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CURRENTS!--NO.5: Chad       DFO 1595       8/83

       1. MY IMPRESSION IS THAT OF COURSE FRANCE DOES NOT WANT A WAR IN CHAD, BUT THE U.S. put so much pressure on France & was insistent that they move in & participate & protect their former Colony from that "monster" Godahfi, blah, blah, so that obviously the French finally reluctantly moved a few soldiers in, & I noticed the U.S. is exaggerating the number of them. They're saying there are maybe 3,000 blah, blah, whereas France said they've only sent in a few hundred & only to protect the Chadian capital N'Djamena.
       2. BECAUSE FRANCE HAS BEEN HAVING VERY GOOD RELATIONS WITH GODAHFI & GODAHFI WITH FRANCE, & I think what France is trying to do is find an in-between compromise position in which it's sending in its forces to satisfy the United States' drive against Godahfi, supposedly, but that it's merely securing the Chadian capital in the Southern half of Chad & is lining up just along the 15th parallel which cuts the country almost exactly in half.
       3. I BELIEVE WHAT FRANCE IS TRYING TO SAY TO GODAHFI IS, "OK, THAT'S ENOUGH.--THIS IS AS FAR AS YOU GO. We're agreeing to protect the Southern half of Chad," which is the best half with its capital & the government & the former rebel forces which are now the illegal government of Chad, whereas Godahfi is supporting the legal elected former government. Of course that doesn't mean a thing to the United States. All the United States & its [EDITED: "ACs"] are concerned about is who's for us & who's for them? And it doesn't give a damn whether it's an illegal unjust cruel horrible government as long as it's for the good ol' U.S.A. & against the Communists & that "horrible" Godahfi! Blah, blah!
       4. SO WHAT I THINK FRANCE IS TRYING TO DO IS SORT OF STRIKE A MIDDLE COURSE & GOING ABOUT HALFWAY & hoping by the threat of its forces there to secure the Southern half of the country, hoping to get Godahfi to agree, now that he has the Northern half, to just stay put & come no further. In other words, "OK, we're securing Southern Chad & the government & the capital & the only part that's really worth anything. And so, Godahfi, if you want the Northern half which is all desert & rocks & mountains & not much use to anybody except for a few minerals, OK. But that's as far as you go." Meanwhile they're satisfying the U.S.A. in protecting Chad & France is protecting its former Colony & is stopping Godahfi in his tracks so he won't threaten all of Africa, as the U.S. claims hysterically!
       5. THAT'S WHAT I THINK FRANCE IS DOING. I don't think France intends to attack Godahfi at all or to make any drive Northwards to drive Godahfi or the Chadian rebel forces out, the former legal government. I don't think the French are necessarily preparing to drive them out, & they've said several times that they're only there in a defensive posture to protect the capital & the present government. They're not there to engage in combat. In other words, they're giving Godahfi a little signal, "Now that's far enough! Don't come any further! We have to protect this present government because we promised it, so you just stay put." And this will sort of make everybody half happy.
       6. {\ul GODAHFI MAY NOT HAVE GOTTEN AS MUCH AS HE WANTS NOR THE REBELS, BUT NEITHER HAS HABRÉ & HIS REBELS & THEIR ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT OF SOUTHERN CHAD.} So it may result in a partition of the country, with the Southern usable livable part of Chad in the hands of the present government, protected by the French. In other words, with France doing their little duty & half pleasing the U.S.A. while they may just perhaps let the rebels have the Northern half. I'm quite sure that certainly the rebels, not even with the backing of Godahfi, want to attack the French forces in the Southern half, so this may bring peace at last in Chad & divide the warring forces.
       7. ACTUALLY THEY BOTH WANT THE SOUTHERN HALF BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY GOOD HALF where anything can be grown & people can live, but the usurper Habré has got it now with French protection, so with French troops protecting it Godahfi is not apt to attack. In fact I think he'd be very foolish to attack & I don't think he's that foolish. I think he'll more or less stay put. The former Government of Chad now has the Northern half with the only good city in the Northern half, Faya Largeau, a big oasis which used to be the largest city in Chad. It's still listed in the World Book as being the largest city in Chad & was before. The government moved to N'Djamena for safety & has stayed there for self-protection.
       8. SO NOW THAT FRANCE & THE REAL REBELS HAVE THE SOUTHERN HALF, MAYBE THAT WILL PACIFY THE U.S.A., & maybe now that the legitimate government & their so-called rebels still have the Northern half & Faya Largeau, they & Godahfi will be satisfied. Let's hope it brings peace, because I've been thinking that's the only way to ever settle that thing. Just like Cyprus, I think the only way to ever settle that Cyprus problem is the way the Turks settled it, just moved in & divided the Turkish third of the Island from the Greek two/thirds.
       9. AND I THINK THAT'S PROBABLY THE ONLY WAY THEY'RE EVER GOING TO SETTLE THE LEBANESE PROBLEM, if it's ever settled at the rate Israel is behaving, is simply to let Israel keep the Southern part & Syria keep the Northern part & Syria & Israel keep the peace if possible, because apparently nobody is able to make Israel move out, & if Israel won't move out neither will the Syrians. So meanwhile the only part of Lebanon really ruled by the Lebanese government is the Beirut area, the capital, because the Israelis have Southern Lebanon & Syria has Northern Lebanon & meanwhile the Druze, Muslims & the Christians are fighting for Eastern Lebanon, so that's still a mess!
       10. BUT MAYBE THIS WILL SETTLE THE CHAD SITUATION. I just had a feeling when I saw the way the French were moving in & the way they were deploying their troops in purely defensive positions which can only merely protect N'Djamena, the Chadian capital, that they're not at all planning to attack a friendly government like Libya in the North nor the Chadian "rebels" so-called. They've merely moved in to try to settle the issue & satisfy the U.S.A. & try to bring peace between the opposing forces, like a third party coming in & dividing up the country between the two, & let's hope it stays that way, because in a way the Chadians deserve their own country, & if they're divided then they'll have to divide it, & that's what's happened or what's happening, thanks to the French, U.S.A. & Godahfi.
       11. SO LET'S HOPE THAT SETTLES IT.--It remains to be seen. It's been settled several times before, & Godahfi voluntarily backed out last time & let the legitimate elected government take it over. But when the rebels under Habré moved in & overthrew the legitimate elected government of Goukouni, then of course this upset Godahfi & the Chadians who backed the legitimate elected government, & there have been renewed civil wars ever since, with Libya apparently backing the former government, & the U.S.A. backing the South just because it's against Godahfi & for no other good reason at all. The U.S. has got no business being in Chad whatsoever!
       12. BUT NOW, TO SATISFY THE U.S., FRANCE HAS MOVED IN TO TRY TO SETTLE THE THING. Let's hope this does settle it, & this way it sort of takes France & Godahfi both off the hook & may pacify the U.S.--we hope. Praise the Lord! I've sure been praying for Godahfi that he can get himself off the hook somehow, but he just does not like injustice & unfairness, & it's totally unjust, unfair & illegal for Habré to overthrow the former legal, legitimate elected government of Goukouni. So naturally Libya has backed Goukouni ever since & helped his rebels, now rebels only because they've been forced out by the real rebel Habré. So let's hope this satisfies Godahfi & the French & the U.S.A. & even the Chadians, we hope.
       13. AND I HOPE THAT'S THE END OF THE MATTER. But with those [EDITED: "ACs"] still fiddling around with their finger in the pie, I doubt if they'll be satisfied until they stir up enough trouble to try to oust & overthrow Godahfi completely, because that's what they're really after, so if those [EDITED: "ACs"] leave the situation alone I'll be surprised! They'll probably still try to aggravate it, seeing in this their great opportunity to try to create a war between Godahfi & both the U.S.A. & France, a war that of course he couldn't possibly win. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are hoping of course that such a war would overthrow Godahfi, who is one of their bitterest enemies. So we'll see.
       14. GOD HELP POOR GODAHFI, WHO IS REALLY FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT AGAINST TREMENDOUS MIGHT, & I'm sure the Lord has helped him, & maybe the help was to send in the French to enforce the peace so that neither side wins & they have to share the country. We shall see. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Godahfi, he needs it. God bless him! I know that he's a just, righteous, kind man who is trying to do the right thing. He's been a tremendous blessing to his own people, threw out the corrupt rich rulers of Libya & has been helping its poor people ever since, & he was trying to help Chad do the same, but now at least he has helped the poor Chadians take half their country, but they're forced to let the corrupt rich have the other half because of U.S. insistence & French interference. So let's see what happens from here.
       15. I DON'T THINK THE [EDITED: "ACs"] ARE GOING TO GIVE UP THAT EASILY. They'll never be satisfied until Godahfi is gone, & he'll never be satisfied until they're gone, so the feeling is mutual. But of course, we know what the final outcome will be because of what the Bible says, & we've already said enough about that, so we don't have to go into it here. Amen? At least I think that's what the French are trying to do, but whether the [EDITED: "ACs"] & the U.S. will let it happen or not I don't know. Just pray for Godahfi & that God's Will will be done. I believe He's for Godahfi, because Godahfi is for Him!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family