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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

EXPOSURE!       DFO 1537       28/5/83

       1. I WAS JUST ASKING THE LORD ABOUT OUR MWM & MCV SHOWS & THINKING HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT THEIR SOURCE BE SELAH & that the World or the authorities or our enemies not know that they're really our broadcasts. And I was asking the Lord, "Lord, how could You let Deborah turn on us so, seemingly diabolically so, & betray us to the point that she's publicising to our enemies that MWM & MCV are our Shows, & their locations? How could You let her do this, Lord? How could You let her expose us like this & endanger the whole work of our broadcast ministry?"

       2. AND JUST AS CLEAR AS IT EVER CAME TO ME, HE SAID, "FOR THE SAME REASON I ALLOWED YOUR ENEMIES TO PUBLICISE YOUR NAME: I WANT THEM TO KNOW WHO IT IS & I WANT TO GIVE YOU CREDIT FOR IT!" In other words, "I want the Family to get the credit for it & I want them to know who it is!" They're going to know anyhow as soon as they write in & get our material, Komix etc., & I'm sure already tens of thousands of them know!--If not all the millions who listen, certainly those who write in, & they're already in the tens of thousands! So those who are interested already know, & any enemy interested could have written in also & found out, but the Lord has continued to protect us in spite of that.

       3. THE SHOW HAS BECOME EXTREMELY POPULAR & AMAZINGLY WELL-RECEIVED & THE RESPONSE HAS BEEN PHENOMENAL! I have never known a Gospel Show to grow so fast & become so popular so quickly, particularly with the youth, who are usually very hard to reach with any kind of religious message. So the Lord has really blessed it & used it & caused it to bear tremendous fruit! Perhaps the major harvest has already been reaped, so now the Lord wants them to know who it is!

       4. AS USUAL, ONCE OUR PEAK OF POPULARITY IS REACHED, THE ENEMY COMES OUT & EXPOSES US & publicises our name & acts as our advertising agent as to who it is, so that we get either the credit or the blame for it. And this brings about the dividing of the sheep from the goats, the separation of the good grain from the tares or weeds, which is then tested with persecution, & only the best survive.

       5. IT'S A PART OF GOD'S SIFTING & WINNOWING PROCESS TO SEPARATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF by letting them know who we are, who it is, who the Letters are by, who the Books are by & who sponsors the radio & TV shows. God Himself allows them to publicise & trumpet our name or names, so that those who follow will have to make a choice, which sifts out the chaff from the wheat. For His true sheep know His voice & they follow Him, & a stranger they will not follow. (Jn.10:4,5) They will not listen & follow the voice of our enemies & their criticisms & condemnations & their blasts against the Truth & their scandalous lies. The true grain will last & is already in His garner, & the true sheep will follow & are already safely in the fold.

       6. "OFFENCES INDEED MUST COME, BUT WOE UNTO THEM THROUGH WHOM THEY COME!" (Mt.18:7) These tests have to come to test their faith & their determination & loyalty. And apparently that time is now coming with our broadcasts, & it remains to be seen how long they can stand this exposure & attack by our enemies, & it will be a miracle of God if we remain on the air in some places, once they know who we are & who is behind these broadcasts.

       7. BUT PRAISE GOD! I BELIEVE GOD HAS HAD HIS WAY, & by the time it gets that far, as usual in His process of the "4 P's"--Publication, Popularity, Publicity & Persecution--we have accomplished our task, finished the work, reaped the main harvest & it's usually time to leave the field & the gleaning of the corners to the poor natives who remain behind. This was the literal Bible process even under Mosaic Law--the sowers were to reap the harvest & leave the gleaning of the remains in the corners of the field to the poor who were left behind. (Lev.23:22) This is what Ruth was doing when she met Boaz, the rich owner. So although the harvest was over & the grain was reaped, she, the poor gleaner, then through FFing, reaped the owner & got it all!

       8. SO WHEN BAD PUBLICITY & EXPOSURE COME, FOLLOWED BY THE TEST OF PERSECUTION TO SEPARATE THE FRUITFUL GROUND FROM POOR SOIL, THE JOB IS NOT ENTIRELY OVER YET, even though persecution forces us to flee, or the main forces of the reapers to flee. There is still much that can be done by the girl gleaners who may even capture a few owners of the fields, & thereby get it all!--And even sometimes through their love & influence, move the owner to stop his underlings' & workers' persecution of the reapers & the gleaners, as Esther did & as God did for Ruth, two outstanding shining examples of God's FFers who became so famous & influential that two entire books of the Bible are devoted to their stories & named after them! PTL!

       9. SO DON'T BE AFRAID WHEN THE BAD PUBLICITY BEGINS! I regret to say that sometimes I even fear the good publicity, because it's almost always immediately followed by the bad. But we shouldn't worry about it, it's all in God's hands & He knows what He's doing. If He chooses to allow our enemies to discover us & expose us & publicise us & our name & our work & our message, that's His business. That's God's final blast to make the people make a decision for or against us, which is then followed by persecution to test the faith of the followers, to see who's really got it & who hasn't, & to bring on into the fold completely & entirely & all the way the true genuine faithful followers & genuine Family Members.

       10. AND WHEN THAT SOWING, REAPING, HARVESTING, SIFTING & GARNERING OF THE GRAIN IS COMPLETE, OUR MAIN JOB IS DONE & the principal harvesting cooperative combine usually moves on to new fields where the harvest is ripe & ready & white unto harvest, leaving behind the gleaners of the corners to clean up whatever good grain may be left on the ground. So don't grieve & lament over it, it's God's way, the best way, & usually the only way He can get you to move on to new fields & reap more harvests, instead of staying behind in old worn-out already-harvested dangerous fields that are now full of the tares & weeds of the Enemy.

       11. GOD HELP US TO KNOW WHEN THERE'S STILL A GOOD HARVEST TO BE REAPED & WHEN THE HARVEST IS FINISHED! May God help us to know the difference & when to leave, & stop wasting time & energy on a worn-out already-harvested dangerous field full of weeds & wolves instead of good grain & true sheep. So that's the answer I got when I asked the Lord why He was allowing our enemies now to attack our radio ministry. And He spoke as clearly as ever that it was of Him to let the people know who we are so they can make a choice. And those who are not willing to suffer & endure persecution, trials of their faith & attacks of the Enemy, can then be weeded & sifted out & the goats separated from the sheep, so the sheep can go on following the Shepherd into His fold without the burden of rebellious, cantankerous, stubborn, wilful & selfish goats who only cause trouble, & without the chaff & the weeds which only pollute & trouble you. So PTL! TYJ!

       12. "REJOICE & BE EXCEEDING GLAD, FOR GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN: FOR SO PERSECUTED THEY THE PROPHETS THAT WERE BEFORE YOU!" (Mt.5:12) God bless & keep you fruitful in fruitful fields & spare you from the Enemy by fleeing from persecution to newer, fresher & more fruitful fields in the future! In Jesus' name, amen.--Amen?

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