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THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS!--Of the Frogs!       DFO 1586       5/8/83

       1. ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL?--THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT! It throbs, it pulsates! God's in control, & there's nothing man can do about it. It drowns out man's noise & it helps me to sleep. Isn't that beautiful? I just trip out on that, God's wonderful creation--it just swallows up all the noises of man! Like a sea of sound, it just throbs & pulsates so beautifully in living sound!--All the little frogs praising the Lord, the frog chorus! Even the meanest & ugliest little creatures can praise the Lord & sing praises to Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! It's like the very rocks crying out to the Lord, singing His praises, thank the Lord! Hallelujah! Even His tiniest creatures glorify the Lord! Isn't it beautiful? (Tongues: "They have the seven kisses of your father, for they thrill the heart of your father, & encourage the heart of David with their song!")
       2. I SUPPOSE TO SOME PEOPLE IT WOULDN'T SEEM VERY PRETTY, BUT TO ME IT'S BEAUTIFUL! It's just like one mighty chorus & one great great song to Jesus! They hardly stop to take a breath. They just sing their hearts out, like birds, you know?--Did you know they're related to the birds? That's why they sound like birds all singing together. Isn't that beautiful? Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! The "Hallelujah Chorus" of the frogs! Even the lowliest most despised creature can lift up his voice in song! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! He made all things to glorify Him & all things were created to praise the Lord!--And only man is despicable.
       3. HIS WHOLE CREATION PRAISES HIM, THEY ALL SING HIS PRAISES, EVEN THE FROGS! Isn't that pretty, hmmm?--And in unison too, & harmony. They all sing together, they harmonise, they have the same rhythm & the same beat! They throb & pulsate in rhythm together. Just beautiful, beautiful unity!--Not a discordant sound in the whole bunch, just all praising the Lord together! They may not sound like angels, but even little tiny frogs praise the Lord! Isn't that sweet?
       4. IT JUST LULLS ME INTO ECSTASY! I can just flip out & just sort of float away on the waves of sound! Thank You Lord, I'm going to float away now. They're going to lift me up on their songs & waft me away to Heavenly places. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus for the frogs! He causeth even the voice of the frogs to praise Him. You can go too if you listen. But if you're just listening to me, you won't be able to drift away into dreamland on the song of the frogs.
       5. LISTEN!--THEY JUST HUSHED ALL OF A SUDDEN WHEN THEY HEARD THAT ROAR OF MAN'S MONSTER! They stopped to listen, they thought it was thunder, they thought it was the Voice of God.--They didn't know it was the noise of man. Isn't that amazing?--They just suddenly hushed except for just a little one here or there. Watch, they'll come back. Here they come! Listen to that rhythm, isn't it beautiful? Here they come! When they heard that roar of that plane they thought the Lord was telling them to be quiet, but it was just noisy man. Here they go again! Can you hear them? They're coming up again. Get the beat? Get the rhythm? It's just like all creation is throbbing, pulsating! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for Thy wonderful marvellous creation in which even the lowliest most despised creatures lift their voices in song & praise to Thee! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Marvellous! Just beautiful! Thank You Jesus!
       6. YOU CAN PRAISE & GLORIFY GOD EVEN IF YOU'RE JUST A FROG! Almost the lowliest & ugliest of all God's creatures can sing so beautifully to the Lord in such harmony & rhythm & unity! Even the frogs can get it together! Even the frogs can cooperate & sing together in harmony & in tune & in rhythm & in cooperation. Isn't that beautiful?--So beautiful! I mean they've just given their best to Jesus, they're just belting out their all in praise to the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
       7. EVEN IF YOU'RE JUST A FROG YOU CAN DO YOUR BEST FOR THE LORD! Even if you're ugly & small & despised, you can still glorify God & sing together for the Lord & make a joyful noise to Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! I love it! It really turns me on! I love it! It really turns me on to hear God's whole creation praising Him, rejoicing in His goodness, thankful for the rain! While man is cursing God, the frogs are praising Him! They also eat up all the Devil's little pests, the mosquitoes & the roaches & the bugs! So even the lowliest little frog has a good work to do. Even a lowly frog can help exterminate the Devil's pests! Even if you're only a lowly frog you can help exterminate the Devil's pests.
       8. ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL? LISTEN TO HOW THEY SING! They're singing so loud they drown everything else out! They don't care what man thinks, they're praising the Lord! While man is probably cursing them, they're praising the Lord. Now let's go to sleep to their music! Just listen to the music & drift off to dreamland to that Heavenly beat created & organised & led by the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! The "Frog Chorus" is triumphant over all!
       9. EVEN IF YOU'RE JUST LITTLE FROGS, YOU CAN TRIUMPH IF YOU ALL GET TOGETHER & sing together & really belt it out for the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Nobody can conquer you! They sing their songs in spite of everything. Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank the Lord for the song of the frogs. Aren't you thankful? Even a little frog can be beautiful when he's praising the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name, bless the frogs. Thank You for making them such a blessing with their songs of love & praise to the Lord!
       10. THANK YOU JESUS! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHORUS! Listen to that, Honey! Honey, you never heard anything like that before!--Just gorgeous! Listen to it! It just comes in waves & it changes the beat, it changes the rhythm, notice? It sort of smoothes out slowly & then it will go sort of, what do you call it?--"Adagio", I think it is, & then "crescendo", & then what do you call it when it quiets down?--Diminuendo! It's quieter, & then they rise again in a great crescendo fortissimo! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Just listen! See, it changes. They all sing in rhythm together.
       11. JUST SO MANY LITTLE TINY FROGS CAN MAKE SO MUCH NOISE FOR JESUS! Isn't that beautiful? Even if you're a frog you can make a joyful noise unto the Lord if you sing together & cooperate & follow the leader. I wonder who's leading?--It must be the Lord or the angels orchestrating them together like that, in such perfect harmony & rhythm. It goes up in crescendo fortissimo & then it goes down in diminuendo. It kind of fades out. Listen!
       12. THEY DON'T LIKE THAT THUNDER OF MAN'S PLANES, BIG THUNDER BIRDS! They sort of quiet down & stop to listen, they wonder what's disturbing their beautiful song. Man's big noise interrupts it, isn't that a shame?--Not for long though. As soon as man has passed by, they come up again. Hallelujah! Let's go up with them, Honey, wafted to Heaven on the wings of their song, their mighty chorus to the Lord, all by little tiny frogs!
       13. YOU DIDN'T KNOW A FROG COULD MAKE THAT MUCH NOISE, DID YOU? But see, if they all get together & sing together they can make a mighty chorus for the Lord! Terrific!--Whereas one little frog all by itself just goes "Croak! Croak!" But when they all get together & work together & sing together they really go, it just swells in a mighty chorus of praise to the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! They glorify God in their croaks! Even their croaks can praise the Lord! So if you can only croak for Jesus, you can at least make a joyful noise to the Lord! Even if you think you can't sing, you can lift your voice & praise the Lord like the frogs! When they all get together & sing together they make a beautiful joyful noise to the Lord! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Amen?
       14. LISTEN! POM POM POM POM, POM POM POM POM!... LISTEN TO THAT RHYTHM, THAT BEAT! Pom pom pom pom, pom pom pom, pom!... Every now & then it will change, pum pum pum pum pum, ba ba ba pum pum, ba ba ba pum! It's beautiful! Marvellous! What rhythm! What cooperation!--All singing together in chorus!
       15. REMEMBER THE LORD PICTURED US LIKE A LITTLE FROG ONCE? (No.275) You know? He showed that though to the System we're the lowliest ugliest most despised people on Earth, we still croak for the Lord. Praise the Lord? And if we all get together like that, think what a mighty Hallelujah Chorus we can sing! We just drown everything else out! Isn't that beautiful? Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus for the frogs! The Hallelujah Chorus of the frogs! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       16. THE FROG IS PROBABLY THE MOST UGLY & DESPISED CREATURE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, YET HE CAN SING LIKE THAT TO THE LORD! And when they all sing together they make a mighty chorus of praise to the Lord which just drowns out everything else! Isn't that beautiful? Nobody can stop it, man can't stop it! It drowns out man & all of his noises. Da da da dah! Da da da Dah! Da da da dah! See how their rhythm varies? It's just beautiful!--Like a whole bunch of birds singing together. Even the birds don't sing together like that, you know? Even the birds don't sing together in harmony & rhythm like that. But even if the little tiny frogs get all together & sing together they make a mighty chorus for the Lord! Praise ye the Lord, Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It really turns me on! It really trips me out! I could just rise on the waves of their song! Can't you? Isn't it beautiful? It just drowns out everything else! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
       17. WHAT'S THAT SCRIPTURE, "HE CAUSES THE FOOLISH THINGS TO CONFOUND THE WISE, & THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THOUGH THEY ARE!" (1Cor.1:27-28) In this case He even makes the ugly to be beautiful! Even the ugly can be beautiful when they all get together & praise the Lord! Like us, you know? Praise the Lord. If you think you're ugly & insignificant, if you get together & praise the Lord you can conquer all, drown out man & all of his noises made by hands. Even the frogs can make a beautiful joyful noise to the Lord, a great swelling orchestra for the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Beautiful, beautiful frog music for Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       18. EVEN THE FROGS CAN MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TO THE LORD IF THEY SING TOGETHER, UNITE TOGETHER, IF THEY'RE WORKING TOGETHER, SEE? It's terrific! We got it on the recorder, Honey! We got the chorus of the frogs, the rhythm of the reptiles!--The lowliest ugliest most despicable of all creatures singing beautiful praises to the Lord! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!
       19. THEY BECOME BEAUTIFUL WHEN THEY PRAISE THE LORD! Isn't that wonderful? It's like a metamorphosis, even the ugly frogs become beautiful like angels when they glorify God together! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name. Amen. Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Just listen to that, isn't it beautiful, isn't it wonderful? Every tiny little voice is doing its best, & all together it's one great mighty swelling chorus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! XXXXXXX! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Ahhh! Hallelujah! Amen! XXX! I love you, Sweetheart. Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       20. JUST THINK, YOU CAN GLORIFY GOD EVEN IF YOU'RE A FROG!--If you work together. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen, thank You Lord. Even one little songbird stands out when it's quiet, but when all the frogs get together, nothing can compete with them! Thank You Lord! And it seems like nothing can stop them unless they decide to stop themselves, & then it just takes one big bullfrog with his basso profundo to start calling the tune. Listen! The frogs are silent now, except for a few. The Old Bull's having a little difficulty rousing them this time. They must be tired.
       21. I'LL BET SCIENCE DOESN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE FROGS, scientists professing themselves to be wise become fools! I wonder how much they know about frogs? They can take them all apart & dissect them, but I wonder if they know what makes them sing & who's the leader & why he does it & why they sing so loud & why they all stop suddenly all at once, Boom!--Just like that, at a given signal. I think it's because man is so dumb & ignorant & they don't want to confess their ignorance, so they don't even discuss the frogs. I suppose they think that's beneath them, & it sure is a lot deeper than they are willing to confess. With the Lord with them, even the frogs are smarter! That's a comforting sound. You just know the Lord's in control & nothing can stop Him!
       22. I LOVE YOU & I LOVE THE LITTLE FROGS THAT SING TO ME! They're really doing their best tonight because they know I appreciate them. Did you know that the frogs & the birds are related? They were both made on the same day of Creation & all created out of the sea.--All the fish & birds & reptiles. The frogs sing like birds. They may not be quite as beautiful but they do sing, & they sing together in better harmony & rhythm even than the birds, & they cooperate better, like us. We may not be the most beautiful birds nor sing the most beautiful songs, but at least we sing together, & if we sing loud enough, we can drown everyone else out, overcome everything! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Let's go to sleep, Honey Baby, we can't be talking about frogs all night. Let's let them carry on for the rest of the night. They're singing away! Hal! Thank You Jesus for the Chorus of the Frogs!
       23. (ARE YOU ONLY A TINY UGLY LITTLE FROG?--Just make a joyful noise for Jesus with other little frogs, & nothing can stop you! Hal! TYJ! GBAKY a joyful frog for Jesus!--Amen? In Jesus' name, amen!)

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