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CURRENTS!--No.7.--Chad & the Anti-Christs!       DFO 1603       8/83

       1. I WAS READING HOW THE ARABS GIVE SO MUCH MORE PROPORTION-WISE TO THE THIRD WORLD THAN DOES THE U.S. OR ANY EUROPEAN COUNTRY! They really contribute heavily to poor nations. So what does the Scripture say? If the heathen that are without the law do those things which are according to the law, they'll be judged without the law. (Rom.2:14)--In other words, according to their good deeds & their mercy, etc. So there's gotta be a place for them. And boy how the anti-Christs hate'm! They're on a constant vendetta against the Arabs, especially Godahfi!

       2. I NOTICE NOW THEY'RE NEEDLING FRANCE! Have you read the Letter about Chad yet?--What my opinion is about what they're trying to do? ("Currents No.5," ML #1595) In fact, Mitterrand came out today & said that they didn't think that a Chadian Confederation of the two states, Northern & Southern Chad, would be a bad idea, it may be a good idea! And Chad's all scared now that that's what's going to happen. I think that's exactly what he has in mind & I wouldn't be surprised if he's already had that agreement with Godahfi: "This'll be our dividing line, the 15th parallel." They're deploying their forces on the 15th parallel, which divides Chad in half.

       3. THEY'VE ALREADY SAID THAT A LOT OF TIMES: "DON'T ATTACK US & WE WON'T ATTACK YOU!" That means they have no intention of driving Godahfi out. Well, Godahfi says he's not in, anyhow! He's only helping the legal Chadian government. Actually, the Chadian legal voted government was Goukouni, he was the last president voted in, this guy Habré stole the ground. He came in & ousted him with an army, which now they're almost bragging about in the anti-Christ press. The CIA, Sudan & of course Egypt & a few others all helped him to get in & do what he'd been trying to do for years.

       4. {\ul IN MOST OF THE CHADIAN CIVIL WAR, HABRÉ WAS THE REBEL, BUT HE WAS A WESTERN-BACKED REBEL, BECAUSE THE LEGAL ELECTED PRESIDENT GOUKOUNI WAS BACKED BY LIBYA & GODAHFI.}--And of course the West couldn't allow that! Even if the people elected him, they couldn't allow him to run the country if he wasn't pro-Western. So they backed & armed & pushed Habré, & he finally pushed Goukouni out. So Libya didn't like that & she came back & pushed Goukouni in--well, not all the way in but half-way down--& when Godahfi got Goukouni peacefully back in, he backed out, something I have not heard of any other countries doing willingly! Godahfi kept his word, backed out & laid hands-off.

       5. WITH THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT PROPERLY ESTABLISHED & RECOGNISED BY THE OAU, EVEN PROTECTED BY OAU PEACE-KEEPING TROOPS, the West backed Habré to come in from Sudan, helped by the CIA slush fund to push him in there & kick Goukouni out. And Goukouni didn't ask for Godahfi's help this time because he thought this was what the whole World wanted him to do--be the legitimate elected president of Chad. Everybody fussed when he asked Godahfi for help before, so this time he didn't ask Godahfi for help, so West-backed Habré came in & threw him out! That's where Goukouni made his mistake!

       6. SO ANYHOW, I THINK THAT FRANCE, UNDER U.S. PRESSURE, PRACTICALLY HAD TO MOVE IN BECAUSE THE U.S. JUST INSISTED! I think frankly what the U.S. probably said was: "If you don't, we will!" And they wouldn't have stopped, they would have gone right on! So I think not only just to protect Habré but to protect Godahfi & Libya, the French moved in to keep the peace--& keep the Americans out! Because France & Libya have very good relations. Godahfi has better relations with France than almost any other country, & France has a lot of investment there. France gets the Libyan oil now that the U.S. so self-righteously won't accept any more! What a hypocrite the U.S. government is! Oh, that guy Speaks, he can get up & speak for the State Department so piously & so self-righteously about what a horrible monster Godahfi is!

       7. {\ul SO NOW THAT THE FRENCH ARE THERE & HAVE SAID THEY'RE NOT GOING TO ATTACK & THEY'RE GOING TO STOP AT THE 15TH PARALLEL & THEY'RE JUST PURELY THERE TO DEFEND THE HABRÉ GOVERNMENT}--which is the South half of the country--now the anti-Christ press & U.S. government is just clamouring, insisting that they attack! They will never be satisfied until they make France go to war with Godahfi! So it's going to take a lot of guts & courage & resistance for them to refuse to obey the United States in this one thing. They finally yielded to the U.S. pressure, & of course largely because a lot of their former African colonies were clamouring also, afraid that if France didn't come in to protect them, the same thing might happen to them. So I think they did it mostly for that reason, to reassure the other African countries they weren't going to let Godahfi run wild.

       8. BUT I REALLY BELIEVE THE FRENCH DO NOT WANT TO ATTACK GODAHFI OR THE NORTHERN REBELS & GO ON THE OFFENSIVE AT ALL!--AND THEY HAVE SAID SO! But oh boy, just like the anti-Christ press is clamouring for Marcos' scalp, they're clamouring for Godahfi's scalp! I told Maria the other day, "They must be the two most righteous men in the World, because the anti-Christs are after them worse than anybody else on Earth!" (Family: In one of those articles it said that Marcos sometimes associated with such a character as Godahfi, like it was the worst thing he could do.) Yes, that's the worst thing they could say about him! Actually, he didn't, it was his wife who did a little FFing down in Libya! As a result of her visit they had a famous agreement to stop the open declared warfare of Mindinao against the Philippines. Well, they still have a lot of trouble there, I understand, but it's nothing like it used to be.

       9. BUT THE ANTI-CHRISTS WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED! They're clamouring for Marcos & clamouring for Godahfi. They clamoured for poor Rios Montt's scalp & they finally got it! Hey, did you hear where they had that meeting? You remember I said that just the day before they ousted Rios Montt that the Defense Ministers of Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador had a meeting in Tegucigalpa? Well, they can't resist that delicious temptation to tell you what really happened! Remember what I said? I said, "Yeah, & who else was there? You can bet your boots the CIA & U.S. officials were there!" Guess where the meeting actually took place?--On a U.S. aircraft carrier off the shore of Guatemala with U.S. officials & officers! There it is! I never heard'm openly admit that the CIA backed Habré either until just recently, but they've got to gloat over their success a little bit. They just have to gloat over how they managed to stir up things until the U.S. had to do it.

       10. AND YOU HAVE HEARD NOTHING OF POOR RIOS MONTT SINCE! The new guy says he's under house arrest, but nobody has seen him or heard of him since. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened to him as happened to Allende & they don't want to confess that they were just as vicious, if not much more so. And the people of Guatemala say, "Oh, this guy that's in now is much worse than Rios Montt!" I mean, they admit it! (Family: The U.S. just keeps doing the same thing. They're not sorry at all. It's like they got caught in Chile, but they're not sorry, they just keep doing it.). [DELETED]

       11. BUT WHEN THEY CAN'T HAVE THEIR WAY, LIKE IN THE PHILIPPINES OR IN LIBYA, THEY ARE FURIOUS, & they will keep needling & pushing & pounding until they destroy their enemies! They never give up! But praise God, we're still here exposing them till my hour is come! TTL! The Lord promised not to let me be cut off before my time, so I guess it's not come yet.--And I'm sure they really hate us because we have really told the truth about them! I hope maybe our exposures have reached some ears that need to hear it, maybe we've had a little influence. At least we have on the Family & maybe on the friends & maybe it spreads a little.

       12. [DELETED] The anti-Christs have [DELETED] got their finger in everything! [DELETED]


       14. YOU KNOW WHO'S A MAIN EDITOR OF THE {\ul \i HERALD TRIBUNE} NOW?--MARY BLUME! [DELETED] Mary Blume is now a main Editor of the Herald Tribune & she writes a lot of the editorials. She is the one who wrote the series of the three articles attacking us in the Herald Tribune some years ago when we were back in Switzerland during the big anti-cults crusade. So they are busy & they're getting there fast. But praise the Lord, we're going to get there eventually, & he who laughs last, laughs best!

       15. NOTICE HOW THE DEVIL STIRS UP TROUBLE IN THE COUNTRIES WHERE WE'RE MOST ACTIVE! They've been having phenomenal success in Chile with Club meetings & contacts with the MCV Clubbers, etc., just phenomenal success & tremendous witnessing & litnessing success, new disciples, souls won, etc., just tremendous!--So now the Devil is attacking Pinochet. Of course, to hear their side & to watch that video we had ("Missing!"), you'd think Pinochet is the worst monster in the World outside of Godahfi & Marcos & Rios Montt!

       16. AND THEN IN PERU, FLOODS & FLOODS & MORE FLOODS! Of course, that was their own fault. They had about five different floods until finally they were flooded out. But they kept going back & going back like the people who keep building on the slopes of Vesuvius & Mt. Etna. Our folks just couldn't get the point that the Lord didn't want the books, so they went back in again & spent a lot of money fixin' it up again! Well, I've told'm to move!

       17. BUT IN ALL THESE COUNTRIES WHERE WE'RE REALLY STRONG & GOING TREMENDOUSLY, THE DEVIL IS REALLY BUSY STIRRING UP TROUBLE! Of course, we finished our job in the U.S. & he stirred up trouble there a long time ago; & we saturated Europe, so now they're really hounding us there in country after country with bad publicity & governmental investigations & all kinds of stuff. So all we can do is flee to another, which we're doing!

       18. SO PTL! WE'RE STILL ROLLING, STILL WINNING! We may seem to lose a few, but God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat. So unlike other countries & those that like to save face, I don't mind when our enemies think we're defeated, in fact, I love it, because then they ease off! Once they think they've got us on the run they shout, "Victory! We've won the battle!"--Till they find we've cropped up someplace else! So PTL! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord," but He expects you to pray for them! We know the Lord won't fail, He remains faithful when we're faithless, but He wants you to be faithful!--Amen?

+ + + + + + +

       19. I HEARD ON THE NEWS TONIGHT THAT THE RUSSIANS ALMOST ADMITTED BY INFERENCE OR SOMETHING THAT THEY MAY HAVE SHOT DOWN THAT PASSENGER PLANE! Boy, that is some international incident! In the old days, that would have been enough to start a war! (Family: They said they were flying over Soviet air space.) Remember what I told you? The minute I heard about that crash last night I said, "I bet it was shot down!" Because it was just off Sakhalin Island.

       20. THEY EVEN MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THAT! Remember that movie about that plane that was flying from Alaska to Japan & it landed on the island? It's always been a very sensitive thing with the Russians about traffic back & forth, especially from Alaska. It's right on the route to Korea & planes are greatly tempted to fly over it, because it's a shorter route by hundreds of miles. And in this movie, this plane got in trouble & landed there. I think it was a couple of Soviet planes that made it land. It was kind of a funny movie in some ways.

       21. BUT THAT WAS REALLY A SAD INCIDENT! The Russians have certainly warned them time & time & time again to stay away from there. Now why they would fly such a dangerous route, I don't know. They must have been off course or something. They were loaded with South Koreans, Japanese, Filipinos & Americans, no lights & didn't respond to the warning.--Supposed to be a commercial airliner. But if they were spying, well, then they got what they deserved.

       22. THAT HAS BEEN A SENSITIVE SPOT FOR SO LONG, THE RUSSIANS HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING FOR YEARS ABOUT PEOPLE FLYING OVER THEIR TERRITORY THERE.--And you can hardly blame'm!--Especially if they've got things there they don't want people looking at or taking pictures of! Well, that's an old trick, using commercial airliners for spying. They did that in the Falkland's War, remember? That's why both sides forbade any planes to come anywhere near, commercial airliners or no, & I think South Africa even discontinued their flights to Rio for awhile because of the war zone. If you play with fire you're apt to get burned! And they must have really gotten burned!

       23. ACCORDING TO THE ACTUAL FACTS FROM JAPANESE RADAR & RADIO CONTACT, THE PLANE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FLYING 213 MILES SOUTH OF HOKKAIDO BUT WAS ACTUALLY 213 MILES NORTH OF HOKKAIDO, WHICH MEANS IT WAS 426 MILES OFF COURSE!--And by all accounts, it had already flown over the Russian Peninsula of Kamchatka & their Sakhalin Island for over two hours in Russian air space before it started to fly over the Russian mainland itself when it was finally shot down!

       24. THE RUSSIANS CLAIM IT WAS WAY OFF COURSE FLYING IN RUSSIAN AIRSPACE OVER RUSSIAN TERRITORY in a highly sensitive security area & they thought it a U.S. spy plane, so after it ignored several warnings & signals to land, they shot it down just before it got over the Soviet mainland! So you can't much blame them!

       25. --WHAT WOULD THE U.S. HAVE DONE IN SUCH A CASE OF A RUSSIAN SPY PLANE PASSING OVER THE ALEUTIANS INTO ALASKA?--If it had ignored warnings & refused to land, they would've shot it down! But we certainly sympathise with the civilian victims. I wonder if the militantly anti-Communist John Birch congressman aboard had anything to do with its change of route, using a civilian-airliner cover for spying?--And endangering the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians! GHU!

       26. IF IT WAS A SPY PLANE you can understand why the Russians wouldn't want ships or planes of other nationalities to go in & reach the crash site & retrieve any spy materials they had gained by the flight, such as films, photographs, etc., that they might have been taking of Russian territory.

       27. YOU KNOW RUSSIA WOULDN'T HAVE WANTED THIS INCIDENT TO HAPPEN, because the whole thing has worked out against Russia, so no reasonable Russian would have wanted it to happen no matter how cruel some people say they are. They would have known that the whole thing would work out against them propaganda-wise.

       28. I'M SURE THAT THEY WERE CONVINCED IT WAS A SPY PLANE after having flown for 2-&-1/2 hours over Russian territory & 300 miles inside Russian airspace & finally just about to enter the Russian mainland. It seems to me they had a great deal of patience before they finally shot it down!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family