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DREAM OF LOVE!       DFO 1600       16/8/83

       1. WELL, THIS IS THE 16TH OF AUGUST, 1983 & THIS IS A DREAM I HAD SEVERAL NIGHTS AGO but I failed to record it until now, so it's getting a bit hazy but I can still remember the major scenes, & because of someone involved who may need its encouragement I think I'd better relate it. There may have been more but this is the only part that I can remember. Often I have the feeling that there was something that went before as sort of a prelude to the dream or a preparation or introduction but it fades out & apparently was not even necessary to recall as long as I recall the major scenes & the main message.

       2. BUT IT SEEMS WE WERE GOING TO LIVE IN THIS PARTICULAR HOTEL, sort of a luxury hotel, somewhat rambling & motel-like with cottages, etc., & the hotel manager was quite a Dapper Dan or Jim Dandy, as we used to call them, a real "dude" as they used to be nicknamed, meaning a very dressy sort of fellow, & I realise now that most of them were probably homos or so-called gays, not very gay actually, because they were quite effeminate & very dressy & extremely fond of high style & fashion, etc., just like a woman.

       3. SO THIS HOTEL MANAGER CAME DANCING UP TO ME in his twittery sort of way & he said, "Now if you're going to stay here you're going to have to dress better than that!" And I said, "Well, I don't have anything else to wear but what you see," which is never very fancy nor expensive. In fact some may think I dress a bit carelessly.

       4. "WELL," HE SAID, "TO BE MY GUEST HERE YOU MUST DRESS ACCORDINGLY," & rather condescendingly said, "Oh I have a suit I can let you wear which would be far more appropriate & I'll get it for you." So he danced out & pranced back in soon with this beautiful what we used to call gabardine or seersucker or a kind of shiny silk type of suit, rather bright & gaudy for someone of my age. But I somewhat reluctantly but obligingly decided to try to keep him happy since it seemed to mean so much to him & I didn't really care, so I tried it on. It seemed the coat fitted fairly well, it was a bit small, but because he was a very tall fellow the pants were too long.

       5. IT WAS SORT OF LIKE THE SYSTEM TRYING TO MAKE ME CONFORM & dress me up & making me acceptable to the traditions & conformities & standards of the modern World, & you can imagine how fitting that was or rather how unfitting for me, a confirmed non-conformist & idol-smasher, what's the word for it?--Iconoclast--& non-traditionalist, a real revolutionary rebel as I am. I was a little uncomfortable & embarrassed & felt a little ridiculous in this fancy suit. He said, "Well, the pants are a bit long but we can fix that very quickly & we'll just cut them off & re-hem them & everything will be just fine." So he helpfully helped me remove them & he danced & pranced out again.

       6. WELL, IT SEEMED I WAS IN SOME KIND OF A BEDROOM in this motel when all of this was going on & so as I was standing there undressed I looked about for something to do & lo & behold, looking over at the bed I suddenly discovered that a very beautiful woman was lying in bed sort of curled up like she was cold & trying to get warm & totally uncovered with no sheet or blanket over her & sound asleep! I looked & lo & behold, it was Ho's Esther, beautiful ravishingly gorgeous, queenly, magnificent Esther! So I thought, poor girl, here she's cold & all curled up trying to keep warm like a child or baby will do in its sleep when it's lost its coverings, so I thought, well, I'd better go & cover her up.

       7. SO I WENT OVER & STARTED TO DRAW THE COVERS OVER HER BEAUTIFUL DELIGHTFUL, DELECTABLE BODY when the thought occurred to me, that I could get her much warmer much quicker if I would crawl in bed with her & cuddle up around her to get her warm right away. So that seemed a very pleasant attractive idea to which I promptly responded & gently, quietly eased myself into the bed trying not to disturb her & began to pull the covers up over both of us & snuggle up beside her.

       8. BUT IMMEDIATELY SHE MORE OR LESS HALF AWOKE & TURNED OVER & FLUNG HER ARMS AROUND ME & clung to me tightly almost desperately like she had almost been waiting for me, so thankful that I had come! I was very pleasantly surprised & very happy & very glad that I had responded to my impulse to try to help her & comfort her & get her warm & I was quite satisfied that I had done the right thing, & she seemed to be not merely happy but almost exuberant & delighted with my love & physical bodily contact. So we began to cuddle a little tighter & a little bit more & become even more affectionate, so that we were caressing & petting & loving & making love & she seemed to be absolutely almost deliriously happy that I had come, & I wasn't at all unhappy either! I was very thankful that I had obeyed my impulse to try to help her out, originally purely unselfishly, but I was getting quite a bit of compensation out of it.

       9. SO WE WERE SOON VERY ARDENTLY MAKING LOVE TOGETHER, & at that point was where I woke up very stiff & hard & almost regretting that I hadn't finished the dream! But then I looked over to my dream girl lying there beautifully beside me flat on her back & totally uncovered in this warm tropical climate in just the right position, so that I thought, well, we just can't let this go to waste & why don't I take advantage of this situation as well? So I quietly rolled over on top of her, I thought I would work as fast as possible so as to try not to wake her up too much since she requires a lot of sleep, but she immediately began to oh & ah & hug me & say, "Oh this is wonderful! This is such a nice way to wake up! Thank you!"

       10. SHE ALWAYS TRIES TO MAKE ME FEEL VERY WELCOME, SO IT DIDN'T TAKE US LONG. I was soon inserted & we were concerted together in our concerted efforts of ardent love until satisfied, at which time eventually, after considerable affectionate loving & caressing & petting, exchanging loving words of endearment & thank-you's, I rolled off, catching my instrument in a few tissues & lay beside her with her head & beautiful body cuddled in my arm, both of us heaving sighs of contentment & satisfaction & very happy & fulfilled.

       11. SO THAT LITTLE DREAM CERTAINLY HAD TWO VERY HAPPY ENDINGS! Now just what it was for I don't know, & just what it meant is a little difficult for me to interpret because I still don't quite get the meaning of the first part about the fancy hotel manager trying to get me to conform & dress up to his fancy ways, except that it certainly showed that I just don't fit into the usual System. And as though to prove it, I was quite ready to climb in bed with the first woman I saw there, our beautiful, gorgeous, delectable, delightful, de-lovely Esther, & fire away!--And she seemed to be very happy about it.

       12. SO IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE PICTURING OF TWO EXTREMES, trying to make a Systemite out of me when in heart & mind & body I am a non-conforming iconoclast revolutionary rebel who needs freedom of every kind, including sex! Perhaps that was part of the point of the dream, I don't know for sure exactly, but the thought also occurred to me that perhaps dear Esther needs help or prayer right now or comfort or love, & this dream was to cause me to pray for her, which I immediately did & asked the Lord to bless her & help her & comfort her & give her love & contentment & meet her needs whatever they might be, in case this dream was a sign to me or a message for me from the Lord or from Esther that she needed my help & my love & my comfort, which she got in the dream, & I hope that, because I responded affirmatively to her seeming need for help & prayer, I trust my prayers were answered & that, wherever she was & whatever was the problem or the need, that it has been satisfied & that she has been comforted.

       13. PERHAPS EVEN WHEN SHE RECEIVES WORD OF THIS DREAM SHE WILL BE ENCOURAGED & COMFORTED & perhaps what she needed was a bit of our loving comfort & encouragement in the life that she leads which has many hardships & battles & problems & difficulties, as we all have, but some perhaps even weigh a little bit more heavily upon her sometimes because of her weaknesses of the flesh & past problems & whatever. So Esther dear, whatever it was for, there you are! Now you have it & now you know that I love you & am most willing to try to comfort & encourage you, & if you were here beside me in the bed as you were there, I would certainly follow through & give you all the love & attention & affection, comfort & encouragement that I possibly could, & I hereby do by this dream & this Letter for you!

       14. SO GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU & ENCOURAGE YOU & COMFORT YOU, STRENGTHEN YOU, HELP YOU & LOVE YOU with all His might, as I did in my dream, because I do love you & I would certainly love you like that if you were here, & I can love you like that in the Spirit right there! So praise the Lord! Let's make love! Amen? Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord for sex! Amen?--The sexual physical fulfilment of love & lots of love, & I do love you & I want to help you in any way I can. Please let me know if there is something you need. I really enjoyed that last love letter you wrote me & will always love you & consider you as one of my dearest wives & queens. In Jesus' name, amen. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

       15. DO YOU NEED LOVE, COMFORT & ENCOURAGEMENT? Well, God bless you! Dream of me! Amen? Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! I love you! Let's dream together! In Jesus' name, amen!

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