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HEAVEN'S GIRL!--The Supergirl of the Tribulation!       DFO 1623       9/83

       1. I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT, A VERY INTERESTING DREAM, ABOUT A VERY PRETTY GIRL! It was really strange, one of the strangest dreams I ever had! I was looking at what appeared to be the script of a movie, & at the same time it had scenes pictured in the script, sketches of the possible scenes fitting the text there. It was all about this--I don't know what to call her--Superwoman or Supergirl! Superwoman's a little close to Wonder Woman, but in a way that was the general idea.--Maybe we could better call'r "Heaven's Girl!"
       2. THIS GIRL WAS APPARENTLY GOING THROUGH WHAT LOOKED TO ME LIKE THE TRIBULATION!--And she was endowed, apparently, as one of the last Witnesses, with super powers! The story was unfolding where she was in these various vivid situations of seemingly impossible conditions & circumstances, but how she got out of each one through a manifestation of her miraculous powers!
       3. IT WAS JUST LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE & READING THE SCRIPT AT THE SAME TIME, although I could hear a voice reading it to me, & it was really terrific! I thought, "Boy, what a story that would make! If only we had some kind of writer!" We can't make movies or anything to speak of--well, small attempts on video--but it would be almost impossible to depict these things except like they do in some of these sci-fi's like "Wonder Woman" & "Superman" & "Wonderboy"! Wonderboy's sort of like an amateur angel, whereas Superman is sort of like a more grown-up mature angel!
       4. WONDER WOMAN, OF COURSE, HAD TO WEAR THE U.S. RED, WHITE & BLUE, BLAH BLAH, & ALWAYS BE ON THEIR SIDE, but some of the powers she manifests are amazingly significant, along with Superman too.--I mean Superman! You'd better watch out what you say now because there's a Superman 1, 2 & 3! I understand they couldn't be satisfied with keeping him a perfect good character, they've gotta make him an evil character in Number 3! They have to corrupt everything in the long run. Of course, I understand this is only temporary through the control of the super-computer, which is very significant too--the Beast?--Or his Image?
       5. ANYHOW, THIS DREAM WAS JUST REMARKABLE! I watched each scene, & as the script was almost like unfolding before me, the voice was reading it & describing these tremendous events, how she got out of each one & how she gained a victory in each circumstance & how she continued her witness in spite of everything! She was like a Prophetess of the Last Day, the Endtime, the Tribulation! I mean, it was so exciting & so thrilling that it finally woke me up!--And it was vivid, just like one of those message dreams!
       6. I WAS THINKING AFTERWARD, "NOW LORD, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT THAT? I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER IT ALL!" I mean, it was so fantastic & so out-of-this-World! It was in this World, all right, but it was really supernatural, really miraculous! And I began to think what a story that would make if we had a good fiction writer! This is what I would call historical fiction in advance!--Futuristic fiction! Not sci-fi, but prophetic fiction!
       7. SOME OF THE CHURCHES' WRITERS HAVE WRITTEN A FEW VARIOUS BOOKS ON THE TRANSPIRING OF EVENTS during the Second Coming & events after the Second Coming, according to them, of what's going to happen during the reign of the Antichrist & Tribulation. But they were kind of feeble attempts, trying to portray their screwed-up interpretations of prophecy, which were really pretty lousy! But they were trying to kind of give you a real feeling of the reality of it.
       8. AND IT SUDDENLY DAWNED ON ME THAT THIS, IN A SENSE, IS EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO DO WITH OUR HEAVEN POSTER! Although some of it may be fictional, it's sort of historical fiction in advance! Some of it may be our own imagination & our own envisioning, that's why I said it's a possible Heavenly Mansion. We're sort of envisioning the future. It may not be exactly like this--although I have a feeling it may be mighty close to it--but we're trying to give them a picture of something, some of which we've actually seen, some of which is actual revelation, some of which is actual Scripture, a lot of which is actually the Word, but we've just sort of had to fill in the little details that we sort of guess at!
       9. I WAS ALWAYS VERY FOND OF HISTORICAL FICTION, BUT THIS WOULD BE WRITING HISTORICAL FICTION OF THE FUTURE!--Sort of a dramatised account of what this Prophetess was going to go through & what she's going to do & how she got out of each of these virtually impossible situations, overwhelming situations of all Hell on Earth attacking her & how she could handle every one of them with ease because of these supernatural powers!
       10. IT'S SO MUCH LIKE ANGELIC POWERS & HOW OUR POWERS WILL BE IN THE MILLENNIUM & THEREAFTER! We are going to have some people who have those powers now when that time comes for their own defense, & there's every Scripture to prove it!--Calling down fire out of Heaven & blasting away at the Antichrist & his seat, the seat of the Devil, & prophesying right on up to the very End, the very Coming of Christ, in spite of all Hell on Earth & Hell & highwater & the Devil & the works! Some of our Prophets are going to be able to survive right on to the End because of the supernatural miraculous powers God has given them!
       11. THIS IS NOT ALL THAT STRANGE, FOR THAT MATTER! You know me, I'm always trying to document it with the Bible, & I began to think back, "Well now, let's see, that's not all that different!" That happened with a lot of the Prophets in the past in times of stress & strain & impossible situations in which they had to have miraculous supernatural deliverances. Elijah called down fire out of Heaven that consumed whole companies of soldiers!--And he kept giving the whole army so much trouble they finally came to him & begged him to stop & begged him to come & talk things over! The king had to virtually sue for peace! (2 Kings 1.)
       12. AND I GOT TO THINKING, BOY OH BOY, IF SOMEBODY COULD ONLY GO BACK THROUGH THE BIBLE & LIST ALL THOSE MIRACLES! Here I am always trying to document & prove the credibility by Scriptural proof! In fact, in the backs of some Bibles they've got lists of the miracles of the Bible. If somebody could go back through that & list all those various kinds of miracles of the Bible, they'd realise that if the Prophets & Christ had these powers in the past & were able to exercise them, that we also will be able to exercise such powers!--Not just in the future after the Resurrection in the Millennium, but now & in the Tribulation! That really ought to encourage some people to realise we're going to have supernatural powers!--In fact, those things are described in the Book of Revelation during the Tribulation period, supernatural events that are going to be on our side & these monsters who are going to devour our opponents & the curses that are going to be upon our enemies to protect us!
       13. WE NEED TO EMPHASISE MORE OF THAT POSITIVE NATURE OF OUR POWERS & ABILITIES THAT GOD'S GOING TO GIVE US DURING TIMES OF TERRIBLE TRIBULATION! It's going to be a time of terrible awesome events, but we are going to have terrible & awesome powers to protect us & to defend us & deliver us & keep us going right to the end! I mean, it was just like watching a movie & reading & hearing the script at the same time! I thought, "Boy oh boy, if those sci-fi guys could ever make a movie like that!"
       14. I ALWAYS DID SAY THESE GUYS THAT DO THESE BIBLE DRAMAS OUGHT TO READ THE BIBLE! I mean, the Bible is so much more terrific than all their dramatisation! They can't fathom it, they can't comprehend it! It's just too monumental to even attempt! Cecil B. DeMille & those guys have done "Ten Commandments" with Moses crossing the Red Sea & all that, & they did a tremendous job!--But the real thing was even more wonderful! And there's a whole lot that they've never even touched in Scriptural history, the miracles of the Bible! I'm talking about these outstanding miracles of the Bible!
       15. I WISH WE HAD SOMEBODY WHO REALLY HAS A BENT FOR WRITING & REALLY COULD ASK THE LORD TO GIVE IT TO THEM! Maybe it would be true, like the parables or something, maybe he could really get insight into the future & use all the various kinds of miracles that have been performed by the Prophets & the Patriarchs & the great men & women of God of the past, & weave those into the Tribulation period, realising that we will have & be given all of those powers of the same kind & nature during the Tribulation! If they've had them off & on for the past 6,000 years of history, certainly God will endue us with such powers in full in those Last Days for our defense & protection & deliverance etc.
       16. IN OTHER WORDS IT'S LIKE THE WHOLE BIBLE & ALL THE POWER & THE MEN & WOMEN OF GOD ROLLED TOGETHER IN ONE SHORT ENDTIME PERIOD WITH ALL THE MIRACLES & SUPERNATURAL EVENTS & SUPERHUMAN HELP! What a story that would make! What a tremendous story if somebody could ever write such a story! Of course, we can write it when it's over, but we need it now to encourage people now, like we're trying to do with our Heaven Poster, to encourage them about the future, what we have to look forward to. It was just like I was watching & seeing the story & hearing & reading the scenario at the same time. It was tremendous! And it was a woman!
       17. I DON'T KNOW, IT MIGHT HAVE EVEN BEEN MARIA! I could see her fairly clearly, yet her exact identity wasn't that clear. But it was marvellous the way she got out of all these things & how she conquered & the victories she won as an outstanding Prophetess of God, keeping on with her witness & her message in spite of everything all Hell let loose could try to do to her, & how she resisted all these attempts to kill her & enslave her & put her in bondage & make her a prisoner & everything else to shut her mouth & stop her! She was still able to do what she was there to do! Wouldn't that make a story? It was all just as clear as anything in the dream, just scene after scene after scene!
       18. I WAS THINKING, "I WONDER, LORD, IF I COULD EVER WRITE SUCH A THING, IF I EVER HAD TIME!" My Grandfather wrote a scenario once for a movie that was used, in fact they stole it from him!--"Cimarron"! He was there when the Oklahoma Land Rush happened & he knew the people there, so he wrote this whole scenario & presented it to one of the major studios in Hollywood when he was living there. They kept it a long time & then finally returned it & said, "Sorry, we can't use it." And then it wasn't but a few months & out came the great movie "Cimarron"! He sued'm for plagiarism, but he died before he finished the court case. They literally stole the thing almost word for word, scene for scene from the scenario that he had written!
       19. SO IT CAN BE DONE, MY GRANDFATHER DID IT, & MAYBE SOME TIME I'LL HAVE TIME TO WRITE THAT & IMAGINE THE FUTURE DURING THE TRIBULATION & THIS GIRL, because it was so clear, it was beautiful! If only we had somebody who could write like that! We could just list all the miracles that have ever happened in the Bible & the things the Lord has told us about the future & weave'm together & have her & her followers doing all those things in the Tribulation under the Antichrist! Wouldn't that make a story? Wow! Well, I'm getting ahead of myself! God knows when I'll ever have time to do anything like that, I'm too busy with so many other things!
       20. IT WOULD TAKE SOMEBODY WHO'S REALLY A GOOD WRITER TO WRITE A THRILLING STORY & FOLLOW THIS GIRL RIGHT ON THROUGH THE WHOLE CHAIN OF EVENTS! It could begin just before the rise of the Antichrist like today, like she's a normal, more or less ordinary human being, & take her right on through!--How she becomes anointed & mantled with these powers, power for the hour to fit the situation, & how she leads her followers & people through it all right to the very End! It would be a tremendous story, wouldn't it?
       21. WELL, THERE IT IS, I'VE TOLD YOU THE DREAM! What do you want to call it--Superwoman or Supergirl? To get away from Wonder Woman, maybe we ought to call it Supergirl! For an alliteration we could call it Gorgeous Girl, but that doesn't really emphasise what I'd want to emphasise! She was really supernaturally-powered! Maybe we could call her Miracle Woman or Supergirl or something more identifying.--How about "Heaven's Girl!"?--She's not yet in Heaven, but she's sure Heaven's Girl! HAL! TYJ!--Are you gonna be one?

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