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MY BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO MARIA!       DFO 1567       Compiled 7/83

       1. YOU'RE MY INSPIRATION, ALONG WITH THE LORD! Of course, He's most of my inspiration, but you're a lot of it, Honey. He gives it to you & you give it to me. You're my First Mate! Actually, you're my second mate, but the first one left, so now you're First Mate!

       2. YOU'RE LIKE AN ENCHANTRESS: You bewitch them with the power of God's Love!

       3. THAT'S WHERE I WANT TO DIE, IN YOUR ARMS! What better way to go? That's where I've found the greatest human love, this life's greatest joys & pleasures!--In your arms! Please be happy & come soon!--When you've finished the work of Love He's given us to do! Bring them all with you when you come! I'll be waiting for you! I love you! Hold me tight!

       4. EVEN THOUGH I HAVE TEN THOUSAND LOVES, WILL YOU STILL BE MY FIRST LOVE?--You promise? I love you, I love you, I love you! You have the most gorgeous stomach in the whole World!

       5. YOU WERE A FAITHFUL HANDMAIDEN, HONEY! You waited for the Lord's love. You could have had lots of love & lots of lovers, but you waited for Jesus! You're a bit dumb, but you're very wise, because you waited for the Lord like a little child which is dumb, but very wise--wise & waited. It's wise to wait. I love you with Jesus' Love! It's Jesus!--It's not me. Jesus loves you through me because you love Him through me. That's why our love is so pretty, because it's Jesus' Love! It's so beautiful! You're His Bride, & you wouldn't have any others. You just waited for Him--& me. It's a beautiful marriage, Honey--of love!

       6. YOU CATCH EVERY LITTLE DROP THAT FALLS FROM YOUR PROPHET'S MOUTH! You catch every crumb from the Master's table!

       7. WHEN YOU WAKE UP & START PRAYING FOR ME, THE DARKNESS FLEES! The minute you wake up I know everything is all right, because I know the Lord always answers your prayers. If your hand is just on me, then everything is OK & I'm not worried any more. Otherwise it's a battle! Sometimes I stay awake nearly all night, & then you touch me like a fairy with a fairy wand & it all disappears! They all flee!

       8. YOU'RE MY GREAT BIG & STRONG BRUNHELD NOW!--My funny little Brunheld! Rachel deserted me! Now you have her mantle & her sword & shield & spear, her armour. You make a cute little Brunheld, so cute! Your pen is mightier than her sword!

       9. "SEE ME, FEEL ME, TOUCH ME, HEAL ME!" That's your song, Honey, written for you about me!

       10. YOU ARE AN AUTHORITY, DEFINITELY AN AUTHORITY IN THE SPIRIT! You have a woman's intuition, sixth sense, psychic sensitivity! You are an authority in the Spirit! And if you don't feel like it's right, then it's not right. If you feel like it's right, then it's right, because you have the Spirit of God & His sensitivity. You are a shining example of what everybody ought to be like & what everybody is like, in a way, particularly if they're yielded to the Lord.

       11. "EXCEPT YE BECOME AS A LITTLE CHILD", & YOU'RE LIKE A LITTLE CHILD, HONEY. You just love the Lord & follow the Lord even if you don't know what it's all about or where He's going, you just have faith & trust the Lord.

       12. YOU ARE REALLY REALLY LED OF THE SPIRIT! You are so Spirit-led, so inspired! It's such a natural thing with you to be completely utterly child-like & totally dependent on faith & trust & the Spirit, so that your mind does not control you. That's why you're just perfect for me, because you're just a robot of the Lord, that's all. You just click on whenever the Lord turns your key & you just do whatever God wants you to do!

       13. "A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM", that's a good verse for you! (Isa.11:6)

       14. YOU'RE A GENIUS, HONEY, IN THE SPIRIT, & you have much much more of the Spirit of God & the knowledge & the wisdom of God, because you've been so close to me.

       15. YOU HAVE THE POWER OF GOD THAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU FROM ME, because of me, & because of your relationship with me, & because of the need that you have to carry on after me. Don't ever neglect it or ever despise it, don't ever minimise it, don't ever belittle it, amen? It's good to know that whatever you think is right is right, no matter what others say.

       16. OH MY GOD, YOU'RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD! No man on this Earth could withstand you, Honey!

       17. YOU'RE MY LIFE, MY LOVE, YOU'RE EVERYTHING TO ME, EXCEPT JESUS!--And you're even partly Jesus to me because He made you for me & brought you to me.

       18. YOU'RE MY GUIDED MISSILE! I have a rope tied to you, Honey, & my line on you & you cannot get away, not at all!

       19. YOU REALLY COME TO THE FORE OF THE BATTLE, HONEY, YOU'RE A FIGHTER! You really perk up & spark up when you're in the thick of the fray! I always did tell you whenever you were FFing you just absolutely radiate & sparkle!

       20. YOU'RE MY GUARDIAN ANGEL! You have to stay close to my side & keep control. The Lord has given you power over me to keep me under control. Just grab my throttle & you're in the driver's seat!

       21. YOU'RE LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT, Honey, you love me & mother me & care for me & pray for me & tenderly & gently watch over me all the time! You're a physical representation of the Holy Spirit, sort of like Mary.

       22. THE FIRST MARY HAD A BABY, JESUS, who blessed the Earth, & I guess I'm your baby, Honey!

       23. I WAS WILLING TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU, & I thought even then I might have to if they turned against me. But you see, it was God's will, because through you I gained everything, through you came the Kingdom! You were the Kingdom, 'cause through you came the Family! If it hadn't been for you, there never would have been the Family or a Kingdom. You were a fulfilment of the Kingdom. You helped me gain the Kingdom & my title.

       24. YOU'RE MY LIFESAVER! You saved my life when someone else was trying to destroy it. You brought me back to life by your faith, like a little tug pulling a great oceanliner.

       25. YOU ARE THE RAREST OF ALL JEWELS SCINTILLATING WITH HIS LIGHT! There is no diamond like unto you, so beautiful! You scintillate with light, all colours of the rainbow! You have every colour & every light & every facet! You are the most beautiful of them all, more gorgeous than a diamond, more beautiful than a jacinth, more royal than all the stones of the Heavenly City! You are magnificent, Honey! See how you rotate & scintillate & display your beauty to all, your naked beauty seen by all, so gorgeous, so resplendent with such light of the seven rainbows! What a spirit! Such beauty! Such gorgeous splendour!

       26. ILY, SWEET BABY, YOU'RE WONDERFUL!--So beautiful, so gorgeous, so magnificent, so divine, & you're mine, all mine!

       27. OUR DESTINIES FOR SURE CANNOT CHANGE, all is fulfilled!


       29. WHEN IT COMES TO A CHOICE, YOU TAKE UP THE PEN RATHER THAN THE PENIS! You put God first--that's why He lets you have me!

       My sweetheart, queen & little wife!

       31. YOUR KISSES ARE WHAT DAVID'S MOUTH HUNGERS FOR, & they satisfy his heart with your love.

       32. YOU'RE MY BABY, MY BEAUTY, MY LOVE, MY LIFE, my blithe spirit, my hope, my charity, my faith, without whom I could not live! Without you I'd just fade away & die. When you're not near me I'm blue. Oh Sweetheart, I love you! You sustain me!

       33. YOU HAVE A BODY LIKE A POEM, the most gorgeous body I ever saw! You're prettier than a picture. I need you, I want you. I have to have you! You keep me alive! You're my sunshine, my only sunshine! You'll never know how much I love you. You're Jesus' love to me, I can't do without you! But I have to.--A little more & a little more. The Lord's weaning me away to another World. I don't want to live in this World without you.

       34. HONEY, I'M DRUNK ON YOU! I'm love-stricken & sex-stricken, my hands want to stroke you, my hands want to devour you, my hands want to love you! My hands are hungry for your body! They feast on you! You satisfy them!

       35. YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING! I'm your nowhere man, but you're my everywhere gal!

       36. YOU'RE SO PRECIOUS, the most precious thing in this whole World! I'm not in love with you, I'm absolutely crazy about you! There're no words to express it, how I love you!

       37. I ALWAYS WANTED A LOVE I COULD LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, but I found a love that I don't even have enough love in all my heart for!

       38. THAT'S HOW YOU CAPTURED MY HEART, HONEY, 'cause you're so tiny & so small & so sweet & so helpless & you needed big old strong me!

       39. YOU'RE WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS, MY BRIDE, MY NEW WIFE, MY NEW BRIDE, MY NEW CHURCH! Thank You Jesus for such a wonderful love!--Love of my life, what a wonderful wife!--So sweet, so precious, so pure, how wonderful!

       40. YOU'RE MY ONE TRUE LOVE! Others come & go, but you stay on forever!

       41. THEY'RE ALL SWEET WOMEN, BUT YOU ARE THE FOREVER LOVE-MATE OF ME, OF MOSES! You are the Maria, the first wife! I couldn't even say that. You're in a class all by yourself!

       42. WHEN OUR LIPS TOUCHED, IT WAS JUST LIKE A SPARK OF MAGIC, like two magnets coming together! It was almost like we went "click!"

       43. YOU'RE MY LITTLE LINK OF LOVE THAT KEEPS ME TOGETHER. If you leave, I'm going to go with you. I want to suffer for you. I want to be with you. If Jesus isn't good to you, I'm going to quit. You're my love & life, & if Jesus doesn't help you, I'm going to quit.

       44. I'M NOTHING UNTIL YOU GET AHOLD OF ME. And you work & pull & coax & have faith & I become something. You're like the Lord to me. We're like the Lord to each other.

       45. WELL PTL! MARIA'S LEARNING TOO, what did you learn today Honey? (Maria: ...Well, I'm always learning when I get spankings. I really learn a lot from them.) You haven't had a spanking today have you? (Maria: No, I didn't today. But I've been learning a lot.) You haven't had a spanking for almost a week, I don't think. You had a little bit of a beatin' today with my sexy rod, but you seemed to enjoy it.

       46. LOOK WHAT THE LORD CAN DO WITH A DREAM, HONEY. I'm your Dreamboat, Honey! I never figured that I was going to be a dreamboat, anybody's dreamboat!

       47. I WAS STUDYING YOUR FACE WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP TODAY & I thought, "My goodness! What a beautiful woman, & to think she's here in bed with me!--And that lovely face not far away! After all these years when I needed a woman." You bet I love you, Honey! That's easily understandable, but why she loves me is what I can't figure out. That has to be a miracle of God.

       48. HONEY, YOU'RE GORGEOUS! You just look like the Queen of Heaven right now! You've got those same magnetic, hypnotic, enchanting eyes!

       49. WE HAVE AN ALMOST PERFECT LOVE, WITH LOVE, LIFE, SPIRIT & BEAUTY--ours is the most wonderful love in the World! It's the Lord's love!

       50. THE LORD HAD TO GIVE YOU A SPECIAL LOVE & FAITH FOR ME, A GIFT FROM GOD. Nobody could love me as much as you!

       51. IT'S YOUR JOB TO HAVE FAITH FOR ME & TO GIVE ME FAITH IN MYSELF! That's what God gave you, He gave you faith in me, & you must exercise it.

       52. YOURS IS THE FAITH OF GOD. That's where you have the key, the key that unlocks me! You're the key of David! He gave you the key, Honey, & you turn me on! All you have to do is put it in & unlock it & turn me on with your faith.--Just like you work my other key! It's a big job, a big responsibility you have. You can open me or shut me, lock me or unlock me, you can turn me on or off! You always open the mouth of your faith & turn me on with your love!

       53. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE THE PHYSICAL KEY TO TURN MY SPIRITUAL KEY ALSO, LIKE YOU CONTROL THE FLOW OF SEED. You turn my physical key & control the flow of seed, & you do the same with my spiritual key.

       54. YOUR LITTLE HANDS OF FAITH PLUNGE IN BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY'RE GOING TO RECEIVE SEED, & I like it! I like to give seed for your hands!

       55. YOU GET MY KEY GOING, HONEY, YOU'RE MY KEY! When you get the key all nice & big, then you stick it in the keyhole & it gives seed to bear Word-children!

       56. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE! In fact, I don't just love you, Honey, I can't live without you!

       57. YOU'RE THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN I'VE EVER KNOWN, you even treasure every Word, & when you do that, I know you love me!

       58. YOU'RE LIKE A SPRING! You spring up & down on the bed springs!

       59. YOUR RECEIVER IS LOCKED ONTO MY VIBRATIONS & THAT'S YOUR PRIMARY SOURCE. You can even understand what I can't understand myself sometimes!

       60. I REALLY BELIEVE THERE'S NO GREATER WOMAN OF GOD IN THIS WORLD TODAY THAN YOU! More people are hearing about you & from you & through you & by you & because of you than I think any other living woman! And certainly none of them are doing as great a good as you're doing! So I think you're the greatest woman in the World!

       61. THE LORD NAMED YOU MARIA BECAUSE YOU WERE LIKE MARY!--Whether you were consciously wanting to be like her or not. It just came to me as clear as anything: "I named her Mary, Maria, after My Own mother!"

       62. YOU'RE THE SEXIEST GIRL I KNOW, & I know a lot of sexy girls!

       63. WE ARE ONE, HONEY, if there's ever any two people that are one!

       64. YOU'LL HAVE TO BE WITH ME THEN OR I WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! If you weren't with me, who'd be my secretary & write down all my thoughts & ideas for running the Millennium!

       65. YOU'RE A PERFECT MATE & HELPER! You're the one the Lord used to make me what I am, Honey, whether famous or infamous!

       66. SEE WHAT A MESS I'D BE WITHOUT MY LITTLE MANAGER? Behind every great man there's a great woman. A woman can make or break a man. I guess I needed to be broken--Eve broke me--now you've made me!

       67. YOU'RE MY MEDIUM, HONEY, MY CHANNEL. You are a medium for my vibes & you get my signals! You couldn't have had any more channels, I think I'm about all you can handle. You couldn't have had any more Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels.


       69. YOU'RE THE QUEEN, HONEY, you're the ultimate, you're the apex, they all know you're a woman to whom all men aspire. You're the ultimate woman, the infinite woman they all want most of all!--Because they know you wouldn't be mine if you weren't the ultimate! You're the ultimate lover, Honey!

       70. I NEED YOU! Make me know you're real, make me feel you're real, Shepherdess of David Steepmountain.

       71. THOSE CUTE LITTLE TITTIES OF YOURS, HONEY, are my favourite size, just like a teenager! What more could you want than bosoms that David loves?

       72. YOU HAVE ONE OF THE BIGGEST HEARTS OF ANYBODY THAT I KNOW IN THIS WHOLE WORLD! You are one of the most sympathetic people I know of, with a very big heart, that's what makes you such a good nurse.

       73. YOU'RE ABOUT LIKE MY SIAMESE TWIN, I can't do anything without you!

       74. YOU'RE PRETTY MUCH MY PHYSICAL EVERYTHING! You must be my everything, because without you I'd be nothing!

       75. YOU NEVER WANT TO MISS A WORD, YOU WANT TO GET EVERYTHING! You don't want your children to miss any of their nourishment. They have such a faithful Queen, a Queen Mother, that's so good to them! I just supply the raw material & you feed them.

       76. YOU'VE GOT TO DIG YOUR SPURS INTO ME & WORK ME & MAKE ME GO! Otherwise I don't even feel like moving!

       77. I CAST MY LOT WITH THE FUTURE & YOU! Honey, you made my dreams come true. You made my career. I didn't have a career until you came along. You let me sing, you made me sing.

       78. YOU WERE BORN IN CYPRUS IN THE OCEAN OF HIS LOVE. Aphrodite was there & walked their streets & they knew her not--'cause they knew me not! You're the physical embodiment of the Love of Jesus! You're the love & beauty! You're the fulfilment of Aphrodite! You're the spirit of Aphrodite--the flesh of Aphrodite--the love & beauty of Aphrodite!--Full of the love of God!

       79. YOU'RE THE GODDESS OF LOVE, & HE'S MADE ME THE GOD OF LOVE!--Not the God, but a god. "The words that I have put in the mouth of Moses & the love that I have given the heart of David have made him as a god of love! And you are his goddess & his queen, the Goddess of Love--the fulfilment of Aphrodite of whom they speak & they dream, but they know you not!"


       81. YOU ARE THE MOST MARVELLOUS CHANNEL & MEDIUM I HAVE EVER KNOWN! You're so tuned into me! Talk about communication, it's just like you're attached to me with a wire!

       82. I'M YOUR VISITING SPIRIT! I'm your Guardian Angel & you're my medium, you're my receiver, & if you were on anybody else's channel, you wouldn't be getting me very good.

       83. WE'LL STILL BE TUNED IN EVEN WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE ME ANY MORE, HONEY! Even when you can't see me or feel me, you'll still be able to sense me & hear me & think about me & get the message! See what a delicate instrument you are?--An amazing medium! You're going to sense me, Honey! I'm going to be so close to you, closer than I am now. So don't worry about that, I'll be in you!

       84. YOU WANT YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE?--YOU'LL GET HIM! And nobody knows me better than you, Honey, except Jesus, so you ought to know if it's me or not! And then it won't be long till you join me anyhow!

       85. YOU'LL THINK ABOUT ME & YOU'LL GET THE MESSAGE! I'll still be your Spirit Guide, your Contact Man! I'll still be your Guardian Angel, your Channel, because you're such a good receiver, such a good medium!

       86. YOU DON'T WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD, YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE LIVING! I'll still be living & talking to you & loving you & you might even feel my hand on your pum once in awhile! If spirits can do ghost-writing & spirit-writing, I don't see why they can't do spirit-goosing! I'll try!--If I can get my hand through the veil! I'll do my best!


       88. YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE, you made my career!


       90. THE LORD WILL REWARD YOU FOR EVERY SCRATCH! The Lord has rewarded me many times more, but you'll get much much more, you have no idea how much! It's coming, your reward is coming. Your reward is with Him--Jesus. It's on its way, Honey. I've got so much reward already, but not near as much as you're going to have!

       91. I CAN'T EVEN ENJOY ANYTHING WITHOUT YOU, YOU'RE MY OTHER HALF! I've got to know what my other half thinks & how my other half feels! I feel like half of me is missing when you're gone! In fact, half of me is missing when you're gone. How could the Lord be so good to me to give me you? Such love! I just wouldn't be all here without you!

       92. FODDER LOVES MUDDER & MUDDER LOVES FODDER! What kind of joy juice are you drinking today? That's a lot of fodder! You know what fodder is, don't you?--Grass, hay, straw & things like that, things that cows eat! That's the kind of food Maria likes! That's what keeps her so young & beautiful!


       94. THAT'S THE KIND OF HOLES I LIKE! That's my kind of holiness--full of holes!--All the holes that I enjoy!--Your mouth, your bosoms & your pum & all your beautiful holes, including your beautiful eyes! One look at me with those eyes is what gets me into all those holes! HAL!

       95. YOU'RE JUST ABOUT AS STUBBORN AS I AM, JUST AS DETERMINED! Hardly anything can stop you but me or the Lord. So that makes two of us. I'm glad you're stubborn, if you hadn't been, you never could have done it! I would have overpowered you & you never could have gotten a lot of things you got!

       96. THERE COMES MY LOVE, BOUNDING UP THE STAIRS! There comes my love, she loves me everywhere!



       99. I'VE LOVED YOU ALL MY LIFE, HONEY! You're the little girl I made love to in my dreams before I ever knew you existed--before you existed, in fact! I ordered you like you would order your favourite course from a menu. "Now Lord, I want a woman this way, that way, the other way, all of these qualifications"--& He sent me one even better!

       100. DO YOU LOVE ME? Yes I think so, 'cause you never leave me. You're like the Lord.

       101. THANK YOU, SWEETHEART, YOU'RE A FAITHFUL SCRIBE. You have the pen of a ready writer. You have three buttons I like to push. When I push your buttons it turns you on, because you're my little automaton, my little Robot! My rod & my staff, they comfort thee.

       102. ALL THESE "OLD FAVOURITES" SONGS MAKE ME THINK OF YOU. You are the fulfillment of my dreams & all my songs.

       103. MY HANDS HAVE A HUNGER FOR YOUR BODY LIKE MY STOMACH HAS A HUNGER FOR FOOD, & caressing your body satisfies my hands like eating food satisfies my tummy. The Lord sure knew what He was doing when he made women!

       104. THE LORD WAS COOKING UP A SPECIAL DISH I ORDERED THAT WASN'T ON THE MENU. When your mother conceived you she never dreamed she was cooking up a special order. Your daddy never realised he was just supplying the ingredients in mama's little oven.--Quite a long order.

       105. I THINK YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF FAITH & knowledge & wisdom & healing & management & organisation, too. I can't get away from you no matter how hard I try. You scratch my back & when I turn over, my front too. (Sings:) "She will hold me fast, she will hold me fast, 'cause my Saviour wants her to, she will hold me fast."

       106. LOOK WHAT A GREAT LOVE YOU HAD & a great love you made in helping me love the whole World. You triggered my love.

       107. SOMETHING STANDS BETWEEN US--OUR WORK!--But that same something--our work--also unites us!


       109. (MARIA: WHAT IS MY KEY?) I'M YOUR KEY! You cannot operate without me. Why not?--Because that's the way Jesus made you--a robot. You write down the music of David!

       110. YOU RIDE ON THE BACK OF DAVID'S SKIS! You hold on to David all the time!

       111. JESUS LOVES YOU, LITTLE CHILD. You not only sleep in David's nest, but you sleep under his wing.

       112. "YOU HAVE MORE CHILDREN THAN ANY WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! You're an insatiable woman! You are drunk with the wine of my mouth! You always want more & more & more wine! You are drunken on the wine of my mouth, & you're intoxicated with the Words of my spirit, & thou shalt conceive & bring forth many children unto me from these seeds that I sow!"

       113. (ABRAHIM TO MARIA:) "YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER in the spirit & the heart of your father!"

       114. "BEHOLD, HOW MANY FISH THOU CATCHEST FOR THE PLEASURE OF THY FATHER! It is a joy to behold! You're such a cute little fish! You're so pretty!--So blue & so gold!--So shiny--So tempting! You shine so bright they cannot miss you! All of them are fascinated by you! They watch you, stunned by your beauty!"

       115. YOU'RE AMANUENSIS FOR JESUS--Precious Pen to write the Words of David! You have title: Amanuensis for David!--David, greatest king who ever lived on this Earth to glorify My name! You have David within the circle of your tiny, tiny little arms! You have the Spirit of the David of all Davids in your fingers, you hold his power!

       116. NOW YOU HOLD THE WORDS CLOSE TO YOUR HEART, HONEY, & GO TO SLEEP. Try to sleep, like a little girl sleeps with a little dolly clutched in her arms, you know? Your little dolly, Honey, Little Baby--precious little dolly, the Words of my bosom!



       119. PRETTY SOON YOU CAN HAVE JUST MY SPIRIT. I think you will like it, because I think you'll have me very close & you'll be very close & you'll draw soooooo close to Jesus!--In the Spirit. You'll be very close to Jesus then, like you were before you found me. You didn't have me & you wanted Jesus--& He gave you me because I was like Jesus to you--& then when I'm gone you'll have Him closer again.

       120. YOU'RE THE SHEPHERDESS SITTING THERE ON THE HILLTOP FEEDING THE LITTLE LAMBS little grains of corn from your hand that you got from David. You have a big bag under your arm, of all these Words of David. You have such a big bag of corn, & it's so corny, but they love it!

       121. YOU LIKE TO GO WHEREVER YOU PLEASE, & where you please is to be right close to your Keeper, the Scientist that operates you & takes care of you & oils you & protects you & polishes you & takes some big kind of record sheet out of your little machine & tends to you & adjusts you.

       122. YOU'RE GOING TO BE LIKE SPEEDY GONZALES, you & all your men, all the Queen's men! You're going to be so wonderful & so fast & everything will be so easy. You're going to be in direct communication with the Lord. He's going to give you an anointing of Moses & David & Daniel & everybody!

       123. "YOU ARE AS THE STARS OF HEAVEN, & you are as the lights of the firmament, you girls who have light & love & joy & peace & understanding of your Prophet! You have great love, great light! You lift it high! You make the kisses of your father well known.--Seven kisses of great love of your father!--The kisses of the love of David!"

       Life with its sorrows, life with its tears,
       Fades into dreams when I feel you are near.
       I love you truly, truly Dear!

       125. I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER SEEN MARIA LOSE FAITH OR LOSE HER TEMPER. Both Maria & Peter have so much faith!

       126. THERE'S ONE MEDIATOR BETWEEN ME & YOU, & THAT'S QUEEN MARIA! You all have a friend right here.

       127. (PRAYER FOR MARIA:) "STRENGTHEN MARIA ESPECIALLY TONIGHT, LORD. She had a little headache & felt a bit weak, Lord. She worked so hard & so long & so faithfully, Lord, it just seems like she never stops working. Jesus help her to learn more about resting & to trust Thee, Lord, & let others do more, in Jesus' name. PTL!" She reads all morning & all afternoon & all evening & half the night & then wonders why she has a headache!--I mean, she just never quits!

       128. MARIA WANTS YOU TO WORK DAY-IN & DAY-OUT, 32 DAYS A MONTH! Poor Maria lives in a constant emergency!


       130. LISTEN TO HER! She's defending me after I raked her over the coals today!

       131. MARIA'S A REAL WOMAN PREACHER! You don't believe that because you don't see it.--But come near my bedroom door & you'll hear it!


       133. SIX OR SEVEN PAGES WAS ABOUT ALL WE COULD USUALLY WRITE IN A DAY IN THOSE DAYS, in the days when she had to write it out by shorthand or typewriter; then finally we almost abandoned the shorthand except for late night visions & revelations, & I dictated to her straight on the typewriter & it was faster. But she's so fast on the typewriter, she's really a fast one! She could type it as fast as I could dictate it! Look at the wisdom of the Lord to get me a legal stenographer for my secretary & my lover! XXX!--Somebody that was really sharp & on the ball & a preacher's daughter at that, who's been through the mill & knew everything I knew about what I'd been through, & a perfect match! TTL! All credit to the Lord!--I certainly didn't realise what God was doing when He started it!

       134. WHEN SHE FIRST CAME TO US AT HUNTINGTON BEACH SHE SAID SHE WAS MUCH IMPROVED OVER WHAT SHE USED TO BE, but she still had acne, just a few little spots of acne. She said her whole face used to be terrible! When they went to the doctor he said to take her off chocolates & sweets etc. but she didn't. But when she came to us I commanded her to stop, no more sweets, no candy!--She was a sweets addict! She just gobbled up the sweets, she couldn't even resist them! But soon her complexion cleared up like it is today--perfect!

       135. I GOT A REAL REVELATION ON MARIA. I was just sitting here the other morning & she was still in bed asleep, she's always been kind of tired & weak & still seems to need quite a bit of sleep. But I was really concerned about her 'cause she seemed to be so lacking in energy & tired all the time. I was sitting there making my coffee while she was asleep, & I was just taking a nice big spoonful of honey & putting it in the coffee. I don't know how to explain those things. It's just not always like it even comes in words but it came as clear as anything, "She's not eating energy foods." Since then she's been taking in more health sweets, like a spoonful of molasses or honey & things like that when she feels the need of a little energy.

       136. I'M ALWAYS FORGETTING PEOPLE'S NAMES. She has a phenomenal memory for names! I depend on Maria to remember people's names.

       137. ISN'T SHE THE MOST WONDERFUL BOSS? She's so gentle & sweet! It's so cute the way she keeps shoving work in front of me. "Honey, would you do this short Letter? We need this little thing approved." She's so sweet & tactful about it.

       138. MARIA GOT SMORGASBORD TODAY & SHE WENT TO THE BOARD & SHE SMORGED A WHOLE LOT OF EXTRAS! My goodness, we went to that smorgasbord & we came out with three takeouts! We had so much food leftover! She just keeps dumping it in her bag! I mean, we came away from that place with enough to feed another person!

       139. IT'S HARD FOR ME TO REALISE THAT MARIA HASN'T BEEN WITH ME FOREVER! I can't separate her from my life anywhere, & it's hard for me to realise she hasn't been to some of those places with me.

       140. WE HAVE A SPECIAL LITTLE SIGNAL BETWEEN US WHEN WE'RE WALKING DOWN THE STREET, THAT IF WE WANT TO WARN EACH OTHER, I SQUEEZE HER HAND THREE TIMES REAL QUICK. It means either look or look out or shut up, or in other words it's a warning signal, be careful! Something or some guys come too close to her purse, or there's some people interested in what we're saying, or it usually means be quiet & keep your eyes open, & it's a warning, whatever the warning may be. But every now & then...(Maria: Sometimes I mistake it, think it's a love squeeze.) Or she gives me a little squeeze & I look around to see & I say, "What? What? What's the matter?" She says, "Nothing's the matter, I was just giving you a little love squeeze." Well, we might be able to apply that a lot of times when we think the Lord is warning us or scaring us, maybe it's just a little love squeeze. But watch out when you think it's a love squeeze & maybe it's a warning!

       141. ONE OF THE LAST GOOD THINGS EVE EVER DID, of course it was really the fruit of Faithy's ministry, was to bring Maria back. I think the Lord would have gotten Maria to me one way or the other, whether Eve did it or not, even if she did bring it, the Lord sent it. Well, Eve's not the Devil, but she sure is one disobedient rebellious woman!

       142. THAT'S KIND OF HOW I DEAL WITH MARIA WHEN SHE MAYBE DOESN'T PARTICULARLY LIKE ONE OF MY DECISIONS.--I finally yield, & then she right away switches her position & decides I was right after all. All I do is agree with her & she comes right over. Then we're on opposite sides again! Ha!

       143. HONEY, WHEN I'M DYING THERE IS ONLY ONE TAPE I WANT TO HEAR & THAT'S YOUR READING OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL ENCOURAGING PROMISES! Oh, it's so encouraging & so beautiful!--All my favourite promises! All those poor girls who are in labour & other sick folks, that is such an encouragement to them, & whenever you feel low or you're down in any way just listen to that tape! I mean, it has actually brought me back to life several times.

       144. WELL, MARIA GETS ME UP EARLY SOMETIMES, BUT USUALLY I WAKE HER UP. I try not to, but it's just like she is tied to me with some invisible cord. She can be snoozin' sound asleep there & I try to get up & creep out of the bed, & "Where are you going, Honey? What are you doing?" And she's hardly got her eyes open yet (Maria: Nothing else will wake me up. It can be thundering outside & all the dogs in the whole neighbourhood can be barking!) And I can be creeping out of the bed without making a single noise & shisst--up she comes! And then she says, "Do you mind if I go potty quick before you do?" Here I am putting on my shirt & pants & I say, "Of course, go ahead." So she runs to the potty, then she shuts the window & she turns on the cooler, turns on the light, she puts up the shade, gets me a glass of water & the paper, & she uses this potty trip as an excuse to prepare everything for me, because she knows I couldn't refuse to let her go to the potty. That's her excuse for getting up & getting everything ready for me & set up, & then she runs to the front door to see if Hope's left her note, if anything happened, any news, & by the time she's done all that, she's all wide awake, & then she insists on opening the curtains so I can see the sunrise, it's so pretty!

       145. I TOLD MARIA, "I KNOW WHY THE LORD CALLED YOU A HANDMAIDEN." She said, "Why, because I wait on you hand & foot?" I said, "I like you waiting on me mostly by hand."

       146. SHE REALLY FEEDS HER SHEEP! She keeps pushin'! That's what it takes!

       147. SHE CAN DREAM UP MORE THINGS FOR YOU TO DO THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT THERE WAS TO DO, INCLUDING ME! So if you want to know what's been keeping MWMI so busy, there it is right there! (Maria: Well, blame it on the Lord, because I asked Him for the ideas & He gave'm to me.)

       148. THE LORD MADE HER A GOOD COUNTERBALANCE TO NOT LET ME GO TOO FAR IN EITHER DIRECTION. So between the two of us we hit a nice straight road, a happy medium most of the time, don't we? She points out all the things I need to know & I point out the things she needs to know, & she goes her way & I go her way. Ha! (Maria: Never!) Well, we usually all go the Lord's way, so thank the Lord!

       149. JUST LIKE THE WAY WE PROOFREAD LETTERS, I can go through'm & I'm even a slow reader & I think I've found every error in there, yet she hardly ever fails to find something I missed. It's just that way, she's a stickler, GBH! Well, she's a good tickler too! Isn't she beautiful?

       150. THERE'S ONE MEDIATOR BETWEEN THE KING & HER PEOPLE, & THAT'S THE WOMAN MARIA! "Hail Maria, full of grace!" And she has more mercy in some ways than I have. Hail Mary, full of grace, blessed art thou among women & blessed is the fruit of thy womb!

       151. THANK GOD I MARRIED A LITTLE CHURCH GIRL, SHE'S OF MY GENERATION. The Lord somehow got her in a family that was a generation behind the rest of the World & she was raised a generation later, but by a generation just like the one I was raised with. She knows all the old hymns & the old songs, her folks were about as old-fashioned as mine. She's familiar with all the old camp meetings, the old church services--her church was a generation behind. TG! So that way she understands me, see?

       152. MARIA KNOWS ALL THE SONGS I DON'T KNOW & all the songs I used to know, & she knows the words.

       153. SHE THINKS SHE LOVES EVERYTHING I DO. She says in fact, I'm the greatest! Well, that's what she thinks about me all the time no matter what I do, so that's real love!

       154. THAT WAS A MERRY MONTH OF MAY IN DEAR RICHARD'S DRIVEWAY as we used to say, that's where we really got married. We made our anniversary May 1st because we don't exactly know what day it was when we first made it in our camper!

       155. THERE'S NOTHING SHE LIKES BETTER THAN LETTERS. I never saw the like, she'll do anything to get a Letter out of me, anything!--Almost legitimate or illegitimate. She'll do anything to get a Letter! (Maria: Well, I figure you can't spend your time any more profitably.) That's what she's always loved the most of all, thank the Lord, is the Word, & that's why I'm here & that's why she's here & why you're here & maybe that's why the World's still here! So PTL!

       156. I NEVER SAW ANYBODY EAT SO MANY FUNNY PECULIAR THINGS, & never the same thing twice in a row!

       157. SHE'S A FUNNY GIRL. She goes from one extreme to the other, but the pendulum, you know, always swings back again. She likes variety, GBH!

       158. I THINK SHE CAN STAND MORE PUSH, PRESSURE, TENSION & HURRY & HASTE & RUSH THAN I CAN! Maybe God made her that way so she could take it, because she has so much pressure & so much responsibility & so much administration etc. But it doesn't seem to bother her, it just rolls like water off a duck's back, & she just goes on her merry way & trusts God & doesn't let it bother her.

       159. I KNOW WHY MARIA GOT ME TO TELLING STORIES, ISN'T THAT CUTE? She knows that once she gets me started she's safe.--She knows I'll continue!

       160. SHE WILL SING MORE WORDS WITH THE PEN than ever with the string!

       161. GIVE HER FREEDOM FOR THE SPIRIT THAT SHE CAN SPIRIT-WRITE--WRITE LIKE A SPIRIT! Help her to write Thy Spirit-writing, Lord, that she will put in a book all the Words of David!

       162. SHE NEEDS THY WINE TO FREE HER SPIRIT TO WRITE THY SPIRIT-WRITING LIKE A PROPHETESS OF OLD! O God, free her in Jesus' name--but not yet! The time is coming, but not now. Thou shalt write, but not now! Thou shalt speak, but not yet!

       163. "WHEN I FIND MYSELF IN TIMES OF TROUBLE, MOTHER MARY COMES TO ME, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be! And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be!" Mary's main job is passing on these Words of Wisdom to you, this last generation. Now again God has sent them a Shepherd & a Mary to pass on Words of Wisdom!

       164. WHEN I AM GONE, GIVE HER THE KISSES THAT HER FATHER WOULD GIVE HER. You must help her to be the voice of her father & give her the love that her father would have her to have when I am gone. This is the heart of the greatest desire of your father David, that you take care of his little love.

       165. SHE'S TOUGH & SHE CAN TAKE THE BLAME. She's very resilient! You can be thankful she always presents the other side to make sure we've got a test case & strike a balance!

       166. THE ONLY REASON I'M ANYTHING IS BECAUSE OF MARIA, & the only reason any of us are anything is because of the Lord!

       167. THAT POSTER CAN BE OUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO MARIA! I think she certainly deserves one! I feel a little funny seeing my Poster stuck around--me--& none of her! And the poster we did before certainly didn't do her justice, it was so small!

       168. SHE'S SO SHY & MODEST, SHE JUST ALMOST CRIED WHEN I EVEN SUGGESTED DOING HER POSTER. And if we do it, we're going to have to go ahead & do it without her, & even without her cooperation. Because you know her, she doesn't want me to say anything about her at all! If I didn't talk about her, you would have never known she existed!

       169. MARIA'S LIKE THE LORD, SHE NEVER FAILS!--And she'll never fail you either!

       170. WHEN I'M WEAK, SHE'S STRONG, & her strength is made perfect in my weakness, thanks to the Lord!

       171. IF IT WERE NOT FOR OUR DEAR LITTLE MARIA, the Words would have been lost long ago & never have been heard at all!

       172. MARIA HAS THE ANOINTING, SHE HAS THAT CERTAIN DIVINE INSPIRATION UNDER THAT ANOINTING! She gets it in the spirit. Even if she can't hear it in the natural, she can sense when I'm in the spirit & beginning to flow, just like love-making, & she doesn't want to miss it!

       173. SHE TREASURES THE WORDS JUST LIKE PEARLS! That's why the Lord has exalted her!


       175. THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED ME WAS THE LORD & THIS LITTLE GIRL RIGHT HERE! She came along & picked up the broken pieces & she put me back together with the Lord's help!

       176. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MARIA! Bless her for her faithfulness. Thank You for her confidence in Thy Word, for her faithfulness to Thy servant, to lift me up in time of need, to encourage me, to stand by me, Lord, & pray for me. Thank You, Lord, for the faith of this Little One, she that has stood by me so long & seen me through thick & thin!

       177. MARIA CAME ALONG & ALL OF A SUDDEN I FOUND SOMEBODY WHO BELIEVED IN ME! God just gave her a simple childlike faith in me that the Lord still loved me & could use me & was going to use me! She just trusted & believed & I didn't dare fail her. "A little child shall lead them!"--It was her faith! There's a case where love never failed, she didn't give up!

       178. MY GOD, HER EYES HAVE THE MOST MARVELLOUS POWER I HAVE EVER SEEN! There're no eyes in this World so mystical & so magical & so witchy!--Good witchcraft though, white magic.


       180. THE VERY FACT THAT SHE DOESN'T FEEL LIKE SHE CAN DO IT & she feels so humble about it & she doesn't feel capable of it is the best thing possible. Because then she will seek the Lord, & God will manifest Himself!

       181. MARIA IS GOING TO DO FAR MORE THAN I HAVE EVER DONE!--And so are you!--And you're going to look to her for guidance when I am gone! She will inherit that power & that mantle & she will be the channel! In fact, she was the first channel! Her faith & her push made me get ahold of God! She's no doubt going to give you a kick in the pants spiritually & get you really rolling, & it will probably be better than we have ever done before!

       182. MARIA'S MY LITTLE SPARK! She lit my fuse & then I exploded your bomb!

       183. SHE'S GOING TO TELL YOU THE BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL WORDS OF GOD! She's going to be the most beautiful Prophetess there ever was in all history!

       184. BEHIND THAT LITTLE-GIRL PERSONALITY & facade there is a brilliant mind & a strong spirit & a tremendous desire to serve & please the Lord & me, a terrific managerial ability!

       185. GOD MADE HER A LIONESS & A QUEEN, like Queen Elisabeth the First, she was ordained for the task & she will never be anything else, & nothing else will ever stand between her & the Kingdom! She will always put God & His Kingdom first, like she has been.

       186. SHE IS OF COURSE ABOUT THE SEXIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD & has the most gorgeous sexy voice! It has that deep vibrant thrilling quality which just stirs men's souls!--And other things too!

       187. SHE WAS THE ORIGINAL FFER & she still FFs me & I still flip over her every day! It still thrills me to look at her, as much as I can see of her, & excites me more than ever every day! I love her more day by day--& you too!

       188. I HAD TO DO IT, I HAD TO! I HAD TO MEET THE LEVEL OF HER FAITH! She was a babe & I couldn't disappoint her, I had to deliver, so I got desperate with God & asked God to help me deliver, & I delivered! GBY & give you someone with faith in you!

       189. THERE IS ONE WOMAN & ONE MEDIATOR BETWEEN ME & YOU, or between me & your problem, & that is the woman Maria! You'll always find her your advocate & your apologiser & your defender, always coming to your defence & to apologise & spare you.

       190. SHE'S A GENIUS! If it hadn't been for Maria, none of us would be here. There's the gal that did all the work while I had all the fun! There would have been nothing without her!

       191. SHE REMINDS ME OF THE SCRIPTURE, she doesn't let one Word fall to the ground! She's just about as faithful as you can get with the Words. I don't think she's ever missed one that I know of, & that's why you've got me & that's why you've got you & that's why you've got the Lord & the Family, because of her!

       192. IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR HER & HER FAITH, I don't think I could have had faith in myself or even in the Lord that He could use me. But it took her faith, this little handmaiden, to have the faith to believe it & help me to believe it.

       193. WE THANK YOU, LORD, FOR HOW FAITHFUL SHE'S BEEN, NOT ONLY IN TAKING GOOD CARE OF THE WORDS, BUT ALSO THE WORDER, & has never failed to shield us & keep us & cherish us & nourish us & protect us & strengthen us & advise us, counsel us, & encourage us.

       194. WEAK & FRAIL AS SHE IS, LORD, YOU HAVE GIVEN HER SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH & WISDOM & POWER FROM ON HIGH TO DO THE JOB! You've never failed her in one of all Your good promises!

       195. WHAT A NAME FOR HER!--FAITHFUL! She surely has been faithful! I don't know anyone who's ever been so faithful. Though sometimes I've been faithless & discouraged, she has remained faithful, she has never lost faith.

       196. SHE IS THE BRAVEST PERSON I KNOW! She's never missed a step, never missed a beat, never doubted a moment, never failed a day, not an hour! She has plugged right along, sometimes in spite of me!


       198. SHE NEVER QUITS, NEVER GIVES UP, SHE NEVER DESPAIRS, she never gets discouraged in spite of everything, she never doubts.

       199. I KNOW THE LORD IS GOING TO CAST HIS MANTLE & THE ANOINTING ON HER WHEN I'M GONE, & she's going to be able to continue to give you the Word & help & lead & guide you.

       200. THROUGH THE FAILURES OF OTHERS & EVEN SOME OF MY FAILURES & MY DOWNS & DOWNERS, she has remained steady & firm as a rock!

       201. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!--She carries the weight of the World on her tiny shoulders! She's concerned about you!

       202. DEAR MARIA, SHE HAS A LOT OF FAITH IN ME! No matter how crazy I am, her dear old Don Quixote, she is my little Sancho Panza & she trots right along behind me on her donkey, her poor little donkey Peter, who has to go whichever way she goes!--And with our dear Dulcineas & our whole retinue of knights in armour & ladies-in-waiting.


       204. SHE WAS JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!--Just what I had ordered 23 years before! After two years with dear Eve, I ordered Maria! But you see, it takes a little while to make a girl--God had to pick out the parents & had to wait till she was born & had to wait till she grew up--a helluva long time to wait! But we made it, TTL, she made it!

       205. SHE'S MY OLD-FASHIONED GIRL WHO GREW UP MUCH LIKE I DID, almost like part of my generation!

       206. MARIA'S THE LITTLE ROBOT, so when she gets the right stimulation, she gives the right response.

       207. THAT'S WHY THE LORD GAVE MARIA TO ME & GAVE HER A LOT OF DRIVE, so she could push me along!

       208. MARIA WAS AN OLD MAID, BUT I TOOK CARE OF THAT! Now she's a young maid!

       209. I'M THANKFUL FOR MY LITTLE LAWYER OF FAITH THAT NEVER DOUBTS & ALWAYS TRUSTS. She's got such faith! That's what first won my heart & that's what made me what I am, her childlike faith in me & the Lord.

       210. SHE'S GOING TO BE THE GREATEST PROPHETESS ON THE WHOLE EARTH WITH THE WORD OF GOD, with the Words of God & the Words of Jesus & the Words of David!

       211. SHE'S SUCH A WONDERFUL FIGHTER! She's even a better fighter than I am & can have greater victories than I ever had!

       212. THERE'S YOUR MEDIATOR, Beloved, your Mother Maria who is pleading for you!


       214. I DON'T YELL AT PETER & MARIA BECAUSE THEY'RE TO BLAME, but because there's no one else here to yell at! It's not their fault--it's just that the people I'm mad at aren't here to yell at!

       215. THEY USED TO CALL ME THE FUSE THAT LIGHTS THE BOMB, BUT SHE'S THE ONE THAT LIGHTS THE MATCH! The funny thing was, for years she couldn't even strike a match! Ha!

       216. YOU ALL GOT SOME SUN TODAY!--Maria always has the sun. She's my sunshine!

       217. MARIA WOULD POSTPONE ANYTHING, I think she'd even postpone the Lord's Coming if the mail had just come!

       218. I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER SEEN MARIA LOSE FAITH OR LOSE THE VICTORY. Both Maria & Peter have so much faith. They never lose their cheerfulness. They smile through everything. Peter's got a lot of faith. He's so cheerful. I lean on you, son.

       219. IN A SENSE I'M YOUR MOSES & MARIA IS YOUR AARON. She's the spokesman to the people, the Custodian of the Words. There is one mediator between me & you!--Your Mama Maria!

       220. THIS IS THE QUEEN OF LOVE!--The Queen of all loves & the Queen of all lovers! No greater love hath any man than this woman, who will lay down her love for the life of all men!

       221. SHE'LL HAVE HER MINISTRY THEN, & IT'LL BE HER MINISTRY, NOT MY MINISTRY! She will be anointed for that hour & she will have the victory & the anointing & the power & the leading & the guidance & the revelations that will be uniquely hers, but the same Spirit, same God, same Family!

       222. I'M SURE MARIA IS GOING TO BE A REAL FLAME OF FIRE to light your way in the dark days ahead when I'm gone!

       223. TO HER THERE ARE NO ALPS, NO LIMITS! She tackles the most monumental tasks & projects that I don't think I ever would have tackled or had the faith for!

       224. SHE'S GOT IT, BOYS & GIRLS, SHE'S GOT IT, & you don't have to worry about that! You know she's got that drive & that anointing & that power of the Spirit & wisdom & managerial ability the Lord's giving her, & she's learning through experience. She's got it, & whatever she hasn't got yet, she will get, the Lord will teach her.

       225. THAT'S THE KIND OF WOMAN I ALWAYS WANTED TO MARRY, one who loved the Lord & the Lord's work, & in this case where she even loves the Word more than she loves me!

       226. SHE'S ALL YOU COULD EVER DREAM OF & MORE!--A real fairy dream Queen!--Honour, love, obey & keep her always! She's yours! I love her forever!

       227. MARIA IS LIKE GOLD!

       228. SHE IS LIKE A LITTLE BABY, like a little child, you have to take care of her like a little girl. She hasn't got much common sense, but she has got a lot of uncommon sense.

       229. SHE'S MY CRITIC & SCEPTIC, AS WELL AS MY LITTLE BELIEVER. She always has to check up on me & make sure I'm right.

       230. WE VERY SELDOM DISAGREE, but if we do, I go my way & she goes my way!

       231. WE NEVER HAVE ARGUMENTS, exactly, & we never have fights, we hardly even have disagreements, we merely have slight differences of opinion. She always likes to remind me that there are two sides to everything & make sure that I understand the other side--her side!--Or your side!--Ha!

       232. I THINK WE ARE THE MOST AGREEABLE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I don't think that any two people in this World love each other as much as we do & agree as much & disagree as little & are as much of one mind, one heart, one spirit, one soul, one body!


       234. SHE'S A VERY GOOD LAWYER! She makes you really prove your case, & it's a good thing I know a few Scriptures!

       235. DOESN'T SHE LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL? She is an angel!

       236. SHE'S KIND OF SQUELCHED NOW BECAUSE I'M STILL AROUND & I KIND OF OUTSHINE HER, because the anointing & the mantle is on me, but when I go, like Elijah, I'll cast it on her. She's my Elisha & she'll carry right on where I left off, there won't be any difference!--Except, like Elisha, she may do twice as much as Elijah!

       237. SHE LOVES TO HEAR FROM THE LORD, & if she can't hear through me, then she'll get it straight, I'm sure. When the time comes, she'll have the same anointing & the same Lord & you'll get the same messages, probably tell you to do the same things I'm telling you to do now, & you'll still be having to do'm!

       238. I DISCOVERED I HAD FOUND HER, the love of my life, the girl of my dreams, the one I'd always dreamed of, my dream girl!

       239. SHE'S A WITCH, a good witch, one of God's witches, an angel of God! Just one look hypnotises you!

       240. I ASKED HER, "WILT THOU?"--And she wilted!

       241. SHE'S PRAISING THE LORD FOR THE LOVE OF HER FATHER, & Abrahim's praising God for this marvellous Maria, this one of the Spirit!

       242. ISN'T SHE A BEAUTIFUL ROSE? We're in love!

       243. THERE'S ONLY ONE THING SHE LOVES MORE THAN ME, besides the Lord--the Word!

       244. OUTSIDE OF MAKING LOVE TO MARIA, I think watching her make love is one of the most beautiful experiences you could possibly have! It's like an art masterpiece!


       246. I PROBABLY WAS THE FIRST FISH THAT GOT CAUGHT, & GOD HIMSELF WAS THE FISHERMAN! Because if I hadn't gotten hooked on Maria, there would never have been a Jesus Revolution, not to the extent that there has been.

       247. SHE'S THE BEST FFER WE HAVE, she FFed me!

       248. --THIS SHY LITTLE GIRL living with this growlly old lion!

       249. SHE'S MY FAITHFUL RECORDER & I LOVE HER, & I give her seven kisses for the Recorder & the Queen!

       250. GOD HAD TO GET SOMEBODY THAT WAS HUNGRY to pick up every grain & every Word & not miss any!

       251. LOOK AT ALL THE GIFTS GOD'S GIVEN HER! She hasn't got much further to go to be your leader when I'm gone. She'll hardly bat an eye, will hardly miss a step in the transition.

       252. MARIA IS LIKE THE MORNING, like the dawning, bringing new light to the World!

       253. SHE JUST LOVES TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD, & that's why the Lord is beginning to say so much, because He knows we're going to believe what He says & record it.

       254. SHE'D RATHER HAVE ME GIVE HER THE WORDS THAN GIVE HER LOVE-MAKING! She's more in love with the Words than she is with me, & that's the way she should be. That's the job the Lord has given her.


       256. HERE'S SOMETHING THAT EVERY MAN IN THE WORLD WOULD LIKE TO HAVE, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD!--The sweetest, the most wonderful, kindest & gentlest, the most loving!--The most wonderful woman in the whole World, the most faithful!

       257. SHE GIVES ME ALL THE CREDIT, I give her all the credit, & it's probably all the Lord!

       258. MARIA ALWAYS HAS SUN, SHE SHINES LIKE THE SUN! She's always my sunshine. "She is my sunshine, my happy sunshine!"

       259. SHE'S NOT MANIFESTING HER PROPHETIC ABILITIES VERY MUCH YET, except when she's alone with me. Then she can really prophesy! But she's a bit shy in public. She always prophesies sweetly, gently & with great patience when she's handling her grouchy old bear!

       260. SHE'S A WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS! She can play the piano, sing, publish a Magazine & manage a Prophet! She knows how to manage a Prophet & direct a whole denomination! That's quite an accomplishment!

       261. DON'T YOU ENJOY EATING SOMETIMES? I think Maria does! She just said the other day, "Oh! If I couldn't eat in Heaven, I would really miss it! I really enjoy eating!" You wouldn't think it to look at her! She doesn't really eat that much, but she really enjoys it!

       262. OUR DEAR COOK RESEARCHES MY MEALS EVERY DAY & MARIA'S TOO!--Searches to find out what Maria wants to eat, & that's quite a research! I never saw anybody eat so many funny peculiar things, never the same thing twice in a row!

       263. SHE'S ALWAYS THE ONE WHO'S REMINDING ME OF WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW, telling me what to say, She says, "I can't talk, I can't write. You have to do it." And yet what she writes & says is gorgeous! So I've got no problem about that. When I'm gone she'll be able to write just as well if not better, especially with my mantle on her & the anointing of the Lord.

       264. HAS SHE GOT GUTS! She's tough! Nothin' ever gets her down. She can really take it & she bounces right back!

       265. MARIA'S VERY SHY & BASHFUL. She has an inferiority complex, but she sure reads beautifully on tape, & we need to get her to do more tapes!

       266. WHEN THE GOING GETS REALLY ROUGH, it's usually Maria's little childlike faith that pulls me through!

       267. YOU'LL JUST FIND HER EVERY DAY THE SAME, OR BETTER! She just keeps right on going. Her temperature hardly ever changes. She never gets hot or cold, she's just always burning steadily like those little candles there, just a steady flame! It's not very big & flamboyant, she doesn't make a big splash like me, neither does it flicker & flicker out. It just keeps steady, steady, steady. She doesn't make any big explosions like I do sometimes, but she is always there to catch me when I fall or to hold me down to keep me from completely floating off in the clouds!

       268. IT'S ALL RIGHT FOR CATS TO TEASE MICE, but this ol' lion can tease that cat! Maria likes teasing me, so I tease her!


       270. SHE'S MY LITTLE GUIDE & PERSONAL MANAGER, because she reads all of your mail, every word, & knows just what you need & when you need it & tells me when to do it, so then I sock it to you!

       271. SHE'S GOT ALL THE RIGHT CURVES, & all the right nerves too!

       272. MOTHER EVE HAD BEEN OUR OLD CHURCH, Old Wife, but Maria was our new, beautiful, young, sexy, naked wife who loved sex & loved love-making & loved me wildly no matter what I did!

       273. ALL THE LIFE'S GONE OUT OF THIS ONE, BUT NEVER OUT OF MY MARIA! She never runs dry, & neither does my Lord, Jesus, Who gave her to me!

       274. THE LORD EXALTED THE MAIDEN OF LOW DEGREE & catapulted her right to the bottom where I needed her!

       275. SHE SYMBOLISES THY LOVE FOR ME, LORD. She's a symbol of Your love for me, Jesus. She's Thy Spirit of Love. She's Thy little Nymph of Love that I love! When she loves me, then I know You love me!

       276. THERE'S ONLY ONE THING BETTER THAN MARIA, & THAT'S HEAVEN!--And I wouldn't say even better--maybe it'll be as good!

       277. YOU COULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER THAN A LEO like Maria! She is right next to me all the time!

       278. MARIA CAN ALWAYS PUT ME TO SLEEP.--Not that she's boring, she just has that magic touch.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family