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SKIN CARE!       DFO 1563       23/4/82
--A Talk to Techi after she fell & skinned her knee.

       1. LORD BLESS TECHI'S KNEE & HELP IT NOT TO HURT, IN Jesus' name! Thank You for healing it up so fast, it's getting so well! (Techi: Blood's coming out!) Yes, well just a little bit. It cracks sometimes when you bend your knee. (Techi: No, I poked it.) Oh, I'm sorry you poked it. In Jesus' name, help it to get all well & not get poked any more.

       2. HELP HER TO REALISE HOW IMPORTANT HER SKIN IS, LORD. My oh my, skin for skin, what would not a man give for his skin? (Job 2:4) It's so important, it's what we're wrapped in, our wrapping that God gave us, & it has to be kept good & clean & not bumped too much!--Amen? Don't worry, it won't hurt you to lose that one little drop of blood. (Techi: But it really hurt when I poked it.) Oh, I'll bet it did, Honey. I'm sorry. Well, that's to teach you not to poke it, right?

       3. YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HURTS & BUMPS & SCRATCHES & BRUISES, & of course better yet, it's better not to get'm if you can help it! If you go slower & you don't run so fast & you run more prayerfully & carefully, then you don't get so many bumps & scratches & bruises. You've got to watch your step, look before you leap! You must've leaped that time before you looked, huh? You ran so fast, you fell down!

       4. (TECHI: I WAS TRYING TO SAVE SOMEBODY.) Oh, well that was nice. Who were you trying to save? (Techi: Teddy.) She was holding the Teddy Bear, so she couldn't catch herself! She saved others, herself she couldn't save, just like Jesus! She was trying to save Teddy, so she got hurt. God bless her!

       5. WELL, I REALLY THINK TEDDY COULD'VE STOOD IT BETTER THAN YOU, 'cause Teddy can bounce & bounce around & hit the ground without hurting! I think it would've been better to let Teddy go, in this case, & catch yourself. Just drop him or throw him aside & catch yourself, that's the thing, see? Save yourself in this case. (Techi: Drop him on the floor?) Yes, of course. It won't hurt him. (Techi: He'll get dirty!)

       6. WELL, HONEY, WHICH IS BETTER?--FOR TEDDY TO GET DIRTY OR FOR YOU TO GET A BRUISE & A SCRATCH & A SKINNED KNEE? I think it's better for Teddy to get a little bit dirty than for you to skin your knee, don't you? Because we can wash Teddy, but you can't wash that off! It takes time to heal. So next time you just drop Teddy & catch yourself, okay? It wouldn't hurt if you fell on him because he's nice & soft & he'd keep you from falling so hard. If you'd have just dropped him & fallen on him you wouldn't have scratched yourself so much!

       7. SOME PEOPLE ARE WORTH SAVING & SACRIFICING & EVEN GETTING HURT FOR, then there are people that are pretty hard to save & you don't know if they're really worth savin'! But anyway, Teddy could pretty much save himself because he's tough & he's hasn't got a thin skin like yours. So next time, just drop him & catch yourself!

       8. (TECHI: I JUST HAD ONE HAND!) I know, & one hand wasn't enough to catch you! You should've had two hands, but you were holding Teddy with one hand. So you need to catch yourself next time & don't try to save Teddy. Save yourself!--You're more valuable than Teddy.

       9. THAT WAS A FIVE-MINUTE LECTURE ON SKIN CARE!--Don't skin it or scratch it or scrape it on the concrete! It's better to drop your toy, children, & catch yourself than to try to save the toy & then hurt yourself, amen? GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen.

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