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UFOs & SPIRITUALISM!       DFO 1541       Spain, 22/11/77

       1. THERE ARE SOME VERY INTERESTING THINGS ON TV HERE! There's one series about the spiritual & supernatural & weird things like the Bermuda Triangle called "Mas Alla" ("Beyond!"). It's really very interesting. They had something about Atlantis one time. Then they used to have a series on ghosts called "Stories & Legends of Spain" which were really pretty exciting & pretty weird! I was curious to know what the Spanish think about the supernatural & spooks & whatnot, & it was a really interesting series.

       2. (SARA: DID WE EVER HEAR MORE ABOUT THAT WIZARD IN THE MOUNTAINS OF TENERIFE?) There's a healer that lives in the mountains there in Tenerife & the people stand in line at his door. He is apparently a good man who really has the gift of healing, because from what I've heard he believes in God & Christ etc.

       3. WE HEARD ABOUT HIM FROM THE BARTENDER AT THE HOTEL VALLEMAR when we took Davidito up there to roll the billiard balls one day. He came over & said, "You remind me of this fellow, & you should be interested in that from what I've heard"--& he went on to tell us about him. We'd heard about him before & I'd read about him in the newspaper.

       4. THESE HEALERS ARE QUITE A FAIRLY COMMON THING IN SPAIN. The Spanish seem to have gifts along that line & people go to them not only for healing, but for problems & things like that. They're almost a little bit like Gypsy fortune tellers I guess. Honey, that's another thing we've got to get out, Maria's reading from Madame M! That was really something! ("Madame M on Maria!", No.705.) It was even more specific than the one she gave me, really terrific! Was it in there or did I dream that we went to see her & she said, "Here comes your love with a heart as big as the World!"? (Maria: You dreamed it--& it certainly is true!)

       5. AND ANOTHER THING I'VE GOT TO WORK ON IS "THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST", ABOUT CYBERNETICS. I've got a lot of new stuff on that now too, it's even more fascinating! It shows how they're really getting into the spiritual now with these delicate machines. They're so delicate to impulses & vibrations that they're getting to where the demons are going to be able to run them & control them! The whole industrialised World now is being run by these computer brains & stuff! That was one thing they had in "2001" which was really interesting, the computer took control of the spaceship!

       6. IF THEY CAN MAKE IT SOUND MECHANICAL & SCIENTIFIC ENOUGH, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT! It's just as supernatural, in a way, as the spiritual, but if you can give it a scientific explanation, then people more readily believe it.--Just like these Flying Saucer Societies that have developed where they go out & have "saucer watches" & stuff like that!

       7. WE GOT INTO ONE OF THOSE THINGS & IT WAS NOTHING BUT A SPIRITUALISTIC SOCIETY & THE LEADER WAS A MEDIUM. They were hearing from these creatures in these flying saucers. "See, they're coming! Flying saucers & beings from Outer Space!" Yes, they are, all right! They are! And they're really hearing from them, but they're spirits! (See "UFO's!", No.623.)

       8. THE GREATEST SENSATIONAL NEW MOVIE SINCE "STAR WARS" IS A NEW MOVIE CALLED "CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND!" "Star Wars" was a sci-fi space movie which was sort of unbelievable. Like these monster movies, they get so incredible that you just sit there & laugh, they don't even scare you. They're so screwy, they're ridiculous & they're funny. They're too horrible, so horrible they're not even believable.

       9. BUT THEY SAY THIS GUY WHO'S KIND OF SPIRITUAL HIMSELF (STEPHEN SPIELBERG) HAS MADE THIS NEW MOVIE TAKING A LOT OF THE FACTS & INFORMATION ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS & experiences people have had, & put it together in this movie & simulated it & dramatised it, fictionalised it, to where it's so real & so possible that you leave feeling scared that it might really happen, because so many of these things have happened!

       10. DID YOU KNOW THEY'VE HAD MORE UFO SIGHTINGS DOWN IN THE CANARIES THAN ANY PLACE ELSE I'VE HEARD ABOUT WHILE WE WERE THERE? We've had some marvellous experiences! Were any of you at Laurentide the night after that first meeting when I introduced the sackcloth robes? We had such a dramatic experience there when we came out afterwards. They said it was the Aurora Borealis, but I have seen the Northern Lights & they never looked like that!

       11. THERE WAS A FULL DOME OF LIGHTS WITH ALL KINDS OF PICTURES! Right up in the center circle there kept appearing different things, a tree, an angel, all kinds of pictures & lights shooting back & forth! It was a dome of arches of light of completely 360 degrees! I mean, it was just absolutely astounding!

       12. I FELT LIKE IT WAS A SIGN OF OUR BIRTH, LIKE GOD WAS SIGNIFYING THE BIRTH OF THE REVOLUTION WITH SIGNS! In the newspapers the next day they said they had never seen such a manifestation of, they said, the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. They said usually they only last a few seconds, but this lasted over four minutes, it was really something! So PTL! The Lord's given us some wonderful experiences.

       13. HAROLD, ONE OF MAMA EVE'S FRIENDS--A GOOD WITNESS BUT KIND OF AN ODD WEIRDO WE KNEW UP IN OHIO--TOOK US TO ONE OF THOSE UFO SOCIETY MEETINGS BACK IN ABOUT 1960. I had never been there before, never met the woman before or anything, but when he introduced me to her she shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye & said, "Oh yes, I know you!"--Just like she knew exactly who I was! I think she knew more about who I was than I did then! That was really weird!

       14. WE WENT OUT TO WATCH TOO! They stand out there looking up at the sky & the stars waiting for a UFO, but that night nothing happened. I had the definite feeling, though, that this outfit was on the weirdo wrong side of the fence because she finally said, "There're some kind of contrary influences here, therefore they won't come!" I was hoping there would be something, really, I was just that curious. I wanted to see. They said they'd had a lot of weird experiences out there during those things sometimes, getting messages & sometimes seeing things, apparitions or something. But I think they knew I was there so they didn't show up!

       15. THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF SPIRITUALISM, SOME THEY RUN JUST LIKE A CHRISTIAN CHURCH! I told you about that one. Usually a woman gets up & preaches & gets messages, almost like a Pentecostal meeting. But the other kind are pretty weird where they gather around a table & all hold hands, turn out the lights & have a sort of spiritist seance. When they don't want any light, that's not a very good sign.

       16. MY MOTHER HAD SOME FRIENDS WHO INVITED THEM TO COME JUST AS A MATTER OF CURIOSITY. So they sat way in the back, they weren't at the table or anything, just curious visitors. The regular members were sitting there & joining hands, starting their seance, but nothing happened, nothing happened! Pretty soon the medium said something similar to what the other one had said about me: "There are contrary spirits here, therefore my guide will not come."

       17. THEY DON'T LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT OR THE HOLY SPIRITS! Thank the Lord we have the Holy Spirit, so the demons fear & tremble & run the other way! We don't have to be worried about them, thank the Lord!--Unless you get a naughty spirit & let them in. So be sure to be good! You're God's child, but if you're naughty they can sometimes bother you from the outside. I don't believe a child of God can be demon-possessed, but they can sure torment you! But you have power over them & they have to obey, so just rebuke them & order them to leave in the Name of Jesus, & they have to! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen.

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