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A QUESTION ABOUT THE GREAT CONFUSION--A Letter from Ho       DFO 1583       6/83

Dearest Dad & Apollos,
       GREETINGS IN JESUS' NAME. TYSM FOR THE BOUNTIFUL WORDS YOU HAVE BEEN POURING OUT TO US, PARTICULARLY THE LATEST GN ON THE ENDTIME. They have been a real inspiration to read & study over, the plan of events of the things soon to come to pass. It was a real blessing & inspiration to receive the "War or Peace" Letter which we found to answer many questions, & put things in a more clear pattern of events. The order of events as explained in "War or Peace" certainly fit together with the revelations from the Scriptures & what you have taught for so many years in your explanations of Bible Prophecy.
       THERE ARE SEVERAL POINTS WHICH HAVE COME TO MY MIND AFTER READING THROUGH THESE LETTERS, & SOME OTHER CLASSES FROM THE "GARDEN OF EDEN" SERIES, & THE ORIGINAL "WARNING PROPHECY," THAT I WOULD LIKE TO ASK FOR CLARIFICATION. I will present these points one by one & you can consider them, comparing the different passages together, to see if these are also confirmed by you in your studies.
       THE EVENT OF THE GREAT CONFUSION, WHICH THE LORD PROPHESIED WAS GOING TO TAKE PLACE, which the Author of Confusion is marshalling his forces for--when does this take place, what will it involve, & what areas of the World will it affect most? Babylon, mentioned in Rev.17 is also called the "Great Confusion" as an entity, but is this quite different from the event which the Lord spoke about called the "Great Confusion"?
       SECONDLY, THE ATOMIC WAR & THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON will not take place until after the Antichrist has come to full power & turns on Babylon to destroy her, this event will take place later. But what about the event of the Great Confusion itself? In the "Warning Prophecy," it says that "out of Memphis shall come the Great Confusion. The Author of Confusion is even now marshalling his forces for this Great Confusion. He is gathering his forces from a great nation & eastern nations, friends that will join with him. So sudden will be the Great Confusion that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. But be ye not deceived. Be prepared. And be not deceived by the great society, for it shall come to travail & then bring forth the Great Confusion. Be prepared. Even now the skies are red, red with warning & black, black with clouds gathering for the Great Confusion which is almost upon you."
       PERSONALLY, FROM READING OVER THESE PROPHECIES & DESCRIPTIONS OF THESE EVENTS, I BELIEVE THERE IS QUITE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GREAT DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON (which we'll call it) & THE GREAT CONFUSION, which could possibly be the event that helps to bring the Antichrist to power. We have taught for many many years the Message of Jeremiah for America, & then adding to that the Warning Message of the Great Confusion, which in our early days we gave particular emphasis to in our witnessing to the people in America. We taught them that on the World scene the Antichrist would come to power by peace & flattery & that they were to look for the Covenant to be signed, etc. We always taught that in America there was coming a time of Great Confusion, like in Jeremiah's day, which would help to bring this World Government to power, & which would bring America into submission to this government.
       NOW IN THE "WAR OR PEACE" LETTER, YOU MENTION IN PAR.3 THAT HE COULD RISE TO POWER POLITICALLY BEFORE THE WAR, by his crafty, clever political manoeuvering, & also in par.6 "that he would rise to power politically by his very climactic clever manoeuvering of the Covenant." It goes on also to mention in par.8 that there would be some desperate last-resort circumstances which would cause Israel & the Arabs & Communists to agree to share the World in peace. Could these last-resort circumstances be the Great Confusion?
       ALSO IN PAR.9 IT SAYS, "I'VE BEEN TRYING TO PLACE THE ATOMIC WAR & THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA & EUROPE & THE WEST, & IT ALWAYS SEEMED TO BE SO IMMINENT THAT IT LOOKED AS THOUGH THE WAR WOULD HAVE TO OCCUR FIRST to make the World desperate enough to put the Antichrist in power!" Now I suggest that possibly it would be the Great Confusion that would occur first to make the World desperate enough to bring the Antichrist to power. Because it mentions in Rev.16 & 17 about the 10 Kings who give their power to the Beast, & you mention in par.10 that the Antichrist is helped by these 10 kings.
       AFTER READING OVER THESE DIFFERENT PASSAGES I THEN READ BACK OVER THE {\ul \i PROTOCOLS} in which [EDITED: "the ACs"] explained their point-by-point program for World takeover to place their World dictator in power, & it seems to fit very well the description of the events of the Great Confusion as explained in the "Warning Prophecy," & also as the explanation of how the Antichrist would come to power, how the World would become desperate enough to accept such a one-World government without there being an atomic war. In fact [DELETED] Protocol No.5, it says that the [EDITED: "ACs"] have a part in every international agreement, "the nations cannot come to even a private agreement without our secretly having a hand in it. Matters political are understood by him who guides the public." This certainly sounds as though such a major agreement as the Covenant would be something in which they would want to have a controlling say.
       THEN IT SAYS, ("THE GREAT CONFUSION!) THE SECOND SECRET REQUISITE FOR THE SUCCESS OF OUR GOVERNMENT IS CHAOS!" Then in Protocol 6, last line, it explains "there would be a huge monopoly which will bring about a financial crash which will take the major governments to the bottom in one day," this corresponding to the Lord's prophecy that the "Great Confusion" will come very suddenly. Also in Protocol 20, it explains that "they will bring the States to bankruptcy & through this will put in a financial system over which they will have total control," which will certainly be necessary for the Antichrist to have working when he comes to power.
       IN PROTOCOL 21 IT SAYS THAT THEY ARE GOING TO WIPE AWAY ALL OF THE FORMER FINANCIAL MARKETS & SYSTEMS & SET UP A ONE-WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL SYSTEM. So these certainly seem to fit together with the preparations that will be necessary for the rise of the Antichrist, & the plan that the [EDITED: "ACs"] have for putting a one man dictator at the head of this World government which they want to bring to power certainly fits together with the Biblical description of how the Antichrist will rise to power.
       IN REV.17 IT LISTS SPECIFIC DETAILS ABOUT THOSE WHO WILL HELP THE ANTICHRIST COME TO POWER, & in verse 12, which you explain in GN Book 9, pg.226, par.14, it says: "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the Beast." So it says that these kings have no kingdom yet, so this made me think what men in the World could have such strong power as to control World events to be able to give power & strength to the Antichrist to bring him to power, but yet do not actually have a country or kingdom per se. I think these men are bigger than Presidents or Premiers or heads of parties which are so temporary & so passing in their power, that they would be better understood as men with international power greater than even Heads of State, who are the ones who control the World behind the scenes & put forward Heads of State as they choose, which is what the Protocols describe the [EDITED: "ACs"] to be.
       IN PAR.16, YOU SAY THAT "THEY HAVEN'T YET ACTUALLY APPEARED ON THE SCENE, BUT THEY WILL COME ON THE SCENE FOR THE LAST HOUR OF WORLD HISTORY ALONG WITH THE ANTICHRIST, THIS BEAST." So by the Protocols description of these [EDITED: "ACs"], they work now behind the scenes to bring World events to the conclusions that they decide. (Par.17:) Verse 13: "These have ONE MIND, & shall give their power & strength unto the Beast. These ten great World powers or kings. [DELETED]" I'm suggesting that these are behind-the-scenes World leaders who "give their power to the Beast, & they will surrender their power voluntarily to the Beast," because they are not giving it up, but they see themselves taking power over the World. And it will be later on that he will then take the total dominating role even away from them too.
       SO YOU SAY IN PAR 17, "THEY HAVE ONE MIND & SHALL GIVE THEIR POWER & STRENGTH UNTO THE BEAST." This makes me think this will be a Council of men, not nations or even Heads of State, because the Heads of State of Europe even are not so united as to be able to describe them as having "one mind," & also the Scriptures say the Lord will "put it into their hearts to fulfill His Will." This also makes me think they are individual men. So since they have power & strength now but they don't have kingdoms now, I think they are not nations but individuals that have unity & have a plan to take over & are now working behind the scenes like the [EDITED: "ACs"] described.
       AND IN REV.17:16 IT SAYS THAT LATER ON "THEY HATE THE WHORE," SO THEY HAVE EMOTION (as men) & THEY "TURN ON HER & DESTROY HER." As it says in v.17, "God puts a plan in their hearts to fulfill His will" to destroy Babylon.
       ALSO IN {\ul \i GN 9}, pg.254, Letter 1517, which was written in 1974, par.6, you explain that "the 10 horns are 10 kings which have received no kingdom as yet, but receive power as Kings one hour with the Beast," quoting the Scripture. And in par.7, "This last one has 10 horns which have received no kingdom yet, but receive power one hour with the Beast." And then you say, "These ten horns a re World leaders which rule with him for a short time." So this seems to fit the description of the [EDITED: "ACs"], who are certainly World leaders behind the scenes that have no kingdom right now, but whose plan is to help a World leader come to power who they will then rule with for a short time.
       THEN IT BRINGS ME BACK TO THE FIRST POINT ABOUT THE GREAT CONFUSION, THAT THOUGH THERE WILL NOT BE AN ATOMIC WAR IMMINENTLY TO BRING THE ANTICHRIST TO POWER, doesn't it fit all of these prophecies over the years that there will be some type of Great Confusion of World chaos, as described by the Protocols of economic collapse, & then a World credit system put in effect, & then the total control of the Press & all of the media & everything that the Protocols describe that they plan to control to be able to bring the Antichrist to power, & couldn't this event of this Great Confusion to bring these kings from behind the scenes into a position of power to be able to give their power to the Beast, be just around the corner?--And could happen very suddenly as the "Warning Prophecy" predicts & this time of Great Confusion be for America like the events in Jeremiah?
       OBVIOUSLY THESE PROPHECIES OF THE GREAT CONFUSION & THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH FOR AMERICA HAVE YET TO BE FULFILLED & HAVE THEIR MATE, & won't this need to take place before the rise of the Antichrist to power & be a part of the events leading up to his coming to power?
       WHEN WE FIRST PROCLAIMED THE "WARNING MESSAGE" TO THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA IT WAS PRIMARILY A WARNING TO THEM & NOT THAT THIS GREAT CONFUSION WOULD BE SOMETHING THAT WOULD PUNISH ALL OF THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD THE SAME AS AMERICA DESERVED, according to the message of Jeremiah. I remember when teaching people about the events leading up to the 2nd Coming, we would explain to them the things that would have to take place before Jesus came back, that the Covenant would have to be signed & the Antichrist become manifest & his rise to power, & some people would think, "We've got plenty of time, we don't have to worry about Jesus coming back right away or even the Great Tribulation starting right away, because we don't even know who the Antichrist is, so there's not going to be any major problems until the Antichrist is revealed. Whereas, according to the "Warning Prophecy" & the Message of Jeremiah, there is going to be chaos & much suffering in the Great Confusion, which is going to affect mainly the major industrialised countries of the World where the Great Society is so manifest & diabolical in its materialism & there is going to have to come a real breakdown of this Great Society & an economic collapse to bring these nations of the World to their knees together to be willing to submit to a World government & a World dictator.
       SO I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU COULD TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY OVER THESE PASSAGES & THE OTHER PLACES THAT YOU HAVE DESCRIBED BEFORE ABOUT THE GREAT CONFUSION & the Message of Jeremiah for America, & explain more in detail now how you foresee this event of the Great Confusion to be coming about in the near future. Could this be that which will bring the Antichrist to power as the Protocols predict, instead of an Atomic War which would have been more accurately described as the Great Destruction. But this Great Confusion could describe the economic collapse of the great societies of the World, the great nations of the World, particularly America, which would "come to travail"--they have more & more each day as the economic situation is getting worse & worse. Is the stage getting set for the Great Confusion to take place? If not this year, at the rate America is going, with the need for the re-election of the new President in the coming year, couldn't this Great Confusion begin imminently so as to prepare the way for the rise to power of these 10 kings & their giving of this power to the Antichrist, in getting together a one-World government?
       THESE ARE THOUGHTS & IDEAS I'VE HAD IN READING OVER THESE SCRIPTURES & I WOULD REALLY BE INTERESTED IN HEARING YOUR COMMENTS & IDEAS ABOUT THEM, because I don't think those of our Family who are in the West can now sit down & take it easy because the Atomic War isn't going to happen right away, because something worse than the Atomic War could happen to them any day, which would affect them even more. Because in Atomic War, they would just go to be with the Lord immediately, but in the events described in Jeremiah & prophesied in the Great Confusion, there will be things like the "American Savages" & these types of prophecies fulfilled.
       THESE TYPES OF EVENTS SHOULD CAUSE OUR FAMILY TO WANT TO GET OUT OF THE WEST & THE NATIONS OF THE GREAT SOCIETY MORE THAN EVER, so as not to be trapped by the events which are described in the Protocols that the men behind the scenes plan to use to take over World control. I haven't yet had time to study over many of the possibly related prophecies which could be fulfilled through this Great Confusion which have been made about America, & which would need to be fulfilled before America is completely destroyed by the Atomic War. I would be interested to hear your comments on this, to know whether I'm on the right track or not.
       WE REALLY LOVE YOU & APPRECIATE YOUR GETTING OUT THE WORD SO QUICKLY SO AS TO MAKE IT AVAILABLE TO US BEFORE THE EVENTS TAKE PLACE. Could it be possible that the Lord knew that, thinking the Atomic War which would affect the whole World was coming right away, would help motivate us to get these things done? It would be just as vital to be in the hands of the Family when the event of the Great Confusion takes place, which will mainly affect the families who are in America & in the major Western countries. Maybe the Lord knew that if it involved only them we would not have been so anxious to get all this done, so He used the Atomic War to help push us ahead with it. He knew that certainly all of our preparations & our warnings to people to prepare for a coming catastrophic event would be very needed & useful to them in the Great Confusion.
       GBY, I REALLY LOVE YOU & HOPE I HAVEN'T MADE THIS DESCRIPTION OF THESE IDEAS TOO LONG & DETAILED & RANDOM, BUT I WANTED TO GET IT OFF TO YOU AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, as I had these things on my heart after reading over these passages, just in case it might be important & timely for the Family to be reminded that these prophecies will yet be fulfilled about the Great Confusion & the Message of Jeremiah, etc. TTL for the Lord's directions & answers & help to be prepared for these coming events. It was really a tremendous blessing to be able to be freed of all other responsibilities to be able to spend the time every day studying the Word & I've really enjoyed working on the Catechism Q&A. Soaking in the Word all day every day is really a life-changing experience for me personally & we hope that the fruit that it will bear in getting together Q&A that will be of help & inspiration to the Family, & even as a witnessing tool to the GP, will be worth all of the help that you're giving us to make it possible.
       THERE ARE SOME OTHER QUOTES THAT I HAVE FOUND IN "THE RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST" & "THE ILLUMINATI" by John Todd (GN 22 & No.948) that corroborate these ideas about the Great Confusion. One of the most striking pieces is that John Todd explains that the Illuminati's power somehow comes through the Sphinx located in Memphis, Egypt (pg.3130, last paragraph:) "This is the most important symbol: This is the power of the Illuminati. Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from. You will notice the head of it is the Rothschild family & the Council of 500. Under that the Rockefellers, Duponts, Kennedys, Onasises & other families. Queen Juliana is also on the Council of 500." I don't remember if we ever discovered this point when we were studying about Memphis when we first got the "Warning Prophecy." But it certainly would explain some of the links between Memphis, the Great Confusion, the Illuminati & their plan to install the Antichrist. Could this be also why the Sphinx has fought you so in the spirit?
       IN "THEY STAGED THE WHOLE THING" (ML #1340:60), "[DELETED] It was rumoured that 12 men are at the top ruling the World & one of them was the banker Rothschild, another was the Governor of New York, Rockefeller, & later we found out both Rockefeller & Rothschild are members of the Witches that are running the World!" Para.61, "Now they're fiddling with the finances of the whole World! This Recession & Depression is probably working out for their good somehow." In para.66 could you substitute the words "World War 3" with the "Great Confusion"? It seems to fit well to me.--Also in paragraphs 72-74 which I'll add here with these changes to be considered: "If the Great Confusion is going to put the Antichrist in power, since World War 2 put the [EDITED: "ACs"] in power, then why shouldn't the [EDITED: "ACs"] be willing to stage the Great Confusion if they know they're going to get out of it their Antichrist messiah, whom they will think he is, who shall genuinely finally climactically liberate [EDITED: "them"]!--For what?--To enslave [EDITED: "and"] run the World! If the [EDITED: "ACs"] are going to get out of the Great Confusion what they want, their Messiah & World control & the holy covenant ... [EDITED: "AC"] domination of the World, why shouldn't they be willing to precipitate the Great Confusion as well?! They staged the whole thing! ... And if the whole thing has gotten them what they wanted thus far, they would be willing to stage it again, the biggest thing of all, & that's the Great Confusion & the Antichrist & World Antichrist Government domination! I believe they have not only staged the whole thing, but they are going to continue to stage the whole thing until they've got the whole thing! They staged the whole thing! God said!--I believe it!" ("Warning! Turn Your Eyes Toward Memphis," code for Illuminati?)
       "WARNING! TURN YOUR EYES TOWARD MEMPHIS FOR OUT OF IT SHALL COME THE GREAT CONFUSION! The author of confusion is even now marshalling his forces for this Great Confusion! He is gathering his forces from a great nation & Eastern nations, friends that will join with him. So sudden will be the Great Confusion, that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. But be ye not deceived! Be prepared!" ... This detailed description of this event to take place when compared with the one the Illuminati plans to precipitate seem to be describing the same event. (See pg.7131, ML #948.)--
       "ABOUT 12 YEARS AGO, PHILLIP ROTHSCHILD ORDERED A BOOK THAT WOULD DESCRIBE TO ALL WITCHES HOW THEY WOULD TAKE CONTROL OF THE WORLD THROUGH THE ILLUMINATI: It's called Atlas Shrugs. Raise the oil prices ... destroy the oil fields ... then shut down coal ... blow up grain mills ... derail trains ... until they destroyed the currency of the whole World." See also pg.7137, "(Question: Would you briefly outline the steps remaining in the World take-over plan between now & 1980?) ... cut off the cities ... foment strikes ... destroy all food surpluses within the U.S., halt all transportation in the U.S. ... at the same time there will be riot & revolution within the U.S., in fact the whole World will be in it [DELETED] Manson will be released & within six months will lead an armed army of former prisoners, etc., to butcher 1 million people in the U.S. ... call out the National Guard, suspend the Constitution & Congress & call Martial Law."
       TODD SAID, "CERTAIN THINGS COULD HOLD UP THEIR PLAN" such as not getting the gun law passed to disarm all private citizens ... & the Genocide Act by which they can destroy all opposition, especially all Christians. So possibly their plan is a little behind schedule.
       IN {\ul \i THE BOOK OF THE FUTURE}, pg.41, possibly "The Atom War" title could be replaced with "The Great Confusion," which all of the references from Jeremiah perfectly describe: "The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end. For this shall the Earth mourn, & the heavens above be black; because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, & will not repent, neither will I turn back from it. Go ye up upon her walls, & destroy; but make not a full end: take away her battlements: for they are not the Lord's." (Jer.4:26,28; 5:10) Notice it says twice to not make a full end (like the total destruction of the Atom War), but a desolation of the cities & the skies become black like the Great Confusion. So this section of the The Book of the Future very aptly describes the Great Confusion which seems to me to be necessary to precede the rise of the Antichrist, & only the section about the final destruction of Babylon could be moved over with the title "Atom War" to follow #5, "The Antichrist's Rise & Reign." I mention this to show how faithfully the Lord has revealed the details of these events so accurately to you with only a slight clarification needed like this type of rearrangement or changing of a title like World War Three for Great Confusion, etc.
       FOR FURTHER DETAILS ON JOHN TODD'S DESCRIPTION OF THE GREAT CONFUSION, see pg.7137 & 7148 & 7149. Todd even echos our Jeremiah warning to America on pgs.7150-7153. Todd goes on to describe in very vivid detail the Great Confusion & the Rise of the Antichrist. In GN 22, "War in 1983?" No.1341: "For the Antichrist to begin ruling for seven years in 1986 & for the Tribulation to begin in 1990 & for the Lord to come in 1993, then (The Great Confusion) has got to occur before the Antichrist arises. Para.2, "I don't see how they could stave off this war (The Great Confusion?) longer than 1984! I think the Lord has just been waiting for us to move South before He sends His judgements on the wickedest parts of the World, the rich Northern nations! But I don't see how we can have more than another year of our present freedom & affluence to get the job done." Para.3, "That could mean 1983! The Lord has already said that Brezhnev's death is the 'Death of the Era of Peace' (No.1318), so trouble is bound to begin in 1983! It may not get as far as (nuclear war?--or The Great Confusion?) until 1984, but there will be trouble! ... Then maybe it will take two years of the Great Confusion to give rise the Antichrist." Para.4, "So 1983 may be your last chance to really produce!" (Which we know you are & we sure need to, as the Lord well knows how soon these events will take place.)
       ALL THESE THINGS SEEM TO ME TO FIT TOGETHER SO AMAZINGLY THAT I WANTED TO GET THIS OFF TO YOU RIGHT AWAY FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION.--Particularly because I've heard that some people are even considering going back to Europe or America now because the war is not going to happen right away, & could they be in danger of getting caught in the Great Confusion?--Which will affect these areas the most. Could Apollos check out some of the prophecies along these lines & see how he thinks this all fits together? I don't want to get off the track, so I'm just making these suggestions to you & will carry on with my Q & A's.
       (P.S. from Ruthie: When typing this I was immediately reminded of a prophecy you gave in "To Our Worldwide Family!" (No.307A) written in July 1974, par.26, which says,
       "WE MUST WORK EVEN HARDER & FASTER NOW, FOR THE LORD HAS SHOWN US THAT THE TIME IS EVEN SHORTER & IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK! The storm is fast approaching which will sweep the World with three years of great trouble, confusion, strife & famine! Like a dying candle, the Lord showed me the lights of the World are soon to flicker out & 'there will be great darkness throughout the Earth & there shall be great agony of soul which will grieve the heart of thy father!' (Direct prophecy!) 'And there shall be great weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth throughout the Earth!'"
       THIS ALSO BROUGHT TO MIND THE PROPHECIES OF "THE GREAT ESCAPE" where you said we'll see the storm approaching, & the tunnel would get harder to cross in the confusion of events, maybe airlines shutting down, etc., making it difficult, dangerous & even impossible for the remaining sheep & shepherds in the lowlands to escape, a horrifying picture of the last people to struggle out to higher ground & safer fields in a rising tide of terrible events just before the storm (The Great Confusion?) hits! (Letter No.160)
       THIS IS FOLLOWED BY "THE EMERGENCY" (No.160A) describing work crews of enforced labour, food shortages & food lines, etc.--so many Letters that come to mind about conditions during such a time of "Great Confusion" & events leading up to it!

       ANSWER: --YOU HAVE A GOOD POINT HERE, SON, & IT CERTAINLY FITS THE PICTURE! The Crash is continuing despite the false Prosperity Prophets, & it could surely result in soon economic chaos or the Great Confusion, which the Antichrist could take advantage of by solving with his new credit system & World Government. It reminds me of Isa.24:18, where "he who fleeth the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit"! Those who've fled the North only to escape the War & not just to be missionaries, could now return & fall into the Pit of the Great Confusion! I believe God is testing many through this news of possible postponement of the War! We shall see now who really wants to be a missionary & who is merely trying to save their own necks & not others by coming South! GHUs!--Tx for your very appropriate comments. PTL! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen.--Love--D.

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