspired as you wait!

       16. SOME THOUGHT WE SHOULD NOT EVEN PUT PICTURES OR TITLES ON THE COVERS, but I thought this would be a great loss in identifying them, because it would be difficult for you to distinguish between the booklets. Even if we numbered them you wouldn't know the contents, & we wanted to put some kind of picture to identify each one on the front cover as well as beautify it, & also a Table of Contents so you'd know exactly what was in each one.

       17. SO IF YOU'RE AFRAID TO READ SUCH A BOOKLET WITH SUCH A COVER IN PUBLIC for fear of being identified with such a message & such a group, there's a very very simple way of concealing that cover, & that's just to fold it around the back as you would most paperbacks as you're reading them. You don't hold them wide open with the cover & title & front cover & picture revealed. If you read them like I do, you fold the cover around first & read the first page, & then you fold it around, read the second page, etc. You fold each page around the preceding pages until you have folded all the pages around & come to the back cover, thereby nobody can see what you're really reading except a mass of print! Well, an occasional picture, perhaps, but you can certainly cover that with your hand with no problem in these small pocketbooks!

       18. SO I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANY SECURITY HAZARD IN PUTTING PICTURES & TITLES & TABLES OF CONTENTS ON THE COVERS OF OUR LITTLE BOOKLETS, which we felt was more help to you & a greater advantage than any possible security disadvantage. Even if a postal inspector wants to see what's in it, he can just run his eye down the Table of Contents & see! We have nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of & there's nothing wrong with what we're publishing. Of course, there are some who disagree with us, but that disagreement is usually largely purely religious & nothing legal. Although there are some who'd go to that extreme to try to take legal action against us or to even perpetrate violence against us because of their demonic diabolical & Satanic devilish hatred of us & of Christ Whom we represent. Those who are anti-Christ are truly the only ones who can really take exception to us & our Message & our methods.

       19. SO WE'RE NOT ASHAMED OF OUR LITTLE BOOKLETS, IN FACT, I'M ALMOST QUITE PROUD OF THEM & VERY THANKFUL FOR THEM, THAT'S FOR SURE! I have a feeling of great accomplishment having produced these ten little booklets in only three months, 2560-some pages at a rate of about 30 finished pages per day! We have done it so quickly, so smoothly, so well & effectively & efficiently that it has proven the fastest & the most efficient & effective means of publishing the Word that we have ever hit upon. We have gotten out the Message in the Letters, & in this case the Bible Prophecy classes, transcriptions of the video tapes, faster than almost anything else we have ever published in rating so many finished pages per day. That means we have gone over those pages several times before they actually go to the printers, & many people have read them many times, corrected & proofread & re-read etc., until you finally receive the finished product.

       20. SO IT DOESN'T JUST MEAN THAT WE HAVE ONLY READ 30 PAGES A DAY--ALMOST ANYBODY COULD DO THAT--& WE'RE HOPING THAT YOU DO! And if you're going to keep up with the rate that we're now publishing, you're going to have to read at least 30 pages a day to read it all!--If you're going to read both the little GN booklets as well as all of your FNs & Kidz & LINs, plus a lot of extra books & Heavenly Helpers & various reference works, etc., which are just pouring off our presses at a phenomenal rate, so that I wonder sometimes how our Publication Managers can ever do it! They keep 3 or 4 different printers busy almost full-time!

       21. WE DON'T SEND ANYTHING TO THE PRINTER UNTIL OUR ENTIRE STAFF HAS READ THEM COMPLETELY THROUGH & corrected everything that they can possibly find to correct, every little typo or word mistake! In fact, I never realised how many mistakes I made before until we got so many people proofreading & correcting our publications now. Thank God most of them have been very minor insignificant little typographical errors, slight misspellings or sometimes a mistaken word, very few actual mistakes where we've had a slip of the tongue or a slip of the memory & given you the wrong name or the wrong date, which we're now correcting, thank the Lord, before they get to you.

       22. IN THE OLD DAYS WHEN THERE WAS NOBODY BUT ME & MARIA, GOD KNOWS HOW MANY MISTAKES WE MADE THEN, although she & I read every word of every Letter & every page & they were much more accurate than some of the stuff that dear Jethro & dear Aaron & Ho & some of them pubbed through retyping & through reforming & computers & whatnot, which was supposed to be a vast improvement but resulted in a lot of mistakes & misspellings & grammatical errors & even sometimes errors in meaning, word changes!--Because every typist, every human being that these Words go through are subject to human frailty & fallibility & error. So in some of our older publications you may find many more errors than at present!

       23. WE'RE TRYING TO GO OVER THESE RECENT PUBLICATIONS WITH SUCH A FINE-TOOTH COMB THAT YOU'LL RARELY EVER FIND A MISTAKE! We've caught all of them, or nearly all of them. So if you think you have found a mistake, then you're welcome to call them to our attention. It will be too late to correct the original publication, but we can put in correction notices in later publications if it is truly a mistake or something that is incomprehensible or not understandable.

       24. AND WE ARE GETTING LOTS OF QUESTIONS FROM YOU ABOUT DIFFERENT THINGS WHICH ARE NOT CLEAR & WE'RE TRYING TO CLEAR THESE UP IN THE A/QS, THE "ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS DEPARTMENT"! You'll find a very interesting--or perhaps have already found it--series of Questions & Answers in the end of this 10-Booklet Series on Bible Prophecy, with a lot of questions on Bible Prophecy & Endtime events which have not been clear to some & which we've answered to the best of our ability & knowledge, some of which we can't answer because we just don't know!--Some of which we can only theorise!

       25. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND, OF COURSE, THAT MUCH OF WHAT WE HAVE GIVEN YOU HAS BEEN OUR PERSONAL OPINION ACCORDING TO OUR PERSONAL REVELATIONS & OUR OWN THEORIES & LOGIC & REASON, which we consider within the reason & wisdom of the Lord, & we ourselves are convinced of & believe, but maybe not so easy for you to receive if you are bound by the traditions & theology of the Old School & the traditionalists & the Church rather than modern revelation. It's a little hard for some people to change, even when faced with the facts. Their minds are made up, they don't want to be confused with the facts! If they can't find it in the Bible, then they just simply won't accept it!

       26. WELL, YOU'LL FIND THAT THE LORD HAS FILLED IN QUITE A FEW GAPS IN RECENT REVELATIONS TO US PERSONALLY, TO YOUR FAMILY, ON SUBJECTS WHICH WE DESIRE TO KNOW MORE OF IN DETAIL! He has given us dreams & visions & revelations & spirit trips which have been astonishing & thrilling & exciting & have filled in more pieces to the various puzzles of the pictures of God's Word & coming events, such as the marvels of the coming Heavenly City, which we nicknamed "Space City" because it comes from Outer Space to this Earth, & is out there now & on its way here now, & which I've already visited in the Spirit a number of times!

       27. WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DESCRIBE IT TO YOU TO HELP YOU SOMEHOW GRASP THE REALITY OF IT & THE MAGNITUDE OF IT, the tremendous truth of it, how marvellous it is, how gigantic it is, beyond anything that man has ever conceived of or even imagined! In fact, I don't understand why I never heard any preachers really preaching on it--on its size & its magnitude in comparison with areas of this Earth, & its height & its breadth, its width & its depth & its walls & its jewels & its pearly gates & its marvels!--A gigantic City which is beyond anything man ever conceived of!

       28. IN OUR LATEST ISSUE ON "SPACE CITY" (GN Book 10) WE TRIED TO PUT IN AS MANY MAPS AS POSSIBLE COMPARING THE SIZE OF THE BASE TO YOUR PARTICULAR AREA, & even drawings of the Pyramid itself covering some of these areas, & descriptions of the various statistics of its measurements & its capacities & its areas & its volume & how many people it could hold & how much square footage or square mileage to each person it has.

       29. AND IT'S AMAZING, THE TREMENDOUS CAPACITY OF THAT MARVELLOUS FINAL GREAT HEAVENLY CITY THAT JESUS HAS GONE TO PREPARE & is now all prepared for us & on its way here, just ready for its new tenants which Jesus is going to raise from both the dead & the living in the Rapture at His Second Coming & take us all away to be there with Him!--Not away forever, but for the great wonderful Marriage Supper of the Lamb where we, His Bride, are joined to Him forever! We're already joined to Him forever by faith, of course, but then even literally, physically, as well as spiritually!--To come back then & conquer this Earth for the Lord & the Millennium, with then the Heavenly City to follow us a Thousand Years later & to actually stand upon this Earth!--The New Earth, of course, in the hereafter, & for Eternity!

       30. APPARENTLY GOD CAN'T TRUST IT HERE YET, some of the Wicked might think up some way to damage it or some way to interfere with it somehow in this present World with its present Wicked population, even during the Millennium. But in the New Earth where all the old is passed away & we have an entirely new Creation on the surface of the Earth & everything is right & everything is good & nothing can hurt or destroy, God is going to bring that down to us for our final wedding present to live in forever!

       31. OF COURSE, WE'LL HAVE OUR MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB THERE JUST BEFORE THE MILLENNIUM, & we will also no doubt be going back & forth between this Earth & the City during the Millennium, visiting back & forth for various reasons & purposes & errands. That will no doubt still be our Heavenly Headquarters, although not actually situated on the Earth yet until after the Millennium.

       32. WELL, ALL OF THIS I'M TELLING YOU IS IN A CHAPTER IN OUR LATEST VOLUME of which we put in more pictures & more maps & charts & stats than any other chapter we have written throughout the entire series of booklets! We have had more illustrations of Space City than anything else because I want you to really be able to grasp the wonder of it, the marvel of it, the size of it & really be able to get a good conception of its magnificence & its tremendous colossal gigantic stupendous size & beauty & splendour! Of course, in our little tiny one-page illustrations that we have in our little GN booklets, you can hardly expect us to be able to illustrate too much, but at least we have tried to give you a little idea of what that marvellous City is like--not going to be like but is like now--where it is now out in Space where man cannot harm it or damage it. It's not safe to bring it any closer until man has been completely subdued by the Lord & His Kingdom & us!

       33. SO PRAISE THE LORD! SO ENDS THIS TEN-VOLUME SERIES ON BIBLE PROPHECIES REGARDING THE ENDTIME & THE GLORIOUS FUTURE, & I think you will thrill to it, or perhaps you already have by the time you get this message! And in working on this ten-booklet series we have developed a system of processing & creation, editing, proofreading etc., which has proven very effective & very efficient & very fast, & you've been getting them faster than anything we've ever published before, & in more volume than we've ever published before! We started out with the GNs, offering you something like a bi-weekly GN or a weekly two-to-four a month of a little 18-page newspaper, & that has now grown to a 256-page booklet which you have been receiving every week! From an 18-page weekly to a 256-page weekly I think is quite a leap & quite a bit of progress in only the last few months! So PTL!

       34. I THINK WE'LL SOON BE CELEBRATING OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THE LITTLE "GOOD NEWS" PAPER, which I think was about last July or August if I'm not mistaken, so we'll soon be about a year in publication, & it has finally developed into this little weekly booklet of 256 pages every week! Well, we can't expect to maintain that particular pace & volume always, because we have been racing against time & the imminency of the War which we thought was going to come very soon, to try to put these in your hands beforehand. We've been working night & day, seven days a week to try to get this Series finished, & thank God we are now completing it! We have many more Letters stockpiled for you yet, of course, enough to keep us going for quite awhile, which we'll be working on later.

       35. BUT IN THE MEANTIME I HAVE HAD TO GIVE OVER ALL OTHER PUBLICATIONS ENTIRELY TO OTHERS OF OUR STAFF, & PARTICULARLY TO THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF THE FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE, OUR OWN DEAR MARIA! I have had to let them shoulder the responsibility of getting out these other publications & compiling them & finalising them & getting them printed & published, including not only the Magazines, but many books & Komic books, etc.--Which has been a tremendous responsibility upon her shoulders & the shoulders of her co-workers, co-editors & contributors.

       36. AND OF COURSE THE FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE ITSELF IS YOURS, ALL YOURS! You are the correspondents, you are the writers, authors, photographers & compilers, & therefore, since you're supposed to send those in in finalised photo-ready form & format, if there are any mistakes in those, they're yours! We are not responsible for that, we haven't got time to correct everything, so if you made any mistakes, well, you're going to read them right in the Magazine & so will the whole World! So do try to be more prayerful & careful in your preparation & try to make them as perfect as you can, both text & context, photography, pictures, drawings, etc.

       37. SO THE FN MAGAZINE HAS BECOME TRULY ENTIRELY YOUR MAGAZINE. Maria merely compiles it, puts it together & edits it a bit, does a little proofreading, etc., & then turns it over to the Staff for finalising, printing & publishing. So if you don't like the FN, it's your fault! Ha! If you want to find fault with the FN Magazine, you'll have to blame others, not us, because we didn't write it! We didn't take the pictures, we didn't lay out the formats, they are entirely yours, praise God!--With a few rare exceptions which have been done by our own personal staff.

       38. THE OTHER BOOKS WHICH HAVE BEEN COMING OUT AS WELL ARE LARGELY COMPILED & WRITTEN BY YOU as their contributors & authors & compilers & condensers & various staff members of various Creations Units, as well as you folks who are contributors from around the World. So those are all yours too. You made'm, you fix'm! And if you don't like'm, well, I guess you'll have to be sorry, because you are the ones behind them all, including the Lord, of course, & I'm sure He has been guiding & inspiring you!

       39. WE THINK THEY'RE WONDERFUL, WE'RE THRILLED WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! We're excited about your photography, we are really pleased with your latest formats & textual work & artwork etc., your content & contributions, & we are really greatly pleased with what good work you've been doing in contributing these marvellous parts to all of these various publications. So thank you & God bless you for your good work! Keep it up! Let's keep'm rolling, amen?

       40. ONE OF MARIA'S LATEST BRAINSTORMS & BRILLIANT IDEAS & EXCITING CREATIONS of her & her staff has been a new book that she wants to get out for you containing all of the most outstanding quotes that you have found in the Letters & our various pubs, which she thinks are the pith & core & heart of our Message in a nutshell! In fact, in this one book that she's planning--which may turn out to be two or three booklets--she hopes to put all of the most outstanding, brief, short, to-the-point quotes which epitomise our entire Message, doctrine, thought, teachings, preachings, practices, methods, everything, in a series of categories alphabetised from A to Z, grouped according to over 100 categories which will be cross-referenced so that you can find whatever you're looking for to either read as informative information or as devotional inspiration in whatever way you may need, or even as witnessing tools & something that you might even be able to loan out to good friends for their inspiration.

       41. WE HOPE TO PUT OUT AN EDITION IN THE FUTURE, GOD WILLING, OF THOSE THINGS ONLY MILK-&-HONEY FOR THE OUTSIDERS & GENERAL PUBLIC that you could give or loan to almost anyone to read. Right now, this little book or series of two or three booklets, which it looks like it's going to be, similar in size & format to our little GN Booklets, are going to contain virtually everything poignant & piquant & sharp & to the point that we have ever said, without the mass of words which we have said around them!--Just the most important little quotes that we could possibly find. And she has had a mass of people working on a maze of material to assemble all of these very important quotations for your inspiration & information!

       42. THESE QUOTES WILL BE THE HEART & CORE & PITH & EPITOME OF OUR WHOLE MESSAGE, it's all there, without much of the surrounding material. It's like the wheat hearts or the wheat germ--they used to call them "Wheathearts", a special brand of wheat germ--without even some of the surrounding grain & shell, & certainly not the chaff or the husks!--But just the very pith, core & heart of what we have had to say in so many millions of Words & so many scores of publications, magazines, books etc.!

       43. SO MARIA HAS BEEN QUITE EXCITED & THRILLED ABOUT THIS project for some time now & has been working on it for months & just has gotten really wrapped up in it for some time now, while I have been very very busy devoting my entire time, energy & strength to our little GN booklets on Endtime Bible Prophecy etc. She is now on the home stretch on her Quotebook or booklets, whatever they may be, on her quotes anyhow, & she's beginning to assemble them & has got some of them already assembled in categories ready for me to peruse & work on & proofread & edit or correct or whatever may need to be done by me.

       44. --BECAUSE I NEVER LET ANYTHING GO OUT OF THIS OFFICE WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN SAID OR SPOKEN OR WRITTEN BY ME UNLESS I READ IT FIRST & make sure that I did say it or I agree with it, & that it is correctly spoken & rightly printed & that it says what it should say & not something else, lest the Enemy get his nose in or a toehold anywhere & slip in some little thing that is not so or not right or not according to our faith & belief & teaching & doctrine & practice. So any book that is published that I am supposed to have said or spoken or written, I must read every single word of it & make sure it is what it's supposed to be.

       45. AND THEREFORE IT MAY BE NECESSARY FOR ME TO GO COMPLETELY THROUGH HER QUOTEBOOK & MAKE SURE THE QUOTES ARE ALL OKAY & RIGHT & WELL-SAID & necessary & edifying & inspiring & with the right teaching, & to weed out anything which may be incorrect or may not be according to our faith & belief, doctrine or practice. So it's quite a monumental task, quite a colossal project & involves thousands of quotations, hundreds of pages, & as I say, may be published in two or three books. But I think you're going to be thrilled with them & as excited as we are about them, & will enjoy them as much as we do!

       46. IT'S REALLY FASCINATING TO READ LITTLE SHORT QUOTATIONS & VERY SHORT SENTENCES USUALLY, with the whole idea summed up in one little phrase or sentence, & that you only have to read one at a time. You don't have to read them all together, you can just read as few or as many as you want to at a sitting, because each one can stand on its own two feet! Each one is a thought in itself, each one is a complete quotation of its own & does not necessarily need anything else to go with it. So if you just have a moment to sit down & read even less than a DM page or you only have time to read a few sentences or maybe even only one sentence, you're going to have it in this marvellous Quotebook Series!

       47. SO MARIA HAS BEEN BEGGING ME & BUGGING ME TO START WORK ON IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, as soon as I finished this very vital Bible Prophecy Endtime Series which I thought was really essential to get to you as quickly as possible & really necessary & vital to your information & your edification, inspiration, even preparation regarding the future so that you would not be ignorant of any of these things which are about to occur, some of them already occurring. But she made me promise that when I was through with this particular Bible Prophecy Series, including the "Garden of Eden" Series--which is now being completed in the 10th volume of little GN booklets--that I would go to work on her Quotebook or books, which I did, & which I promised her I would.

       48. SO WHEN SHE KNEW I HAD JUST FINISHED THE LAST FEW PAGES & PREPARATIONS FOR THE FINAL PART OF THE FINAL VOLUME 10 of the little GN Booklets on that subject, she was immediately clamouring for me to start work on her quotes, & she began piling them up here on my desk & reminding me almost momentarily that, "Here they are! Here they are, Honey, please start reading them, please go to work on them, please, please, please right now!"

       49. IF SHE COULD EVER COME CLOSE TO BEING GUILTY OF A LITTLE BIT OF NAGGING OR HENPECKING, IT MIGHT BE IN THE MATTER OF TRYING TO GET ME TO DO MY WORK, OR WHAT WORK SHE THINKS I OUGHT TO DO!--Really very tactfully usually, very sweetly, very artfully, very shyly & coyly & cleverly, almost mischievously sometimes she manages to put little things in my way & shove little things in my lap or before my eyes or on my desk to make sure that I do them & constantly remind me of them, which is very well & good & what she should do & that's part of her job, God bless her!

       50. BUT THIS MORNING AS SHE WAS RESUMING HER REMINDERS THAT THERE WAS THE MATERIAL & COULD I PLEASE START WORKING ON IT, I began discussing with her just exactly how we were going to go about publishing these quotes & told her that I would really have to read every single one & be sure that every one is okay & make sure that it goes right through to finalisation exactly the way I have edited it & read it & corrected it & want it printed, so there will be nothing in this Quotebook amongst these quotes that is not the way it should be!

       51. SO I SAID, "WELL, I HAVE GOT TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT, & I want to read it only when it's reached its final stage before actual final layout for printing, so I can be sure that no changes are made between my handling & finalisation. Therefore, I want to see the whole thing & see exactly what it's going to look like before I go to work on it!" Well, she, thinking that that meant she had to get the whole book ready & completely finished before I would even read a word, that was almost too much! God bless her for her eagerness & impatience to get it going & rolling.

       52. SO POOR MARIA ALMOST BROKE DOWN & WEPT! She was already not feeling very well, she was on her period, & you know that a woman when menstruating tends to be, of course, tired & a little irritable & sometimes impatient, not feeling very well & rather easily annoyed, for which you can't necessarily blame them because it's not exactly the easiest time of the month for them. So when I was a little bit obstinate & contrary & a little aggravating, I'm sure, in saying that I didn't want to work on it till I was sure she really had it in its final stages, poor girl, she nearly broke down & almost got a little fed-up with me, for which I don't blame her. I can be pretty aggravating sometimes, I presume.

       53. I'M LIKE AN OLD STUBBORN MULE SOMETIMES THAT REFUSES TO MOVE UNLESS I'M SURE I'M MOVING THE RIGHT DIRECTION & THE WAY I WANT TO GO, & sometimes she's got to belabour me a bit to persuade me to do what she feels is right & ought to be done, & has a little difficulty convincing me sometimes that that's what I should do. It's not at all that we don't think it should be done or that we don't think it's right or we're not in perfect agreement on the overall picture, but just sometimes on some little tiny snag or some little minor detail we sometimes get a little hooked on. So she was a little upset because I wouldn't go to work on her quotes right away. But I was still kind of thinking about it & praying about it & trying to decide just how to go about it & how to do it!

       54. BUT ON THOSE VERY RARE OCCASIONS WHEN WE DO DISAGREE A LITTLE BIT OR SHE THINKS I DISAGREE, SHE'S APT TO GET A LITTLE BIT UPSET & I'M APT TO GET A LITTLE BIT DISAGREEABLE & A LITTLE STUBBORN & DIFFICULT TO MOVE! Well, when she gets upset, of course, that always upsets me too & I feel bad. And when she sort of left the room in disappointment--I wouldn't blame her if she had been disgusted with my stubbornness--I felt very bad. In fact, I felt so bad that I had hurt her feelings & displeased her, that I actually got sick! If there's any person in this whole World I want to please & love so much that I hate to hurt in any little way, it's my dear precious adorable incomparable Maria!

       55. SO I WAS FEELING REAL BAD TOO THAT WE HAD SORT OF SEEMED TO DISAGREE ON HOW TO GO ABOUT PUBLISHING THESE QUOTES, & I was stubbornly insisting on monitoring every single word & every single finalisation, etc., & I was a little slow to pitch into it all right away until I was sure it was ready. So she left the room, & I don't know whether she went to cry on someone else's shoulder or what, but anyway, I wouldn't have blamed her if she did, & I was left alone to cry on nobody's shoulder but the Lord's! I was sorry, I felt very bad, & I felt so bad I actually turned sick to my stomach! And I got so sick that I actually had to lie down, I went back to bed. And I'm sure the Lord allowed that or even did it in order that He could do what He did in the answer that He gave.

       56. BECAUSE I WAS PRAYING FOR A SOLUTION & FOR THE PROPER METHOD TO GO ABOUT APPROACHING THIS BOOK OF QUOTES, OR BOOKLETS, & how to attack them & finalise them & organise them, asking the Lord, "Well, how should I do it, Lord? You alone know what's the right way. Neither I nor Maria are the final judges, You alone know what's best & what's the way to do it & how to do it. Should I even read them at all, or should I just let her & her staff finalise them? I have so much else to do & so many other Letters to get out myself, should I even bother to read them & have to go over them all, thousands of quotations, hundreds of pages? It looks like it may be 5, 6 or 700 pages now! Should I just let her go ahead with it & forget it, let them handle it & let them proofread it & correct it, finalise it & print it without my going over it at all? Maybe I can just read it when it's done." So I was asking the Lord what I should do about her quotes, & I got sick & went to bed & went to sleep, thank the Lord!

       57. WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, SOMETIMES THE BEST THING TO DO IS JUST STOP, QUIT, DON'T DO ANYTHING! Wait on the Lord! If you're tired or upset or feel sick, go to bed, take a rest, take a nap, get a little sleep. Maybe you'll feel better when you wake up, & maybe the Lord will even give you the answer in your sleep or in a dream or revelation or a prophecy of some kind. Maybe you'll get the answer if you'll just wait on the Lord, & I'm sure you will, because that's exactly what happened!

       58. I WENT TO SLEEP, & IN MY SLEEP I HAD THE FUNNIEST LITTLE DREAM! It was very short, only one picture & a few words, but that was it! That's all I needed. That was sufficient for me. That was the answer that I was looking for & the Lord was so faithful to give, & in such a simple childish picture that the Lord surely must think we're very very childish & our intellect is extremely limited to have to give us the answer in such a simple little humble little funny little picture!

       59. WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE TITLE OF THIS PARTICULAR DISCOURSE WHICH YOU'VE ALREADY READ AT THE BEGINNING & BEEN WONDERING WHAT IN THE WORLD IT WAS & WHEN IN THE WORLD WOULD I GET AROUND TO IT--THE {\ul \i MOP}!--Because that was exactly what I saw in my dream! There are many kinds of mops in the World, & mops are a very interesting study, believe it or not!--And as we once made a study for you of toilets, a seemingly very humble vessel of the house, yet I proved to you that it was the most necessary vessel in the entire house! (No.264) Although the most humble & the most secretive & seemingly the most hidden & lowliest & dirtiest of all vessels, it is the most essential!--And I might say, so also with the humble mop!

       60. OF ALL HOUSEKEEPING TOOLS, THE MOP IS PROBABLY THE LOWLIEST & THE LOWEST & THE DIRTIEST & THE MESSIEST, & YET THE MOST NECESSARY & USEFUL OF ALMOST ANY HOUSEKEEPING TOOL OUTSIDE OF THE COMMON BROOM! But what the broom won't clear up & clean up, the mop has to, because the mop usually has to really clean up the mess. Mops are for messes!--And usually wet & messy messes! And if not for that, they are for scrubbing floors, really cleaning floors with soap & water or various cleansers of various kinds. Or for polishing some kinds of floors.

       61. AS I SAY, THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF MOPS! I'll never forget the biggest mop I ever saw was in one of those Grand Central Stations down in Mexico where they have such gorgeous enormous beautiful grand cathedral-like, almost auditorium-like, railroad stations in some of those cities, surrounded by the pitiful huts & hovels & shacks & shanties of the poor! Whereas inside the station it's all grandeur & spit'n'polish & gorgeous polished floors, & where they have men of continual employment simply going back & forth & back & forth across those highly polished floors with these huge polish mops constantly, all day long, keeping them clean & polished in spite of the thousands of dirty feet & footsteps walking across those floors!

       62. THERE ARE MEN WALKING BACK & FORTH CONSTANTLY WITH THESE HUGE MOPS ABOUT SIX FEET OR TWO METERS WIDE, a piece of wood at the bottom lying flat on the floor wrapped in polish rags, so that it could cover a path a couple meters wide as the man walked down the length of the floor pushing this board with a handle. Most mops have handles. They have mop-heads & then they have handles. The mop-head is the actual mop itself with its fibers or its sponges or its rags or strings or ropes or whatever material the mop-head may be made of, for whatever purpose it's to accomplish.

       63. WHETHER IT'S FOR WET MOPPING, SPONGE MOPPING OR POLISH MOPPING, ALL MOPS HAVE MOP HEADS! And since they have mop heads, they must also have handles with which to wield the mop or push the mop or pull the mop, so that the person using the mop can be standing up & pushing the mop-head back & forth with its handle, which usually is also about six feet long, two meters, which gives the mopper a fairly good range, pushing the mop back & forth & around about or side-to-side or whichever way he likes to mop!

       64. I'VE SEEN MOPPING DONE IN ALL KINDS OF DIFFERENT WAYS & DIFFERENT PLACES! I'll never forget when I first saw this in the Canaries--they have no mops at all! They didn't even know what a mop was! They got down on their hands & knees & scrubbed the floor with a mere mop rag applied directly to the floor by hand. And our dear maids, when they would come to our hotel room to clean, would take their wet soapy rag & get right down on the floor on their hands & knees & scrub it by hand with a mere mop rag!

       65. WELL, THAT'S NOT WHAT I WOULD CALL A MOP, & THAT'S NOT WHAT I WOULD SAY IS THE BEST & EASIEST WAY TO MOP THE FLOOR! But that seemed to be the only way they knew how. They didn't even know what a mop was, they never heard of one. When we asked why didn't they use a mop, they didn't know what we were talking about! And later when we got an apartment & houses of our own, we found that mops were even hard to find. They were some kind of a European or American creation which had not quite taken hold in this rather primitive country, & they still preferred the good old hands-&-knees mop-rag method.

       66. WELL, I MUST SAY, IT REALLY DID A THOROUGH JOB & VERY CLEAN JOB! Their nose & eyes were close to the floor where they could really tell whether it was clean or not! But it looked like it was awfully hard on them & on their knees & their hands & the rag to have to do it all by hand that way without a mop & only the rag! So eventually when we got our own apartment & later our own house, we did find a store or two that carried a few European & American products, & there we saw some good old American or European mops with mop heads & mop handles of various kinds!

       67. I CAN REMEMBER AS A BOY, THE FAVOURITE OLD AMERICAN-STYLE MOP WAS JUST A HANDLE WITH SOME RAG-LIKE ROPES OF CLOTH WIRED TO THE BOTTOM, a permanent attachment of the mop head to the mop handle, but very cheap & you just kept using that one till you wore it out; then you threw the whole thing away, including the handle! But a little later someone invented a useable & reusable & disposable mop head so that when you finally wore out the mop or the mop head, you could merely dispose of the mop head & not the handle too. You could keep the handle & attach the new mop head.

       68. THE FIRST KINDS OF MOPS OF THIS TYPE CONSISTED OF A LITTLE PIECE OF WOOD SURROUNDED BY ROPE-LIKE STRINGS OF CLOTH, & sometimes it looked like actual rope attached to the wooden mop head, in which there was a hole to insert the handle. And you simply used that mop head until you completely wore out the cloth almost down to the wooden attachment itself, & then you threw that away. You went & bought a new mop head & you put your old handle into the new mop-head & mopped away again.

       69. THEN THERE CAME ALONG A KIND OF MOP HEAD WHICH WAS VERY CLEVER & THAT I CAN REMEMBER USING OFTEN AS A BOY, SINCE THAT HAPPENED TO BE MY JOB, TO HELP MY MOTHER MOP THE FLOORS! She was not very strong, & I was young & strong, so she usually gave me that job of moppin' floors. And of course the kitchen floor had to be mopped several times a day, & all other floors in the house at least once a day with a damp or wet or soapy mop depending on the type of floor, whether it was tile or concrete or wooden or polished or not. Of course, on the polished wooden floors we used what was known as a dust mop with a little furniture polish on it. And that was the same thing, it consisted of a mop head & a handle, & to the mop-head were attached these strings or ropes of cloth, soft material, which would beautifully, with the help of a little oil, polish the beautiful polished wooden floors.

       70. AND OF COURSE IN THE TROPIX NOW WE HAVE FOUND THAT MOST HOMES HAVE TILE FLOORS OR "TERRAZZO" FLOORS AS THEY CALL IT, which are similar to tile floors, & with almost like inlaid mosaic but in just a scattered pattern. But these floors are usually of tile or a tile-like material which can be kept very clean just by wet-mopping with an ordinary wet mop or soapy mop, mopped first with soap & water, & then the mop rinsed out & wrung out & mopped again with clean rinse water until they were really clean. As my Mother used to say, "I want that floor clean enough you could eat on it!" And she was a stickler for cleanliness.

       71. FOR MY MOTHER & FATHER, CLEANLINESS WAS PART OF THEIR RELIGION! Cleanliness was not next to Godliness, as far as they were concerned, cleanliness was Godliness, & Godliness was cleanliness! So therefore they insisted that everything be absolutely spotless & clean & sanitary & virtually sanitised, sterilised! In fact, we often mopped with a little addition of Lysol, a disinfectant, to make sure the germs were all killed & the floor was really clean.

       72. AND OF COURSE IN THE TROPICAL COUNTRY THAT I WAS BROUGHT UP IN, WE LITTLE ONES RAN AROUND INSIDE THE HOUSE IN OUR BARE FEET, & OFTEN EVEN OUTSIDE, WHICH WAS NOT ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA! But that was before the invention of thongs, & very few sandals were even available then. Outside we children usually had to wear tennis shoes to protect our feet, which in those days were not very well ventilated & made of canvas & rubber. They made your feet very hot & very stinky & sweaty, & you usually quickly developed Athlete's Foot, which is a fungus type of itchy irritation that grows between your toes & is very difficult to get rid of & nearly drives you wild in the heat of your shoe or your tennis shoes. But that's the way we were raised then, we had to usually wear shoes outside.

       73. WHEN WE FIRST CAME TO FLORIDA WE MADE THE MISTAKE OF RUNNING AROUND BARE-FOOTED ON THE DIRTY GROUND & WE GOT FLORIDA SORES, which was another kind of fungus or infection or bacteriological disease which crept up our legs from our feet clear to our knees from the microbes living in the soil who decided they'd like to live in us & made these horrible sores on the lower part of our legs & feet!--Until the doctor told my Mother what it was & that she shouldn't allow her children to run around bare-footed outdoors where you pick up these germs that infect your legs & cause these sores. He said that sea water, of course, was the best thing for them, & therefore she should take us swimming in the ocean as much as possible, which she thereupon did, & it quickly cured & cleared up our Florida Sores until we had them no more, & we were careful to wear shoes outdoors from then on.

       74. SORRY TO SAY, IN THOSE DAYS THEY DIDN'T YET HAVE THESE LOVELY LITTLE THONGS! The first thongs I can remember came from Japan & most people weren't very fond of Japan in those pre-War days & its trade competition with U.S. products, so they were almost ashamed to use thongs. But these "cheap little Japanese sandals" as they called them, or "thongs", the kind that fit between your big toe & the next toe with a little strap there that then divides two ways over the front part of your foot, & just a little kind of a sponge rubber sole.--This was a great invention & tremendous when my children were small! They didn't really get those across till just before World War 2! They came out a little before I was married, & I was very thankful for them when my children were small & also in the Tropix, & we as well!

       75. SO THONGS, AS WE CALLED THEM THEN--AS I GUESS YOU STILL CALL THEM--ARE A GREAT INVENTION! You'd be surprised how many of these things which you accept so commonplace & as though they had always been, have not always been in even our modern Western nations!--Although they were already common in the Tropical countries in the form of thongs or sandals etc. Even Jesus & His disciples wore sandals to protect their feet from the dusty roads & the germs of their day.--That is, when they didn't go bare-footed!

       76. BUT ANYWAY, INSIDE WE WERE ALWAYS HAPPY TO KICK OFF OUR SHOES & SOCKS & REVEL IN THE FRESH AIR & THE COOLNESS OF OUR FEET ON THOSE NICE BARE CLEAN FLOORS! Although we didn't kick off our shoes outdoors before we went in the front or back door as they do in so many Oriental countries & go in bare-footed on those nice clean floors, I remember we did have a sort of a back service porch/laundry room when we went in from the back yard, which was our most frequent entrance & exit. That's where we usually kicked off our shoes, in that little room there, & ran on into the rest of the house barefooted.--Which might not be a bad idea, Mothers, for your little ones!

       77. NOWADAYS IN OUR HOME WE KICK OFF OUR SHOES ON THE FRONT PORCH COMING IN FROM THE CITY OR THE DIRTY STREETS & FILTHY TOWNS, & you'll find our shoes all lined-up out there! We step from them bare-footed or sock-footed onto the nice clean floors, which we keep clean enough for our feet, free from germs as much as possible, & try to make sure that we don't bring in any filth or germs or infections from the city streets, which are full of them, of course.

       78. SO ANYWAY, WE'VE ADOPTED THE ORIENTAL CUSTOM OF LEAVING OUR SHOES OUTSIDE, & inside we usually go completely bare-footed, & almost completely naked too! Then when we run outside in our own yard, we normally wear nothing on our feet but thongs or sandals, nice & clean on our clean grass & soil, but to protect our feet from the dirt or any possible infection or injury. So anyhow, we kept our floors clean! We did a lot of moppin' when I was young, & I was the main mopper! So I know a lot about mops!

       79. WELL, AFTER THE WOODEN DISPOSABLE MOP-HEAD CAME ALONG, THERE CAME ALONG ANOTHER NEW TYPE OF MOP HEAD, THE METAL MOP HEAD! Now the metal mop head was also disposable, but it could be used & re-used & used again simply by changing the mop part. The mop head itself was about 8 or 10 inches wide, a metal piece with a wire clamp that you operated with a lever just above it, which you folded back against the mop handle, & it held the mop material securely inside of the clamp of the mop head.

       80. YOU COULD USE ANYTHING FOR YOUR MOP CLOTH THEN, OLD RAGS OR DISPOSED GARMENTS OR ROPE OR WHATEVER YOU WANTED TO PUT DOWN THERE. All you had to do was stick it through the clamp & then fold the handle of the clamp back onto the bottom of the mop handle, mop stick, & it was curved a little bit so it just fit right down on the bottom of the mop handle. The clamp was almost about 8 or 10 inches long, & it was a very clever thing. It was hinged to this metal mop head which could then be a more or less permanent mop head but with disposable mopping material which you could change as frequently as you felt necessary. If it got too dirty or too worn-out, you could just open the handle, which opened the clamp, take out the old rags & put in fresh ones. So now you had a new type of mop which became very popular when I was a boy, where you kept the same mop handle & you even kept the same metal mop head, but you could dispose of the rags.

       81. SO IN MY DREAM I WAS MOPPING THE FLOOR WITH THIS MOP! You might say, in a way, that is part of my ministry, using good soap & water to kind of mop your floor, the floor of your mind!--To brainwash you & cleanse you with the pure Water of the Word & make you nice & clean & so polished that you really shine for the Lord! Amen? Even if people walk all over you, you'll still shine, because I keep polishing you, & you keep polishing yourself with the Water of the Word on God's Mop, which is perhaps some of our publications!

       82. IN FACT, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE LORD APPLIED IN THIS PICTURE AS THE APPLICATION OF THIS ILLUSTRATION, WAS THAT SOMEHOW OR ANOTHER THE MOP HEAD WAS LIKE OUR PUBLICATIONS & that once I had the right rags inserted in the mop head, like the Words, wet with the Water of His Word, that I should fold the clamp back tight so that nothing would slip & it would hold tight. In fact, at the top of this clamp handle which folded back against the wooden mop handle there was a little hole in which you were supposed to place a small nail to nail the handle of the mop head down tight to the wooden mop handle so that it wouldn't accidentally open & release your rags & wouldn't fly open at the wrong time while you're busy mopping.

       83. YOU COULD ACTUALLY NAIL THE CLAMP HANDLE TO THE MOP HANDLE, tight, so that you could mop away furiously & not lose any of your rags or be in danger of the clamp handle flying open with your energetic mopping violence & somehow or another spoil your mopping or lose your rags or whatever. It made that mop-head virtually permanent, although changeable. Once you had the mop-rag inside the clamp & then you clamped the handle back onto the mop handle & you put a little nail in that hole to keep it there, it was clamped more or less permanently & you didn't stand a chance of losing your rags or losing your strokes of mopping by having the thing fly open or any other such difficulties & lose your temper!

       84. APPARENTLY I'D JUST INSERTED SOME FRESH RAGS & I WAS CLAMPING THE METAL CLAMP HANDLE BACK ONTO THE WOODEN HANDLE OF THE MOP, & I heard this voice just as clearly as you hear my voice right now: "Clamp it tight! Nail it down so nothing can be changed or twisted or turned or slip or fall off!"--Just as clear as that!--And I woke up, just like that, & I instantly knew that was my answer, that I was to definitely go over these quotes & inspect every single one prayerfully, carefully & make sure that every single one said what it should say, nothing more, nothing less!--Whether I said it or I was quoting some other great preacher or teacher or man of God, or sometimes even clever sayings or funny sayings, yet never without real meaning & depth even though sometimes amusing.

       85. OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE & MANY OTHER LANGUAGES AS WELL, ARE FULL OF MANY CLEVER LITTLE ADAGES OR SAYINGS OR PROVERBS OR PARABLES, sometimes very brief, sometimes in poetic form, but very poignant, much to the point, & with real strong depth of meaning. We have many old sayings which you've heard me repeat time & again like, "Look before you leap!", "Squeeze don't jerk!" & many many others which are famous quotes in our Family!--Many of which were not necessarily even original with me. After all, I had to hear'm someplace to begin with, either from the Lord or some other preacher or teacher or my Mother or Father or other folks whom I heard speak these cute little sayings or proverbs or mottos, & which I took to right away because they were so quick & easy to learn, so simple & short & so powerful & to the point that I immediately grasped onto them & memorised them, retained them, & could never forget them!

       86. SO THEY HAVE LIVED WITH ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE & I'VE USED THEM MANY MANY TIMES OVER & OVER AGAIN THROUGHOUT MY WRITINGS, LECTURES & TEACHINGS--old familiar quotes, adages, proverbs, sayings, parables etc., usually very short & brief & to the point & easy to remember. I'm sure our children will be quoting them after us, as I learned to quote them after my Mother & Father & other preachers & teachers that I heard speak them often. They're throughout our English language literature, as I'm sure you have many in your language as well. Sometimes they don't translate too well because the meanings are a little difficult to explain. It's like some of our English jokes & puns are not very translatable & don't go over very well in another language, some of these little quips & quotes are not necessarily as powerful in another language as they are in English. You probably have many in your language which do not translate as well into ours as well. But every language has them.

       87. EVERY LANGUAGE IS FULL OF THEM, WHICH ARE OFTEN QUOTED BY PARENTS TO THEIR CHILDREN & PEOPLE TO EACH OTHER, & ARE ALMOST CONSIDERED AS RECOGNISED LAWS & UNCHALLENGED TRUTHS! These sayings & proverbs & quotes which have been handed down from generation to generation throughout a culture, for years, for generations, for hundreds of years, have survived & proven true & effective! They have been so useful & such good guides to our human behaviour & such true analogies of our standards & behaviour, that we have one entire Book of them in our Bible, & you know what Book that is, don't you? It goes by that very name: Proverbs!

       88. ALMOST EVERY LITTLE VERSE IS A SEPARATE PROVERB WHICH CAN STAND BY ITSELF ON ITS OWN!--Sometimes even every phrase! Sometimes it is maybe two or three verses together varying in length according to the quote. And these "Proverbs of Solomon", as they are called in the Bible, were not necessarily all originated or original with Solomon, but which he compiled & accumulated from many teachers & philosophers & men of God, Prophets & Patriarchs. They were a part of the culture of his language & the teachings of his forbearers, which he accumulated & arranged all in his wonderful Book of Proverbs!

       89. --WHICH, BY THE WAY, WAS A BOOK THAT MY FATHER USED TO LOVE TO READ TO US AS A FAMILY WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN DURING OUR USUAL ONE-HOUR FAMILY DEVOTIONS, either each morning or each evening. He either read a chapter of the Proverbs or he read a Psalm or two & then we had prayer, & some singing usually at the beginning to get us in the spirit & the mood & praise the Lord & thank Him for His goodness, a little introductory prayer of thanksgiving, & then he would read the Bible. And almost always it was either Psalms or Proverbs, Psalms being songs usually of praise & comfort & inspiration, as well as Prophecy, even prophecies about the Endtime. The Psalms of David are full of prophecies about Jesus, & particularly His second coming.

       90. BUT THE PROVERBS ARE PARTICULARLY THESE LITTLE QUIPS & SAYINGS & POIGNANT POINTERS ON HOW TO LIVE, how to behave, how to think, how to speak, how not to speak, how not to behave, what to do & what not to do, real things to hang onto for life as a behavioural pattern that works & has worked for your ancestors, your forebearers, your fathers, your culture, your nationality, your country & its people & its language, & these have usually proven true, something you can depend on. A proverb is usually a little saying that you can really count as God's honest truth, this is the facts, this is the way it is & this is the way you should do it or say it or behave or not.

       91. SO THESE LITTLE SAYINGS & PROVERBS & QUOTES, SO TO SPEAK, HAVE BECOME A PART OF OUR LANGUAGES AS WELL AS OUR LIVES IN EVERY CULTURE & EVERY LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! So since we are a Nation of our own unto ourselves & we have our own culture & we have our own language & we have a lot of particularly peculiar sayings which are peculiar to us, in other words native to us & to our language & culture & means of expression, many little quips & quotes & adages & sayings & mottos & proverbs, little things you've heard me say over & over again, dear dear Maria & our precious Staff Members & Family have been accumulating these now for months & months, if not years! And of course I've been saying them for years, you've been hearing them for years, so she has finally gotten them together & scraped them up from every source she could possibly get them from & is putting them in her book of quotes, or maybe books or booklets it looks like!

       92. SO WHEN I GOT THIS DREAM, I KNEW THAT WAS THE ANSWER RIGHT THEN & THERE, that I had to go over this Book of Quotes with a fine-tooth comb & make sure every one was right & said what they should say & not lead anyone astray & not say anything they shouldn't or anything we do not believe in or don't agree with, regardless of who said them--whether it was original with me or I'm quoting my Mother or Father or some other great teacher, preacher or great philosopher or person, or just the standard quotes of our own culture & language--I was to make sure they're right & go ahead! I was to clamp the cloths into the mop head & to clamp down the clamp & nail it to the handle so it couldn't be moved or changed or twisted or slip or fall off in any way!

       93. SO I WOKE HAPPY THAT THE LORD HAD GIVEN ME AN ANSWER, THAT I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO GO OVER EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THESE QUOTES & make sure they were right & that I agree with them so that they will be what the Lord wants them to be! PTL! And having gotten that answer, that that was to be my job--I was to clamp down on them & make sure they were what they should be--the Lord then solved the rest of the problem of how I should go about it!

       94. WE WERE TO PUBLISH THEM IN THE PROVEN METHOD THAT HAS PROVEN SO FAST & EFFICIENT & SUCCESSFUL IN THE LITTLE GN BOOKLETS & PUT THEM OUT AS FAST AS WE GET A BOOK WHIPPED INTO SHAPE!--Not wait until we've got a huge book of hundreds or thousands of pages that would be hefty & unwieldy & hard to keep in your pocket to whip out any time you need it, but to have them in the same little tiny booklet style. Even if it took several booklets to get'm all in, at least that would be that many more booklets you could share with other members of the Family & easier to carry in your pocket & whip out your Weapon of the Word whenever you needed it to use for your own inspiration & encouragement & protection, as well as defence against others or for their enlightenment & edification as well!

       95. SO HERE WE ARE, WE'RE GOING TO GET OUT THE {\ul \i MOP} JUST LIKE THE LORD SHOWED US! And the minute I told dear Maria about my dream & about the method the Lord showed me we should use to get out her quotes, she was very happy & very yielded, agreeable, cooperative & rejoicing that I was going to work on her quotes now for sure & make sure they got out as soon as possible. And she agreed that if there was more than one booklet of them, we should put out several booklets, & in this little easy-to-handle easy-to-carry pocketbook form that you can stick in your shirt pocket or back pocket or wherever.

       96. PLEASE TRY TO PUT IT IN A POCKET OR A PURSE WHERE IT'S NOT GOING TO GET CRUSHED OR TOO MUTILATED, & for this reason we're putting on very good heavy plasticised covers to stand a great deal of wear & resist dirt or soiling or staining & be well-protected!--The Word in a good covering & well-protected for your use & for constant use & frequent use so that you'll have something here that is a constant source of pleasure, enjoyment, inspiration, encouragement, edification, information & guidance continuously, something you will read over & over again & use again & again with others. So I hope that you will truly enjoy them & appreciate them & use them for God's glory & for the instruction & help & edification of others as well.

       97. SO PTL! THAT'S THE {\ul \i MOP}, & BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS QUOTEBOOK OR THESE QUOTE BOOKLETS ARE GOING TO BE LIKE MOPS! Every little string or rag or remnant or fragment of the mop head is going to be another quote, another piece of material to help mop the dirt out of your mind & clear your brain & wash it clean with the Water of the Word! Praise God! Hallelujah! So I hope you really use this mop frequently & that you wield it with a will so that it will really accomplish its purpose of cleansing your mind & heart with the pure Water of His Word & make it so polished it will really shine for the Lord! Amen? Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name, amen.

       98. GOD MAKE IT A BLESSING & BLESS YOU & MAKE YOU A BLESSING TO MANY WITH THIS NEW TOOL, THIS FRESH {\ul \i MOP}! If a new broom sweeps clean--there's another old saying!--then certainly this new mop is going to mop even cleaner! Because when you really want to get a floor clean you don't just sweep it, you mop it! Amen? So here it is! Here's your new mop full of strong powerful fibers that are soaked in the Water of His Word for you to do a real good clean job of mopping the floors of your mind & heart for Jesus & help mop the minds of others as well! Amen? In Jesus' name, amen! PTL! GBY!

       99. WELL, THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN TOO LONG, I'M SORRY, BUT I DON'T SEEM TO BE ABLE TO TELL YOU ANYTHING ANY OTHER WAY! I've got to cover the whole subject, including all kinds of mops! I even forgot to tell you about the modern new mop that they've invented that you don't have to wring with your hands anymore, you use a little lever to sort of squeegee it & a metal plate squeezes the mop dry of water itself, sort of a self-wringing mop!--And there are a few other mops that probably you know about!

       100. BUT ANYWAY, THIS {\ul \i MOP} WHICH WE'RE GOING TO PUB FOR YOU & YOUR USE IS GOING TO BE A GOOD TOOL TO REALLY MOP THE FAMILY WITH THE WORD OF THE LORD & CLEAN IT UP!--Polish it so it'll shine!--So you'll shine for Jesus! Amen? PTL! God bless & keep you all & make you a blessing to millions, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family