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WAR IN THE AMERICAS!       DFO 1582       26/7/83

       1. WELL, IT SEEMS LIKE DEAR RONALD REAGAN IS DETERMINED TO HAVE HIMSELF A WAR! In fact, every day the newspaper reads that way & it has for a long time, but finally this secret paper coming out broke the news today of his plans, the specifics, etc. He's already starting! He's already sent the Navy South to patrol the coastline of Nicaragua, supposedly as he calls it, to "quarantine" Nicaragua.--Meaning they will only check ships going to Nicaragua which they suspect are carrying arms from Cuba or the Soviet Union.
       2. HE FEELS HE HAS A PERFECT RIGHT TO INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS OF CENTRAL AMERICA, to side in their wars & choose which sides he wants to fight on, although he howls & screams when the Soviet Union does the same thing any place else, such as Afghanistan, Poland or anywhere! He can do it, others may not!--The U.S. has a right to do it, the U.S.S.R. doesn't! The U.S. can pitch in & send in troops to defend its borders, but according to American policy, the U.S.S.R. does not have that right!--Which shows how idiotic & ridiculous it is & you wonder why the average citizen can't even see how inconsistently he applies his principles & morals & mores & rules & regulations!--They only apply to the U.S.' enemies, they don't apply to the U.S.!
       3. THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY WHEN THE SOVIET UNION STEPS ACROSS ITS OWN BORDER INTO THE COUNTRY THAT'S RIGHT ON ITS BORDER, AFGHANISTAN!--Whose so-called rebels, incidentally, are inspired & armed by the U.S.! They couldn't possibly have kept going this long unless the U.S. & the CIA were supplying them, & supplying them well, mostly through Pakistan. So it's not right in U.S. eyes for Russia to step across its border to try to stop this arms traffic that's going to the rebels who are trying to topple a pro-Soviet friendly regime in Afghanistan--which originally was actually elected, supposedly, & is Afghani! They're Afghans who are running the government, but of course now under the protection of the Soviet Union.
       4. ACCORDING TO THE U.S.A., THE SOVIET UNION DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CROSS ONE OF ITS OWN BORDERS TO ASSURE THE SECURITY OF A FRIENDLY GOVERNMENT JUST ACROSS ITS BORDER, SO AS TO SECURE ITS OWN BORDER. The U.S.S.R. doesn't have that right in Afghanistan, but the U.S.A. has that right in Central America! The rules don't apply for the U.S.A., it can do as it pleases, whatever it wants to do! The rules of the game are different for the different teams, although they're really playing the same game: "I can do this & I can do that, but you can't!"
       5. NOW WHAT KIND OF A FOOTBALL GAME OR BASEBALL GAME WOULD THAT BE?--Or any kind of game, including war games--when they tell the other guy: "You haven't got a right to do that but I have a right to do the same thing over here! You haven't got a right to do on your borders what we feel we've got a right to do on our borders!" It's just that crazy! And that's the way nearly all the World looks at it too! The U.S. stands virtually alone in its opinion about itself & its rights in this particular issue. I don't think there's hardly a single U.S. ally who is agreeing with the U.S.' idea of its right to step in & perpetuate this Central American War.
       6. THERE IS A CENTRAL AMERICAN WAR GOING ON ALREADY!--HAS BEEN NOW FOR ACTUALLY SOME YEARS! Well, in some ways there's always been a Central American War going on somewhere in Central America, & it's not at all uncommon for the U.S. to step in & change things there if it doesn't like it. When Guatemala elected a Communist president, the U.S.A. sent in the Marines!--Bingo!--Like that! The U.S.A. feels they have a right to interfere in the affairs of Central America. Of course, they did exactly the same thing in Lebanon years ago! When they elected a pro-Communist president, Eisenhower sent in the Marines!--And Lebanon's had nothing but grief ever since. And the same thing happened in Vietnam! When they looked like they were about to have a pro-Communist government, the U.S. stepped in to make sure they didn't!
       7. SO WHAT THE U.S. MAY DO & THINKS IT CAN DO ANY TIME, ANYWHERE, IN ITS OWN BACK YARD, FRONT YARD OR SOMEBODY ELSE'S BACK YARD OR RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THEM, IT SCREAMS & HOWLS WHEN THE U.S.S.R. DOES THE SAME THING!--Puts up a tremendous howl!--When actually the U.S.A. has been doing this for years in Central & South America! It used to be a common joke that they'd fight wars down there to be sure that the right regime got in that would favour the U.S. government. They did this in Mexico! The U.S. fought several wars with the Mexicans, wars that haven't even been talked about hardly! They invaded Mexico even as far South as Mexico City! They landed troops down in Southern Mexico & marched to Mexico City & attacked Mexico City itself because of an unfriendly regime there.
       8. AND THEN OF COURSE THERE WAS THE WAR WHICH THE UNLAWFUL DENIZENS OF THE ALAMO STARTED WITH MEXICO OVER THE TEXAN INVASION OF MEXICO & GRABBING THE ALAMO MISSION, which is now the mission in San Antonio, Texas, but then was Mexico! The U.S.A. felt they had a perfect right to invade Mexico! Those "martyrs" who died in the Alamo, those Texans "defending the Alamo," you would have thought they were defending their own territory, their own country! They were nearly half-a-thousand miles South of the border of the U.S.A. in a strange country where they didn't even belong, grabbed somebody else's city & their mission, slaughtered its occupants or drove'm out, & then held out there against an army sent up by the government under General Santa Ana!--Who was quite a gentleman & gave them all kinds of chances to get out, but they wouldn't, so he said on a certain day he was going to move in! He said, "Please at least evacuate the women & children, but if you insist on dying in our city, in our mission as we retake it, all right, that's up to you! But we don't want to have to kill all your women & children, so kindly let them all go out the back gate & back toward Texas"--because it wasn't part of Texas then.
       9. BUT THEY MEANWHILE ALSO SENT FOR GENERAL SAM HOUSTON'S ARMY, & eventually when he got through with a few other things he was busy doing, he came. He didn't have time to come down right away & save the Alamo heroes who died for a piece of Mexico in the name of the Alamo which wasn't even theirs, nevertheless he did finally get down there. The slaughter which occurred of the so-called massacred martyrs of Texas inspired the U.S. government enough to send down a big army to have a big war with Mexico. And of course you know what the settlement of that was, the U.S. gained about a third of its country over that! It grabbed not only all of that part of Mexico, but it grabbed nearly all of the Southwestern U.S. & California--quite a big hunk of Mexico!--Because of a little argument between the Texans & the Mexicans to begin with as to who owned that part of the country. Well, it was obvious it was Mexico because the Mexicans had it! The Texans were the invaders, & finally the U.S. Army.
       10. BUT WHAT IS SAUCE FOR THE U.S. GOOSE, IS NOT SAUCE FOR THE U.S.S.R. OR ANY OF HER GANDERING NEIGHBOURS IN THIS WORLD! "Others may, you cannot" is an old saying we have. Well, the U.S. switched it around a little bit: "I may, but you cannot!" So it looks like Reagan is determined to have a war down there & has already sent the Navy! He's already building big air bases & training bases, sending arms & so-called advisors & blah blah! They only publicise the 55 advisors which was their supposed limit, but of course they've got hundreds down there already!
       11. THE WAY THE GOVERNMENTS LIE, IT'S BECOME SO COMMONPLACE THAT NOBODY EXPECTS TO BELIEVE THEM ANY MORE! The way the President himself lies & looks innocent & can say these bold lies with such an honest innocent face is amazing!--Just like Nixon did about the Watergate Affair before it was finally exposed & he was found guilty! I can never forget when we saw him on television in England. He said soberly with the most sincere face: "I assure you that there will be no whitewash of this affair by the White House!"--When he was doing his best to whitewash the whole thing, in fact, to get rid of it as fast as he could!
       12. THEY'RE BOLD-FACED LIARS, CONSTANTLY TELLING LIES TO EACH OTHER & TO THE WORLD & LYING TO THEMSELVES & THEIR PEOPLE!--ABSOLUTE LIES! And the people get so used to hearing them lie, they don't believe anything they say any more! So when the U.S. says it's only got 55 advisors down there & the truth comes out it's already got about 100, & besides that a lot of other personnel & is sending more, plus building a huge air base in Honduras & a training center there for the Central Americans it hopes to train to fight--not their own battles but U.S. battles in Central America--nobody thinks anything of it! The U.S. government is such a bunch of liars & deceivers & betrayers of their people! And it gets so sickening & so commonplace, a lot of the people in some of the government just don't have any interest any more! They can't believe the government, they're a bunch of liars, so they just forget about it: "There's nothing we can do about it anyhow, they just lie to us & they'll do what they want to do anyway!"--Which is what they'll do!
       13. SO WHILE RONALD REAGAN HAS BEEN INNOCENTLY PLAYING HIS ACTOR'S PART OF FACING THE PUBLIC WITH SUCH SINCERITY, claiming to want to settle by political negotiation & diplomatic negotiation blah blah blah blah, it's all a big false bold-faced lie & false front! He has no intention of settling by negotiation whatsoever, & in the secret papers that have come out, he plainly doesn't expect any kind of negotiation to be effective whatsoever!--Because when you negotiate, that means compromise!--That means you give the enemy some points in the settlement, & they don't want to give the rebels, the so-called Communists, any place in the governments down there that are backed by the U.S.! The history of Central & South America is so sad that it's almost too tragic to relate, but I want to show you the situation in that area, how it's coming to a head.
       14. LATIN AMERICA, OF COURSE, HAS ALWAYS, LIKE MOST COUNTRIES, BEEN RULED BY THE RICH. Only in Latin America it has been a very very few extremely powerful & extremely wealthy rich who own everything--all the land & the businesses--& much of the time U.S. interests & corporations operating in those countries. In other words, the Caribbean & Central America have been virtually owned by the United States for years, as well as a few other Latin American countries. The very very rich, including rich Americans, own the banana plantations, the sugar cane plantations, the utilities, the factories, the stores & the big businesses!--Either that, or local yokel rich people backed by or financed by the Americans own them in their names, nominally, while really the U.S. tells'm what to do! This has been the case in Latin America for almost centuries!
       15. THE U.S. HAS ALWAYS FELT IT HAD A PERFECT RIGHT TO DO ANYTHING IT WANTED TO DO IN LATIN AMERICA! That was its back yard, & for the sake of good security blah blah, it had a right to do as it pleased down there! That was a part of the Americas & America ruled it! It's only been in recent years that enough of the poor got together, & finding friends abroad, got the arms & the know-how & the support--mainly from abroad, of course, not from the U.S.--to rebel against these rich hierarchies, largely U.S.-owned, & throw'm out & take over their own countries by the poor & the common people & the middle class, such as they did almost first of all in Cuba!
       16. CASTRO WAS NOT A COMMUNIST TO BEGIN WITH!--IT WAS THE UNITED STATES WHO FORCED HIM TO BECOME A COMMUNIST! Castro wanted peace with the U.S., & when he first took over, the U.S. government was convinced he was the right man & was not representing foreign powers, but was just representing the poor Cubans for whom he had worked all his life & been in prison & all kinds of trouble for! So the U.S. government immediately recognised him, bingo, real quick!--The State Department who were more familiar with the situation down there regarding the justice of it & all.
       17. AND EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL HE BEGAN EXPROPRIATING THE BIG RICH AMERICAN LAND OWNERS & U.S. OWNERS OF ALL OF CUBA'S UTILITIES & STORES! Downtown Havana looked liked downtown almost-anywhere-U.S.A. with Woolworths & Sears & all the rest all over the place! Nearly all the huge sugar plantations, some of them with 4,000 acres, if you can imagine that in a small country like Cuba, were owned almost entirely by U.S. land owners who didn't even live there, but just lived off of the millions that the poor cane-cutters earned for them, working only about four months out of the year in the cane harvest & starving the rest of the time! So virtually everybody, even the U.S., knew that it, was a justifiable revolution & sympathised with it, & Castro, at first, was a hero! I was in Florida when it happened!--I know!
       18. BATISTA WAS NOTHING BUT A U.S. PUPPET, MAFIA MAN, CRUEL, & THE WORST KIND OF A DICTATOR, & CUBA WAS IN A HORRIBLE MESS BECAUSE OF HIS RULE! So virtually everybody rejoiced when Castro won, because they knew it was justifiable, it was justice, it was right & the people deserved their own country!--Until he began expropriating U.S. big business & their big plantations & their companies & utilities, turning them over to the Cubans instead! Then they raised a howl & suddenly began to prejudice & influence the U.S. government against Castro with their powerful money & lobbies!--Even to the point that under J.F. Kennedy the rich men that got expropriated tried to send a motley army of ex-Cubans & Cuban rebels into the Bay of Pigs to try to overthrow Castro!
       19. BUT THE WHOLE THING WAS A BIG FAUX PAS & FELL FLAT ON ITS FACE, BECAUSE CASTRO HAD THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE! He had the Cubans as a whole! The rich couldn't possibly have overthrown him & haven't been able to ever since, in spite of everything they have tried to do! They have tried to poison him, shoot him, assassinate him & done everything they can do to try to get rid of him, but the Lord has kept him all these years!--Like He has Godahfi, another man of righteous faith who is really trying to help his poor people. God is on the side of the poor & against the rich Americans who try to oppress them & suppress them & dominate them & strip them bare!
       20. IN CENTRAL AMERICA, IN THE LITTLE "BANANA REPUBLICS" SO-CALLED, THE U.S. HAS OWNED THE BANANAS, THE PLANTATIONS & THE COMPANIES! The U.S. has virtually owned the governments down there, & no government could survive that wasn't backed by the U.S. Some of the most tyrannical regimes in history, such as the Somoza regime in Nicaragua, became such a stench & so stinky, that even the U.S. finally realised that it had to go! So they sort of tolerated the revolution in Nicaragua, sort of hoping that they could keep their hand in & dominate the new government. But the people had had enough of the God-damned U.S.A.'s domination & owning their country & their businesses & their livelihoods & their corporations & their land & everything in the country! They were sick & fed up with it! So they did their best to kick the U.S. out permanently & completely!
       21. THEREFORE, OF COURSE, THE U.S. NOW CALLS THEM A COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT, ANTI-U.S.! Of course they're anti-U.S.! The common people of those countries have been anti-U.S. for a long time, because ever since the Spanish got done oppressing them & exploiting them, the U.S. took over doing the same tricks! They threw off Spanish oppression only to inherit U.S. oppression!--The U.S. backing the cruel, tyrannical, ultra-rich repressive governments of the ultra-rich Latin Americans to continue oppressing their poor! In fact, they just took over where Spain left off, & it was largely Spanish rulers who were still there, but now natives.
       22. SO ONE BY ONE THOSE COUNTRIES HAVE GOTTEN FED-UP!--But very few because of U.S. opposition for years. The U.S. wouldn't even pretend to recognise any new government that wasn't in their favour. If the government wasn't the one they wanted, even if it was elected, they'd just send in the Marines! That was the policy. If they elected some kind of a government that was a little too socialist, much less Communistic, send in the Marines! And that worked for quite a few years before World War 2 & the U.N. came into being.
       23. NOW BIG TYRANNICAL OPPRESSIVE EXPLOITING IMPERIAL GOVERNMENTS LIKE THE U.S.A. CAN NO LONGER GET AWAY WITH IT AS EASILY AS THEY USED TO BE ABLE TO! Now they have to try to do it the legal way that the U.N. will recognise & get World support & play the game by the rules, the new rules! There's a whole new World & a whole new U.N. & a whole new set of rules!--An entire new World of liberated countries & colonies & peoples around the World who no longer submit to that kind of tyranny if they can help it! And when either tyrannical government moves in on a little country by force, they all scream!
       24. THEY ALL SCREAMED WHEN RUSSIA MOVED INTO AFGHANISTAN TO PROTECT ITS BORDER! They even all screamed when Israel moved into Lebanon, supposedly to protect its border. And they are now all screaming against U.S. interference in Latin America. Of course, the U.S.A. is using as its excuse that these countries are not local governments, but they are sponsored by international World Communism & the U.S.S.R., therefore it is an invasion, an international invasion from--not outer space--but outside the Americas by foreign powers!
       25. CUBA WAS BAD ENOUGH, BUT THE U.S.A. DIDN'T DARE GO RIGHT AHEAD & INVADE CUBA! It could have, it had the power, but what happened was that when the U.S.S.R. moved the missiles, the big rockets into Cuba, & John F. Kennedy threatened war if Russia didn't move them out, he made a deal. If Russia would move out the rockets, the big missiles, the U.S.A. would not move into Cuba. They came to that agreement. The U.S.S.R. said they were only moving them in to protect Cuba & its new government, which then, of course, became pro-Russian because the U.S. turned on Castro & did everything it could to kill him & kill his government & kill the economy & everything else they could to wreck Cuba!
       26. THE U.S. FLATLY REFUSES TO BUY CUBA'S SUGAR, THEIR BIGGEST CROP, OR TO TRADE WITH THEM OR ANYTHING! The U.S. flatly refuses to trade with Cuba & has isolated Cuba, has virtually what they call "quarantined" Cuba, if not actually blockaded it! For awhile they were actually going to blockade Cuba & not allow any boats to go in or out at all if they didn't get rid of those missiles. But Russia figured that was a fair deal. If they wouldn't invade & take over Cuba, she would be glad to take the missiles out. But a few other things happened since then.
       27. AMONGST SEVERAL OTHER OCCASIONS WHERE OTHER COUNTRIES TRIED TO GO SOCIALIST OR COMMUNIST, THE U.S. HAS MANAGED TO LICK IT SOMEHOW, either by sending in the Marines as they did in Guatemala, & like they did in Haiti, & I think they did that in the Dominican Republic awhile back as I recall, & God knows how many other times, other places! Whenever the new government doesn't appeal to the United States & they refuse to change it, they send in the Marines, period! So nothing's changed, same old story!--Except that now they can't do it & get away with it because of World opinion! If they try to get away with it now, international World opinion is going to condemn them just like they condemned the Russians for any such invasion of backyard local countries to secure their borders. And Nicaragua is not even as close to the U.S. border as Afghanistan is to the Russian border! Afghanistan is right on the Russian border!
       28. WELL, WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT BORDERS IN LATIN AMERICA IS PROBABLY A LITTLE LESS THAN A TEACUP! And without looking at your maps now--turn them over & just look me in the eye--I'm going to prove how little even intelligent well-informed Americans like you know about your closest Latin American neighbours! One U.S. teacher was testing his pupils on the names of various states & cities in the United States itself, & only about 40% of them got'm right & even knew what State Chicago & some other places were in! Think of that! They don't even know their own country, much less those South of the border!
       29. MOST AMERICANS KNOW THAT CANADA IS NORTH OF THE U.S.A., & BECAUSE IN HISTORY THEY'VE STUDIED HOW MANY WARS THEY FOUGHT WITH MEXICO & SPAIN, ETC., THEY KNOW THERE'S A COUNTRY CALLED MEXICO SOUTH OF THE BORDER. It's close enough that a lot of them have even been there, made a trip down & crossed the border for the day & did a little shopping because it was so cheap!--Because they have cheap labour because the poor Mexicans are willing to work for almost nothing just to have something to eat, like most of the other poor of the World, therefore they're willing to sell their products for almost nothing! And they usually don't sell them themselves, the big corporations go down & buy up all the stuff that's handmade & handcrafted & they pay pesetas or pesos or almost nothing for it! Then they bring'm to the city & put'm in their stores & sell'm to you for what you still think is a very cheap price! But the poor people who make it get almost nothing!
       30. SO WHO'S GETTING RICH?--IT SURE ISN'T THE POOR PEASANTS THAT MAKE IT! They're not even getting what it's worth! They're not even making a decent living! Who's getting rich? Well, the local yokels of the rich, smart exploiters of their own poor right there in a poor country, they get rich off of the poor peasants who have to work for almost nothing & nearly starve! They get rich off of buying it & selling it to the rich Americans. And the rich Americans come down & find the stuff is so cheap, even buying it at these huge inflated prices above what they actually cost these native governments, that in a sense they get rich from it too! Because they buy it, then they go up & sell it to their own people for a STILL much higher price!
       31. SO THE ONLY PEOPLE GETTING RICH ARE THE RICH, & THE POOR GET POORER & POORER & STILL POORER! Except now that a few of them are beginning to howl about it & insist on their rights & demand certain things, they're being begrudgingly given a little bit more & a little more attention than they used to get. So that's the way it's been in Latin America for a long time.
       32. I PRESUME YOU KNOW THAT MEXICO BORDERS SOUTHERN U.S.A. ON THE SOUTH, RIGHT? But I'll bet you neither one of you can tell me what first two Central American countries border the Southern end of Mexico.--Two side-by-side, one on the Caribbean & one on the Pacific. Neither of you know! Probably some of our Family who are down there & have to travel down there have now learned a little bit about it, but the average American doesn't know any more about it than you do, who are sitting right here right now in a top-level conference! You can't tell me what first two countries border the Southern border of Mexico!
       33. WELL, EVEN THOUGH THE U.S. FEELS SO HIGHLY THREATENED, NICARAGUA DOESN'T HAPPEN TO BE EITHER ONE OF THEM! One of them is a country in which the U.S. settled their Communist President by sending in the Marines & kicking him out, exiled him from his own country--Guatemala--which is side-by-side with a former British colony called Belize. Belize is a little colony of Blacks, ex-slaves, to which, by the way, the U.S. is trying to send a whole bunch of Haitians it doesn't want! And the Belizians are furious because they are intelligent British-educated Negroes who speak English!--And those Haitians are the worst & the lowest, poorest & almost most violent criminal type of elements of French-speaking poor Blacks from Haiti that nobody wants at all!
       34. HAITI IS HELL ON EARTH! That country is ruled by a demon-possessed dictator, first him & now his son, & things are so bad in Haiti that the Haitians are almost willing to swim from Haiti to almost anywhere to get out of the place! The dear Dominican Republic has to keep most of its army right on its border to keep the Haitians from flooding into Dominica! The Dominicans are almost entirely Spanish & not Black. There's a mixture, but they're predominantly Spanish.
       35. OKAY, YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT GUATEMALA & BELIZE BORDERED MEXICO--CAN YOU TELL ME THE NEXT TWO COUNTRIES THAT COME BELOW GUATEMALA & BELIZE? (Peter: Honduras & El Salvador.) Right! Honduras is on the Caribbean, & El Salvador is on the Pacific. Now get it! Here's four countries between Mexico & Nicaragua--which happens to be next, by the way! I'll tell you that in advance. I don't want to show up your ignorance too much, it might undermine the confidence of the people! But let me tell you, they weren't a bit smarter themselves unless they happened to be familiar with the areas down there, & it's only because they're down there that they are!
       36. I WOULD SAY THAT NOT ONE OUT OF ONE MILLION AMERICANS--IN OTHER WORDS, 250 PEOPLE IN THE U.S.A.--COULD HAVE TOLD US THE NAMES OF WHICH COUNTRIES COME FIRST AFTER MEXICO! Can you imagine? And yet the U.S. government has kept those countries as vassals & virtual slaves, oppressed & exploited & virtually terrorised for many years, & has promoted its rich in the oppression of those poor!--People who after years of American domination are still just as poor as ever!--Why? The U.S. has made billions off of those countries & their bananas & their sugar cane & their dirt-cheap almost-free labour & all the rest! For the past hundred years or more the U.S. has made money off of the poor of Central America, & the people are still just as poor as ever!
       37. WHY IS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT NOW WILLING TO SPEND WHAT WILL AMOUNT TO EVENTUALLY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON A NEW VIETNAMESE-TYPE WAR IN CENTRAL AMERICA, when if they would take that money & just go down there & distribute it to the poor or figure out some kind of industries & employment & agriculture & ways to improve their country to give them jobs, all of the economical problems of all Central America & the Caribbean, in fact of all Latin America & South America would have been solved long ago!--If the U.S. government could have spent as much money trying to help those countries & their poor as they have on wars trying to oppress their poor & keep them virtual slaves under control of their rich!
       38. THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE ECONOMY OF THE LATIN AMERICANS & THE CARIBBEANS, IS THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT TO HELP THEIR POOR! They haven't even talked about it!--Until recently they saw they're going to have to do something in the Caribbean to try to give the Caribbeans the impression that the U.S.A. is their friend now, all of a sudden, because a few little Caribbean countries were suddenly going Communist--Surinam & Grenada & Cuba & Nicaragua & now El Salvador is where the hot front's on now.
       39. NOW WE'VE GOTTEN DOWN THAT FAR, I WONDER IF YOU KNOW WHAT COUNTRY BORDERS ON THE SOUTH OF NICARAGUA? Now mind you, there are five Latin American countries between the U.S. border & Nicaragua, but the U.S. government thinks that's too close for comfort! So they're planning on sending the Navy down there, the Marines, the Air Force & building a huge monstrous air base in Honduras! That's all being done, that's no question at all! That's being done & financed! Honduras could never use that air base except as a military air base for the U.S. to have in Central America that can help keep all Central America under U.S. control!
       40. FIVE COUNTRIES BETWEEN NICARAGUA & THE U.S. BORDER!--One huge monstrous country two-thousand miles long, Mexico, & four little countries--Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador--& Nicaragua is the sixth! You couldn't tell me what was South of Nicaragua, now you can look & see. It spans the whole Isthmus of Central America & borders on both seas--Costa Rica! Next is Panama, & then we get to South America. And what's the first South American country? (Peter: Colombia.) Very good! Now you know. But before this little talk, you didn't know which way those countries were arranged--which came first, the chicken or the egg!--Honest!--Did you?
       41. I DOUBT IF ONE OUT OF A THOUSAND U.S. PEOPLE EVEN KNEW IT, BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS!--Because they've turned their backs on Central America & turned their eyes away from the crimes their own government has been perpetrating there for a century or more, & the oppression & suppression & exploitation of the poor to make the local American-backed governments rich--most of which riches they either keep for themselves or they send to Switzerland or to U.S. bank accounts! Then when they finally get kicked out or run out or whatever, they retire to the U.S.A., to the dreamland, the Western World Disneyland!
       42. BATISTA SENT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO FLORIDA BEFORE HE LEFT HAVANA! He was well fixed! He had a big palatial mansion in Daytona Beach & sent his wife & kids ahead of him. He'd already established bank accounts there & had millions of dollars & bought off officials & everything else & they let him come in & live! Then when Castro & the new official Cuban government screamed about it, the U.S.A. did nothing, absolutely nothing! Batista had virtually stripped Cuba & robbed it of its gold & its funds & its treasury, he just stripped it! And he didn't take it with him, he'd sent it on ahead!--And Cuba was left almost bankrupt!
       43. SO IF THE CUBANS COULDN'T COLLECT ANY OTHER WAY, THEY COLLECTED THE ONE WAY THEY HAD TO COLLECT, & that was to take back all the land & the businesses & the utilities & everything else that the U.S. rich had taken away from them in Cuba! The Cubans possessed Cuba for a change! And the U.S. big businesses who were affected, screamed & turned the U.S. government officially against Cuba & branded it as Communist & Soviet-supported! And of course since it had no place else to look & it was already being called Communist anyhow, what difference did it make? And Russia was perfectly happy to step in & help support it, with glee to have this outpost right on the front doorstep of the U.S.A.! That must have really tickled them pink! Well, I know that Castro was a good man, like Godahfi, & yet they are two of the most hated men in all the World! The U.S. hates'm, because [EDITED: "those"] who lost money on both of them hate'm, & they're out to get'm sooner or later if they possibly can!
       44. SO THE U.S. HAS THIS LITTLE DEAL WITH RUSSIA ON CUBA, & RIGHT NOW IT DOESN'T DARE DO ANYTHING THERE! The Russians have promised what they've promised even if the U.S. doesn't keep its word, but the U.S. never made any promises like that in those poor little Central American countries. They've always had their way to do what they pleased down there, & they're about to do it again! They've been building up to it all the time, & if you've read the latest papers, you know that Reagan is now determined to literally go to war! Isn't that funny how they don't call it war any more? They avoid that word "war" & you hardly ever read it!
       45. THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF WARS GOING ON, BUT YOU NEVER READ ANYTHING ABOUT WAR! Russia merely occupied or sent help to support the local government of Afghanistan! They didn't "invade" Afghanistan, there's no "war" going on down there! And Israel merely sent troops Northward to secure her border. She didn't "invade" Lebanon, it wasn't a "war," it was merely a security operation called "Peace for Galilee"! And the new MX missiles, the multi-headed hydra-head missiles, Reagan calls them the "Peacekeepers"!--The amazing language of the government! In Greek mythology, a hydra-head was a monster that had ten heads. Well, the U.S. has called its ten war-headed monster, the intercontinental ballistic missiles, the MX missiles--M for Missile & X for the Roman numeral 10!--The hydra-headed monster who has ten warheads in one!
       46. THEY NEVER FIGHT WARS ANY MORE, THEY'RE ONLY EFFORTS TO BRING PEACE! They never invade any more, they merely secure their borders! Korea was not an invasion of an Eastern country by a Western nation, dear President Truman called it a "police action." He didn't send the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force over there, no no no, they were just the police! They must have taken the policemen off the streets of every village & sent all the police forces over there! It was mere police action!--And not by the U.S., by the way, it was by the U.N.! You didn't know that, huh?
       47. THE U.S.A. NEVER FOUGHT A WAR IN KOREA, IT JUST SUPPLIED A FEW POLICEMEN TO GO THERE & PUT DOWN THE RIOTERS & THE MOBS WHO WERE TRYING TO TURN KOREA COMMUNIST, OF ALL THINGS! Ha! Joke! They couldn't stand that! After they'd fought a whole war with Japan to make sure the Japanese militants didn't take over the East, they certainly weren't going to let the Communists take over a whole half of Korea! So Truman declared a police action & used as an excuse some article in the U.N. Constitution, & when the government of Korea howled for help, the U.S.A. led the way & led the forces, waving banners & the flag of the United Nations! As I recall, the U.N. never made a vote on it or approved of it or anything! The U.S. just stepped right in & did it, that's all, in the name of the U.N.! And as I say, it was not an occupation force of Americans, they don't have any occupation force over there now! They're mere policemen keeping the peace, U.N. policemen at that, not American. Of course, most of them are Americans, but nevertheless, they're there in the name of the U.N.!
       48. THEY DON'T HAVE INVASIONS OR WARS OR OCCUPIED TERRITORIES ANY MORE, THEY'RE JUDEA & GALILEE & IT'S THE NORTHERN BORDER OF ISRAEL! Well, you know what the latest development there is, for which you can't blame them. The Christian Phalangists took over the government of Lebanon & made a deal with Israel at the behest of the U.S.A. which virtually gave Israel about a third of the country!--In effect, that's what it did, & actual control of about half the country. The Syrians, of course, have control of the Northern half of the country, & as some people have laughed, about all that the government of Lebanon controls, & it can't even control that, is Beirut!--Ha!
       49. GEMAYEL'S PHALANGISTS, BY THE WAY, ARE THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY DID THE MURDEROUS MASSACRE OF THE PALESTINIANS AT THOSE TWO REFUGEE CAMPS--women, children, babies, everyone, hundreds of them! People forget so soon that it was Gemayel's Phalangists who did the dirtywork, even though the Israelis sent'm in knowing what they were going to do. It was the Israelis' fault, but they washed their hands of the crucifixion & hoped they wouldn't be blamed for it. Well, they got the blame anyway! But people forget real fast. This nice handsome young gentleman from Lebanon tours the U.S.A. & meets the President & is hailed a fellow well met, although he has been the head of the murderous monster Phalangists called "Christians" of all things! Boy, the [EDITED: "ACs"] really like to plaster that word all over, especially talking about any of these wars where Christians are involved & Christians are fighting the war & the Christians are causing the war.
       50. SO THE U.S. & ISRAEL VIRTUALLY IMPOSED AN ENFORCED PEACE ON LEBANON, WHICH GAVE THE SOUTHERN PART OF LEBANON TO ISRAEL. So it controls virtually everything from there almost to Beirut, does even now, right now, & I doubt if they're going to give up much. They claim they're now going to redeploy their troops maybe something like 15 or 20 kilometers further South, but I haven't seen it yet! I've gotta see it happen! I've gotta see the tanks moving out before I'll believe it! This is probably going to be their next excuse for not leaving Lebanon. In fact, they're already using it!
       51. THEY SAY, "SEE? WE MOVED OUT A FEW TANKS, A FEW SOLDIERS, & THEY STARTED FIGHTING AGAIN! Now the U.S. is practically begging us to stay! Don't withdraw!" The [EDITED: "Israelis"] are smart, I'll tell you, they've got more excuses! Now instead of begging them to go like they were for awhile, the United States is begging the Israelis to stay there & keep the peace. So they're going to be staying at the behest of the U.S. government & possibly even Gemayel. Because if they don't stay there & protect him, I doubt if he's going to even have Beirut!
       52. THIS LITTLE THING THAT STARTED OUT SUPPOSEDLY AS A PLO INSURRECTION, IS TURNING INTO A GENERAL REBELLION OF THE NORTHERN LEBANESE LED BY THE DRUZES! They made the Druzes the head of it because they're sort of half & half. Druzes are a strange religion, partly Muslim & partly Christian. And the Maronite Christians are in this separate government, represented by Franjieh. The Druzes are represented by the new man they selected & the Muslims. So now the Druzes & the Muslims & the Maronite Christians--who are sort of a rebel Christian community--have united together, since they saw they were not getting a fair deal & not getting the representation that they deserved in the Lebanese government. In fact, they accused the Israelis of actually fomenting the trouble, of allowing the Christian Phalangists & the Lebanese Army to go in & attack'm!
       53. SO NOW THE DRUZES, MUSLIMS & MARONITES ARE LITERALLY NOT PULLING OUT OF LEBANON, BUT PULLING OUT OF THE LEBANESE GOVERNMENT & FORMING THEIR OWN--a Druze & Muslim & Christian combination representing most of Northern & Eastern Lebanon where the Syrians are & where they occupy Lebanon & protect them. And of course this is the only way they can possibly get a square deal--they certainly wouldn't get it from the Israelis! They weren't even getting it from their fellow so-called, "Christian" Phalangist Lebanese! What it's amounting to is a partition of Lebanon which has long been predicted & maybe is long overdue!
       54. IT'S LIKE I SAID ABOUT CYPRUS--IF THE TURKS HADN'T COME DOWN & CONQUERED A THIRD OF CYPRUS TO GIVE IT TO THE TURKS WHO WERE THERE & DESERVED IT, the Turks there never would have gotten a square deal under the Greeks who were four-fifths of the population! It didn't matter how democratic it was, the Greeks would have always out-voted the Turks & they never could have gotten a square deal any way! The Greeks had perpetrated several whole horrific massacres of the Turks, & this was why they were all holed-up in the old City of Famagusta when we were there. They had special police-guarded convoys that had to take travellers through one way & travellers through the other way through some towns. There were certain Turkish enclaves in Cyprus when we were there, where the Turks had holed themselves in & barricaded themselves & armed themselves to defend themselves from absolute slaughter by the Greeks!
       55. BUT GREECE & THE GREEK CYPRIOTS ARE STILL SCREAMING!--Not as loud as they used to, though, because the thing's pretty well settled by the Turks & by Turkey, thank God! I prayed for them that they would be, because that's the only way they could have ever gotten a fair deal!--"The Sword of the Lord!" (See No.309A.) Actually the Turks didn't take most of the island, as they accuse them, they own about a third of it. And if you're familiar with it, it's the Northern third & it's the best tourist area, including Kyrenia, Famagusta, part of Nicosia, etc., the Northern part which actually is not very good for agriculture or farming. The Greeks got the best part of the country, all the beautiful agricultural grazing & farming land, etc., which is what the Greeks needed! They got what they needed & the Turks got what they needed to protect themselves from the Greeks--the Turkish army & the Northern part of Cyprus!
       56. BUT BECAUSE THE GREEKS ALSO HELP CONTROL U.S. POLITICS [DELETED], OF COURSE IT'S ALWAYS THE GREEK CYPRIOTS THAT THE U.S.A. IS BACKING CONTINUALLY & sympathising with in the [EDITED: "AC"] publications & whipping up sympathy for "the poor Greek Cypriots who were invaded by the Turks who stole their country blah blah!"--Never telling about the horrible conditions that the Turks had to live under there for years before the Turkish army came down & rescued'm, thank God! They certainly needed it & deserved it & that must be one of the reasons the Lord sent us to Cyprus, to know the truth about the country to pray for the right side to win, & they won! TTL! Well, there you are again, another case! Of course, that was called an invasion, that was called a war, because that was the wrong people doing it!--As far as the [EDITED: "ACs"] & the U.S.A. were concerned!
       57. ANYWAY, THE U.S.A. IS NOW ABOUT TO LAUNCH INTO A FULL-SCALE AMERICAN WAR! You don't even have to read the paper hardly, but if you read the paper you can see it! They're not even trying to hide it any more! They tried to hide it as long as they could, but now it's out & the Navy is already on its way there. First of all they said it was just for routine manoeuvres. They lie & lie & lie!--Until finally you discover what they're really up to, & then they begin to confess: "Well, we are thinking about possibly quarantining Nicaragua!"
       58. THEY WON'T HAVE TO PUT TOO MANY BOATS ON THE PACIFIC SIDE BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT APT TO GET TOO MANY SHIPMENTS OF ARMS FROM THAT DIRECTION. Most of them come, of course, from the Soviet or Eastern countries, even sympathetic countries in Europe, U.S. allies! France is one of their major backers & sympathisers & supports the Nicaraguan government wholeheartedly & is furious about the U.S. interference! In fact, there's hardly one single U.S. ally that is supporting the U.S. policy in Central America, not one that I know of! Most of them sympathised with the Nicaraguans to begin with, & even most of the Americas originally sympathised with the Sandinistas of Nicaragua who overthrew the horrible tyrannical regime of Somoza. Nearly all the World sympathised with the Sandinistas!
       59. BUT NOW THE U.S.A. HAS DISCOVERED IT COULD NOT CONTROL THE SANDINISTAS AS IT HAD HOPED & could not enforce its will on the Sandinistas like it had on the Somoza regime for nearly 50 years! So finally when they gave up all hope that they could control the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, they started raising all kinds of hell on her borders everywhere they could, principally now on the El Salvador & Honduran borders.
       60. THE EL SALVADOR GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY FULLY-BACKED BY THE U.S. with equipment, hundreds of millions of dollars & all kinds of so-called advisors! And now the U.S. is building a huge air base in Honduras & supporting rebel forces invading Nicaragua from both Honduras & El Salvador, so that that long Northern Nicaraguan border has become a battlefront & battlefield & will become more so! If they lied when they first said the U.S. Navy was just going down there for routine manoeuvres, to say the least they were going down there for saber-rattling to try to scare the Nicaraguan government! Now if they'll even admit that they might consider quarantine, that means that they're planning a blockade! If they even begin to admit the smallest sins, you know they're ready to be guilty of the biggest ones!
       61. IF THEY DID ONLY TRY TO QUARANTINE--which means they would only stop ships which they suspect of carrying arms--can you imagine the U.S. government stopping Cuban or Soviet ships coming from Cuba with arms & forbidding those ships to go to Nicaragua? Can you imagine what kind of trouble that might cause?--Stopping them by guns & boarding Soviet ships in the open international waters of the Caribbean to prevent them from taking in shipments to Nicaragua that every other nation in the World considers legitimate shipments, whether they be arms or not! Nicaragua is fighting a war & it needs arms to fight the war!--And most of the World feels it has a perfect right to fight this war against her enemies on the North sponsored by the U.S. government!
       62. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW THE WORLD IS GOING TO FEEL ABOUT IT & HOW THE SOVIET UNION IS GOING TO FEEL ABOUT IT WHEN THEY START STOPPING SOVIET SHIPS out there with Russian crews & captains, & possibly not only turning them away, but maybe impounding them, maybe arresting the captains or crews & taking them to American ports for detention because they're violating the latest American laws for the Caribbean! Can you imagine?--And intercepting international aircraft in international air space that are carrying who-knows-what cargoes to Nicaragua!
       63. IT'S A LITTLE HARD TO STOP A HUGE CARGO PLANE IN MID-AIR TO SEE WHAT THEY'VE GOT, SO HOW ARE THEY GOING TO STOP THEM? Well, they probably plan on stopping virtually any plane that's not a passenger plane, any type of cargo plane that they see coming to Nicaragua from the East. Stop it how? When the airplanes of another country start coming over the territory of a neighbouring country, what does their air force do? If it's a friendly country & they want to give them a fair warning, they buzz'm! They make sideswipes at'm & jiggle their wings, a sign that they must follow those warplanes & land where they tell'm to land for inspection. Can you imagine Soviet cargo planes carrying weapons to Nicaragua being buzzed by American war planes just off the coast of Nicaragua & being forced to land in some other unfriendly American country, friendly to the U.S.A., & suffer inspection before they let'm pass on?--And if carrying arms, turn'm back!
       64. THE AMERICANS EVEN ADMIT THAT A BLOCKADE IS A VIRTUAL DECLARATION OF WAR, which means if they are stopping Soviet ships & planes, it's a virtual declaration of war!--Cuban ships, of course, as well. Grenada's building a huge international airport for a little island that's only got a few thousand people & doesn't need it! And Surinam, former Dutch Guyana, has turned Communist & is now being helped by the Soviet Union. So you can't blame the U.S. Americans for being a little fearful about having these new Soviet outposts in the Caribbean as virtual potential Soviet bases not too far from American borders & coasts, & of course the Americans are screaming about it! But of course the Americans also screamed about the Soviets even protecting their own local borders clear over in Afghanistan!
       65. SO IT LOOKS LIKE RONALD REAGAN IS DETERMINED TO HAVE HIMSELF A WAR, & OF COURSE THERE ARE POLITICAL REASONS FOR THIS! Almost any President who has managed to get a war going during his term has gotten re-elected during the war! It's an old American phobia, adage & superstition: "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream!--Don't change Presidents in the middle of a war!" It would help ensure his re-election! It would inspire all of his ultra anti-Communist very conservative-background people who elected him in the first place that he intends to keep Central America American!
       66. ALSO, YOU KNOW WHAT WARS PRODUCE BESIDES HORRIBLE SLAUGHTER & EVERYTHING ELSE! They have one temporary beneficial affect on the countries fighting the war, at least those major countries backing it who build the planes & the ships & make the guns & the bullets & all the rest. What does it do for that country?--It gives them a temporary booming prosperity! Does the U.S.A. need that right now?--You bet it does! They're trying to brag that the recession has turned the corner & that recession is down & recovery is up & blah blah, & the way they give their figures you'd think the recession has stopped!--That the line has stopped going down & started going up! But if you read the figures & what they actually say, it merely means that the crash line that's headed for the bottom has slowed down!--Not even levelled off, but just is not going quite so fast & not going straight down any more. This is what all their peace prophets are saying & all the prosperity prophets: "The recession is slowing down, blah blah blah blah!"
       67. WELL, THE EUROPEANS ARE SMART ENOUGH TO JUST LAUGH & SNEER AT AMERICA'S NAIVETE & IGNORANCE & plain pure childish lying & deception, trying to deceive itself & the World & saying the recession is over & things are going up again now, because they're not! The Europeans are just honest, they admit it! They've gotten to be more honest than the Americans! It used to be the Americans were always accusing the Europeans of being a bunch of liars & deceivers, now the Europeans have been through a couple horrible wars & it behooved them to learn to be a little more honest about things & look at things the way they really are! They don't want any more wars & they don't want any more great depressions, so they're not trying to put eye salve & Band-Aids on cancers & say it's all over & everything's hunky-dory now, now we can have another war! They're saying what it is: Things are still in bad shape! The World's in bad shape economically, the recession is not over & we certainly don't want another war right now, especially one we don't need in Central America!
       68. HERE'S AN ODD THING: WHY ARE THE [EDITED: "ACS"] FIGHTING AGAINST THIS WAR? Why are they suddenly turning on Reagan & are determined that they should not get into war in Central America? For one thing, he's supporting the wrong country as far as they're concerned. Guatemala has a Christian president who is supposed to be a born-again Evangelical! The [EDITED: "ACs"] in the [EDITED: "AC"] papers accuse him of all kinds of tyranny, atrocities, massacres & everything they can think of! They even sent special commissions of [EDITED: "ACs"] down there to investigate so they could come back & say the "truth"! They've got that [DELETED] Stone going down there, U.S. Special Representative to Latin America to try to work things out--but what he's really trying to do is work things in!--Work more [EDITED: "AC"] influence in!
       69. I'M JUST TRYING TO IMPRESS YOU WITH THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE SITUATION, THAT IT IS REAL & IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN! You say, "Ah, come on, Dad! You said that about the Atom War & you've been saying that for years! You scared us out of the U.S. & we thought we were getting out to save our necks from the war, & now you say there's not going to be a World War for awhile! How can Ronald Reagan get into a war down in Latin America & a confrontation between American interests & Soviet interests in the Caribbean without it causing the war to erupt between the U.S. & Russia? Wouldn't that precipitate the war just as much as if they got into it over in the Mideast? Wouldn't that bring the U.S. & Russia to blows just as seriously & just as dangerously, for Ronald Reagan to move in there & start an all-out war? He's already started it, but to really go full scale! They could start a war over that as much as the Middle East!"
       70. THE U.S. DOESN'T HAVE ANY BUSINESS IN THE MIDDLE EAST EITHER! Russia's got a lot more reason for being in the Middle East or for being concerned about Lebanon, which is only about five or six hundred miles from her border!--Whereas it's thousands of miles from the U.S.A.! You can appreciate the American concern over Central America turning against it & its governments turning against America & no longer willing to be dominated by Americans & its American-supported rich, certainly you can understand that. But you can also understand Russia's concern about its client governments & countries friendly to Russia which are now springing up all over the Caribbean, & would have done more so if the U.S. had permitted it before this.
       71. SO WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN? You say, "We don't believe you any more, Dad! You said there was going to be a World War any minute, & now you say there's not & it may not even come till the end of the Tribulation! You said America was about to be destroyed any minute, now you say it may not be destroyed for another 7, 8 or 10 years! We've got lots of time!" Well, I've been through all that & already given my apologetics for it--not necessarily apologies but just gave the reasons why, that it looks now like that's the way it's going to happen. (See Nos.1518-1520.)
       72. SO YOU SAY, "IF WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE A GENERAL ATOMIC WAR UNTIL THE END OF THE TRIBULATION, THEN WHY WORRY ABOUT THE CARIBBEAN if it's not going to turn out to be a major war between the U.S.A. & Russia?" Well, who said it couldn't be a war between U.S. puppets & Russian puppets in the Caribbean? If the big powers manage to control themselves & satisfy themselves by shooting at each other by means of their proxies & accomplishing their ends that way, & yet knowing that they'd better not wind up with an atomic war on their hands, they might be able to keep things under control. They have so far in some pretty hot situations, so they may be satisfied with a small conventional war.
       73. I WOULD SAY THAT DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE U.S. IS THERE & HAS THE GREATER POWER, I believe those little countries, be they Soviet-sponsored or not, are going to have World sympathy! There's going to be greater World resentment against the U.S.A. & greater sympathy on the side of those little countries, whether they're helped by the Soviets or not! People will certainly understand why the Soviets would want to help their friendly countries in the Caribbean--isn't that what the U.S. is trying to do? Then the World's going to say, "Well, why shouldn't the Soviet Union do the same? You're helping Honduras & El Salvador & turning them into a battlefield against Nicaragua, why hasn't the Soviet Union got just as much right to help Nicaragua do the same & protect herself?"
       74. NICARAGUA IS NOT THE ONE THAT'S INVADING HER NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES, IT'S REBEL FORCES HARBOURED BY HONDURAS & EL SALVADOR THAT ARE INVADING NICARAGUA! Well, of course, they say the Salvadorean rebels are being supplied by Nicaragua & that's where they get their arms, & that's in effect ipso facto an invasion of El Salvador by rebels from Nicaragua! Well, be that as it may, I'm sure Nicaragua considers itself acting in self-defense, & I think most of the rest of the World will consider that also. In fact, nearly all U.S. allies already believe that Nicaragua is being beset & annoyed by U.S. forces & is merely defending itself, & I would say that World sympathy would be with Nicaragua!--Especially with Reagan's secret papers coming out now of his plans in the Caribbean to come out full-force with the Navy & everything to virtually blockade Nicaragua & go gung-ho full-force to try to fight Nicaragua & bring down the Nicaraguan government!
       75. WELL, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THERE'S GOING TO BE A PRETTY GOOD-SIZED WAR IN CENTRAL AMERICA!--There already is a fairly good-sized war going on! So what does that mean to us? Let's say it develops into a full scale war with the U.S. backing its client states, then the Soviet Union has a perfect right to back & support & arm its client states, I believe World opinion will say that. If the U.S. has a right to go down there & finance governments that it likes, so does the Soviet Union! And if the U.S. government complains, "Yes, but this is our back yard!" Then Russia can say, "Yes, & Afghanistan is our back yard!--What are you screaming about there?"
       76. IT JUST LOOKS LIKE THERE MAY BE A PRETTY GOOD-SIZED WAR DOWN THERE, & if it develops into a full scale conventional war in which the U.S. & the U.S.S.R. are both backing their friendly countries & client states there, it could embroil a lot of that whole area pretty severely! Of course, Puerto Rico is a major U.S. base, but oddly enough, the U.S. has almost its largest Caribbean base guess where? The largest U.S. Naval Base in the entire Caribbean, do you know where it's located? I'll give you the name of it: Guantanamo! Have you heard that name before? It's in Cuba! It's on the coast of Cuba, quite a few miles square! After the Castro government took over Cuba, the U.S. went down there & several times rattled the sabre, & when a few times Castro threatened to kick'm out, they sent big forces down there & rattled the sabre again, warning Cuba not to do it!
       77. BUT ACTUALLY THE ONLY REASON CUBA HASN'T KICKED THEM OUT IS NOT JUST BECAUSE THE U.S. WAS RATTLING THE SABRE, BUT BECAUSE THE U.S. WAS RATTLING THE DOLLARS! That base down there is one of Cuba's big sources of foreign hard currency, because the U.S. government pays its hundreds of Cuban employees in U.S. dollars, which the Cuban government takes away from them as fast as they leave the gate & exchanges into Cuban pesos! So it's a major source of income for the Cuban government.
       78. THERE'S ALSO ANOTHER STRANGE REASON WHY THEY DON'T MIND HAVING GUANTANAMO THERE--can you think of what that might be? (Maria: They can spy on them!) Well, they sort of can spy on them, but also the U.S. isn't apt to engage in any missile shooting or whatnot! Of course, now they've got missiles that are a little more accurate. But as long as they've got all those Americans there, thousands of Americans at that base & hundreds of Cuban employees & all, it's almost like a partial protection of Cuba. The U.S. is not going to do anything to Cuba that's too serious, lest Cuba just suddenly turn on that base & take the whole thing over, including thousands of American prisoners & their families & children who live there!
       79. SO CUBA IS VIRTUALLY HOLDING GUANTANAMO HOSTAGE, WHILE THE U.S. LOOKS AT THE SITUATION LIKE GUANTANAMO IS HOLDING CUBA HOSTAGE! But they both seem to be satisfied with the situation, so that's the way it is. Cuba is sort of saying, "Well, we own the plane, you guys are the hijackers!" But the hijackers are holding the pistol & saying, "You may own the plane, but we're the hijackers & we've got the guns!" In the meantime, it's never been settled & we don't know what's going to happen. But it's a rather uncomfortable place for the U.S. to have its largest Caribbean Naval base, right on the shores of Cuba itself! I wonder how many Americans know that! You almost had to live in Florida to even know that much!
       80. ONCE IN AWHILE IT GOT TO BE A LITTLE SORE POINT BETWEEN THE U.S. & CUBA & IT GOT OUT IN THE NEWS, but the country soon forgets. "Guantanamo? Where's Guantanamo?" You didn't even know the name Guantanamo, did you? You didn't even know where it was, & you're a pretty well-informed American! You guys are really good test tubes for how little Americans know about Latin America or the Caribbean! Let's just bring it down to brass tacks now & wind this up. I've given you the reasons & the background, & maybe it will do the Family some good to know.
       81. IF IT DOES DEVELOP INTO A FULL-SCALE LOCAL WAR, AT LEAST, BACKED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BY THE U.S. & THE SOVIET UNION, there's already a full scale war going on now in Afghanistan backed by the Soviet Union & the U.S.A., & it hasn't turned into a nuclear war! There's a full scale war going on between Iran & Iraq! You say, "Well, neither one of them are atomic powers, so what?" Well, the Superpowers are backing them. In fact, the funny part of it is, all the Superpowers seem to care about is to keep the war going so they can both sell arms to both sides!--And that way it also keeps both of their hands off the oil down there.
       82. ISRAEL, BY THE WAY, SUPPOSEDLY THE BITTEREST ENEMY & THE ONLY LESSER SATAN OUTSIDE OF THE GREAT SATAN U.S.A. TO THE IRANIANS, IS THE MAIN SUPPLIER OF ARMS RIGHT NOW TO IRAN! It shows you how economic & ballistic interests go across borders & other interests, political interests & religious lines & whatnot! Obviously the great saint Khomeini is willing to buy bullets & arms & planes from the little devil Israel as long as they can fight Iraq, who is backed by another great Satan--Russia! Well, it's funny that Iran never seemed to call Russia the great Satan, it only calls the U.S.A. & Israel the great Satans! That must show something, huh? But don't forget, Iran's Northern border is the Southern border of Russia, so they have to be a little careful about what they say about Russia!--Besides the fact that the Russians are probably helping the other country that Russia's backing, Iraq! Those Superpowers just keep the pot boiling & that kind of helps their economies & arms trade.
       83. SO ALREADY IT HAS MEANT THAT IT HAS BEEN VERY DIFFICULT FOR ANY OF OUR FOLKS TO LIVE IN OR OPERATE IN ANY OF THOSE COUNTRIES IN THE WAR ZONE OR NEAR THE WAR ZONE. (Peter: We've got one Home in Honduras, nothing in El Salvador & nothing in Nicaragua.) See, they moved out of the actual warring powers, & there's only one Home left in the one which is going to be the next warring power, Honduras. And of course Mexico, Guatemala & Belize, being the main countries between there & the U.S., will probably get drawn into it too. (Peter: We don't have any TRFers in Belize or Guatemala.)
       84. SO YOU SEE, ALREADY THE FAMILY'S CLEARING OUT OF THE WAR ZONE, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T WORK THERE! Well, what if it spreads & more countries join in, which it has always done. They always begin expressing their sympathy the minute they really go at it tooth-&-tong, & everybody starts taking sides. Very few people declare neutrality. Take the war in the Falklands, I don't think any of those countries in Latin America declared neutrality, did they? I think virtually all of them sided with Argentina.
       85. IF THE U.S. STARTS STOPPING SOVIET SHIPS & FORCING SOVIET PLANES DOWN, WHAT WILL RUSSIA FEEL IT HAS A RIGHT TO DO? It'll probably use its proxies, the ones that have the power & the planes & the armaments to do it, Cuba & Nicaragua, & they could start stopping U.S. ships & planes that are bringing arms to the Salvadoreans & the Hondurans, etc., to stop this arming of their enemies! So then you've got trouble! Tempers flare & people get mad & start shooting & it's pretty hard to stop it! You say, "Dad, you've said this stuff about other countries & war scares before, always some kind of a scare to scare us for some reason or other!" (Maria: It does the trick!)
       86. WELL, LET'S GO BACK OVER THE HISTORY OF SOME OF THOSE SCARES, DID THEY DO ANY GOOD OR NOT? What about the first one, "The Great Escape"? (No.160) That one was mostly to scare us out of the U.S.A. into Europe! Then "40 Days" came along & scared a whole bunch of Americans into Latin America! (No.280) And we've been playing up the Nuclear War scare for quite awhile, & that has really done the trick to really get'm out of the North down South!--Although not really as much as it should have. I just got a stats report that 44% of our TRF Homes are still in the North! That means that about 56% of them are in the South, which is over half, thank the Lord!--But that's still not enough!
       87. WELL, LOOK AT YOUR MAP AGAIN! NICARAGUA IS THE FIRST CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRY OUTSIDE OF MEXICO THAT SPANS THE ENTIRE ISTHMUS OF CENTRAL AMERICA, so it has a disadvantage of having to fight on possibly two seas & two fronts--a pretty tough situation! But it's there & it has a pretty good start & it has worried the Americans enough to want to start a war over it! Reagan wants to go down there & stop'm! He says he's not trying to overthrow the Nicaraguan government, he only sympathises with their enemies. He's not trying to overthrow anybody's government, he's only trying to help the poor. All of a sudden he's got a sudden concern about the poor, but he's not willing to send them money to provide industry & jobs & food, nothing like that, no! "But here, we've got lots of guns for you, all we ask you to do is shoot Nicaraguans & we'll pay you!"
       88. WELL, OF COURSE THOSE POOR PEOPLE DOWN THERE, THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT! When the rebel Nicaraguans who are now turning on the Sandinista government put out a call for volunteers, they expected they might get about a thousand local yokels to come & take the guns & help'm fight. Guess how many showed up?--Ten thousand! So the leaders said, "That's what made us go broke, too many people! We didn't have enough guns & enough ammunition & enough food to feed'm all! They all wanted to come!"
       89. THEY'D BE WILLING TO SHOOT ANYBODY IF YOU PAY'M! Those poor kids down there, young teenage boys, it doesn't matter which direction they fire as long as they get some money & something to eat! They're out for a lark & a thrill & excitement!--Especially a salary & a job! It's just a job as far as they're concerned! They're housed & fed & given a gun & all they have to do is ride around & shoot a gun all day & get paid for it! So what if they get wounded or they get shot? They're no worse off than they are already, starving to death & cruelly treated & tortured by the horrible life they lead in virtual slavery! So they figure it couldn't be much worse, they might as well get shot! And they don't really care who they're shooting at, just as long as they're shooting at somebody to earn their money! So they don't have any trouble getting volunteers.
       90. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO US? The U.S.A. has several different names for that Naval operation called "quarantine"! That's a new nice gentle term they're using now--they used to call it embargo & blockade! But if they start it, it'll turn into an embargo & a blockade! And where are those ships & Navy going to come from? They're going to come from the U.S.' major Naval bases, Guantanamo & Puerto Rico on the Caribbean side. I don't think they're worried quite so much about too many ships coming clear across the Pacific with arms from China or North Korea or some other sympathetic government, but there are ships that do come across the Pacific who could come & arm Nicaragua from the other side.
       91. SO THE U.S. WILL PROBABLY BE SENDING DOWN SHIPS FROM ONE OF ITS GREATEST NAVAL BASES, in fact, I think it's the largest Naval base in all the United States on the West Coast--what is that? (Maria: San Diego.) So the U.S. fleet starts steaming out of San Diego down to blockade the West coast of Nicaragua & make sure none of those nasty North Koreans or Chinese or any of those other countries across in the East that make arms & armaments might want to sell'm to Nicaragua & make a token show of sympathy!
       92. SO ANYHOW, YOU'VE GOT A PRETTY ROUGH SITUATION GOING ON THERE & THE FAMILY'S CLEARING OUT! They can't work in that particular area, & U.S. bases all over the Caribbean are in danger of being attacked. Surely Cuba in this case doesn't need U.S. dollars that much that it's going to allow U.S. Naval units right from its own soil to attack Cuban Naval units! When it comes down to that, blood is thicker than money, & I don't think Castro would allow the U.S. to literally go to war with Cuba without doing something about it! And if he did something about it, then any kind of American presence in the Caribbean is going to be jeopardised. And one of the major presences in the Caribbean besides Guantanamo, Cuba, is Puerto Rico!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family