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YOGA DANGERS!       DFO 1587       7/2/83

       1. I BOUGHT A BOOK ON YOGA ONE TIME--I JUST WANTED TO SEE WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY. I'd heard the Yoga system was supposed to be good exercise & that you could even do it in your room or anywhere. So I figured I'd try it while I was out on the road in hotel rooms where I wasn't going to get very much real good exercise. I couldn't stand to cross my legs like that on the floor, so I sat on a bed--it's a little easier on the joints & anklebones, etc.--but I never could quite get the full lotus position. I could get one foot up, but the other one, that was a problem!

       2. SO I WAS GETTING ALONG FINE, GOING THROUGH ALL THESE VARIOUS FUNNY MOTIONS that are supposed to be so good for your health & such a good exercise. And the nice thing about this book was that it had full-page photos of each position so you knew exactly what to do. But as I got further on into the book, they tell you to start making these horrible faces like a lion or a hyena or cat or the serpent, sticking your tongue way out! Horrible! The guy in the pictures was a Hindu or a Yogi, an Indian, & some of those expressions he had were just like a demon! He looked like a devil!

       3. SO I GAVE IT UP RIGHT THEN! I THOUGHT, "MY GOD, THEY'RE GETTING INTO SOMETHING THAT I DON'T WANT TO GET INTO! If I make a face like that, I might get one!"--And that's the whole idea, of course, to get demon-possessed. They have all kinds of pretty names for it: "To come in contact with your higher consciousness, to realise your karma, the science of identity." You're supposed to find your true identity, meaning which devil you want to get possessed by! That's what it is!

       4. WHEN I READ ON INTO THIS YOGA BOOK, IT WAS ABSOLUTE PREPARATION FOR DEMON-POSSESSION! Everything about it--positions, expressions & the way they hold their breath & all that sort of thing. It was enough to almost make you faint or go unconscious or kind of a self-hypnotism to the point of demon-possession! If you didn't have the Lord & you went through all that kind of stuff, you'd get yourself into a state of not self-consciousness but unconsciousness & spiritual consciousness to where you're perfect prey for the Devil & demon-possession! The whole trip is a trip to demon-possession, that's the whole thing!

       5. THEIR KIND OF MEDITATION & YOGA & TRYING TO FIND YOUR KARMA & GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS IS GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR GUARDIAN DEMON, your waiting devil who's waiting to come in! It gives me the shivers, the willies, when you think of how dangerous that stuff is & how some of these kids are doing all that! It's worse than a drug trip! If they don't have the Lord, they can get demon-possessed--I mean really get it!

       6. OF COURSE, THE YOGA REGIMEN IS REALLY RIGID & DIFFICULT! If you had to go through all that to get demon-possessed, that's kind of hard! There's lots easier, quicker ways, like going to a rock concert or having a drug trip, it's faster & easier. A lot of them get demon-possessed at those rock concerts & discos, etc., with that horrible loud music! The doctors say they had a nervous collapse or suddenly got epilepsy seizures & fits--& of course it's usually demon-possession!

       7. SO THERE ARE QUICKER, EASIER WAYS OF GETTING DEMON-POSSESSED THAN YOGA, that's kind of a hard job, but maybe you get a higher more respectable Hell's angel that way, that has more power & can lift you off the ground & levitate & stuff like that! These little mischievous devils that get into the teenagers, that's something else. With Yoga you get a higher order of demon by going through all that respectable Devil worship system until you're really his slave!--Beware! Leave it alone! Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness! (Eph.5:11; 6:12; Jam.3:15)

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