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CURRENTS!--No.1--More on the Covenant & the Image of the Beast!       DFO 1580       28/5/83

       1. THE FORMER [EDITED: "SECRETARY GENERAL OF NATO AND A PLANNER"] OF THE EEC, [EDITED: "PAUL-HENRI SPAAK (1899-1972)"], SAID: "SEND US A MAN THAT CAN SOLVE OUR ECONOMIC PROBLEMS & WE'LL ACCEPT HIM, BE HE GOD OR DEVIL!"--And that's just what they mean! I wonder what the Williamsburg Conference has to do with it? I wonder if they aren't getting together to get set up for it! You know, the anti-Christs have to make all the plans under the table & behind the scenes. As one of those guys said: "It's all done & all figured out, we just have to persuade the people to do it!" Well, first of all they've got to persuade the leaders--take it to the major leading countries & persuade them--then let them go back & try to persuade their people! So that may be it!

       2. SURELY THE ECONOMIC PLAN WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE POLITICAL PLAN! The whole thing would have to be tied up in one big Covenant of some kind, because you can't very well solve the political problems without solving the economic problems. And of course the conclusion the Antichrist finally comes to is you can't solve either one of them without solving the religious problem!

       3. I WAS TRYING TO THINK ABOUT IF THE WAR IS NOT GOING TO COME FIRST, THEN WHEN IS IT GOING TO COME? So I began to check on all these Antichrist wars & I was dumbfounded to find out how many wars there were! I was surprised! (See "Five Wars of the Antichrist," ML #1528.) That had never been my major interest before, really. My major interest, especially teaching the Christians in churches, has always been the big argument about pre-Trib or post-Trib Rapture. So my main interest was in the Tribulation & everything the Bible had to say about the Tribulation etc. And since it all just seemed to be a mess of wars, I never went to the trouble to really count'm or really specifically pin'm down! But boy, you go back to that 11th Chapter of Daniel & you just check it, from the 21st verse on!

       4. YOU SAY, "SO WHAT DAD? WHY DO WE HAVE TO KNOW ALL THAT? IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN VERY SOON!" Well, maybe you don't have to know, but it looks like I have to know, with people asking me all these questions! Somebody's bound to say, "Why worry about the future?" Well, I'm not worried about it, I just like to know! And the more we know, the less we worry! It's the worry about the unknown that bothers you! It's not knowing that worries you the most! But if you've got pretty good accurate information on what's going to happen, then you don't have to worry about it, you know what's going to happen! You don't wonder & worry, you've already got it pinned down & you know & that's it! That's why the whole World is so worried, because they don't know anything about the future!--Except that it looks like destruction! And for a lot of them, that's what it's going to be!

       5. SO WHY SHOULD I BE CONCERNED ABOUT IT?--I'M NOT!--BUT I'M CONCERNED THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW! I probably won't even be here, so why should I worry? Well, I'm concerned about you, my children, that you ought to know, so you'll know what to expect. Of course you'll hear about the Covenant first, I'm sure, & his rise & all the rest. The Covenant would be international news! Anything to settle that mess over there is bound to be news! So I don't see how it could be kept a secret! Some people say he's not going to be revealed till he breaks the Covenant & he sits in the Temple & declares himself God & puts up his Image, then he's going to be revealed, because that's what it says in 2Thessalonians 2: "Then shall that man of sin be revealed!"

       6. WELL, THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU WON'T HAVE HEARD ABOUT HIM BEFORE THAT! But then his true nature & his true purpose will be out in the open!--He's the Devil in the flesh & he's out to destroy all religion & try to defeat God & religion! Then his complete nature & purpose & everything is revealed, & in the worst way! He is really, in a sense, exposed by what he does at the Temple in setting up his Image & stopping the sacrifices & all that. Then it's clear what he's up to! He's exposed, he's revealed! But I don't see how you could have such a Covenant without all the World knowing it, because all the various World leaders have to agree to it. It may already be formulated & already be in secret form, I wouldn't doubt that a bit! They're just waiting for the right time!

       7. SO IF IT ISN'T THE WAR THAT PUSHES THEM TO THE POINT OF DESPERATION TO MAKE THE COVENANT, IT COULD BE THE THREAT OF WAR! It looks like it could be to try to prevent the war--& another threat--to prevent the crash! Well, the crash is already here, it just hasn't hit bottom! And that was the main reason for that Williamsburg Conference, an economic conference to try to solve the World's financial ills, even talking about a new monetary system & monetary agreement.

       8. WELL, BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM, THE THREAT OF WAR & THE THREAT OF TOTAL WORLD FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, THAT'S ENOUGH PRESSURE! After all, the antichrists are waiting till the ideal time when the World is ready, when they're desperate! I believe they've got their man ready & their plan ready & the Pact ready & everything ready right now! If it's going to happen any time soon, it's got to be ready already! I think they're just waiting until the World is desperate enough that they'll be willing to accept their solution & their Solver! You don't have to believe it, but that's my theory! (Family: It's almost like the antichrists' bargaining!) Yes, wait until the last minute when the World's going down the drain, then offer a solution!--And somebody powerful enough to enforce it!

       9. THEY'VE GOT ALL THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION, BOTH POLITICAL, U.N. & VARIOUS ECONOMIC ORGANISATIONS TO PUT THE WHOLE THING INTO EFFECT RIGHT NOW! The machinery is there!--Just as that guy said about the Brussels "Beast." Well, that's not the Beast & neither is it the Beast's Image! Don't misunderstand. I hope you didn't think so. We just thought it was kind of odd that it was called the Beast. The Beast is the Antichrist, there's no doubt about that, & the other beast is the False Prophet, but he's not called the Beast. And then the Image is something else, it's the Image of the Beast. I expect it to look like a man, I guess you saw that in the pictures. (See GN10, pgs. 204 & 213.)

       10. WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE WE USED AS A MODEL FOR THAT IMAGE? It's probably the best-known idol in the World & which most of the World worships, especially a certain part of the World! How many of you recognised it? The one from the side view looking down on the people bowing down, you might not recognise, but the bust one is an absolute copy of the head-&-shoulders of what international idol that the World worships? It's got a funny name! The whole World knows about it! The Western World worships that idol!--Covets that idol! That'll give you a clue! There are some who really desire that image above almost anything else in this World! They'll work a lifetime for it! Some of the World's most famous personalities are slaving away their whole lives for it, & if they can just get ahold of one of those idols they've got it made! Some of you have probably seen it scores of times on television shows & movies, the most famous image in the World!

       11. NOW THAT'S WHAT I WOULD EXPECT THE IMAGE TO LOOK LIKE--FIERCELY BUT OMINOUSLY HANDSOME! It's handsome in a way with an awesome beauty, but it really looks weird, too! It's very common, well-known Worldwide! You haven't guessed it yet? Want me to give you another clue? I said it's the most coveted idol in the World, that ought to give you a clue! Everybody wants one!--Especially a certain kind of people. The most famous people in the World all dream of getting one of those idols! It finally dawned on some of you! That gave you the clue! That was fun! The most famous people in the World are all dreaming of the day when they get one of those idols! If I would use a different word you'd all immediately know. If I would use the word "winning" one of those idols, then you'd know what I'm talking about! They'd rather have it than money, fame or anything else in this whole World if they could just win one of those!

       12. ALL RIGHT, CLASS, TOGETHER! ITS NAME IS: (FAMILY: OSCAR!) Imagine, Oscar! I wonder where it ever got that name? That's a very popular Jewish name! Maybe that's going to be the AC's first name! After all, he has got to have a name! They're not going to call him the Antichrist, that's our name for him! [DELETED]

       13. THOSE PICTURES WERE MADE FROM THE OSCAR! Didn't you think it looked real weird & fierce & ominous? I wouldn't want one of those things sitting on my shelf--it looks like it's full of the Devil for sure! So that's where we got it! I told our artist that it's an Image of the Beast & the Beast is a man--& I think it'll be a fairly young man, not an old man with a beard or anything--with a fierce countenance, but I think he's probably going to be handsome in a kind of terrible awesome, fearsome way! I don't think the World would follow him if he wasn't a really strong character with a strong face. And if it's going to be his Image, it's going to be the figure of a man!

       14. I SAID, "NOW WHAT KIND OF AN IMAGE DO YOU THINK WOULD EPITOMISE THAT THE BEST?"--AND JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING A PICTURE OF THE OSCAR CAME RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES! I said, "That's what I would expect it to look like!" An idol or an Image has to be very artistic, you know, & beautiful, in a way, & stand & be very awesome. I'm not positive but I think he's holding a sword in front of him with the point on the floor between his toes. It almost looks like he's standing there holding his penie, but I think it's the handle of a sword. What a symbolism!--That beautiful naked man standing there with a sword, showing he rules by force & power! I've seen statues of angels like that. It reminds me of the time I saw my angels standing around, only they look much better! I only saw them one time when we were in London. (See "God's Police!"--Yet unpublished.) Anyhow, that's why we picked that statue to be symbolic of the Image of the Beast!

       15. WELL, I THINK THEY'VE GOT THE WHOLE THING PLANNED ALREADY! I was just reading an article where one scientist predicts that by the end of the century they will have robots with soft warm skins--& with all the qualities you'd want in a wife, you'll be marrying robots! Of course, that day's never going to come, because the Lord is not going to let it happen! You'll be marrying angels instead, don't worry! (Family: Like the movie "The Stepford Wives"!) Yes!

       16. AND MAYBE THIS WAS BEFORE YOUR TIME, BUT THEY USED TO HAVE A WHOLE TV SERIES ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL ROBOT, A GORGEOUS BLONDE! Not "I Dream of Jeannie," that's about a genie in a bottle, a spirit, this was a robot! Her name was Brenda or something like that, & if she didn't understand something she'd say, "That does not compute!" It was real cute, kind of a comedy about this gorgeous gal robot this guy owned. Now some men, that's just what they'd love to have, a nice robot! Personally, I like what I've got! GBY, girls! I'd rather have a girl with a mind of her own that chooses to love me! If the Lord had wanted robots, He could have made everybody love Him, but He made people with free choice & free will to choose to love Him!

       17. SO ANYHOW, I BELIEVE THEY'VE GOT IT ALL READY, OR NEARLY READY! They've got the plan & the man & I wouldn't be surprised if they've got plans for the Image. And did you hear, the latest obstacle has been removed from rebuilding the Temple! For a long time they thought they were going to have to tear down the Mosque of Omar in order to rebuild the Temple, because they had guessed that that was possibly the site. The Rock is supposed to be the one on which the Temple altar used to stand. Well, that may be true, but the Temple altar was outside the Temple. So there was quite a bit of controversy over that, & that was one of the reasons why the Arabs were afraid about the Jews taking over Jerusalem, they might tear down the Mosque of Omar to rebuild the Temple! The Israelis so far have been leery of doing that, because if they ever had another war with the Arabs, that would do it! I almost thought they were going to have a war over that nut that went screw-loose & berserk & started shooting up everybody in the Mosque of Omar!--An American Jew!

       18. BUT AN ARCHAEOLOGIST HAS NOW FOUND WHAT HE BELIEVES WAS THE BASIS OR FOUNDATION STONE OF THE TEMPLE ON WHICH HE BELIEVES THE ARK OF THE COVENANT STOOD, & IT'S 320 YARDS FROM THE MOSQUE OF OMAR!--Still on the top of Mt. Moriah. See, that area is about a half-a-mile square, the size of the whole TSC Ranch! It's a huge area, the equivalent of several football fields, where the Mosque of Omar stands. They cleared it off & built those retaining walls, levelled off the top of the mountain without bulldozers, by hand--slaves, no doubt--& filled in all around it. That was quite an engineering feat without building machinery! They built those huge retaining walls, & if you want to know what they look like, take a look at the Wailing Wall! That's one of the retaining walls. It was never a wall of the Temple! That's another lie of the Jews, always saying that that's the only remaining part of the Temple. It was never a part of the Temple!

       19. NOW THEY'RE ACTUALLY ADMITTING THAT EVERY SINGLE TEMPLE STONE WAS TORN DOWN & CARRIED AWAY, THAT THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE TEMPLE STONE LEFT--this archaeologist admits that in this article we found--& that the Temple is at the other end of this huge clearing! The Arabs or somebody in antiquity had apparently built a little cupola of some kind over this thing, but it had never been considered important. But somebody must have thought it was important or they wouldn't have built that little shrine over it! And what was that the Arabs called it?--The spirit house! Spirit or ghost or something! I wouldn't be surprised if some ghosts had been hovering around there! They used to have one big Ghost that lived there--the Holy Ghost!--The Shekinah Glory representing the presence of God there where the Ark was!

       20. RIGHT AWAY, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, THEY'RE PREPARING TO CONVINCE THE JEWS THAT THEY DON'T HAVE TO TEAR DOWN THE MOSQUE OF OMAR! They can rebuild the Temple on the other side of the clearing, no sweat, & not offend anybody! But you know the Jews, they're not going to take a chance on it yet till they've got a pretty sure guarantee that the Arabs aren't going to tear it down or knock it down or shoot it down or bomb it down before they're going to spend all that money & build it! For years people have been telling us that they've already got all the stuff cut to size, pre-fab, everything, stored in warehouses in Jerusalem ready to rebuild the Temple, but they've just been waiting for the right time!

       21. (FAMILY: WE ALSO READ THAT FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS THEY'VE BEEN TRAINING LEVITE PRIESTS IN ALL THE DIFFERENT THINGS INVOLVED IN THE SACRIFICE so that they'll have a priesthood ready when they get around to having a Temple!) How about that! They're already training a whole new bunch of priests & Levites to carry on the services! Of course, they've already got a bunch of rabbis who know how to kill kosher & all that sort of thing, so that's no problem! They've just got to get a few Texas rabbis out there to know how to barbecue! That's what the Temple sacrificing was! They weren't just burning it all up, they were cooking it! There were only certain parts that they burned up & you were not allowed to eat, the rest was cooked! They called them burnt offerings, & maybe they were burnt sometimes, but the priests & Levites got their first choice of the choice cuts & the rest was given to the people! The preachers already got theirs, the rest was supposed to be given to the poor or whoever was there--one grand continuous outdoor barbecue!

       22. SO TO BE ABLE TO GO TO THE TEMPLE FOR THEIR BIG CEREMONIES, THAT WAS A BIG BARBECUE!--LIKE A TEXAS BARBECUE! You know what a Texas barbecue is! Sometimes they barbecued whole sides of beef or an entire beef or two or three beefs & fed several thousand people! Those Southerners know how to do it! (Looks at one of our Southern topless beauties:) You ought to know, kiddo! I'd like to barbecue your beef a little bit on my spit! I'm not talking about this kind of spit! The rest of you guys know what a spit is, one of these rods they stick into it! But anyway, I always have to say something like that! It just ruins me for the church people! I guess I'm already ruined for them anyhow. But you like it, don't you? I'm just being honest!

       23. IT WAS LIKE ONE CONTINUOUS NON-STOP BARBECUE! They were cooking meat there all the time, & that fed hundreds of priests & Levites that took turns ministering there. Like Zacharias, the priest wasn't there all the time, but he was taking his turn. (Lk.2:8) The Temple itself was not such a huge building, but it was the surrounding buildings that took up the space. They had to have stalls for oxen & pens for goats & sheep. They had to keep all this stuff alive, remember, they didn't have deep freezes!--As well as big granaries to feed'm & to keep all the grain in that people brought as grain offerings!

       24. THEY DIDN'T JUST BRING MONEY & CASH--I DON'T THINK THEY WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED ANY PAPER MONEY IN THOSE DAYS! They'd say, "What are you trying to do, kid us? Paper? Give me a side of beef!" They had to have stalls to keep the oxen & the goats & the sheep in, & pens for the chickens! They had all kinds of fowl & animals for the poor to offer. The poor could even offer a little tiny dove, not even as big as a pigeon! Do you know the difference between a dove & a pigeon? A little dove is about half the size of a pigeon, sort of a brownish-grey colour, & they make that pretty sort of cooing sound. Pigeons are big & fat compared to doves. In other words, that was about the smallest kind of offering you could possibly offer, & only for the poor. They were allowed to offer just a turtledove if they had nothing else. And I think that's what Mary & Joseph offered when they went to take Jesus to be circumcised, when the days of her purification were ended. (Luke 2:24)

       25. SO THEY HAD TO HAVE ALL THESE BUILDINGS AROUND THERE TO HOUSE THE PRIESTS & THE LEVITES & ALL THE GUYS TAKING CARE OF THE ANIMALS & THE GRAIN & ALL THE STUFF THEY HAD THERE! People brought all kinds of offerings. They had to have butchers--priests & rabbis who knew how to butcher the way they were supposed to butcher right there, & how to cook. Lots of cooks! That was a constant barbecue! Just think, that all went on for a thousand years! And the poor always knew they could get a handout there if they went to the Temple & worshipped. Funny how things have sort of gotten reversed in the churches today, isn't it? In those days the poor were fed by the preachers!--Nowadays the preachers are fed by the poor!

       26. SO I'M SURE THEY'VE GOT IT ALL PLANNED & READY & THEY'RE WAITING FOR THE OPPORTUNE MOMENT TO PUT IT INTO EFFECT! Who knows?--The Lord knows! Hal! TYJ!--And He'll let us know when the time comes!--Amen? Are you ready?--You are if you're busy for Jesus!--GBAKY!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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