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CURRENTS NO.9!--The Oil War & the Three Horns!       DFO 1625       10/83

       1. IRAQ HAS MADE ALL KINDS OF PEACE OVERTURES & DONE EVERYTHING TO HELP END THE OIL WAR.--Iraq has pled with Iran, but Iran is just absolutely insane! They are fanatical, they're insisting on a complete overthrow of the Iraqi government & ousting of the President & all kinds of impossible conditions to ending the war! They've come close several times with all kinds of offers that Iraq has made to stop the war, but Iran is just fanatical in insisting on just absolutely wiping Iraq out.
       2. SO IRAQ IS NOW SAYING SHE IS GOING TO WIPE OUT IRAN'S OIL INSTALLATIONS & RUIN IRAN'S OIL BUSINESS with these new French Exocet planes that can do it if they don't stop the war, & Iraq is formally informing the U.S. that it is going to use them, & Iran has already informed the World that if it does, she's going to block the Strait of Hormuz, which is to bottle up most of the Mideastern oil, which would be a severe blow to the entire World & World economy, almost the worst thing that could happen outside of actual war--to stop the flow of oil, the thing the whole World has been fearing for years now. They've got only to sink one tanker in the channel of that Strait & that's it, & it would take them months & months to ever be able to get it out of the way. They'd have to go down underwater & probably cut it up in pieces to move it.
       3. IRAQ IS WARNING THE RIGHT POWER BECAUSE LATELY THE U.S. HAS BEEN BACKING IRAN & Russia has been backing Iraq. So this may really make a turn in events, especially if Iraq & Iran go through with their threats. So Iraq is doing the right thing in appealing to the U.S. to do something now or it's going to be too late. Only the U.S. could pressure Iran.
       4. SO ALREADY THE U.S. HAS BEEN MOVING PART OF THE NAVY THAT IT MOVED ALL THE WAY TO CENTRAL AMERICA. NOW THEY'RE BACK TO THE INDIAN OCEAN. Talk about wasting & throwing away money! It takes millions of dollars to even operate those huge battleships & aircraft carriers, & the U.S. is so mixed up as to where it ought to put its emphasis that it keeps sending them back & forth clear across the oceans from one place to the other. First they had them in the Mediterranean & in the East, then they shipped them clear across both oceans to get to Central America in preparation for their war against Nicaragua. Now they've having to ship some of them back to the Mideast to try to protect the oil. I'll tell you, the U.S. is absolutely in such confusion it's absolutely insane!
       5. THE STRAIT OF HORMUZ IS THE WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT OIL ARTERY. I think it was estimated once before that something like 60% of the World's oil goes through there, something like that, I've forgotten exactly.
       6. IRAN HAS CUT OFF 4/5ths OF IRAQ'S OIL PRODUCTION & IRAQ IS IN DESPERATE STRAITS FINANCIALLY. Iraq is naturally getting desperate about the situation & determined to somehow end the war, but not the way Iran wants to end it, by Iraq's surrender. Iraq plans to knock Iran out of the oil business too in revenge, but the trouble is if she does & Iran retaliates by closing the Strait, it's almost going to knock the World out of the oil business.
       7. SO IRAQ HAS COME TO THE RIGHT SOURCE, THE USA, THE SOURCE OF IRAN'S WEAPONS & AMMUNITION & SPARE PARTS & PLANES & everything with which the U.S. has been helping Iran wage the war. In other words, Iraq is not only threatening to destroy Iran's oil installations with these new Exocet French planes but it is threatening the United States that when Iraq does, Iran has already threatened the oil straits, which could really affect the U.S. & hurt the World economy. It was nice of them to tell the U.S. first before they do it, knowing that the U.S. can probably put the squeeze on Iran to make some kind of settlement before the whole thing blows up.
       8. YOU SEE, IRAN IS CONSIDERABLY LARGER THAN IRAQ & has a much larger population & they can just keep on fighting this war almost indefinitely because they have so much manpower. They send human waves of soldiers, even little boys, in onslaughts against the Iraqis & think nothing of it! They're dying for their religion, for their faith! In the meantime Iran is so large, so populous & so strong & is still producing so much oil it is gradually gaining strength, whereas Iraq is almost ready to go under, so this is the last desperate move on the part of Iraq. Otherwise, if this doesn't work, Iraq is going to lose the war, so she is now planning to precipitate an end to the war, one way or the other.
       9. AND IF IN RETALIATION IRAN DOES CLOSE THE STRAIT, THEN IRAQ IS HOPING THAT THIS IS GOING TO BRING THE U.S. & EUROPEAN FORCES INTO INTERVENTION AGAINST IRAN. See, that's the way they think & that's smart. And the French are siding with Iraq. It was the French-manned nuclear power plant or laboratory that those Israeli planes flew in & bombed & blew up & destroyed Iraq's nuclear laboratory, which was French built & French-run. So now the French, it looks like, may get their revenge by helping Iraq, which they've been doing all the time along with Russia. Now that's important & worth explaining because that whole situation looks like it's about to blow up unless the Big Powers lean on Iran & stop the war.
       10. I RAN ACROSS A VERY INTERESTING POINT IN THE QUESTIONS WHICH HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THIS PRESENT-DAY SITUATION. Somebody brought out a very good point. He wanted to know how the 10 horns of the Beast, the 10 kings who cooperate with the Antichrist, whom we have suggested are possibly Europe, the 10 E.C. nations of Europe--he wanted to know how those 10 horns could cooperate with the Beast in destroying Babylon or America if three of them were first overthrown by the Antichrist. Because if you link the 10 horns of Daniel with the 10 horns of Revelation--& they seem to be one & the same--Daniel says when the Antichrist arises he first overthrows three of the 10 horns. But then later Revelation says that the 10 horns cooperate with the Antichrist to destroy Babylon. So he asks how can that be if the 10 horns are going to help the Antichrist destroy Babylon, how could three of them be already overthrown? He says it seems like only seven would be left to work with the Antichrist.
       11. SO I WENT BACK & STUDIED THAT YESTERDAY TO SEE EXACTLY WHAT DANIEL SAID ABOUT THE OVERTHROW OF THOSE THREE HORNS. So I studied carefully what Daniel had to say about exactly what happened to those three horns that are overthrown by the Antichrist. We have often used the expression "destroyed" but that is not what Daniel said. He uses three different expressions: He says that the first three are "uprooted", they are "fallen" & they are "subdued" by the Antichrist, but it does not say that they are destroyed. In other words, the Antichrist government simply has to somehow overthrow the power of those three horns & conquer them in some way in order to get all 10 horns to back him.--In other words, to subdue the three major powers of Europe in order to get Europe to back him.
       12. WELL, THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT HAS ALREADY CONQUERED ONE OF THEM, GERMANY, & ENGLAND IS ABOUT TO FALL & which one the other one is, we don't know. But the third most staunch ally of the United States & where it has the most bases outside of those two is Italy, & it's in trouble. So the conquest of Europe by Russia, in other words, is almost complete. The question is, what is it going to take for England & Italy to fall as well as Germany? Those are the three powers that Russia would have to overthrow in order to conquer Europe.
       13. IS IT GOING TO TAKE A WAR?--OR IS IT GOING TO JUST TAKE the threat of missiles to simply make them to surrender? But uproot, overthrow, subdue & fallen certainly seem to indicate some show of force & perhaps battles, even a conventional war. Still it seems unlikely that the U.S. would let this happen without resorting to atomic war. So whatever it takes for Russia & the Antichrist to bring Europe into submission may be one of those wars of the Antichrist described in Daniel 11 without necessarily escalating to atomic war, which apparently he is going to reserve for the last conquest of the Antichrist--the U.S.A.
       14. SO I THOUGHT THAT WAS A VERY INTERESTING POINT, a very smart thinking boy that brought that out & wanted to know the answer. How come the 10 kings of Europe are going to cooperate with the Antichrist to overthrow the U.S. if three of them are already overthrown? Well I told him, it doesn't say that they were not still in existence but their power was overthrown & they were conquered, uprooted, overthrown & subdued, in which case they would have to cooperate, & in which case these three powers must be the leaders of Europe today who lead Europe in opposition to Russia, which of course are England, Germany & most likely Italy.
       15. SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE CAN LOOK FORWARD TO SOME KIND OF AN OPERATION, WHETHER IT'S A FULL-SCALE WAR OR WHAT, THAT'S GOING TO OVERTHROW THE PRESENT U.S.-DOMINATED LEADERSHIP OF EUROPE, & as we've said before, all Russia has got to do is get Europe on her side & turn all the missiles the other direction to shoot back at the U.S.A., & the U.S.A. is finished in one hour!--One day!--Revelation 18:8 & 10 says!
       16. SO I THOUGHT THAT WAS A VERY VERY INTERESTING POINT & very revealing because it seems to indicate, in fact, it makes it very clear that Russia is going to first conquer the three leading powers of Europe before she attacks the U.S.A., & this could be one of those five different wars of the Antichrist! (No.1528)
       17. THE FIFTH ONE OF COURSE, BACKING UP FROM THE END, TO SEE WHERE IT'S AT, IS ARMAGEDDON, in which the Antichrist & all his forces are destroyed by us. And the fourth one apparently is the Atomic War in which he gets Europe to help him destroy the U.S. And the first three all have to do with Israel & invasions & conquests of Israel. So it must be one of those first three in which he also conquers Europe! And obviously the U.S. is not able to prevent either his invasion of Israel nor his conquest of Europe!
       18. ACCORDING TO THE ORDER OF THE BATTLES IN DANIEL, IT SEEMS THAT THE MIDEAST BLOWS UP FIRST & RUSSIA INVADES THE MIDEAST FIRST! Now it's possible that that could happen over this oil business without necessarily escalating to an atomic war. I mean the World is really scared of atomic war, even both Superpowers don't want any war of any kind to escalate into atomic war if they can help it! But if somehow Russia manages to take over the Mideast first, which would be a very logical step, & strangle the West's oil, then the next logical step would be for Russia to muscle in on Europe somehow, possibly without actually escalating to atomic war. She could sure dominate it by controlling the oil!
       19. SO THE FIRST THREE WARS SEEM TO HAVE TO DO WITH THE MIDEAST & ISRAEL, WHICH OF COURSE WOULD INVOLVE EUROPE. And then the fourth one, the Atomic War, where Europe cooperates with Russia in destroying the United States, after which the Antichrist has complete full sway, full power over the entire Earth, could be the beginning of the Tribulation because he's got absolute total control then & can command the World to do anything he says, set up his image & worship him & try to destroy all the religions, & in the resultant confusion & horror the Tribulation transpires until his regime is completely wiped out in the Battle of Armageddon by us.
       20. SO THAT IS SOMEWHAT NEW TO US AS A NEW REVELATION OF THE POSSIBLE ORDER OF EVENTS! Actually it's just a clarification as to what these various wars could be & for what purpose.--An invasion of the Mideast as a result of the oil war, & then some kind of a conquest of Europe resulting in the cooperation of the European powers with the Antichrist to destroy America! Well, it certainly is an interesting thought & begins to clarify the sequence of events, which could be showing which way this present Oil War is going to go!
       21. THE OIL WAR HAS ALREADY BEEN GOING ON SINCE 1980 BETWEEN IRAQ & IRAN, WITH RUSSIA BACKING IRAQ & THE U.S. BACKING IRAN. So far they've just sort of stalemated & it has resulted in a sort of siege of Iraq by Iran. But now this new acquisition of these five powerful Exocet planes--actually they're called Entendard planes & Exocet missiles--from the French literally gives Iraq the upper hand & the ability to destroy Iran's oil industry, & if Iran carries through on its threat as a result & chokes off the Gulf oil, then the whole World is going to be in trouble, & there's no doubt in that case that the U.S. & her European allies would be drawn into it!
       22. SO THIS PRESENT ACTION COULD LEAD TO A BIGGER EUROPEAN INVOLVEMENT IN THE MIDDLE EAST & AN ENLARGEMENT OF THE OIL WAR, with Russia's side finally coming out on top in some way to the point that she could enforce her will on the Middle East, including Israel, resulting in the invasions of Israel described in the Bible! So it's a very interesting situation & it seems to be coming to a head & it looks like it would almost take a miracle to prevent it.
       23. THE WORLD HAS NOT YET REALLY HAD ITS OIL CHOKED OFF BUT THIS COULD DO IT, WHICH COULD REALLY PRECIPITATE A WORLD CRISIS!--First of all a financial & economic crisis, because lately the World has been going back to its lackadaisical sense of false security, more or less going back to sleep as a result of the oil glut, which has caused oil stocks to fall & a general feeling of unconcern about oil because it seems like the World has more than enough now & the price of oil has been falling, & the Western World has been going back to business as usual with the U.S. stock market booming, people having greater faith in the U.S. Dollar & everybody is cheered up & talking about recovery while the economy is still going downhill!
       24. IF SUDDENLY THE BOTTOM BLOWS OUT WITH THE STOPPAGE OF OIL, THIS WOULD DEFINITELY PRECIPITATE SOME KIND OF A WORLD ECONOMIC CRISIS, PERHAPS EVEN THE CRASH, bring it about in full force! It's been going on slowly all the time & they keep trying to cover it up, & every time it doesn't go down quite as fast, if it even slows up a little bit they call it recovery. But businesses & banks & most of the World's smaller countries are already bankrupt, they've already gone broke! So about all it would take to bring about a full scale Crash is to stop the oil, & that would really jolt the World awake again to see how dependent it is on Arab oil, like they found out back in 1973 & they got scared stiff, & that was really the beginning of the present so-called Recession. Actually it's a gradual Depression. It's sinking & sinking more & more all the time. But they keep trying to cover it up with great optimistic statements of recovery just around the corner blah, blah!
       25. ONLY THE EUROPEANS HAVE BEEN A LITTLE BIT MORE HONEST ABOUT IT & OUTSTANDING EUROPEAN ECONOMIC LEADERS HAVE SAID THAT THERE IS NO RECOVERY, THERE IS NOT A RECOVERY. In fact, honest European leaders are predicting that things are going to get worse next year & the next, & I don't doubt it, especially if this Oil War really explodes now with the cutting off of Gulf oil. That would bring the World to an abrupt crisis, a real oil crisis! And there would be severe economic trouble, perhaps the real final explosion of the Crash, to really bring things tumbling down, which could help bring Russia out on top, who is not dependent on Gulf oil.
       26. THEN RUSSIA COULD POSSIBLY BE THE ONE TO DOMINATE THE MIDEAST even by maybe offering to settle the situation & thereby maneuvering into control of it, especially if the Antichrist is already around & beginning to manipulate things. Russia could be hailed as the hero who saved the World, even the West, if she settled the Oil War by some stroke of genius, perhaps the Antichrist genius from behind the scenes, & thereby Russia could get another foot into the Middle East where she's already got one foot. With both feet in she could really have control of it!
       27. IF RUSSIA THEREBY CONTROLLED THE MIDDLE EAST & ITS OIL, SHE WOULD HAVE A STRANGLEHOLD ON THE WEST & it could be the beginning of their end & the final nosedive of the Crash, which could then precipitate these other wars & her conquest of Europe, which she obviously has to do somehow to get Europe on her side, & its 10 powers who finally cooperate with her to destroy America.
       28. SO THINGS ARE MOVING ALONG AGAIN after a lethargic lull in which the World seemed to think everything was getting back to normal with the Dollar booming & the stock market booming & everybody making money except the poor! So this may be the short sharp shock that's going to wake the World up again, that it's tottering on the brink of destruction, which it has been all the time but they keep trying to persuade themselves that they aren't. So this is really a new interesting turn of events which could really precipitate a World crisis!--With the present Oil War leading to an oil crisis leading to a Middle East crisis leading to a European crisis & the final collapse of the present World economic system in Russia's favour & the eventual destruction of America!
       29. SO HERE WE GO, FOLKS! The roller coaster has been slowly climbing another hump, thinking they were going back up again, but it looks like we're just going over the top & ready for another nosedive, so hold on to your hats! It's only the beginning, Folks, just the beginning!--GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

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