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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


From taped messages:

1. WE COULD HAVE AN ANGEL SITTING OR STANDING ON TOP OF THE PEARL! There was an angel guarding each gate. Maybe he'd lock more like he's on guard if he were standing! He could be facing the corner of the outside wall.

2. I'M THINKING OF CALLING THIS "THE HEAVENLY FAIR CORNER" or something so they won't think the whole place looks like this! That sort of triangular shelter facing the Globe locks like a perfect place for the audience watching the astral Show!

3. ON THAT FLOWER-SHAPED BUILDING WHERE YOU HAVE THE TUBES OF LIGHT with the globes hanging on the ends, they're all to come out of the center of the flower just like the pistils of a flower, If you've seen a hibiscus, you know what I'm talking about! The tube with the pistil comes just out of the center of the flower. It doesn't come out from different directions. They all come from the center & they spray out in all different directions, kind of in a circle, & that's the way it was shaped. I actually saw that one, so I remember it really distinctly!

4. DO YOU REMEMBER THOSE LIGHT DECORATIONS THAT HAD THE LITTLE THIN TUBES that we used to buy back in Europe? We had one & used it for a Christmas decoration, sort of a spray. It looks like a fountain of light, & just like a fountain, they all came out from the center in different directions. They just came up & drooped a little, sort of like an umbrella over the flower.

5. WE'RE TAKING SORT OF AN ARTIST'S LICENSE PUTTING A PEARL NOT ONLY IN THE CORNER OF THE WALL, BUT IN THE CORNER OF THE CITY! It's not real clear as to where the pearls are, really, but anyhow, In order to have a nice big one there they could see clearly, I thought that was a good idea!--And I almost forgot something very important! Our dear Jews would be offended if we forgot this, even our "Hebrew Christians" as they call'm!--Ha!

6. GUESS WHAT WAS ON EACH GATE BESIDES AN ANGEL?--THE NAMES OF THE 12 TRIBES! So which Tribe's name do you think we would choose?--Judah!--Because Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! (Rev.5:5.) And that was the foremost Tribe after which the Jews were nicknamed. So you could put the name Judah on there, coming in a circular fashion where the "J" is barely visible & coming in a curve around the side of the pearl. So don't forget the "Judah" there, that's important!

7. THOSE PILLARS OF THE MOLECULAR EXHIBIT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TRANSPARENT TOO, so the strata of the Wall would show faintly through them. I don't think the strata of the Wall would show at all through the prism, that would make it look a little confusing, but you can show it sort of disappearing behind the prism & then coming out again on the other side, & then disappearing behind the Globe.--Maybe even see it faintly behind the Globe.

8. YOU'RE GETTING SO FAR ALONG, I'D BETTER HURRY UP WITH MY STATS CORNER! I thought I'd put some kind of a text there so they'll have a little idea of the dimensions.--So anybody who's statistically or analytically minded will know some of the Biblical facts!--And we've got'm!

9. DON'T FORGET TO THROW IN A FEW PALM TREES IN YOUR PARK SECTION! Thank the Lord you don't have to draw too much park here. Our tropical folks are going to miss palm trees, though, if you don't put'm in! There's room for a little park around the Reception Center where the Angels are too.

10. SO DON'T FORGET THE NAME OF THE GATE & THE ANGEL GUARDING IT! I don't know whether he needs a sword or not, that might look a little too fearsome! But it definitely says there's as angel guarding it. I'm going to look up that Scripture right now. Rev.21:12: "And had a wall great & high, & had 12 gates, & at the gates 12 angels, & names written thereon, which are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel." In other words, each gate had an angel & each gate had a name of one of the Tribes. So we can put an angel on our gate there & the Tribe of Judah!

11. THIS IS MY REST! I've entered into my rest in the Lord, & doing His work is a pleasure!

+ + + + + + +

12. I LIKE YOUR FLYERS HOLDING HANDS!--We always hold hands! And let's see a little more of her derriere! If you're going to see it at all, let's see it! If you want to cover it up, then let's cover it up! Why not see it? After all, if they don't like us, they won't like it anyway. If they like us, they like what we stand for, & that's one of the things we stand for--what we sit on! After all, the Lord made it!

13. I LOVE YOUR PARK--I SEE YOU HAVE A NORTHERN SIDE & A SOUTHERN SIDE!--A tropical side & semi-tropical or temperate side!--All these palm trees down here in the South, & all these other trees up there in the North! That was very clever! Pick your garden, the kind of scenery you like!--Palm trees or the kind they have in the North! So that oughtta suit everybody!

14. I HOPE NO ONE MISTAKES THOSE LITTLE CROSSLINES OF PEOPLE ON THE ENTRANCE ROAD TO THE RECEPTION CENTER FOR A RAILROAD TRACK! Don't you think you should have more specks of people on that road? I don't really think they're going to be lining up in a queue single file, I think you ought to have a lot of sort of irregular specks just like you did with some of those other roads. And a river that big should have a few little ripples to make it look like water! Take a look at some maps or other pictures & see how they illustrate rivers & lakes even in black-&-white. They put flowing ripple lines!

15. REMEMBER, WE ARE LOOKING THROUGH WHAT AMOUNTS TO A PANE OF GLASS, & places where there's room, maybe you could add a few little reflection lines. Make it clear that we are looking through glass, just here & there where it doesn't interfere with the buildings.

16. THIS PLACE IS GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN IT, SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT PUTTING IN TOO MANY PEOPLE! I like the ones you've got & I like the roads & the paths & everything about it! I think even from this distance you'd see dots of people on those paths through the Garden on the other side of the City. I'm almost sorry I reserved this lefthand corner for the stats, because you draw such pretty pictures! We do need'm there though.

17. ON THE BUILDING BEHIND THE BOAT RIDE I THINK YOU OUGHT TO PUT THE WORD "DIRECTORY" RIGHT ACROSS THAT MARQUEE THAT'S STICKING OUT THERE IN FRONT! What other word would you use for that? I think that's about the simplest, because that's what it is! That's what it's going to be, it's the Directory!--And what better place for it than right behind the Reception Center? Every time they want to find somebody, they go to the Directory! It's the building they go into to find out where other people live--friends, family & what-not!--Everybody's address! I presume we won't have any phone numbers! Instead you can take a trip over there real quick by thought transference or whatever!

18. ON THE CANOPY FACING THE SOLAR SYSTEM, why don't you give it a few lines to show that it's not just a piece of paper lying there, but some kind of a structure! That's what made me pick that for a grandstand in the first place, that's what it looked like! I think you could even show people around in front of that grandstand, & some people walking around in the bottom of the globe. They can walk around inside & look up & see the planets flying around, or sit out in the grandstand & hear the lecture! I think we need people there! Hollywood Bowl was an outside amphitheater with a covered stage sort of like that, only we're behind it here looking the other way.

19. YOU DID SO BEAUTIFULLY ON THESE OTHER BUILDINGS, ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE THE CATHEDRAL OF LOVE A FEW MORE STRUCTURAL LINES? You could have lines between the hearts like they were sort of on buttresses, something to show that it's a building, not just a hat sitting there or a birthday cake! So try to give it a few structural lines, just whatever you dream up. Don't forget the title up there on the top in the heart: LOVE!--That's our Message!--And people going in & out the doors. You can put some pathways in front of it too, so you can show people not only walking in & out, but walking by from the next buildings.

20. I THINK WE COULD STAND MAYBE A FEW MORE LITTLE FLYERS AROUND! There should be some distant ones in different places where you've got space. Not everybody's going to be walking, you know! So in any vacant spaces where it looks like you could see a flyer there, why not?

21. LET'S MAKE THE VERSES BIG ENOUGH THAT THEY CAN READ THEM FROM TWO OR THREE METERS AWAY! We want them to stand there & memorise it! I'd rather have a few on here that they can read & big enough, than too many & too small type, so many they won't remember. It's important to say in good big type: "The Holy City coming down from God out of Heaven!" That's a very important point!--It's going to come down--from God--out of Heaven! We want to let'm know it's going to be here on the earth!

22. I THINK WE'RE ALMOST DONE WITH THIS FRONT COVER FOR BOOK 12! It'll be their first glimpse of it! Oooooeeeee! I'll tell you, I think they're going to be thrilled!--I know I am! That light pale gold-yellow cover we used on GN10 would be beautiful, perfect for this cover! I think I've given you enough ideas to keep you busy for awhile, but I think we're almost finished!

23. BY THE WAY, AROUND THE HOUSE OF LIGHTS IT NEEDS SOME MORE TREES & PARK! There really was a lot of park there!--In fact, it seemed like it was mostly park! Well, we're kind of limited on space so we've got mostly buildings, but anyway, it's better than anybody else has done! I just thrill to look at this! And those flyers! Don't be afraid to put in more flyers! I like the couple flying hand-in-hand, that's really beautiful, because I'm sure we'll be in couples, triples or something!

24. YOU COULD EVEN PUT A FLYER OR TWO INSIDE THE GLOBE FLYING AROUND INSPECTING THE SOLAR SYSTEM! It looks a little empty!--At least one couple in the top & a couple or two in the bottom flying around--fairly small because it's quite a ways away. Is that asking too much? After all, this is a masterpiece, the only time it's ever been done, probably the last time--so let's give it all we've got!

25. ON THE PEARL WHERE THE ANGEL'S STANDING, DO YOU THINK YOU NEED A COUPLE OF CURVED REFLECTIVE LINES ON THE BACK OF IT? It looks a little bit plain.--Maybe even a sparkle there under the Angel's feet! On globes & domes you usually get a kind of a sparkle, so don't hesitate to put some sparkles around! I think we could have sparkles on some of those globes & domes & the big heart & the Cathedral of Love & a sparkle on top of the minaret! You've got some sparkles around the Crystal House & they really give it kind of a magical touch!

26. BOY OH BOY, I SURE AM EXPECTING A LOT! Well, this is pretty important! Some people might even be led to the Lord by it! It's going to have some Gospel here! Maybe that's what we ought to put up there at the top under the subtitle: John 3:16! Why not? That's our Message! I think that's about the most important verse we can put up there! We want it to have a real Message!

27. I'M JUST REALLY THRILLED WITH THIS! Everybody here is saying it's even changing their lives, making them more Heavenly--minded, giving them a new outlook on life & their work & everything to realise how real & important it is! Look up! "Set your affection on the things that are above, rather than the things that are on Earth!" (Col.3:2.) So here it is, you can set your affections on it! PTL! Even Moses said he had "respect unto the recompense of the reward!" (He.11:26.) This is the reward! This is it!--So he probably had his eyes on Heaven! By seeing Heaven the Lord helped him endure what he had to go through with those damn people down here on earth!

28. DOESN'T IT THRILL YOU WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT PHOEBE BEING THERE? I mean, you can't feel sorry for her! Goodness, you'd be so thankful that she's there & able to have her little baby up in Heaven! She'll be the first one of ours to have a baby in heaven, how about that? You don't think the Lord can do that? I think He can!--Regardless of what the doctor said! I think the Lord wanted to save both their lives! Maybe that's the only way he could do it, otherwise she probably would have lost the baby even if they'd have operated & cut it out. So this was the only way He could save'm both! TTL!

29. YOU CAN'T FEEL SORRY FOR ANYBODY THAT GOES THERE! That's what the Lord said: "Weep not for Me, weep for yourselves!" (Lk.23:28.) "We sorrow not as those who have no hope." (1Th.4:13.) We miss'm, & that makes us a little sorry, but otherwise we're only sorry for ourselves. That's what I've always said about funerals, we're crying for ourselves, not for them!--We ought to be rejoicing for them! I kind of go along with the Muslim concept: They cry when a baby's born & they laugh & dance when people die!--Ha! They cry because the baby has to leave Heaven & enter this World! Well, we don't want to cry about that! In our Families we have such a Heaven on Earth that we don't have to cry about the babies being born. We can laugh & dance & praise God for the babies that enter our Family here & enjoy our Heavenly Homes! We've got Heaven on Earth already, so we can be happy both ways!--Happy when they come & when they go! Hallelujah! GBY!

30. IT'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You're really sending us to the Heavenlies & we can really trip out! It's just beautiful & everybody's raving about what a different outlook on this life it gives them & everything! This picture is changing lives, believe it or not! It's a life-changer! "The things here are temporal, but the things there are eternal!" (2Cor.4:18.) Just a little while & it'll all be over, thank the Lord!

31. I THINK THE INSET OF THE PYRAMID SITTING ON THE EARTH SHOWS HOW IMMENSE IT IS & THE MAGNITUDE OF IT! And I want to put the scale of each of these so they'll know that it was really drawn to scale, that there's an actual original from which we have taken this, to give it a bit more credibility.

32. I THINK WE'RE JUST ABOUT FINISHED WITH SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS LEFT PART OF THE PICTURE. The river just looks gorgeous! Love the ripples! Maybe you ought to make something that looks like a door in the bottom of the Celestial Globe. What about a round door in keeping with the decor or the mode of the sphere? You can show the people streaming in & out of the round door, like an entrance. Then they can go inside as well as sit outside & see the whole thing! An arched door like a half circle would even look better! At least it's in keeping with the curvature of the Globe.

33. OH BY THE WAY, I GOT SOMETHING NEW FOR YOU! We have angels with wings there already at the gate & all, & I heard somebody once say angels don't have wings! So I started checking my concordance & there are several Scriptures about angels with wings!--Particularly the cherubim & the seraphim, which seem to be a very high class of angels of some kind!--Perhaps not Archangels, but they are very important big angels, like the ones we've got guarding the gate & the Reception Center. You look it up! The cherubim & seraphim had wings! And the replicas of them which were used on the Ark & in the Temple also had wings! How about that! Of course, they had six wings, but please, let's not make any of those because I don't think the people would understand it! But they are used to that stereotype of the two wings & they'll know those are supposed to be angels! So we can see people flying around, & we can also see angels flying around just wherever you think it's good!

34. MAYBE IN THE PICTURE ON THE RIGHT YOU MIGHT FIND A PLACE OR TWO FOR SOME FLYING SAUCERS! They were going to be landing on that hat, so I think that would be good. I think we ought to give that considerable space. Those things could look like flying saucers landing there & picking up people & then taking off, so we could have one on the land strip & maybe two or three flying around in the air in the upper right-hand part of the picture. That'll give it a little extra atmosphere! After all, what would it be without flying saucers?--The angels' flying vehicles! We have a little bit of everything for everybody!

35. OH, THE FOOD BUILDING! I think it should read on that center panel: "Food Museum." And right under that: "Free Samples!" Ha! Good idea? And on the left panel: "History of Food." Right hand panel: "Cultural Dishes." In other words, samples of the different kinds of food of the World & history! "Taste Manna!" There're a few ideas for you of what is in the Food Museum!

36. I'M THINKING ABOUT GETTING OUT A RUSH SNEAK-PREVIEW POSTER IN BLACK-&-WHITE SO THE FAMILY CAN EACH HAVE ONE! I think this thing's going to be quite a sensation! I think everybody's going to want one! And in black-&-white they could reprint'm by the thousands, even for distribution! Just imagine walking down the street with one of these on a placard or sign selling them! People would really buy'm! You'd only have to charge about twenty-five cents apiece, or just a donation or whatever! Wouldn't that really be something? I think these would sell like hotcakes! Not only that we need the money, but just to get'm out! People would really want'm! That way the Family can have the black-&-white edition printed wherever they are! So I think the shading is worth it!

37. I'M REALLY THRILLED & GETTING EXCITED! WE'RE REACHING THE FINISH LINE, at least on this left side of the picture, & then you can take a little more time for the right side for the poster only. It's just coming out beautifully, & the only thing unfinished is my stats corner & the right side, but that'll come later. By the time you get the City finished, I'll have the corner finished, God willing! ILY! God bless & keep you & give you wisdom & skill & real leading & anointing! Jesus' name, amen.

38. WE CAN PUT OUR MANSIONS WHERE WE WANT'M, CAN'T WE? We're building it, we might as well have out choice of lots or plots! I know you must think I'm crazy, but I get a kick out of this! Wouldn't it be more appropriate to have'm where Jesus is talking about them & pointing to them? They're corner spots, corner apartments, so why not have our special mansion right in the corner? I like that idea! In His Father's House are many mansions & He's pointing at them!

39. DON'T FORGET TO FINISH YOUR RIVER RIPPLES so they'll know it's a river & not just a street! He calls it "the street" of the river (Rev.22:2), but that simply means the course of the river, the way the river goes.--Like the streets of Venice!

40. EVERY ONE OF THESE STATS IS SCRIPTURALLY VERIFIABLE! Absolutely accurate! There's no guesswork here at all, it's exactly what it is! I though I might as well put in the ones they couldn't argue about, because It's right in the Bible! That's enough to wow'm! Those dashes need to be heavier & longer! Dashes are important to me! They're almost like arrows to kind of draw attention to the beginning of the statement! You need to make them heavier & about twice as long.

41. THAT'S SWEET OF YOU TO OFFER TO WORK NIGHTS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE CITY, but with Maria's birthday coming soon, maybe you'll have to do her poster first! She's saying of course, "Do the Heaven poster first!" She's hoping if we wait long enough she'll get out of it!--Ha! Well, we have to just go ahead & do it anyhow whether she likes it or not, because she owes this poster to her people! They love her & they want to see her! Like I told [EDITED: "one world leader"] once: "Let the people see you! They love you, they want to see you. Be more evident, with pictures around more & on television, etc. Don't be such a shy timid guy hiding in the rear"--which he was doing in those days! But boy, he sure has come out since then!--Ha! it tickles me, almost every newspaper has got something else about him! I'm sure our prayers are preserving him, God bless him! He's a blessing if he's nothing else but a thorn in the side of the You-Know-Whos!

42. WE CAN SEND OUT TWO SMALL BLACK-&-WHITE POSTERS IN THE MAIL IN COMMEMORATION OF MARIA'S BIRTHDAY! The Heavenly City is my birthday present to her, & her poster will be her birthday present to the Family! She's Heavenly, so why not? And the colour will come later!

43. BY THE WAY, THE BOAT HOUSE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THOSE FALSE FRONTS IN A WESTERN MOVIE! That's supposed to be a building, so it should have a back end on it, kind of a lounge like an airport waiting room or something where they've got snack bars & all that sort of thing. That's a waiting room for the people waiting to go take boat rides, so please put a building on the back of that sign! As far as I can see, that's all there's left to do, & if there's anything more I'm sure the Family'll find it or suggest it! It just looks absolutely beautiful!

44. HOW'D YOU LIKE THE LOVE BANNER ON THE MINARET? It gives it sort of a flair to have a flag waving! And immediately that Scripture came to me: "His banner over us is love!" (SoS.2:4.)--So I have it waving in the breeze there! What better verse for that particular scene? Also on the Directory we could say: "Names Written in the Lamb's Book of Life!" And what about on the bottom of the Genealogy Tower across that front triangle putting: "Family Tree!" Then on the bottom of the Atomic Energy Exhibition we could put: "The Power of God!"--With the reference Mt.28:18: "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" Jesus said it!

45. HOW'D YOU LIKE THE QUOTE I PUT ON THE LOVE HEART? Techi always calls them "love hearts" because that's what it means to her! I put the quote: "God is Love is God!" I like to really tie it in! We use that expression both ways. I want to get as many quotes as we can on this thing so the kids will learn'm! Those were the only things I saw where there were empty spaces asking to be lettered!

46. HOW ABOUT THROWING IN ANOTHER MANSION IN-BETWEEN? If there are going to be many mansions, I don't think showing just two is quite enough! We've got domes & everything, maybe we ought to have one mansion with a Pyramid on it or something!--Or three pyramids?--Some variation in architecture. And on the "Pyramid power" pyramid you could write: "See Pyramid Power!--Mystery of the Ages!" Otherwise they might wonder what in the World is that?

47. AND THERE'S ONLY ONE OTHER SPACE THAT LOOKED TO ME LIKE IT WAS NEEDING SOMETHING, & that was at the very closest part of the Garden right in front of the Angel & the flyers. Don't you think we need a few more trees or shrubs or something there in all that vacant space? I know we've asked you to draw an awful lot of garden so far, but that's the part the very closest to us & it really needs something.

48. YOU KNOW THAT PIC OF ME & MARIA FLYING OVER THERE ON THE LEFT? Really she has a very nice well-rounded little backside--that one almost looks like it's square! If we're going to show it at all, we ought to show it nicely round, each one. It sort of has a cross there now! I know she's religious, but she doesn't wear a cross on her bottom! Really, she does have nice little round ones! You could fill her hips out a little bit too, she has real cute hips! She has cute little bosoms too, but I don't suppose they're showing there. We've got bosoms showing other places, why not just put a little more there or something? We want to show'm they're beautiful! And I don't want to underrate her beauty, she has quite a beautiful shape! Gorgeous!

49. UNDERNEATH THE TWO CENTRAL FLYERS ON THE TOP, SHOULDN'T WE BE ABLE TO SEE A LITTLE BIT OF THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH? It looks a little bare there. It won't take much, just kind of twirl your pen around a little bit! Even between them we still need to see some surface where those flying saucers are. It seems like we really ought to be able to see a little surface through that big pillared crystal building too, since we're not looking through anything but clear walls & that building. I hope I'm not asking too much! We're really going to have a masterpiece here! And underneath the banner of the minaret, maybe even some surface there to show that the whole thing's transparent! You know me, I deplore blank spaces! I'd like to see either surface or garden or people or something! I really believe that's my last word on this picture until we get to the right end & begin to fill that out. But I think that's my last word on the left side! It's really beautiful GBY! Thanks a lot!

50. BIRTHDAY BEFORE HEAVEN! That's chronological order! Please drop the Heaven Poster for now--but don't drop it too hard, we don't want to break it! Heaven can wait!--But Maria's Birthday can't! We'll save that Heaven for after Maria. After all, there's only one thing better than Maria, & that's Heaven!--And I wouldn't say even that was better! Maybe it'll be as good!--Ha! GBY! TX! ILY!

51. HOW ABOUT CALLING THAT BUILDING WITH THE GREEK TEMPLE ON TOP, "THE MUSEUM OF RELIGIONS"? Wouldn't that be fascinating?--To show'm all the funny kinds of religions people had, etc. It looks like the Parthenon sitting on top of it, & that was a temple, so that would sort of be symbolic! It's sort of like some of those South American pyramids! They were built sort of like that with a temple on top, & the front was a long bunch of stairs, a ramp.--Actually some of them were about that high! I saw some of them when Faithy & I were in Mexico, & they are amazing! I went way down in the jungles when I was there, took a trip clear over to Merida, & I was amazed how many of those temples there are on the way! Most people don't ever get down that deep because you have to ride on an old rickety bus!

52. OH BY THE WAY, ON THE CATHEDRAL OF LOVE you could put this verse as sort of the clincher: "Be fruitful & multiply!" (Ge.1:28.)--The first commandment! How can they argue with the Bible? And how about adding a reference on the "Book of Life" sign? The more references we put the better, sort of documenting it & verifying it!

53. MAYBE YOU COULD MAKE THE PYRAMID SHOW THREE CORNERS AS IT RESTS ON THE PLANET EARTH so it'll look more pyramidy & not just a triangle. All you have to do is draw another line down from the peak off to one side & you've got it! It'll look like it's three-dimensional then!

54.I LIKE THE WAY YOU ADDED MORE SHRUBBERY, MORE PARK, MORE PEOPLE & MORE EVERYTHING! It looks like one beehive of activity! Hallelujah! Really really beautiful! That Cathedral of Love almost looks like a stadium! Maybe that's where we have the biggest crowd! I'm sure they'll want to come see that! And I love all the New Earth you put in there that we can see--that's just beautiful!

55. MOST OF THE ANGELS ARE STANDING STILL, SO THEY'VE GOT THEIR WINGS FOLDED, but that one Angel that's flying, shouldn't he have his wings out? He can't very well fly with them folded! It just dawned on me as I looked at that, he needs to have his wings extended like a bird! After all, if he's going to have wings, he might as well use them!

56. I LOVE THE SIZE YOU SUGGESTED FOR THE BLACK-&-WHITE POSTER! It's big enough to be appreciated & not too big to be duplicated. So I really think we're going to have to make it at least that size!

57. YOU SURE IMPROVED ON MARIA'S HINEY! It's just lovely! I can see you moved her legs a little bit too! That looks like she's really swimming now & kicking her feet a little bit! That's just like her! I know she has the figure of a teenager, but she does have bosoms that are a little bigger than that!--A little rounder at the bottom & a little bigger. I think most people are going to figure that's she & I, so I don't want her to look like she's too young & I'm robbin' the cradle! Some people think I have!

(To be continued in
GN Book 13
in "Horizons Unlimited!")

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family