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HEAVENLY HOLES!       DFO 1562       6/7/83

       1. I THINK ONE REASON THE CHURCH DOESN'T DEAL WITH SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS ABOUT HEAVEN IS THEY'RE AFRAID OF THE ANSWERS! I can tell you right now one reason they don't deal with that question about pregnant mothers going up in the Rapture & having babies in Heaven, is because if Heaven is that physical, they would have to come to the corresponding conclusion that there has to be sex in Heaven! If you could have BABIES in Heaven, then you could have SEX in Heaven, & that's horrifying to the churches! "How could you have sex in Heaven when sex is so evil?" My God, how off the beam can you get as the churches have been on sex all these centuries--aeons!
       2. OUR CONCEPT OF HEAVEN IS ALMOST AS CONTRADICTORY TO THEIRS AS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL! I'm sure they'll be horrified at our pictures! "Carnival of the flesh! Hell on Earth! Tsk! Tsk! What foolishness! Fun! You're not supposed to have fun! If you're a Christian you don't have fun, you have joy!" I've heard them preach like that, preach against fun! "Christians don't have fun, they have joy!" Joy to them is something kind of solemn, self-righteous & above fun! It's a spiritual thing, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious! You can have it without touching anybody.--Not stooping to fun! I don't know how they expect even the little kids & babies to get there without having fun!
       3. TO THEM, THE NATURAL SEQUENCE OF FUN IS FUNNY, & TO THEM THERE CERTAINLY WOULDN'T BE ANYTHING FUNNY IN HEAVEN!--Everything's super sober & serious! (Maria: That's why they all are reluctant to go there!) In their idea of Heaven you can only have very serious kinds of happiness & joy, only ethereal & aesthetic, the spiritual joys & ecstasies of strictly the Spirit. No more carnal fleshly pleasures! No more wicked indulgence of the flesh!: "He's wicked, carnal! He's presenting Heaven as a place of wicked carnal fleshly pleasures! It looks more like Hell than Heaven!" Secretly, of course, they wish it were true! Nevertheless, they couldn't possibly allow that in their doctrine--it's too unspiritual, too carnal, too fleshly, too much fun! In their Heaven you can only have sober, serious, pious, sanctimonious, high-flung spiritual joys, far above these Earthly pleasures!
       4. THE WAY THEY TALK ABOUT HEAVEN, YOU'D THINK THEY'RE REALLY PLANNING ON SUFFERING A LITTLE LONGER! That sort of thing is like church! After all, most Christians really sort of have to suffer church, & they figure Heaven's going to be like church. And if the truth were known, if they were honest, you'd hear'm groan! They never really liked to go to church, it's just a part of their Christian duty & suffering in this life! (Maria: And they don't really want to go to Heaven too soon!)--Because they think it's going to be more like church, constant continual church all the time! Imagine what torture!--Nothing but choirs & pipe organs & sermons & such spiritual atmosphere continually, when they're only used to it for one or two hours a week, & they can hardly stand that!
       5. IF THE TRUTH WERE KNOWN, THEY ACTUALLY DREAD HEAVEN! What a horror of horrors to have to be in church all the time, not only an hour a week, but for Eternity! I mean, that's almost like Hell to them! They'd almost rather go to the other place! Like the guy said, "Well, Heaven sounds great, but for meeting old friends, there's nothing like Hell!" Well, that doesn't hold true of us! That holds true of most Church people, that's for sure, that's really the way they feel about it. As far as having fun & meeting old friends & everything, Hell is the place! In their kind of Heaven, they would be so out of place they could hardly bear it for one hour a week! But that's their idea of Heaven!
       6. CHURCH IS THEIR IDEA OF HEAVEN!--Pious hymns & lofty non-carnal thoughts & pious pulpit platitudes with preachments, their minds high above the lower levels, on Heavenly planes of purity! No wonder they figure you're going to have such a transformation when you get to Heaven! You're going to be changed into some kind of a super-spiritual being & personality far above all these mundane fleshly carnal impulses & traits & natural feelings. That's true, church is really their idea of Heaven! After all, they have that one little hour a week of Heaven, that's all they can stand, & there are few people who can enjoy it that long! There're some people, the Holiness people & some Christians, so holy & sanctimonious & pious that they can even enjoy that kind of Heaven about three hours a week--Sunday morning, Sunday night & Wednesday night! But that's about all the Heaven they can stand!
       7. YOU'VE GOT TO BE PRETTY RELIGIOUS TO STAND THAT MUCH HEAVEN!--Three whole hours a week of sermons & hymns & prayers! (Maria: Some of them do it for a whole whopping five hours!--Sunday School, Church, youth service, Sunday night & Wednesday prayer meeting!) And of course when they have a Revival Meeting to get'm revived, they have one whole week of Heavenly ecstasy!--Whereas if they were honest, they're bored to tears! It's a real chore to have to go to church every night when you're tired after working all day & have to sit there & listen to the same old draggy hymns & another old draggy sermon! But they wouldn't dare confess the truth of how bored they are with church. But that's really all the Heaven they can usually stand.
       8. IF THEY'RE NOT REAL EVANGELICAL BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS, THEY CAN ONLY STAND ABOUT AN HOUR OF HEAVEN A WEEK! If they're saved, they can stand maybe two hours. And if they're really holy & spiritual, they can stand three or four or five hours a week, sometimes all week long, at least one hour or two every night! (Maria: Then it takes them a few weeks after that to recuperate!) Yes, to recover from the pain of so much Heaven! That kind of churchy Heaven's going to be pretty hard for most people, almost more than most people can bear! Just think, they could hardly stand an hour or two or three here! Even the most saintly ones could only stand about five hours a week altogether. If they didn't get a little relief going back to their jobs & their work the rest of the time, they'd probably absolutely break down from so much churchy-style Heaven!
       9. IF THAT'S NOT THEIR IDEA OF HEAVEN, WHY DO THEY DO IT? To them, that's being in communion with God & really holy, really sanctified, really being spiritual, away from all the carnal wicked Worldly pleasures of the flesh & the physical, holy in the realms of spirituality! Wholly sanctified! Sinless perfection! Solemn, sober, serious! "Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! Early in the morning!" That's one of the sufferings & sacrifices of being a Christian, you've got to get up early in the morning on Sunday! And just think of the Catholics, they go to early Mass, some of them even early in the morning before work every day! "Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! Early in the morning we sacrifice to Thee our rest & sleep to show You how much we really love You & worship You with real physical suffering!"
       10. IN THE CATHOLIC RELIGION, THE MORE YOU SUFFER, THE HOLIER YOU ARE!--AND THE HOLINESS PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT THE SAME! They have the same idea, that works-religion Holiness trip! The more you suffer & sacrifice & scourge the flesh, the holier you are!--Working your way, earning your Salvation through punishing yourself! Enjoying religion is really almost sacrilegious, blasphemous! The Pentecostals even are quite shocking to most of the Church people, how happy they seem to be with singing & praising the Lord, & they even got into the flesh & free love & all that in the early days! They got into all that, you know, when they first got set free by the spirit! Freedom of the spirit, they found out, turned out to be also freedom of the flesh! Once the spirit was set free, the flesh was too!
       11. AND THAT WAS HORRIFYING & SHOCKING & WOKE ALL THE OTHER CHURCH PEOPLE UP TO HOW HORRIBLE & FIENDISH THESE PENTECOSTALS WERE, with all that revelling in the flesh, shouting & screaming & fleshly antics & jumping around! Manifestations of the flesh! Carnal liberties of Pentecost! Some of the holier-than-thou churches really scorned the Pentecostals & their freedom & their fun, because they knew they would get into something sexual through it because it was so physical. With physical freedom you're bound to get into the excesses of the flesh!--Which they did! You can't have such spiritual freedom without physical freedom. Other churches were horrified! Shocked! It was scandalous!
       12. THE PENTECOSTALS WERE BAD ENOUGH, WE ARE JUST ABSOLUTELY THE WORST! We have gone all the way, the ultimate, the very livin' end of all that horrible physical carnal fleshly freedom & pleasure of the flesh! Aha! That's where they knew it was going to get somebody sooner or later, & sure enough, we have gone all the way!--Nothing but carnal Worldly wicked fleshly pleasures, enjoying sex & freedom of sex, such terrible wickedness & sex!: "No wonder they're having babies all over the place, they don't do anything but have sex all the time!"
       13. I REMEMBER A GUY, AN 80-YEAR-OLD "SAINT" AT ANGELES TEMPLE bragging to us about how he & his wife had managed to constrain themselves for a whole year when they first got married before they yielded to the flesh & had sex!--But it resulted in this wonderful son that they had! He was just practically perfect because they had absolutely denied themselves the carnal pleasures of the flesh for an entire year to show how holy they were, how sanctified, how non-fleshly & what a victory they had over the carnal, the body, the flesh! He even would say flesh in a way that sounded like flesssshhhhh!--Like a hog wallowing in the mire! Flesssshhhh! Like "issshh"! It sounds awful, doesn't it?
       14. THEY MUST WONDER WHY GOD MADE IT! How come the Lord made us to have babies in such a horrible carnal physical fleshly way? How horrifying! Like Coreen, my old girlfriend said when her mother told her that that's how the preacher & his wife had their children: "My God, you don't mean that Reverend So-&-so does that to his wife! How horrible!" She was horrified to think that a preacher could be so fleshly, carnal, unholy & unsanctified as to do such a fleshly carnal horrific terrible wicked act to his wife & that that's how they had their children! She was just horrified! After all, sex was the worst of all sins!
       15. REALLY, I THINK THEY ALMOST CAN FORGIVE MURDER EASIER THAN THEY CAN FORGIVE SEX! Murder's something that just happens maybe once in a lifetime to very few people, whereas this constant continual participation in sex, this continual wallowing in the mire, this constant wicked indulgence of the carnal pleasures, that's just absolutely constant continual wickedness! That's their conception of wickedness & sinfulness, to yield to the carnal fleshly desires, the carnal wicked flesh! That's their conception of it, so it's a wonder they ever have any conception!
       16. IT'S A WONDER THEY EVER CONCEIVE & HAVE BABIES IF IT'S ALL SO WICKED & CARNAL & FLESHLY & UNHOLY TO YIELD TO SUCH PLEASURES OF THE FLESH & ACTUALLY FUCK YOUR WIFE! Tsk, tsk, tsk! It's just amazing they aren't all celibates! They try hard, but of course they just don't seem to be able to make it & be totally pure & holy & never enjoy the flesh. Most of them seem to have quite a few children, which is pretty strong evidence that they've been enjoying the flesh sometime or another! (Maria: I wonder how they can be wholly sanctified!) Yes, when they've been spending so much time on the hole!
       17. WELL, THAT'S LEFT FOR THE MEN TO BE SORT OF UNHOLY, THE WOMEN AREN'T SUPPOSED TO ENJOY IT! The men are a little more wicked & unholy, it's mostly the wives who go to church & keep up the religious end of the family. As many men say, "Well, I leave that up to my wife." And the women are always coming & begging for prayer for George & John or Henry, their poor wicked husbands, because he won't come to church every night to the Revival! "I have to drag him out to church, he's so unholy & unsanctified!" Tsk, tsk, tsk!
       18. IT SEEMS THAT JUST THE WOMEN ARE THE HOLY ONES! They can have children--not without sex, but without enjoying it.--Just bearing with it, tolerating it, having to lie there & suffer all that fucking! Honestly, that's the way they talk & act about it, like they're really being tortured & tormented!--Lying there suffering with their husband fucking away, torturing them! They probably are tortured because they can't let go & really sock it to him & enjoy it! It's torture to lie there & try not to feel it & try not to enjoy it!--Trying to be frigid & fight that orgasm!
       19. WOULDN'T THAT BE ABSOLUTELY HUMILIATING & MORTIFYING IF A HOLINESS WOMAN WOULD HAVE AN ORGASM WHILE FUCKING? That would be almost the worst thing in the World to happen to her!--To show that she enjoyed it & that she actually had one of those horrible orgasms! That's the depths of wickedness, to enjoy sex & to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season! How wicked! How unholy! How unsanctified! So they lie there like a log pretending not to enjoy it, suffering it, hoping their holiness will help sanctify their poor wicked fleshly carnal husband who's fuckin' away!--Fucking himself to his unholy grave!
       20. WELL HONESTLY, FROM THE LOOKS OF MOST CHURCH SERVICES, YOU'D THINK IT WAS JUST WOMEN WHO WERE GOING TO BE SAVED! In most churches, the women outnumber the men two or three to one! It's only the women who can hold still while fucking & be holy! Only the women can just lie there & suffer the torture of carnal flesh, sort of a necessary evil if you're going to have children, those dear little angels from Heaven for the glory of God! They probably wonder how God could possibly have made such a horrible messy carnal fleshly way to have children!--How those dear little angels could be products of such carnal activity & such a fleshly mess! My oh my! Whew!
       21. I THINK A LOT OF CHURCH PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT OUR HEAVENLY POSTER & FIGURE, "OH MY GOD, IF HEAVEN IS LIKE THAT, I SURELY DON'T WANT TO GO THERE! I'd lose my holiness, my sanctification! All those people around enjoying open sex & nudity & fleshly pleasure! Oh, what a wicked wicked Heaven!" (Maria's laughing!) Honey, only you & I who know Church people so well could laugh, it's not funny to most people! The Church people are going to be horrified at that poster! "Why, that's Hell! It looks like the wicked horrible fiendish civilisation of the Devil!--Complete total pleasure!"--It's just the opposite of their idea of Heaven!--Wicked, sinful, pleasures of sex & carnal unholy flesh!
       22. IN THEIR HEAVEN THEY'RE JUST GOING TO DRIFT AROUND IN THE SPIRIT, WHOLLY IN THE SPIRIT, STRICTLY IN THE SPIRIT ALL THE TIME! I wonder how in the World they could stand to repossess their resurrected bodies! They would probably have just preferred to stay as spirits & be rid of the flesh forever! They'll probably be really reluctant to come back with the Lord & reclaim their bodies when they had so much trouble with them already & at last they were freed. It must be a terrible shock when they get in their new bodies & find out they still have those fleshly carnal desires to have sex even in the spirit!--Probably even amplified, accentuated, even more so, like some of the spirits we know!
       23. THAT KIND OF HEAVEN TO MOST OF THOSE SANCTIMONIOUS HOLIER-THAN-THOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITICAL CHURCH PEOPLE WOULD BE HELL! That's their idea of Hell! They're going to be so out-of-place & so totally unprepared & unconditioned for it that they're going to be in a state of absolute traumatic culture shock at first, to find that Heaven on Earth is what they think is Hell on Earth with all that pleasure & sex & even having babies yet, of all things!: "Oh my! Our dear little darlings born in an atmosphere like that! It was bad enough when we had them on Earth & we had to suffer those horrible husbands & all that sex! You don't mean to tell me I'm going to still have to bear with my husband after I get to Heaven, still doing that to me! How awful! What a wicked vile sinful concept of Heaven!"
       24. WELL, AS I THINK I SAID ONCE BEFORE, THE LORD WILL HAVE TO RESERVE A KIND OF A HOLINESS CORNER FOR THE WHOLLY SANCTIFIED PEOPLE where they won't be exposed to these horrors of carnal fleshly manifestations, & where they can sing their hymns in quiet holiness in a pious, pure, spiritual atmosphere away from all those horrible Children of God & Family of Love! They'd surely like to be separated! Well, they probably will be! They'll be down in Kindergarten starting all over, learning what real religion is & what real spirituality is & what real holiness is & what real love is, something they really didn't know much about! It's going to be such a shock to some Church people!
       25. WELL, I THINK A LOT OF THE HUSBANDS ARE GOING TO SIGH WITH RELIEF WHEN THEY FIND OUT IT'S NOT GOING TO BE CHURCH ALL THE TIME & IT LOOKS LIKE FUN!: "Mmmm! Mmmm! All these pretty nearly naked girls flying around! Wow!--And I can have any I want! This was always my idea of something really wonderful & thrilling & lots of fun, but I thought I had to go to Hell for things like this & suffer the flames of desire, be consumed in my lusts! You surely have to go to Hell to enjoy it, but here we are in Heaven! How about that! All this going on up here!"
       26. I'LL TELL YOU, THE CHURCHY IDEA OF HEAVEN WOULD BE ALMOST LIKE HELL TO ME!--GOING TO CHURCH ALL THE TIME! Well, sometimes I enjoyed church, I liked the singing & the sermons were interesting & intellectually stimulating, but I had such a hard time trying to be holy! In some ways it was torture when I compared myself with all those wholly-sanctified people & saints, I just figured I could never make it! If I hadn't found out that I was saved purely by grace, just by the love of the Lord & forever, in spite of my carnal fleshly pleasures, I never would have made it!
       27. ALL THAT EVER BROUGHT ME THROUGH WAS SALVATION WITH ETERNAL SECURITY, THE OTHER KIND I JUST COULDN'T MAKE! Thank God I was saved by grace through faith & not of myself. It was a gift of God, not of works, because I couldn't boast, because I couldn't make it any other way! (Eph.2:8,9) So PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for salvation by grace, Thy grace, not my own holiness & self-righteousness, because I never was able to be holy enough or righteous enough. I was always making mistakes & falling into the carnal wicked sinful pleasure of sex & condemnation of the Devil! We were preached that "blessed is he that is not condemned," etc. (Rom.14:22) In other words, you were so holy that you never felt guilty! You were so righteous you never had a twinge of conscience!--So holy, so pure, so righteous, you never did anything wrong! I just couldn't make it!
       28. THANK GOD I FOUND SALVATION BY GRACE & I LEARNED ETERNAL SECURITY FROM THE BIBLE! All those years I'd been taught against it: "Why, those are those awful people that believe that once saved, you're always saved!--That no matter what you did, you were still saved! How wicked! What wicked thoughts! What a wicked doctrine!--That even if you weren't holy & pure & sanctified, you'd still be saved & go to Heaven, & Heaven would be full of all those unsanctified unholy people just saved by grace! Tsk, tsk, tsk! How awful to have to go to Heaven with people like that, when here we were so pure & holy & sanctified & faithful churchgoers! Now here we have to go to Heaven with all those reprobates & cultists & isms & sects, & the worst of all, the sex sects! Those sexist sects!" They must not even like to say sects, it sounds too much like sex!
       29. I WAS JUST THINKING HOW HORRIFIED & SHOCKED THE CHURCH PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE WHEN THEY GET TO HEAVEN!--EVEN WHEN THEY SEE OUR POSTER! I tried to tone it down, but I just couldn't! I thought, "This is going to be too shocking, I'd better kind of gloss it over a little bit & make it not quite so bold!"--But how could I when that's my idea of Heaven? That's my concept of Heaven!--Concept, conception! My sexual concept first & baby conception thereafter! The church people are going to be shocked when they see my kind of Heaven! "Oh, that disgusting circus carnival of the flesh! How horrible! How unholy! His idea of Heaven is like Hell!--One great carnival of the flesh!"
       30. I'M SURE THEY'RE SECRETLY REALLY ENJOYING ALL OUR "SINS" & SEX & ALL THESE JUICY EXPOSÉS! I always suspected the movie censors of being sexual perverts who sat there & watched all those worst scenes in the movies all day long! How could you stand that sort of thing unless you were some kind of a sex pervert? They sure must get sick of it!--Either they get sick of it or they wallow in it. I'm not talking about pure sex, I'm talking about perverted sex, sexual perversions in movies, all the stuff they cut out of films. Thank the Lord they do spare us from seeing some things. The trouble is, they cut out the pure innocent sexual things at the same time! Because to them, there's no pure innocent beautiful sex, it's all wicked, evil & ugly!
       31. MY GOD, THANK THE LORD WE DON'T HAVE THEIR KIND OF CHURCHY HEAVEN! The Lord is surely going to have to stick them in some other corner! "Oh, you're one of those Church people? You go to that Church Corner over there where they have all those church buildings & organ music & church choirs & sermons! That's where you'll be happy!" Well, to each his own, according to the desires of your heart! We'll make a deal, if they'll let me have my Carnival Corner, they can have their Church Corner!--And I prefer it in that corner that's 2200 miles away, at least! Then we won't have to hear the sermons or the organ lullabies while we're having our fun! They can have their church!
       32. MY GOODNESS, HOW BORING IT MUST BE TO HAVE TO BE IN CHURCH ALL THE TIME! Just think, their idea of Heaven is just church all the time! My idea of Heaven is this, Honey, what I've got in my hand right this minute!--You!--And all your carnal flesh & all this sex! Imagine God making such terrible things as bosoms & pums & penises & fucking & flesh & skin that feels so good! Mmmmmm! What a wicked God! I'm sure most church people would think, "If God is that kind of a God, I don't want Him! He's not our churchy kind of God!" Surely they must wonder how God could have ever created anything as horrible & carnal & fleshly as the human body & sex, which they have to fight all their lives to stay holy & sanctified!--Wholly sanctified!
       33. I'M GLAD I'M WHOLLY SUNKTIFIED!--I LIKE TO SINK MINE IN THE HOLE! XXX! I love you, Honey! I'm going to have a taste! I'm going to have a little suck! I'm wholly sucktified! I'm wholly fucktified! XXXXXXX! Mmmmm! Yummy! That's the kind of holes I like! That's my kind of holiness--full of holes! TYL!--All the holes that I enjoy! PTL!--Your mouth & your bosoms & your pum & all your beautiful holes, including your beautiful eyes! One look at me with those eyes is what gets me into all those holes, Honey! That's my kind of holiness! Hallelujah! "Holy Holes!" (No.237) PTL! I'm sure most churchy people would say: "My, what a wicked religion! Tsk, tsk, tsk! To call sex & all those holes holy!"
       34. I THINK THAT LETTER REALLY ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED & STUNNED THEM, CALLING THEM HOLY HOLES! [DELETED] My goodness, when I was young, you didn't even dare show a navel on the beach, much less in church! Imagine having nude church services! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Some of the girls that came to church were somewhat nude, & we boys were very busy trying to see through all those thin dresses to see what we could! PTL! TYL!
       35. FORGIVE MY FOOLISHNESS, LORD! Paul said, "I speak as it were foolishly, in this confidence of boasting!" (2Cor.11:17) He was going to brag a bit! Well, I'm going to be foolish & brag a bit about my Heaven!--My holy Heaven full of holy holes! You're my idea of Heaven, Honey! xxx! TYJ! Well, they don't have to come over to my corner, they can stay over there & keep their holiness & stay away from our Holy Holes Heaven! Hallelujah! TYL! I'll keep my Holy Hole Heaven & they can have their holy non-hole Heaven! They can have their Church Corner!
       36. THEY CAN HAVE THEIR "AMEN" CORNER & I'LL HAVE MY LOVE CORNER!--MY HOLY HOLE HEAVEN, WHOLLY FULL OF HEAVENLY HOLES! PTL! TYJ! We're sure going to have a Heavenly Holy good time! TYJ! PTL!--All this & Heaven too, & more of it in Heaven! That's the kind of Heaven I want & I think the Lord's going to give it to me! XXXXXXX! Mmmmmmmm! Honey! I sure like your holy holes! You've got me all sexed-up here, Honey, wanting your holes, Heavenly Holes!
       37. HOLY HOLES WAS BAD ENOUGH, BUT TO HAVE HEAVENLY HOLES, THAT'S THEIR IDEA OF A HELL HOLE! That guy Isaac came to the Light Club & was up there preaching, you can imagine how horrified I was! He said, "And the girls had their skirts so short you could see the gates of Hell!"--Ha! I said to myself, "They're more like the gates of Heaven to me!" My Lord, I wonder what Isaac will do in Heaven with all those gates of Hell wide open! He's probably going to have a terrific time, because he was very sexy!--A big husky New York thug! I think he & my dear wife finally wound up in bed enjoying her holy hole! I don't know how he ever dared enter those gates of Hell to enjoy such an unholy Heaven, but they must have done it!
       38. SOONER OR LATER THEY SEEM TO YIELD TO THE WEAKNESS OF THE FLESH! Somehow they just can't get the victory, permanent victory. I don't think I ever met a Holiness person yet that had permanent victory, did you? If they had permanent victory, then they'd have eternal security, so they couldn't possibly have that! They have to battle & struggle with the flesh, with their unholy holes, gates of Hell! God help us! Well, I call'm the Gates of Heaven! TYJ! Praise the Lord for Heavenly Holes! Honey, I think this is going to be too raw & too shocking to put in our Heavenly Issue! The Church is going to say, "It's just another step downward to Hell to seal their doom & their fate in eternal flames while we go to our nice cool icy frigid Heaven!" Let'm go! Ha! TYL! Praise God!
       39. THANK YOU LORD FOR OUR HEAVENLY HOLES! I need another suck of a Heavenly Hole! I like fuckin' one too! Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! I wonder how many of my sermons wind up in bed making love? My sermons are so sexy they always seem to end in sex! (Maria: They result in the sample!) ILY, Honey! If I didn't have so much work to do right now. But we've gotta get this one off so we can cram another one in the Heavenly Hole!
       40. WE CAN CALL THIS ONE "HEAVENLY HOLES!" The churches are going to call it "Hell Hole" if I know them!--A hell of sexual iniquity & orgies! "They're making Heaven a place of sexual orgies!" Hallelujah! TYJ! XXXXXXX! This is my idea of Heaven! Heavenly Holes! Hallelujah! I've gotta get up & go to work! Heaven can wait, but I can't! ILY! Thank you, Sweetheart!
       41. THE CHURCH PEOPLE ARE SUCH HYPOCRITES, I KIND OF LIKE TO RUB IT IN! We're so totally the opposite of most of them, I almost like to exaggerate the difference. I guess I really do like to shock people, especially out of their hypocritical self-righteous sanctimonious. ... I don't know what to call it! I haven't got a name bad enough for that! They can't think of names bad enough for us, & I can't think of names hardly bad enough for them! They're the same kind of people who crucified Jesus, who were shocked & horrified at His kind of holiness, His kind of licentious religion! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! I'm bound for that Heavenly Hole! I love your Heavenly hole too, Honey! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen!
       42. LORD, MAYBE I'M A LITTLE BIT EXTREME, BUT AT LEAST IT KIND OF WAKES PEOPLE UP, SHOCKS'M & JARS'M LOOSE! Maybe it'll wake'm up & shake'm up & jar'm loose & shock'm enough to pull some of them halfway! But I'm afraid it'll leave most of'm behind! Well, I hope they make it. But the indoctrination course will be hard on'm: Lesson Number One, everybody strip, Church people! Lesson Number Two, you fuck the one next to you! Lesson Number Three, now fuck the one on the other side! That oughtta get'm limbered up, huh? Of course, the church folks who secretly like our poster, we could count on them as being secret believers! It says that even a great company of the priests secretly believed, so even some preachers may believe in our kind of religion! (Ac.6:7)--Looking forward to all those Heavenly Holes! To the work! To the work! Work first, play after!--With all your Heavenly Holes! Heaven's going to be full of Heavenly Holes like this!--One huge Heavenly Hole! Amen? TYJ!
       43. IT SEEMS LIKE MOST OF THE WORLD'S REVOLUTIONARIES, REVOLUTIONISTS, REFORMERS & JUST PLAIN GREAT MEN NEVER FIT THE SYSTEM! They just refused to be regimented. Maybe since we're sending up all these new building plans for Heaven, the Lord needed Buckminster Fuller up there to help design'm & build'm! How about that! He was probably the most revolutionary architect in history, who designed the geodesic dome & that sort of Heavenly Pyramid City! He must have read the Bible or that must have been where he got the idea! PTL!
       44. (BUCKY WAS THE REVOLUTIONARY ARCHITECT WHO INVENTED THE GEODESIC DOME & PYRAMID CITY we showed you in a recent GN (No.10). That musta been his last good deed, to confirm our idea of the Heavenly City with his drawing & article, then the Lord called him Home to help Him build ours?)
       45. HALLELUJAH FOR HEAVENLY HOLES!--You like'm?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family