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FORGET THE PAST!--Work Now & Study the Future!       DFO 1598       15/8/83

       1. THE TIME FOR STUDYING ALL THIS ANCIENT HISTORY IN THESE LAST DAYS IS OVER! If the Family wants to take the time in the Millennium when they've got a Thousand Years, or in Heaven when they've got Eternity, to study all of this ancient & Old Testament history just for amusement or curiosity, well, that's up to them, but I don't think anybody's got time to study this kind of past history like ancient history & Old Testament & even New Testament history. (Maria: Like what, for example?) To go into this kind of detail of history, like all the journeys of Samuel & the whole life of Saul & all his travels & all those details!

       2. WHEN I HAVE TALKED ABOUT THESE THINGS IN THE LETTERS, I HAVE REFERRED TO THEM ONLY AS A MATTER OF STORIES THAT TAUGHT LESSONS PRIMARILY, & I only went into the Bible in Pictures to give my own little children when they were small the basic knowledge of Bible History. Frankly, I think that the Bible in Pictures is all that our Family needs to know about the Old Testament, not to go into all these intricate details of Old Testament history & Old Testament geography! I think it's a waste of time! (Maria: You've mentioned a lot of Bible details yourself in the Letters, you just don't think it's necessary? What about Paul's & Jesus' journeys?)

       3. I THINK THAT EVEN THE STUDY OF PAUL'S MISSIONARY JOURNEYS & THAT SORT OF THING IS ANCIENT HISTORY! We are too involved in this modern time & too interested in the Future to be worrying about the past! I can give you a Scripture for it! "Forget the things that are behind, press forward to the things that are before & the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!" (Ph.3:13,14) (Maria: But would that mean you'd just forget the Bible altogether, because that's the past, & the MO Letters are the future?)--No! They have their Bibles & if they want to read them, they can read them. (Maria: So you don't like the Bible maps at all?--Even for geography?) I think the average Bible that they can pick up in almost any bookstore with a few maps in the back & a few helps is all they need, if they need that.

       4. THE DAY FOR STUDYING THE TABERNACLE & THE ANCIENT TEMPLE & ANCIENT JERUSALEM & ALL THAT JUNK IS OVER! It is past! To concentrate people on Ancient History & Jewish History I honestly believe is a [DELETED] promotion by Jewish Christians who want to promote interest in the past & the Old Testament, probably all concocted by the concision & the circumcision! [DELETED] One of Jesus' Jewish disciples said, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" (Jn.1:46) I say, "Can anything good come out of Judea?"--Mostly it hasn't! About the best thing that ever came out of Judea was Jesus!

       5. ALL THIS ANCIENT BUNK ABOUT ALL THE ANCIENT JEWISH HISTORY & THE GORY STUFF & DETAILS OF THE TRIBES & THEIR GEOGRAPHY & ALL THAT JUNK, FORGET IT! I mean, we don't give a damn about what happened to them now, unless you want to spend Eternity just out of curiosity delving back into History when you can sit down & watch the 3-D TV or actually go back there in time & visit the scenes as they happened. What advantage is it? (Maria: Or even the Old Testament Palestine. We're not interested in that?) Absolutely not, we're not interested in it any more today! Today, this time, this last hour of history when things are winding up & we have very little time to finish the job, for God's sake, we don't have time to study ancient history, especially ancient Biblical history & Old Testament History. [DELETED]

       6. ALL THE HISTORY THAT WE NEED, WE HAVE ALREADY PUBLISHED IN {\ul \i 7,000 YEARS OF WORLD HISTORY} & IN THE {\ul \i BIBLE IN PICTURES}. That's all the ancient Bible History we need & all the maps & the whole works. We don't need any more ancient history! (Maria: Do you suggest they study the New Testament?) Well, of course, the New Testament is a very short, simple Book all about Jesus & Love & a blast of condemnation against the [DELETED] Jews! But promotion of Old Testament History is nothing but a [DELETED] trick & sidetrack! (Maria: But fulfilled Prophecy, that's one place where the Old Testament comes in.) All right, we have plenty of that already. The New Testament constantly refers to the old, & if you want to check the Scriptures, you're welcome to. Who in the Hell cares about all the Old Testament types, names & titles of Christ & even all that sort of junk? It's all Old Testament promotion by [DELETED] the so-called Jewish Christians!

       7. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS! I read the whole Bible & read the New Testament several times, & I never found it necessary to have a Harmony of the Gospels. I don't think I ever referred to it in the back of my Bible, although I have one right there. I don't even think it's necessary. I don't think we need to get into all these stupid ridiculous details. We don't even have time to go over the details & travels & times & days & dates of Christ's travel, His whole life. It's done, it's finished! So why the Hell should we go back over it? I know all you need to know, & I told you all you need to know, & that's it!

       8. I SAID READ THE BIBLE, I DIDN'T SAY STUDY IT IN DETAIL! I don't think you even need to read the Old Testament any more, frankly. (Maria: You mean we don't need to know about David & Solomon & Samuel?) You know about it, I told you all you need to know about those guys. (Maria: We don't have to read the Bible then?) Oh, sure, if you want to read it for devotions, especially the Devotional & Poetic Books like Psalms & Proverbs & Job & a lot of things like that, but you don't need to go delving back into that ancient history any more, I've told the Family about all they need to know!

       9. I DON'T SEE HOW THEY COULD POSSIBLY RUN OUT OF STORIES TO TELL KIDS--WHY SHOULD WE TELL THEM ALL OF THAT ANCIENT GORY HISTORY? (Maria: Well I don't know, it seems that if you don't know the Bible, too, you're sort of lacking. I've always felt like that.) How much have I talked about knowing the Bible? You don't have to know every damn little detail, like Jesus' travels & Paul's travels, much less the travels of King Solomon or David or Saul! (Maria: But about their lives & as far as them being good or bad samples.) You can get all you need to know about them just by reading the Bible, you don't have to know all the damn details & have a whole book on all the infinitesimal details. You don't need to understand a damn thing about it except the lessons you get from the stories therein & that's all, & it's so simple almost a little child can understand by reading it! You don't have to know all the damn details of chronology & all this other junk I have given you in my course on Bible Knowledge, all any of you ever have to know about the Bible, & even that I thought was too much!

       10. (MARIA: YOU DON'T THINK WE NEED TO KNOW ALL ABOUT THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE & WHO THEIR AUTHOR WAS & MAYBE A LITTLE SUMMARY ABOUT EACH BOOK OF THE BIBLE?)--No! You don't need to know a damn thing about it! You needn't know it, just read it & let the Holy Spirit tell you what She wants to tell you about it! The only things you need to get out of the Bible any more are the moral lessons & the spiritual lessons & instruction, but not all this historical, geographical & genealogical detail & lists of genealogies & geography & endless ancient history! (Maria: Our children have studied about the Kings, their lives & reign, for example.) Do you know why? They studied it from the Bible in Pictures. And frankly, I was almost sorry I ever put Kings in the Bible in Pictures, because it is so gory & so horrible. [DELETED]

       11. WHO NEEDS ALL THIS TRIPE?--JUST READ IT! You don't need to have everything analysed for you. I've told them about all they need to know. Neither do I agree with outlines of the Bible telling you exactly where to find what. Why don't you just read it? (Maria: If you want to find where something is, it helps, because there's so much in the Bible to just read through.) If you want to find where something is, you're supposed to have a Concordance & look it up. I don't think all that detail is necessary at all. (Maria: Well, not very many people have complete Concordances.) Forget it!

       12. ALL THE JUNK PROMOTING OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY, CAN YOU IMAGINE?--The career of Esau & the career of [DELETED] Jacob the Deceiver, the forefather of the [DELETED] Jews! My Lord, we don't have time to go into such detail & ancient history that is past & passé! Like I have said before, all the Family needs in the way of that kind of book is their Bible, a Concordance, & if possible, a Halley's Handbook, & even a lot of Halley is screwy, especially on Bible Prophecy! You don't need all these outlines & the Books of the Bible outlined for you, why don't you just read it? I just think it's a waste of time!

       13. THIS IS SOMETHING TO SIDETRACK PEOPLE TO GET INTO THINGS ABOUT THE BIBLE INSTEAD OF STUDYING THE BIBLE! It's like knowing all about Jesus without knowing Him. It's too late for this kind of Bible Study, absolutely too late! You don't need it now! You do not need this kind of Bible Study any more. In ancient times & thousands & hundreds of years gone by when that was all they had to do & all they had to worry about was their ancient damned history that made such a mess out of them, well, then it might have been worthwhile studying to find out why! But right now we're in the End & we're far more interested in the Future than all of the past which is gone, & there's nothing you can do about it except to learn the lessons of what not to do!

       14. THIS KIND OF STUFF HAS ALREADY BEEN PUBLISHED!--You can find it in almost any old Bible that you can buy at the dime store! Why should we waste our time on an infinite detailed analytical study of ancient history & Old Testament when there is no time left to study this kind of stuff! We don't have time to study even a Harmony of the Gospels or a detailed analysis of the Life of Christ, all we need to do is just read it!

       15. I DON'T THINK WE HAVE TO GO INTO FULFILLED PROPHECIES IN JESUS' DAY! They have already been fulfilled & He's already died & gone to Heaven & He's already saved us & that's all we need to know! We don't need to know all these ridiculous details about all these things that happened then. It was done, it's finished! Jesus said, "It's finished!" (Jn.19:30) And Paul said, "Forget those things that are behind!" (Maria: A lot of people have been saved through a witness about fulfilled prophecy.) You know who advocates that stuff about the fulfilled prophecy in Jesus?--The Jews! The Jewish Christians want to help convince themselves that Jesus was the Messiah. (Maria: But fulfilled prophecy has helped a lot of people to come to the Lord.--Not just the ones about Jesus.) What kind of fulfilled prophecy? All the fulfilled prophecies we need to know about are right in the MO Letters in our Prophecy Series & our Prophecy Charts on Daniel, Ezekiel & all the rest!

       16. WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD WE STUDY ABOUT THE PAST THAT SHOULD BE GONE & PAST & ALL FORGOTTEN? Why should we waste time on this detailed intricate infinite study of every little God-damned detail of ancient history? It's past & there's nothing you can do about it! It's finished! The job's already done, forget it! It's like reading books. My Lord! I'll take a movie rather than read a book any day! Why wade through all that agony of having to read it, when you can see it in an hour-&-a-half in a dramatisation & get all you need to know about it!

       17. THAT KIND OF MATERIAL IS GOING BACKWARDS!--WE'RE TRYING TO GO FORWARDS! Forget the past! Let's go forward! Let's concentrate on the now & the Future & get our job done & stop wasting time on stuff like this--just the kind of stuff the Church has been involved in & Bible Colleges & the [DELETED] past-worshipping Jews!

       18. THE {\ul \i BIBLE IN PICTURES} WAS ENOUGH, & ALL THE REST I'VE TOLD THEM, THAT'S ENOUGH!--And all the rest that FC has already produced for them is enough! We've already given them almost too much Bible History & Bible Study & Bible detail, too much, & the day for that is over, it's past! They know it now, they've had it. About the only thing we need to do is dig out anything that the children would be interested in or that would be good for them & simple enough & helpful & pictured & whatnot! If it's not good for them, then it's not good at all, because our older people know enough already & we don't have to go backward, studying ancient history!

       19. {\ul AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY IS VIRTUALLY PASSÉ!} That's all the Church had to do. There was nothing else they had. You take nearly all Churchianity, it's a whole course in looking backward!--Nothing is up to date & especially not the Future! As far as they're concerned, the day of miracles is past, the day of great men of God is past & the day of evangelising the World is past & everything is past! All the great heroes lived 2,000 years ago & everything is past, so they spend all of their time studying ancient history & the past & they've got nothing in the present!

       20. THEY'RE DOING NOTHING NOW AT ALL, SO THEY CERTAINLY CAN'T VERY WELL STUDY THE PRESENT! There's nothing to inspire them about the present except their God-damned Church meetings & some of the rest of that God-damned stuff!--Those Church buildings & their little "me-thee-thou & no other" self-righteous meetings! They know absolutely nothing about the Future! They're expecting Jesus to come any minute & take them out & take them to Heaven to float on clouds & play harps for the rest of Eternity, & that just simplifies the whole thing! They are not interested in the Future & they have nothing in the present, so all they have to study is the glories of the past of the has-beens!

       21. AND I'M CONVINCED THAT JEWISH SCHOLARS & JEWISH CHRISTIANS HAVE PROMOTED THAT GLORIFICATION OF ISRAEL'S PAST & sidetracked the Church into concentrating on the past & what it used to be & what it has been & what they were--a worship of the past! That's churchianity through & through! They spend most of their time worshipping the past, & glorifying the past & advocating the past because they've got nothing now, nothing except the past! They're has-beens! The Church is a has-been! They're not doing what they're supposed to be doing today, & they have no idea of what they're going to be doing in the Future, so why prepare for it? How are you going to study & prepare to learn how to play a harp sitting on a cloud? How many people need to study that? They'd do better to learn how to play a guitar right now to attract a crowd!

       22. THE ONLY REASON WE EVEN STUDY BIBLE HISTORY & ANCIENT HISTORY IS TO FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PROPHECIES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN FULFILLED, which encourages your faith, & the Prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled, which are to thrill & inspire you for the Future, that's all! I think the children are better off to study the Gospels & the New Testament just like it is, book-by-book, story-by-story, not just pick out the kind of stories you want to read. (Maria: For little children like our little children?) Yes.--Or you might miss a lot of things that you actually need.

       23. I'VE BEEN WONDERING ABOUT ALL THESE DETAILED STUDIES SOME OF THE FAMILY TEACHERS HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH, all that ancient history & stuff, except for the Life of Jesus & His Love & Salvation. About all we need to study that has to do with now & today is the history of the Early Church, not all that God-damned ancient, horrible, gruesome, gory Jewish Old Testament history & the mess they made out of things! And I don't even know too many people that have got time to even do a detailed analysis of the New Testament. I mean, you've got enough MO Letters to read & Bible Prophecy to study about the Future without having to waste so much time on ancient history!

       24. EVEN THE LIFE OF CHRIST & THE BOOK OF ACTS & SOME OF THAT IS ALL ANCIENT HISTORY--WE'RE LIVING THE BOOK OF ACTS TODAY! We're living, in a sense, the life of Christ today & we're far more interested, or should be, in the present & what we're doing now & what we're going to be doing in the Future, than all this stuff that's past that there's nothing you can do about now except learn some bitter lessons from it! (Maria: That's sure a relief, because that's been such a heavy burden on everybody, with all the MO Letters, then to have to study the Bible & learn all about the Bible & remember all those facts even from Bible in Pictures. They think they're supposed to know the whole thing.) Forget it! It's too late!

       25. I WOULDN'T EVEN RECOMMEND READING THE {\ul \i BIBLE IN PICTURES} ANY MORE! That's ancient history! That was for my little kids 30 years ago! I don't think they need any more basic teaching in the Bible than that, if that! But I hate to have them totally ignorant of the Bible, so I have tried to give our Family & our children at least a brief synopsis of Bible History & to hit the highlights & the high spots & to give them the most important stories & lessons learned from it, & that's all they need, no more. That's all the maps they need, that's all the analysis they need, that's all the story they need, that's all the lessons they need & that's it! Period!

       26. LET'S GET OUT OF THAT ANCIENT HISTORY! Good night! This is the kind of junk they used to teach in Church & Bible College & Sunday School!--Everything looking into the past, everybody looking backwards, everybody travelling backwards into the past, glorifying the past & glorifying [EDITED: "the"] Jews of the past & their horrible history! Very few of them are good examples. In fact, the good ones were such shining examples & so rare that they really shone in the midst of the morass. [DELETED] Most of the mass of Jewish history [DELETED] is [EDITED: "so bad that it"] just makes the few exceptions shine!

       27. WHY SHOULD WE GO INTO ALL THAT JUNK & WASTE OUR TIME ON IT & CONCENTRATING ON THE PAST WHEN WE OUGHT TO BE CONCENTRATING ON THE PRESENT & THE FUTURE! They don't need to know all that junk! I don't think they need to read Old Testament history any more, it's a waste of time! They can read the Books of Psalms & Proverbs & things which are up-to-date, things that apply to today, about your spiritual life & your living & your everyday life & spiritual lessons & praise to the Lord, as well as lots of prophecy about the Future in the prophetic books, but we certainly don't need to go delving into the depths of ancient times!

       28. IF WE WANT TO AMUSE OURSELVES WITH THAT KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT, WE CAN DO IT WHEN WE GET TO HEAVEN & actually see it on 3-D TV quick & fast & simple, or travel the Time Beam back into the past & watch the events for your education, amusement & entertainment. All right, good, then the job's pretty much done & you may not be quite so busy, but I don't even know then if you'll have time to stroll around the Fair Corner of the Heavenly City too much! You'll be thankful if you get an evening off there once in awhile or a weekend or be able to spend your vacation there, because that's more or less an Amusement Park for your entertainment, although it's educational, & I'm not sure we should waste too much of our time doing that! We're going to have a lot of other more important things to do.

       29. (MARIA: WELL, IT SURE IS A RELIEF, BECAUSE I THINK MANY OF US FEEL REALLY GUILTY! You know the whole Bible so well & we know so little & we feel like we're supposed to learn that plus the MO Letters!) I know more about the Bible & a whole lot more than you even need to know! I'll tell you, much of Old Testament history was Hell. [DELETED] Ugh! My Lord! God help us & deliver us from all that rubbish of the past! Let's sweep it away!--Whoosht!--And get rid of it! It's over & gone & done with, thank God! Jesus said it's finished, so let's leave it there & go on for now & the Future! Let's study about what to do in evangelising the World now & try to preach the Gospel & get souls saved & be inspired by looking forward to the Future & to be able to know Bible Prophecy & what's going to happen! Why worry about the past? Paul himself said, "Forget the past, the things that are behind, press forward to the future!"

       30. (MARIA: PAUL STUDIED THE OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES A LOT, DIDN'T HE?) Paul [DELETED] was reared & immersed in it & soaked in it his whole life until he got saved, & it was still a crutch & a hindrance & one of his major problems. He was absolutely hung up on the Jews! It was a hangover. (Maria: That's quite a relief we don't have to know the Bible!) I mean, you're quoted about all the Old Testament you need to know in the New Testament, & if you want to know about fulfilled prophecy & Jesus, just read Matthew!--He quotes them all, all you need to know! That's what Matthew's for, a Book to convince the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah.

       31. WE'RE NOT HAIR-SPLITTING THEOLOGIANS, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO GO INTO ALL OF EVEN PAUL'S DETAILED DOCTRINAL THEOLOGICAL STUDIES, proving that Jesus was the Messiah & that grace was now preferable to law. How many people need to know that? I've told the Family all they need to know about that! They don't need to study anything else. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, they'll get all the Bible they need to know right in the MO Letters! Period! (Maria: That's good!)

       32. IF THEY WANT TO READ THE BIBLE IN THEIR SPARE TIME--IF THEY EVER HAVE ANY, WHICH THEY SHOULDN'T--WELL, THEN THEY CAN READ THE BIBLE, but as far as I'm concerned, reading ancient Old Testament history of the Jews is a waste of time, except for the inspirational poetical & devotional Books, Psalms & Proverbs principally, for Family reading & devotions, & the prophetic books. When I was a lad, all my father bothered to read the Family was Psalms & Proverbs, he never wasted time reading a lot of old horrific Old Testament History, we got enough of that in Church & Sunday School!

       33. (MARIA: AND SO AS FAR AS THE NEW TESTAMENT GOES, WE NEED JUST MOSTLY THE WORDS OF JESUS?) The New Testament is a very short & simple Book about the Life of Christ, the beginning of the Church & how to evangelise the World, & then a big hair-splitting deep theological discussion by a lawyer of Old Testament Jewish History & doctrine to prove to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah & that the law was finished & it is now a day of grace!--But I've already told you that! For God's sake, why the hell do you have to go back & study that all over again? But I still say that the reading of the New Testament, especially the Life of Christ & particularly the Gospel of John, is very helpful to new Christians, & I think they'd almost be better off if they didn't get tangled up in the Epistles of the Apostles! They get in some big doctrinal arguments there between Paul & Peter & some of the rest of them! (Maria: And even things contrary to what we believe now!) Yes!

       34. I'M TELLING YOU, THEY WILL GET ALL THE BIBLE THEY NEED TO KNOW IF THEY JUST READ THE MO LETTERS, & if that isn't enough, if they want to refer to the past such as I'm talking about & read the whole thing, well, let them go ahead & waste their time doing it! I'm telling them all they need to know, they don't need to read the whole thing. (Maria: Well, that's sure a relief! I've always felt guilty I didn't read the Bible!)

       35. I HAVE THOUGHT TIME & AGAIN THAT SOME OF THE STUFF I'VE BEEN HEARING THAT THE FAMILY IS TEACHING THE CHILDREN, MAYBE THEY'RE JUST TEACHING BECAUSE THEY'VE GOT NOTHING ELSE, but good night, there are volumes & volumes of True Komix about true stories & true things that God has given us today, for today, why would they go back into that analytical study of ancient history? (Maria: I think the Bible in Pictures got some started on that track, & they thought that was what they were supposed to emphasise in their teaching.)

       36. TO STUDY THE LIFE OF PAUL OR THIS OR THAT ANCIENT HISTORY MUST BE REALLY BORING TO THE KIDS! Why keep carrying them into the past? We need to concentrate on now & the Future! I don't see how anybody has got time to spend any more time on the past & that ancient history! It's all done & gone & finished & ought to be forgotten, except for maybe a few lessons from it, & of course what we usually learn from history is that we never learn from history! So why don't we just learn about now & about what the Future is & what we're about to get into, that's what we need to study!

       37. I SPENT ABOUT 50 YEARS OF MY LIFE STUDYING ALL THAT ANCIENT JUNK, & THAT'S ABOUT ALL THE CHURCHES & THE BIBLE COLLEGES STUDY! They're standing with their backs to the Future & they've even got their backs on the present & the present needs of the World! They've turned their back on the heathen, they've turned their back on the World, they've turned their back on the poor lost sinner & they've certainly got their back to the Future & are going backwards in time, so what good are they? All they're doing is studying ancient history & the ancient past & all the ancient junk that is over with that God is through with! It's finished, period! My Lord, help us!

       38. I MEAN, IF THE DEVIL CAN'T KEEP YOU FROM DOING THE BEST THING, HE TRIES TO SIDETRACK YOU INTO WASTING YOUR TIME ON SOMETHING THAT HE MAKES YOU THINK IS GOOD!--Like all this ancient history & analytical study of the past & ancient Bible gory gruesome Jewish history & all that junk! My God deliver us from that stuff! You don't even have enough time to study the MO Letters! You'd be better off going back & reading the old MO Letters if you want to read ancient history!--They've got a lot more to do with the present than that old stuff, especially all that kind of analytical study of the Bible.

       39. THAT'S NOT EVEN STUDYING THE BIBLE! THAT'S NOT EVEN READING THE BIBLE!--THAT'S JUST READING WHAT SOMEONE SAYS ABOUT THE BIBLE, & that's the kind of junk the Churches & Bible Colleges are into! They spend most of their time reading what somebody said about the Bible or hearing what somebody says about the Bible instead of reading the Bible! The whole Church & the Christians in the World would be better off if they would just read the Bible instead of going off & hearing what somebody is saying about it or reading a bunch of books about what somebody else says about it! That's the whole Church system & Bible College system--reading & hearing & studying about what somebody else has to say!

       40. EVEN WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY I USED TO THINK, "WHY THE HELL IS THIS GUY TALKING SO MUCH ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE?--If he's going to say the Bible is so great, why doesn't he just read it to us?" At least if I've talked about other things they've been things that are up-to-date & appropriate to this day & have to do with what we're doing & what we need to plan for the Future--& frankly, I think that's all you need! If I thought you needed anything more I would have given it to you, & I certainly don't want to get you stuck in the kind of junk that the Churches & the Bible Colleges are stuck in & spend years on & don't know a damn thing about witnessing or winning a soul or evangelising the World, & even less about the Future & Bible Prophecy!

       41. I MEAN, THE DEVIL HAS GOT THE WHOLE CABOODLE ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY SIDE-TRACKED, not only side-tracked, but completely turned around & going on the opposite track into the past! They don't have anything else to do & they don't witness, they don't litness, they don't live by faith, they don't win souls & they don't go into the whole World & preach the Gospel to every creature! They're not doing the job God gave them to do, so they've got to fill up their time with something that looks & seems religious & is supposedly good, so they spend all of their time studying the past & how great they used to be & how glorious it used to be & what great heroes there used to be, right?

       42. THEY HAVEN'T GOT ANY PRESENT, MUCH LESS ANY FUTURE, SO ALL THEY'VE GOT LEFT TO STUDY IS THE PAST, a bunch of has-beens, because the Church is a has-been! I mean, it's dead & it ought to be buried!--Except for those, of course, who are actually active & witnessing & winning souls & evangelising the World. But the rest of them would be better off dead & to be swept out of the way unless they're going to support the ones that are doing the job. But my God, the Lord has delivered us from all that, let's not get back into it!

       43. AND IF THAT'S WHAT THE {\ul \i HALLEY'S BIBLE HANDBOOK} HAS IN IT, WE OUGHT TO THROW IT AWAY! Forget it! (Maria: If we don't need to know any of that, why do we need to carry it around?) Do you know the reason I ever looked in Halley's Handbook at all? About the only part of his handbook I was interested in was fulfilled Bible Prophecy, to try to figure out from his very brief synopsis of ancient history & his descriptions of fulfilments of Bible Prophecy, which Bible Prophecies had already been fulfilled & which had not been fulfilled so I'd know the difference, that's all!

       44. BUT HE'S SO SCREWY ON BIBLE PROPHECY, HE INTERPRETS NEARLY ALL PROPHECY BEING NEARLY ALL FULFILLED ALREADY!--Even the prophecies of the Future, he's got them all in the past! I mean, the Church is not satisfied with studying ancient history, they've got to put the Future in the past too & make it look as far behind as possible so they can believe it! It's too hard for them to believe it's still going to happen!

       45. {\ul \i HALLEY'S HANDBOOK} IS SO FAR OFF THE BEAM & SCREWY, FORGET IT! I'm sorry I ever recommended it. I just thought it was a book for poor simple people who knew nothing at all about the Bible, to get a quick Bible education in one little tiny book! Well, I've already given you your Bible education now, I've already written your Halley's Handbook & that's it, you don't need him any more! That was a temporary shortcut--now it's getting to be a short circuit!

       46. MY GOD, THAT SO DEPRESSES ME LOOKING BACKWARD AT ALL THAT HISTORICAL ANCIENT ARCHAIC HISTORY JUNK, THAT IT ALMOST DISCOURAGES YOU! Why should we waste our time looking backwards & studying the past when we have all we can possibly do working in the present & studying the Future? Junk Halley! You don't even hardly have time to study your Bible! (Maria: We barely can get the MLs read, to say nothing about having time to study them, we're so busy out doing them!)

       47. WHY STUDY THE BIBLE? I've told you almost all you need to know & all the important Scriptures. I'll bet you'll find in my writings practically every important Scripture that needs to be quoted out of the Bible! Virtually everything you need to know about the Bible is already in the MO Letters & my commentary on the Bible & the Scriptures & the up-to-date modern applications of today that are appropriate for now & have to do with the present & action & lives we're living now, not re-hashing all that old passe' junk!

       48. IT WAS GOOD FOR OUR FATHERS BUT IT'S TOO LATE FOR US! That old song they sing, "Give me that old time religion, it was good for my fathers, it's good enough for me!"--Well, it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for us any more at all! It may have been good for our fathers, but it's too late for us! We don't have time for it! We've only got a few years left to get the job done that they failed to do while they were so busy studying ancient history & the past & what others did, that they aren't or weren't doing & thought they couldn't do since it had already been done & nobody could do it any more!

       49. ACCORDING TO THEM, NOBODY COULD BE HEROES ANY MORE! Nobody could perform miracles any more! Nobody could live that way by faith any more. Nobody could die as martyrs for the faith any more, it was all past, all past! "You aren't expected to do that now. Just hold down your job, earn your money, come to church on Sunday, support the church & the preacher & he'll tell you all you need to know. That's all you need!"--That's Church doctrine! So that's why the Church & the Christians are so dumb. They don't know anything about anything but the past, & all they know about the present is going to Church on Sunday & putting their offering in the wastebasket!

       50. MY LORD! YOU KIDS ALREADY KNOW MORE ABOUT THE BIBLE THAN ANY OF THOSE CHURCH CHRISTIANS--FAR MORE!--More about the Old Testament & the New Testament & the whole works, & especially what it really means & how it actually applies to today & tomorrow than those Church Christians will ever know! You don't have to be ashamed or shy or embarrassed, you're smarter than the preachers!

       51. IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM WHEN I THINK OF PEOPLE WASTING THEIR TIME IN THAT KIND OF BIBLE STUDY which the Church has been engaged in for 2,000 years & the Jews before that! That's what they love, because that's all they've got to do. They're not doing the job. They're not witnessing, litnessing, winning souls, evangelising the heathen or the World & they're not a damn bit interested in the Future, not in the least, because they think they've got it all made. Jesus is going to come any minute & take them out of it, so why should they be worried about the Future? My Lord, deliver us from all that stuff! The Lord has delivered us from all that stuff. I got them out of all that junk, in fact, I prevented most of them from ever getting into it--Churches & Churchianity & all that Old Testament Church type of living. I mean, the present-day Church is still living in the past! They're not even living in the present, much less the Future!

       52. GOD DELIVER US & HELP US TO GET OUT OF THAT & NOT GET BACK INTO IT & quit wasting our time on ancient history & ancient Bible History & all that stuff that I've already told you all you need to know about! If you want to get it, read the MO Letters. If you want to know all that you need to know about the Bible & ancient history & Bible History & fulfilled Bible Prophecy, you can get it all out of the MO Books & it will do you a lot more good to read MO Letters! I've only advocated Bible reading for the sake of your knowing a little bit about the Bible & reading the Devotional Books of the Old Testament & the brief history & story of the New Testament, that's all you need to know. In fact, you'll find out all you need to know about that even just reading the MO Letters!

       53. FRANKLY, I WOULD JUST FLAT-OUT SAY THAT IF YOU HAD TO MAKE A CHOICE BETWEEN READING THE BIBLE & THE MO LETTERS, YOU'D LEARN A LOT MORE ABOUT THE PRESENT AS WELL AS ABOUT THE PAST & THE BIBLE PLUS THE FUTURE BY READING MO BOOKS! (Maria: Yes, of course, definitely!) I've told you all that I have felt that you needed to know about the past & the Bible & Bible History & Bible Prophecy. I've spent the whole last 15 years of my life doing it, so why should you now turn around & go back to the past, especially a churchy past & a churchy study of the Bible which is all past & ancient history? It's the University of Empty Blab! It's empty because there's nothing to it, because you don't get anything out of it but chaff & rubbish!--For the plain & simple reason that it doesn't affect your lives & it doesn't get you to do your job or to witness or win souls or evangelise the World or prepare people for the Future!

       54. OBVIOUSLY IT'S NOT DOING THE CHURCHES ANY GOOD, JUST LOOK AT THEIR FRUITS! What have they accomplished? What are they doing? If their kind of study results in no fruits & a fruitless church, an inactive church that's only active in junk like that & ancient history & activities that have nothing to do with witnessing or litnessing or winning souls or evangelising the World or preparing the World for the Future, why follow that kind of an example? For God's sake, let's get back to the present & prepare ourselves for the Future & quit wasting time on the past! You've got all the Halley's Handbook you need in the MO Letters!

       55. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED ALMOST ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW? The MO Letters are so strung out & helter-skelter & scattered & miscellaneous & one great conglomeration of knowledge you need to know, what we need is something to get it organised!--And the burden I have is a thorough synthesised Index of the MO Letters where you can look up any word or any subject that you want to know about & any name & find it & be able to make a study of it in the MO Letters, not having to go back to this ancient junk that the churches are studying.

       56. FOR GOD'S SAKE, IF YOU'RE GOING TO STUDY ANYTHING, STUDY WHAT GOD HAS HAD TO SAY TODAY! Why look backward to what He said way back yonder about people that made a mess of things & are done for?--The same people that are wrecking the World today! Why don't we have a thorough exhaustive Index of the MO Letters so you can look up any subject or what you want to know about & see what has been said that has to do with today & applies to today or the Future! That's what we need!

       57. I'LL GRANT YOU, THE {\ul \i MOP} QUOTEBOOK IS A STEP IN THAT DIRECTION! It sort of summarises almost everything we've taught & relates it & categorises it in brief terse quotes & gives you related Letter references, but it still is not as thorough & exhaustive as our Index. Who in the Hell can afford & has room to carry around a whole set of MO Books all the time? I don't even have a whole set of MO Books on my own bookshelf, because we can only afford to have one set in our whole Home! We can't lug around a whole bunch of sets, so I don't have one on my shelf, & anyway, I don't care to have to look through 10 or 12 Volumes & all their Indexes! I want those Indexes combined so all I have to do is pick up one book & find a thorough complete exhaustive synthesised Index of all the MO Books & MO Letters put together!

       58. I HAVE BEEN BURDENED FOR YEARS ABOUT THE INDEX! I'm the guy who started the Index in our little living room in Downham, London with the Index Team & showed them how to do it!--How to keep filing cards on each subject, each word, each name! I told them what to do & how to do it!

       59. I THINK, FRANKLY, THAT A REALLY EXHAUSTIVE INDEX WOULD BE ALMOST THE MOST USEFUL TOOL OUR FAMILY COULD HAVE! I was convinced from the very beginning, as far back as 1972 or maybe 1973 in London, that one of the most important things we needed to have was an Index to the Letters so that people could look up the word or the name or the subject of the things they wanted to know about & what I had said about those places or people or things or subjects & make a thorough study of that subject just by finding the references in the Indexes, & I started them out.

       60. THEY SAID THEY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT, so I said, all right, you just take the first Letter, first paragraph & you go through that paragraph & pick out number one, any proper names, because they will want to know what I had to say about them. Of course, it doesn't have to be every name of every Family Member, but historical characters, modern-day World leaders or any important names. I said first of all we need the important names to be studied to know what we had to say about them.

       61. NEXT, WE NEED IMPORTANT EVENTS INDEXED. What did I say about WW1 or WW2 or whatever--peoples, places, countries, etc., events, & finally subjects. Those four primary categories, that's what the people want to know. If they're going to look up something, they're going to want to know who, where, what & maybe we can apply the how to the subject matter on various subjects.

       62. I TOLD THEM TO JUST GO PARAGRAPH BY PARAGRAPH. For each new name start a filing card, for each new subject start a filing card, for each new place start a filing card, each new event start a filing card & just keep compiling them until finally when you're through with one Letter, you sum it up & straighten it out & alphabetise it, etc., & add them to your major lists of those subjects until you've got a whole Letter done & you've got a whole Book indexed! Well, that's as far as it's gone, whole Books & fairly good.

       63. I BELIEVE THAT YOUR QUOTEBOOK IS A MILESTONE & IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION to have all of the choice brief quotes out of all the Letters summarised, categorised & with related references, that's the next best thing so far & it's going to be a very valuable tool with all those little quotes at your fingertips. But for somebody wanting to make a real exhaustive study on any particular subject, person, place or event, we have really nothing but the Index, & it so happens a whole pile of Indexes, none of them really as exhaustive as they ought to be & not synthesised into one alphabetical Index. You've got to pick up 10 or 12 different Books & go through the Index of each one to try to find what you're looking for, & that is a terrible nuisance! It would be better if you could pick up your Index & just find the word you're looking for & pull out your Books for the different references that you're interested in!

       64. JOSIAH IS GOOD AT THAT & HE PROBABLY KNOWS MORE ABOUT IT & HOW TO DO IT NOW THAN ANYBODY, & is familiar with it & the method & the system used & all that! It's like somebody who works as a filing clerk, once you're familiar with the files & the system, then your memory comes in like a computer & you say, "Oh, I recognise that name, oh, that belongs to So-&-so" & you remember the different things. They're all tucked away in your own little computer upstairs (points to head), so he is very familiar with all that & has done that now for years.

       65. I HAVE BEEN THINKING THE LAST FEW DAYS, WHEN I FINISH A MAJOR PROJECT SUCH AS THE WHOLE SERIES ON BIBLE PROPHECY & NOW THE ULTIMATE, THE FINAL HEAVEN BOOKS & the Heaven Posters, I don't see how I can go any further than Heaven, frankly! I've still got a stack of quite a few Letters that will probably make up another GN Book, of odds & ends left over, but nothing very urgent--spiritual things, the "Vesper" studies & a few Grandpa stories & stuff like that. So I have really been praying & asking the Lord, "Lord, what do they really need? I've told them everything, what else do they need to know? I've said it all! It's all in the MO Books!" And this has come to me strongly time & time again, & just trying to find even the name "Merlin" the other day was enough to make me blow my stack, I couldn't even find that!

       66. TO ME, HAVING SAID IT ALL & HAVING PRINTED & PUBLISHED IT ALL & it's all in the hands of the whole Family, as far as I can see, having covered everything from Genesis to Revelation & everything from the beginning to the end, the thing we need the most right now besides your nice little Quotebook of a little bit of everything, is a thorough exhaustive synthesised alphabetised complete single Index of all the MO Letters & all the MO Books!

       67. WE ARE CONCERNED WITH THE JOB WE HAVE AT HAND RIGHT NOW OF TRYING TO EVANGELISE THE WORLD & GET THE JOB DONE QUICK IN AT LEAST THE NEXT 10 YEARS BEFORE WE HAVE TO GO!--And to prepare the World, at least our Family & Christians, for the Future. The past is gone & done-for & we're through with it & we don't have time to go back & look at it any more, except what I've already told you, & I've probably already told you too much! I don't think you even hardly need to go back & study the Bible in Pictures any more, that was for a day when my children were small, 20 or 30 years ago, frankly!

       68. ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, I DON'T THINK OUR FAMILY NEEDS ANY MORE BIBLE STUDIES THAN WHAT ARE ALREADY IN THE MO LETTERS, believe it or not, & I don't see how you have time for it! Hardly anybody has time to even read all the current MO Letters, much less even study the past ones, so how the Hell have you got time to read ancient Bible History & all that junk about the Jews & the mess they were, with only a few shining stars amongst them that shine out like diamonds or bright lights or search lights or spotlights compared to the rest of their [DELETED] history! So who has time to read the Bible nowadays or study ancient history? We hardly have time to read Psalms, Proverbs, the Prophets & the New Testament!

       69. IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE BASICS, BASIC BIBLE KNOWLEDGE, THAT'S ABOUT ALL YOU NEED. I put the whole works into my little one or two or three-hour-a-week course called Basic Bible Knowledge, & I put virtually all of that into the MO Letters, & frankly, I don't even think you hardly have time to go back to study that any more! It's too late! I spent most of my life studying it & I learned more than I need to know about it, & I've taught you guys more than you need to know about it, & a lot of that stuff is almost passe' now, it's too late to even learn that! We need to concentrate on the job right now, what we have to do, & we need to know more about the Future to prepare ourselves & the World for what's coming. We're too busy & the Future is too close!

       70. SO I WAS THINKING HOW NOW THAT I'VE FINISHED THE BIBLE PROPHECY SERIES & WE'RE FINISHING THE HEAVEN POSTER, ETC., & I've told you just about everything I know about everything you need to know, everything from ancient history & Bible History & New Testament History & the life of Christ & what His death means to us & getting saved & filled with the Holy Spirit & taught you to witness, litness, win souls, evangelise the World & know what's going to happen in the Future, what else do you need to know? That's it! I've already said it all & taught it all!

       71. FRANKLY, I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYTHING ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOW EXCEPT CURRENT EVENTS & CURRENT REVELATIONS, & if we can keep up with the current flow of "Currents" as far as current events & current revelations with GNs as we go along, that's all you need to know!--Except that a lot of people now don't have time to read even all the old MO Books & the old MO Letters, & when you want to find out something about a subject or a place or a person or a thing or an event or what I've said about that, you wonder "What do the MO Letters have to say about that? What did MO have to say about that? What is already in the MO Books about that, so I don't have to refer to some other kind of reference books?" Where is it?--We've got an encyclopedia of Bible knowledge & spiritual knowledge & historical knowledge & prophetic knowledge in the MO Books themselves, except that it has not all been alphabetised & synthesised as it should be.

       72. SO I THINK THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK I HAVE RIGHT NOW IS NOT NECESSARILY TO WRITE ANY MORE, I've said it all, told it all & written it all, everything from the beginning to the end! There's nothing you need to know more about Bible History or the plan of Salvation or the plan for winning the World or plans for the Future or plans for Heaven or whatever! It's all there! I am finished!--Except for current events & revelations.

       73. SO I'VE BEEN THINKING A FEW TIMES LATELY, "WELL, I WONDER WHY I'M STILL STICKING AROUND HERE IF I'VE DONE IT ALL, SAID IT ALL & FINISHED IT ALL? Well, I might get a few more revelations that you still need to keep you up with more current interpretation of the news & current revelations. If the Lord still wants to speak & give us something, fine, I'll stick around. But, Lord, what major project will really inspire me & can I really get a burden for & get into?"--And as clear as anything it has come to me about the Index!--That of all the things we need now is an Index! The Quotebook is your burden, Maria, the Lord gave that to you, praise God, & I think it's great! I think it's needed, necessary, wonderful, a useful tool, marvellous! But I think if the Family wants to know any more, in a sense, compared to the huge volume of material there is, that only scratches the surface!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family