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--We're "More Than Conquerors!" (Rom.8:37)
--The Other Side of the Tribulation!

       1. (TO CHILDREN:) WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT HEAVEN'S GIRL? I HAD A DREAM THIS MORNING ABOUT HER! She was like Maria, she was an Endtime Prophetess & she had all kinds of powers, you know like they have where they can just point their finger at someone & they disintegrate or catch fire or they freeze, & she can break out of any kind of imprisonment.
       2. I'LL CALL HER HEAVEN'S GIRL, & IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS MAKING A MOVIE OF ALL THESE THINGS, IT WAS REALLY SOMETHING! She was able to keep right on defying the Antichrist government & able to call down fire out of Heaven to devour her enemies & soldiers & police who try to grab her, & she could break right out of jail, & she could do all kinds of powerful supernatural miraculous things--all kinds of things to protect her so she could keep right on preaching & witnessing & prophesying!
       3. IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! IT WAS A TERRIFIC DREAM! IT WAS JUST LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE! It would have made a good movie too. How's that? Do you like that story? Is that good? OK! Maybe someday you'll be Heaven's Girl, OK?--You are now!
       4. YOU KNOW WHAT WE LACK, WE HAVEN'T YET DEVELOPED AMONGST OUR ARTISTS THE ABILITY TO DRAW THE SAME CHARACTER WITH THE SAME FACE IN VARIOUS POSITIONS & EXPRESSIONS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ZEBULUN GEPPETTO WHO IS QUITE GOOD AT THAT. This you have to be able to do to have a continuative Komic strip or Komic book--you have to be able to draw the same characters in various positions & expressions so that you can recognise it as the same person.
       5. I WANT TO HAVE A SERIES OF KOMIX ON THE TRIBULATION, DESCRIBING IT & HOW MUCH WE'VE GOT GOING FOR US! All these monsters are protecting us, & the curses & plagues on the wicked are only on them. We're healthy & free, in spite of the others all sick & plagued & everything. In some ways it's going to be a great victory.
       6. HEAVEN'S GIRL! Hey! Isn't that something?--That popped out a minute ago. Heaven's Girl! What a beautiful name for her, huh?--Heaven's Girl! Heaven's girl--in other words, you know she belongs to the Lord! We've got some girls by the name of Heaven. (Maria: We could have a Tribulation Poster! Not just a Heaven poster or Millennial poster, but a Tribulation poster!)--Yes, showing Heaven's Girl doing miracles of some kind, conquering the Devil's crowd with the help of these great monsters. Scene after scene unfolded with her doing these various miracles & making these miraculous escapes & all, just beautiful! She could appear & disappear, all kinds of things. I mean you could add not only the miracles of the Bible but the miracles of the dreams & visions that I've had.
       7. WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY WRITE A FICTION STORY, MAYBE LATER SOMEBODY COULD BE INSPIRED BY IT TO DO SO, but I could just simply write a sort of narrative, a description of the way I saw it. I mean after all, when I get something in a dream like that & realise it's from the Lord, I have the authority to deliver it & describe it, & she was doing this & she was doing that etc. (Maria: Just like you've done on the Heaven Poster.) Yes, look how much I've had to say about Heaven & describe to the artist in detail how to do it & everything else. I could put Eman to work on it. The only trouble is, he's such a perfectionist it takes him quite awhile. Maybe he could learn to be a little faster. Why don't we write him about it? I could make taped instructions to him just like I do to Jac.
       8. IN OTHER WORDS, CREATE HER A CHARACTER LIKE A COMIC CHARACTER, BUT NOT COMICAL.--Like the famous great characters of the comics that are World-famous & World-known. Well, the Lord created this one. The World has created these fiction characters, but I'm talking about trying to draw & visualise Heaven's Girl. I've got to get a good name for her. Moon Maid was that one cartoon that really made a marvellous character & I think the name even helped a lot in the Dick Tracy series. I think the most famous one they ever did was Moon Maid, this girl from the moon, even the name was nice: Moon Maid! We can't name ours that but the fact was that it was a nice name, the alliteration was good. She was like an angel & they found her on the moon when the men got there with old Dick Tracy, the famous detective in the cartoon, & she had supernatural miraculous powers.
       9. THE OUTSTANDINGLY GIFTED PROPHETS & PROPHETESSES & WITNESSES OF THE LAST DAYS, particularly the Tribulation Period, much of their powers to fight off the Enemy & to continue to protect their witness & witnesses will be very similar if not identical to some of the powers we'll be using in the Millennium to beat the Enemy into submission. I don't exactly like to use the word "beat", but the Lord uses the words "rod of iron", so what could be worse than that? (Rev.2:27) It certainly symbolises the use of force!
       10. THERE COMES A TIME WHEN EVEN GOOD HAS TO USE FORCE & VIOLENCE AGAINST EVIL, & this is certainly clear throughout the Bible, because force & violence is almost the only thing that evil understands. It reminds you of the disastrous effect today of a soft policy toward criminals, no severe harsh punishments, no capital punishment or tough restraint by police. It's quite evident it hasn't worked. The criminals are worse & the mobs take advantage of the situation, & if the police don't exert some force & even violence to stop them, they'll just stomp all over them & overrun them!
       11. THAT'S WHY THE LORD SAYS THAT THE POLICE ARE OFFICERS OF GOD WHO BEAR NOT THE SWORD IN VAIN! (Rom.13) Which means they need to bear swords, weapons, & not in vain, which means that if necessary they need to use them! Even some of Jesus' disciples carried swords. But our weapons are not carnal but much more powerful, unto the tearing down of strongholds, spiritual strongholds, fighting & opposing the spiritual wickedness in the spiritual realm. (2Cor.10:4)
       12. WE'RE NOT JUST FIGHTING EVIL PEOPLE BUT EVIL SPIRITS WHO POSSESS THEM! Therefore, we have to have weapons that are more powerful than normal physical, carnal weapons. We have to have powerful spiritual weapons, & we don't carry these in vain. We're supposed to use them if necessary to resist the powers of evil & to protect ourselves from the Devil, & we have available some of these powers even right now today before the Tribulation. Men & women of God have always had these powers available from the very beginning. God had to give Godly people Godly powers to defeat & oppose & defend themselves from the powers of the Devil.
       13. SO THERE'S NOTHING NEW ABOUT IT. But it's just portrayed in the churches from the Bible as something which used to be, you know, & how wonderful it was & how marvellous those characters were, but of course they never expect anything like that to happen today! But it's happening today for some of us, & it could happen with others & will happen definitely during the Tribulation when we need particularly strong powers for self-defense & to make our witness possible & to protect us to the very End! Otherwise, there wouldn't be any live people left for Jesus to rapture! We would have all been killed by the Enemy.
       14. IT SAYS THAT POWER IS GOING TO BE GIVEN TO THE ANTICHRIST TO OVERCOME THE ORGANISED CHURCH & TO DESTROY ITS TEMPORAL POWER, which is in process already. (Dan.7:21-25; 8:24; Rev.13:7) The organised churches of today, so-called Christendom are already being overcome & defeated by the anti-Christ forces here & now, & the organised churches are less powerful today than they ever have been almost in all history, & the whole World is in the grip of Antichrist secularism. For hundreds of years the church controlled the World, that's why some of them thought that was the Millennium. But today the World controls the church & has subdued it, dominated it & is in the process of destroying it.
       15. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY'RE GOING TO DEFEAT OR DOMINATE OR DESTROY ALL OF US, the true believers & those who have the supernatural powers & miraculous defenses of the Lord. "For they which do know their God shall do exploits & shall instruct many, but even some of these shall fall," it says. (Dan.11:32-33) But when they fall it says that they'll be helped. So the Lord is going to enable us to continue till the End & to survive all the onslaughts of the Devil & his Antichrist until Jesus comes. Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody left to rapture! So the Lord is going to have to give His true believers, men & women of God, Prophets & Prophetesses & witnesses supernatural, miraculous powers of self-defence & even of attack on the forces of the Enemy in order to survive & continue witnessing until the Lord comes!
       16. IT SAYS THAT THE ANTICHRIST FORCES WEREN'T ABLE TO DO ANYTHING AGAINST THE FINAL TWO WITNESSES UNTIL THE VERY END because they were able to cause curses & plagues on the evil & to call down fire from God out of Heaven to devour their enemies, & that's some picture! That's a picture of mighty men & women of God fighting a victorious battle over the demons of Hell right until the very end, even though some of them were allowed to be martyrs. Obviously most of them are going to survive & endure all of that until the very coming of the Lord when they're raptured out of it all, & that's no little mean handful!--It's going to be millions! So they must have survived somehow with some kind of supernatural miraculous help.
       17. I BELIEVE, ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES, THAT CERTAIN VERY POWERFUL MEN & WOMEN OF GOD LIKE THE ANCIENT PROPHETS & PROPHETESSES OF OLD, ARE GOING TO BE THE LEADERS & HAVE THESE SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS POWERS TO PROTECT & DEFEND THEIR FLOCKS & FOLLOWERS & HELP THEM TO SURVIVE TO THE VERY END, the final great witnesses depicted in Revelation, even the famous Two Last Witnesses described in Revelation 11. It doesn't mean they are the only ones, but it shows how victorious they are right up to the very end, that the Antichrist & all his forces & all the forces of Hell are not able to really touch them nor even kill them until only 3-&-1/2 days before the Second Coming of the Lord & their rapture! Their bodies are allowed by the Antichrist forces to even lie in the streets for 3-&-1/2 days while the wicked rejoice over them, thinking they have won the victory, when suddenly to their surprise they arise from the dead & are raptured into the heavens at the Second Coming of the Lord! (Rev.11:11-12)
       18. SO THERE'RE GOING TO BE MILLIONS OF US WHO SURVIVE UNTIL THE RAPTURE, LED BY THESE SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS LEADERS!--Some by hiding out in the wilderness as the Scripture says (Rev.12:6,14), others by defying the forces of Satan face-to-face & victorious over all the powers of the Enemy till the very End! So it's quite a thrilling picture, & I guess the Lord used this symbolic figure of a woman, & a small woman at that, to encourage us that even the so-called "weaker sex" could be more powerful in the Spirit than all the forces of the Enemy!
       19. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT THERE'S NOTHING REALLY NEW ABOUT IT! It happened throughout all time, all through the Bible there are stories about it, only our power's going to be tremendously increased & magnified & multiplied during the Last Days! "Where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound!" (Rom.5:20) And where Satanic power is going to abound, then God's power is going to much more abound to protect His Own! God's purpose is not going to be defeated, He's going to have millions of witnesses right up to the End, at least 144,000, & there aren't that many of us even yet, so there must be some other real Christians in the World today whom the Lord is going to use or whom we're going to lead.
       20. THE TRIBULATION PERIOD IS GOING TO BE A DEFEAT FOR CHURCHIANITY & THE SO-CALLED "HOLY PEOPLE", BUT NOT FOR THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, THE GENUINE CHRISTIANS! It's going to be a time of waging war on the Devil & all his Antichrist forces in powerful victory right up to the End!--Otherwise there'd be nobody to survive to be raptured! So don't worry about it! You'll have what it takes when the time comes--power for the hour, & every hour!--And even at the darkest hour you'll still have power for the hour to meet every difficulty & every problem & every opposition, the supernatural miraculous power of God! Just like I saw in this dream of the Super Girl, Angel Girl, Heaven's Angel, Heaven's Girl or Dream Girl--we've got to ask the Lord for a good name for her. There's been a Superman & Wonder Woman, but there hasn't been a Super Girl. Now if we don't want a religious connotation, Super Girl would be a good name.
       21. BUT IF WE WANT TO CONSTANTLY REMIND PEOPLE OF THE SOURCE OF HER POWER, THEN WE COULD USE A NAME LIKE HEAVEN'S GIRL or even Angel Girl, but that might give the impression that she is an angel or that she came down from Heaven, rather than emphasise the fact that she's a normal human being, a normal young woman with supernatural miraculous powers here & now, & that she's not an angel & that she didn't come from Heaven, but she has the power of an angel from Heaven. She's like an angel. In fact, she reminds me of the pix our Artists have drawn of the Holy Spirit! She's like an angelic heavenly spirit, but she's very much in the flesh & very human, down-to-Earth here & now, but with angelic, heavenly, supernatural miraculous powers; especially gifted for the protection of the Saints such as many of the ancient Biblical Prophets were.
       22. SO WE'VE GOT TO MAKE HER AS REAL AS POSSIBLE & AS DOWN-TO-EARTH AS POSSIBLE LIKE WE'VE TRIED TO MAKE HEAVEN, to show the Lord's people that this is real, that they're going to have real genuine help during the Tribulation & it's not going to be all lopsided, rampaging victory for the Devil, but we're going to win supernatural, miraculous victories over him & all of his Antichrist powers!
       23. JUST THINK, THE FAMOUS TWO WITNESSES OF REVELATION 11, THERE WILL BE NOTHING HE CAN DO AGAINST THEM, NOTHING HE CAN DO TO STOP THEM UNTIL 3-&-1/2 DAYS BEFORE THE LORD COMES! Then he will be allowed to kill them, that the cup of the iniquity of the wicked may be full, & while they're actually rejoicing over their deaths, suddenly the Lord will come & resurrect them & rapture them! That in itself is a mighty victory showing that God can even have victory over the deaths of martyrdom & slaughter! What is death if you can be resurrected?--And raptured on top of it! So it still will wind up a mighty victory for the Lord right in the sight of the whole World! And the World will be amazed as the Lord will show His wrath then with a great earthquake & hail as He rains wrath on the wicked as He resurrects & raptures His Saints!
       24. SO IT'S A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE, IT'S TERRIFIC! If we could just get some artist inspired to depict it. (Maria: Eman will be very inspired.--Give him this & he'll be raring to go!) What I need is a list of all the miracles of the Bible to show how she could use these various powers to do these various miracles to defend the Saints & overcome the wicked & protect her witness & protect the witness of the children of God throughout the entire Tribulation, even as the Prophets of old did in the past. So we don't have to think that we're just going to be cowering, hunted victims, although some may be. Obviously most of us are going to be not cowering but powering in our fight & battle & defense of the Gospel right up to the End, with all the forces of Heaven on our side, including the curses & plagues of God on the Enemy, & the Lord's defence by all kinds of strange monsters described in the Bible that appear during the Tribulation Period to defend us!
       25. SO IT IS NOT A PERIOD OF COMPLETE DEFEAT & DESTRUCTION AS SOME HAVE PICTURED, particularly some of our teachers of the past & even writers of the past who seemed to particularly enjoy drawing the most gruesome kind of pictures to terrify us about that period! We've been given too much Hell about the Tribulation. We need to show a little more of what Heaven can do & is going to do for us during that time of trial. There's going to be a lot of Hell, in fact the most Hell the World has ever known, but the World is going to get most of it, not us! Although there's going to be the most Hell the World has ever known, there is also going to be the most power of Heaven that we have ever known, the most heavenly power & defence & help & protection in order that we can be powerful witnesses to the Truth right up to the End!
       26. SO WHY HAVE THIS TERRIBLE PICTURE OF CONSTANT HORRIBLE DEFEAT OF THE SAINTS & THE CHRISTIANS? The Tribulation Period is not going to be a period of just defeats & horrors for the Christians. It's going to be a time of probably our greatest victories & greatest battles & greatest powers that the True Church has ever known, to defeat the forces of evil in spite of all this Satanic power of the Antichrist forces of the Devil!
       27. THE TRIBULATION PERIOD IS GOING TO BE MOSTLY A TIME OF HORROR & SUFFERING FOR THE POWERS OF SATAN & THE ANTICHRIST FORCES! They're the ones that are pictured as suffering the most, & in a sense, it's the time of their greatest defeat! For despite the fact that they've got the whole World at last under their power & control, they still can't defeat the True Christians or stop them or even stop their witness! We need a picture of the Tribulation as a time of great battle, that's true, a great struggle, great tribulation, but most of the horrors are for the World & the wicked, not for us! It'll be a time of some of our greatest victories & greatest witness & greatest miracles & greatest manifestations of the supernatural!
       28. I MEAN, THIS LITTLE GIRL I SAW IN THAT DREAM WAS FIGHTING, BUT SHE WAS FIGHTING LIKE SUPERMAN & WONDER WOMAN!--And she always won! They were perpetrating all kinds of attacks on her, but she constantly had every means of supernatural miraculous defence & ways of defeating them every time! They never really got her down. They tried to, but they couldn't, & I think our people need to get that picture of the Tribulation, that it's not going to be some time of nothing but horror for them & defeat, but it'll be a time of horror & defeat for the World & for the forces of Satan!
       29. TRUE, IT'LL BE A TIME OF DESTRUCTION OF THE POWER OF ORGANISED RELIGION & CHURCHIANITY which the Lord will allow the Antichrist to destroy, but not of the true Christians. The Antichrist is even going to be one of God's instruments by which he's going to destroy the Churchianity which has caused the World so much trouble, & by the Antichrist he's going to destroy America, the Whore, that nation that has caused the World the most trouble! So, like the Devil, the Antichrist is not only a tool of Satan, but they're both tools of God to help destroy some of the things that God is angry with & against, including Churchianity & the United States & Western Capitalism, the selfish rich & all the false religionists! These are all depicted in the Bible as being destroyed by the Satanic forces of the Antichrist!
       30. SO IT'S AN ILL WIND THAT BLOWS NOBODY ANY GOOD, BECAUSE THE TRIBULATION PERIOD & THE ANTICHRIST ARE GOING TO HELP DESTROY EVEN SOME OF OUR ENEMIES, THE RELIGIONISTS who hate us, & the Antichrist will destroy the violent West, the Western rich who have oppressed & exploited the poor of the World. God's going to use the Antichrist to destroy them & the so-called church who have opposed & hated & persecuted us just like the Jews did Jesus! They're going to be destroyed by the Antichrist. So not everything he does is bad. A lot of what he does is going to be good & designed by the Lord to destroy our enemies. But when he tries to destroy us, that'll be his end, because we will destroy him in the End!
       31. SO WE SHOULDN'T BE ALWAYS PAINTING SUCH A HORRIBLE GLOOMY PICTURE OF THE TRIBULATION. It's true, it's going to be a time of great persecution & great battles. But it's also going to be a time of great, phenomenal, supernatural, miraculous victories that will spare us & protect us & help us to survive & witness to the very coming of the Lord, when "We which are alive & remain shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air!" (1Thes.4:17) So there are going to be a lot of us who are still alive & remain right to the End, till the Coming of the Lord! So you shouldn't be so scared of the Tribulation. The Lord is going to take care of us & He's going to have mighty powerful Saints & men & women of God, Prophets & Prophetesses at the Last Day to lead us & protect us & to help us win victories over the Enemy, to continue our witness until the very End & the Coming of the Lord! HAL!
       32. WE NEED TO SHOW OUR PEOPLE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRIBULATION! Maybe that would be a good title for this, "The Other Side of The Tribulation", the victorious view of what marvellous witnessing we're going to do then, in which the whole World will know about us & even see us on television & hear of our mighty wonders & miracles & supernatural protection in spite of everything the Devil & his Antichrist can do! What a defeat for Satan to do everything he can to kill us & be unable to! How humiliating that's going to be for the Antichrist when he has declared war on us & said we should all be killed, & yet he can't! That surely must be going to be a time of frustration & humiliation for the Antichrist & his forces of the wicked, just as it is today.
       33. WE HAVE EXPOSED THEM! WE HAVE CONDEMNED THEM! WE HAVE REVEALED THEIR WICKEDNESS TO THE WORLD & YET THEY HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO STOP US! "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (See No.128.) I'd say we're already manifesting a certain amount of the supernatural miraculous power of God & His protection of us right now today, which is no less miraculous than it will be then, really, because they're out to get us now! They'd like to kill us now, but they can't, they haven't been able to. They haven't stopped us yet. In fact we're growing & spreading all the time & spreading the Gospel more every day, in spite of all they can do! HAL! TYJ!
       34. SO WHY GET SO WORRIED ABOUT THE TRIBULATION? It's going to be a period when we are going to even have a greater testimony & a greater witness & even more miraculous survival & supernatural defence, & in some ways it's going to be a time of great victory & marvellous testimony, so that the whole World will know, & every last person that can possibly be saved is going to be saved, & all the rest are going to have their wickedness be made so manifest that their judgement will be sure, because they'll be without excuse, because that's the time when the whole World will hear the Gospel & our witness will have gone out to the ends of the Earth & even angels will be preaching the Gospel from the heavens so that the whole World will hear it & be without excuse, & so that everyone who can possibly be saved then will be saved!
       35. SO THE GREATER THE BATTLE THE GREATER THE VICTORY! The greater the test, the greater the testimony!--And the greater the trial or tribulation, the greater the triumph! You can't have a triumph & a victory & a testimony without a war & without battles! So it is going to be a time of great battle & great war between the forces of good & evil, but it's also going to be a time of great victory, tremendous triumph & terrific testimonies of the victories of the forces of God over the forces of evil! For the greater the battle the greater the victory, & the more tremendous the trial, the greater the triumph!
       36. SO QUIT LOOKING ON THE TRIBULATION AS A HORRIBLE DEFEAT WITH NOTHING BUT PERSECUTION & SUFFERING! There will be some of that, but I'm convinced from both the Scripture & our Prophecy & personal experience & the nature of God & His dealings with man, that it's going to be primarily a time of great victory over the forces of Satan & tremendous triumph over the Antichrist wicked! So don't fear it! Don't worry about it! Look forward to it as a time when we're really going to fight'm face-to-face & defeat'm with all the supernatural miraculous powers of God! HAL! TYJ!
       37. WHEN YOU WATCH THOSE SUPERMAN & WONDER WOMAN MOVIES & OTHERS OF THAT SORT, YOU DON'T REALLY WORRY ABOUT WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM YOU KNOW THEY ALWAYS WIN IN THE END! They've got to win!--They're the hero & the heroine of the series! If anything happens to them it would be the end of the series! We've got to win!--If anything happens to us that would be the end of the series, our series, the World Series! We're the heroes & the heroines! We've gotta win! The forces of God cannot be defeated & the plan of God cannot be frustrated! We're bound to win! We can't lose! So what are you worried about? Praise the Lord! God's going to take care of you & use you like you've never been used before! Just think! We're going to be able to zap'm, evaporate'm, freeze'm, burn'm--all the things you see in these Sci-Fi movies, we'll be able to do that & more to our enemies who fight against us & the Lord! HAL! TYJ! C'mon--Let's sock it to'm at last!--Are you ready? GBAKYAMYAB to the very End!--Amen?

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