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CURRENTS NO.8: --More on Spy Plane Crash       DFO 1608       9/83

       1. THIS SUGGESTION FOR A MAP ON THE PLANE ROUTE IS A VERY NICE LITTLE MAP, but leave it to dear you-know-who, who publishes that particular paper, to make this kind of a map! Because the actual facts are, & which the Japanese tracers & all confirm, a fact that nobody disputes, is that they were also flying almost the length of the Kamchatka Peninsula! That's why they were tracing them for two hours. This map has got them just suddenly turning across the Kurils & Sakhalin, but actually they took a short cut a lot sooner than that! They flew right across Kamchatka, can you imagine? What they were doing was taking the shortest most direct route to Vladivostok!
       2. I'M AMAZED THE RUSSIANS HAD SUCH PATIENCE! I mean, they were following the plane for 2-1/2 hours right while it flew over their territory, over the Peninsula & the Islands & finally Sakhalin, & they didn't sock it to it till it finally started to fly right over the Russian mainland & they finally decided it was time to stop them!--But they wouldn't stop. The Russians signalled them & everything else & they wouldn't stop. It's pretty hard to tell in the dark from miles away the difference between one size plane & another, they're shaped about the same, so apparently they thought it was that spy plane. So they signalled it & warned it to land, & it wouldn't do it, it just kept on going, so they shot it! And of course the U.S. is making great capital out of this.
       3. IF YOU'LL SEE THE ORIGINAL MAP LIKE THEY HAD IN THE FIRST ACCOUNT, EVEN THEY'RE BEGINNING TO CONFESS IT WAS PROBABLY A MISTAKE! Nobody knows why those Korean pilots took the short route, but they say that this is a route that they've tried to take before & got chased off & one plane was forced to land, because it saves hundreds of miles in their flight from Anchorage, Alaska. But you'll find from their last stop in Anchorage, Alaska to Seoul, Korea, they were actually taking the exact straight-line route which took them right over Kamchatka, Kurils & Sakhalin toward Vladivostok! But why in the World they were apparently starting to enter the Russian mainland, I don't know! Well anyhow, God knows!
       4. THEY WERE 426 MILES OFF COURSE! And yet they said they had three different communications systems with them, so they couldn't possibly have been off course without knowing it. So I hope we'll yet get to find out who was up to what! No wonder the Russians shot them down! They didn't know it was a passenger plane full of people. But even a passenger plane, if they're not going to respond to signals & go down & land when they're told to, what are they going to do? They claim they thought it was a spy plane, & they're not full of people, just the crew & all. So they're probably feeling pretty bad about it anyhow.
       5. THEY CERTAINLY WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT ON PURPOSE IF THEY'D KNOWN IT WAS A PASSENGER PLANE, because good night, it's giving them a real black eye with the whole World! There couldn't have been any advantage. Unless it was some stupid idiot ground crew or pilot--everybody makes mistakes. Well, they're going to find out, I presume, sooner or later, maybe never. They used to go to war over things like that, but thank God they've got better sense now. But they're sure making propaganda capital out of it!
       6. (NEXT DAY:) IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE REAGAN WANTS TO GO TO WAR! He's just doing everything he can! Although he's not doing so much in the way of action right now, he's saying such horrible things it's bound to offend the Russians. He's calling them dirty names & everything, it's just terrible, when actually I'm sure it was just a mistake. I'm convinced they really thought it was a spy plane, & I thought they were pretty patient myself to wait 2-1/2 hours before they finally shot it down, when it was actually beginning to enter the Russian mainland.
       7. THOSE KOREANS COULDN'T HAVE BEEN OVER 400 MILES OFF COURSE WITHOUT KNOWING IT! Some of the guys, even CIA & Intelligence & U.S. officers have said that they had three different computerised guidance systems, plus manual systems that they could have used, so they had no excuse for being that far off course unless it was intentional. So they're practically admitting it now that it was possibly intentional somehow or another. And for what other reason could it have been intentional unless they were trying to take pictures? You can't blame the Russians for barring them from the crash scene, because if it was a spy plane, they would want to retrieve any photographs or anything they took of Russian territory. So of course they didn't want anybody else to get there first. I mean, I can see their side.
       8. BUT OF COURSE THE U.S. IS REALLY GETTING THEIR MONEY'S WORTH OUT OF IT!--And the Russians have hinted that maybe the U.S. even did it on purpose! Because it was a plane loaded with civilians, the U.S. thought they could get away with it, so they took a big gamble & they lost! They lost not only whatever photographs they got, but all the people too! So it serves'm right if it was intentional. So God knows & we may never know till we get to Heaven, because the U.S. seldom ever confesses those things or they're not revealed for years & years, if ever!

+ + + + + + +

       9. AMERICA IS REALLY MAKING CAPITAL & GETTING A LOT OF MILEAGE & THEIR MONEY'S WORTH OUT OF THIS "SPY PLANE" INCIDENT!--When it's coming out more & more clearly all the time--& I don't see how it could possibly be interpreted any other way--that that plane was on a spying mission, as the Russians claim!
       10. BEING FAMILIAR WITH U.S. LIES & DECEITFULNESS & PROPAGANDA, as well as Russian propaganda too, this whole incident has worked against Russia so much she couldn't possibly have perpetrated it on purpose! I think she was really afraid.--If you can imagine, a plane that's nearly 500 miles off course & flying way in over Russian mainland! The Kamchatka Peninsula is Soviet mainland, Sakhalin Island is definitely sensitive Soviet territory, & the plane was crossing the sea & starting to enter the actual Russian mainland proper when they finally decided they had to shoot it down!
       11. THE JAPANESE HAD REALLY THE MOST UNBIASED IMPARTIAL COVERAGE OF THE WHOLE EVENT LEADING UP TO IT, AS THEY WERE FOLLOWING BOTH PLANES ON THE RADAR.--The U.S. spy plane & this Korean airliner.--And they almost as good as said that the two planes had a rendezvous! They said that they had crossed paths once & flown along together for 10 minutes! Of course, Korea is nothing in the World but a U.S. colony, a U.S. outpost or beachhead on the Asian mainland, & a U.S. lackey & puppet that will do whatever the U.S. tells them to do!
       12. I GOT VERY SUSPICIOUS WHEN I HEARD THAT ONE OF THE HEADS OF THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY WAS ABOARD! I think he wanted to go along just to enjoy the fun, to see how they were going to pull this trick on Russia, thinking that Russia would certainly never shoot down a loaded passenger airliner! Well, now they know! I'll bet there won't be any more passenger liners that take that chance!--And I honestly don't blame the Russians for shooting it down because it was definitely being used on a spy mission, as the tracking of the radar & the map showed.
       13. THE PLANE WAS FLYING FROM ANCHORAGE, ALASKA ACROSS THE PACIFIC & THEY CROSSED RIGHT OVER THE KAMCHATKA PENINSULA! Mind you, they could have gotten shot down for that! Then they crossed over this Russian sea & then Sakhalin Island. They were supposed to be clear over here, 223 miles South of Hokkaido, this Northernmost island of Japan, but they were over here instead, nearly 500 miles further North! And they were just crossing this little sea here between Sakhalin Island & the Soviet mainland & were beginning to enter the Soviet mainland.
       14. THERE WAS EVEN A DISCUSSION ON THE TAPE THAT THEY MADE OF THE RUSSIAN PILOT. Boy, what you can do to tapes! The U.S. had to come out & admit afterwards that they left out parts of the tape that was played for the U.N. in which the pilot discussed that he wasn't sure whether it was this kind of plane or that kind of plane, but he was pretty sure it was one of the American spy planes. Not once had he ever thought it was a passenger liner!
       15. THE KOREAN PLANE HAD A RENDEZVOUS WITH THE OTHER AMERICAN SPY PLANE--& we might as well call them both American spy planes! They, of course, tried to play it down as being merely routine: "All nations do this, Russia does it with us! To protect her border she flies along our borders to see what we're doing, & we fly along her borders to see what she's doing!" The American RC-135 spy plane was flying up from the direction of Japan & was going supposedly along the international corridor which comes way out here & goes clear around the Kamchatka Peninsula! And all of a sudden this spy plane met it right in this vicinity here, right where the Korean plane changed course & suddenly headed in over Kamchatka!
       16. THE SPY PLANE CIRCLED AROUND A COUPLE TIMES AS THOUGH IT WAS WAITING FOR THIS PASSENGER PLANE TO GET THERE, they met, flew along together for 10 minutes, & then the U.S. spy plane went on its course. The U.S. keeps bragging about, "Oh, it was landing in Anchorage when this happened, blah blah, so it couldn't have had anything to do with it!" Well, what was it doing meeting this plane out there in mid-air, waiting for it, crossing its path first & then flying along together for 10 minutes?--This was even admitted by the U.S. & Japanese radar reports. And then suddenly after this rendezvous there with the U.S. spy plane, the Korean plane suddenly heads inland right over Kamchatka & finally Sakhalin & was headed straight for the Russian Mainland & Vladivostok!
       17. THERE WAS INDICATION FROM SOME OF THE REPORTS THAT THE RUSSIANS WERE AFRAID THAT IT MIGHT EVEN BE A U.S. BOMBER CARRYING NUCLEAR ARMS, sneaking into Russian territory to bomb!--Showing you how crafty these military guys can be! I wouldn't put it past the U.S. to try a thing like that to see if they could get away with it, & especially with a passenger plane!
       18. SO WHO IS THE GREATER CRIMINAL? If you take the Russian explanation for it, even if they might have been wrong, it's almost a dead give-away, the fact that the Korean plane rendezvoused with the U.S. spy plane! The spy plane waited for them, crossed paths, they flew along together for 10 minutes, & then was when the Korean plane suddenly changed course & went in over the Russian territory. That to me just looks as clear as it can be, & it looks clearly like that to the Russians too, & I don't blame them! They said it was on a dead course for Vladivostok, which is the biggest city in the whole Eastern Soviet Union.
       19. GIVE THE RUSSIANS A LITTLE CREDIT FOR AT LEAST HAVING A LITTLE COMMON SENSE! What amazes me was their patience, that they tolerated that flight for 2-1/2 hours! From the time that plane changed course & started flying in over Russian territory & Russian air space, the Russians flew along & discussed it for 2-1/2 hours before they finally decided to shoot it down! But when it looked like it was going to go right in over the Russian mainland & head straight for Vladivostok & could have been an American bomber, then they shot it down!
       20. IT SURE LOOKS LIKE THE U.S. CONSPIRED WITH KOREA, THE WAY THE KOREAN PLANE RENDEZVOUSED WITH THE U.S. SPY PLANE & THEN SUDDENLY CHANGED DIRECTION & FLEW IN! There was some kind of communication going on there, some kind of direction that caused the Korean plane to change course. It was probably all planned in advance by the U.S.A. & they thought they could get away with it!--But then those God-damned lying hypocrites come out & deny it up & down & blame it all on Russia! Because wouldn't that be a horrible story to get out? Boy, the CIA & the FBI & some of the U.S. Secret Service would probably murder anybody that had to do with it & knew the U.S.A. had plotted that flight--which is exactly what it certainly looks like!--With a civilian passenger plane, thinking they could get away with it, or probably at worst the U.S. thought the Russians would just make them land.
       21. THAT'S PROBABLY WHAT THEY THOUGHT: "AT WORST THEY'LL MAKE US LAND, & IF IT LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO LAND, WE CAN JETTISON OUR CAMERAS!" They have cameras in some of those spy planes that are placed down on the bottom of the plane taking pictures, so they could have had U.S. technicians & everything busy down there in the cargo department taking pictures & doing all kinds of things, while the passengers upstairs were totally unaware of it. And they probably figured they could jettison those cameras & all that equipment right into the sea before they landed & got caught with it.--But they got caught!
       22. IMAGINE WHAT CAN BE ON REAGAN'S CONSCIENCE NOW! Of course, he's a great actor, & maybe he didn't know it. It could have been hidden from him, just like in that movie about "World War III" they kept the actual operation from the knowledge of both Presidents for awhile. The President of the Soviet Union & the U.S. President both were kept in ignorance of what was going on until it was already happening & it was too late to stop it!
       23. I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE SERVICE WAS UP TO NO GOOD & SOME KIND OF SPY ACTIVITY!--And this is exactly what the Russians are bringing out. They said, "Why, then, did those two planes have a rendezvous, fly together for awhile, & that was when the Korean plane suddenly changed course? Unless they were up to something, why did the Korean plane do that?"
       24. JAPANESE RADIO EVEN WARNED THE PILOT! The pilot kept phoning in that he was flying 223 miles South of Hokkaido, when he was 223 miles North of Hokkaido! And then the U.S. authorities were trying to say that it was maybe some fault of the navigational equipment. Well, the experts in the matter have come out & said flatly it was impossible! They had three automatic navigational systems, besides manual navigation, so the experts said the pilots couldn't possibly have not known that they were flying 500 miles off course! They said it was an impossibility. He said even the plane's radar when they flew over land would have told them that they were in the wrong place.
       25. IT'S MY FIRM CONVICTION, I'M SORRY TO SAY--NO, I SHOULDN'T BE SORRY--BUT KNOWING AMERICANS LIKE I DO, I'M MORE INCLINED TO BELIEVE THE RUSSIAN STORY! They believe the whole thing was a U.S. spy operation with the rendezvous of those two planes, after the rendezvous that sudden change of course of the Korean plane flying in over Russian territory, & finally after 2-1/2 hours of tailing them & following them, trying to get them to come down, signalling them & everything else--of course, the U.S. won't admit that--they finally thought, "Well, maybe it's even a bomber carrying atomic weapons headed for Vladivostok!"
       26. THINK OF HOW THE RUSSIANS MIGHT THINK: "The U.S. is planning a secret strike, thinking they can get away with it, to bomb our major defenses at Vladivostok which cover the East & the U.S. bases & all that sort of thing. And they'll probably head from there to Vietnam & whatnot before we can stop'm, so we'd better stop'm now!"--Not knowing it was a civilian airliner loaded with innocent ignorant civilian passengers who didn't know any better!--Only I have a sneaking feeling that that John Birch guy was in on it!
       27. WHEN YOU THINK OF IT THAT WAY, THINK OF WHAT A HORRENDOUS ATROCIOUS CRIME THE U.S. COMMITTED in sending a civilian passenger airliner loaded with 269 people to do its dirty work & to try to get away with it, risking the lives of those 269 people until they virtually forced the Russians to shoot'm down! Think of it that way. I presume I'm going to be called anti-American & a Communist sympathiser! Well, I am anti-American, & in this particular case, I really sympathise with poor Russia who really felt like they were forced to defend themselves, regardless.
       28. AND I'LL TELL YOU, FROM MILES AWAY IN THE DARK, IT'S PRETTY HARD TO TELL WHAT KIND OF PLANE IT IS! You guys have flown at night in these planes & we've seen lights of other planes passing by, & on a dark night it's very difficult to even see the outline or the silhouette of the plane at all! And they swear up & down that their lights were off, they refused to answer signals, even when tracer bullets were shot across the nose. Of course it would have been very difficult to see in the dark even if the Russians had waggled their wings, but they could have seen tracer bullets across the nose. Do you know what tracer bullets are?--They're like little fiery darts so they know which way exactly the bullets are going.
       29. THE RUSSIANS SAID THEY FIRED 120 ROUNDS OF TRACER BULLETS IN 4 SEPARATE BURSTS ACROSS THE NOSE OF THE KOREAN PLANE, in front of the plane, but they paid no attention whatsoever. In fact, instead of losing altitude like it was going to go down & be forced to land by these Russian fighters, the Korean plane began gaining altitude, like it was trying to get away! Usually they fly about 40,000 feet, but it was only flying at about 30,000 feet. Why would they fly so low on a long flight like that? Maybe they wanted to get closer to the targets of their cameras & everything! You can have a bomb bay in the bottom of a plane like that with a whole laboratory of photographic spy equipment & everything! I know!--I rode in the bottom of a bomber once, loaded with baggage. That's the baggage compartment down there. The Americans could have had anything down there with baggage piled around it to hide it. Well, that's my opinion of that incident. Who's to blame?
       30. LET'S JUST TAKE IT THE AMERICANS DID IT ON PURPOSE--& it sure looks like it--& they risked 269 lives of innocent people to carry out a spy mission, thinking because it was a loaded passenger plane they could get away with it! Then who's to blame for those deaths? Think of it! And certainly an enemy as smart as the Russians wouldn't have asked for an incident like that to happen!
       31. THE U.S. SAYS THEY DON'T KNOW WHY THE KOREAN PLANE WAS 500 MILES OFF COURSE, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE INSTRUMENTS. They don't know why it suddenly made a turn & just flew directly in over Russian territory. They don't know why, it's a mystery, they can't understand it! The experts say it's impossible that they couldn't have understood it, impossible! And the Japanese who tracked it said the same thing! They even had an exact map in the paper of how it took this sudden turn & veered right in over Russian air space. They had it on their radar the whole time. They had it on radar so clear they had it right up to the time it was shot! They said it must have sort of gone down in a spiral, a tail spin, slowly like this, because it suddenly stopped & then slowly sank till it was out of sight.
       32. NOW I DON'T KNOW WHY IT WAS EITHER THE JAPANESE OR CHINESE THAT SAID THEY HOPED THAT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED, THAT THEY DID NOT DIE WITHOUT NOTICE. They said they hoped that their relatives knew it was going to crash before it crashed. Now why would you hope that? I thought about that & read that over & over again, why would they hope that? (Family: To give them time to pray?) That's the first thing that came to me! That even the Japanese or Chinese, whoever it was, must have some kind of belief that it gave them some time to repent & pray or get right with their faith or whatever.
       33. WELL, IT SOUNDS LIKE THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED, & IF SO, THEN THOSE PEOPLE HAD TIME TO PRAY--time to ask God to forgive'm & repent, & God in His mercy I'm sure gave each one of them whatever they deserved. Their troubles are over!--The ones who deserved forgiveness & Heaven have gone to be with the Lord. The ones who didn't deserve forgiveness & deserved Hell have gone where they belonged to be. God is just, that's one sure thing! You may not trust the Americans or the Russians, but you can trust that God knew what was happening & God knew what was best.
       34. AND ALTHOUGH THE U.S. IS TRYING TO CAPITALISE ON THIS THING, IF THERE ARE ANY THINKING PEOPLE AT ALL--even Americans, or Worldwide people, not just Russians & Russian propaganda--thinkers are going to have a big question mark over that whole thing for a long time & they're going to be thinking whether it could be possible that the U.S. did that deliberately. And if so, what horrendous, atrocious leadership such a country has that would risk 269 innocent civilian lives just to accomplish their dirty work for their military!--So put the blame where it really belongs.
       35. I AM CONVINCED IT WAS A MISTAKE OF THE U.S.A.! You say, "Well, I think it's a mistake to shoot down a passenger plane full of 269 people, no matter what reason!" Well, what do you think the U.S. would have done if a Russian passenger plane started invading U.S. air space & looking like it was heading for Denver or some major defence facility in the United States, Omaha or something? No matter how many passengers it was loaded with, what do you think the U.S. would have done, not knowing whether it was a passenger plane or not for sure, & the plane refusing to pay any attention to any signals, 500 miles off course, already flown across hundreds of miles of U.S. air space & ready to invade the mainland! What do you think the U.S. would have done? I don't think they would have waited that long!
       36. BUT WHAT IF THE U.S. WAS GUILTY & ALL THIS BIG CONDEMNATION WAS PRE-PLANNED AS A COVER-UP IN CASE WORSE CAME TO WORST & IT WAS SHOT DOWN? They certainly reacted like they were prepared for a reaction! And nobody could get any kind of response out of the U.S. authorities when it was going on--nothing! When the Japanese warned the plane & warned everybody that this plane was flying in over Russian air space 500 miles off course, the Americans did nothing about it whatsoever, nothing! They just claimed ignorance & mystification: "We don't know why!" Don't tell me they didn't know why! (See accompanying news articles!)
       37. DO YOU BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHY? Do you really believe the U.S. didn't know why that plane was flying 500 miles off course into Russian air space & over Russian territory? Honestly now! Face yourself & face the questions & the doubts & the things that happened--do you really believe the U.S. didn't know why that plane was off course? I don't believe they didn't know why! I don't believe they could have not known why! Maybe if the President & some of the politicians didn't know why, I am absolutely convinced by the events & the way they happened, that somebody knew why & it was on purpose & intentional! And with that I certainly would agree with the Russians. It was obvious that it was intentional, designed & deliberate, & that's why they shot it down.
       38. IF THEY COULD HAVE MADE IT LAND, THEY MIGHT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PROVE BY PERSONNEL ABOARD OR EQUIPMENT THAT THEY MIGHT NOT HAVE GOTTEN JETTISONED QUICK ENOUGH THAT IT WAS A SPY PLANE! I think the U.S., rather than have it land, took the risk of letting it be shot down to destroy the evidence! I'm sure the Russians would have much preferred to capture it to find out what was going on! But when it looked like it was actually going to be a threat to Vladivostok, one of their largest cities in the Eastern Soviet Union--which I'm sure is probably their Defence Center for the whole Eastern area & probably the Defence Command control area for the whole East--when it looked like that could have been a bomber & headed for Vladivostok, they decided the safest thing was to just shoot it down. If they couldn't make it land & capture it, what else could they do but shoot it down?
         39. AND WHAT ELSE WOULD THE U.S.A. HAVE DONE IF THEIR POSITIONS HAD BEEN REVERSED BUT SHOT IT DOWN?--And probably a Hell of a lot sooner, passengers or no! They would have accused the Russians of the same thing, that they were just using passengers to cover up a spy mission or a bombing mission! So that's my opinion, take it for what it's worth!

       40. OKAY, LET'S PRAY! (To Davida:) Are you going to pray backwards? Okay! That's all right.--The Lord can hear you straight forward, backward, upside-down or rightside-up! Amen, Lord, You know all about it, it's all in Your hands & we leave it with you, including us, Lord! As we pray Thy prayer: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) You can pray the rest of them later, we've gotta go! ILY! Bye bye! That covers everything anyhow! TYJ!--What do you think?

* * * * * * *

       41. I FOUND SOME INTERESTING NEWS ITEMS IN THE PAPER SHOWING THAT "SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK"! (Shakespeare's "Hamlet") One item said that those Korean pilots, regular commercial airline pilots, were trained by the CIA & commonly equipped with spy equipment! And another article by two former crew members of the spy plane said that a lot of the things the President said more or less were true, but he was withholding a lot of information, he wasn't telling everything, & that is that the U.S. couldn't possibly have been that ignorant of what was going on, that the plane was off course without knowing it & all the rest!

       42. IT'S ALL BEGINNING TO FIT TOGETHER & ONE OF THESE DAYS SOMEBODY'S GOING TO COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH! These guys probably risked their lives to write that article in the Denver Post--two former retired crew members of the RC-135 spy plane. They said they were in the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, & that one spy plane never leaves the scene until another spy plane arrives. Whereas the President was saying, "Well, the spy plane had already landed in Anchorage an hour before it happened, blah blah!" -Well, there was still another one there! So a lot of what the Russians have said is true!

       43. THERE IS AN ARTICLE ABOUT HOW THE CIA TRAINS THE PILOTS & EQUIPS THE PLANES WITH SPECIAL SPY EQUIPMENT & another one that says in a poll done by CBS & Newsweek or something like that combined, 61% of the American People believe that the U.S. is withholding information & not telling everything. So they're not kidding the people too much! They get so used to the government lying to them that they just take it for granted. I mean, it's too obvious how it all happened. It couldn't possibly have been just an accident.--In which case, as far as I'm concerned, the U.S. is more to blame than the other side!

       44. THEY DELIBERATLY SENT THAT PLANE IN THERE FULL OF INNOCENT PASSENGERS ON A SPY MISSION KNOWING THE CHANCES THEY WERE TAKING!--Deliberately risked those people' lives with those people not knowing it! The first inkling of suspicion I had about it was the fact that that top John Birch officer was on board & he wanted to be there & enjoy it! Well, he did! Apparently they thought that it would just be maybe forced down at the worst & they'd probably be able to jettison their spy equipment before it landed in the ocean or something, but they all landed in the ocean!

       45. IT'S REALLY PRETTY FISHY, THE WHOLE WORKS, & I'M BEGINNING TO BE CONVINCED THAT THE U.S. WAS EVEN MORE TO BLAME THAN THE OTHE SIDE! The fact that they immediately came out with such a cursing denunciation was almost like they had it prepared! --Just in case it got shot down they'd be all ready with their propaganda campaign to blame it all on the Russians!

       46. THEY FIGURED EITHER WAY THEY'D WIN: "HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE!" The plane was gaining altitude trying to get away when they shot it down--that's been absolutely corroborated by the reports. They thought, "Well, either they'll get away & get back with their equipment & their pictures, or even if worse comes to worse & they're shot down, all the evidence will be destroyed." But I notice that the Russians are recovering some pretty good-sized pieces right now, so let's hope they'll recover something that'll show & give the proof of what the U.S. is really up to! Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family