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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

CURRENTS!--No.2       DFO 1581       Compiled 7/83

       1. (18/7/83) THE U.S. IRS ARE A BUNCH OF THE LOWEST KIND OF HELL-HOUNDS YOU COULD POSSIBLY HIRE! That's what the U.S. government is in the business of doing now, hounding their citizens & hounding the whole World to squeeze the last drop of blood out of every one of them that they possibly can to pay for their ridiculous gigantic monstrous fiendish demonic military bills in preparation for the next War to try to conquer the World so they can make everybody their slave! And let me tell you, they'd be no less a slave under a U.S. World Government than under a Russian World Government! And of course that's exactly what's going to happen, only we know who's going to win & who the man is going to be who's going to make slaves out of the whole World!--The Antichrist!
       2. [DELETED] As far as I'm concerned, what we're doing is none of their business, it's God's business & He's paying for it! They don't deserve it & we don't owe'm one penny of it, nothing! Period! It's God's money! And the fact of the matter is, if they were honest & righteous & true, even according to their own laws like they ought to be, we should all be exempt as a group & as an organisation, every one of us, just like they exempt all their great big powerful religious organisations & churches. [DELETED]
       3. [DELETED] But of course the IRS bend the laws to suit themselves. They can make rules & laws & enforce'm before the government even comes into play, & under their rules you're guilty until proven innocent & they can do all kinds of things to you without another legal move of court or justice or law enforcement agency or anything. They are a law unto themselves! And the U.S. government has let them get away with it because they're their hound dogs that raise the money that they live in excess on! So the IRS are their pets & their extortioners, as evil as there ever were any!
       4. I WAS JUST READING ABOUT THE FUGITIVES THAT FLED NORTH DAKOTA WHERE THERE WAS TERRIBLE INJUSTICE--even years ago when I was going through there--how the IRS came out & grabbed all this farmer's machinery & everything! He said, "How do you expect me to farm & pay you back what I owe you if you take my machinery?" They said, "That's for you to figure out!" That's the IRS for you! So some of the farmers fled down into Arkansas to escape, & the IRS hounded them clear down into Arkansas!--Until a few of the Feds began to be picked off one by one & disappeared down in the hills of Arkansas. [DELETED]
       5. THE PEOPLE DOWN THERE WERE CARRYING GUNS & PISTOLS & HAD SHOTGUNS INSIDE THEIR DOORS READY FOR'M IF THEY CAME, & QUITE A FEW OF'M GOT IT!--Just like they used to hound the old stills & moonshine makers! I'll tell you, a lot of Feds got it then! It was about as much as their life was worth to try to find them in those days. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he U.S. is soon going to get what it deserves for oppressing the poor & extorting money that doesn't belong to them & for wrecking the whole World! [DELETED]
       6. I FEEL WE OWE AMERICA NOTHING & NEVER WILL EXCEPT VENGEANCE & RETRIBUTION & THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD THAT ARE GOING TO FALL ON'M! And if they don't fall on'm now & they miss anybody, I'm going to see to it in the Millennium! Praise God! The tables will be turned then & they won't be hounding us any more--we'll be hounding them with the Hounds of Heaven & the hounds of Hell both! They'll wish they never heard of us for sure! So there are some other reasons why I'm looking forward to the Millennium & the days to come as well!--Including the Wrath of God & a few other things!
       7. BUT YOU CAN SEE HOW DIRTY THE U.S. SYSTEM CAN OPERATE! It's got everything going for it, a stacked deck in their own favour, & they couldn't care less for you or the little man or the poor or anybody else they can put it over on! It's a miracle of God the poor ever get anything! I sure don't intend to give the U.S. System anything, so let's keep out of their reach & out of their way & out of sight, if possible, as long as we can! Amen?
+ + + + + + +

       8. (18/7/83) ONLY THE EUROPEANS ARE HONEST ABOUT THE ECONOMY, THEY SAY IT'S BAD! But the Americans are the rosy-eyed people who are predicting, "Everything's rosy & going to be better, blah blah!" But most of the people aren't. They've got American economists over in Third World countries persuading the people that every day & every way things are getting better & better!--Like the old slogan of some psychologists that said the way to improve things & be a success is to look at yourself in the mirror every morning & tell yourself: "Every day & every way I'm getting better & better! Things are getting better & better! That's the way to do it, lift yourself up by your own bootstraps!"
       9. SO THEY'VE GOT THOSE GUYS GOING OVER THERE & EVEN PAYING THEM TO HAVE CONFERENCES TO TELL'M LIES!--That things are getting better & better, the U.S. is going to be doing better & better. Then they turn right around & tell'm: "But now listen! Don't you tell us how to do it by saying open our markets to your poor goods manufactured in sweatshop conditions & for pennies to try to ruin our economy over there in the U.S.A.! That's not the way to prosperity, for us to open our doors to your cheap goods! You're going to have to take care of yourself! We'll take care of ourselves, you take care of yourself!"--Trying to tell these Third World countries what to do & how to do it!
       10. THE U.S. IS SAYING, "HELP YOURSELVES! WE'VE GOBBLED UP ALL YOUR MONEY & YOUR PEOPLE & YOUR TALENT & YOUR CHEAP GOODS ALL THESE YEARS & oppressed you & exploited you & your poor & everything else, but we don't owe you a thing!" That's the U.S.A.! "Help yourself! Don't bother us. We have enough worries of our own, we can't help you. Yes of course we're very very rich & we've got thousands of times over what you've got, but we need it. Yes, so you're starving & your people have almost nothing. Well, they've been that way for centuries, so what?"--That's the American attitude. You know that's the American attitude! They couldn't care less about the rest of the World!
       11. THEY DON'T EVEN REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR OWN SO-CALLED ALLIES OF EUROPE OR WHEREVER! The only reason they even smile at them, or try to, is because they need'm & pretend to be friends. They'd be the first to shoot'm down if they got in their way!--And that's exactly what's going to happen! They're going to let'm get shot down with all these missiles & everything--putting missiles on their territory so they'll be prime targets! That's what they do with their friends. What was that slogan we used to use about Nixon?--"Greater love hath no man than this, that he lays down his friends for his life!" That's what it amounts to! That's the U.S. all over!
       12. THEY'RE NOT A DAMNED BIT INTERESTED IN PROTECTING EUROPE OR ANYWHERE, ALL THEY'RE INTERESTED IN IS PROTECTING THEMSELVES! They'd just as soon Europe would be wiped out & everywhere else as long as they're protected, & that's exactly what they're engineering!--That the first attack will come on Europe instead of them, hoping that that will help spare them somehow.
+ + + + + + +

       13. (18/7/83) I WANT TO WARN THE FAMILY THAT IN THESE FOREIGN COUNTRIES THEY HAD BETTER STAY OUT OF ANYTHING POLITICAL, & VOICE OR SHOW ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL OPINION WHATSOEVER ON EITHER SIDE!--And for God's sake, certainly show no sympathy or take part in any kind of demonstrations or discussions which would show you have any sympathy with anything or anybody except with the powers that be! Period! And if I catch any of you ever taking part in anything political, like demonstrations or expressing your opinion, particularly contrary to your host government, then you're going to hear from me!--And you may be risking your job & even your position in the Family!
       14. I BELIEVE I WOULD FEEL LIKE EXCOMMUNICATING ANYBODY WHO TAKES ANY KIND OF POLITICAL PART IN ANY LOCAL POLITICS OF ANY GOVERNMENT THAT YOU ARE NOT NATIVES OF!--AND I THINK EVEN IF YOU'RE NATIVES IT'S DANGEROUS! You'd better stand back & stay out of the way & take no part or express no sympathies whatsoever! Stay out of it as long as you're still there or anywhere! That's always been our policy. If anything, we lean toward favouring the governments who are our hosts & we are their guests & dependent upon their hospitality.
       15. AND I HOPE THERE ARE NO FOOLS AMONGST US WHO WOULD DARE TO SYMPATHISE WITH THE REBELS & THE TROUBLEMAKERS WHO ARE CAUSING ALL THE TROUBLE TO THOSE GOVERNMENTS INVOLVED. And if you are, you are certainly foolish & not deserving of Family Membership! Because we belong to the Kingdom of God & we are to obey the powers that be, like'm or not! (Rom.13) We are dependent upon them & their hospitality for our stay in their country, so you had better not even express any political opinions whatsoever, period!
+ + + + + + +

       16. (5/83) WHO ELSE IS BETTER SUITED TO RUN THE WORLD THAN THE [EDITED: "ACS"]? They come from all countries, know every language, know every government! Pinochet of Chile didn't mind being liberated from the Communists, but he didn't want to be under the bondage of the Americans either. He turned out not to be their puppet after all, the puppet of the [EDITED: "ACs"], even though they put him in power. And boy, do the [EDITED: "AC"] papers attack him now! They just ride him all the time!
+ + + + + + +

       17. (18/7/83) I'M SORRY WE DIDN'T GET OUT MY DISCUSSION ON CHILE SOON ENOUGH! (Maria: It was sent privately to the leadership there.) It was also about Peru & the Latin American countries in general. The same thing is pretty much the case all over Latin America.
       18. I DON'T DOUBT THAT ARGENTINA IS SUFFERING ALL THIS ECONOMIC CRASH & CRUSH & CRUNCH BECAUSE OF THEIR YEARS-LONG ATTITUDE TOWARD A CERTAIN PEOPLE, the anti-Christs, which has been well-known practically Worldwide for many many years, ever since the last War. Everybody knew where their sympathies were & who their friends were & what their attitude was toward those people. I doubt if it's changed very much, especially since those people are causing them so much trouble financially & no doubt have jerked the rug out from under them deliberately to try to topple their country & their government. I doubt if their leader's attitude has changed.
       19. SO BEWARE & WOE BE UNTO THOSE WHO CROSS THOSE PEOPLE!--THEY SURE MAKE'M PAY! Apparently Pinochet didn't toe the line & toe the mark like they wanted him to, so they're out to get him now! And it looks like maybe Peru too. (Maria: Plus Pinochet has been very good to all the Evangelicals, openly so. I'm sure the [EDITED: "ACs"] hate that too.) And possibly the Catholics are mad too. The Catholics probably don't like any rulers down there that don't favour them principally, as they have been used to for years. So they're caught between the Devil & the deep blue-&-white flag of the anti-Christs!--And the anti-Christs certainly represent the Devil!
       20. THAT MOVIE "MISSING" WAS A CLINCHER TO SHOW YOU HOW THE U.S. ENGINEERED THE WHOLE THING & EVEN VIRTUALLY MURDERED SOME OF ITS OWN CITIZENS WHO THEY FELT WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE! They didn't care who they were. They engineered the whole thing & were dictating things, as was obvious, & they were giving the orders! After all, it was their little puppet they were putting in, they had the power to do it & they did it, & why shouldn't he take orders from them? Well, by & by he got a little more independent & independent & independent until he apparently didn't take orders from them.--Pinochet for Pinochet & Pinochet for Chile & not for the U.S.A.!
       21. SO WHEN HE BEGAN THUMBING HIS NOSE AT HIS U.S. SPONSORS, THEY BEGAN TO PULL THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER HIM! They did it first financially, as usual, because the [EDITED: "ACs"] have financial power, & virtually bankrupted the country & threw the whole thing into financial chaos & unemployment, & poor Chile's a mess! They're as bad off, if not worse, than they were under Allende! And this is why they managed to persuade some of the people to revolt against Allende, because the U.S. had pulled the rug out from under Allende & put Chile into bankruptcy then & unemployment & the same situation in order to get rid of Allende, because he wouldn't obey them. Now the same thing's happening with Pinochet! The U.S. runs things, Brother, & if they don't run'm, they make it Hell on Earth for the people who won't let'm run it! So as you can see, Pinochet's in trouble, & that means Chile's in trouble, & therefore it's not a very safe place!--But what country is safe?
       22. AND IT LOOKS LIKE REAGAN IS DETERMINED TO GET INTO A WAR IN THE CARIBBEAN IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING EVERYBODY CAN DO & CONGRESS CAN DO! I'm sure if the Lord wants him to get involved & get his foot in it so America can get some more of the judgements she deserves, nobody will be able to stop him! And it looks like he's getting in deeper all the time in spite of everybody & everything--his own people & the government & Congress & everything else. So the Caribbean is not the safest place in the World either!
+ + + + + + +

       23. (19/7/83) THE LEADER OF A HOME OR UNIT IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYBODY'S PASSPORT, EVEN SUPPOSED TO HAVE PASSPORT INSPECTION! When we were in Tenerife we found out one time that two of our staff's passports or visas expired before they even knew it. They'd forgotten & had the wrong date in mind. And the same thing happened to others, which cost them a great risk. They had to stay over the weekend in Madrid in order to go see the police & pay a fine for overstaying their visas. It was just something like ten days over, but they had the wrong date stuck in their head & they didn't check their passport to make sure! Brother, don't take a chance on anybody's passports! It would be a good idea to go around & check everybody's passport & make sure of the exact date of their passport & visa expiration.
+ + + + + + +

       24. (19/7/83) THE OFFICIALS DON'T USUALLY BOTHER THE WOMEN & THE CHILDREN & THE FAMILIES & LITTLE NOBODY HELPERS, BUT IT'S THE TOP LEADERSHIP THEY'RE ALWAYS AFTER! And whether the System knows it or not, it's the Devil, & he's behind it! But don't forget, God sent it even if the Devil did bring it, & that always includes persecution. If God can't get you to move for common sense & a few other reasons, then He starts putting the screws on & the pressure on & the persecution & warning! Till finally if He has to practically kick you out or force you out, He'll do it!--To save your lives!
+ + + + + + +

       25. WHENEVER IT COMES TIME TO MAKE A MAJOR MOVE, IT'S ALSO USUALLY TIME TO RETHINK THE JOB YOU'RE DOING & YOUR PERSONNEL: Just how much do we need it done, do we need it done at all, & is it being done the best way in the best place possible with the best security & the best personnel? Because big moves with a lot of people are very costly! Well, it's a good sifting time! And since they wanted to sow it, we're having to reap it! You know what you do after reaping? Then you do the winnowing, the threshing. You put it to the test of the wind & the wind blows the chaff away & the good grain falls back into the garner & you know what's what--what's grain & what's chaff. So sometimes there's nothing like a move to separate the really worthwhile grain from those that just blow in the wind. (19/7/83)
+ + + + + + +

       26. (28/5/83) THE SYSTEM USED TO PERSECUTE THE EARLY PENTECOSTALS THE SAME WAY!--Take away their kids, put the parents in insane asylums, take away all their possessions, money, houses, lands, everything, & it's nearly always done by a close relative. I think they'd have to kill me first before I'd let anybody take you or the children! That would be over my dead body! If you were taken I'd rather have you stand there & watch me die for you, rather than have you be taken away without a struggle! I think you'd rather see me die fighting than just stand there & surrender you, wouldn't you? I'd die first [DELETED]! How parents could just let the government take their kids without a fight or a struggle, I don't understand. A good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep! (Jn.10:14,15)
+ + + + + + +

       27. (5/83) DO YOU KNOW WHY PRINCESS GRACE WAS KILLED IN THE ACCIDENT ON THAT ROAD? Because Monaco sponsors the Grand Prix races every year, & somebody's almost always killed every year. So it's tit for tat. God knows how to punish people, you know? Lots of drivers are killed there. So finally Princess Grace got it.
+ + + + + + +

       28. (5/83) THE CHRISTIAN PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS WERE GIVEN TAX EXEMPTION FOR TWO REASONS, because they were religious schools & because they had their own schools, & therefore they were given tax exemption. Well, at least they felt that they should be given tax exemption. But some states would & some states wouldn't. Then the position of the past integrationist administrations of the Federal Government were gung-ho for integration & bussing & all that blah, so they were against tax breaks or tax exemptions for private schools who wouldn't.
       29. WELL, THEY FINALLY FOUGHT IT ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPREME COURT, & of course the Supreme Court with a bunch of liberals decided against tax exemption for such schools if they practiced racial discrimination.--Which is the very thing some of the schools were organised for, to get their kids out of those hell holes full of those criminals, Sodomites & dope addicts! How would you like to send Techi to a school like that where the majority of the kids are a bunch of maniacs? So a lot of good Christians decided to pull their kids out & put them in their own private Christian schools. Now the Federal Government says if they don't integrate them, they're gonna soak'm with taxes!
       30. THAT DOCTRINE IS NOT VERY POPULAR EVEN WITH OUR OWN FOLKS! I don't believe in integration, frankly, not the Devil's kind. I don't believe in integrating the Devil along with the Children of God, or the Devil's crowd along with God's Children. Now if they're all God's Children, I don't care what colour they are! That doesn't make a damn bit of difference, as is obvious in our Family. But being forced to integrate Christian children with little demons & maniacs of the Devil, be they red, white or blue, I don't go for it!
       31. BUT YOU SEE, THAT SUPREME COURT STAND ON TAXATION HIT THEM ALL! They've got to go out & find a Black somewhere to stick in their schools in order to say it's integrated, & maybe they're not even near any Blacks. I mean, there are plenty of private schools in totally White areas that are totally completely White, there are no Negroes there, so how are they going to integrate?
       32. I'LL TELL YOU, THE U.S. HAS GONE INSANE & IT'S THE [EDITED: "ACs"] THAT ARE DOING IT! They've turned the greatest Christian nation on the face of the Earth into one of the most atheistic anti-Christ nations in the World! And I'll give the [EDITED: "ACs"] the blame for it! And of course I'll also give those sick weak yellow-bellied Christians the blame for it too! (Maria: I'd be interested to make up a list sometime of all the ways in which the U.S. is directly contradictory to God's Laws!)
       33. THAT WOULD BE AN ALMOST INEXHAUSTIBLE SUBJECT, HOW MANY U.S. LAWS CONTRADICT GOD'S LAWS! That's why He's about to get rid of them! (Maria: It would be really good to point out to people specifically though.) As long as the powers that be pretty generally & fairly well represent the Laws of God, & its officers are the officers of His law, then God keeps them in power. But when they begin to be completely contrary to the Laws of God & they go against the Lord & His people, for this many a great nation & empire has gone down the drain!
+ + + + + + +

       34. (5/83) THE [DELETED] JEWS DO MORE TO PUBLICISE ONE [DELETED] DISSIDENT IN SOVIET RUSSIA, THAN ALL THE CHRISTIANS IN THE U.S. DO TO SYMPATHISE WITH THE MILLIONS OF RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS THAT ARE SUFFERING PERSECUTION THERE! They can get the Mayor of New York & the Governor of New York & the Jewish Ambassador & all the top officials to march down the streets of New York in sympathy with one [DELETED] Jewish dissident in Russia, while the churches of Christ in America don't do a damn thing or lift a single finger to sympathise with the millions of Russian Christians who are being persecuted!--But at the same time will back the horrors & atrocities & the [DELETED] actions of [DELETED]Israel!
       35. NO WONDER THE CHURCH OF GOD IN AMERICA IS GOING TO GET IT IN THE NECK! They're just as guilty as the rest of them & even more so: They put up with it! They not only put up with it, they back it! [DELETED] When the time comes, the American Christians are going to get what they deserve, & that's destruction, because they're no longer a force for faith in the World. [DELETED]
+ + + + + + +

       36. (12/7/83) GANDHI WAS PROBABLY THE GREATEST MAN OF THE CENTURY. I should probably say the greatest man of God of this century. Maybe I should say politician or Statesman, because he was involved mostly in politics.
+ + + + + + +

       37. (22/8/82) [DELETED] J. EDGAR HOOVER SAID OF THE COMMUNISTS: "One thing you can really trust the Communists for, you can trust the Communists to be Communists!" One thing you can really trust the [EDITED: "Israelis"] for, & that's to be [EDITED: "Israelis"]!--And to do as they please! [DELETED] So if you ask me what I think the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are going to do in Lebanon--they're going to do as they please!
+ + + + + + +

       38. (19/5/83) ETNA'S REALLY ERUPTING RIGHT NOW! I FORGOT TO TELL GOD TO STOP THAT THING! I prayed God would judge'm for persecuting us, but maybe they've had enough! Those poor folks, I hate to hear about their houses & restaurants getting all buried! But they ought to have known better than to build up there on the slopes of a volcano! But they always do it, though, you know? It doesn't erupt for a long time so they start building again. Happens every time! This World & the people of this World, they're just that dumb! Just because it hasn't happened for a long time, they figure it will never happen again!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family