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THE WORLD AT WAR!DO 15385/6/83

1. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] & EVERYBODY ARE MAD AT RUSSIA, SYRIA & LIBYA BECAUSE THEY ALL OPPOSE THE SO-CALLED LEBANESE PEACE AGREEMENT. They even have the nerve to call it a "withdrawal" agreement, & nobody has agreed to withdraw! Israel has agreed to withdraw providing Syria withdraws--& the PLO & everybody else! If everybody else withdraws first, then she'll withdraw! So that was a pretty safe agreement, because she never intends to withdraw & never will until the Russians chase her out!--Which they'll do soon, according to the Bible! (Ezek.38; Dan.11)

2. SO RUSSIA, SYRIA, LIBYA & THE PLO ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE BEING HONEST ABOUT THE WHOLE DEAL & say it was a surrender imposed on Lebanon by Israel with U.S. backing, a surrender agreement in which Lebanon's surrendering half the country! Then they want the Syrians to get out! Oh, those [EDITED: "Israelis"] are so clever! They've persuaded the whole World to think it's some kind of a peace agreement & they keep calling it the "withdrawal" agreement, when they have no intentions of withdrawing!--In fact, nobody has! The only way they'll ever get the [EDITED: "Israelis"] out of Lebanon is when Russia attacks through Syria! (See Nos.281, 523 & 1284.)

3. OF ALL THE COUNTRIES THAT HAVE PRETTY MUCH OF A RIGHT TO BE THERE & REALLY THE GREATEST RIGHT TO LEBANON, IT'S SYRIA! If anybody has a right to be an occupying power, Syria has been a far more friendly & more benign occupation power there to protect Lebanon from the [EDITED: "Israelis"]. Syria & Lebanon are both Arabs & Lebanon's at least half-Muslim, so they've got a lot more in common with Lebanon than the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! Lebanon hasn't anything in common with Israel!

4. BEFORE WORLD WAR 1, LEBANON WAS A PART OF SYRIA & HAD BEEN A PART OF SYRIA FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS! Lebanon had not been independent since almost the times when Israel was independent. For hundreds of years it had been occupied by Romans, Arabs or Turks or somebody. And when World War 1 rolled around, Lebanon was a part of Syria & had been a part of Syria for hundreds of years.

5. SO IF ANYBODY'S GOT A RIGHT TO CLAIM IT & OCCUPY IT, SYRIA HAS!--Much more right to claim & occupy it than Israel! Unless it's really going to be independent.--Which, of course, was the idea in the World War 1 settlement. They gave Israel or Palestine to the British, & they gave Lebanon to the French. I think they called it the Levant. Syria was one of the defeated powers because they had worked with the Germans, so they ripped off Lebanon from Syria & they ripped off Palestine from the Turks! Neither one of them had been an independent country for centuries.

6. SO THE POINT IS THAT BOTH ISRAEL & LEBANON ARE ARTIFICIAL COUNTRIES! Palestine had been a country for generations, but it was under the Turks & the Arabs. But both were the artificial creations of the conquering powers, particularly Lebanon. They hadn't been free or independent for hundreds of years, it was a part of Syria. So when Lebanon had their big civil war, the Arabs agreed that Syria should move in to Lebanon & settle it & stop the civil war & enforce peace, & they did. Of course, this aggravated the [EDITED: "Israelis"] because they didn't get a piece of the action! Well, they did move in for awhile, but then they got forced out by the UN & World opinion. So finally they just invaded Lebanon against the UN & World opinion & everything & grabbed the bottom half anyway.

7. THEY'RE ALL SUCH A BUNCH OF LIARS & PRETENDERS, PARTICULARLY ISRAEL & THE U.S.!--Pretending that this agreement is a fair & just equitable settlement to free Lebanon from all foreign powers, blah blah, when it hasn't done a thing in the World but establish Southern Lebanon as a part of Israel! And then they turn around & have the nerve to tell Syria to get out! Isn't that a scream?

8. AND THE DEAR LITTLE LEBANESE GOVERNMENT IS A PUPPET GOVERNMENT NOW. It was an artificial country with an artificial government to begin with, & has never been able to stand on its own without protection from some power. Eisenhower even sent in the Marines one time to make sure a pro-Communist government didn't take over--a pro-Communist government that had been voted in by the people! Eisenhower just moved in the Marines, took it over & kicked out the Communist government!

9. AND THEN, OF COURSE, ISRAEL'S BEEN PESTERING LEBANON FOR A LONG TIME WHEN THE PLO MADE LEBANON ITS HEADQUARTERS, FROM WHICH THEY PESTERED ISRAEL! And of course the Syrians favoured the PLO, being Arab Muslim brothers, so naturally Syria & Lebanon both let the PLO stay there until Israel's invasion. So Israel snatched the Southern part of Lebanon & drove the PLO out of Southern Lebanon & Beirut, & I believe they would have gone right on taking the rest of Lebanon including Tripoli!

10. BUT THE U.S. SAW THAT IT WAS OFFENDING WORLD OPINION, SO THEY PRETENDED TO STOP ISRAEL, blah blah, making it look like they were stopping Israel by moving all those European troops into Beirut. It's not a bad place to be! It's been the playground of the Mideast for many years--nice climate, beaches, plenty of money & women & drugs! Lebanon is notorious as the main source of drugs in the Mideast.

11. SO SINCE ISRAEL HAD GOTTEN QUITE A HUNK ALREADY, THE U.S. PERSUADED IT TO BE SATISFIED WITH WHAT IT GOT under this big phoney so-called "withdrawal" agreement, under which there's no withdrawal at all! The only people that seem to be upset about it are some of the [EDITED: "Israelis"] at home in Israel who have lost sons in the war--lost & injured & wounded & crippled & whatnot. Israel officially admits over 500 dead, & it's probably much more than that in the fighting there, some thousands wounded, probably a lot of them crippled for life, etc. So the mothers & wives of Israel are screaming for their boys to come home!

12. I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYBODY COMPARE THE CASUALTIES CAUSED BY THE PLO IN ISRAEL BEFORE THE INVASION TO THE NUMBER ISRAEL CAUSED BY THE INVASION! I wonder how many casualties the PLO actually caused if they'd count up the number of deaths by the various bombings & shootings, etc., of the [EDITED: "Israelis"] before the war, compared to the number that Israel caused itself by her invasion? I'll bet you it's insignificant compared to how many men Israel lost in the war!--Not to speak of all the Lebanese she killed! That's one thing that's making the "Peace Now" movement of the liberals of Israel angry, it looks to them like Israel's lost more than she gained in life & limb, & about all she's gained is some territory that she has to keep a big army there to hold.

13. MEANWHILE THE SYRIANS ARE THREATENING TO...THEY'RE NOT THREATENING, THEY JUST SAY IT FLAT-OUT, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO MOVE OUT! They're not going to move out as long as Israel doesn't move out. They totally oppose the so-called agreement, because it allows Israel to keep what it's got & expects Syria to move out! That's ridiculous! You'd think people could even read the newspapers--which don't make it that clear--& see, nevertheless, that that's what it amounts to.

14. MEANWHILE, SOME CRITICS, SCORNERS & SCOFFERS SAY THE TINY LITTLE LEBANESE GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT OF LEBANON AT ALL, IT'S ONLY THE GOVERNMENT OF BEIRUT!--Because Israel has the bottom half & Syria has the top half, & the only part of Lebanon the Lebanese government rules is Beirut! And the only reason they rule that is because of the European occupation troops that keep the [EDITED: "Israelis"] & the Syrians & the PLO out of Beirut. For years the so-called government of Lebanon has only ruled East Beirut. The PLO had West Beirut, the Syrians had the North & Tripoli, & the [EDITED: "Israelis"] now have the South, including Tyre & Sidon. So it's really pitiful!

15. OF COURSE IT'S A PITIFUL LITTLE GOVERNMENT THAT COULDN'T EVEN RULE ITSELF ANYHOW & was literally ruled by different gangs that kept fighting each other all the time. Because the so-called Lebanese army couldn't do a thing, it's too weak. It couldn't stop the fighting, or wouldn't stop the fighting, because the so-called Christian Phalangists who are favoured by the Lebanese government were stronger than the Lebanese army! And of course since the Christian Phalangists were the government, they certainly weren't going to let the so-called official Lebanese army stop'm! So it's a pitiful mess.

16. THE [DELETED] NEWS MEDIA ARE ALL MAKING SYRIA, RUSSIA, LIBYA & ALL TO BE THE BIG FEROCIOUS VILLAINS that won't agree to a sensible settlement, but if anybody is sensible & right about it, it's the Russians, Syria & Libya who are telling the facts & the truth, that it's nothing but a big grandstand U.S. stage play to give Israel just what it wanted, half of Lebanon, & to put it in a position to try to grab the other half from the Syrians! That's what the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are afraid of. They're not so much afraid of being attacked by the Syrians as they claim, they're just afraid it's going to be difficult for them to attack the Syrians themselves with all those European troops there, which makes it a little touchy.

17. ISRAEL WAS DEFINITELY OPPOSED TO HAVING THE EUROPEAN TROOPS COME IN! That was the Lebanese government's idea. The Lebanese government felt like it was going to be completely swallowed up by either the [EDITED: "Israelis"] or the Syrians or both, so in desperation they screamed for the U.S. to send in the Marines to save'm, sort of like they did last time. So the U.S. & the Europeans moved in.

18. AND THE FUNNY PART ABOUT IT IS, THAT IF ANY OCCUPYING POWER HAS A RIGHT TO BE THERE BESIDES THE SYRIANS WHO USED TO OWN IT, IT'S THE FRENCH! The common language of Lebanon is French, because the French were there for so many years. The French were there from the end of World War 1 to the end of World War 2. Nearly all the educated Lebanese speak French & it's almost more French than it is Arab!

19. SO EVERYBODY'S SCREAMING! The [EDITED: "Israelis"] are screaming they've got a right to be there, the Lebanese are screaming that they haven't; the U.S. is screaming that the [EDITED: "Israelis"] have a right to be there as long as the Syrians are there, & the Syrians are screaming that they have the right to stay. So frankly, the only ones that are the closest to having a right to stay there, if original ownership can be considered, are the Syrians. They were there first & the longest. For hundreds of years Lebanon was a part of Syria. And the only thing that's brought any peace in Lebanon at all has been the Syrians being there. They stopped the Civil War, stopped the fighting, & things were going pretty well until the [EDITED: "Israelis"] marched in & devastated the country with the excuse of driving out the PLO!

20. AND NOW IT LOOKS LIKE THE PLO HAVING LOST LEBANON & BEIRUT IS GOING TO COST ARAFAT HIS JOB! The PLO is pretty upset with him for having lost Lebanon & Beirut as their headquarters. Well, he's gotten to be a kind of an old bottle. He's been trying to play both ends against the middle & he hasn't had much success lately. He's been going around to all the various countries screaming for help, & nobody wants to help him. It's sort of after-the-fact because the PLO has lost Southern Lebanon & Beirut. But they're still strong, of course, in the North with Syrian protection, & the Syrians don't mind having them there to help bolster their armies. They're allies fighting against Israel.

21. SO IT WILL CERTAINLY TAKE A MASTERMIND OR A MASTERSTROKE OF DIPLOMACY TO EVER GET THAT MIDEAST SITUATION SOLVED WITH ANY KIND OF AGREEMENT THAT EVERYBODY WOULD AGREE TO! And of course our dear little friend Godahfi has come out boldly in defense of Syria & told Syria that he'd help'm. And the funny part about it is, as far as I'm concerned, it looks to me like he's on the right side! The Syrians are the only people that have any legitimate right to be there. Certainly the Israelis have absolutely no legitimate right to be in Lebanon at all! Theirs was a pure aggressor invasion & a grab-off of somebody else's country, which is, of course, what the Israelis want to do anyhow. Begin wants to take over the whole Mideast with U.S. help, & he probably would have already done it if it hadn't been for the threat of Russian backing of Syria & the countries who don't want him to, including Syria & Iraq.

22. I'M SURE THAT THE ISRAELIS LOVE THAT WAR BETWEEN IRAN & IRAQ, BECAUSE IRAQ'S ONE OF THEIR BITTEREST ENEMIES! As long as Iraq's busy fighting Iran, they haven't got much time to help Syria fight the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! So I'm sure that Israel has promoted that war. In fact, it's common knowledge that Israel is supplying Khomeini & his henchmen with weapons & egging on the war, when Khomeini & Iran were declaring Israel as being the second greatest Satan next to the U.S. beforehand! All of a sudden you don't hear Iran saying much about Israel any more, because Israel's helping her fight Iraq.

23. OH, THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE REALLY CLEVER! It doesn't look like anybody's able to outsmart'm! It looks like about the only ones that have got their number are the Russians & the Arabs. But of course nobody will believe them because nearly all the West hates the Russians & the Arabs. So naturally they won't believe anything they say or that they have any rights.

24. SO IT'LL TAKE A GENIUS OR A SUPERMAN TO PERSUADE ALL SIDES IN THE MESS--& THERE ARE MANY SIDES, NOT JUST TWO SIDES! It will take a genius Superman to solve it with any kind of mutual agreement, which sounds like the Antichrist Covenant!--As well as solve the threat of World Atomic War between the Superpowers, which it would also take some kind of a settlement to postpone. So it can't be far away. He must be working on it now.

25. AND I'M SURE THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] WOULDN'T AGREE TO IT UNLESS THEY FELT IT WAS PARTIALLY IN THEIR FAVOUR, & THEY'RE PROBABLY GOING TO HELP HIM! They help him at first, apparently, because they figure that he's helping them. They get what they want out of it somehow, peace & Israel, & the only thing they don't like about it is they've got to share the Capital, Jerusalem. And obviously they don't like it because they conduct about three rebellions against him according to Daniel 11! Because in the long run the Covenant doesn't settle anything, it finally just makes matters worse. It's very interesting to watch & see how it's developing.

26. WELL, IF HE'S GOING TO BRING ANY KIND OF A PEACE, HE'D BETTER BRING IT QUICK, OR THERE'S GOING TO BE WAR! That's one thing I can guarantee & assure you of, that's one thing I know & I can safely predict, either they're going to have to soon have peace, or they're going to have war! That's a safe prediction!--Ha! They've gotta have one or the other!--Either the one, or they're gonna have the other! Either they're going to have to have some kind of peace, or they're going to have war.

27. OF COURSE, THEY'VE ALREADY GOT WAR, REALLY, IT'S NEVER REALLY STOPPED! It's simmering there on the surface all the time. These are just slight pauses once in awhile. Nearly the whole World is at war constantly somewhere. The U.S. is at war in Central America, the Communists are at war in Southeast Asia with the Southeast Asians, the Chinese are at war with Taiwan, the Russians are at war along their border with the Chinese & the Afghans, & the Europeans are preparing for war with Russia!

28. THE EUROPEANS DON'T PARTICULARLY WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH RUSSIA, BUT THEY ARE BEING FORCED TO BY THE U.S.! Boy, that would be one clever piece of diplomacy if the Russians persuade the Europeans to turn their missiles on the U.S. to save themselves! Well, the Europeans actually have a lot more in common with the Russians than with the North Americans--Russia is European! And all those little countries down in South America, they're almost always at war with each other somewhere, so it's a World at War!--Continual war. There's always a war going on somewhere. The U.S. is really getting its foot in deeper & deeper in Central America.

29. SO THE THING THAT BROUGHT THIS ALL UP IS ALL THE NEWS ABOUT GODAHFI! Everybody's railing against Godahfi because he's siding with the Syrians & the Russians. The funny part about it is, as usual, he's right! If there's anything about Godahfi that's right at all, it's that he's righteous & he's usually speaking up boldly for the right side when nobody else is--like a Prophet of God! He's crazy enough to stand up for the right even with the whole World against him[DELETED]! So God bless him! He's the only Arab country really befriending Syria. Well, the Saudi Arabians give Syria about a billion dollars a year to help them keep up their army & all, & of course they say that's to keep them out of the hands of the Russians.

30. IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE SYRIA'S GOT ONE ARM AROUND THE RUSSIANS & ONE ARM AROUND SAUDI ARABIA! The U.S. is always looking to Saudi Arabia for help to try to influence the Arabs & help Israel, whereas the Saudis are real smart, they kind of play it along the middle & make the U.S. think that they're friends, while at the same time they're staying friends with the Arabs! The only reason in the World they're pretending to be friends with the Americans is because they're afraid of the Russians & Communist Revolution in their own countries.

31. SO IT'S QUITE A MESS THAT ONLY A GENIUS COULD SOLVE, WITH THE HELP OF THE DEVIL!--And of course which the Lord will allow! At least it will be peace, even if the Devil did bring it, & we can be thankful for that, at least for awhile, instead of a World at constant war! But of course it won't last long. See our "Five Wars of the Antichrist!" (No.1528) Well, that's enough, Honey! It's a World at War! These are some current events that maybe they need to know about!--Did you know'm?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family