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LET'S REAP RADIO!--Localise Our Radio Follow-up!       DFO 1589       7/2/83

       1. I THINK WE HAVE REACHED A SATURATION POINT & AN ABILITY LIMIT WITH OUR TWO PRIMARY INTERNATIONAL RADIO SHOWS, MWM & MCV, of how many Clubbers their central offices can follow-up through the mail.--Somewhat along the same line as the CROs, & even they're better able to handle the reports & stats than the International Shows are able to handle their Club Members. MWMI has 4 or 5,000 members now & so does MCV, & I wonder if they're keeping up a good correspondence follow-up?

       2. I'M CONVINCED THAT WE HAVE GONE ABOUT AS FAR AS WE CAN GO ON THAT, & BOTH OFFICES ARE ABOUT SWAMPED! They're not going to be able to handle the load of the correspondence, even the lit by mail, much less any more follow-up, particularly personal follow-up. I think we have gone as far as we can go with an international outreach, from what amounts to a WIMI office for the Clubbers, from only two offices in the World! I don't think they're going to be able to handle it any more & they're not going to be able to do the job justice. They are not going to be able to carry on the follow-up & give the close personal attention that these Clubbers need to really bring them into the Family.

       3. THE TRIED-&-PROVEN METHOD HAS BEEN MINSTREL TEAMS, & THIS HAS HAPPENED IN INDIA WHERE IT REALLY GOT STARTED. In other words, we need personal follow-ups. The mail could only go so far & then they had to have the personal touch & meet somebody face-to-face, have Club Meetings & what amounts to getting them deeper into fellowship. You can get'm saved through the mail & the literature, you can teach'm for awhile & get'm so far along, but sooner or later they have got to have that personal touch & even more personal correspondence, individual correspondence & fellowship if we're going to really follow them up as we should & make genuine disciples of them, real Family Members!--Not all necessarily drop-out to come to live in a fulltime Home, but that too! But at least they need to have local follow-up & local fellowship, & they are never going to get it through an MWMI or MCV World office unless we spread out this load & push it down to the local level!--Just like we're doing the NROs & just like we're doing on a lot of other things!

       4. IT DOES SOME GOOD, BUT IT DOESN'T DO THE GOOD THAT WE HOPE & WANT IT TO DO, to have all these hundreds of radio shows on hundreds of stations & getting thousands of responses & Club Members who are obviously hungry, like it, want it, need it & would love to have closer contact & fellowship if it were available & if we could offer it! Well, I feel that the MCV & MWMI World offices have gone as far as they can go. I doubt if their offices could handle a much larger mail load, especially as they have to continue more & more follow-up, print more magazines, more lit, more this, that & the other to keep after each one of them.

       5. YOU CANNOT PROPERLY FAITHFULLY PASTOR 5,000 CLUBBERS THROUGH ONE LITTLE OFFICE & THE MAIL! You can't do it! You're just practically in over your head in a deluge of mail alone without doing anything extra! You can't even hardly think about follow-up or minstrel teams or anything like that unless they develop them locally like they do in India etc., & manage to sponsor them locally & get out there & the local people do it. And that's the only way it's ever going to be done!

       6. BECAUSE SOMEBODY WAS THERE TO PUSH IT & HAD THE VISION FOR IT & THE DREAM & THE INCENTIVE & THE INGENUITY & THE ABILITY & THE FAITH, the drive, the courage & everything it took to see it through, the Daily Might Ministry in the Philippines bloomed & thrived!--Why? Because it's a local thing, a localised ministry. They throw out the bait & it's almost like just throwing out the net to see what they can catch through radio, television & the newspapers, & wait for the mail response. Then they immediately follow that up with a very good line of lit & personal correspondence & finally personal visits. And it's paid off. It has reaped some local fruit who are now joining the Family, marrying the Family & becoming fulltime disciples, a few of them, through those contacts.

       7. I GOT INSPIRED ON THIS JUST LISTENING TO THE PHILIPPINE DM TEAM & SOME OF THEIR NAFS & GAFS ON VIDEO. Their Daily Might ministry is booming, because it's theirs & it's there! What have they got that we haven't got?--Nothing!--But it's there & they can follow it up! And they have the incentive to do it because they're face-to-face with the results & the fruit & they reap the harvest & profit from it in results that they can see & feel & it even helps support them, & we help support it too. But they get a lot of support out of it through winning friends & influencing people & a good many sponsors & businessmen & whatnot that help back'm in it, who like it.

       8. ACCORDING TO THE LATEST FIGURES, WE HAVE 100 MWM RADIO STATIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES, but do you know how many Club Members there are listed in the Philippines?--146! Do you know how many Club Members we have in India right now according to the latest stats?--6,000!--In a country that big & that vast! Well, from reports we've heard, the difference is that the Filipinos just don't seem to write in like the Indians & Latin Americans do etc.

       9. I REALLY PRAYED ABOUT IT, & YOU KNOW WHAT CAME TO ME WHY THEY DON'T WRITE IN?--IT'S NOT LOCAL! I wonder how much it costs to buy a stamp to send an airmail letter all the way to Greece every time they want to communicate? I mean, if the stamp even cost a few cents they probably couldn't afford it, & it probably costs several cents. It probably costs a lot of money to write all the way to Greece! I mean, it's amazing we got any response from people in that country at all! We might be able to afford to write to them, but they can't afford to write to us! So in spite of the fact that we have got over 100 radio stations there, we haven't got more than 1-1/2 Club Members per radio station!--Whereas we've only got one radio station covering India & that one radio station has got 6,000 Club Members! You may say, "Well, of course, we've been on a long time in India, we've only been on in the Philippines a couple of years." I don't think that's it.

       10. WE'VE BEGUN THE BIG PUSH & WE'VE REALLY BEEN PUSHING & PUT ON A GOOD SHOW, I THINK, & THEY HAVE REALLY BEEN FAITHFUL THERE IN INDIA IN FOLLOW-UP!--For years now, at least a couple years or more. They've been faithful ever since the beginning, with correspondence, follow-up, sending Magazines & materials & Minstrel Teams & holding MWM Meetings. That's been one of the things they originated & have been faithful with & it's been fruitful, really profitable & really has been successful! It's the ideal!

       11. BUT IN A WAY, AGAIN, THAT WAS LIKE THEIR LOCAL SHOW & IT WAS LIKE THEIR LOCAL PROGRAM & IT WAS LOCAL TO JUST WRITE LOCALLY. It's like a local letter. I'm sure it doesn't cost much to write a letter from India. I mean, if they could even write us to Greece, think how much cheaper it must be for them to write locally! But you can imagine what it must cost for a normal 1-oz. letter from the Philippines to Greece! I bet it costs a fortune, or what would be to those poor Filipinos a fortune, & you're never going to get very many Club Members that way!

       12. AND THAT'S ONE REASON, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT WE'VE GOT SO MANY STATIONS THERE, WE HAVE SO FEW CLUB MEMBERS!--Although we have been on there longer & more widespread with greater coverage than almost any place in the World! That was one of the first big fertile fields! They speak English & were a poor country & Christian, wide open for a program like ours, glad to have it & stations glad to get it!--But there's been little local follow-up & few local contacts until lately!

       13. SO I WOULD SAY BOTH MWM & MCV OFFICES HAVE REACHED WHAT I WOULD CALL THE SATURATION POINT!--Considering the size of their staffs & the size of their budgets, just about all they can handle. (Family: Last month MCV got 4,000 pieces of mail in one month!) Think of it! I mean, Fred with his huge television & radio ministry didn't get that many pieces of mail in a month! Of course he had rich people he was ministering to who could give bigger gifts & could support him, & he figured he had to get at least $1000 a day income just to support his ministry & pay for his TV time & his radio & all that. That took at least $1000 a day, as well as his own personal expenses & his staff & his office & all that. And I mean, he had no staff & no office compared to what we've got now!

       14. WE'RE NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT & DO THE LOAD LONG-DISTANCE, & I think the time to act is now before there's a collapse of the whole thing when we won't be able to reach them internationally by mail or otherwise. The Family in the Philippines are confessing that the reason MWM hasn't thrived there is because they haven't really had any connection with it locally. Although MWM sends them local names, they have not really pushed local follow-up. They didn't handle the mail, they didn't handle the follow-up lit, they didn't handle the personal contacts, so it's been just an extraneous foreign program to them & they almost feel like they have little or nothing to do with it.--Although they have been fairly faithful in booking it on over a hundred stations, & that's a pretty good record.

       15. ANYHOW, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO LOCALISE THE INTERNATIONAL RADIO MINISTRY & WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT SOON, OR IT'S JUST GOING TO OVERWHELM US! Because once you've gotten to where you can't do it & you can't keep up with the correspondence & you can't keep up their personal contact & interest even by mail, you're going to lose'm! And like I've told you before, it's like losing a station, it's hard to get'm back. Once you lose these Club Members you're going to have a tough time getting them back if you don't finish the job. You're either going to get'm in all the way eventually, or you're going to lose'm. And the only thing that will get'm in all the way is local follow-up!

       16. I TOLD THEM IN LETTERS THAT THEY SHOULD USE THE MWMI PROGRAM, BOOK IT IN THEIR COUNTRY ETC., BUT THAT THEN THEY SHOULD TRY THEIR BEST TO TRY TO GET THE LOCAL ANNOUNCER TO PUT ON A LOCAL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER! I don't think they've been faithful at that, because nobody's really had the guts or the incentive to try to handle the job. What's everybody's job is nobody's & everybody's busy with something else! Most of them are so busy trying to make it, they can't be worried about MWM & MWM Club Members when they've already got Daily Might! You know what they call the Philippine Family now?--The Daily Might people! Now considering that MWM got there first, that's kind of a reflection on the MWM outfit! But if we could get them as interested in MWM as they are in DM & to push MWM as well, they should be able to put'm together!

       17. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE DAILY MIGHT MAGAZINE & THINGS THAT THEY DISTRIBUTE THROUGH THE PROGRAM & FOLLOW-UP, ALL VERY GOOD. They've got a whole big office & program going with hundreds of contacts & follow-up & they go out & follow'm up personally & send out teams around the country visiting people & doing a marvellous job. They're doing the kind of job with Daily Might that they should be doing with MWM! But why haven't they pushed MWM? Well, they can put their own local address on the Daily Might & they get to give a local plug & give a local address, but not for MWM!--Because every MWM show is loaded with an Athens, Greece address!

       18. IN THE FIRST PLACE, THAT RUBS THE PEOPLE THE WRONG WAY BECAUSE IT'S NOT LOCAL! "What am I doing writing to Athens, Greece?" I mean, it's amazing we've had any response at all considering the foreign address & how far they have to write & how much it must cost them! We've had good response from the stations, they love to get it & it's worth a postcard to them to get it, but the poor people!

       19. WE HAVE GOT TO LOCALISE IT, & I'M CONVINCED WE'VE GOT TO LOCALISE IT EVERYWHERE, including MCV, or it's going to become a load that's so big we're going to collapse with it & we can't even carry on! I think the Lord is kind of forcing us to this to kind of wake us up & shake us up! They've almost got too much correspondence just to handle the stations even without all the Club Members! They're swamped!

       20. I'VE SEEN A LITTLE LITERATURE ONCE IN AWHILE THAT THEY'RE SENDING THEM, but this is nothing to what we should be doing & to the kind of follow-up program DM has. That's because it's local!--And one guy with the vision & the faith & the courage & the guts to see it through has gotten into it & gotten behind it! And also when he finally proved that he could do it & was successful, we've started to help him carry on. He needed the help to carry on, or he was getting swamped. But we have got to localise MWM somehow everywhere!--Even MCV in Latin America. Although I don't think Latin America is the same situation, because I think the Latin Americans have felt that it's their show, because it's in their language, & even with a Puerto Rico address they felt like it was more local.

       21. SO THAT'S THE MAIN BURDEN I'VE GOT--WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGURE OUT SOME WAY TO LOCALISE THE MWM MINISTRY! And the only way to do it is they're going to have to tack some kind of a local address onto those shows! If you can't persuade people to do it any other way--in fact, maybe they just couldn't do it any other way, they haven't got the time & they couldn't afford financially to handle it--we are going to have to open up an MWM office in their country to try to back the programs that we now have on. They don't even have time to monitor'm all to see if the show's really on or not!

       22. BUT WE'VE GOT TO MAKE IT LOCAL, THAT'S THE ONLY ANSWER, & THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT LOCAL IS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FINANCE IT! We're going to have to pay somebody to make it economically feasible for them to handle it. We can't afford much, but internal mail is probably cheap enough that they can afford to write locally. They could give a phone number & a local box number. They could simply tell those stations that they have got to carry & announce along with it a local number. Either that or in every major area we're going to have to change all the jingles & all the ads, & that's very difficult to try to change that Greek address inside each programme. About the only thing we might be able to do is have'm cut it off or blank it out or dub a local in.

       23. AND I GUESS YOU HEARD WHAT I THINK ABOUT PUTTING "LOVE POWER" ON LOCAL RADIO. We don't want to wear out our welcome there too fast! And although the MWM Show reaches the youth & the teenagers & people who can afford to have a little transistor radio set, there aren't too many kids under 12 who have their own transistor radio sets in India, much less understand English! So I don't see any use or need for the kids' "Love Power" show in that area or on that station.

       24. THE LARGE FIELD OF INDIA IS PREDOMINANTLY HINDU & BUDDHIST, as well as a few other oddball outfits, & I think only 2% of the population of India is Christian. So I don't see where a strongly Christian religious show would ever go over there. I think it would do more to prejudice people against us than for us!

       25. WE'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH MWM BECAUSE IT'S AIMED AT TEENAGERS, an older group of young people who are already in opposition to their parents & they've got their own little transistor & they can listen to whatever they want to. And they can also speak English & write letters in English whether their parents like it or not. We've already had some reports about parents who didn't like it.

       26. BUT WE HAVE GOTTEN THROUGH TO THE YOUTH OF INDIA & IT'S BEEN A MIRACLE!--IN SPITE OF THE OLDER GENERATION & THE SYSTEM!--And only because by a miracle God's kept us on that nearby station! Of course, a part of the miracle is we pay for the time & they like the money. It's a good show, it's popular & they know it, it's good for the station, so praise the Lord, it works both ways!--Good for us, good for them!

       27. SO I THINK MCV CAN CARRY ON WITH THAT LOCAL ADDRESS, SERVING LATIN AMERICA A LOT LONGER THAN MWM IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO CARRY ON WITHOUT OTHER LOCAL ADDRESSES! I think that's one of the biggest drawbacks. It's a wonder we've gotten as much response & as many Club Members as we have elsewhere, it's almost nothing short of miraculous! I knew that the Show would boom in Latin America in their own language with what they would consider their own address, right there in one of their own countries, virtually a local ministry! But the fact that MWMI has grown in so many countries around the World, 40-some countries, & with as many stations, close to 500 all together with 4 or 5,000 Clubbers, that's amazing, considering that address is foreign to most of them.

       28. WE DON'T REALLY HAVE THAT MANY SHOWS ON RADIO STATIONS IN EUROPE, BUT WE'VE GOT A EUROPEAN ADDRESS! By the wildest stretch of your imagination you could call Greece semi-Mideastern, but it's European to most people. Greece sounds like Europe. But that's expecting a lot for people from other parts of the World to write to Greece, & now for some parts of the World you're even getting further away.

       29. SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGURE OUT SOME WAY TO LOCALISE THE PUSH, THE BOOKING, THE LOCAL CONTACT & THE LOCAL FOLLOW-UP OF MWM! And the thing that gave me the burden for it was when I saw & began to realise the situation in the Philippines. They're even admitting on their video that they just really aren't making any progress. They get the names, but who's got the time to follow'm up? They've got about all they can handle following up DM contacts. That's a live local program that has immediate contact, not several months old, what you call in the sales business, "cold leads".

       30. DM'S GETTING HOT LEADS EVERY DAY, HOT SALES TIPS, HOT CONTACTS! BY THE TIME THEY GET ANY NAME & ADDRESS FROM MWM, IT'S PROBABLY MONTHS OLD!--Through no fault of MWM, but just the fact that it takes time & it's a long ways away & office processes & whatnot. Before they hear it & it gets to MWM & goes through their mail & then gets to the field where they can take any action on it, it could easily be months before there's any kind of a mail response locally! By that time they can be dead numbers, cold leads, gotten over it & out of the mood & maybe almost forgotten all about you! "Who's this? What's this? Oh, that letter I wrote months ago? Oh, that show!" So we've got to do something about it locally!

       31. THE PHILIPPINES IS ONE OF THE MOST GROSS EXAMPLES OF IT BECAUSE THEY'VE GOT SO FEW CLUB MEMBERS IN COMPARISON TO THE NUMBER OF STATIONS! But they've got 140-150 Club Members, & that's something. That's a start. But if they don't keep in touch with them & do something about them, they're going to lose them! And I don't see how they can even afford to correspond with MWM if they have to write Greece at high postal rates! The ones who do must be pretty rich kids to be able to afford it!

       32. THEY'RE REACHING THE INTELLECTUALS, THE INTELLIGENTSIA, THE UPPER-MIDDLE-CLASS, THAT'S A POINT, & you might say, well, maybe they'll make good leaders. They might have more education, know more English & that's how we got started in the States. Those hippies weren't just a bunch of bums, a lot of them came from the best families & the richest & best educated! Not all of you--some of you are pretty dumb! Some of you were from families as poor as Job's turkey, but that's no reflection. I mean, it shows you had something on the ball or you wouldn't be here! PTL! But it has been the intellectual intelligentsia of the upper-middle-class that has led nearly every revolution, because they had the brains & education & knowledge & the language--& the money in some cases--to do it.

       33. BUT WE'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, & I THINK THE SOLUTION IS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO GET SOMEBODY THAT'S GOT THE BURDEN FOR IT & the vision for it & finance'm to set up a local MWMI office with a local address & local phone number. The ideal location is where they've already got some available personnel & you can set up a Unit, maybe even a Unit within a Unit. Maybe if we'd give the Combo an extra gift they'd suddenly get interested, enough to pay for the extra mail & the extra time & trouble. DM's already got an office with a pretty good staff--maybe with a few extra helpers they could handle the extra job. They've already got people on the road for DM. Well, there's no difference between DM & MWM! If somebody's got the idea it's some separate kind of religion, they're mistaken!

       34. WE'VE GOT TO MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES! Once we get those contacts, there's not much the System can do about it! They can kick us off the radio & we can lose contact with them over the airwaves, but once we've got their response & their name & address, there's not much they can do about it then. Thank God we can hang onto them by mail! We have their address, & if we've got enough Minstrel Teams on the road, we can reach them personally.

       35. THIS IS THE HOUR OF REAPING, OF ALL THE REAPING WE'RE GOING TO GET BY RADIO, & WE'D BETTER GET IT WHILE THE GETTIN' IS GOOD, because the time is coming when we're bound to lose it one way or the other!--Either they find out who we are, or they just get tired of us, or war comes & we can't distribute or something! And if we don't have their name & address by that time so we can still reach'm by mail, well, we've lost our golden opportunity forever! This may be our last year of MWMI & MCV as far as being international programs are concerned & able to distribute internationally.

       36. THAT'S ANOTHER THING WE'VE GOT TO DO, THAT LOCAL OFFICE HAS GOT TO NOT ONLY HANDLE LOCAL FOLLOW-UP, put on local phone numbers & addresses, but they have got to locally distribute the tapes & locally book them on the local stations & do it personally, locally, & then locally monitor them & make sure they're keeping their word & they've really got it on the air! That's one thing I think they have been more faithful about in Latin America than almost anywhere else. They're confessing in the Philippines that they haven't been very faithful about it. I think they've been so gung-ho with DM they just almost forgot all about MWM!

       37. WHY SHOULD THEY BE INTERESTED IN MWM? They don't get the mail from it, they don't get any local contact from it till maybe months later, a cold lead that they follow up, & few of them at that. They've been writing away to some far-off place, Greece or somewhere, & it doesn't sound very local to them! So we're going to have to have a local MWM office or department in the local Combo office or the NRO office that handles strictly MWM correspondence, follow-up, booking, distribution & the works!

       38. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY THE LORD HAD TO MAKE ME A KING AS WELL AS A PROPHET! I didn't want to get involved in the business or the management or the administration of this outfit, never did, that's why I tried to dump it on Jethro & Deborah. When they didn't pan out, I tried to dump it on Emanuele & Rachel & a few of you guys & that wasn't very successful either! I tried to get out of the job! I was like Jonah! I was not only running away from Nineveh, I was running away from the whale too, swimming as fast as I could, but it finally caught up with me & dumped me back in the thick of it, & finally dumped them all out in the RNR & I had to take over. It was either that or sink!--Either sink or swim!

       39. WELL, IF YOU DON'T LIKE ALL THIS BUSINESS TALK, I INVITED YOU TO LEAVE A LONG TIME AGO! But it's got to be & it's the life's blood by which this outfit operates--good business management & organisation, as well as the Spirit! Of course, without the Spirit, we're nothing! Without the Lord we're nothing! No matter how good our business management & ability & leadership & organisation might be, without the Lord it would be an empty shell, a bunch of dead machinery just running like some of these churches! Like the little girl said about the kitten when she heard it purring: "It's gone to sleep & left its engine running!" Well, God help us never to do that! We're still wide awake as far as I know, & that's one reason I got the burden!

       40. THE TIME HAS COME, I THINK IT'S PAST TIME, & I THINK IT'S GETTING TO BE A CRITICAL SITUATION, A CRISIS SITUATION, WHERE WE HAVE GOT TO GO IMMEDIATELY & TRY TO RESCUE IT! Most of them couldn't do it even if they were interested because they just haven't got the time or the personnel or the money. Okay, let's finance it! Let's make a test-tube case out of the Philippines, which is one of the saddest situations in the World, because there is an English-speaking country, the only Christian country in the East, a country favourable to us with all kinds of top leadership favourable to us, wide open to us, stations wide open begging for shows & love it & playing it, but almost no follow-up!--Certainly no local follow-up! There's the ideal situation to try it--let's start tomorrow!

       41. WE NEED TO FIND SOMEBODY INTERESTED ENOUGH WHO'S GOT THE VISION & FAITH FOR IT & who loves the MWM Show & believes in it & wants to see it get out & wants to see it produce results & fruit locally. I noticed by this last video I saw that the leadership there are burdened about it & they've got a guilty conscience about it, so I think they're the good soft hearts to start working on!

       42. LET THEM KNOW, "OKAY, YOU ARE GUILTY, YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU HAVE FAILED MWM THERE, BUT IT'S NOT ALL YOUR FAULT! You need to get organised, you need to set up a local office, you need to have a local address, you need to have more financing, you need to have more local follow-up & make the whole thing a local program. All we do is furnish the tapes. Just the same thing they've done with DM, only it was just a little easier, they did most of that on paper. We just furnished the material, that's all. They took it & they caught the vision & they worked on it & they got it & they did it.

       43. WITHOUT FOLLOW-UP, WHAT'S THE USE? WE HAVE PUT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INTO MWM & all their music & talent & shows & we've got tremendous potential there--I'd hate to think it's just going to die from lack of attention, that the baby's just going to die from lack of care!--And all those little babies out there in Radioland are going to die too for lack of follow-up! We're going to have to figure out some way to make these stations use a local address!

       44. MAYBE IT WOULD ONLY TAKE ONE MORE SECRETARY! They've got the office, they've got the logistics, they've got the space somewhere where she could set up her typewriter in the corner of their office, & then maybe get some kind of a field man to get out & camp on the trail of those stations & tell'm "Here, you've gotta put on this local pitch!" If the local announcer isn't capable of it, let's make some local tapes that he can run. They run other tapes with one & two-minute spots, that would only have to be a 10, 20 or 30-second spot to put on maybe a jingle with the name & address to whom to write locally. They don't have to worry about thousands of tapes, they've just got a few hundred to worry about!

       45. WELL, FIRST OF ALL, EVERY JOB REQUIRES A MAN FIRST! You've got to find your man or your woman, somebody who has got the vision & the faith for it & the burden for it. And then you've got to find the place to set up an office & a post box etc. & finance it, & then get'm out to furnish them with the materials they need. Of course, the surest way of making sure you get your local address in is to dub in new spots. When it came to the International Show, with four or five hundred stations supplying 2,000 tapes a month, we gave up the idea of trying to dub in the new address because it just seemed like too monumental a task. But I think with just a local situation where they've only got 100 stations, maybe we can do it! (Peter: Maybe at the end of the tape they could give the local address.) That's a great idea! That show is short enough that we have saved a little space on there for a commercial, let's put our own there!

       46. I'VE GIVEN YOU THE IDEA, THE BURDEN, THE NEED & IT'S A CRITICAL SITUATION! We're going to have to go to work on it quick or we're going to lose the territory we have gained, & we're going to lose a lot of these people that we have gained if we don't get busy & follow'm up & do it quick & give'm some local address! I believe if we are actually on those 100 stations & they are actually playing, if you'd stick a local address on the end of every Show, you'd suddenly be deluged with mail as a result of the MWM Show!--More than they get off the DMs! I believe they just haven't been able to write us, they couldn't afford it!

       47. ALL RIGHT, I TOSSED YOU THE BALL! It's in your court, now you see what you can do with it! I think we desperately need to do that. I would say the next field you need to work on where the English Show is widely used is Indonesia. I think we had 200-some stations there at one time, & they don't even speak English! At least they listen to the music & we could tack a few seconds local address on the tail end of that show in Indonesian. They've got to get set up for it first though. Like any business, you've got to get set up & ready for business before you're going to get any!--But when you get it, you've got to be ready for it!

       48. I AM TO THE POINT WHERE I'M READY TO FINANCE IT! You say, "What are you talking about, Dad? You already had to cut down the paychecks & reduce percentages because of the drop in giving!" Well, this is time to go on the attack! Let's start expanding! When the British officers told John Paul Jones when he was wounded & his crew was half-slaughtered & his ship was sinking, "Come on, it's time to surrender!" He said, "I haven't even begun to fight yet!"--And he won!--Ha!

       49. IF WE DON'T DO THE JOB, OF COURSE THE LORD'S NOT GOING TO BLESS! We've got to move & expand & do more! If things are a little short & income's a little down, that shows we've got to get up & start fighting & get busier & do more!--Not less! Don't do the way the churches do!--If things get short, then they cut down. And that's the way the Alliance did, they kept cutting down & cutting down till they almost didn't have anything left! That's when you have to really start fightin'! We've got to begin really expanding if we're going to take advantage of all the money we have spent & all the time & trouble & personnel & blood, sweat & tears on MWM as well as MCV & not have it all go to waste! Of course, it hasn't been wasted, we've had a lot of good out of it already, reached a lot of souls with the message & had a lot of salvations of Club Members & all the rest. We've preached the Gospel if nothing else, we've been a witness!

       50. BUT IF WE ARE GOING TO HARVEST ANY OF THAT, IF WE'RE GOING TO GET IT IN THE NET & CATCH THOSE FISH & make disciples out of them & get them into the Family, we are going to have to go after'm! And as any salesman or farmer knows, you're not going to do it by just sitting around in the store or in the barn! You're going to have to have a sales program & you're going to have to have some salesmen to work on it & go out & get'm! Right?

       51. THAT WAS THE WHOLE IDEA OF THE MUSICAL PROGRAM, AN OUTREACH THAT WOULD REACH PEOPLE WE NEVER REACHED BEFORE & COULD NEVER REACH ANY OTHER WAY, especially the new younger generation, the new bottles today. This is our last chance to reach'm! Maybe this is our last year to reach'm! And if we don't set up local offices as a part of the local NROs or whatever to reach'm, to have a stock of tapes to distribute to stations so that even if they're cut off from the rest of the World they'll have those shows to run on the stations & be able to minister to the local contacts & follow-up the Club Members locally, we may lose the golden opportunity which we have now! And now is the hour, it's almost too late already! Well, thank God it's not, but it's getting awful late.

       52. SORRY TO KEEP YOU ALL UP SO LATE, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO STAY HERE, BUT YOU'RE SEEING A NEW MINISTRY, A NEW PROGRAM BORN, HEARING ABOUT IT ANYHOW! We'll have yet to see it, but I'm sure as the Lord gives us the burden for it & the faith for it, it will be done! I believe it can be done & I believe the Lord wants it done, & I think it needs to be done! And I think because it's God's will & our burden & a need & we've got what it takes to meet the need, I think we're going to do it! Praise God? So I want to see you guys get busy on it, & the rest of you can pray for it if you're not involved. Well, you're all involved. PTL!

       53. AMEN, LORD, IT'S YOUR MINISTRY, YOUR WORK, YOUR PEOPLE, YOUR SHOW, LORD! It's Your Gospel & Your business & You're going to have to take care of it or help us take care of it. Help us to figure out the details & put the program into operation, Lord, to get this thing moving & get this show on the road so it will accomplish the purpose whereunto it was sent, to reach those teenagers & this new young generation that we have not reached, in Jesus' name!

       54. GIVE US ALL WISDOM, SUPPLY THE NEED, SUPPLY THE FUNDS, SUPPLY THE PERSONNEL, THE MANPOWER, THE MAN OR THE WOMAN WITH THE VISION & THE FAITH TO DO IT!--Somebody, Lord, even one little secretary or one little road man or one couple or whoever it is, & some little office space & a box number. We ask You to help them work it out & the details & how to do it, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory!

       55. THOSE POOR KIDS ARE OUT THERE, LORD, HUNGRY, NEEDING IT & WE WANT TO BE FEEDING THEM, SO HELP US TO DO IT, LORD! Give us the personnel, the manpower, the folks with the vision & the burden, the faith & the right place & the right box & the right trailers on these shows for local addresses. Work it all out. Help these folks that know how to do it to organise it & get it done, in Jesus' name! PTL! TYL!

       56. INCIDENTALLY, THE LAST I HEARD, DEAR MWM HAD ABOUT 200-&-SOME NUMBERS OR HOURS OF MUSIC IN THE STOCKPILE THAT HASN'T EVEN BEEN USED! So I don't see why they can't go on producing new Shows! I mean, why not? They're there! They've got the talent, they've got the equipment, they've got the technicians, they've got the people, they've got the stockpile, why don't they go ahead & produce more Shows? The only reason I stopped that for awhile is because I wanted to put everything they had into making these dramas, especially for children, even if it was just for our own children to be educated by or to imitate for reproduction or even for radio. I think in some areas they would go over, but because they're so Christian, a lot about Jesus & everything, it would almost have to be in areas which favour Christianity.

       57. IN THE MEANTIME, IF SOME OF THOSE STATIONS ARE GETTING A LITTLE WEARY OF HAVING THOSE SHOWS THE THIRD TIME AROUND now that we're going on a third year, we'd better start making some new ones! We maybe got away with those repeats for one year & we're doing pretty well to do that, but I think they'd better get busy & make some more, don't you? Why haven't they? (Family: We told them to start now, so they are!) I wondered if you remembered! You did tell them to resume production! Let's see that music get into some use! But tell'm not to stop making Kids' Shows!

       58. THEY KIND OF GO TO EXTREMES SOMETIMES: I TELL'M ONE THING & THEY QUIT EVERYTHING ELSE & JUST DO THAT! So please, this they ought to have done & not left the other undone! They need to continue producing those kids' dramatics & drama shows, & please tell'm from me that the kids' drama shows don't necessarily have to all be kids! I mean, they're dramas for kids, but that doesn't mean everybody in there has to be a kid to appeal to kids! They probably need a few adult voices to properly fit the characterisations. I don't know where some of them got the idea that the kids' dramas had to all be kid actors! No! They are dramas for kids, but they don't necessarily have to all be kids!

       59. WELL, I THINK IN SOME WAYS THAT'S GOOD, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'VE GOT A LOT OF KIDS IN IT & SINGING & ALL THAT, but I don't think a little piping child's voice properly fits the characterisation of somebody who's supposed to be an adult, especially a villain of some kind! It's a little out of character. That's why they always chose me for the villain, because I had a nice deep voice. Villains always had deep voices, didn't you know that? They had to sound like the boogey-man in order to be a villain! Well, if I don't let you go, you're going to think I am the boogey-man! Amen? OK!

       60. THE REST OF YOU GUYS SAT IN ON A BUSINESS MEETING, SO NOW YOU'VE GOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PRAYING FOR THE JOB! So if you've got any ideas, tell us! I'm going to make you official promoter of that particular program of localising MWM, Son. Peter has enough to do as General Manager of this outfit under the King & Queen, & I'm sure he'll help you all he can. Check with Peter & get his OK on everything. For God's sake, go ahead & do things, though, & don't wait for my okay, because it may never get done if you wait for that!

       61. LIKE I TOLD OUR STATS DEPARTMENT, HERE WAS A LETTER FOR APPROVAL THAT HAD BEEN IN MY FILES FOR MONTHS & I completely forgot all about it because I was too busy doing my job, & that's not my job! How I got the letter, I don't know, because I've turned all that kind of business over to you guys. I don't have to approve letters like that, that's something that you guys ought to be able to approve. If it's gotta be done, do it! It was a letter to the CROs to tell'm to get these certain stats in when those stats are already on the forms! Why don't they send'm in? What do they think we put those things on there for if we didn't want to know'm?--Like ages & how long have you been in the Family & age groups & things like that. Why haven't they been telling us those things? Well, they'd better be!

       62. EVERYTHING THAT'S ON THAT TRF THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPORT IN STATISTICAL FORM! And when I first described it to'm I told them to do it & how to do it. Why haven't they been doing it? Well, I've notified someone that they're Manager of Statistics now, so it's her job & her responsibility, & if it doesn't get done I'm going to blame it on her! When I want a job done I appoint somebody to head up the program & that I can hold responsible. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask me. But don't ask me first, ask Peter first, then Maria, & if neither one of them can come up with the answer, I'm the Court of Final Appeal & the last chance! Don't bother me with it unless you guys can't solve it!

       63. I'VE HAD THIS POLICY EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING! I don't appoint a team, I appoint a man to choose his own team & figure it out, & then I hold him responsible. That's the way the Lord does too, He finds the man to do the job, & then He lets the man work out the details. Of course He helps him, TTL, & I'll help you all I can if you need me. I think I've told you enough now so that you shouldn't even need me any more, I'll just begin to see the results.

       64. LET'S START WITH THE PHILIPPINES & LET'S GO TO INDONESIA NEXT & SO ON IN ALL THE PLACES WHERE THEY'VE RECEIVED US WELL & WE HAVE A LOT OF STATIONS, & yet we don't have near as many Club Members as we really ought to, & let's push the whole show down to local level & let them handle the whole works!--Maybe eventually even the duping, distribution, promotion, selling, advertising, correspondence & follow-up from the local level.

       65. YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A BIG BUSINESS, DID YOU? Well, it's a business, a very important business, the most important in the whole World!--It's the Lord's business! There's no reason why we shouldn't run His business just as well, if not better, than the World does theirs.--And that requires organisation & financing & management & salesmanship & personnel & everything, & we ought to have the best! Praise God? And I think we do, for the job we have to do! TTL!

       66. WE KNOW IT CAN BE DONE! Good night, if we can do it in a country like India, we ought to be able to do it anywhere--anywhere at least where they speak our programme languages--& we have some stations & some Club Members. I want to do the best job we can do & fulfil our obligation & our responsibility to the Lord & these people, or He is going to hold us accountable for all this talent He's given us & all these musicians & all these shows, & He's going to say, "Well now, what did you do with it? I gave you all that, how come you didn't follow it up & finish the job?" I don't want Him telling us we went & buried it somewhere, or we'll really be in trouble! I know good & well that if we do the job & do it right, He'll pay for it! PTL! It's gotta be done & I'm glad we've got the men to do it! David's mighty men! Hal! TYJ! Now do it!--Amen? GBAKY busy for Him!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family