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MY IDEA OF HEAVEN!       DFO 1561       7/83

       1. HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW THE LATEST NEWS ABOUT HEAVEN?--WE'RE GOING TO HAVE BABIES IN HEAVEN!--No pain, no weight, no morning sickness, no multiplication of problems, it'll all be just a pleasure! No diapers, no doo-doos! I don't think there's going to be any waste in Heaven! Something about your assimilation, perhaps, is so perfect, you won't even have any waste even if you eat! Because there's nothing There that's going to pollute or dirty things up! There'd be nothing to having a baby hardly!--No pain, no diapers! I think you'd still probably want to nurse'm though, that's fun! You dear girls would lose those gorgeous figures if you didn't keep having babies! I didn't mean by that that you have to have another one right away, you can wait a little while! If you wait as long as you did on the last one, you might be able to have it in Heaven!

       2. NOW THERE'S A THOUGHT! THERE'S ANOTHER PROOF OF BABIES BORN IN HEAVEN! Who can tell me what just dawned on me to prove we can have babies in Heaven? (Family: You wouldn't even have to wait for pregnancy? If you desired it, you'd have it?) Well, I think God's normal system would probably still hold, His ingenious system He figured out about having babies! I think you'd probably feel disappointed if you didn't get to carry the baby around for the full time of gestation--or would you? With no weight or weariness, you wouldn't mind carrying it around until it develops! You've gotta give it time to develop. Just think, you can probably even see inside & watch it grow with your X-ray eyes! Wouldn't that be interesting?

       3. BUT I'VE GOT ABSOLUTELY CONCLUSIVE PROOF NOW THAT WOMEN ARE GOING TO BEAR CHILDREN IN HEAVEN! That thought never struck me before, & I'll bet none of you ever thought of it before! Some of you women who've been having children oughtta catch on to this one! It's an answer so simple you're going to wonder why you didn't think of it, like Columbus & the egg! (Family: "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven"?) (Jn.3:3) Well, that's speaking spiritually of course. Somebody gave me a good verse similar to that, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, & forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!" (Mk.10:14) But of course you can explain that away & say that means we must be like little children spiritually, because God's Kingdom of Heaven is already here with us & our Families & our children, all members of His Kingdom of Heaven!

       4. NO, I GOT SOMETHING THAT'S SO SIMPLE THAT JUST CAME TO ME TO PROVE THAT THERE'S GOING TO BE BABIES BORN IN HEAVEN! I think it's going to convince you! Absolute proof! (Family: Because of the fact that Jesus is God's Son by Mary?) Well, we brought out the point about God having a baby by Mary, but of course that's considered a very miraculous thing & I don't think that will prove to most people that you're going to have babies in Heaven. [DELETED] As far as I'm concerned, that's one of the proofs, that God had a child by Mary, so obviously a spiritual being can have a child! Well the angels are spiritual beings & they had children by women, so that's really no news! That's way back in Genesis! (Gen.6:4)

       5. YOU ARE GOING TO WONDER WHY YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF IT! You mothers, of all people, who just had babies ought to know why some babies are going to be born in Heaven! (Family: The Lord commanded that we be fruitful & multiply & that's what He made women for, so if we don't have'm here, maybe we'll have'm There!) That's part of my argument that I put in "Born in Heaven"! If that was God's ideal for this Earth & the mess it's in, & that He knew it was going to be in, even after Adam & Eve sinned, how much better for Heaven! And just think of all the trials & tribulations they went through because of sin in the World & everybody has ever since!

       6. NOBODY HAS EVER REALLY GOTTEN TO HAVE BABIES IN THE IDEAL CONDITIONS OF PARADISE! So we've never really had a chance to have babies the way God originally intended for us to have babies! As far as the record is concerned, they didn't have children until after the Fall & the Curse had already been applied, so there was pain & multiplied problems, etc. (Family: The commandment to be fruitful & multiply was given before the Curse!) Exactly! It was before the Curse, before the Fall, when Adam & Eve were perfect in a perfect environment, & God expected them to multiply & have children.

       7. THIS, AS I'VE OFTEN SAID, IS A PROOF THAT SEX IS NOT EVIL & IS NO SIN! It had nothing to do with the Fall of man or sin, it was perfectly legitimate & advocated by the Lord, in fact commanded by the Lord! As I've often said, the first commandment was, "Thou shalt have sex!" (Gen.1:28) And that's a good point, because what's good for the goose is good for the gander! What was good for this Earth, how much better for Heaven!--Our first chance to have children in a perfect environment with perfect conditions & perfect bodies, perfect health, no demons, devils or anything else! No Curse, no thorns, thistles, vipers, at least not poisonous ones, & the animals all friends! You couldn't possibly even think of a better environment to have a child!

       8. MAYBE I'VE GOT YOU ON A BUM STEER BECAUSE YOU'RE TRYING TO THINK OF VERSES TO PROVE IT!--THIS ONE COMES JUST BY PLAIN LOGIC, & when you hear it, you'll know that women are going to have to have babies in Heaven! [DELETED] We're going to have children in Heaven, isn't that beautiful? Your little brothers & sisters are going to be born in Heaven, how about that! Look what joy this baby has brought into the Home, how much the children & everybody have enjoyed this baby! Babies are half the fun of living! Children & loving children, that's half of the joy of life, & sex is maybe the other half! Like the guy said, "They say sex is the next best thing in life, & I've forgotten what the other one was!" Well, the other one is having children!--The best thing, of course, outside of having the Lord!

       9. THE ANSWER'S SO SIMPLE, IT'S A LOGICAL CONCLUSION! When I tell you, you'll know it has to be! I can give you one hint & you'll all catch it! (Family: Is it something about eternal life? We're going to have eternal life, therefore we'll be reproducing?) Why not? That's another good point. If we've got life here that reproduces, why not There? There are several outstanding points, & I think one of the most convincing things to me is, if Heaven is going to be like this, then this is like Heaven! We're always saying this is like Heaven & Heaven's going to be like this, well, what would this be without children? What would our Family be without children?

       10. I CAN'T IMAGINE HEAVEN WITHOUT CHILDREN! That's nothing new! All the artists & everybody have always pictured Heaven full of children & cherubs & that sort of thing, right? But what if there are no more born There & they all grow up?--Which they actually do in Heaven, you know! In that dream my Mother had about Crystal, she was a full-grown woman that looked just about the age she should have been, because she had died as a child! And she'd never met her, seen her & knew nothing about her!--Even about her neck being so short! (See "Sex in Heaven!", No.818.)

       11. CHILDREN WHO GO TO HEAVEN BEFORE THE RAPTURE ARE GROWING UP IN HEAVEN! Imagine the size of the nurseries God's got up There taking care of all the little babies that have gone to be with the Lord! Talk about Childcare Centers, that place must be loaded!--With all those angels & mothers up There taking care of them! I often wondered where He gets enough nurses to take care of all the babies that go, & I got the answer! Their own relatives who are There, part of their own family are There to receive them & take care of them!

       12. I HAD THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VISION WHEN TIMOTHY & CORNIA LOST THEIR LITTLE BABY! I get so many things in the bathroom! I guess it's because I've gone into my closet & shut the door & am in communion with my Father in secret! They lost the baby & came home so sad from the hospital. She had miscarried a little early, I think at seven months, & Rachel & Tim delivered the baby in the ambulance on the way, but they lost it. Of course, now I understand even more of why the Lord let it happen, considering the state of her heart, & even his.

       13. SO I WAS ASKING THE LORD, "WHY DID YOU TAKE THE BABY SO SOON & JUST BORN & SHE DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE TO LIVE HER LIFE?" As God bears me witness, the Lord knows, I was not expecting anything! The answer was so unexpected, I was almost startled by it! I was standing in the bathroom, & it was just almost like the ceiling opened up & I saw Cornia's Grandmother who had died & gone on to be with the Lord, just radiantly happy holding this little baby in her arms, just like she was so happy to have one of her grandchildren There with her!

       14. SHE DIDN'T LOOK SO OLD, YET SHE LOOKED MATURE, A GRANDMOTHERLY TYPE! Her hair looked grey, drawn back in a knot on the back of her head. She was receiving the little baby & looking down at her so sweet, cuddling the little baby in her arms like, "How nice, my granddaughter!" Isn't that wonderful? Who would be more concerned about the baby & who would love it more than its own grandmother! I thought, "How sweet, how beautiful, how wonderful, one of her dearest kin!"

       15. WHO KNOWS? MAYBE THE OLD LADY WAS LONESOME, SO THE LORD SENT HER UP A NICE LITTLE BABY! And she was just standing there looking so happy with that little baby in her arms! I didn't even know Cornia's grandmother was dead or that she knew the Lord! But I came out of the bathroom & I told them, "I saw this old lady standing in the Heavens, just beautiful & just so happy holding your little baby in her arms!" I described her to Cornia & she said, "That sounds like her!"--And she burst into tears! So there are lots of reasons for the Lord taking children up There, especially if the parents aren't going to be good parents to them or something like that, the Lord takes them back.

       16. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET SOME DREAMS ABOUT HEAVEN! I don't know why the Lord hasn't given me any dreams about it, I guess maybe He figures I've had enough! Why should I have dreams when He's given me these ideas while I'm awake! I sat there studying that poster & I said, "What should go here? What should be there?"--And it just came to me almost as fast as I could write it down, one thing after another! This fits here & that fits there, naming all those buildings & everything! You may think I'm crazy & that Heaven looks like a circus or a World's Fair, well, that's my idea of Heaven!

       17. WELL, OF COURSE THE BEST PROOF I'VE GOT THAT THERE ARE BABIES BORN IN HEAVEN WAS WHAT THE LORD SAID TO ME IN THE NIGHT!--Or whoever it was that said it.--A direct revelation! I said, "What in the World do You need all this space for?" I'm astonished at those videos of train trips through places like India with nearly a billion people, & China with over a billion, & yet you go through hundreds of miles of rolling hills & plains & fields & see almost nobody!--Only a little village or a little farm here & there, & they say the World is overcrowded! It must be these so-called scientists who live in big cities like New York who think it's overcrowded! My goodness, there's oodles of space yet, the World's far from being overcrowded! It's not even all developed, it's not even all tilled & planted! They could feed billions more people on the Earth even as it now is! That's a big bunch of the Devil's lies that you've got to cut down the population because you can't feed'm all!--The Devil's own tricks to try to advocate birth control & murderous abortions!

       18. I SAID, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS SPACE?--WHAT FOR?" And as clear as I ever heard the voice of the Lord ... I mean, you don't hear Him with these ears, you just feel it in your mind, just like a thought! Just as clear as anything: "Well, what makes you think the population's not going to grow?"--And that was like a whole new revelation really! I must have already had that in my head when I drew that Heavenly Childcare Center & I said, "Watch a baby born!" That was downright prophetic!

       19. BUT THE ANSWER TO THAT IS GOING TO BE SO SIMPLE, HOW YOU KNOW THERE ARE SOME BABIES THAT ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE BORN IN HEAVEN! (Family: Because when Jesus comes, some women will be pregnant!) Exactly! There are going to be millions of mothers already pregnant when the Lord comes! Did you think the Lord was going to kill all those babies or they're just going to vanish or something? All those pregnant mothers are going to go to Heaven & they're going to have'm up There! Now what more conclusive proof could you have than that? After carrying those babies for months, some of them just about to be born & whatnot or even if they're months away, you know the Lord's not going to let all their labours be in vain! What's that verse? "Ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord!" (1Cor.15:58)

       20. THAT CLINCHES IT! YOU KNOW THE LORD'S GOING TO LET THOSE WOMEN HAVE THEIR BABIES IN HEAVEN! There will be millions of Christians in the Rapture, & there must be hundreds of thousands of them already pregnant mothers! We'll probably have a whole raft of'm ourselves already pregnant! We're having about 60 babies a month! We have the highest birthrate of any nation on Earth, & the lowest death rate! By the law of averages at the rate we're going now, it's possible we'd have about 540 pregnant mothers in various stages of their nine-month term! I don't suppose we'd maybe have quite that many, but anyhow, we'd sure have a lot of'm! And think about all the other Christian mothers in the World! There are lots of Christian mothers that are saved. They may not be doing much or worth much to the Lord right now, but we're going to fix that in the Millennium! If we don't get'm re-educated by the end of the Millennium we'll have to finish it up in Heaven!

       21. IMAGINE HOW MANY PREGNANT MOTHERS ARE GOING TO BE AT THE WEDDING SUPPER OF THE LAMB!--And at that rate, if we stay up There about a month, our Family alone are going to have about 60 children in Heaven while we're There! I don't know that the women are going to have to come back riding those horses, maybe the Lord will just have us men do that! Maybe the women will be able to stay There & have all their babies! Of course, I'm sure you're going to come back down here for the Millennium, at least some of you. We don't know how many are going to be here or how many There! Only God knows what your job's going to be & where! I hope it's going to be with me!

       22. BUT ISN'T THAT PRETTY CONCLUSIVE PROOF THAT BABIES ARE GOING TO BE BORN IN HEAVEN? Probably hundreds of thousands of saved pregnant mothers are going to be going up in the Rapture, & you know good & well with all those pregnant mothers going to Heaven they are going to have their babies either in Heaven or when they get back here in the Millennium! If we stay There even a month, a lot of'm are going to come due! Now some of you mothers are probably going to be hoping you don't get pregnant till a little less than nine months before the Lord comes so you can have your baby in Heaven!

       23. I GOT A GOOD SCRIPTURE ABOUT BEING BORN IN HEAVEN--THE 87TH PSALM! Read us the 87th Psalm, all but the 4th verse which is about something else. In the 4th verse the Lord is simply comparing that, above all these other great places & great cities, they'll be bragging more than they ever bragged about being born in these other places. So you don't have to read the 4th verse, just the rest of it. I was talking about being born in Heaven & I was saying, "Just think, they'll be able to brag about how they were born in Heaven!" And a verse just flashed on me clear as anything, & this is the passage, the 87th Psalm! I'm sure this is talking about Heaven now, because I've got this Scripture to prove it!

       24. OTHER BIBLE STUDENTS, ESPECIALLY SCOFIELDITE JEWISH CONVERTS, SAY THAT OF COURSE THIS IS ABOUT JERUSALEM! In fact, they feel that way about it now, that it's something to brag about if you're born in Jerusalem. It doesn't even say Jerusalem! I would hold contention with the plural of that word "mountains" in the first verse, I believe it's supposed to be "mountain," singular. "His foundation is in the Holy Mountain." And I can take that liberty because it's mentioned so many other places: "The Mountain of the Lord's House," "the Mountain of the Lord," "the Mountain." I'll bet you anything this is that Mountain, or was intended to be! What does it mean? "He has gone to prepare a Place for us, a City which hath foundations!" God has built the City, God laid the foundations, it's God's City in Heaven! Now think of it like that as you read this passage!--Heavenly Jerusalem.

       25. "HIS FOUNDATION IS IN THE HOLY MOUNTAIN." In other words, God's permanent building, His foundation that He's laid is in that Holy Mountain. (Verse 2:) "The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob." Now what is Zion? What was Zion a name for? It was one of the names of Jerusalem. All right, let me ask you, do you think the Lord loves the gates of that dirty old town of [EDITED: "Jerusalem"] of today? I don't believe it! That town has caused more trouble to the World than almost any other city on Earth! Why should He love those dirty stinking gates with all those damn troublemakers? I don't think in this glorious poetic language He's talking about Earthly Jerusalem at all, not Earthly Jerusalem!--Heavenly Jerusalem, yes! Heavenly Zion, yes!

       26. "THE LORD LOVETH THE GATES OF ZION."--WHAT KIND OF GATES HAS IT GOT?--Beautiful gates! Each gate a single pearl! (Rev.21:21) Think of that, how big they are! He loveth the gates of Zion! He's thrilling about this gorgeous Heavenly City! He loveth the gates of Zion more than what?--More than all the dwellings of Jacob put together! Well, now you've got it down to the real brass tacks of who Jacob is, [DELETED] that's the Jews for sure! He says He loves the gates of Zion more than all those Jews put together!

       27. (VERSE 3:) "GLORIOUS THINGS ARE SPOKEN OF THEE, O CITY OF GOD!--SELAH." There weren't many glorious things ever said about dirty old Jerusalem! About the most glorious things ever said about any City are about our Heavenly City!

       28. (VERSE 5:) "AND OF ZION IT SHALL BE SAID, THIS & THAT MAN WAS BORN IN HER." Where are they going to be bragging about who was born There?--In old stinking Jerusalem? Well, there might be some Jews bragging about being born there. But what City would people really brag about being born in? What children would really boast of being born in the Holy City but in Heavenly Jerusalem!

       29. "AND THE HIGHEST HIMSELF SHALL ESTABLISH HER." What other City has God established but the Holy City, Space City in Heaven, Heavenly Jerusalem? I'm coming to the conclusion most of those glorious statements made in the Bible about Jerusalem are about that one up There, not this dirty one down here that's causing all the trouble!--Just like when the Lord talks about the Jews or Israel & all those glorious prophetic & Millennial & Heavenly statements about them that the Evangelicals & Fundamentalists all apply to the Jews! Can you imagine? [DELETED] But the Lord is not talking about the Jews at all, He's talking about us Christians! Well, if you want to say Christian Jews, all right, but then you get in their same trap! He's talking about spiritual Israel, Holy Israel, the Judah of God, God's Israel, the Children of God!

       30. (VERSE 6:) "AND THE LORD SHALL COUNT, WHEN HE WRITETH UP THE PEOPLE, THAT THIS MAN WAS BORN THERE. SELAH." The Lord is going to count when He writes up the people, especially the ones that were born in our Heavenly City! Don't you think they're going to brag about it a little bit? Why should the Lord pay so much attention to talking about this City unless it's the Heavenly City? Why should He think it's so wonderful to be born There unless it's that one? I don't think it's very wonderful to be born in this Jerusalem here, it's as much as your life is worth, it's dangerous!

       31. I GUESS YOU KNOW THE OLD CITY, THE REAL OLD JERUSALEM TODAY IS NOT ACTUALLY JEWISH! It's owned by the Jews now, they've captured it & taken it, & they're supposedly using it for their government. I don't know exactly where their house of government is or the capital or if they've built one yet, but the old city within the old walls is actually not Jewish at all, it's all Arab! So how could this present-day Jerusalem even be considered?--The Jews are trying their best to make it Jewish as fast as they can, but they've got World opinion to buck if they start kicking out all those Arabs who've lived there for centuries!

       32. BUT THEY ARE MANAGING TO GET A FEW OF THEM OUT UNDER VARIOUS EXCUSES! They said, "We've got to bulldoze this down for the sake of this, or we have to do some archaeological research here, so we've got to tear your house down!" And little by little, just like the rest of Israel, they're taking it over!--Like the West Bank. Well, not so little by little with the West Bank right now, they're really gobbling it up! But they've had to go kind of slow on Jerusalem because those Arabs have lived there for centuries. It's a little hard to get rid of them, but they probably will try one of these days.

       33. BUT ANYWAY, I DON'T SEE HOW BY THE WILDEST STRETCH OF YOUR IMAGINATION THAT THIS COULD BE APPLIED TO TODAY'S OLD JERUSALEM! This is a glorious passage! This is about a glorious Zion!--The Lord's Zion that He has laid the foundation of, a City that God built, full of His people, so that people will even be proud to have been born There! Well, that's what it sounds like to me! That's my idea of it, anyway! You don't have to accept it if you don't want to, any more than you have to accept my idea of Heaven! But it's the best idea I've seen, I haven't seen anybody else's! So if you can show me a better one, I'd be happy to see it!

       34. IN FACT, THEY'VE HAD HARDLY ANY IDEAS OF HEAVEN! It's really amazing! They haven't even hardly made any guesses of what Heaven is like! Even though they had all these specific measurements & descriptions & everything else, they never even tried to make a picture of it! And the pictures that they have made are pitiful! I think you've seen the one from Dr. Prieger's slides of John sitting There on a cloud watching the Holy City, that's about the best one I've ever found! At least it shows the wall with the different kinds of jewel foundations, but it's got the wall as a part of the City itself, & the City doesn't look like it's even hardly one mile square!

       35. SO DO YOU THINK WE'RE GOING TO HAVE BABIES IN HEAVEN? Doesn't that just about prove it? I didn't get that revelation till I was sitting here at the table awhile ago! It just dawned on me, what about the women that are already carrying babies when the Lord comes, they've got to have them in Heaven! PTL? So that shows it's possible, in your transformed supernatural miraculous raptured body, to have your baby over There! And certainly the Lord's going to let'm have'm! He's certainly not going to kill the babies or allow anything to happen to them just because the mother's being raptured! Don't you think those mothers would be terribly disappointed if they didn't have those babies when they got There after carrying them all those months?

       36. A LOT OF MOTHERS SOUNDED REAL DISAPPOINTED WHEN THEY WROTE IN & ASKED ME ABOUT IT! They almost sounded hopeful, & some of them wrote with that kind of an attitude, like they were hoping they were still going to have babies in Heaven! That's the first I even thought about it, when I got some of those questions. Tonight's the first time I ever thought about what's going to happen to the pregnant mothers that are raptured, were they going to have their babies in Heaven?

       37. DOESN'T THAT PROVE IT TO YOU? You don't have to take my word for it, you don't have to take my revelations for it, you don't have to take my Scriptures for it, you don't have to take my theories or guesses or whatever you want to call'm, just take the plain solid fact that the pregnant mothers who go up in the Rapture are going to have those babies in Heaven! And if they can have'm in Heaven, why can't the rest of'm? If some of them can do it, why can't they all do it? Well, I'm absolutely convinced of it!--Especially after that answer I got the other night!

       38. SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO CRITICISE MY HEAVENLY CITY & SAY IT'S LIKE A CIRCUS OR DISNEYLAND! Well, I think those things are the Devil's own imitations!--Or maybe the Lord allowed it as a little sample of what Heaven's going to be like! I went to three different World's Fairs & I always used to think they were like a little bit of Heaven, really really beautiful! You had to have a ticket to get in & you had to go through special gates, well-guarded by the "angels" in uniform, & all those gorgeous buildings & beautiful music floating in the air & fountains & coloured lights! It was like a little bit of Heaven, kind of a picture or sample of Heaven. That's why I've got all these buildings in our poster, I think it's going to be educational!

       39. THE COLOURS OF THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR WERE BLUE, WHICH IS SORT OF A HEAVENLY COLOUR, & A SORT OF A BEAUTIFUL RED-ORANGE, JUST REALLY BEAUTIFUL! Even Mother Eve used to say the Fair reminded her of Heaven. She loved to go to the fair! You know where she landed this last time, Knoxville, Tennessee World's Fair! We're all kids at heart! Is there anybody here that doesn't like fairs? How many of you have been to some kind of World's Fair? You never forgot it, did you? It's the kind of thing even a child would never forget. It's just like a Wonderworld, like another World! Even the '36 World's Fair in Chicago, you'd just go in there & it was like another World!--Like a little sample of Heaven!

       40. AND WHAT THE WORLD'S FAIRS LACK, THE STATE FAIRS HAVE! The Texas State Fair is the biggest State Fair in the World, & it's almost like a World's Fair. It has all those permanent buildings & is just gorgeous! Only to me, the Texas State Fair was almost the best combination of all, you know why? (Family: Because of the animals?) Right! It was a combination of a World's Fair & a Country Fair! All the farmers were there with their prize animals & all their exhibits--canning & cooking exhibits--contests, different kinds of grain in the contests, prize cows, bulls, hogs, goats, sheep & dog contests! I don't know as I ever saw one with a cat contest, but they do have cat contests!--And beauty contests! We're sure you beauties would have absolutely wowed'm! We've got the most beautiful girls in the World! That's the truth! You know you have to be the most beautiful, because you're the Lord's!--His Queens!

       41. THE TEXAS STATE FAIR WAS LIKE A WORLD'S FAIR & A COUNTRY FAIR COMBINED, JUST ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! And all those gorgeous animals & everything were just fascinating to me! And my boys, of course, were just fascinated, because they were living out on the ranch in those days & raising animals, etc. Aaron was more interested in the farmer part than he was in the rest! He wanted to see how they raised all those prize cows, etc. They had those great big huge monstrous dairy cows. Jersey & Guernsey are the best known dairy cows, but there's a dairy cow that's almost half again as high & as big & they're usually black & white--the Holstein. It's the biggest dairy cow there is, & there was one prize Holstein there that gave 14 gallons of milk a day & won the prize for milk producer! They're enormous! I mean, those Holstein's are as high as your head, huge cows to begin with, & the udders are amazing!

       42. IN THE STATES, THE STATE FAIRS WERE THE BIGGEST COUNTRY FAIRS, & of course in Europe they've got different country fairs of each whole country, the National Fairs & all that sort of thing. And they sort of combine them like that too, combined science & farmers' fair, along with the farm exhibits & animals! And it's so interesting! Even as a child I loved fairs & playgrounds & amusement parks! Don't you think our kids will just love that? After all, we're going to have all those kids up There, we've got to entertain'm somehow & educate'm! Doesn't my kind of Heaven look like a fun Place? That's my idea of Heaven, a real fun Place, & if you don't like it, you can build your own! I'll have this corner & you've got another 2-1/4 million-square-miles to build your own in!

       43. I'LL TELL YOU, MY IDEA OF HEAVEN MIGHT BE SHOCKING TO THE CHURCH PEOPLE, BUT IT'S THE BEST ONE I'VE EVER HEARD! PTL! If the Lord gives you the desires of your heart because you delight yourself in Him, I'm sure He's going to have at least part of Heaven looking like this! This one thing I know, that's what it looked like when I was There! I don't know what part I was in, but that part was like that! It was like a World's Fair with those big buildings & parks & all that stuff, it was beautiful! So I know part of it was like that, & I got to thinking, "What in the World would all those buildings be? Well, the ones that I did see the inside of, like that big prism going around slowly, it must be some kind of Science Exhibition or something." So I just started thinking what kind would we need There for our education, things we always wanted to know but never had a chance to ask, or at least get an answer.

       44. SO HOW DO YOU LIKE MY IDEA OF HEAVEN? WHO KNOWS?--MAYBE IT'S THE LORD'S IDEA! I got it from somewhere! Don't you think our little kids will find that a fascinating Place? Of course, maybe they'll have to wait till the colour poster comes to help'm really appreciate it! But let's see if they don't think that's a fun Place to be! Doesn't it sound like a fun Place, all these different exhibits & everything? That "Cathedral of Love" looks like a birthday cake!--A symbol of childbirth!

       45. THAT GIVES YOU ANOTHER THOUGHT TOO ABOUT SOME OF THOSE MOTHERS & BABIES WHO EVEN DIED IN PREGNANCY! (Maria: I was thinking of Phoebe, how she probably has her little baby with her!)--Or she's going to have it! I don't think the Lord's going to suddenly cut short all the pregnancy terms & have them just popping out all over necessarily, I think the Lord's going to let you enjoy that full term. He made all that machinery to operate that way, why should He suddenly make it different? It would be kind of funny if you were just sitting here & all of a sudden your stomach blooped up & boom! You wouldn't be prepared for it, really.

       46. HE LETS A WOMAN GRADUALLY GROW UNTIL SHE GETS USED TO THAT WEIGHT & used to having the baby like that, & the baby gets used to the mother, so that when you have the baby, you're both already used to each other! Only this time you won't even have the weight! I was telling someone the other day that swimming in the water is like flying already, & when I get to Heaven I can go flying up above the water & then dive in & fly up again! I won't even need a diving board! Won't that be fun? I think Heaven's going to be a fun Place for our kids!

       47. AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THE WOMEN WHO WOULD LIKE TO HAVE BABIES & HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE AT LEAST ONCE? They can all have babies up There! (Maria: And what about all our little children that want to have babies when they grow up!) Yes, of course! They'd all be missing that experience. Of course the answer I had in the night is all I need, but then the Lord gives added proof & Scriptures & confirmations! But the thing that was very strong & one of the first things that came to me after I had that revelation, just like the Lord speaking to my heart, was if that was His principle for the first Earth, how much more so He'd want that to be true in Heaven!--Where we'll finally have the perfect ideal conditions & sinless perfect environment with no dangers & no Curse & no sin & none of the horrors of this World!

       48. THAT'LL BE OUR FIRST CHANCE TO HAVE CHILDREN UNDER THOSE IDEAL CONDITIONS THAT HE ORIGINALLY INTENDED & CREATED, LIKE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN!--except the Garden of Eden was not even as perfect as Heaven, because they were only human. But they were almost as perfect conditions as Heaven & as ideal but because of sin they never had a chance to have children under those perfect conditions. But There in Heaven we will, for the first time! Now what are we going to do, miss that? Is God's plan going to be defeated & we're never going to have a chance to have children under ideal conditions? Do you think He's going to be frustrated & defeated in that opportunity? Doesn't it stand to just your logical common sense reasoning that the Lord has reserved that for that time when everything's going to be perfect & ideal & the perfect World, the perfect City, the perfect environment, the perfect society, everything perfect, to have perfect children? Praise God! Amen?

       49. HE HAD A REASON FOR THIS SOCIETY, OF COURSE, TOO, He had a reason for us to have to go through all of this imperfection to be saved. We have about as perfect children & perfect a society as you could possibly have right now on this kind of an Earth which is full of sin & iniquity & Curse & dangers & devils & all kinds of things, but how much more so in Heaven? Even after the children you've already had, wouldn't you like to try one in Heaven? Without any weight? Without any effort? Without any pain? Without any suffering?--No sickness or anything, just pure pleasure having a baby! Even you women who've already had babies, wouldn't you like to have another one in Heaven to see what it's like to have a perfect baby under perfect conditions? I don't mean that our children aren't perfect, they're as perfect as they can be under these circumstances, but how much easier it would be to have babies There!

       50. I'M CONVINCED OF IT!--AND WHAT I GOT TONIGHT WAS THE CLINCHER! I've been thinking all day, I've got to give them Scriptures & this, that & the other to prove that it's possible! And we've had a lot of Scriptures & a lot of reasoning & logical things, etc., but this proves it beyond a shadow of doubt that some babies are going to have to be born in Heaven! So if some of them can be born There, then all of them can be born There! And all that good sex, no matter how good it is, won't be just wasted for no reason, no purpose--we're going to have babies There too! PTL?

       51. WHAT A LIVELY HEAVEN THAT IS! What a dead place it would be without children! What fun would all that Disneyland be without kids?--Or maybe you'll have to call it Davidland!--Ha! David's World! My idea of Heaven! The main thing we enjoyed in going to those World's Fairs was our kids & the way they enjoyed it, even the rides & everything! I even got a kick out of the rides in Disneyland! I was full-grown with four kids, but I had to ride on everything right along with them! Of course, that was to take care of them & make sure they didn't get hurt!--Ha! Eve was afraid to go on some of those things, but I went! I almost wished I hadn't on some of them! I think the worst thing was that "Mad Teacup" ride where you go round & round & round every which way & you're going around like this all at the same time! You talk about airsick or seasick, ugh! That was horrible! I hope we don't have any rides like that in Heaven! I don't think we will!

       52. SOMEBODY SUGGESTED WE SHOULD HAVE NOT ONLY SOME KIND OF RIVER RIDES, BUT AIR RIDES! Since you can fly, I don't know why you'd need air rides, but it would be interesting to ride slowly along in a crystal ball in a group & watch things below, so maybe so! I didn't see anything like that, but why not? I think anything's possible! Whatever you dream up, the Lord will have for you! Like in "Forbidden Planet," everything they thought of, they could have!--Which is sort of a premonition & an idea of Heaven. I think everything that we could possibly enjoy & dream up & would like to have, He's promised to give us, the desires of our hearts! What do you want, Son?--No more business? Ah, I think you're going to find there's going to be plenty! The Lord didn't waste all of His time training you to be an administrator unless He has a few jobs up There for you, certainly in the Millennium, that's for sure! But I have an idea if the World outside needs healing, it's going to need quite a bit of administration & direction & government! Amen?

       53. ANOTHER THING I USED TO LOVE AS A KID WAS NATIONAL PARKS! Look how much room we've got in the base of Space City for all kinds of National Parks!--Only not National, but World Parks! We've got enough room There for every kind of park there ever was!--Yosemite, Yellowstone, Banff, whatever! We've got room for everything you can possibly imagine just in the City itself, not to speak of five times as much land as now outside! I loved Yosemite! We used to go there every year until it got so damn crowded it was more like a city! Ugh! It became terrible!

       54. WELL, ANY OTHER IDEAS, QUESTIONS OR CONTRIBUTIONS? ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO FIND IN HEAVEN? (Family: Will there be any kind of factories?) I'm sure in the Millennium there will have to be various factories producing essentials that people have to have, such as clothing & that sort of thing, but more along the cottage industry line like they have in the poor countries where they make stuff locally. It used to be like that almost all over the World. In the early days of the Earth you spun your own thread, wove your own clothing & all that sort of thing. That's like the Millennium. But up There in Heaven we won't have to! Of course, we'll have supernatural bodies even in the Millennium & those robes of light even then! We will be in the Millennium just like we are in Heaven, no difference!

       55. WHAT THOSE PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE CITY ARE LIKE, I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY, but they may be a lot like the people in the Millennium who are not yet saved, at least not like us. Well, I saw farms, so they must grow food, which means they must have some kind of natural needs. And I saw cottages, houses & villages, so they must live in houses. Even we live in houses in the Holy City--mansions! Outside they live in cottages, villages, homes, & I presume they wear some kind of clothing, although I never saw one of them at all. In which case, somebody's got to know how to build houses, & they've got to know how to manufacture the things, at least by hand, from which they build homes. It's amazing how much stuff you can do by hand if you have to, like the early pioneers. And if they don't have robes of light like us, they'd have to have some means of making their own clothing, etc. I really don't know. The Lord hasn't shown me anything on that. I really haven't thought much about it.

       56. MAYBE THAT'LL BE THE NEXT SPHERE OF MY INVESTIGATION OF HEAVEN! I really thought & prayed a lot about these other things, the pictures you've seen & our poster, & I really wanted the Lord to try to give me something substantial & crystal clear that our little kids could look at & feel is real! When our little kids look at that poster, what do they think about it? Do they like it? Does it look like a fun Place to go? I know Techi wants to go There, she's wondering why the Lord doesn't come sooner! PTL!

       57. I KNOW I'VE HAD SOME VISIONS OF IT, BUT THIS ALL COULD BE CLASSIFIED AS VISIONS! It's envisioned, that's for sure! The idea & the picture came to my mind before I tried to draw it or put it down. Of course, I can't draw it as beautifully as an artist, but I kind of like this idea of Heaven, don't you?--Best one I ever heard! Like I said about us, we may not be perfect, but we're the best! (No.1385) If we weren't the best, I wouldn't be here! I've never found anything better, have you? Well, there it is! It may not be perfect, but it's the best representation of Heaven I've ever seen. It's really also the most accurate according to the Bible, & therefore I'm very happy with it! If you can find something better, you find it! I'm sending out word to the whole Family!: "C'mon! If you've got something better or you can draw something better or find something better, send it in! Maybe we'll use it!" ("Show Me!", No.1544)

       58. SO DO YOU LIKE MY IDEA OF HEAVEN? WOULD YOU SETTLE FOR THAT? It reminds me of an old song:

       "You may not be an angel,
       I surely know that's true,
       But until the day when one comes along,
       I'll get along with you!"

So I'm sure this is not as beautiful as it's really going to be, but until the day comes along when we get to see the real thing, that's better than anything else I've ever seen! And the main thing I'm trying to do is give you big kids too, but especially our little kids, a real picture of what Heaven's going to be like! We've already been getting raves from some of the big people! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! Well, it's quite a monumental project to tackle to try to have pictures of Heaven & try to give people some idea of what it's like, but I've got the burden! All right, let's pray! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!

       59. AS WE PRAY THE PRAYER THAT HE TAUGHT US TO PRAY, WHICH IS ALL ABOUT HEAVEN: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14.) "The Lord bless thee & keep thee, the Lord make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace"--like Heaven! (Nu.6:24-26)
       As now I lay me down to sleep,
       I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep!
       If I should die before I wake,
       I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take

       --to that beautiful Place called Heaven! TYL! Amen! It doesn't make death sound so bad any more when you realise where you're going! Now don't leave too soon, please! Don't get too anxious to get away. But you won't be sorry to leave when you do, when you've got a Place like that to go to!--Amen?

       60. THANK YOU FOR THE PLACE YOU'VE GONE TO PREPARE FOR US, LORD, THAT WHERE YOU ARE, THERE WE MAY BE ALSO! You said if it wasn't so, You would have told us, so we know it's so, Lord. (Jn.14:2,3)--Those beautiful mansions & that huge City & all the wonderful things, all these things You've been showing to us & revealing to us as we go along, little by little, & now the wonderful good news that we're going to have children in Heaven! More children! Not only the ones we already have, but even more! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!

       61. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THESE IDEAS OF HEAVEN THAT WE BELIEVE YOU'VE GIVEN! We trust they're Your idea of Heaven, & we believe they are, & we thank Thee for them. We ask You to bless & keep us here on this Earth. We have a little Heaven right here & now in our Heavenly Homes & Heavenly hearts with You in our hearts, Lord, but keep us safely from our enemies & the outside forces & even from little things. We thank Thee for how wonderfully You protect us from accidents & sickness & anything serious happening! TYJ! Thank You for supplying all of our needs! Give us a good night's sleep now, Lord, safekeeping & strength for tomorrow. And bless all of our other families around the World, Lord, especially those so busy in Thy work, Lord, & our Units everywhere. Bless & keep them busy for Thee & in Thy protection & provision, & give them a vision of the future, Lord! "Without vision, the people perish!" (Pr.29:18) Thank You for these visions of Heaven You've given us that the folks can look forward to, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory!

       62. (SINGS:)
       Sweet haven of rest for the weary,
       How beautiful Heaven must be!"

Hallelujah? TYL? Amen! (Sings:)
       "Oh this is like Heaven to me!
       Yes, this is like Heaven to me!
       If Heaven is like this in our Family,
       Then this is like Heaven to me!"

Amen? PTL? (Sings:)
       "Heaven is better than this!
       Oh my, what joy, what bliss!
       Walking down the streets of the purest gold,
       Telling a story that never grows old!

       Heaven is better than this!
       Oh my, what joy, what bliss!
       I love the people of our Family,
       But Heaven is better than this!"

Hallelujah!--Not that there are going to be any better people There, but just everything's going to be better!

       63. WELL, I GUESS YOU'D CALL THIS AN ILLUSTRATED SERMON TONIGHT! We've got our Heavenly City sitting right here beside us head-high, made by our dear handyman & his little child team of workers building this Heavenly City! Really beautiful! Amen! TYL! God bless you all! (Sings:)
       "Heaven is here, is here right now!
       Heaven is here & I'll tell you how!
       Jesus to know is Heaven below,
       Heaven is here, is here & how!"

       Yes, you are like Heaven to me!
       If Heaven is like you, it's real Heavenly!
       For you are like Heaven to me!"

       --That's my new verse!--Ha! But it's true! If Heaven is like you, then it's real Heavenly, for you are like Heaven to me!--Amen? It's Heavenly to be in our Family!--Amen?--A little bit of Heaven right here & now!--So I'm sure Heaven is like this!--Amen?--Only even better!--This is the way I want it to be, my idea of Heaven!--Like it?--See you There! GBAKYAMYAB till Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family