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WE'RE STILL THE JESUS REVOLUTION!       DFO 1592       18/8/83
--Our Foundation Is Jesus & the MO Letters!

       1. I WON THEIR HEARTS!--It was, in a way, me & my Word, which of course came from the Lord. I & my Words came from the Lord & they believe in me not because they believe in the Bible, but they believe my words because they believe in me, because they believe what I say is from the Lord. And with a lot of them, it wouldn't make any difference if I agreed with the Bible or not, they'd still believe in me & what I have to say! So therefore, they don't actually need the confirmation or the corroboration of the Bible, they'll believe me anyhow.

       2. (MARIA: SO FOR THE FAMILY, IN A WAY, OUR FOUNDATION IS IN THE MO LETTERS, because most of us never had the Bible anyway, & our basis & foundation is in the MO Letters, right? And for us, the MO Letters support the Bible & confirm the Bible.) That's the way they look at it. (Maria: Right. What got us a little uncertain was that you've always told us that the Bible confirms or explains or supports the MO Letters. That was true for you, because for your whole life the Bible was your foundation & so you looked at the Bible as a confirmation of the MO Letters. But for us who didn't even know the Bible, the Bible couldn't confirm the MO Letters for us, it has to be the other way around: If anything the MO Letters confirm the Bible. So our main basis should be the MO Letters & that should be our principal curriculum!)

       3. THAT IS TRUE, REALLY, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE MO LETTERS HAVE BEEN ALL ABOUT--TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE THE BIBLE! Now if we were working with Church people, I'd have to use the Bible to get them to believe me, but I've had to persuade you with what I have to say, to believe the Bible, so with you it's just the other way around! (Maria: For you, the Bible is the foundation. For us, the MO Letters are the foundation, because we didn't even have the Bible anyway. What you start with & build upon is the foundation, right? You start with the foundation, & we started with the MO Letters. So that's our foundation--the Bible just sort of confirms it & supports it. It's like a confirmation when we read things in the Bible that agree with the MO Letters. It's like, "Oh, this is another confirmation that the MO Letters are true, what we read in the Bible.") That's right! I never thought about that!

       4. (MARIA: SEE, THAT'S WHY I SORT OF GOT UNCERTAIN, & I THINK THE WHOLE FAMILY HAS IN A WAY GOTTEN A LITTLE CONFUSED ABOUT IT, because we were trying to look at it the way you explained it, as the Bible being a confirmation of the MO Letters, & therefore we needed to know the Bible better because, after all, it really was most important. But in practice & in reality we knew for us the MO Letters were far more important.) See, with the Church who knows the Bible, they have to search the Scriptures to see if these things that I say be so. But you guys know the MO Letters & you know they're right & true & you believe them. So you have to search the MO Letters to see if what the Bible says is true! (Maria: That's right!)

       5. I HAVE HAD TO PERSUADE YOU TO BELIEVE THE BIBLE!--The Church people have to be persuaded to believe in me. (Maria: Yes! And there's nothing wrong with that, because as you said, the MO Letters are just as inspired Word of God as the Bible is, so therefore the Bible can support the MO Letters or the MO Letters can support the Bible, according to the need.)

       6. THE CHURCH PEOPLE USE THE BIBLE TO SEE IF I'M RIGHT, & YOU GUYS USE ME TO SEE IF THE BIBLE'S RIGHT!--Ha! Most of our kids didn't believe the Bible & had no faith in the Bible at all, but the Lord gave them faith in me & my Words & now I've taught them to believe the Bible. The Church people already believe the Bible, they have to be taught to believe in me. They have to look in the Bible to see if I'm right. You guys look in the MO Letters to see if the Bible's right! Ha, ha, ha! That's really funny! (Maria: But it's true & I think that's why we all got a little sidetracked, because we were sort of going by your way of looking at things, see, with you who had the Bible as your foundation & supporting the MO Letters, & that's what you've always told us. We just didn't realise that in this case it wasn't the same for us as for you.)

       7. THAT'S BECAUSE I WAS A CHURCH PERSON & MY FOUNDATION WAS SCRIPTURES, & I even had to check the Bible to see if I was right to make sure I was right. You guys don't have to check the Bible! You know the MO Letters, you can check the MO Letters to see if the Bible's right!--Ha, ha, ha! That's really funny! But that's true! (Maria: Well, I was trying to figure out where I got so confused & off the track & I kept thinking about it & I came to the conclusion that because you had always said the Bible confirmed the MO Letters, that that's why we felt since you knew the Bible so well, we were supposed to know the Bible too & study the Bible. But then I thought, well that's not really right for us, because the Bible is not our foundation, the MO Letters are our foundation & we shouldn't have to study the Bible to confirm the MO Letters!)

       8. THE FACT OF THE MATTER WAS THAT MOST OF OUR KIDS WERE NOT CHURCH KIDS & DIDN'T EVEN READ THE BIBLE! I've had to teach them to believe in the Bible. The Church people already believe the Bible; they have to be taught to believe in me. But I was a Church person, so like Paul, I had to document & authenticate everything I said by referring to the Bible. Because I had to begin with largely Church people in mind, that I was going to have to prove to them that I was right by the Bible. The Bible was my authority & my documentation & authentication to prove to both myself & the Church people that I was right & a true Prophet of God. But you folks didn't need that.

       9. MOST OF OUR FAMILY DIDN'T REALLY KNOW THE BIBLE, & I'D SAY PROBABLY MOST OF THEM DIDN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT, BUT THEY BELIEVED WHAT I HAD TO SAY! They were won first by what I had to say & they believed what I had to say & believed in me, & I had to teach them to believe in the Bible. (Maria: Yes, & actually you combined what the Lord's given you today with the principles of the Bible anyway, so it's all in one, it's all there, it's all complete. It's true, we don't even need to read the Bible as a separate Book because you've sort of combined everything together in the MO Letters now!)

       10. YES, AS I SAID BEFORE I HAVE REALLY TAUGHT YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW OF THE BIBLE. (Maria: We actually don't even need the Bible to support the MO Letters. The Bible is there as part of the MO Letters.) It's kind of like what they said about Shakespeare. They used to say that even if they burned & destroyed all the Bibles, they could still find most of the Bible in Shakespeare & in the writings of other great men.

       11. I HAVE HONESTLY TOLD YOU REALLY ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BIBLE & ANCIENT HISTORY! Most of all, I have taught you what you need to know about now & the Future & I have corroborated it by the Bible. (Maria: But like you said, for most people, most of our kids, you really wouldn't have had to corroborate it by the Bible actually, because what you say is the Word for today anyway, & even if you hadn't, they still would have believed you. They still know it's the Word even if you don't corroborate it by the Bible.) They find it interesting & encouraging that the Bible agrees with me. (Maria: Yes, I think that's true.) That's really funny!

       12. (MARIA: BUT I'M REALLY GLAD THIS ALL CAME OUT, BECAUSE WE HAVE TO RE-THINK OUR PRESENTATIONS & PROGRAMMES! We were planning on getting into doing a Bible Curriculum for the children with everything based on the Bible & all the MO Letters, stories, quotes, everything confirming or supporting the Bible material.) I guess we've made our final break with the past & Church tradition! (Maria: I think I got it really straightened out now, where I went wrong.) You have, you hit it! "Out of the mouths of babes & sucklings thou hast spoken great wisdom & the truth!" (Ps.8:2)

       13. I DON'T CARE IF THEY BELIEVE THE BIBLE OR NOT, AS LONG AS THEY BELIEVE ME! Since I've told them the truth & all the truth there is in the Bible, they don't have to believe the Bible. If they believe in me, they believe all the Bible they need to know! (Maria: Yes, we never thought we could do anything more that would be more radical than we've already done!--Ha!) They wouldn't have to know a thing about the Bible or even ever read the Bible. They'll find all the Bible they need to know right in the MO Letters. They could get by with the MO Letters if they didn't even have a Bible! (Maria: Oh, certainly!)

       14. THE BIBLE TO THEM IS AN ANCIENT BOOK & EVEN AN ANCIENT LANGUAGE! They can't even understand the old English & peculiar expressions. They don't know anything about it or its history & can't even understand it & they don't need to understand it now, but they can understand the MO Letters. That's what I'm here for, to speak the language of this modern generation & to reveal to them the Truth of God that they didn't get out of the Bible because they didn't believe it in the first place--or couldn't even understand even if they did read it! So God had to send them a modern Prophet to give them His Modern Word that they could understand & they could believe. So here we are!

       15. WE'RE JUST AS MAJOR A BREAK WITH CHURCHIANITY & TRADITION AS WAS THE CHRISTIANITY OF JESUS & HIS DISCIPLES & THEIR BREAK WITH JUDAISM & JEWISH TRADITION & JEWISH LAW! We've made just as radical a break as the one that He & the Apostles made with Jewish law & tradition & to preach nothing but Christ & Grace & Love instead of Moses' Law. "The law came by Moses, but grace & truth came by Jesus Christ." (Jn.1:17) We have totally abandoned Moses & the law. (Maria: It never really sank in till now, when you start looking at it this way, that we really have abandoned all that, literally.--Not just in Spirit but we've really literally abandoned it!)

       16. WE HAVE JUST AS MUCH BROKEN WITH THE CHURCH & CHURCHIANITY & CHURCH TRADITION & even a lot of Church false doctrine, as the Christians broke with the Jews! So as I've said before, we're just as radical or revolutionary compared to the Church as the Early Christians were to the Jews!

       17. MOST OF OUR KIDS DIDN'T BELIEVE THE BIBLE--THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE BIBLE, HOW COULD THEY BELIEVE IT? They weren't even Church kids & their parents weren't even Church parents. In fact, a vast number of them were Jews, just plain heathen & unbelievers! They didn't even know the Bible, so how could they believe it? So the Lord had to speak to them through me, somebody that they could know & believe, & speak a truth they could understand in the way that they can understand it. And they knew I was right & they knew it was the truth & they believed me, & the Lord by His Spirit convicted them that this was so.

       18. AND WHEN I BROUGHT IN THE BIBLE, THAT WAS SOMETHING ALMOST ENTIRELY NEW & STRANGE TO THEM, BUT THEY WERE WILLING TO ACCEPT IT. (Maria: Because you said it was true!) They were willing to believe the Bible because I said it was true!--Ha! They believed the Bible because I said so! But they wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't said so. [DELETED] In fact, they have believed me when I have said that in a few places I thought it was wrong, like some of Paul's teachings about women & sex & the Jews!

       19. IT KIND OF REMINDS ME OF WHAT THAT ONE GUY IN FRANCE SAID: "I LIKE ALL THIS THAT YOU GUYS TEACH IN THESE MO LETTERS, BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BRING GOD INTO IT?" A lot of our kids could have said almost the same thing: "I really like you, MO, & what you teach & I believe it, but why do you have to bring the Bible into it?" Well, I've got to teach them that the Bible is also true & the Bible agrees with me & I agree with the Bible & it's the same truth from the same God, the same Word, & it all agrees together. There's a Scripture something like that. Of course, you know me, I've got to always get a Scripture for it. It's something about "these two agree, the Spirit & the Word bear witness," something like that. But it says something about "these two agree." (1Jn.5:6-8) (Maria: I'm sorry, I can't help, I don't know my Bible so well!--Ha!)

       20. WELL SEE, THE LORD HAD TO MAKE ME KNOW THE BIBLE & KNOW HIM & KNOW IT WAS HIS WORD SO THAT I WOULD BELIEVE ME WHEN HE SPOKE THROUGH ME, BECAUSE IT AGREED! I had to have faith in myself & that God was speaking through me & it was His Word just as much as it was the Bible, because it agreed with the Bible. So the Lord had to use the Bible with me to convince me, because I was a Church person & a Bible-believer.

       21. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, MOST OF OUR FAMILY BELIEVED IN ME FIRST & WHAT I HAD TO SAY, because I talked about the present conditions & fought against the System & I agreed with a lot of what they already believed & knew was true. They knew that I was right & what I taught was true, so they believed in me. Most of them knew little or nothing about the Bible, much less believed it, so they had to believe in me!

       22. I WAS STRONG ON SCRIPTURE MEMORISATION, THOUGH, & I WAS ALL FOR IT! (Maria: Good, because I have a whole Memory Book with Verses in corresponding categories to the Quotebook! We don't have to nix that, do we?--Scripture memorisation for instruction? It's not about the Bible or any theories or doctrinal discussions or geography or history or anything, it's practical lessons. Scripture memory. It supports the MO Letters with practical spiritual principles. We got the Bible verses that correspond with the Quotebook categories & they'll be used in conjunction with the Quotebook categories.) I think that's very good! We're not talking about going into old old ancient history & geography & tribes & lists & customs & things like that that we don't need to know about!--And types & symbols of the Temple & the Tabernacle & the types of Jesus & old Jewish worship & Harmony of the Gospels & all that junk!--We don't have to know anything about that stuff.

       23. (MARIA: WE DON'T EVEN NEED THE VERSES, WE DON'T EVEN NEED TO MEMORISE THEM, BUT IT'S GOOD IN THAT IT DOES CONFIRM THE MO LETTERS & it adds extra weight with Church people at least. It adds extra weight to what you're telling them!) Yes! But to our kids it shows the Bible is true!--Ha! If you can give them Bible verses that agree with MO Letters, they'll believe them & memorise them! (Maria: Yes, our kids.) But if you can give the System MO Quotes that agree with the Bible then they'll believe it, & then they're inclined to believe me. (Maria: So it just depends on who you're working with & who you're talking to!--Ha!)

       24. --SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY! If you're talking to System religionists, then you need to use the Bible. If you're talking to hippies, radicals, revolutionaries, unbelievers in religion & tradition & churches, then use MO!--And that's the majority of our people of course! That's what I'm for. That's what the Lord sent me for, to bring faith to the un-churched & unbelievers who were fed up with Churchianity & Bible-banging! (Maria: I know for so long when we said "the only Word you may have in the Future is the Word you have hid in your heart," I think you were of course thinking of memorising the Bible.) Yes.

       25. I WAS ALMOST SHOCKED WHEN I HEARD PEOPLE MEMORISING MO! (Maria: See, I knew what you were talking about. I knew you were talking about memorising the Word & that you were always putting the stress on the Bible, so therefore I just sort of went along. We all sort of thought that that was the emphasis, & it's true, it's good to memorise the Bible.)

       26. IT'S FUNNY HOW THE NAME OF ONE OF THE GREATEST & MOST WIDESPREAD GOSPEL PROGRAMMES IN ALL THE AMERICAS WAS "BACK TO THE BIBLE!"--WHICH PROVES THEY'RE GOING BACKWARDS!--HA! Our slogan is, "On to MO!" instead of "Back to the Bible!" (Maria: Yes, that's right! Well, this is a good revolution.) We've had enough Bible! We need more MO right now & that's why the Lord is giving it! (Maria: Really, it doesn't matter whether you memorise MO Quotes or Bible Verses on the same subject.) They're all the same. (Maria: It's all Word. And it's all on the same subject. If it's on the same subject, what does it matter? The Lord sometimes brings a Bible Verse to you & He sometimes brings a MO Quote to you, one or the other, sort of interchangeably, so it's all Word, & if you can memorise MO Quotes & you can memorise the Bible you've got sort of double firepower or double Word-knowledge!)

       27. I SOMETIMES THINK THERE IS A GREATER GAP BETWEEN US & CHURCHIANITY THAN THERE WAS BETWEEN THE CHRISTIANS & THE JEWS! (Maria: Yes, I'm really thinking that more all the time!--Ha!) I mean, we're almost as different as night from day. About all we & the Church people can agree on is the Bible, & they don't even agree on all that. I mean, we agree with the whole Bible, every bit of it that is up to date, except I don't always agree with everything Paul said. Of course he was still too hung-up on the Jews & the old law even. He still had a hangover on those things.

       28. BUT WE PROBABLY AGREE MORE WITH THE BIBLE THAN THE CHURCH PEOPLE DO, because we bring out all the parts that they don't obey & they don't agree with regarding the present & the Future, such as witnessing & winning souls & evangelising the World & getting ready for the Tribulation. Of course, we don't even agree with their attitude toward the past & Bible History, because they put it all in the past & don't think it can happen again.

       29. (MARIA: WE DON'T EVEN NEED TO READ THE BOOK OF ACTS, BECAUSE YOU'VE TOLD US HOW TO LIVE IT! We don't even have to look back at that, because really it was a little bit different. You've told us exactly how it should be today, & if we just follow what's in the Letters we don't even have to read Acts!) We're living it today! Let's face it! That was God's Message for that day. God has a lot of new methods for today, a lot of things that would have even shocked the Early Christians!

       30. GOD IS TODAY A LOT MORE MODERN THAN MOST PEOPLE GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR! God is not a traditionalist, He doesn't have to stick to the past. The only thing He cares about is the present & the Future, the past is gone & already forgotten. He says, "I'll remember them against you no more." (He.10:17) (Maria: Our Family would be in a lot worse bondage to all that ancient history if there hadn't been such a volume of MO Letters that's kept them so busy they haven't had time for it. But just like someone said, with all she has to do, she'd already felt obligated to start a project of reading through the Bible, which you've mentioned many times to us that we should do.) She'd be better off if she'd start a project reading through the old MO Books! (Maria: See, they've tried to keep up with everything on all sides, they've tried to read & study the MO Letters, tried to read & study the Bible, tried to juggle everything & get everything in & they can't, so they mostly put Bible study aside, thank God!)

       31. WE, LIKE THE EARLY CHRISTIANS, MIGHT HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UNDER BONDAGE TO OLD CHURCH TRADITION by the churches & the Church people if we had not been so radically revolutionary & revolutionarily radical & so shockingly radical that the Church people just totally rejected us & our doctrine & condemned us & ostracised us & refused to believe us! If they would have accepted us we could have gotten sucked back into the churches, but they'll have nothing to do with us, thank God! That's kept us pure & radical & revolutionary & clean from all their Pharisaical hypocrisy & their false doctrines.

       32. THE LORD HAS MADE THE DIVISION SO GREAT & THE GULF IS SO GREAT & THE GAP IS SO GREAT THAT NO MAN CAN BRIDGE IT! We're so totally revolutionary & radical compared to the churches that it's impossible for us to conform or for them to accept us, which is good! It has kept us separate & pure just like the Early Christians with their radical abandonment of Moses & the law. It divorced them completely from the Jews & kept them separate & pure in their doctrine of Christ & loving grace & mercy, so totally different from the Jews that they were totally unacceptable to the Jews, complete outcasts; in fact, counted as enemies!--Which they really were, in effect, because they taught totally contrary to Moses & the law. When the Jews accused Paul of that, they were right. He didn't like it but they were right. "This man teaches against Moses & the Law!"--And that's the truth! That's what he was doing.

       33. TODAY THEY SAY WE TEACH AGAINST THE CHURCH & THE BIBLE, & THAT'S THE TRUTH! We teach against their kind of Churchianity & their interpretation of the Bible, but not really against the Bible, & we're certainly not against the True Church! We can't get any worse!--Ha! King David said, "And I shall be more vile also!" (2Sam.6:22) Boy, he was a radical! He horrified the Systemites with his fanatical ways, but God loved it!

       34. HE LOVES OUR ATTITUDE TOWARD SEX & NUDITY BECAUSE THAT'S HIS ATTITUDE! He created them both, so obviously He likes them or He wouldn't have made them! And our use of them in love to win souls must really thrill & please Him! At last somebody is making good use of all that wonderful sex & nudity He made & using it for the best possible purpose, to win souls in FFing, something the Church people cannot accept. So thank God, that keeps us totally separate & distinct from the defunct churches & far more acceptable to the sinners & the World we're trying to win! TTL!

       35. WE'RE NOT TRYING TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE CHURCHES, WE DON'T NEED TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE CHURCHES! We need to be accepted by the souls we're trying to win, & if they like sex & nudity & FFing, all the better. Praise God! It does the job & keeps us very distinct from the Church people & dead Churchianity & dead Church people & dead Church doctrine! It keeps us really fresh & new & separate & radical & revolutionary! Thank God!

       36. YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO CONVINCE ANY OF THOSE GUYS WE'VE WON THROUGH FFing THAT I'M NOT RIGHT! They know I'm right, they know it worked! They never could have been won by the Churches or dead Churchianity or dead Christians!--All of that made them want to throw up! They were already sick of all that. It never had any appeal to them at all, most of them. But our girls sure do appeal & our love sure does & our fellowship & our nudity & our pretty pictures, & I think we've proven that our kind of religion appeals to people that never would have gone near a church! We appeal to the publicans & sinners & the drunks & the harlots & the radicals & the revolutionaries, just like Jesus did, & we're just as cast out of the churches as He was out of their synagogues & temples! So Hallelujah!

       37. THANK GOD WE'RE NOT ENCUMBERED WITH THE CHURCH OR THE CHURCH CHRISTIANS! We don't have to worry about pleasing them. We can never please them. We're entirely too radical, fanatical, revolutionary, sexy & untraditional! We violate all their favourite morals & taboos & contradict all their pet doctrines except Salvation. Even our doctrine on the female Holy Spirit is too radical for them. Thank God we're totally separate & distinct, & I guess it will take the full Thousand Years of the Millennium to ever get us together, or maybe quite a bit of Heaven too!--All this & Heaven too! They'll have to believe us then! I don't care if they believe us now or not, we don't need'm! Well, we can use them if they'll help us, but if they try to hurt us & hinder us we can sure do without'm, thank the Lord! And I really believe we're better off without them.

       38. AFTER FRED'S SCANDAL OF HIS DIVORCE & REMARRIAGE TO HIS YOUNG SECRETARY, HE LOST NEARLY ALL OF HIS MISSIONARIES & THEIR CHURCH SUPPORT, because most of it was based on churches & Church Christians. Thank God most of ours is not! Most of ours is based on our own converts & our own people & not the churches nor churchy Christians, although we have some of their support but it's always uncertain & sometimes actually dangerous, especially when they turn against you by finding out who you really are! That always does the trick & turns us back to the Lord & our own for support. Thank God!

       39. THANK GOD HE'S KEPT US SEPARATE FROM THE CHURCHES & PREVENTED US FROM GETTING SUCKED INTO CHURCHIANITY! TTL!--Or we could have totally lost our identity & our mission & our ministry & our message, like the Jesus People. They were never any different from the Church people except they had long hair & dressed like hippies. They got sucked right back into the churches from which they came. But thank God the churches didn't suck us in, they spewed us out! Hallelujah! We were too hot for them!

       40. I DIDN'T HAVE TO BEGIN WITH THE BIBLE WITH OUR FOLKS! I just began with God's Word & God's Truth for today & they knew it was right & they knew it was the facts & they agreed with it & they were almost surprised to find out that it also agreed with the Bible, a strange Book to them! They didn't really need the Bible. I needed the Bible & our few Church people needed the Bible, but most of the Family didn't need the Bible; all they needed was MO. They knew & loved & believed in MO & that was it, & they even had to be taught that it was the Word of God & that also it agreed with the Bible! But I don't think they really cared! They would have still believed in me & loved me & followed me, because they knew it was the Truth & His sheep heard His Voice & they followed Him! PTL! TYJ!

       41. AND THEY CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE NEVER FOLLOWED ME INTO CHURCH! Well, some of them did in our church invasions & sit-ins, but they soon threw us out as soon as they found out who we were, & they still will! We will never be accepted by the Church people & I hope we never are! We shouldn't be. We don't want to be like the Church people, & you have to be like them to be accepted by them, & we're almost as totally different from them as night from day!

       42. WE WANT TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE SINNERS & LOST SOULS WHO NEED OUR SALVATION & our love & our girls & their joy & happiness & even our sex! That's what the World needs today. All these pleasures & sex are of the Lord, not the Devil, & to enjoy them to the full you need the Lord! He can give you everything!--Every joy, pleasure, sex, happiness, satisfaction, whatever! PTL? He's got it all! We've got everything to offer!

       43. THE CHURCH HAS NOTHING BUT EMPTINESS & SUFFERING & MISERY!--NO AIM, NO PURPOSE, NO JOB! About all some of them have got is Salvation, a few of them. Thank God for that. But most of them don't know what they're supposed to do, know what their life's work ought to be, know what their job is to witness & win souls & evangelise the World or what the future is or how to prepare for it! They're even dumber than a lot of the World! The Lord Himself said, "The children of this generation are wiser than the children of Light." (Lk.16:8) So we don't have to worry about the churches or the Church people or trying to be accepted by them & conform to their standards, we'll never be able to please them, except perhaps a few exceptions.

       44. WE JUST DON'T FIT CHURCHIANITY & WE NEVER WILL! God called us for a different purpose, ministry, message & method to reach a different people, & we've done it outside of the churches & without their help & even against their opposition, as Jesus did against the church of His day. So thank God for our doctrines & beliefs & practices which make us totally distinct & separate from the Churches & unacceptable to the Churches, which keeps us separate & pure & holy unto the Lord & in Truth & our way & His way for us, which will never suit the churches & never please Church Christians. It's too utterly radical, fanatical & revolutionary for Churchianity! Thank God!

       45. THAT'S WHY THE LORD CALLED US--BECAUSE OF THE FAILURE OF THE CHURCHES! He had to raise up a New Church, a new young, beautiful, sexy, fanatical, radical, revolutionary Bride that could never get along with the Churches. And how we're ever going to get along with them in the Millennium, I don't know! We're probably going to have to teach them our ways & God's ways.--And that may take all of the Millennium & part of Eternity too! Amen?

       46. SO OUR FOLKS DON'T HAVE TO KNOW THE CHURCHES & CHURCHIANITY & CHURCH DOCTRINE OR EVEN THE BIBLE AS LONG AS THEY KNOW THE TRUTH & THE WORD OF GOD, His Word for today & His Prophet for today & His Message & method & ministry for today! That's all they need to know including MO, & all the Bible they need to know is already in their Prophet MO. PTL? It's all there & plenty of it, enough of it & all they need to know. So you don't have to worry about knowing the whole Bible & all of its gruesome gory details as long as you know what I've told you, that's all you need to know!

       47. SO ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS ALL YOU'VE HEARD FROM MO! PTL! TYJ! That's what I'm here for, what the Lord sent me for, to tell you what you need to know & all you've heard from MO! So praise the Lord! That's it! Amen? TYJ! Help them, Lord, to believe it & be satisfied with it, thrilled with it, inspired by it, activated by it & win the World with it!--In Jesus' name, amen! "Old things are passed away; behold all things are become new." (2Co.5:17b.)

+ + + + + + +

       48. YOU GUYS KNEW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THE BIBLE, MUCH LESS BELIEVED IT, EXCEPT A FEW OF YOU CHURCHY PEOPLE. I had to persuade you heathen & pagans & hippies to believe in the Bible! So giving the Bible as proof didn't really mean a thing to you guys. I'm not talking about some of you nice Methodists!--Ha!--Although the Methodists are about the most unbelieving denomination there is! Most are as modernistic & unbelieving as they could be!

       49. SO TO GIVE BIBLE TO YOU GUYS FOR DOCUMENTATION & ACCREDITATION, REALLY THAT DID ME & THE CHURCH PEOPLE MORE GOOD THAN IT DID YOU! You already believed me, you needed me to tell you the Bible was true! That's a good one, huh? We got quite a bit on that last night. Maria was really the one that got the revelation, so she gets'm! It was another reason for our abandoning all this intensive Bible study & all the intricate infinitesimal little details, the baloney that the churches & Bible colleges are fulltime engaged in all the time, all about the past! They've turned their back on the present & the future, & all they're interested in is the past.

       50. SO LAST NIGHT WAS A CONFIRMATION OF OUR ABANDONMENT OF ALL THAT INTENSIVE EXHAUSTIVE STUDY OF THE PAST, that you guys don't need it & we don't need it, & besides, it's too late for it & you can do without it! You don't need that to make you believe me, you already believe me! Are you relieved? Someone said she was so relieved, she was just beginning a complete reading of the whole Bible! So GBY! I'm sorry I've encouraged you to do that, because I realise now we don't have time! We hardly have time to keep up with the present & the future! So Hallelujah! We're looking forward, not backward!

       51. AFTER ALL, THE CHURCH ISN'T DOING MUCH IN THE PRESENT, SO THEY COULDN'T STUDY THAT, & they certainly don't know anything about the future, so they couldn't study that, so all they had to study was the past! They're literally looking backward. Whereas we're about the only outfit I know of--well, except for a few others--that are looking more forward. Thank God for some that are pretty good & strong & pretty straight on prophecy too, including the Jehovah's Witnesses & the Seventh Day Adventists. They've got a few weird things, but so have we! We all have to have our distinctive features!--Ha!

       52. THE LORD WAS SHOWING US LAST NIGHT HOW THAT HE MADE US SO RADICAL & SO TOTALLY DIFFERENT, contrary to the established traditionalists, that that was a part of our protection, so we wouldn't be absorbed by them! We couldn't get along with them!--To keep us completely divorced & pure from their contamination! They'll never accept us as we are! Thank God they won't, or we could have gotten sucked in! If they had received us, the Lord would have had to bless'm!

       53. BUT THEY'RE LIKE THE CONCISION INTO WHICH THE EARLY DISCIPLES ALMOST GOT SUCKED IN, in fact, a lot of them did get sucked in by the Jews that received them. But then they contaminated them & made them hang on to some of their old legal hangovers, & they had to conform to their laws & forms & stuff, & it just ruined their real radical ministry! Only the real true Grace-preaching disciples really survived, the other ones got sucked back into the System & they're still there, & most of the churches are still there! Most of the churches today are still legalistic & still not pure grace! We still have the Concision & the Circumcision with us. We've still got the old Jewish theologians & whatnot. The vast part of the church is still an Old Testament Church!--Still living under the Law & legalism & all that!

       54. WE'RE ABOUT THE ONLY ONES I KNOW THAT ARE UTTERLY FREE, & IT TOOK SEX TO DO IT! That was the anathema of all things! That was the worst of all to the churches! So Hallelujah! It's almost the best of all as far as I'm concerned! That's really the only way that the sinners & the lost & the World could have received us, because they're fed-up with that other kind of legalism & asceticism! So praise God! He's kept us separate & pure & holy from their contaminating, damning legalism & self-righteous hypocrisy!

       55. YOU KNOW, I'VE LOOKED AT OUR POSTER ONCE IN AWHILE & THOUGHT, "MAYBE I OUGHT TO TONE DOWN SOME OF THE SEXINESS OR NUDITY OF THESE PICTURES A LITTLE BIT." Then I thought, "Oh damn'm! I'm not going to compromise like Paul did just to please'm, just to keep from offending their hypocritical self-righteous sensitivity & legalistic bondage! Why should we? Why shouldn't we just be open & free about what we believe & think? This is the way it is! This is the way it's going to be, they might as well get used to it!--Ha! So wait'll they get there! It'll take'm about a Thousand Years to get over the shock of finding out God's this way too!

       56. I SAW A POOR PRIEST PREACHING ONE TIME, CELIBATE & ALL THAT, & HE SURE HAD A HARD TIME EXPLAINING HIS POSITION. He was very sincere, he really preached Christ & the truth, etc., but how could he really give any kind of example when he knew little or nothing about sex & marriage & family life & all that? They're really handicapped. It's a real handicap to the poor guys.--So a lot of'm wind up Sodomites!

       57. SO THEY'RE ALL GOING TO HAVE TO GET A GENUINE RE-EDUCATION OVER THERE!--RIGHT HERE, ACTUALLY, IN THE MILLENNIUM! And I guess we're the ones best-suited to give it to'm! Well, we're trying to now, but they won't receive it now, but they'll have to then! That'll be one of the biggest parts of our job, re-educating the Church & the Christians! Praise God! They'll have to receive us then, but they'll have to come around to our view instead of us coming around to theirs.

       58. THERE'LL BE NO COMPROMISE THERE, SO WHY SHOULD WE HAVE IT IN OUR PICTURES? Hallelujah! I don't believe in toning things down too much. Well, we don't want to have anything too gross or coarse or vulgar or crass, so we do try to make'm as artistic as possible & try to hide the various offensive parts mostly, & I think that keeps it beautiful & artistic & it looks like worldwide classical art!--Amen?

+ + + + + + +

       59. WE CAN'T COMPROMISE OUR FAITH, our doctrine & our stand to please a few snotty persnickety, snivelling church people who couldn't give a damn & who will never be attracted to us anyway! We can't compromise our Message to try to make it palatable to one out of a thousand religious people who object to the female form & nudity! Are we still a Revolution or not? Are we still going to preach the same thing or not! I want to tell you something, besides Christ & Salvation, we preach sex & nudity! Sex & nudity are a part of our doctrine, a part of our faith, a part of our practice & a part of our appeal!--God's natural beautiful creation!

       60. THAT'S HALF OF THE BEAUTY OF OUR ART, the gorgeous female figures! We believe in revealing them, we believe in sex & nudity, & there's going to be plenty of it in Heaven! Why should we hide it? When are you going to realise we can never please the church people? I spent half of my life trying to get out of the churches & get the Message to the people outside, & let me tell you, since we went naked & full-circle with sex, we have reached the World with the Message!

       61. I NEVER SAW IT SO CLEARLY AS WHEN WE WERE WRITING THAT LETTER "WE'RE STILL THE JESUS REVOLUTION," that thank God He has caused us to advocate nudity & sex to keep us totally divorced from the churches & the church people so they'd never accept us & we wouldn't waste our time on them by trying to please them or compromise with them like Paul did with the Jews! It never did a thing for him but get him jailed & finally killed trying to please the church people, the religionists, especially the Jews. [DELETED] But Paul tried it & you see what he got for his trouble, so what the Hell are we trying to do it for!

       62. FORGET TRYING TO MAKE THESE PICTURES & SLIDES ACCEPTABLE TO THE CHURCH PEOPLE! Forget it! I don't want you going to the churches anyway, especially not with our Message! You can go to the churches with the missionary message & talk about the needs of the poor natives on the mission field, etc. But for God's sake don't show them our full message! They'll especially never accept our kind of art, it's too radical! I mean they'd say it's too Worldly.

       63. SO WHY TRY TO PLEASE THEM? LET'S GO ALL THE WAY! LET'S SHOW'M THE WORKS!--But not the church people, let's show the works to the people who appreciate it & know it's true & real & it appeals to them & who it'll have some effect on & win souls & converts & disciples! We didn't get our folks out of the churches, I tell ya! I got you off the streets from the scum of society, the drunks & the drug addicts & the harlots & the hippies & the publicans & the sinners just like Jesus did, not by going into the synagogues & the Temple where Jesus & His disciples both got beat up & eventually thrown out & killed. It's a waste of time!

       64. THAT'S WHAT CAUSED PAUL ALL HIS TROUBLE! I mean everywhere he went, he went to the Jew first. He just felt like he had to go to the Jew first, & so he went to the synagogue first & it never caused him anything but trouble, he always got thrown out & stirred up the enemies against him & he finally got the point & said, "From henceforth I go to the Gentiles" (Acts 18:6) because they received him gladly & didn't beat up on him just because he didn't conform to the concision. Whew! My Lord, what kind of outfit is this, Honey!

       65. WHY BE TRYING TO TONE DOWN OUR ART & COMPROMISE OUR MESSAGE for the sake of one out of a thousand church people that we might happen to bump into, & rob the 999 of what appeals to them!--The lost World that needs it, the publicans & the sinners & the drunks & the harlots & the prostitutes & the 99% of the World that like sex & like nudity! HAL!

       66. WHY SHOULD WE COMPROMISE OUR MESSAGE THAT WE'RE TRYING TO REACH THE 99% WITH, JUST TO TRY TO PLEASE THE 1%? Forget it! If they don't like it, all the better!--That'll keep us separate from them & pure!--Keep us pure from their contamination! If you want to go into churches, then just preach missions & the poor lost natives & welfare & blah, blah, the kind of junk the churches go for, but you'll never get into any kind of church with our full Message! Why dress up the females & the nudes when the Message is still too strong for them, so forget it!

       67. THE ONLY THING THAT APPEALS TO CHURCHES IS CHURCH-LIKE MISSIONARIES & THEIR LITTLE CHILDREN, & you sing your little songs & you get their little pledges & little offerings--& little enough as it is! My Lord!--If we had to depend on the church people for all our income, can you imagine what it would be! I took my people, the scum of society off the streets, to start this outfit, & I'm not about to compromise the Message now to try to please the church people!

       68. I DIDN'T EVEN DO IT WHEN WE HAD THOSE CHURCH MARCH-INS & sit-ins, we didn't compromise the Message or our dress or my hippies! We just marched in & they took it or left it, & most of them left it & kicked us out of town! So we shook the dust of our feet off on'm, & it's going to be worse for Huntington Beach than for Sodom & Gomorrah in the day of Judgement! So why the Hell try to please the System & the church people? We haven't gotten this far by trying to compromise with the churches & trying to please the church people, have we?

       69. WE HAVE GOTTEN THIS FAR BECAUSE WE CALLED A SPADE A SPADE & WE WERE RADICAL & REVOLUTIONARY & WE PROMOTED SEX & we promoted nudity & we promoted the things that God made that do appeal to the World--& we got'm!--They knew I was right!--Right? They knew it was the Truth! They swallowed the hook, line & sinker, & thank God they're still with us, including you!

       70. WHAT WAS IT ABOUT OUR MESSAGE THAT APPEALED TO YOU ANYHOW? It certainly wasn't because we were church people, was it? It was probably that we weren't church people, we were street-people, hippies & guitar-playin' street-people dressed like hippies, looked like hippies, lived like hippies & we had the answer, right? We had what you hippies were looking for! Praise God?

       71. AND IT WASN'T THE MESSAGE OF THE CHURCH, OR YOU'D HAVE GONE TO CHURCH! It wasn't to please church people, or you'd have been going to church if that's what you wanted! So let's quit trying to please the church people. We'll never please the church people! That's what got Jesus in trouble, that's what got Paul in trouble. Jesus got in trouble because He refused to please the church people. Paul got in trouble because he tried to please the church people! So you see, it doesn't matter, one way or the other, you can't please'm! It doesn't matter what you do. It's damned if you do, & damned if you don't, as far as the church people are concerned, because they just reject you & the Message & the works! They don't want any part of it or you!

       72. THANK GOD FOR THAT!--IT'S KEPT US PURE & FREE OF THE CHURCHES, & WE HAVE DONE MOST OF WHAT WE HAVE DONE WITHOUT THE CHURCHES!--In fact against the churches & with their opposition, from my first blast in the Huntington Beach Light Club against the churches & the church people & Churchianity! I told them then, I said we are as different from Churchianity as the Communists are from Capitalism, & never the twain shall meet, I hope! So, why try to please them?

       73. DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME NOW & GO OUT & SAY WE'RE SUPPOSED TO DELIBERATELY TRY TO OFFEND THE CHURCH PEOPLE!--LET'S TRY TO AVOID IT. Jesus tried to avoid it. So did Paul, but he went too far, he tried to compromise. I just don't want you guys to get the wrong idea. I say something & then you go to the opposite extreme! Just avoid them. "Avoid the devoid," was one of the rules we laid down for litnessing long ago. (See No.241.)

       74. I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT OF OUR WAY TO DELIBERATELY TRY TO OFFEND THE CHURCHES, but I'm sure as Heaven not going to compromise our message & pull our punches or compromise our methods just to try to please them! I had to make that decision in making this Heaven poster. Are we going to make it to try & please the worldly people we're trying to reach more--or the stuffy church folks?

       75. IF WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO COMPROMISE THE MESSAGE & TONE IT DOWN, FORGET IT! They're not going to accept that Message anyhow.--So what's the use of worrying about it? You little missionaries go in there & sing & take an offering, & then get out fast before you open your big mouths too wide & say too much! I don't want you to get into churches anymore than you actually have to, except to sneak in the front door & raise a little support & maybe have the kids sing, pass the basket & leave out the backdoor before they find out who you are or what you are or what our full Message is! The less we say about our radical Message the better! I mean the less they recognise our art & the Message & the story the better!

       76. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO SHOW'M THIS KIND OF STUFF. Church people are familiar with our stuff almost as well as our own Family! I mean churches really keep an eye on us, they know our art, they publish more of our material than anybody else besides us & distribute it through FreeCOG & all those other anti-cult organisations. So outside of ourselves they're more familiar with us & our material & our art & our stories & can see the connection quicker than anybody else. You're not going to get away with this kind of stuff with'm! They're not going to let you show this kind of stuff in churches, forget it!

       77. LET'S MAKE OUR APPEAL ON THE OUTSIDE TO THE PEOPLE WE'RE TRYING TO REACH. We're not trying to reach the God-damned church people. If you don't watch out you'll be back in the churches before you know it, like the Jesus people, just for support!--Compromising everything for support, & that's what killed Fred's ministry & killed his missionary ministry, when he compromised with the churches for support, so when his scandal broke loose he lost them all!

       78. I WANT THE GUYS TO SUPPORT US WHO LOVE OUR SCANDALS & SCANDALOUS BEHAVIOUR & SCANDALOUS ART!--That's the guys I want as our supporters, because they'll stick with us to the bitter end, unless we start getting like the churches & then they'll leave us! I want to be supported by the publicans & the sinners & the drunks & the harlots & the sexists & the nudists like Jesus was!--OK?--And get them saved! Not the God-damned hypocritical pharisaical self-righteous bigoted building-worshipping Scribes & Pharisees of the Terminal Temples who've sent more people to Hell than they've saved!--And who'll try to kill you in the end!

       79. "GIVE NOT THAT WHICH IS HOLY UNTO THE DOGS, NEITHER CAST YE YOUR PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, LEST THEY TRAMPLE THEM UNDER THEIR FEET, & TURN AGAIN & REND YOU!" (Mt.7:6) Let's go to the poor lost folks outside who need us & appreciate us & receive & love us & are hungry & thirsty for our Truth & get gloriously saved & serve the Lord with all their hearts on fire for Jesus!--Not the halfhearted, lukewarm milk-&-water religionists who hate us for exposing their sins & failures & filth & will fight us to the End! God deliver us from Churchianity & churchy compromisers! Let's go all out & let it all hang out for Jesus!--Amen? Let's Revolute to the End!--GBAKY!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family