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A PROPHET LIKE MOSES!       DFO 1539       5/6/83

       1. SOMEBODY'S ALWAYS THROWING UP TO US THAT VERSE THAT PETER QUOTES, the prophecy in Deuteronomy about the Lord's promised to raise up a Prophet like Moses from amongst thy brethren to lead the people etc. (Deut.18:15,18; Acts 3:22) But Jesus wasn't a Prophet like Moses, & He wasn't one of Moses' brethren!--He was the Son of God! Unique! And yet Peter quotes that & seems to indicate that that was a prophecy about Jesus, though he doesn't actually say it was Jesus!
       2. WELL, YOU KNOW, HE COULD HAVE BEEN WRONG! I've been wrong about a few things--let's give the Apostles credit for making a few mistakes too! (Maria: The Lord said that a greater than Moses & a greater than David is here, so if you make mistakes, they certainly must have made them too!) Well, there are quite a few of their mistakes that are quite apparent, so Peter could have just been wrong about that quote that he gave & hinted it was about Jesus. Of course he probably thought it was Jesus, because nobody else had come along yet! That was 2,000 years ago! He knew very little about the Endtime!
       3. MAYBE HE FELT LIKE IT WAS FULFILLED WITH JESUS, BUT IT'S OBVIOUS WE'RE THE ULTIMATE FULFILMENT! We're certainly not Jesus--David is a completely different character! I've been over those passages about this new David again & again, & I don't see how he could possibly be Jesus or he's fulfilled in the Lord at all! And why would He have said David & called him David? Why didn't He call him Jesus or Jehovah or Messiah or something else? There are lots of names they use for Jesus in the Bible.
       4. HE SAYS HE'S RAISED UP A ROD, A BRANCH OUT OF JESSE & FROM DAVID, ETC., & THIS IS OBVIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT JESUS! (Isa.11:1,10) The prophecies that talk about Jesus, it's obvious they're about Jesus! But He says they come out of David & out of Jesse, & that's the old David, & obviously the old Jesse, there's no other Jesse. But those about David are obviously prophetic of the Endtime. So therefore again they don't apply to Jesus because He was there 2,000 years ago & those prophecies are all about the End! Who else could it be but us? So whoever that guy is who quoted me that verse a few times, I think he was wrong. He thought that Jesus fulfilled that one, but that was sort of a primary fulfilment if you want to look at it like that. Lots of prophecies have primary fulfilments, secondary fulfilments & ultimate fulfilments, & in the Bible there are lots of prototypes.
       5. SISTER GUNN CAME ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA, DROVE 1200 MILES TO TELL ME THE LORD HAD TOLD HER I WAS THAT DAVID, & that was before we ever heard about it or had any such idea, before the Lord showed us anything like that at all! But she said the Lord told her that I was that David spoken of by Ezekiel! (Ezek.34:23,24) She was all excited about it, whereas she hadn't been all that excited about me when I was right there in her house!--And her husband was very unexcited about us, & finally told us to leave!
       6. I WAS QUITE ATTRACTED TO HER! I wish I'd shown her a little bit more attention & affection, dear girl. I think she was drawn to me too. If I'd only known then what I know now, she might still be in the Family, & in a "family way" too! Go ahead & laugh, Honey! I've got a lot of children! (Maria: Of course, I'm laughing because it's so true!) I know she really did like me. But I had to be real careful in those days with Eve around, she was watching me like a hawk with her eagle eyes, ready to pounce!
       7. WELL, LORD BLESS SISTER GUNN! SHE DROVE OUT THERE ALL THAT WAY ALONE! Then she gave her son to us too, a big fat boy. His grandmother then tried to snatch him away from us, & I think she finally did get him. She was one of the "Body" people by the way, & they didn't care for me too much. I stood up in one of their meetings & prophesied & asked them a few questions, & they sort of resented my telling them that they ought to be missionaries & go into all the World & preach the Gospel!
       8. ONE OF THEIR WOMEN DID LAY HANDS ON ME & PROPHESY OVER ME AT ONE OF THOSE MEETINGS! The leader, the airplane pilot, kind of put me down in the meeting because I stood up & said something about, "You ought to be out witnessing & winning souls & go to the mission field!" I told them it was kind of selfish just to be sitting around there waiting to be blessed & healed & filled with the Spirit & blah blah! I said, "If you go out & do the Lord's work, He'll give you all these things! You wouldn't have to be sitting around here waiting for them!" You can imagine how that fell--like a sort of a dud! But she came up & prophesied over me afterward, something really good I remember. It was encouraging to me, at least.
       9. AND OF COURSE NEARLY ALL OF THOSE OTHER PROPHETS WHO PROPHESIED OVER ME, THEY WERE EITHER "BODY" OR "LATTER RAIN", BUT THEY WERE REALLY IN FRESH OUTPOURINGS OF THE SPIRIT, & I REALLY BELIEVED IT! I mean, look at the one that said, "This is David, this is so-&-so & so-&-so!" I mean, if I hadn't of been'r, who'd a been'r? It obviously wasn't Jesus. It was to be a Prophet of the Latter Days, the Endtime--Jesus wasn't in the Endtime! (Maria: And there's no other David around even now in the Endtime.) The Lord saved that name for me!
       10. THERE'VE BEEN A LOT OF PROPHETS WHO WANTED TO BE ISAIAH OR THEY WANTED TO BE ELIJAH OR JOHN THE BAPTIST OR SOMEBODY ELSE! Everybody from that guy way back there in Zion, Illinois to William Branham always wanted to be some Prophet, but nobody ever wanted to be a Modern David! He was too unsavoury a character, he liked women & war too much! He was too wicked--like me! But he was a man after God's Own Heart & the Lord loved him! He did a job for God in spite of all of his sins--like me! At least I did the job. At least I love the Lord & I got a lot of people to love Him.
       11. I'VE BEEN LOOKING OVER THOSE PASSAGES, & I DON'T SEE ANY WAY IN THIS WORLD THEY COULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT JESUS! So when Peter quoted that prophecy hinting it was fulfilled in the Lord, I think he was wrong. I had somebody tell me that Scripture to contradict my claim. It's probably worried a lot of people.
       12. IMAGINE SEVERAL DIFFERENT PROPHETS THAT DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ME, DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS MY NAME, PROPHESIED THAT PROPHECY OF THE PHILADELPHIAN CHURCH OVER ME! (Rev.3:7-11) And there I'm mentioned by name! By name! You know it was the Lord! Not that I feel good enough, I feel terrible! I'm the worst! But that's just the kind of guy that the Lord seems to pick sometimes. He knows I know I'm no good, so it had to be the Lord!
       13. LIKE KING DAVID, IT HAD TO BE THE LORD! The Lord loved him anyhow, in spite of all his mistakes & blunders, because he really loved the Lord & was willing to fight & die for Him--like I have! I may be no good, but at least I love the Lord & I've gotten a lot of people to love the Lord! So I'm no good & I'm a bum & everything else, but at least I love Jesus & I've done my best to try to get a lot of people to love the Lord. I don't see anybody else that's fulfilled those prophecies, so it must be us!
       14. WHY DID THE LORD HAVE TO CALL THIS LATTER-DAY PROPHET DAVID & PICTURE HIM AS HAVING DONE THE VERY THING WE'VE DONE?--Gathering up all the lost stray sheep where they've been driven by the Church & the System! (Ezek.34:12,16) We fit the picture perfectly, & it's the Last-Day picture! It wasn't about the time of Jesus! I'm sure the Lord's not offended--it was His idea, not mine! TYL! PTL! It's the Lord's doing, so is it so amazing? Of course it's amazing that He'd ever choose me or pick me or use me at all! I never expected it. I wanted it, but I didn't think I was good enough. So we've done t! They can't deny that! We've done it & it's been fulfilled, so how can they deny that?
       15. YEARS AGO THE LORD ACTUALLY CONFIRMED THE ABOVE WITH THE FOLLOWING PROPHECY: "This is he that was for to come--the Prophet which I shall raise up from among thy brethren--thou hast heard him! For thou hast received all of his words. Thou hast believed that which I have given--all the words spoken by the Prophet, of David, your King. (Deut.18:15-18)
       "For this is My messenger whom I have sent before My face. This is My David. This is My King. Hear ye him!
       "For behold, he speaketh unto thee words of love & comfort that he may lift up thy heart--that He may feed thy soul--that He may encourage thy spirit--that thou mayest serve Him continually both by day & by night!--For thou art of the Children of David" (No.94:27,29,23).

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