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CURRENTS!--No.4: Central American War!       DFO 1594       8/83

       1. AFTER ALL OF OUR INTEREST IN BIBLE PROPHECY & FULFILMENT OF BIBLE PROPHECY & SIGNS OF THE TIMES & the events that are going on in the World right now & how much they affect us, I think we ought to pay a little more attention to the news! I think you all ought to listen to it! You can't possibly appreciate what's going on in the World today unless you watch the news, even if it's not in your language! Maybe you don't like to & it's not very pleasant, but I think you need to, all of you! And I think if you're that careless about it & that disinterested, we're going to have to make you interested!--Because I don't think anybody in this Family should be disinterested in what's going on in the World!

       2. MAYBE I OUGHT TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE QUIZ ON NEWS & see how much you know about what's going on in the World, like I've done on a few other things to see how much you know. I tried a little quiz on Maria & Peter the other day, as you'll read in "War in the Americas" (No. 1582), where I asked Maria & Peter to name the Central American countries beginning at Mexico. Mind you, I want to prove to you how ignorant Americans are of their own geography, of their own part of the World--even that part of it that is North America--& I'm just giving you this little lecture to prove to you that you need to listen to the news & know what's going on!

       3. YOU SAY, "OH WELL, DAD, I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS, YOU GET IT ALL! You read all the newspapers & you tell me everything that's going on & you interpret it all, why should I waste my time?" I imagine a lot of people feel I like that! Well, I still think you need to see the pictures. I think you need to see how awful they are & how awful the wars are & the suffering & the famines & the earthquakes, the disasters & the perfidy of the lying politicians! You can't believe a word they say, not a word! They can lie with the straightest most honest-looking faces you can possibly imagine! They say this "as honestly as I know how," when they know they're outright lying, nearly every one of them!

       4. YOU NEED TO SEE HOW HORRIBLE & CORRUPT & FALSE & LYING THE LEADERS OF THIS WORLD ARE TODAY & WHY GOD'S GOT TO POUR OUT HIS JUDGEMENTS ON THEM PRETTY SOON! You just need to watch'm to be shocked & astounded & astonished at the horrible deceit & lying & perfidy & deluding of the people that is going on by their own politicians!--Not just lying to each other's nations & especially to their enemies--they always lie to their enemies--but to their own people!

       5. REAGAN IS AN ACTOR! Frankly, I think maybe one reason he can look so innocent when he says some of those things is because probably he is so dumb & ignorant that he's just saying what they put on a piece of paper in front of him & tell him to say! He's a puppet President if they ever had one! I think that he seldom ever makes any kind of a decision on his own or of his own, he just says what he's told to say. After all, he's only an actor, he never did anything else before. He's excellent at memorising scripts. That's one thing actors have, they've got prodigious memories, & they can memorise a script & memorise their dialogue & their part & hit it every time!

       6. HE CAN GET UP THERE & MAKE A SPEECH--although I notice he usually reads them just to be sure--& say all those things with the straightest face, & maybe he even believes them, because that's what they tell him! Because after all, he doesn't know anything but what they tell him & what he reads in the papers & what you read in the papers. And if you read the anti-Christ press, all you get is the anti-Christ opinion & what the anti-Christs want you to know & want you to believe!--And their opinion is so slanted & their version of the news is so warped & so twisted & so biased, that about the only way you can know the truth is to read their press & know that things are probably just the opposite!--Especially on any subject that you know the anti-Christs have a strong biased opinion on & something they want to put across in the way of propaganda, then you know exactly what they're talking about & you know exactly where they stand, therefore you know exactly whether to believe'm or not!

       7. OF COURSE YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE JEWS ARE GOING TO SAY ABOUT ISRAEL & THE PALESTINIANS & THE LEBANON SITUATION. Remember what I told you long long ago? I said they'd never leave Lebanon. Did you notice the kind of construction that's going on along the Awali River now, the defense lines they're building? You know what they're building there, don't you? I think it's about 25 miles North of the actual border of Israel. Did you see those concrete things & all those huge constructions & bulldozers working furiously? Don't you know what they're building?--The new border of Israel!

       8. WELL, BELOVED, YE DISCERN THE SIGNS OF THE WEATHER, & YET YOU DON'T DISCERN THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES SOMETIMES! (Mt.16:3.) And if you're not getting the news, I don't think you can. You say, "Well, that's what you're for, Dad, we expect you to do that for us!" Well, that's a lazy man's idea. The Lord could reveal things to you too & you could see a lot of things maybe I miss, so I think it's wise for us all to listen to the news.

       9. IF YOU FOLLOW THE NEWSPAPER & WATCH THE NEWS & YOU'RE PRETTY FAMILIAR WITH THE WORLD SITUATION RIGHT NOW, I WOULD SAY IT'S WHAT THEY CALL "HOTTENING-UP" EVERYWHERE! Reagan seems to be bent on having himself not one war, but two or three wars going! He's supposedly trying hard to settle the Mideastern War--Lebanon, Israel & all that--& of course the anti-Christs are telling him how to settle it, & they are settling it just the way they want it! And I'll take Assad's word for it--the President of Syria--because he's got the right slant on the whole situation, & if you want to know the truth, just listen to him! The war has been settled over there--well, it hasn't really been settled, only the way the [EDITED: "Israelis"] & the U.S. want it--& the settlement has been imposed on Lebanon by force, supposedly called the Lebanese Withdrawal Agreement. Well, that's a joke!

       10. THERE'S NO WITHDRAWAL, THEREFORE IT'S THE LEBANESE SURRENDER, & THAT'S WHAT ASSAD CALLED IT, PERMANENT OCCUPATION! So he said, "Why should we get out? We weren't the aggressors! We were invited in by Lebanon to protect them & help them, with the agreement of all the Arab nations, & they all agreed to send us in & we are there as peacekeepers & policemen!"--And they've done a pretty good job of it! Lebanon had peace for the first time for several years now since the last civil war, because the Syrians were there. They didn't do a perfect job & they're a little biased--naturally they favour the Arabs most--but Lebanon is an Arab country in case you don't know it! But believe it or not, it's been known for years as an Arab-Christian country because the Christians were in the majority. It's only recently that the Muslims & other religions have just about evened the scale.

       11. SO THE SYRIANS ARE SAYING, "WHY SHOULD WE GET OUT & LET ISRAEL HAVE IT! If they're going to take the southern half, okay, we take the Northern half!" Remember what I told you? That's a very safe agreement the Jews are making. Israel doesn't mind making that agreement as long as they've got the provision that they don't get out if the Syrians don't get out, because they know the Syrians won't get out!--Because the Syrians know the Israelis won't get out. So either one of them would have to be driven out, & of course that's exactly what the Israelis are preparing to do!

       12. THEY'RE PREPARING A VERY STRONG FORTIFICATION LINE TO SECURE WHAT IS NOW THEIR NEW NORTHERN BORDER OF ISRAEL! That's what it really is! They control everything South of that, they control the forces, they even control the Lebanese forces, everything! They're chasing out even some of the Christian Phalangist forces, think of that, as well as the Muslims, & the whole thing is going to be Israel!--Just like they're doing in the West Bank, same thing! They'll never get out unless somebody forces them out! Never! They're taking it over. So the poor Arabs & Palestinians who still live there in the hopes that some day they'll be free, had better look for the Antichrist to free them, because that's about the only time they'll ever get anything, & that won't last for very long!

       13. SO YES, THE U.S., REAGAN & THE ANTI-CHRISTS HAVE SETTLED THE LEBANESE SITUATION TO THEIR FAVOUR & TO THEIR LIKING, BECAUSE THEY'VE GOTTEN SOUTHERN LEBANON & THAT'S IT! And of course they're only securing Southern Lebanon until they know they're strong enough to attack Syria in the North & go further. They'd stay right where they are right now, which is level to Beirut in the North even toward the Bekaa Valley, if they weren't having more trouble than it's worth & more complaints, not only internationally but back home, to pull the boys back.--Because the anti-Christs are very found of their families & children & extremely sensitive on that subject, & if anybody ever spoils their kids, it's them! I've watched it time & time again. Some of you ought to know!--Ha! Well, they spoil them in some ways & then in other ways they neglect them, God help them--their poor kids, that is!

       14. SO THAT'S THE LEBANESE SITUATION! The anti-Christs are there to stay & they'll never get out unless somebody drives'm out!--The Syrians the same for their own protection. And after all, as I told you before, they've got more right to be in Lebanon than the Israelis, because Lebanon was never actually a part of Israel, not even in the days of "Eretz Israel," "Greater Israel," David & Solomon & all the rest! They never took over Lebanon before--you know why? King Hiram was a smart boy! He stayed, you might say, neutral, or very friendly, & therefore the Lord forbade the Israelis to go over there & fight the Lebanese & take over Lebanon. But of course they don't follow the Bible that much any more, they just follow the Bible whenever it suits their purpose!--The religious devotees of Judaism, like Menachem Begin. So that's that situation.

       15. MEANWHILE THERE HAVE BEEN SOME HUGE MONSTROUS BOMB EXPLOSIONS IN THE NORTH, inexplicable bomb explosions, both in Baalbek, the principal city of the Bekaa Valley where the Syrians are, & most of the Muslims & Syrians, & in Tripoli, a city in Northern Lebanon. I notice by the latest maps that Godahfi has changed the name of his city from Tripoli to something else, I don't know whether that's still true or not. The newspapers still call his capital city in Libya, Tripoli, but there are two Tripolis, one's in Libya & one's in Northern Lebanon. Is Libya's now Tarabulus?

       16. WELL, WHO SHOULD BE WANTING TO PLANT MONSTROUS BOMBS THAT KILL SCORES OF PEOPLE & INJURE HUNDREDS IN NORTHERN LEBANON, which is already under the complete dominance & control of the Syrians? Hmm?--Especially amongst Muslims, & one of them right in front of a Muslim mosque! Now that's exactly what some of the Lebanese are saying, that this so-called organisation of so-called Lebanese who takes responsibility for these huge monstrous bomb blow-ups of so much explosive, must be somebody who had a lot of it & knew how to get it in & was clever enough to do it! The organisation is called the Federation for the Expulsion of all Foreigners from Lebanon, something like that, an organisation to expel all foreigners from Lebanon.

       17. WELL, THE ONLY ONES SMART ENOUGH, CLEVER ENOUGH & WITH THE KNOW-HOW & ENOUGH EXPLOSIVES TO DO IT WITH, I'M PRETTY CONVINCED ALONG WITH SOME OF THE LEBANESE, ARE THE ISRAELIS! Certainly the Syrians & Muslims & the Arabs in Northern Lebanon & the Lebanese are not blowing themselves up! They may shoot each other up & they may have wars between each other, but in every one of these cases it's been in a predominantly Syrian-controlled area--which Israel would love to hit, & if nothing else, love to cause division between the factions that are already there & arouse them to shooting each other.

       18. SO ISRAEL GOT WHAT IT WANTED--SOUTHERN LEBANON--& IT'S EVEN GOT BEIRUT, BECAUSE IT'S GOT U.S. & WESTERN POWERS CONTROLLING BEIRUT. They don't even have to worry about the Palestinians in Beirut. They got rid of the Palestinians & put the Western armies in charge of Beirut so they wouldn't have to worry about protecting Beirut. Now they can devote their full attention to the Bekaa Valley & the Chouf Mountains, Baalbek, & finally Tripoli, exactly what I told you. And how did it begin?--Bombings, internecine strife amongst the factions stirring up trouble.

       19. THIS IS WHAT THE DRUZE HAVE ACCUSED THEM OF, that the Israelis are using the Christians & stirring up the trouble. The Israelis say, "It's because we're pulling out of the area! See? If we don't stay there & occupy it, they'll have nothing but more civil war, more trouble!"--Sure, because the Israelis stir it up! Why should they endanger their forces when they can back out & stir up the Lebanese to fight each other?--And the more division there is amongst the Lebanese, the better for Israel!

       20. SO ALL OF THAT IS A BUNCH OF CHICANERY ON THE PART OF THE PEOPLE THAT ARE SO SMART THAT NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD CAN OUTSMART'M! They're doing the same thing the World over right now, it's really almost amusing!--Like in Central America. Well, maybe we ought to stop on the way at Chad, a stinking little country of poverty-stricken starving people & no wealth to speak of at all, 3-1/2 million people with nothing, half-Black, half-Arab. About the best thing you could do with Chad would be to split it & give the Northern half to Godahfi & let the West keep the South half & all of its Blacks.

       21. THERE'S A LOT OF THINGS THEY DON'T REALLY TELL YOU IN THE NEWSPAPER, but they once in a great while let something slip. The [EDITED: "AC"] press especially, the anti-Christs, are of course bitter enemies of Godahfi, because he is a bitter enemy of the anti-Christs! He is more fanatical for the protection of Palestine than the Palestinians are for themselves! He even had maps of Palestine hanging in the VIP waiting room of his airport in Tripoli & slogans all over about saving Palestine & the Palestinians. He cares more about'm almost than the Palestinians do! So the anti-Christs really hate him! In fact, if it wasn't Arafat, it was Godahfi who originated the slogan: "We're going to push'm into the ocean!"--For which I don't much blame'm! The Israelis pushed then into the desert, why shouldn't they push the Israelis into the ocean? It was the Arabs' country! So of course the anti-Christs hate Godahfi & you can't believe a word they say about him!

       22. RIGHT NOW, IN SPITE OF ALL THE HEADLINES IN THE NEWS, DID YOU KNOW IT COULD ALL BE ANTI-CHRIST LIES & CHAD LIES of the present Chad supposed official legitimate government which is just as illegitimate as it can be! The last elected president was Goukouni Oueddei, Habré was actually the rebel, but he went & by force with a military coup pushed the legitimate elected president out. And it was because the legitimate government was in & elected, that Godahfi withdrew two or three years ago & said he wasn't going to bother them any more. He withdrew voluntarily when he could have stayed & enforced it. But just as soon as he withdrew, the West began to back this other guy & equipped him with everything to come in & topple the legitimate elected government! You don't hear them talking about that, do you?--They slant & twist the news to suit themselves!

       23. IT'S THE REBELS WHO ARE IN CHARGE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF CHAD NOW, the illegitimate government, & the legitimate elected government was thrown out by them, driven out by force of arms! So all Godahfi's doing is trying to help the poor guy in the North get back the legitimate government that he once had. But of course the U.S. anti-Christs are howling more than anybody else, even more than France, whose territory it used to be & who supposedly promised to protect it.

       24. CHAD CLAIMS THAT LIBYAN PLANES ARE BOMBING IT--& of course they're using the worst kind of terminology--with napalm, 500-pound bombs & fragmentation bombs, the worst kind you can use against civilian populations!--Phosphorus bombs, all these horror bombs they say the Libyans are dropping on the civilian population of Faya-Largeau in the North.--Which used to be the largest city in Chad, by the way, till the Southerners took over.

       25. ALL THESE REPORTS ARE COMING THROUGH BIASED SOURCES IN FAVOUR OF CHAD, & THROUGH THE PRESENT CHAD GOVERNMENT. They're coming through the anti-Christ information sources, & Godahfi has denied it time & again. I would sooner believe Godahfi any day! There's one thing about the guy, I have faith in his integrity & I believe he's an honest man, & if he says, "We are not bombing there, we do not have forces in there! Yes, we're helping, we're arming. We're sending them supplies, but we do not have planes in there bombing, etc."--I believe him!

       26. SO ALL THE HEADLINES IN THE INTERNATIONAL [EDITED: "AC"] PRESS CAN BE ABSOLUTE ANTI-CHRIST LIES & Chadean lies of the present illegitimate government of Chad!--all lies!--But they make headlines! They get the Americans all excited, the French all excited & everybody all excited, the whole Western World all excited! "Russia's taking over Chad through this monster Godahfi! He's bombing poor innocent civilian populations, wiping them out with the most horrific horror bombs of all outside of the atom bomb--napalm, phosphorus, fragmentation, raids & raids & they have totally levelled the city of Faya-Largeau!"

       27. IT COULD BE TOTALLY & ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT LIES!--AND YET IT'S ON TELEVISION, RADIO & NEWSPAPERS! You talk about propaganda, the anti-Christs & the Western World have got the best propaganda machine in the World! You talk about Russian propaganda, they're not even as lying as that! Libya & Godahfi claim they're not doing these things, they're not bombing, they're not using planes, they're not sending in forces. I wouldn't blame them if they did! But of course all these reports, you'll notice, are coming from N'Djamena & the present President of Chad. There have been no independent unbiased reports.--For one good reason, & that is the same reason that the whole Third World protests against the Western propaganda news agency machine, & that is they cannot get a word in or a single unbiased piece of news or honest piece of reporting on anything that the West doesn't want in!

       28. SO ALL YOU'RE GETTING OUT OF CHAD IS LIES FROM THE ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT OF CHAD & FROM THE AMERICAN & THE ANTI-CHRIST NEWS AGENCIES WHO ARE SPREADING ALL THESE STORIES, & NOT ONE OUNCE OF TRUTH! I'll take Godahfi's word for it any day! [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]f there's anything about the guy, he is an honest man & he has integrity & he keeps his word, & I just don't believe he would outright lie about a situation like that! I don't believe that if his planes are down there actually bombing. He would absolutely deny it! I just don't believe it! He's just not that kind of a guy!

       29. WHEN HE SAID HE'D PULL HIS FORCES OUT OF CHAD AFTER THEY MADE PEACE & THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT WAS IN CONTROL, HE DID! -- TO EVERYBODY'S SURPRISE! They were amazed! They had a hard time covering that one up! They never give him any credit for it. They as good as say World opinion forced him out because they were all howling about it. Well, now the legitimate, illegal present President of Chad looked like he was starting to lose the war again, & they've had civil war there for about 20 years, between the North & South is what it amounts to.

       30. THEY DON'T TELL YOU THAT NOT ONLY ARE THERE ARABS IN THE NORTH, THERE ARE ALSO BLACKS UP THERE, & the leading Christian leader of the South is guess what?--Black!--Now fighting on the side of the North & Godahfi! They don't mention that very often, it just happened to leak through in I think it was a picture I saw one time. I guess once in awhile a little news slips through that they miss somehow, a little leak, Normally they don't tell you that it's both Arabs, Muslims & Christians fighting together in the North on Godahfi's side, or Godahfi's fighting on their side. Of course, he's claiming not to be, but we'll see.

       31. MEANWHILE, THE GREAT SUPERPOWER U.S.A. IS PUTTING UP A HUGE SHRIEK & HOWL about this little flea biting their hiney down in a country they don't even know where it is, Chad, & the U.S. is rattling the sabre all over the place!--Sending now over 25 million dollars' worth of supplies & arms to the Southern illegal forces, the actual rebels, against the former legal government. They're insisting that France do the same, & the French, being independent & a little resentful against the U.S. trying to tell'm what to do, have up to this time refused to do so. (Under U.S. pressure they now have.)

       32. LIARS, LIARS, LIARS, LIARS! I MEAN, THE ANTI-CHRISTS ARE THE GREATEST LIARS ON EARTH!--From the smallest kind of a little bargaining deal across the shop counter, to the biggest kind of international farces & deceptions & delusions & lies with which they're taking over the whole World! So now they've sent a couple of those big spy planes over there & a whole raft of fighters to protect'm supposedly, & they're of course only having "routine manoeuvres" in Egypt & Sudan, which are the next door neighbours which border on Libya & Chad. Egypt borders right on Libya, & Sudan borders right on Chad, & they're accusing Godahfi of trying to take over all of Africa & he's going to attack Sudan & Egypt! I mean, that is the stupidest kind of accusation in the World! Only the crazy anti-Christs in the U.S. would make such insinuations, for the plain & simple reason Godahfi's the head of a little tiny flea-size country of only two million people, & Egypt's got over half-a-million people just in the military, & Sudan almost as bad!

       33. THEY COULD CRUSH GODAHFI LIKE SQUASHING A GNAT OR A FLEA, & THINK THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE PROBABLY PLANNING TO DO! They're sending over 5,000 American troops into Egypt & all these planes & they're unloading tanks by the scores! You mean that's all just to have a little manoeuvre? Yes, it's a manoeuvre, that's for sure!--A manoeuvre by the U.S. & the anti-Christs & the West to pretend to just be having manoeuvres, just like dear Reagan is pretending to have manoeuvres down in Central America! If you've been through as many wars as I have, you'll know what these manoeuvres turn out to be sometimes! When they're getting ready for the war, they always call them manoeuvres! Of course they're manoeuvres, they're manoeuvring to get into an advantageous position to make war.

       34. SO THEY SENT 5,000 AMERICAN TROOPS & GOD KNOWS HOW MANY MORE, at least actual outright troops, plus all the planes & the flyers & the pilots & the support crews & all the rest that has to keep an army of that size going, & the spy planes, AWACs. They'd already sent five over there before, & now they sent two more, they said specifically "to keep an eye on Libya, who is out to invade Egypt & Sudan"--who have nearly a million men under arms & there are only two million people in all Libya! Ha! What U.S. lies!

       35. GODAHFI'S ONLY GOT AN ARMY OF ABOUT 20,000! I did hear an estimate recently--of course you never can believe'm--that Godahfi's entire military force was between 30 & 40,000 now. Well, I don't blame him, when he realises he's about to be invaded! He says he's going to shoot down the AWACs if they threaten his territory, & he's going to sink the aircraft carriers off the coast if they come into the Gulf of Sidra. Well, so far he hasn't been able to do it, of course, & this time he's not risking any planes, because when they started chasing him, they ran!--For which I don't blame him! Those planes cost money! He gets them from Russia & he doesn't want to waste material.

       36. SO POOR GODAHFI! I TOLD YOU THAT A LONG TIME AGO. IF THEY'VE GOT THE SLIGHTEST EXCUSE THEY'RE GOING TO USE IT TO CRUSH HIM, & NOW THEY'VE GOT THEIR EXCUSE--CHAD! "Godahfi is invading Chad!" So now they've got to crush him & they've gotten all stirred up with big manoeuvres, planes, forces, tanks & guns, just pouring them into Egypt & Sudan & Chad in preparation to crush Godahfi! I'm sure it's only the love of God & our prayers that have spared him this long. It's a miracle of God! Do you realise how long the anti-Christs have hated him? He's just a little flea compared to their forces & their power, & yet they haven't been able to stop him yet! They would have crushed & killed him long ago if they could have, but God just won't let'm! I believe it!--Unless it's his time & the day of their judgement's at hand.

       37. SO DEAR REAGAN'S ALREADY HAD HIMSELF IN A WAR IN LEBANON WITH FORCES OVER THERE, actual American troops in Lebanon. They've got thousands of troops now, think of it, the U.S. has thousands of troops in Egypt & Sudan right now!--And he's pouring millions of dollars' worth of arms into Chad. But he's not satisfied with just two wars, he's got to wage a war in Central America too! So they're going to pour in thousands into Central America in these coming "manoeuvres" in Central America, supposedly in Honduras, which is now a staunch friend of the U.S. because they're pouring millions of dollars in there for big bases & material, & no doubt have promised Honduras perpetual prosperity with all this tremendous military investment there. I'm sure they promised Honduras that they're going to win! "Don't worry, just let us use your territory! You have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, we'll make sure you don't lose, you're bound to win! Look how big we are, how could you lose?"

       38. SO THEY'RE POURING IN THESE MANOEUVRES, THOUSANDS OF TROOPS INTO HONDURAS TO FIGHT! Now don't you go looking at that map of Central America! That little test in coming up yet! And now they're building a huge monstrous air base in Honduras, have already got hundreds of troops in there pouring in & everybody knows it, & yet Reagan gets up & denies it! "There will be no whitewash by the White House!"--Famous "quote unquote" by Nixon during the famous Watergate scandal! I mean, it was all whitewash, it was all lies, all denials, just like Reagan is doing now! Of course, he just does what he's told to do, I'm sure, & that's it.

       39. BIG FLEETS & AIRCRAFT CARRIERS COMING FROM THE EAST & COMING FROM THE WEST! the U.S. is calling back fleets all the way from across the Pacific to patrol the Pacific coast of Nicaragua!--Calling fleets all the way from the Mediterranean to patrol the Eastern coast of Nicaragua, back to the Caribbean, when they've already got themselves spread out so thin all over the World! Even the Pentagon was shocked by some of the preparations that the anti-Christs have needled Reagan into! And guess who is howling against it in America? They're howling for his war in Chad, for the war in the Mideast & Israel & Lebanon, but they're howling against the war in Central America!--Who?--The anti-Christs!

       40. NOW WHY ARE THEY FOR WARS AGAINST GODAHFI & WARS AGAINST THE ARABS, BUT THEY DON'T WANT ANY WAR IN CENTRAL AMERICA RIGHT NOW? What kind of wars are they most interested in? (Family: Wars around Israel.) Exactly! And Chad & Godahfi, of course, anywhere near their Egypt & Israel & all that, are considered a threat to the anti-Christs & Israel. So why wouldn't they want Reagan to get involved in a war in Central America? Already they're howling because he's taking fleets from the Mediterranean & fleets from the Pacific & soldiers & concentrating them down in Central America!--When they don't want him to fight in Central America, they want him to fight for Israel!

       41. THERE WAS ONLY ONE THING THEY WANTED TO DO IN CENTRAL AMERICA! If you read the [EDITED: "AC"] press, all their other propaganda is against involvement in Central America, against involvement with El Salvador, against involvement even with Nicaragua. The anti-Christ papers are saying, "Leave it alone, let's stay out of it! We have no business getting into it, don't get into it. Leave'm alone!" They're horrified at the preparations Reagan is making there in Central America. There's only one thing they were in favour of, & it's just happened.

       42. THERE'S ONE GOVERNMENT IN CENTRAL AMERICA THEY HAVE BEEN DOWN ON & BITTER AGAINST & have maligned & propagandised against & have accused of the most horrific atrocities you can possibly imagine, & that's Guatemala, because it had a Christian Evangelical born-again President!--And they have let loose one tirade after another against this guy! They have been furious against him! They said, "He's a religious fanatic! He's one of these born-again radicals, converted by the Church of the Word in California. And besides that, he preaches us a sermon every Sunday night on television & we don't like it!"--in a predominantly Catholic country! The Pope made a special visit there to try to counteract his influence in Guatemala, think of that!

       43. THE ANTI-CHRISTS HAVE BEEN FIGHTING HIM TOOTH & TOENAIL, HOOK & TONG, SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING, EVER SINCE HE TOOK POWER LESS THAN A YEAR AGO LAST NOVEMBER. He didn't last very long. did he? And all of a sudden, if you've been listening to the news & reading it, all you could hear in both is antagonistic news, unfavourable news about President Rios Montt in Guatemala! And the last straw that broke the camel's back was the August 1st new tax they imposed on the rich! Knowing that was coming up, his opponents waited until after that measure became law & the rich began to hurt & saw he was really out to get'm & favour the poor, & they were ready.

       44. AND ONE OF THE WORST TYRANTS THAT GUATEMALA HAS EVER KNOWN HAS TAKEN OVER! The people say so & even the anti-Christ newspaper has to admit it!--Although the first declaration he made was to relax all these laws that are supposed to be the tyrannical laws that Rios Montt passed, they are abolishing them. The first article you read sounds like this great freedom is suddenly coming to Guatemala & they've gotten rid of the tyrannical dictator, but the fact of the matter is, by the actual admission of some Guatemalans themselves, Rios Montt was soft compared to this guy! He is one of the worst, tyrannical, most atrocious military men they know! He looks it if you saw him on the news!--Former Minister of Defense, Mejia Victores.

       45. ISN'T IT AMAZING HOW WITHIN MY LIFETIME, ALL THE SECRETARIES & MINISTERS OF WAR AROUND THE WORLD, WHICH IS WHAT THEY WERE CALLED, HAVE DISAPPEARED! Ever since the great Peace of first the League of Nations & now the U. N. in this great peaceful World in which we now live, there's not a Minister of War left in the whole World!--Not a Secretary of War anymore! You know what they all are now? I'm surprised they don't call'm Secretaries of Peace or Ministers of Peace! But they've changed their names to what? Worldwide they're called Ministers of Defense & the U.S. Secretary of Defense! They're merely "defending" their innocent little countries. They'd never wage war on any other countries, they never want war, they never wage war on the poor, they're just defending, only defending, that's all!

       Compiled by Our Staff from Dispatches

       (Bold lower-case in parenthesis = comment by Dad)

       GUATEMALA CITY--Defense Minister Oscar Mejia Victores has replaced General Efrain Rios Montt as president of Guatemala, the national radio reported Monday. But a senior official said the president was holding out at his palace surrounded by loyal troops. The national radio said the military leadership, including the commanders of the land, air and naval forces, had charged that "a religious and fanatic group was taking advantage of Rios Montt's position."

       The coup came one day after General Mejia Victores met in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, with the Honduran military commander, General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, and El Salvador's defense minister, General Eugenio Vides Casanova.--(& CIA!)
       General Rios Montt, a convert to the evangelical Church of the Word of California, headed a group of officers who ousted the ultra-rightist former president, Fernando Romeo Lucas Garcia, on Nov. 22, 1982. For four months he headed a junta of three officers, and then he dissolved the junta.
       He survived as many as 10 attempts to push him from power, but recently demands for him to hold elections and transfer his powers to a civilian government grew more open and insistent.
       The guerrilla campaign has been watched with keen interest by the United States in view of Guatemala's geographical position between El Salvador with its leftist insurgents and Mexico with its southern oil fields.
       The president's fervent, paternalistic evangelism, evidenced in his weekly Sunday sermons on the government radio station, also did not endear him to the predominantly Roman Catholic population.--(& the [EDITED: "ACs"]!)
       The coup in Guatemala removes an eccentric president who ruled as if from a pulpit, and puts a paratrooper in his place. The new president, Defense Minister Oscar Mejia Victores, has the backing of the armed forces and possibly of other countries. Just Sunday, he met in Tegucigalpa with the defense chiefs of Honduras and El Salvador as well as officers from the U.S. Southern Command in Panama. In their frustration with the evangelical Efrain Rios Montt, they may have endorsed a quick fix--it has happened before in Guatemala.
       General Rios Montt has courted disaster ever since seizing power in March 1982. He put off promised elections and gave choice jobs to co-religionists in the Church of the Word a tiny California-based sect, While denying dictatorial ambitions, he ridiculed the need for a legislature with an airy "I am the Congress."
       He offended human rights with an anti-insurgency campaign that claimed the lives of more Indians than guerrillas, and he affronted Catholics by executing six opponents despite a plea for clemency from the visiting Pope John Paul. Yet it is also true that his regime was less indiscriminately brutal than its predecessor, a point stressed by his United States apologists.
       What most likely caused his downfall was not his insensitivity to human rights but his style of rule. General Rios Montt had become an embarrassment to the armed forces and the right wing. They want a more predictable regime that can plausibly ask Washington to resume open arms sales, suspended on human rights grounds since 1977.
       As always, Guatemala's new rulers talk of honor, nationalism, democracy. History--including Mr. Rios Montt's own broken promises--argue against optimism. With the encouragement of the United States, the armed forces have decreed themselves the wielders and judges of power.
       That attitude was reinforced in 1954 when the CIA helped topple an elected leftist government in the name of anti-Communism. The coup was advertised as a quick remedy, and indeed brought instant relief to the Eisenhower administration. But it produced neither peace nor democracy. It opened the way for a procession of unstable military tyrannies.
       What Guatemala needs now is determined encouragement on a democratic path, not an instant renewal of arms shipments complete with joint maneuvers and new U.S. bases. There is a larger lesson for the United States and it applies to more than Guatemala: A quick fix is never enough.

       46. WELL, APPARENTLY RIOS MONTT HAD TO APPOINT SOME OF THESE GENERALS WHO HE WAS RULING WITH TO SUPPORT HIM AS OUTSTANDING MINISTERS, so the day before he was overthrown the Minister of Defense had a little meeting in Honduras.--And he has been overthrown now in case you don't know it! In fact, we really don't know what's happened to him. I mean, these guys lie! Some of the first reports said scores of people have been killed & there was a lot of shooting going on as they invaded the palace & supposedly took him prisoner & he's now under house arrest, blah blah. I wouldn't be surprised if they killed him like they did Allende! See, you've got to be able to read between the lines.

       47. THE DAY BEFORE MONTT WAS OVERTHROWN, HIS MINISTER OF DEFENSE MADE A TRIP TO TEGUCIGALPA--if you can gulp that name, fine!--Which is the capital of Honduras, the puppet country that the U.S. is using as their base for this big new war they're starting in Central America. This fellow who just now overthrew the Christian Rios Montt made a trip to that capital--which is now the U.S. capital of their new war in Central America. Also, the Secretary of Defense of El Salvador was there--the other country that the U.S. is using & is supposedly down there fighting a war to help protect--made a trip to Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras. a U.S. puppet state where they're basing their war in Central America, to have a meeting with the Minister of Defense of Honduras. They had a meeting of these three major Ministers of Defense: Of Guatemala, the country just North of them, Honduras & El Salvador, the day before he came back & overthrew Rios Montt!

       48. WHAT DOES THAT SOUND LIKE TO YOU? Considering where they were they were meeting & at what time they were meeting, who else do you suppose was there? You know good & well U.S. officials were there & CIA! This was all to be in other words, in agreement with all the surrounding countries so they would immediately recognise the new government & agree to it, & that they wouldn't interfere with this overthrow of the government of Guatemala. That's how they work! Man is just as evil & as horrible as he's always been, only they lie more about it now & cover it up more so you don't hear the truth as much any more. There're just as bad atrocities, but because we're supposed to be civilised now, they hide'm. So for all we know they've already murdered poor Rios Montt, unless the Lord has protected him, which He may have done.

       49. BUT THIS IS KIND OF A SWITCH & A REAL UPSET TO POOR REAGAN & SOME OF HIS BEST FRIENDS, because they were backing this born-again Christian Evangelical Rios Montt to the hilt, pouring in help & all on his side. And for this sudden switch to happen, I don't think it was really Reagan's desire, I doubt it, because they were some of his best supporters & he's supposed to be backing the Christians. So who do you suppose pulled this switch, of course?--The ones who really run the government, not Reagan?--The ones who really run the U.S.A.!--Who's that? (Family: The anti-Christs!) Of course! They all got together in Tegucigalpa--if you can gulp that one! It's going to take a little while, but it's going to be in the news, the new U.S. capital of Central America, Tegucigalpa. We don't know who's going to be the goose & who's going to be gulped, but it looks like Honduras is it right now!

       50. BUT AFTER ALL, IN A POOR LITTLE COUNTRY WHERE MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE STARVING & THERE ARE ONLY A FEW RICH, THEY DON'T MIND GETTING RICHER with all this money the U.S.'ll be pouring in there! You never know whose pocket it's going into, but it always seems to wind up in the pockets of the rich!--Even aid & welfare & food & everything else! When it goes into those countries with those corrupt leaders, the poor seldom ever get anything but a little hand-out of rice or something & they stay just as poor as ever.

       51. SO THIS WAS ONE THING WHICH THE ANTI-CHRISTS WANTED TO SEE DONE IN LATIN AMERICA, & THEY DID IT!--They got rid of the one real staunch Christian leader of Central America. And I had been wondering why so many of those anti-Christs were trying to keep the U.S. out of Central America--until you see some of the leaders of Central America--until you see some of the leaders of Central America! Just watch the pictures in the papers & on the news, the pictures & the face can tell you more than they're ever going to admit in the news. And I keep showing them to you, don't I, Maria? I say "Look who's running this country! Look who's running that country! Look at this picture!"--One after the other, all anti-Christs!

       52. AND THEY SAY THIS NEW GUY IN GUATEMALA, ONE THING HE IS FOR IS FREEDOM OF BUSINESS! And that is one thing the anti-Christs are for above all else, outside of Israel & the anti-Christs, is business as usual! They've controlled those countries for years, & they certainly didn't want a Christian, especially an Evangelical born-again Christian, to control it. But what have I said before? The very bitterness of your enemies in exposing you & identifying you spreads the message, they've got to tell something about you, & every time it has worked to our benefit in getting across the message & the testimony & some of the truth!

       53. SO THE VERY FACT THAT THEY HATED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS A BORN--AGAIN CHRISTIAN, & yet at the same time were accusing him of all these horrific atrocities & massacres & all kinds of things, nevertheless, there was the testimony! Of course they tried to make it sound bad, but there was a born-again Christian down there at least trying to do what was right. Well, they got rid of him now, so God is letting the cup of their iniquity fill up until they'll be ready for their doom & their judgement!--And this Central American war could be part of it, because Reagan's getting his foot into it down there!

       54. SOMETIMES PEOPLE GET SO FAR INTO THESE THINGS THAT THEY CAN'T GET OUT EVEN IF THEY WANT TO! The Israelis claim that Israel's getting its foot into Lebanon too far, to where it couldn't get out even if it wanted to! Well, I don't think the leadership want to. But the Israelis in general saw what it was costing them & their sons & finances, & they'd just as soon get out. but that's not what the leadership wants, it wants "Eretz Israel," it wants it all, so that's what they're after! In Chad, they want it all, because that's what they're after! They're not just after Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Chad, they've got Egypt, got Sudan, U.S., Europe, they want the whole World, & that's what they're after!

       55. WELL, THEY DIDN'T WANT DEAR REAGAN TO GET HIS FOOT STUCK IN LATIN AMERICA RIGHT NOW WHEN THEY'RE NOT READY FOR THAT! It's apt to just cause a diversion, & a spreading out of their forces too thin, & that's what they're objecting to, causing a lack of concentration on where they want him to concentrate, & that's on the Mideast! But he kind of surprised them! There have been one or two times where it seems that Reagan suddenly makes a move without consultation with the anti-Christs, & this one he apparently pulled by surprise! He says he even surprised the pentagon with this business of declaring he's going to send troops & the Navy & the military & all down to Central America.

       56. WELL, HE SAID HE'S GOING TO DO IT & THEY'VE FOUGHT IT, BUT THEY CAN'T SEEM TO STOP HIM! He's determined to do it & have it, & I think one of his purposes was to try to protect Guatemala & poor Rios Montt. But now he's lost that opportunity & it looks like he's going to get himself into a war down there whether he wants it or not!--And a war over in Chad which he seems to want. So we've got about three major wars going on right now that the U.S. is involved in, & things, as I said, are hotting-up all over! It seems like they're agitating almost every front! Look what's going on in Peru! Look at the trouble that's begun in Chile! Look at the trouble that's already been in a lot of places in South America!

       57. THE RUSSIANS REALLY PLAY IT SMART! They're the only ones that seem to be almost as smart as the anti-Christs, & they are stirring up trouble everywhere right now, in almost every area. Now why is that to their advantage? Why should they do that? Why should the Russians & the Communists, who are experts at this business of stirring up little troubles everywhere & little uprisings & little wars & brushfires & economic troubles & all kinds of things Worldwide, why should they want to stir up all theses troubles in all these places all at once? (Family: So the U.S. has to spread themselves so thin they won't be concentrating on Russia.) Exactly!

       58. MY LORD, THE AMERICANS HAVE ALMOST FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE MISSILE NEGOTIATIONS, THAT'S NOT EVEN ON THE FRONT PAGE ANY MORE! Almost forgotten about the proposed war in Europe! They're so busy in Lebanon & Chad & Central America & stirring up trouble in so many other countries around the World where they've got no business at all having their finger in the pie, that they're forgetting their main problem--Russia!--Which is exactly what the Russians want them to do! God bless'm! I think it's the wisdom of God, no doubt, & you know they're going to win, God's ordained it, so God's letting them outsmart the Goys everywhere! Even Russia's being run by the anti-Christs! Pretty smart, huh?--Running all sides & trying to get all sides in a position where they can control all sides.

       59. WELL, THAT'S THE WORLD SITUATION & THAT'S WHY I WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I don't want any of you not to be able to tell me what happened on the news tonight or what weather is predicted for tomorrow. I may call a session & ask you, so you'd better be ready to tell me!

       60. WELL, ONE OTHER THING I PROMISED YOU, I PROMISED TO SHOW HOW IGNORANT AMERICANS ARE OF THEIR OWN GEOGRAPHY! Now do you suppose that there is a single European who doesn't know & couldn't name you every single country in Europe? From your experience in Europe & with Europeans & their educational system & their emphasis on both geography & history, etc., how many of you think the Europeans probably know the name of every country in Europe? I would say they probably even know the name of every country in Eastern Europe & all their bordering countries & probably could name you all the countries in North Africa, at least!--Not only that, but could probably give you the history of all of them! Not only that, but most Europeans can speak at least two or three languages! In European schools they're required to learn at least two languages & in some European countries they're required to learn three!--Their language & the language of their neighbours.

       61. HOW MANY LANGUAGES DOES THAT AVERAGE AMERICAN KNOW? They don't even know English! They can speak American, that's about all. In order to graduate from high school for college, one of the requirements is supposed to be two years in some foreign language, & when I was in school you could take either Latin or Spanish. Before World War 1 you could also take German in high school, a common course taught in the schools. You could take Latin, which was of course the language of the Catholic Church, a good background language, & I'm sure maybe the Catholics at that time were behind it. German was considered the next most important language to learn before World War 1, because for nearly all sciences, arts, crafts, everything, you had to go to Germany to finish. They were considered the smartest people on Earth, & they probably were!

       62. BUT AMERICANS, EVEN IF THEY TOOK SPANISH AS I DID--& they were supposed to take two years--how many Americans come out of high school, even if they did take Spanish, able to speak any Spanish or really know Spanish or travel in Latin American countries & be able to converse with the people? They know hardly anything! They can probably say "buenos dias" & "como estas" & a few little expressions like that.

       63. HOW MANY AMERICANS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE GEOGRAPHY DOWN SOUTH OF THEM?--Even immediately south of them! Now I'm going to prove something to you. North Americans, how much do you know about geography?--North American geography! Did you know that Central America is a part of North America? Once you've crossed the Panama Canal & the Isthmus of Panama, going North, you're really in the Northern part of the Americas. But just to prove to you how little you know about it, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I think most Americas could probably answer these two questions: What country borders the U.S. on the North? (Family: Canada.) What country borders the U.S. on the South? (Family: South Texas!)--Ha! I'm surprised you didn't just say Texas! Well, after we pass Texas, what is the next country on the South? I mean foreign country, not Florida! Well, from what I hear of Miami now, it is a foreign country! So most Americans know that Canada's on the North & Mexico's on the South. Now here come the questions! (Dad quizzes the family on countries South of Mexico!)

       64. I GUESS WE SHOULD MENTION BELIZE TOO, IT'S JUST A LITTLE SLIVER OF A COUNTRY. It's actually a little hunk of what country? In fact, what country claims it? (Family: Guatemala.) (Maria: Mrs. Thatcher thinks it's awful important.) Well, it was a British possession & it's a little tiny sliver of a country that's now called Belize--used to be called British Honduras, of all things! Because it used to be a part of Honduras, & it was also once a part of Guatemala until the British apparently got it away somehow. Does anybody know what language they speak in that little tiny country of Belize? (Family: English.) What colour are they down there? I've quit preaching & gone to meddling, that's expecting too much! They're nearly all Black, British-speaking, British-educated & pretty nice Blacks. They don't want the Haitians in there, I'll tell you right now. (Continues quiz!)

       65. NOW LOOK AT THAT! THE U.S. AMERICANS DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEIR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOURS ARE OR WHERE THEY ARE OR HOW THEY'RE SITUATED! To show you how totally ignorant they are of Central America & those countries down there, if you name those countries, most of them couldn't tell you whether they were in Central America, South America or the Caribbean, & some of them wouldn't know the difference whether they were in Europe or Africa! Can you imagine any Europeans being that dumb about their Continent or their countries or their history? But Americans are almost totally ignorant of those countries, much less the history of those countries. For one reason, the U.S. hasn't wanted to teach the history of those countries to their people & all of its U.S. meddling down there & all of its chicanery & its crimes & its oppression & all the rest of it!

       66. WELL, WE WON'T GO INTO THAT NOW BECAUSE I'VE DISCUSSED THIS IN "WAR IN THE AMERICAS," but I just wanted to conduct this little test to just show you how dumb you are!--How dumb most Americans are about their own next door neighbours, countries that the U.S. has virtually owned & controlled for years! The U.S. Americans don't even know the names of the countries or where they are or what order they come in--it's just really pitiful! So if they don't even know the names of the countries, where they are, who they are or what they are, how do you expect them to even care what goes on there?--They haven't! Their government has taken care of that & has settled things in Central America to its own liking to the ignorance of its people, & the U.S. government has done whatever it pleased in Central America, considered that's its back yard & can do as it pleases!

       67. WELL, THERE'S A NEW SITUATION DOWN THERE THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! There are now at least three or four governments in the Caribbean which are extremely sympathetic to the other side & are being supported & arms supplied by the Soviet Union! Can you name them? What Central American & Caribbean countries are now considered pro-Soviet & in the Soviet sphere of influence? (Family: Nicaragua, Cuba, Grenada & Surinam.) That's no fair, you read the Letter!

       68. I DOUBT IF ANY U.S. AMERICAN HERE KNOWS WHAT SURINAM IS OR WHERE IT IS! In fact, you probably never even heard the name of the country. What did it used to be? (Family: Dutch Guyana.) Here's a Dutchman who used to live in Dutchland where they knew what Dutch Guyana was! And where is it located? (Family: On the North Coast of South America.) Very good! So now there are at least four pro-Soviet countries in Latin America, one in South America---in fact, there are more than that down there really--at least one definitely in Central America, & there would be more right now if the U.S. hadn't stepped in by force & stopped them several times.

       69. GUATEMALA EVEN DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED A COMMUNIST PRESIDENT A FEW YEARS AGO, & WHAT HAPPENED?--THE U.S. JUST SENT IN THE MARINES, THAT'S ALL, & THREW HIM OUT! And they've done that time & again. They don't hesitate to do it that close--they sent the Marines into Lebanon once when they elected a Communist president! Eisenhower sent in the Marines & threw him out! That's U.S. policy! Talk about the Russians! At least the Russians are a little smarter, they don't make it quite so obvious!--Except when it came to Afghanistan, that's about the first time they've done it, where they actually sent in Russian troops to put down anti-Russian rebellion, & they sure had a lot of trouble with those poor Afghans! Anybody that ever tried to conquer the Afghans had nothing but trouble, including the British. The British were never able to really conquer them, & nobody else has, ever.

       70. SO HOW CAN YOU EXPECT THE AMERICANS TO EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THE COUNTRIES, the people, the history or American policy or what the Americans have done down there before? But because of American policy in those Latin American countries as a whole, & specifically in Central American countries, what has been the attitude of the very very few, very very rich toward the U.S.? The U.S. has almost consistently, perpetually supported the rich anti-Communist, hardline, ultra-conservative, tyrannical, fascistic type of governments--not only in Central America, but all throughout the Americas & the Caribbean. The only criterion the U.S. uses for a measuring rod, is are they anti-Communist or pro-Communist, that's all. They don't care what kind of a government it is, they don't care how they treat the people, they don't give a damn about the conditions or anything else about the country, except is it pro-U.S. or pro-Communist! That's the yardstick by which they rule in Latin America.

       71. SO NOW THERE ARE FOUR PRO-COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS DOWN THERE: Surinam on the coast of Northern South America, Nicaragua in Central America, & Cuba & Grenada in the Caribbean. Grenada is this little spot in the sea, a little tiny island, but it's big enough that the Russians are building a huge monumental airbase far beyond the capabilities of Grenada, which can handle the biggest airships in the World! What do you suppose for? I mean, they don't have that many tourists in Grenada! In fact, since they turned Communist, they probably don't have hardly any, especially from the U.S. Well, that's smart!--They're getting ready to be able to have any size planes down there. They already can in Cuba & Nicaragua, & of course the U.S. has had airbases all the time in a lot of those places, so that's nothing new. The U.S. has got them in Puerto Rico, now building in Honduras, & they've had them in most of the other countries there.

       72. SO THERE'S THE SITUATION THERE & I'D BETTER LET YOU GO! I'm sorry to have kept you so long, but it's interesting to know how many wars the U.S. is getting itself into all at once. They couldn't possibly fight'm all, so that by the time the big one erupts in Europe, they'll be so involved every place else, they couldn't possibly win it, even if it was purely conventional!--And of course we know it won't be.

       73. SO THAT'S THE WORLD SITUATION & I WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS EVERY NIGHT! It's required, & I think it ought to be for the whole Family Worldwide! They ought to have to watch the news or know what's going on, & not just depend on me to know it & interpret it for them! I appreciate your confidence & faith in me to know everything & interpret it for you, but I'm only one person & I can miss a lot, & I could use your help. Besides, you need to watch & see the faces & the attitudes & catch little things! You could write me notes, "Did you notice this? Did you notice that?"--If something comes to you or you get a revelation or you get an insight into something or you see something that I need to know about the news! Thank you for those of you who have written a resume of the news when you knew I missed it, & I appreciate that, but usually if I do, I try to listen to it later.

       74. YOU NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY & THE PEOPLE & WHAT'S GOING ON, AS WELL AS THE REST OF THE WORLD! And how are you going to become one & sympathise & understand unless you learn & you watch & you observe & you hear?--And one of the best ways is through the news! You need to know the country you're living in! It's like your adopted country & you need to know the people & the government & its problems so you can be better able to pray for them, & burdened to pray for them, as the Lord has commanded. (1Tim2:1-2; Ezra 6:10; Jer.29:7)

       75. BLESS OUR FOLKS EVERYWHERE, LORD, IN COUNTRIES WHERE THE DEVIL IS STIRRING UP TROUBLE! Bless & keep them, Lord, & help them to finish the job until it gets too hot to stay, then help them to have the wisdom to go, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! The Devil knows where we are too & he's really trying to cause trouble different places where we're at.

       76. SO PLEASE PRAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT & THE COUNTRIES & THE PEACE OF OUR JERUSALEM, SO TO SPEAK. (Ps.122:6.) Amen?--Pray for the governors & magistrates & presidents & rulers of every country where we are, that we can stay as long as we can. Things are getting tighter all the time, countries are getting tighter & the situation Worldwide is getting worse & tightening-up, and we really need to tighten up too, & do what we can to get the job done, & stay as long as we can, where we can!--So pray all you can! Amen? Amen Lord, do bless & keep us & continue to make us a blessing, in Jesus' name, amen!

       U.S. JEWS vs. Qadhafi:
By Bernard Gwertzman
New York Times Service

              WASHINGTON--[DELETED] Reagan administration officials have indicated that they regard the conflict in Chad as a major test of wills with Colonel Moamer Qadhafi, the Libyan leader.

       They assert that Colonel Qadhafi has made no effort to disguise his plan of controlling Chad and eventually unifying all of Africa's Moslems under the Libyan banner. (Why not?)
       Because of the Libyan leader's declared goal of a Greater Islamic State and his disdain for the independent African states created from former European colonies, the situation in Chad is deemed very serious by the administration. ([EDITED: "ACs"])
       Officials said Thursday that if Colonel Qadhafi working through Goukouni Oueddei, former president of Chad, was able to overthrow the government of Hissene Habré, it was likely to cause problems for such countries as Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Egypt, Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Senegal, all of which are pro-Western and all of which, in varying degrees, feel threatened by Libya. (HA!)
       "I guess you could say we are coming to a crunch," an administration official said.
       "American policy is for Libya to get out of Chad," he said, "The Libyans should not be in Chad. We have to show the Libyans they cannot win in Chad. We also have to do what we can to get the Africans united in pressing Qadhafi out." (& let U.S. in)
       Colonel Qadhafi has sent troops into Chad before, but each time was prevailed upon to withdraw. In 1981, by an ironic twist, Mr. Goukouni, who then was president of Chad and who had invited the Libyans into Chad, asked him to pull his forces out. Mr. Goukouni lost out several months later in a power struggle with Mr. Habré. (The legally elected president!)
       {\ul The United States had backed Mr. Habré with Central Intelligence Agency Funds} when he was operating out of Sudan and when Libyan forces were in Chad.
       Mr. Goukouni then fled Chad and made his way to Libya once again to seek help from Colonel Qadhafi. In interpreting Colonel Qadhafi's intentions in Chad, experts on Libya begin with his {\ul \i Green Book}, which sets forth the revolutionary ideology that Colonel Qadhafi calls the "Third Universal Theory." He advocates a restructured world.
       He has placed his emphasis, however, on Africa, particularly on the Sahel belt that cuts across the continent, where more than half the population is Moslem. In Chad, for instance, 50 percent of the population is estimated to be Moslem, the rest Christian or tribal. In Niger, Moslems make up 85 percent of the population; in the Sudan, 60 percent.
       "As Qadhafi sees it, since the Arabs are already spiritually united through the Koran, there is a connection between Arab unity and Islam," a Nigerian scholar Oye Ogunbadejo, wrote in the current issue of International Security, a journal published at Harvard university. "Only the artificial political boundaries, created by the former colonial powers, and the reactionary regimes in the Arab states prevent the realization of total unity." (Right!)
       The Reagan administration, from the start, has singled out Colonel Qadhafi for special attention. It has severed relations with Libya and banned the import of oil from there. (Why?--The [EDITED: "ACs"]!)
       Although France is also concerned about Libya's moves in Africa, it has refused, in part for economic reasons, to treat Colonel Qadhafi as a pariah. It buys oil from Libya and argues that it is important to keep lines of communication open with the Libyans.
       President Francois Mitterrand has also sought to distance his policy toward Chad from Washington's.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family