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MORE HEAVENLY JEWELS!       DFO 1558       24/6/83

       1. (FAMILY: MAYBE THERE WILL BE A SCANDINAVIAN SMORGASBORD AT THE MARRIAGE SUPPER!) Most wedding receptions, that's the way they serve. They don't serve a dinner where you sit down & order. That would be one big dinner to have to have waiters to take your order! Let'm all go by the Smorgasbord & pick it out for themselves! Recommend that to the Lord, will you? That's a good way to do it!--Ha!

       2. THIS IS A GLASS RAILING ON OUR MANSION! You didn't think we had any iron railings in Heaven, did you? My goodness, everything's crystal golden glass!

       3. (SINGS:)
       Sweet Home of the blest & the free!
       A Haven of rest, the Home of the blest,
       How beautiful Heaven must be!"

That's an old cowboy song! "How beautiful Heaven must be! Sweet land of all my beauties!"--I will have you all there! HAL! TYJ!

       4. DON'T YOU THINK OUR IDEA OF HEAVEN IS A LOT BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU'VE HEARD IN CHURCH? I think our idea of life right now is better than we ever got in church! These pictures are hardly like the real thing, but we're doing the best we can! As I said about the Family, "We may not be perfect, but we're the best!" I haven't found anything better or I'd be there!

       5. (FAMILY: I WONDER WHO MAKES THE ROBES?) I don't know if they make'm. Maybe they're just magically created. In these pictures we've got to make them look like those robes of light, & even in those visions they saw of the Lord in the Bible, they looked like those robes. Maybe they just are! I don't know! I don't know that there's going to be much of that presto-chango zappo stuff that some people seem to think is going to happen in Heaven, unless it's necessary. We probably can zap our enemies. We're going to have some miraculous weapons, that's for sure! I think you're going to be surprised when you find out things are much like this life, of course much more beautiful & perfect & supernatural & miraculous, but still enough like this life that you're not going to have some traumatic kind of culture shock that you won't be able to take the change.

       6. I WON'T EXPECT YOU TO HAVE TO COOK THREE TIMES A DAY, HONEY! If we have some kind of a feast, it will probably be an exception or special celebration. We don't have to eat every day, but just once in awhile for the pleasure of enjoying your cooking! We'll say, "Oh wouldn't you like to have one of those good old dinners like Gem used to cook? Come on, let's have one tonight! We haven't had one for a month!" Maybe we'll just have it once a month for the Lord's Supper or once a week on Fellowship Day!

       7. I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO GET JUST ABOUT WHATEVER YOU WANT! That's my idea of Heaven--everything you want! And you know what I want--you! Heaven's the place where all your heart's desires are fulfilled! If they're good ones, PTL! I'm sure that's all they'll be when you get there! Put in your order! I'm sure the Lord will be glad to have anything there for you that you want!

       8. ISN'T OUR IDEA OF HEAVEN A LOT MORE LOGICAL & REASONABLE & PLEASANT THAN SITTING ON A CLOUD PLAYING A HARP? I'd like to try sitting on a cloud, especially playing a harp, because I never played one! If I could sit on a cloud playing a harp, that would be quite something! As old R.A. Forest said, "That would be a phenomenon!" Dr. Forest couldn't sing worth two hoots, he couldn't carry a tune, & he was a great big huge man! I'd swear he was that wide, & he looked like he was 7 feet tall! I guess he was about 6 foot 6, President of the Toccoa Falls Bible Institute--probably by this time Bible University. Of course, he's gone to be with the Lord by now. His class wanted to know what a phenomenon was. He said, "If you see a little bird sitting out there on a twig singing beautifully, that's not a phenomenon. But if you'd see me sitting out there on a twig singing beautifully, that would be a phenomenon!" So if you'd see me sitting on a cloud playing a harp, that would be a phenomenon!

       9. I THOUGHT WE OUGHT TO HAVE A LITTLE MORE FURNITURE IN THE BEDROOMS OF OUR HEAVENLY MANSION! All of our bedrooms here have desks & chairs! It wouldn't look normal for us to have a bed without a desk & chair--everybody's bedroom's their office here! We were going to use one of my rough sketches for the cover of "Heavenly Art",--but it's so ugly! But anyhow, you can see how horrible it was when it began & to what heavenly heights it grows!--How it sort of evoluted!

       10. FOLLOWING ALL THOSE LETTERS ON HEAVEN WITH THE TWO LETTERS ON WAR will be kind of a jolting contrast between Heaven & Earth!--But that's the way it is!--Hell on Earth out there in the System, but Heaven in our hearts & Homes with Jesus right here & now! TTL! HAL!--Aren't you happy you're in His Family?--Amen! TYJ! PTL!--And GBAKY all till we get to our new Heavenly Home on High! TYJ! PTL! ILY!--In Jesus' name, amen.

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