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SPECIAL EMERGENCY APPEAL TO YOU!       DFO 1601       27/8/83
--Lead on, O King Eternal!

       1. AMEN, DEARLY BELOVED IN THE LORD, GREETINGS IN JESUS' PRECIOUS NAME! Thank the Lord for all of His wonderful mercies & lovingkindness & goodness toward us all in sparing us, strengthening us, protecting us, providing for us & making us fruitful in His mission fields around the World!

       2. WE HAVE BEEN SOWING THE POWERFUL SEEDS OF HIS WORD IN MILLIONS OF HUNGRY HEARTS AT A PHENOMENAL RATE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD with more pubs & missionaries & Club Members everywhere! Our radio programs are being aired to millions of listeners with eager & abundant response from thousands, so happy to hear our Message of the Lord's Love & the answer to all their problems in happiness in Jesus!

       3. OUR FAMILY HAS BEEN MOVING STEADILY SOUTHWARD & EASTWARD until now approximately two-thirds are in the South & over half of these in the East, a truly Worldwide Family of missionaries going into all the World to preach the Gospel unto every creature! (Mk.16:15) TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL!

       4. YOU HAVE DONE A MARVELLOUS JOB PRODUCING PHENOMENAL RESULTS IN SOULS WON, DISCIPLES TRAINED & SOLDIERS RECRUITED FOR THE CROSS OF CHRIST in our war against the Enemy to save as many of mankind as we can from Satan's pit of destruction & to be delivered by the millions into the glorious Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! TYJ! It will not only be worth it all when we see Jesus, but it's worth it all right now & thrilling & satisfying to see the wonderful results of our labours! TYJ!

       5. FROM OUR HUMBLE BEGINNINGS OF ONE TINY FAMILY MINISTERING IN THE LOWLY LIGHT CLUB OF HIPPIES IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, WE HAVE GROWN TO A MIGHTY ARMY OF OVER 50,000 FIGHTERS FOR PEACE THROUGHOUT THE EARTH, based in thousands of Homes in approximately 100 countries all over the World, speaking 50 languages & publishing literature in as many, as well as broadcasting in 10 & being televised & videoed for millions, reaching hundreds of millions with the Message of His Love in music, song & testimony!

       6. WE'VE ALSO PUBLISHED MORE LITERATURE IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS THAN EVER BEFORE IN OUR HISTORY & more than I have ever heard of any such small group as ours to disseminate! Hundreds of millions of pieces of literature have gone out through all the World & their voice to the ends of the Earth! (Ps.19:4) Hallelujah! TYJ!--From the lowly Letters & Komix & lit on the streets, to three extensive monthly Magazines with news of & for our huge Family, plus valuable & informational books for educating you all & your children in a manner "par excellence", bar none!

       7. OUR CHILDREN ARE LEARNING TO READ & WRITE & FIGURE AT AN EARLIER AGE THAN MOST & ARE BECOMING MORE WELL-INFORMED THAN THE AVERAGE!--And you mothers & fathers are having the immense satisfaction of watching them grow up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord as well-behaved, helpful & useful citizens of the Kingdom of God, living & loving for others & their salvation, & they've become almost the most important part of our entire ministry!

       8. THE LORD HAS ABUNDANTLY SUPPLIED ALL OF OUR NEEDS TO MAKE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE as we sacrificially & unselfishly share with each other the blessings & fruits of our mutual labours. We have been able to meet our commitments & pay our bills on time & help to support hundreds of missionaries around the World, sharing with you as the Lord has supplied, "supplying all our needs according to His riches in glory" without fail! (Phil.4:19) TYJ! PTL! He never fails!

       9. OF COURSE OUR PHENOMENAL SUCCESS IN WINNING SO MANY SOULS, BATTLES & VICTORIES as we progress toward the soon-end of this war of the spirit has also not failed to infuriate our Enemy & raise a barrage of his lies & persecutions against us to try to deter & defeat us if he can! However, the Lord has always out-witted him, out-manoeuvred him, out-gunned him & outraged him with our invincible growth & spread & victorious success in winning souls for Jesus throughout the World! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen!

       10. IN A FEW AREAS WE HAVE SO THOROUGHLY SATURATED THE SOIL WITH HIS SEED & won so many hearts, souls & disciples, that we have reaped a tremendous harvest of souls in that area, so enraging the Enemy that the Lord has allowed him to rise up & drive us out into other more fruitful fields still ripe & abundant unto harvest, rather than to remain merely gleaning here & there the few receptive ones who might still be found in those over-worked & over-wrought fields of the past. Such was first true of North America, then Europe, & now beginning in South America & even a few fields of the East where we have been for many years.

       11. THIS HAS HELPED TO KEEP US ON THE MOVE FOR JESUS, going according to His commandment "into all the World to preach the Gospel unto every creature" before He comes to take us out of it all to join with our great Bridegroom in His marvellous Wedding Feast for His Beloved & to be rewarded forever with His gifts & crowns for faithful service & His "well done thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord!" (Mt.25:21,23)--And then to return again in a mighty conquering Heavenly army to destroy our adversaries & take over this World & run it the way it ought to be, with Jesus Christ Himself as its King of kings & us as His faithful ministers, governors, rulers, princes, priests & kings of a new World of the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth! Hallelujah!

       12. WE'RE A MONSTER ON THE MOVE & WE'LL NEVER STOP MOVING UNTIL WE MOVE IN WITH JESUS ABOVE & move out into His beautiful Paradise on Earth, & then make our final move to our Heavenly Home forever! However, this moving has cost a lot in hardship, sacrifice & forsaking-all to establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ throughout the Earth in the hearts of men! Many of us have suffered hardship & sacrifice & privation, even on the mission field doing God's best & His will, but He has never failed to reward us in some way & to supply every need somehow. Some have even suffered severe persecution & violent physical abuse, & a few even imprisonment & martyrdom for the Lord & others.

       13. MANY OF US, PROBABLY MOST OF US, HAVE HAD TO FLEE FROM PERSECUTION AT SOME TIME OR ANOTHER. "For all they that live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution!" (2Tim.3:12) If you're doing God's Will & labouring for Him in His chosen field for you, you're bound to have success, & that success is bound to have publicity & prosperity & even some popularity until you've reaped the harvest & finished the job. Then the Lord often allows the fury of your enemy to descend upon you to drive you out of that now unfruitful & dangerous field into others more peaceful, receptive, responsive & profitable for your labours! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       14. THIS MOVING HAS SOMETIMES ALSO BEEN AT GREAT FINANCIAL LOSS OR COST, but nothing so wasteful & useless as the acquisition of expensive properties & the maintenance of great buildings & the purchases of the monuments of men to their religions! Most of us have refused to buy properties because we know we can never stay in one place very long, for when our job is done there, God moves us on. And though these moves are costly, they are nothing compared to the expense of the acquisition & maintenance of great properties such as is common to most religions.

       15. OUR INSISTENCE HAS BEEN THAT OUR GREATEST RESOURCE & WEALTH IS MAN-POWER, WOMAN-POWER & KID-POWER IN OUR WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION FOR JESUS!--And adhering to this principle of not buying or building expensive properties, we have spread more rapidly across the Earth in our work for Jesus than any other religious group that I know of in only the few short years that we have been in existence!

       16. WE HAVE OBEYED THE LORD'S COMMAND TO "GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL"--NOT BUILD BUILDINGS & ACQUIRE PROPERTIES AS MOST DENOMINATIONS HAVE DONE! Therefore this has saved us millions & kept us on the move for the Lord, busy in field after field after field, able to quickly pack up & move on whenever necessity & the Lord's work required it. This has been far less expensive & wasteful than buying properties & settling down, & has made us much more mobile & flexible to seize advantage of every opportunity of every field & move from one to the other with alacrity, escaping persecution here & fruitfully harvesting there, & moving on & on to greater & better fields of billions of souls throughout the Earth until our great harvest is over & He calls us Home for one of our greatest moves of all!

       17. BUT IN SOME CASES THIS HAS PUT CONSIDERABLE STRAIN ON OUR RESOURCES & OUR PERSONNEL, our precious missionary families & their children, & sometimes they have escaped by a hair's breadth from the serious trouble stirred up by the Enemy, & occasionally at great expense & trial & difficulty. But the Lord has never failed to provide & help them & delivered them from the very jaws of the Dragon & safely tucked them away & hidden them again somewhere in the wilderness of this World where they can continue their mighty ministries of Love! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen?

       18. AND SO IT WAS RECENTLY WHEN OVER 50 OF OUR GREAT FAMILY OF MISSIONARIES WITH THEIR CHILDREN ESCAPED FROM THE MURDEROUS CIVIL STRIFE OF THE POOR LITTLE ISLAND OF SRI LANKA, barely in the nick of time by a series of mighty miracles of the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! Even the small hotel in which we once lived was burned to the ground! You can read the whole thrilling story in a soon-coming issue of the Family News Magazine that will absolutely inspire you & thrill you with the magnitude of these mighty miracles of the Lord that He has performed to protect & provide for & deliver His children out of the jaws of the Enemy & into a safer haven for their work for Him!

       19. MANY HAVE ALSO BEEN FLEEING FROM EUROPE AS THE TIDE OF PERSECUTION THERE GETS STRONGER, encouraging them to leave those hardened, worn-out fields to go to easier, more receptive, hungrier & fruitful fields of the South & East! Even in some countries of the Caribbean & South America the situation has become more serious & we feel a tightening as the end draws nigh, & some have had to flee to safer locales to continue His Work--both from some natural disasters as well as the unnatural disasters of the messes of mankind!

       20. SOME OF THESE MAJOR MOVES HAVE RECENTLY INVOLVED EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MINISTRIES OF OUR WORLD SERVICE UNITS, such as the monumental one of MWMI from Sri Lanka, & another important one from Europe, & yet another important two from South America, with even more possibly pending! It seems the World is growing smaller for us every day & freedom for our various ministries tighter & more restrictive day by day, so that we are hastening to "do the work of Him that hath sent us while it is yet day, ere the night cometh when no man can work!" (Jn.9:4) So we're doing all we can to get out as many pubs, to distribute as much literature, to support as many missionaries, to harvest as many souls & finance as many broadcasts as possible throughout the Earth while there's still time & the freedom to do it!

       21. HOWEVER, SOME OF THESE MOVES HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY COSTLY & A GREAT STRAIN & DRAIN ON OUR LIMITED FINANCIAL CAPACITY, such as the monstrous move from Sri Lanka. Miraculous as it was, it still cost a lot of money, approximately $35,000 to be specific. And together with the other moves of other Units from Europe & South America, the total is now somewhere in the vicinity of $50,000, virtually all in one month or so!

       22. AS WE OPERATE ON A BUDGET OF CASH-&-CARRY & PAY-AS-WE-GO, with everything constantly going out that comes in & very few reserves, these latest moves all together have made us pray desperately that the Lord will supply somehow & touch your hearts in some way to meet the need if you possibly can. As a result, we are raking together all available finances from every possible source, & virtually exhausting our Worldwide reserves, which were very small at best. We are calling in the reserves of all of our Units by asking them to live on those reserves for the coming month while we spend all available funds on these emergency moves. Therefore some of our Units will be receiving no support whatsoever during the coming month, & our support for others will have to be cut considerably to be able to accumulate sufficient funds to pay for all of these tremendously expensive moves.

       23. BECAUSE OF THE HOUNDING OF OUR ENEMIES, WE ALSO HAVE HAD TO RE-STRUCTURE SOME OF OUR FINANCIAL PROCEDURES in such a way as to re-route them for some of you, as you will be notified, so as to safeguard our lifelines. These will also considerably delay the delivery of some of your gifts where they are most needed, so we need for all of you to pitch in & try to do your best to make up for these tremendous losses which we have suffered within so short a space of time.

       24. WE KNOW THE ENEMY KNOWS WHERE WE ARE WORKING & MOST PRODUCTIVE & FRUITFUL, & he has stirred up many of these troubles to deliberately endeavour to thrust us out & get us on the run. But as a result, he's only cutting off his nose to spite his face, as he has simply driven us into more fruitful fields to conquer more of his territory for the Lord! "His wrath indeed is great for he knoweth that his time is short!" (Rev.12:12) But praise God, that means that our job is growing shorter also, thank the Lord, & we'll soon be finished! Praise His name! TYJ!

       25. WILL YOU PLEASE DO EVERYTHING WITHIN YOUR POWER TO TRULY SACRIFICE & GIVE AS YOU HAVE NEVER GIVEN BEFORE to help meet these severe & desperate financial needs, to save your precious beloved brethren & sistern & their children from the ire of the Enemy & to make possible their escape & to reimburse these funds already spent & supply those still urgently needed for these other moves so that we will have sufficient funds to continue our massive publication & literature distribution ministries & our support for so many missionaries throughout the World!

       26. WE ARE ALL GOING TO HAVE TO SACRIFICE & SKIMP & SCRAPE TOGETHER WHATEVER WE CAN to send it in to help meet these desperate needs, & right now without delay! Don't even wait for your next TRF, please send it now so that we can finance these moves & resume our extensive publications of literature & soul food for you & the salvation of the World! Praise God!

       27. THEREFORE, UNTIL WE RECEIVE THESE FUNDS FROM YOU, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CUT DOWN OUR PUBLICATIONS PRODUCTION UNTIL WE HAVE AGAIN SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO RESUME THEM. Since we have now spent the money on these moves & rescues & rehabilitations of scores of our personnel & their meager possessions & essential equipment from several old fields to new ones, we are having to cut the corners & trim the fat & save every possible penny we can to meet these desperate urgent emergency needs of this particular time.

       28. SO FOR A MONTH OR TWO YOU WILL PROBABLY ONLY GET ONE GN PER MONTH & ONE FN PER MONTH INSTEAD OF TWO OR MORE OF EACH each month as you have been getting. We will also be unable to publish any more of these valuable books that we have been producing for your help, including a beautiful new colour flannelgraph storybook which was just ready to go to press, & a fascinating new & intriguing Heavenly GN with more information on the Hereafter!--Plus an FN Special Magazine with all that tremendously helpful reference & guidance material for your family, children & ministries. All these are already prepared, completed & ready for publication, but we cannot publish them & afford the postage to mail them to you unless you will hurry & get your gifts in as quickly as possible!

       29. BECAUSE OF EVEN THE DELAY OF THIS URGENT LETTER REACHING YOU & THE TIME THAT IT TAKES FOR YOUR RETURNING GIFTS, it will be virtually physically impossible for us to resume all of these publications before a month or two. We still hope that when you receive this, you will be receiving or have already received the Family News Magazine & the Good News Magazine, the latest Number 13 which is chock full of current news & current events of great importance in the World today & what they mean for you & for our Family, an all current-events issue of the GN with up-to-date interpretation of World News!

       30. SO YOU'LL STILL BE RECEIVING MORE THAN WE USED TO SEND YOU, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS WE HAVE BEEN LATELY. So please be patient until sufficient funds of your extra giving have come in to help meet these urgent, desperate needs to supply for the publication of your own literature & spiritual food, as well as the rescue & preservation of your precious comrades-in-arms & the Lord's warfare around the World! So please send these extra gifts today, above your normal tithes, even if it is not yet time for your next TRF, so that we can receive these as quickly as possible & meet these emergency needs at once.

       31. WE HAVE NOT OFTEN SENT YOU SUCH URGENT PLEAS FOR FUNDS, nor have we constantly dunned you & begged you & needled you for money as some churches do. But when we do have such desperate emergencies, we believe that you would want to know so that you can be of even greater help than usual, if possible. And we know that you will all help all you can to supply these desperate needs now! Don't wait! Send them today! Tomorrow could be too late!

       32. GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU & CONTINUE TO MAKE YOU A BLESSING TO MANY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD as you are through your tremendous financial assistance to God's Work in so many fields, as well as in the present emergency. Thank you very much with all our hearts! We love you, pray for you & thank God for you every day, all day, that He will abundantly reward you, bless you, prosper you & supply your every need!--And that the Lord will deliver you in your hour of trouble because you have considered the poor in his need! (Ps.41:1) In Jesus' name, amen.

       33. PLEASE SEND YOUR OFFERINGS & SPECIAL GIFTS IMMEDIATELY to your usual Reporting Office according to how they have instructed you to send them. Be sure that they are carefully wrapped in paper & safely sealed in a secure envelope, with any possible currency gifts wrapped in carbon paper as well to prevent spying & stealing by any possible thieves. Cheques should be made out in your usual way. From some dangerous areas you may need to send your gifts definitely separate from your TRFs anyhow, with no other identifying material inside the envelope than your mere Home number, so that your Home Office will know to whom to credit that tithe, offering or gift. Then you can safely send your TRF separately. Please send your tithes &/or gifts in this manner particularly from areas where it is difficult to send money abroad. Thank you & God bless you & keep your gift safely until it arrives where it is so desperately needed, & we know He will! He never fails!--In Jesus' precious name, amen! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen!

       "Lead on, O King Eternal,
       The day of march has come!
       Henceforth in fields of conquest,
       Thy tents shall be our Home!

       Through days of preparation
       Thy grace has made us strong,
       And now, O King Eternal,
       We lift our battle song!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family