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MORE ON HEAVEN!       DFO 1597       14/8/83

       1. (DAD SHOWS NEW HEAVEN POSTER:) THE EARLY BIRDS GET THE WORM HERE! It's big enough you can sit down beside each other & three of you can look at it at the same time & get lost! It's a good place to get lost. Actually you're saved there, not lost!

       2. SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK I'M REALLY MAKING A MOCKERY OUT OF HEAVEN & they'll probably think it's sacrilegious, blasphemous & all those other things. Well, if they don't like my corner, they can go over in three other corners & have plenty of room to suit themselves! But since He said He'd "give me the desires of my heart if I delight myself in Him" & "with God nothing shall be impossible" & with man "all things are possible to him that believeth," why not? Why can't I design one corner to have the Heavenly Fair? (Ps.37:4; Lk.1:37; Mk.9:23)

       3. I WAS WONDERING WHY WE HAD ALL THESE RIDES WHEN WE CAN FLY, & it just dawned on me, maybe we're going to share this with the people outside! They may not be allowed to go clear into the City or live there, & they can't fly like us, but wouldn't they & their kids enjoy our Fair? I don't think we ought to be selfish with it, I think we ought to let them share it! Now you really know I'm crazy, don't you? Okay, maybe I am, but it's fun!

       4. I THINK WE'VE RUN OUT OF SPACE NOW IN OUR LITTLE CORNER, so we may sing the song of the Church people: "You in your small corner, & I in mine!" I'm sure theirs must be a lot duller than mine! Mine looks like more fun, don't you think? We've got boat rides, flying saucer rides, ride the Time Beam, all kinds of interesting things to do!

       5. (SARA: DAVIDA SAID, "WHEN I'M IN HEAVEN, I'M GOING TO BE 7 YEARS OLD!" I said, "Crystal grew up, you know." She said, "Well, if Grandpa can have whatever he wants in Heaven, I can have whatever I want!") She wants to stay 7! Well, maybe when she gets there she'll change her mind!--When she sees all those nice big handsome boys & angels she might want to grow up--fast!

       6. WELL ANYHOW, THAT'S JUST MY IDEA OF HEAVEN, & if they don't like it, they can stay in their own corner. I thought you'd get a kick out of that anyway, & I think especially our little kids would like to go there! We've even got Aqueduct Rides you notice now! I just thought we could let some of the people outside in to enjoy the fun! We don't want to be selfish! After all, we believe in sharing!

       7. WELL, I THINK THAT KIND OF HEAVEN WILL BE A GREAT EDUCATION FOR OUR KIDS! I know you probably think that's pretty wild, but anyway, it looks a lot like what I saw, so you can't argue with that! (See Nos.75A, 80.) Of course, I didn't really see all these & all the names on all of them & everything else, but I tried to figure out what the ones I saw must be. And I threw in a few extras that I "ordered", which at least I'd like to see there! Anyhow, it makes an interesting study!

       8. YOU'LL NOTICE I'M THROWING IN MORE SCRIPTURE REFERENCES & SCRIPTURE QUOTES to sort of corroborate & document or at least give us some kind of excuse for having some of those buildings there!--Ha! If we ever can put it out in colour, I think it would look pretty, don't you? It certainly would fascinate our children!--And it might even fascinate a few of our grown-ups!

       9. WE'RE EVEN ALREADY WORKING ON A "HEAVENLY EARTH" POSTER!--Pictures of the countryside outside & what's going on out there! PTL! I thought that would be a good follow-up for this one! So let's hope this poster gives our folks some solid conception of what Heaven could be like! PTL? I like it! It interests me! And I think a lot of our folks will find it interesting, if nothing else. I presume you'd say that it's a lot of my imagination, but at least my imagination's pretty interesting!

       10. THEY USED TO HAVE AN OLD SONG, "I'M SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD!" Of course, that's from way back in my days. So we'll be sitting on top of the World then for sure! Well, I'll tell you, there's a lot of truth in that picture & a lot of it's drawn to scale & a lot of it's concrete evidence right out of the Bible, so you can't very well argue with that! Amen? It's documented by the Word!--And a lot of it from my own experience! The rest I sort of dreamed up! I must have gotten the ideas from somewhere! So I hope you like it, anyway! I think our little children will find it interesting & I believe the Lord will use it, bless it & make it a blessing!

       11. A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY TESTIFIED IT'S BEEN A REAL BLESSING & INSPIRATION TO THEM to realise what they have to look forward to, & so they won't be sorry for some of our folks who have already gone there, like Phoebe & others. How can you feel sorry for people that are living like that? PTL! And as He says, "The sufferings of this present time are nothing compared with the glories that are going to be!" (Rom.8:18) So praise the Lord, we've got a lot of looking forward to do! What's that song MWM sings? "We've got a lot to be thankful for!" Well, they could revise that slightly & say, "We've got a lot to look forward to!" We've got a lot to be thankful for already, but we've also got a lot to look forward to! PTL!

       12. ANY QUESTIONS? ANY SUGGESTIONS? YOU'LL PROBABLY HAVE A LOT OF'M AFTER YOU GET YOUR COPY TO STUDY! Any complaints? (Sara: It's wonderful how you can use little sections for covers & it seems like a new illustration every time!) Yes, we take a little vignette here & one there, it's been quite a source of illustrations for our books! Why not? I thought, "We've got'm, we might as well use'm!" PTL!

       13. (TO SARA:) DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE PREGNANT AGAIN! You were feeling your stomach & I was wondering! I thought maybe you were feeling movement already! That's all right if you were, Honey, I wouldn't mind! TTL! We've got this many babies, a few more wouldn't hurt anything. Don't worry about it girls! TTL! The Lord believes in multiplication--the name of the game! Be fruitful & multiply!--The first commandment! (Gen.1:28) He likes babies! He likes to have a lot more citizens of His Kingdom, TTL! He wants to fill that place up! There's room for billions of people there, plus all the outside Earth! So why should He not fill it up with as many folks as He can to enjoy that, enjoy Him & enjoy each other? PTL?

       14. I WAS THINKING SOMETHING FUNNY TODAY, VIEWING THIS & THINKING HOW SOME OF THE CHURCH PEOPLE WEREN'T GOING TO LIKE IT!--Like they don't like me either, don't like us, period, much less our doctrines etc. And I was sort of thinking, "Well, what would it be like when I meet my first Church person up there in Heaven?" You know, considering what we think about most Church people, I might be inclined to say, "Fancy meeting you here!" The trouble is, they'd probably turn around & say, "Huh! You think you're surprised, I'm really surprised to see you here!"--Ha!

       15. SO WE'RE ALL IN FOR QUITE A FEW SURPRISES & A FEW SHOCKS TOO! Wait till they see how we run around & how we bathe & a few things like that! They're going to flee in terror to their corner maybe!--Either that or maybe they'll say, "Hurrah! Can we join you?!" They didn't want to join us down here, they may want to join us up there! So PTL!--Amen?

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