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MORE THOUGHTS ON THE ATOM WAR & "THE GREAT CONFUSION"!       GP 1615       Compiled 8/83       BOF Part 6A

       (Compiled by Apollos from the writings of Father David)

       1. EVER SINCE WAY BACK IN 1962 WHEN THE LORD FIRST REVEALED TO US THAT THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH WAS HIS MESSAGE FOR AMERICA TODAY, we've known that it was only a matter of time before His judgements would fall on that wicked nation. In the two decades that have since passed, we have seen America go from bad to worse, to where she is now the most self-righteous, hypocritical, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Christian nation on the face of the Earth!
       2. SHE HAS PASSED THE POINT OF NO RETURN where the judgements of God are imminently impending, & there is no way that she can escape these judgements which are going to fall very soon! And as we've watched America & her chief rival, the Soviet Union, develop & amass their awesome stockpiles of nuclear horror-weapons, international tensions have mounted, relations between these two Superpowers have deteriorated, another so-called "cold-war" has emerged & it has looked like World War III & America's fiery destruction by Soviet nuclear weaponry was at the door!
       3. IN FACT, THE WAR SEEMED SO IMMINENT THAT WE FELT IT SURELY HAD TO HAPPEN BEFORE THE WORLD LEADER, KNOWN IN THE SCRIPTURES AS THE ANTICHRIST, COULD COME INTO POWER.--Both sides have had their fingers on the hair triggers ready to pull, & it looked like the War was going to happen first to make the World desperate enough to put the Antichrist into power!
       4. BUT NOW, AFTER FURTHER STUDY OF THE SCRIPTURES & SOME RECENT REVELATIONS, I am convinced that there is only one thing that can temporarily prevent the War, & that's the famous Covenant of Peace which will be confirmed by the Antichrist himself! (See Dan.9:27.) Right now, as the World is tottering on the brink of nuclear destruction, it is finally beginning to wake up & really get desperate!--Desperate enough to sign such a pact to save themselves!--So what an ideal time for the Antichrist to appear, bring peace through this great Covenant, postpone the War & thereby put himself into power! (For our detailed study on the rise & reign of the Antichrist & his 7-year Covenant, please refer to Part 4 of this book.)
       5. BESIDES, IF THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON, THE GREAT WHORE, WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY WORLD CAPITALISM--primarily the U.S.--if that destruction is the Atomic War, which it certainly sounds like in both Revelation 17 & 18, then these chapters make it clear that it comes after the Antichrist is in power, as it is perpetrated by the Antichrist with the help of his ten kings or ten "horns"--which many have already suggested could be the European Economic Community! And if there's any part of the World most likely to agree to make peace with Russia under the Antichrist to prevent nuclear war & to save themselves, it's Europe! (These "ten horns" are described in Rev.17:12,13,16,17; Dan.7:7,8,19-22; & 2:42-44.)
       6. --WHICH MEANS THAT THE ANTICHRIST WILL MOST LIKELY RISE TO POWER POLITICALLY, AS WELL AS MILITARILY, BEFORE THE WAR BY MEANS OF THIS COVENANT & his crafty clever political manoeuvring which will convince them to sign this Pact of Peace! And then later on, during the second half of his reign when he has trouble with America & Israel, he & his ten kings will turn on the Whore & burn her with fire & destroy her! (Rev.17:16.)--Which certainly sounds like the Atom War!
       7. SO THE ANTICHRIST COULD RISE TO POWER JUST ON THE STRENGTH OF THE COVENANT, BY HIS CRAFT & WISDOM IN SETTLING ALL THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS WITHOUT THE ATOMIC WAR!--And then perpetrate the Atomic War himself later on in his reign as a result of their rebellion against his rule & authority! He could peacefully come to power through the Covenant, & thereby establish World peace & cooperation & get a firm grip on things until he feels like he has sufficient power, with the cooperation of Europe, to turn on America & destroy her!
       8. SO IT LOOKS LIKE AMERICA'S GREAT DESTRUCTION BY MEANS OF SOVIET NUCLEAR WEAPONS MAY BE POSTPONED FOR A FEW YEARS, until the rise of the Antichrist & his World empire.--News which may cause some of you Americans to heave a sigh of relief! But don't feel too relieved!--Because there is another storm looming on America's horizon, which when it hits, will also surely throw her into "Great Confusion" & cause a "mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times," as her "Great Society comes to travail"!
       9. I AM CONVINCED, NOT ONLY FROM WHAT THE SCRIPTURES SAY & WHAT THE CONDITIONS AROUND US ARE, BUT ALSO FROM WHAT GOD HAS SHOWN ME PERSONALLY IN DREAMS & REVELATIONS, THAT AMERICA'S DOLLAR-BASED ECONOMY IS GOING TO CRASH!--And I don't think it's going to be very long from now. America, with her foolish & selfish economic policies, has robbed the poor to feed the rich, & she can't get away with it forever!
       10. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT GET AWAY FROM GOD'S ECONOMIC LAWS & GOD'S LAWS OF RETRIBUTION, His promise that "whatsoever you sow, that shall you also reap!" (Gal.6:7.) America has sown repression economically, so she's going to reap depression!--God's judgements on her for her selfishness & cruelty to the poor & her unwillingness to share her ill-gotten gains & wealth with them! So she's going to get it & be hurt economically, just as she has hurt others!
       11. IN FACT, AMERICA'S ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS ALREADY HURTING & IS READY TO CRASH RIGHT NOW, because the whole thing is being supported by nothing more than people's faith in paper! The U.S. dollar used to boast, "One Silver Certificate--Redeemable In Silver" after they went off the gold standard. But then they even took that off the dollar, so now they don't promise to redeem it in either gold or silver. The U.S. is neither on the gold nor the silver standard--strictly on paper.
       12. THEIR WHOLE ECONOMY IS BUILT ON FAITH! And that's the trouble, they have pinned their faith on the government & its word instead of on God & His Word!--So when the government fails & loses its credibility, everything goes, as the entire paper-money economy is built on the word of the government & the people's faith in it. Their whole system is built on a false foundation & people's faith in the wrong things!
       13. IN MY OPINION, IT'S JUST A MIRACLE THAT THE WHOLE SYSTEM HASN'T COLLAPSED ALREADY, THE WAY IT'S HEADED! The only thing that's keeping their economy together is people's faith, just wishful thinking. But once the people wake up & realise that maybe their money isn't really there in the bank or maybe it's not really worth what the government tells them, & they all go down to their banks & try to get it out, that will be the end!
       14. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE FAMOUS CRASH OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION--BLACK MONDAY & THE DAYS THAT FOLLOWED. Banks began to fold up all over the place because the people panicked & lined up by the thousands outside of them, demanding their money--& the banks simply didn't have the money to give them! They'd invested it in other companies or loaned it out & were unable to recall it, so they closed their doors, declared themselves bankrupt & the poor people lost their money.--And thus began the Great Depression!
       15. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TODAY'S AMERICAN-LED CAPITALIST WORLD GOING BANKRUPT--IT'S ALREADY BANKRUPT! The present dollar-based capitalistic system is not merely going to fail, not just failing, it has already failed! It's not going broke, it is already broke & already bankrupt! But they don't know what to do about it so they're just going on "business as usual".--"Maybe if we shut our eyes, it will go away! If we don't look at it, if we stick our head in the sand, maybe it won't happen!"
       16. SO THEY KEEP PRINTING MORE WORTHLESS PAPER MONEY & THEY KEEP SPENDING FAR MORE THAN THEY'RE EARNING, & ALL THE TIME THEY'RE COMING NEARER & NEARER TO THE END OF THEIR ROPE, because you just simply cannot keep borrowing money in order to spend it to try to bolster your false prosperity! The U.S. alone is over $3,000,000,000,000.00 in debt!--Three trillion dollars! That's a phenomenal astronomical sum & it's hard for us to even conceive of how much money that really is--three trillion dollars! The U.S. government is so deeply in debt that even if the U.S. lasted another thousand years, they would never get it all paid!
       17. AND IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL THE PEOPLE WAKE UP & FIND OUT! It could happen overnight!--That's the way it happened last time: The people suddenly woke up & realised that their money in the bank was not worth anything, or it might not even be there at all, & they started a run on the banks!--And when it happens this time, the entire economic system will collapse! It will be the greatest economic crash, depression & social & political cataclysm in all of World History!
       18. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN SOME OF AMERICA'S HUGE WICKED CITIES like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, etc. with their millions of people, a very large percentage of whom are poor & on welfare, when suddenly the economic crash hits & nobody gets paid anymore?--Suddenly they won't be able to pay the garbage men or the bus drivers or the subway drivers or the truck drivers or the electrical workers or the water workers or any of the other various utility & public service workers!
       19. IF SUDDENLY, IN THESE HUGE OVERCROWDED CITIES, NOBODY GOT PAID, all government handouts to the poor were cut off, all food supplies from the outside were halted, the water stopped running, the sewage stopped flowing & the lights went out, what do you think would happen?--Riots?--No!--There'd be WAR! There would be absolute chaos, total bedlam!--Great Confusion! They would be slaughtering each other for food! There'd be a complete breakdown of law & order & today's modern savages would go out with their guns & their knives to get what they wanted by force!
       20. AND BECAUSE AMERICA IS THE HEAD & LEADER OF WORLD CAPITALISM, once she falls, the whole World Capitalistic System is bound to fall with her! And as she is the greatest & strongest enemy of World Socialism, her fall could result in the ultimate triumphant succession of the socialist Antichrist One-World government, as predicted in the Bible!
       21. SUCH A CRASH WOULD SURELY RESULT IN CHAOS & GREAT CONFUSION, which the Antichrist could take advantage of & even solve with his new credit system & World government. As we brought out in chapters 4 & 5, they're already getting ready for this eventuality in Brussels & Luxembourg, the international financial headquarters of Europe. Three floors of one giant building are already devoted to this purpose, to giant computers which have already assigned a credit number to every individual in the Western World!--The system has already been devised whereby you'll no longer use paper money or checks or even silver, just your credit number.
       22. SO IT LOOKS LIKE A GREAT ECONOMIC CRASH WILL SOON DEVASTATE AMERICA & HER ONCE "ALMIGHTY DOLLAR", which will probably bring the entire Western World's economy down with it! The resultant Confusion & turmoil could definitely prepare the way for the Antichrist, who will probably appear & take advantage of the situation as the pseudo-saviour of the World & restore law & order with his Covenant of Peace & strong iron-rule government.
       23. THEN, AFTER HE HAS CONSOLIDATED & ESTABLISHED HIS POWER, HE & HIS TEN KINGS WILL DECIDE THAT THEY NO LONGER NEED THE WHORE & they will turn on her & completely devour her with fire!--"And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the Beast, these shall hate the Whore"--Babylon, or America--"& shall make her desolate & naked, & shall eat her flesh, & burn her with fire! For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil His will, & to agree, & give their kingdom unto the Beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled." (Rev.17:16,17.)
       24. IT IS GOD WHO WILL PUT THIS INTO THE HEARTS OF THESE KINGS TO BOTH SERVE THE BEAST, THE ANTICHRIST, & TO WORK WITH HIM TO DESTROY THE WHORE.--As a part of the judgements of God! The Antichrist government will turn upon the Whore, America, & his ten kings will devour her, pitch into her, burn her with fire & destroy her!
       SO EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT & GOING ACCORDING TO GOD'S PLAN & AMERICA WILL SOON SUFFER FOR HER SINS! God's wheels of judgement grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine!--So, "Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, & that ye receive not of her plagues!" (Rev.18:4.) Flee as a bird to the other 90% of the World's population, where there's more hope, more time & much more freedom & friendliness & a greater hunger amongst the vast love-starved masses for the true riches of God!--And where it's no crime to be a Christian like us! Get out now while you can & obey His commandment to "go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15.)--Tomorrow may be too late!--"Come out of her" TODAY!

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