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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

CURRENTS!--No.3.--The Anti-Christs!       DFO 1584       8/83

       1. THAT'S THE ADVANTAGE OF MOVING OFTEN, the wheels of the System grind exceeding slow. So they're operating on the old information that they have, & they're far behind you if you keep moving.--And they seldom ever can catch up with you, TTL!

       2. OUR ENEMIES HAVE GOT CONNECTIONS EVERYWHERE. If the Police haven't got'm, then the anti-Christ's have got'm. Can you imagine how surprised my Mother was when she went before a Judge in Los Angeles, California to get her final Immigration Naturalization papers because of her marriage to my alien father, & here at the final session the Judge said, "I understand that you have been engaged in anti-anti-Christ activities in Miami, Florida some years back." How did he know that?--And when we went to that meeting in Detroit, the next morning we got a note under the milk bottle at the Schultz's home--"Don't go to these meetings unless you want another ride." How do you suppose they knew she was at that meeting?

       3. --THEY'VE GOT THEIR SPIES EVERYWHERE! I don't doubt they've got a more thorough network of intelligence & spies & information than any government on Earth, & probably it's the most international, because they are becoming the international World Antichrist Government & they're working on it right now & they're well on their way if not almost there! So I tell you, we need to really be careful about our organisation, security, efficiency, economy & all the rest.

       4. DO YOU KNOW WHY THEY WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING? They're not just looking for some little nincompoop in France or Switzerland, they're hot on my trail, & they would love to be able to trace it to us, because they always think that's where it all goes. They'd never believe it all goes right back into the work!

       5. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT SINCE THEY THINK JESUS IS GONE NOW, THAT THE ANTI-CHRISTS OF THE WORLD FEEL THAT I AM THEIR NEXT GREATEST ENEMY! They had Fred Jordan discussed at the biggest meeting of all their various organisations in the U.S. at their national meeting of the National Association of all their organisations, & the speaker got up & said that their greatest enemy in the U.S. was Fred Jordan, because of the same thing that they hate us for--he was winning so many of them to Christ through his television & radio programmes, etc. So they said, "We've got to stop this guy Fred Jordan!"

       6. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT THAT WAS WHY HE BEGAN LOSING STATIONS--they were probably on his trail & began attacking the Stations to bump him off. And when he finally got boiled back down to the one little station he paid money for, then he wasn't a National threat anymore, so I guess they then left him alone--especially when he made friends with the government, Governor Brown, & went political, joined the Church & everything else to please them, then he was part of the System & compromised everything he was against to show that he was one of them.

       7. SO I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED IF THEY'RE HOT ON MY TRAIL & they're afraid of me more than anybody since Jesus, because I doubt if there's anybody that has as good a propaganda organisation as we have, as extensive, as international, in as many countries & with as many propagandisers with lit that is consistently & thoroughly attacking them & telling the truth & the whole truth about them, really exposing them like the Lord did, & therefore really making them furious!

       8. SO WHAT EVERYBODY ALWAYS WANTS TO KNOW, THE OLD QUESTION IS ALWAYS THE SAME, "WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? WHO GETS ALL THE MONEY?" They can never believe you're not in it for the money! They can never believe that you turn it right back to the people as fast as it comes in, that you just redistribute it. They just can't believe it! They figure you've got billions tucked away [DELETED] somewhere, blah, blah! Ha!

       9. [DELETED] THEY'RE GIVING GODAHFI SUCH A HARD TIME RIGHT NOW [DELETED] they'd like to swat him down just to prove that it isn't so, that he is a bad man, not a good man, that he's only interested in conquering countries, he's not interested in helping the poor. So look who he's got on his tail now, both France & the U.S.A.!--And Zaire, one of the U.S.' lackeys.--All shipping in millions of dollars worth of arms & Zaire sending hundreds of men to Chad to fight Godahfi!

       10. FIRST THE U.S. LIED & SAID THAT THEIR AID WAS NOTHING LETHAL, & now they're admitting it includes bombs & guns & bazookas & all that sort of thing. They already lied when they said they were sending millions of dollars of non-lethal equipment, when the U.S. was sending great big transports loaded with arms to this little traitor Habré in Chad, who is nobody but a puppet of the powers that hate Godahfi! I'm sure that's why he was successful in overcoming the other guy who was the legally elected President of Chad, Goukouni.

       11. {\ul THIS DEVIL HABRÉ MUSCLED IN & THREW OUT THE LEGAL PRESIDENT OF CHAD BY FORCE} of arms in an insurrection coup, but they hardly ever mention that. They're so pleased to be able to call him the legitimate President, & the opposition forces the rebels, because this guy Habré has installed himself by a coup. So here the U.S.A. is putting the pressure on France to send more aid & planes & anti-aircraft materials to Chad, & the U.S. is sending ten million dollars worth that they advertise, & God only knows how many millions more they send undercover through the CIA, blah, blah!

       12. YOU KNOW WHEN THE U.S. REALLY GETS INTO IT, THEY GO WHOLE HOG! So now the U.S. thinks they've got a good excuse to attack Godahfi because this little liar Habré claims that Libyan planes are flying over, bombing Chad citizens, blah, blah! But they won't let a reporter near, so it's probably all absolute outright lies! Libya denies it, says their forces are not participating whatsoever.--Of course, Libya's supplying & backing the legitimate President & his both Moslem & Christian forces, & have all along, & I don't blame them. They did have their men down there for awhile & they could still probably have a few in there--advisors, as the U.S. calls them.

       13. SO LET ME TELL YOU, THE U.S. SYSTEM DOESN'T PLAY IT HONEST & THEY DON'T PLAY IT CLEAN! They play just as crooked & dirty as they can, but try to keep it from the public & the people! The minute they had a chance to advertise that Godahfi was attacking this poor little country & its President & invading a country in Africa, this always stirs people up!: "Godahfi's with Russia behind him! Russia is attacking Chad! We've got to get in there & stop Russia!"--Anything that the public will swallow.

       14. SO ALL OF A SUDDEN A BIG U.S. AIRCRAFT CARRIER STARTS CRUISING OFF THE SHORES OF LIBYA & a couple U.S. planes tangle with Godahfi's planes & send them running! I guess they didn't want to get shot down this time!--And the U.S. sends in millions of dollars worth of help & material to Habré the usurper!--I mean it's not just empty promises, but the U.S. have got their huge transports in there already unloading! When the U.S. was asked if they were going to send any men to Chad they said, "Well, of course, we'll probably have to have a couple of men to help unload the plane, & then there might be some guys that might have to teach them how to use the weapons."

       15. --LIARS! IT'S LIES, LIES, LIES! THEY COVER, COVER, COVER ALL THE TIME, ALL THEIR DIRTY WORK & THEIR CROOKEDNESS & their dishonesty & their deviltry all the way through, so they don't mind stooping to any depths, any sinks & stinks to do their damnable dastardly dirty work!--Especially the anti-Christs, & they're the ones that are running it, running the U.S. & now running France, & the only people that they have any trouble with are some of their critics & the general public & the reporters who keep exposing these governments & the chicanery they're up to, the people who keep finding it out & catching them & blurting it out in newspapers & on radio & television & everywhere, & this is what they hate. They hate for their perfidy & their dirty work & dirty tricks to be exposed, so thank God for some honest journalists & some guys who tell the truth!

       16. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF DOCTORS THAT JUST GOT KICKED OUT OF CHAD that sounded to me like they were captured in Godahfi territory, & whether they were actually working with Godahfi or captured by the other forces, Chad claims they were being held prisoner by Godahfi. Now you don't know what to believe, because when these doctors get out they probably won't go public unless they first come right through official channels, which means they will be briefed & de-briefed by government officials to make sure what stories they tell of what's going on in Chad & they don't carry any of the wrong tales. In other words, they can't come out saying, "Why, there were no planes around, Godahfi wasn't bombing!" Because this is the excuse the U.S. is using to supply millions of dollars worth of equipment to this stinking little traitor Habré in one of the poorest countries in the World!

       17. I MEAN, MY GOD! THE THING IS GETTING SO BIG IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE! Chad is one of the smaller countries in Africa, & yet it's something like 1200 miles long, about the size of Peru or South Africa. Can you imagine? It's about three times the size of California, but you look at the map of Africa & it only looks like one little spot! It's one of the poorest starving countries of all Africa, & the only reason it's managed to keep going right now is that the U.S.A. & the enemies of Russia are supplying their side with millions of dollars! They never gave a damn about those poor people before Godahfi tried to help'm! They didn't care if they starved to death!

       18. IT'S LIKE THAT OLD STORY ABOUT MY GREAT AUNT & HER SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS. My great Aunt Amanda taught Sunday School class in my Grandfather's church in Muskogee, Oklahoma, but she was getting old & the class of boys were pretty much a bunch of little Oklahoma toughies, probably sons of some of those Oklahoma outlaws, & she was getting fed up. So finally she said she was going to quit & she just couldn't take it anymore! But my Grandfather begged & pleaded & almost wept because she was the only one that could put up them & the only teacher they liked. He said, "Oh, Amanda, now Amanda, those boys are going to go to Hell!" She said, "I'm sorry, I can't help it, I just can't stand them anymore."

       19. THEN MY GRANDFATHER GOT A BRIGHT IDEA!: He went over to her house one day & he said, "Amanda! You know what I saw? I saw some of your Sunday School boys going over to the Methodist Church!" She flew into a fury & said, "Get my hat! I'll be right there right now!" She didn't give a damn if they were going to Hell, but she sure as Hell didn't want them going to the Methodist Church!

       20. THERE'S YOUR CHAD SITUATION: THE U.S. COULDN'T CARE LESS IF THOSE PEOPLE WERE GOING TO HELL OR STARVING TO DEATH! They never even heard of them before! But if they're going over to Godahfi & Russia's side, that's a different story! All of a sudden they're all excited & in there with the guns & the materials!: "We don't care if Chad goes to Hell, but we sure as Hell are not going to let Chad go to Godahfi!" So that's the way it is.

       21. SO THERE'RE SOME PRETTY BIG PEOPLE, SON, WHO HATE US, from the U.S. Government on up to the International Antichrist Government! Did you see that picture of the chief Russian negotiator at the Arms Talks in Geneva, Karpov, on the front page?--Just take a good look at him & you can see who's running the World on both sides!

       22. SOMETIMES I WONDER IF IT'S ALL A BIG FARCE OR PRETENCE, the enmity between Russia & the U.S., & Russia & China & all this, just to get people stirred up & try to get everything in a big mess so the anti-Christs can take over. This is what they proclaim right in the Protocols, this is what they're after: Get the whole World in chaos so they can take over & get it over with, which is exactly what is happening today. They're smart, Son, & whereas mere little governments like the U.S. might give up trying to chase us & find us, their International Antichrist Government will never give up!--But neither will we!--PTL!

       23. IT'S LIKE REPORTERS: WHERE THE POLICE STOP THE REPORTERS BEGIN! Many is the time when a journalist or a reporter has ferreted out a story & its victim, & time & time again you've read in the paper where they found somebody that the Police couldn't find, because the reporters were on a story & they could use methods & measures which were illegal & that the Police didn't dare use!

       24. --AND SO IT IS WITH THE ANTI-CHRISTS! They're more united & international than INTERPOL!--And totally unscrupulous, vicious, vindictive, vengeful, fiendish, diabolical & anti-Christ! So it's only a miracle of God they haven't killed us already! So we need to stay mighty close to the Lord & watch our step so we don't betray ourselves by some stupid blunder of insecurity! May God help you to watch & pray always & stay in the centre of God's Will & protection!--Amen? GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family