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HEAVENLY COLOUR!--More Heavenly Art!       DFO 1626       9/83

       1. I THOUGHT NOBODY WOULD NOTICE THAT THAT ONE LITTLE SLIM MINARET HASN'T GOT ANY NAME, & right away someone wanted to know what it's for! Well, you know what was the first thing that came to me when I first thought about that?--Prayer Tower! In a lot of old-fashioned churches they used to have what they called "prayer towers" in an upstairs room, the idea being the Upper Room in Acts, a place to pray, & they frequently called it the prayer tower. Do you remember in Raymond Richie's Temple that burned to the ground, the woman was seen up there in the prayer tower with an angel standing behind her!
       2. SO HOW ABOUT CALLING IT THE PRAYER TOWER! You say, "Well, what do we need with prayer in Heaven?" Well, there's still going to be long-distance communications! Would you rather call it the Communications Tower? I think Prayer Tower is more applicable! After all, prayer is our means of communication & I think they'll get the point more maybe!
       3. I TOLD THE FAMILY, "DON'T JUST TELL ME IT'S WONDERFUL, IT'S BEAUTIFUL, I WANT YOU TO CRITICISE IT & PICK OUT THE FLAWS, anything you don't like or don't understand or suggestions of how we can improve it or whatever! I really want you to go over this thing with a fine-tooth comb because it's something they're going to hang on their walls from now on, especially the big one!" This little black-&-white one is kind of our trial-&-error experimental poster, so we want to make sure we get on to this one everything that's going to be on the big one. Otherwise you can be sure they're going to call our attention to it! They're really sharp-eyed!
       4. LET ME TELL YOU, LITTLE TECHI CATCHES IT EVERY TIME! She notices the most infinitesimal little details! She'll ask, "Well, why is this this way & why is that that way? How come these aren't alike?"--Every little thing! She is so sharp! She's reading fluently now & she even tries to read the GNs! She does great on Komix! She just needs a little help on some of the big words sometimes, otherwise she just reads away! At 4-1/2, that's pretty good! God bless her teachers, they have done a monumental job with the kids. God bless'm!
       5. I LOVED YOUR COLOUR SAMPLE, IT JUST LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! You can just keep on keepin' on with all the natural colours--grass & trees green, water blue, etc. Trees ought to usually be a little darker green than the grass to offer some contrast. You know the colours of the Wall, so I'll leave that up to you. You can shoot that Planet Earth in its original colour, & of course the Pyramid on top should be golden. And of course the heart's red, of which there're several.
       6. I'D SAY THE MANSIONS PRETTY MUCH ALL OUGHT TO BE SORT OF A GOLD COLOUR! In that kind of glass-like shading you did for the walls of the City, with your airbrush you might be able to bring out a slight gold tint to that glass. Of course, Jesus' skin ought to be a nice tan colour, but His hair is to be left white. (Rev.1:14) Most of the outside Earth there would be green, except for the water blue, clouds white, sky light blue. All the gowns should be white because it speaks so much of that in the Bible. (Rev.4:4; 7:9,13; 19:8,14) Which reminds me, the loincloth on the flyer should be white too. The only clothing actually spoken of in the Scripture which was a different colour was that gold girdle on Jesus, so that's fine. Don't forget to make that heart red! These are a few things you might get started on.
       7. THE SOLAR SYSTEM GLOBE WHERE YOU NOW HAVE THE DARK SHADING MAYBE COULD BE BLUE & THE PLANETS DIFFERENT COLOURS.--The Earth green, Mars red, etc. That's up to you, whatever you think is best. Maybe the light-coloured portion of that globe could be light blue & the other dark blue! And you know that big prism, looking like a diamond, that could be really iridescent, sparkling with all different colours like diamonds do! Diamonds have all colours of the rainbow! So you can just use your artistic imagination! Sailboat sails should of course be white if they're big enough, maybe the hulls could be brown to look like wood.
       8. THE MANSIONS SHOULD BE KIND OF A CRYSTAL GOLDEN GLASS, trees dark green, grass light green, flowers whatever colours you want to make'm! All the gowns should be white. Pool blue. Some of the girls' hair can be black, some brown, some blonde, platinum, golden blonde, skins different shades. No skin is absolutely white, but a light skin colour, darker shades & a few black.
       9. ON THE INDOOR FLOORPLAN I'LL JUST LET YOUR IMAGINATION TAKE OVER! Try a little blue on the carpets. Maybe gold tables & blue carpets, those are my favourite colours! I love nice contrasts. Red & green are complementary colours wherever you can make combinations of that, & blue & gold. You could have red & blue, but that has a strange 3-D effect! Have you ever seen dark red type on dark blue? The first time I ever noticed that was on a record label when I was a kid. It looks like the red letters are standing up above the blue background. It's a real peculiar optical illusion--3-D! So if you ever want to make something look 3-D, it's either red letters on blue, or blue letters on red. Those are the opposite sides of the rainbow, as I recall. Red's on the one side, then yellow, then blue.
       10. MAYBE WHEREVER THERE'S A GREEN BACKGROUND YOU COULD TRY A LIGHT PINK OR RED SHADING TO ONE OF THOSE BUILDINGS. There's a love heart on top of the Love Building & I think a nice warm red for that building would be beautiful against the green Earth behind.--And the observation tower. It's a little more difficult to find things to make red, because there's not an awful lot of red in nature. So we don't want to have too much red because it really calls attention to it. I think Merlin's Hat ought to be blue. For some reason or other I have the impression it's blue, with different colours of those figures on it. I think maybe those Pyramids ought to be golden because they sort of represent small samples of the City. I probably shouldn't take time to tell you all this right now, but that's enough for you to get started.
       11. MAYBE SINCE THOSE COLUMNS OF THE DIAMOND HAVE A LOT OF GREEN BACKGROUND, WOULD THAT LOOK FUNNY IF THEY WERE RED?--Or what about blue, since the diamond will be all different colours. They're small & they're not too much, what about red? A dark deep red doesn't stand out too much, just a bright red. I think they would be kind of nice ruby red! And the Love Cathedral with the big heart on top, that ought to be a nice bright warm soft red! Well, there's a few things to get started on! That's going to take quite awhile, all that colour. I presume it's going to take at least a month or more. Maybe by that time we can afford to pub it! We're going to try to send the little black-&-white poster ahead as a kind of a rush sneak preview of what's coming!
       12. IN THAT SIDE VIEW THERE'S A LOT OF SKY THERE, & YET THERE IS A GOLDEN CITY WALL, SO THAT'S A GOOD CHANCE FOR YOU TO MIX IN YOUR CONTRAST BETWEEN GOLD & BLUE! With a light blue sky they can be golden streaks!--All those skies in those Mansion pictures. On the Front View, the house is golden glass, sort of, & the globes on top are golden against an all-blue sky. I love those blue-gold contrasts! And of course the pool water should be kind of an aquamarine--bluish green.
       13. IT SAYS THAT THE RIVER OF LIFE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR! It doesn't say what colour crystal but just crystal clear, so I think maybe we can still make it a very light blue. That gives the stereotyped idea of water. They might think it was really funny if it wasn't blue. And of course colour green grass around. I prefer wooden boats myself, so they could be a nice brown, & the people various appropriate colours, etc.
       14. IN THE CORNER PICTURE, THE PEARL IS A KIND OF A PEARL COLOUR, WHICH IS NOT PURE WHITE BY THE WAY! It's sort of an off-white, rather iridescent. Pearls are neither transparent nor translucent. Transparent means you can see through it, translucent means light passes through it, but pearls are neither one. They are iridescent, they sort of look like they shine. They have a surface that's sort of shiny, & light has a strange effect on them--a beautiful effect!
       15. THE VARIOUS COLOURS OF THE WALL THERE ON THE CORNER PICTURE WILL REALLY COME OUT, so I'm sure there's plenty for you to get started on even with those few suggestions. Those are my main preferences that I wanted to be sure to tell you about. We don't have too much red, we have red hearts & two or three red buildings, but you can sort of mix them, depending on what other buildings are close, so there's a variety. We don't want to have too many reds in one section, or too many blues, yellows, golds or whatever!
       16. THE BOTANY BUILDING I SUPPOSE COULD BE GREEN! And the Flower Building could even be various colours like a flower! That's another chance to use red there with the petals. It sort of looks a little bit like a hibiscus. And those stamens in the hibiscus, are they yellow? That's really pretty! Not necessarily a deep red, you can even have a light red on that one. Some of them are quite light. Did you know there are 4,000 varieties of hibiscus?--And about 400 different colours! So take your choice!
       17. I THINK ALL THE PYRAMIDICALLY-SHAPED BUILDINGS WOULD ALL LOOK GOOD GOLD! There at the Reception Center, Greek columns are usually white, so maybe leave that whole thing white. I'm sort of casually going around over it to see what I think! Well, by the time you get all that done, I'll be ready to tell you something else!--Or you'll maybe have your own choices!
       18. THIS IS WHERE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER'S NEW TALENT AT COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY'S GOING TO COME IN!--Because you can't be sending me originals & you can't be making two drawings of the same thing just to show me! That's twice as much work. So he needs to figure out the simplest way to make me colour prints of your colour work. Sort of like before, we can just progress from area to area. Start with whatever corner you want to start with, & wait till it's all coloured in.
       19. MAYBE START OFF ON SOMETHING SIMPLE THAT WE CAN REALLY PLAY AROUND WITH THAT HASN'T GOT TOO MUCH WORK ON IT, LIKE THAT FLOOR PLAN! Use a few primary colours, make some of the tables gold on a blue carpet, & the 3-D TV ought to probably be gold. Then throw in some red in some of the furniture or something, & you've got a strip of garden where you can have your green grass & dark green trees. By the way, on this black-&-white it looks to me like the trees are the same colour as the grass, when they ought to be shaded darker.
       20. YOU OUGHT TO PUT A LOT OF COLOUR INTO THOSE TRIANGULAR FLOWER BEDS! They're practically black in the floor plan, but now we need a little more colour. You should have had some flowers in on the black-&-white, but I know we threw that on at the last minute, so you probably didn't have time. Then of course the walks can be white, but we've got a little edge of the pool there we could have aquamarine. Don't you think that would be about the simplest picture to begin on that your photographer can start experimenting with?
       21. SO DO THAT FIRST, BECAUSE THAT'LL BE SOME OUTSTANDING GOLDS, BLUES, REDS & GREENS, THE MAJOR COLOURS. I know your photographer will need to experiment with something. That's the way I used to do colour when I was working with Bob Costa of Technicolor. We used to take a picture that had a lot of outstanding colours, all the various cardinal colours, the complementary colours, etc., the red, yellows, blues & greens. We tried to take something that had a little bit of all these good & strong, & do our test prints with those. That way we could really see how we were doing! That would make a good test print! So let's go! Go to work on that First Floor Plan! I think that's about the simplest quickest one you could do. And as soon as you get that finished, your photographer can experiment with that one & send me a full-size sample!
       22. WHAT DO THEY CALL THOSE OTHER COLOURS THAT ARE COMBINATIONS?--SECONDARY COLOURS!--Primary colours & secondary. My goodness, I'm forgetting my art language! So you have a chance there to bring out virtually all the primary & secondary colours. The blue & gold make green, the red & yellow make orange, & red & blue make purple. That's about all. Green, orange & purple are the secondary colours. Red, yellow, blue are the primary colours. I'm beginning to remember my 7th grade art--3 primary colours & 3 secondary colours. I think you can somehow work all of those into this First Floor Plan picture, so that you can use it as a test shot.
       23. I'M A MAN OF ACTION, I LIKE TO STEAM AHEAD! I'm impatient, I can't wait! I want to do it yesterday! So as soon as you get the First Floor Plan all coloured, have him shoot it for me on the biggest size paper he's got! How about a blue carpet & gold table in the dining room? I love orange--what about an orange carpet in the living room? Blue's complementary to orange so you can put blue furniture there!--Just don't get blue people! If the original's big enough you can make'm a little brown, but you're not going to be able to get much colour into those tiny bodies!
       24. YOU MADE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MARBLE HALL THERE IN THE HOUSE! They say we dwell in marble halls up there, so why not a marble sidewalk?--Marble steps & marble sidewalk like your marble hallway up there. And of course that's white or off-white with those wavy lines like you've got. And I'd say that outside Rear Terrace ought to be marble too. I don't think it rains there, but it would be easy to wash or whatever! You could have a marble floor in the kitchen too. So we've got a blue carpet in the dining room, an orange carpet in the living room, a marble terrace, & I think the kitchen would look pretty green. That way you'd have some nice good bright expanse of each major colour. Maybe some of the furniture on the terrace can be red!
       25. I'M THRILLED WITH THE BEAUTIFUL EFFECT OF YOUR AIRBRUSH! It's gorgeous! Just beautiful! I love it! And I think it's going to be the solution to the problems you wrote of. I'm going to give this little sample bookmark you sent me to Techi now that I've seen it. So shoot! Go ahead! Do you think you can do it? I know you can do it, because I know He's going to help you!
       26. LORD BLESS'M ALL & GIVE THEM GREAT WISDOM & SKILL & INGENUITY & GUIDANCE & INSPIRATION & ALL THEY NEED TO HELP FINISH THIS JOB! Help them to learn how to do it, all these new revolutionary things we're doing & inventions & innovations. Lord, we ask Thee to give our artist wisdom & our photographer wisdom, Lord, & all of us wisdom in this beautiful colourwork we're expecting to see very soon, so that we can really make this thing work!--In Jesus' name for Thy glory!--Amen! Is everybody happy? Are you inspired? Hallelujah! I'm looking forward to that first colour print! GBY! I love you all & thanks a lot! I think this is really going to be an inspiration to get started rolling on these colour photos--your colouring & your photographer's colour photowork.
       27. SO FINISH THE FIRST FLOOR PLAN FIRST OF ALL & THEN WHEN YOU'VE GOT IT REALLY FINISHED, SHOOT IT & SEND ME A SAMPLE! We'll do it picture by picture. Then we'll go finally to the big one & probably have to do that in two or three sections or something. Well, we'll think about that later. I'm always getting ahead of myself. I want to get there right now! Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, just brick by brick. So this poster is going to just be built block by block. Does that sound OK? Then if I have any major revisions in colour--which I hope not--then you can change'm & we'll have to shoot it again. So try to not make any mistakes. Try to get it right the first shot. Because your photographer's new name is "One-Shot"!--Ha!
       28. THANK GOD WE'VE GOT ALL THE LINE WORK & DETAIL ALL DONE, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY CHANGES IN THAT! But try to get the right colours & try to get'm right the first time if you can. Check with your co-workers there on each of these before you shoot. Get their approval on the colour even before you shoot the first test print, so that they can see any changes that right away need to be made. Let them approve the first print, then I'll try my best not to make any alterations, because this is a little more complicated, difficult process. I think our dear photographer came into this colourwork just at the right time! He has come to the kingdom for such a time as this! PTL!
* * *

       29. SEEING THIS BIG COPY WITH SO MUCH DETAIL ON THE FLOOR PLAN MAKES ME WANT TO DO A BIGGER POSTER! You can see everything so much better & really know what it is! These are such good pictures, why should we have to shoot it down so small to just one poster? We could make a poster of each one! The detail is so interesting, you can see things so much better, I feel like making a whole big poster out of just this one picture! Why don't we make a big poster of each one? We spent enough time on each one of these, it ought to deserve a whole poster in itself! I mean really! They're gorgeous! It's really beautiful!
       30. I LOVE TO SEE ALL THOSE LOVING COUPLES & EVERYTHING! I'd like to get one of you girls on one of those couches! Looks like they're having lots of fun there! Boy oh boy oh boy! Almost thou persuadest me with all this big size & beautiful colour to go poster to poster! Wouldn't that be beautiful? You know, that Heavenly City on top just about deserves a whole poster to itself, but it's just not the right shape for a poster. Bigger is better!--And colour is better too! It's really getting gorgeous!
       31. WE'RE REALLY GOING TO SOCK IT TO'M WITH ALL THIS COLOUR! Hallelujah! I mean, this First Floor Plan itself would make a poster! Just this one picture! A whole colour poster! How about that? Well anyhow, it's so gorgeous we've got to figure out some way to do some of these bigger. We've got these all nicely fitted together now, but I don't know if I'm going to be satisfied with even twice this size! This is so pretty when it's so big. We might go to jumbo yet!
       32. MAYBE IN-BETWEEN COLOURING YOU COULD FIGURE OUT A DIFFERENT ARRANGEMENT. I think we could almost squeeze the bottom pictures into one big poster. We could make two posters out of this by some arrangement. That "Magic River of Life" ought to be twice that size & this Floor Plan ought to be twice the size it is, twice as big! They should be at least as big as the other pictures. So if you can figure out some kind of arrangement where we can spread out these pictures & make some of them bigger & make it into two posters, I think they'd love it! For example, maybe the Heavenly City could be all one poster & the other pictures all one poster. Think about it anyway. In the meantime I'm waiting for that gorgeous colour picture! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!
       33. ABOUT THE FLOORS BY THE WAY, I HOPE YOU DIDN'T ALREADY GO AHEAD & COLOUR THEM ALL GOLD, BECAUSE I'M EXPECTING TO SEE QUITE A BIT OF WHITE MARBLE. So I don't think you're going to have to colour everything. I'll tell you, if you can hardly stand to see anything still white, there's a type of beautiful quartz marble that I used to see & I was very fond of, flecked with gold! Believe it or not, I even used to collect rocks! Ha! And I found this beautiful white quartz up in the mountains of Texas near Waco where we were staying with some friends, dear old Waco! It was just lying around on the ground, great big pieces as big as my two fists.
       34. SO IF YOU JUST CAN'T STAND TO SEE THAT FLOOR ALL WHITE, YOU COULD ALWAYS PUT LITTLE FLECKS OF GOLD, EITHER TOUCHES OR STREAKS. You could sort of dot it or make gold streaks. Just draw fine little gold lines right over the black ones you've got now. That would really be a fine mansion, huh? They always used to talk about "walking them golden streets," well, we can at least have gold-flecked or gold-streaked marble! If that's too much trouble, don't worry about it, but I do think you ought to leave some white or off-white marble.
       35. IN THE DINING ROOM AROUND THE CARPET, THAT COULD BE A NICE WHITE MARBLE. And I love natural wood, maybe we could make those buffets around the outside of the room look brown or dark brown natural wood. I think natural wood is almost the most beautiful colour there is, but I wouldn't make'm dark black mahogany. I love blond Maplewood furniture! That's light & cheerful, almost a gold colour. Well, you experiment with it & see what you think. Because I guess those are tables or buffets or cupboards or something, aren't they?--Like buffets for china & service & all that stuff. And then your floor lamps at the corners of the carpet, I guess you're going to have those golden, & a white marble floor. If you have time to streak it with gold, fine. If not, well, it's going to be beautiful anyhow! Gold table & blue carpet.
       36. BLUE & ORANGE WAS THE COLOUR OF THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR WHERE WE HAD OUR EXHIBIT, & I LOVED IT! I don't know whether you ever saw the picture or not, but they gave me this big orange wall, because these were the Fair colours! We had this nice little spot only 10 feet long & 4 feet deep, the smallest exhibit in the whole fair! But I looked at that & I thought, "Now what would go good on that gorgeous bright orange wall?" And immediately it came to me, well, the other colour!--Blue! It was a royal blue against that bright red orange & I made my whole booth that beautiful royal blue with gold trim & it was gorgeous!
       37. ARE THOSE SORT OF BOOKCASES AROUND THE LIVING ROOM?--With sort of like floor lamps or lights in each corner? There again is where you can use your natural blond wood colouring. The most natural thing to have there is book cases. Since that's a book case there in the library, why not have them all book cases?--That nice light blond maple wood. It just struck me, what could those be but book cases?--With a nice big bright light in each corner? Of course, maybe they don't need lights, since there's no night there. (Rev.21:23 & 25, 22:5).
       38. AND IS THAT FLOOR SUNKEN OR IS IT RAISED? It really looks interesting, like it's either a raised platform or it's sunken. I think I like the effect. Well, let's just let'm take their choice! I'm glad you made the lights over the kitchen table gold to give the illusion of lights there, because it seems they'd need light. (But Rev.22:5 says they don't!) You're just like me, by the time I say it, then I change it to something better by the time I get it back!
       39. SHOULDN'T YOU SHOW THE SAME THINGS HERE OUTSIDE THE WALL OF THE HOUSE AS YOU HAVE IN THE BACK GARDEN THERE? For example, you have a walkway leading from apparently a central entrance there, so that means you really need a back door there & maybe a few steps down to a walkway. It looks so realistic in front to identify that that's the garden, I was thinking it would look nice in the back too. Since we're looking right straight down on top of it, the cedar trees probably ought to be round. And don't you really think there should have been a walk all the way along the back wall? Funny we don't think of these things until we get around to really studying. Because if somebody came out the back door & they wanted to go to the left, they wouldn't want to go clear to the back rail & clear around & back! Just add one of those little narrow walkways right next to the house, palm tree in each corner, steps & walkway going straight out, & small walkways going each direction. You're making it so beautiful & so nice & big, we might as well make it perfect! It's your fault, you started it! Well, we started it together.
       40. THE BORDER THAT GOES ALL THE WAY AROUND THE REAR TERRACE DOESN'T REALLY NEED ANY COLOUR, IT LOOKS LIKE WHITE MARBLE TILE OR SOMETHING.--Unless for variation you wanted to make that green, red furniture with green border around. Or would you rather have it blue? Well, we've got green other places. The thing is, I was just thinking of some good colours in contrast with the red there. Well, you just look at that & decide for yourself what you think. You could make it green or blue or red to match the furniture so it would all be in decor.
       41. INSTEAD OF A TERRACE, IT'S ACTUALLY BECOME A SORT OF A PATIO BECAUSE IT'S ON GROUND LEVEL NOW, so therefore it would lead straight into the yard. That's an outdoor patio now, so would that have steps all the way along there or steps in the middle to show that you have access to the back yard? I think it would have steps right there in the middle just like you have steps at the end of the hallway. Maybe you'll have to put the title over on the right side so you'll have more room.
       42. WELL, THE KITCHEN & THE SERVICE PORCH DO HAVE TO HAVE A BACK DOOR. It looks like there's a back door just off the kitchen just inside the service porch, but that doesn't really have to be the back door there. The back door could lead out of the service porch. You'd think we were really building a house, wouldn't you? We are! We do need steps to show that there's an entrance there going down from the back service porch, so let's get about three steps down on all three entrances. In other words, there are three back entrances: One off the patio, one off the hall & one off the service porch. That'll really look realistic & relate to the Top View picture.
       43. I'M NOT ASKING TOO MUCH, AM I? If you don't want to draw it, I'll take my ruler & do it myself! Go ahead! Fix it up & send me a photo! Okay-doke? God bless you & thanks a lot! Lord bless & help him to get it finished & inspire him, Lord, to do it the way You know is best, whatever colours You know will look best & make us all want to go there, & make all the children happy to see where they're going to go, to inspire them, Lord, to do a good job here & to get as many people as we can to go with us!--In Jesus' name! PTL! GBAKY all! You're doing a beautiful job & I can hardly wait to see it. ILY!
* * *

       "In the sweet bye & bye! In the sweet bye & bye!
       They're building a Mansion for me over There,
       Oh, won't that be glorious when I get There!

       In the sweet bye & bye! In the sweet bye & bye!
       When the warfare is done & the victory's won,
       In the sweet bye & bye!"

       --It looks like we're building our own! I'll tell you, it would be a joke on us, wouldn't it, if when we got there we found out the Lord really made it just the way we designed it! I think I'd love it! A dream house! It's just beautiful! TYL!
       45. MY OH MY! I'LL KNOW BETTER THAN TO EVER MAKE ANY CORRECTIONS AGAIN AFTER YOU'VE GOT IT ALL COLOURED! You rascal you! Well, I must admit it was necessary. I didn't realise that on my little old rough sketch that I started out with, I didn't put any doors or anything! Of course, we don't need windows because everything's glass or crystal, but we do need doors! Not everybody's just going to be walking through walls! So your sketch is certainly an improvement. I certainly hope I don't make you so much work again where you have to re-draw the whole sketch & re-colour it too. Boy oh boy, the size really makes a difference too where you can see all that detail & everything. I wish we could have the poster this big!
       46. I NEVER REALISED THIS FLOOR PLAN WAS GOING TO GET INTO SO MUCH! It's really got a lot in it! And it's gorgeous! We're building a house! These are real house plans & all those little details really count. We forgot to put doors & steps & cupboards & all kinds of things that I never even thought about! Thank the Lord you got the point & saw what was needed & I really like all your improvements. I love it, & if He builds me one like that, I will really enjoy it! Just gorgeous!
       47. ONCE WE'VE GOT IT COLOURED WE DON'T DARE MAKE A CHANGE IN THE SKETCH--IT IS DONE! So I'm going to wait till I get your sketch before I say anything. I'm not going to make any more changes. We're really going to have to make our changes first. The only thing I was going to say that it looks like we forgot, but I guess it's too late now, is we needed to put something in that TV. In the Side View we've got the head & shoulders of Jesus, so in this one we could be looking down on the top of His head so that they would relate it. But if it's coloured now & you can't do that, forget it.
       48. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE OUR ORIGINAL LINE SKETCH IS DONE & FINISHED & NO MORE CHANGES BEFORE WE DO ANY COLOURING. That's my fault, I take the blame. I wasn't careful enough & I didn't realise how well we were going to be able to see this & all the different things we still needed. We never really did work on this Floor Plan too much, we sort of neglected it for these other things & we didn't think it was too important. We just let it go. But when I began to see it grow, I began to realise how important it was! This is our only real good picture of the inside of the house, so it's really important!
       49. I MEAN TO TELL YOU, WE HAVE REALLY UNDERTAKEN A GREAT COMMISSION! This is like a life's work! No wonder the Lord thought it was important. It's just really something! Once we got the line sketch done I thought, "Oh well, all we have to do is add a little colour now & we'll be done." I never dreamed what potential there is in the colour & how much difference that colour's going to make to every little thing we colour. We've really got to get it right. We are really building a house! These are actual house plans! I mean, it's terrific! Absolutely terrific!
       50. I AM JUST THRILLED TO PIECES WITH HOW GORGEOUS IT'S COMING OUT, but I'm sure almost shakin' in my boots to be more careful next time. We're going to have to go over every one of those other pictures with a fine-tooth comb! I've had the little poster here in front of me & it looks fine, but the minute you start blowin'm up, it just blows up all the little details & the things that need attention. So you'd better send me some more blow-ups of each of these pictures so I can go over each one of them with a fine-tooth comb & check'm & make sure we've got everything there & we don't have to make any more corrections after it's all done & coloured.
       51. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU'D JUST GO AHEAD ON TOP OF THE GOLD TV & TRY TO JUST MAKE A FAINT IMPRESSION OF JESUS' HEAD & SHOULDERS? It doesn't have to be real perfect. After all, we're looking through glass in a kind of a crystal ball. Couldn't you do that without erasing the colour? We're learning! This is really terrific & the colour is so important to get everything really looking natural & the way it really should be!
       52. I AGREED WITH ALL THE CHANGES YOU MADE & ALL MY LITTLE ANSWERS TO YOUR NOTE ARE "GOOD, INTERESTING, BETTER, GBY, YES, YES," ETC., ETC.! So therefore I agree, & this time I'm going to like it as is, no more changes. The TV is the only thing that really looks blank & you wonder what they're looking at! I never noticed that before. See, you don't notice until you get it blown-up, & then you see these things! From now on you're really going to have to send me these big ones & these big sketches. I think before we start colouring you'd better send me blow-ups like this of each of the pictures. Good idea? And maybe by the time we get to the City picture we'll have had some practice!
       53. I LIKE YOUR IDEA OF THE NEW ARRANGEMENT TOO, BECAUSE THIS FLOOR PLAN REALLY MERITS A GOOD-SIZE PICTURE! We can save the "Magic River" for the next poster! We didn't think this one was too important, but now I realise how important it is! And speaking of arrangements, I've been thinking we need a rearrangement on the arrangement of the pictures too, because this one is so good & so important. First you come to the Heavenly City above, you look at that first, then you come down & it's sort of like flying around, zooming in closer each time. It's sort of like these bottom ones are almost more distant. And besides that, the Corner Picture with the Angel & everything is so beautiful & should be closer to the corner of the City so they can relate it more. That's just my sudden idea.
       54. I THINK WE OUGHT TO PUT THAT ANGEL CORNER PICTURE UP UNDERNEATH PLANET EARTH!--Then these other two vertical pictures beside it. The second ones could be the ones where they're flying around overhead zeroing in, & then the First Floor Plan. We've got those gorgeous pictures in the middle. Then they're going to see what the whole mansion looks like on the bottom pictures. It's sort of like they're the grand finale with all the people & all that. Think about it anyhow!
       55. BUT I LIKE IT ALL, & SINCE YOU'VE GOT IT ALL COLOURED, I'M SURE I'M NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY CHANGES IN IT THIS TIME! I'm sorry. I'll try never to do that again. It is good practice, I must admit. We're both learning. I mean, this is a whole new thing for us, this kind of colour & everything, so we'll just have to take it easy, take it slow. I need to give you the counsel on colour beforehand, before you start colouring, so I need a nice big blow-up of each picture that I can see real clearly & magnifies any things we've neglected or left out. I'm glad you added somebody & a few plants in that laundry room, I didn't realise how bare that place was! So it really makes a difference! When you get the big one you begin to see what's missing.
       56. WHEN YOU GET THIS ONE DONE, WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT TO DO NEXT? The Corner picture might be easier because it doesn't have quite as much detail in it as the others. You know what colours those stones are supposed to be, so I'll leave that up to you. The colours on my rough sketch don't mean a thing. I only had a few pencils available & I was just trying to get an idea of what it looked like. So don't pay any attention to those colours, just go by what colour you know it's supposed to be. But let me have a big blown-up sketch of it first, the same size as the one you're going to colour, so I'll really be able to study it before we start that colouring!
       57. OH BOY, WE EVEN FORGOT DOORWAYS BETWEEN ROOMS! I was looking at mine thinking, "My Lord, how are they going to get from the kitchen into the dining room?" We really did forget some things! Well, that was my fault because I drew the original sketch & I just didn't bother. I wasn't planning to go into any big production like this! You're really making a real masterpiece out of it. It's just absolutely gorgeous & we've got everything in it! I think it's really worthy of a bigger picture & to go back to our original plan to make it fullsize jumbo!
       58. I LOVED YOUR FLOWER GARDEN, BY THE WAY! Everything is so beautiful! Just gorgeous! Now listen, don't you go re-drawing this whole picture & re-colouring the whole thing just to put Jesus in that TV! I forbid it! Just sort of rough it in or make it a kind of a blotch or anything to show there's something in it. It doesn't matter if you mess it up, it can be indistinguishable if necessary. But I thought maybe you could just put faint outlines of Jesus' shoulders & His head, looking down. Just do the best you can, but don't you dare do this thing again! It's enough!
       59. ON THOSE BODIES IN THE LIVING ROOM, DO YOU THINK IT'S BEST TO HAVE PART OF THEM WHITE LIKE THAT?--OR MAYBE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CLOTHES. In our house, we don't wear any clothes inside! I think they might think it's a little funny & not quite get the point that it's clothes. I didn't quite get the point. You'd almost have to have a line here or there to show a border or a hem if it was clothes. So why not just make'm all nude & colour the whole bodies like the way we run around now! I hope that's still possible & you don't have to go changing anything & draw the whole picture again. Don't you dare! Third time's a charm! We've done this thing twice in black-&-white, now we're doing it twice in colour so I think that's enough. GBY, Son, you're just doing a beautiful job & we're learning!
       60. BY THE WAY, ARE YOU GOING TO COLOUR THAT GUY SITTING AT THE DESK OUT BY WHAT USED TO BE THE LIBRARY? We've got library all around now. A wooden colour I guess is best for the desk, natural wood like the blond maple or something. All right, that's about all I can see. I'm going to try to keep my mouth shut now until I get the coloured picture, & then I'm not going to scream even if my wife falls out!
       61. DO YOU REMEMBER THE OLD JOKE ABOUT THE FARMER & HIS WIFE THAT TOOK THE RIDE IN THE AIRPLANE? The pilot's business was slow in the old barnstorming days when they used to land in a field, so he put up a sign: "Rides $5!" Finally business was slow one day so he asked the farmer, "How come you & your wife never take a ride?" He said, "It costs too much money! I can't afford it!" He said, "$5--only $10 for the two of you!" "No, that's too much." So the pilot got a bright idea, he said, "Well, I'll tell you what, I'll take you both up, & if you don't make a sound while you're up I'll give you both the ride for free!"
       62. SO HE TOOK'M UP & HE FIGURED HE WAS GONNA MAKE'M SCREAM OR HOLLER, so he barrel-rolled & looped-the-loop & he did everything he could to make'm holler! In those days, the other seat was behind the pilot, all open-air seats, & they had to wear helmets & the goggles & all that. So finally the pilot gave up & he brought her down. He hadn't yet pulled himself out of the cockpit or looked back & he said, "Well, you & your wife got the free ride, you didn't make a sound!" "Well," the old farmer said, "I nearly yelled when my wife fell out!"
       63. SO I'M GOING TO TRY TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT NEXT TIME! I'm going to have to do my yelling before you start colouring, & once it's coloured, I'm not going to yell even if my wife falls out! Okay, GBY! ILY! Thanks a lot! You're doing a beautiful job. I can see I'm going to have to be a little more careful now as we choose these colours so we'll really get it together & make sure we've got everything identified before we go to colourin' it.--Make sure we've got our sketch finished too!
       64. SO GBY! THAT'S GREAT! I'M JUST REALLY EAGER TO SEE YOUR FINISHED PRODUCT! Now don't go messin' this up with that head of Jesus! If you see it's messing it up, if you even make a kind of a smudge or a blot to show there's something in there, that's okay. So do the best you can. That's the only thing I saw that really seemed like it ought to have something in it. I don't want to have to label this, it should be obvious what everything is, so just kind of rough it in somehow, even if it smears. Now don't be too particular, we just have to do the best we can! GBY! ILY!
       65. LORD BLESS & HELP HIM & GIVE HIM WISDOM & SKILL & PROTECT IT, LORD, & PROTECT THEM! Give him strength for the task. This is getting to be a bigger job than we ever realised, Lord, but that must be why You gave it to us, so we could work together on it! So give us real skill & wisdom, Lord, & caution, & help us not go too fast & get ahead of ourselves. Help us to make sure things are done right & nothing short of right is right!--Be sure we're right, then go ahead! In Jesus' name, amen! GBY! I love you & thanks a lot!
* * *

       66. I THOUGHT BECAUSE JESUS WAS IN THE OTHER 3-D TV, WE MIGHT AS WELL PUT HIM IN THIS ONE, but as long as we can't recognise Him anyhow, about the best thing you could see at this angle would be a couple lying there embraced or something! I suppose they're going to think that all that's on our minds is sex & loving couples!--But why not? You've got some real cute ones on the couches there! About the only thing you could do for that 3-D TV from this angle would be to have a couple lying down! We might as well go ahead & have a porno! We don't want to be too explicit. Maybe if they were just lying there side by side, sort of like the way you drew that couple by the pool. You could take an exact copy of that same couple & it would fit perfectly, just stick it in the TV!
       67. THAT'S SOMETHING YOU COULD SEE REAL GOOD FROM A TOP VIEW! That's why the people in the living room look so good, because they're all lying down or half lying down so you can see'm. Anyway, "all things work together for good." I don't think that's a good angle for looking at Jesus anyhow, so let's just eliminate it. They're going to think somebody's up there on the table giving a demonstration! Well, that's fine, I've threatened to do that a lot of times to teach the boys how to make love!
       68. I DON'T THINK THE CHURCH PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LIKE THIS!--The narrow-minded kind. The rest of them I'm sure will be fascinated! They may not admit it. It's funny how it's the women that always object to the nudity & persuade their husbands to object.--Maybe because as they get older they're a little worried about their husbands being infatuated with pretty girls, younger women & nude women. The big fat ugly corpulent old ladies don't go around naked anywhere except on Miami Beach. I never saw such ugly-looking monstrosities in my life!--Both male & female, all of them just absolutely monstrous with all that flab hanging out & everything from bikinis & whatnot, male & female anti-Christs! They are the ugliest-looking bunch you ever saw when it comes to gettin' old & nearly all fat & flabby, mountains of flesh that just almost want to make you throw up! They nearly ruined Miami Beach. In fact, they did ruin Miami Beach. It was a beautiful place when I was young, it's horrible now.
       69. I WASN'T TOO SURE ABOUT THE ORDER OF THOSE THREE PICTURES, except I knew the Angel ought to be under the corner of the City so they could relate it, but now that I see them like this, sometimes we just have to see it! I'm a great one on balance & arrangement, that sort of thing. I even took a course in interior decorating once, believe it or not. What haven't I done?--Ha! Like in the arrangement of furniture, you have to sort of have things balanced in a room. So it looks to me that this Floor Plan is going to go better in the middle, with that big title in the middle right underneath the Heavenly City. It doesn't necessarily have to go in the order I was saying before, because we've got the room for it there & we don't have anywhere else. So I think it would fit better in the middle & the other one on the right. Maybe they started out in the living room & then flew up above! They could come down from any place up in the Heavenly City.
       70. THAT'LL PUT THAT NICE BIG TITLE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE & DRAW ATTENTION TO IT! The first thing after you see "Our Heavenly City," your eyes fall on that "Possible Heavenly Mansion!" And we want them to know that it's got to do with all these pictures down below, not just that one over on the right. So if you'll put it in the middle, then I think it's a little more in keeping with the general idea of all these other pictures, except the Angel, about the Possible Heavenly Mansion.
       71. AND YOU KNOW, AS I WAS LOOKING AT THAT, IT'S SORT OF A GOOD ORDER ALSO FOR THESE TWO PICTURES ON TOP, SORT OF AN INSIDE & OUTSIDE VIEW, FROM THE LEAST LIKELY VIEWPOINT. Really the two best pictures, of course, are the bottom ones, Side View & Front View. And also because you were able to remove that label from between them, you repeated my little caption there, "Magnificent Views," & that little caption running down to its final question there is the message! In other words, the whole poster really winds up with a message. It starts off with a message, John 3:16, & it winds up with a message at the bottom. By the time they read through all this other stuff, they get down here wishing they had one!--And then they're going to find out how to have one! I think that's really a good arrangement, don't you? And that's sort of like the clincher, drawing the net, hooking the fish there on the last pictures. Right on the bottom in the middle they've got the message there, the invitation, to remind them that's how you do it, how you get there!
       72. THE OTHERS ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL & THE SHADING IS BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you put a bottom in the pool--we don't want them to think it's a bottomless pit! I'll start going over these others one by one. I went over the Angel picture with you, so I don't think you need any more instruction from me on colouring that. You did kind of get that entrance way of the heart awful close to that Angel's head. Maybe that was my fault because I told you to draw a bigger Angel. But it's better now that you curved the road so it doesn't look like some kind of penie sticking out the top of his head! They're apt to think that's all that we've got on our minds, even the Angels!--Ha! Oh me! Well, I don't mind.
       73. LIKE DEAR OLD TRUMAN SAID, "IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!" Like the politicians. In our work, if you don't have thick skin & can't take it, you'd better not be a rebel or anything different from the rest, because you're going to get plenty of barrages of criticism & condemnation if you differ slightly. So anyway, we don't mind differing, let'm shoot! OK? If I'd been worried about Church criticism, I'd have quit a long time ago with the first barrage. They never did like anything we did! Well, they used to say, "It's nice what you have accomplished, the young people no longer drug addicts & all that, but we don't like the way you did it & we don't like the way you look, blah blah blah!" So if we're going to worry about what they think of our poster, we might as well forget it! We might as well go all-out & have them sitting there enjoying a nice sexy 3-D movie! Hallelujah? Amen! This is one thing you can look at admiringly & perceptibly lying down from above! Get on top of the situation! So it worked out all right!
* * *

       (After receiving a colour photo of the First Floor Plan:)
       74. NEXT TIME TELL YOUR DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER NOT TO SCARE ME LIKE THAT BY PUTTING THAT UGLY PICTURE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE! That rascal! He is a practical joker! That was a terrible thing to do to me, my heart sank! I thought, "Oh my Lord, I wonder if he's ever going to be able to get it!" And I looked underneath & the other ones were just perfect!--Ha!
       75. AND I THINK WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT THE FIGURES IN THE 3-D TV. Jesus' head & shoulders from above just didn't look right. No matter what you do with it, you can't make it look right. This couple making love is something you can really enjoy from a top view! It's one of the few things that looks good from above! So I think that's just beautiful with the figures there! I gave my other one to Maria--I didn't know if she should look at things like this!--Ha! She's a little church girl, you know! But she's about the sexiest one here!
       76. WELL, I THINK THIS IS JUST ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, I JUST LOVE IT! As you said in your note, I thought maybe the colours on the original would be much more bright than this photo, but I didn't expect it to be perfectly the same because it's very difficult to colour photo the very same shades. That's one of the biggest problems in colour advertising, working on trying to get the colour in some of these magazine ads to look like the original. Some artists nearly go wild & some photographers too!--Let's hope ours don't! They say it's just almost impossible!
       77. SO DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT IT, I CAN GET ENOUGH OF AN IDEA FROM THESE PHOTOS & IT JUST LOOKS BEAUTIFUL TO ME! You've still got lots of time to experiment around. There're so many variables in colour photography. It'll just take time & experience like everything else he's learned, & this is a good thing to practice on! That's what you & I have been practicing on! You've been doing a little practicing, & it's the first time I ever built a Heavenly City, so I'm getting some good practice too!
       78. WELL, I LOVE IT! GO AHEAD & ROLL IT! I THINK SHE'S READY TO ROLL! Looks like the gal in the 3-D's ready to roll too! Tell your photographer he just did a beautiful job, & by all means, you did a gorgeous job & I love it right down to the gold lines in the marble! It is beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous! Just really beautiful! I couldn't ask for anything better! I just love it! I think the folks are going to just really love it! We're going to go jumbo! How about that?--Half again as big as the David Poster, or maybe a little more! We've got one whole picture done already! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Coming soon! Heaven Poster in Colour!)
       79. AND I LOVE THE BLACK-&-WHITE POSTER TOO IN THE NEW POSITIONS, REALLY GOOD! It's more balanced. After all, that Family Fellowship in the living room & all is the heart of the whole thing. The heart of the home is where we have our fellowship, so that's it right there! The only thing I want to add--you know me & white spaces, I can't resist filling'm in! Maybe you don't like me messing up your pictures, but the one place I think we really could add something is on the Front View. You've got some very small flyers on the right, although on the Side View, which is actually from the left, we've got two couples flying around & it's perfectly vacant there on the Front View.
       80. SO I THINK WE OUGHT TO PUT AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE CLOSE-UP COUPLES IN THERE! In fact, there's enough room in that whole corner to make'm pretty big to fill up the whole space! How about that? They could be right in front of that glass line beyond there with their heads toward the dome looking down, almost exactly like the couple you've got in the Side View, only they'd be smaller & a little further away. Maybe you can just take that same couple so they'd even recognise'm & reduce it to that size & reverse it so it'll look like we're looking at'm from the other side! If that one doesn't work, try the other one. Of course, I like the big couple the best, & here I think you need the big couple, feet & all.
       81. IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THEY WOULD JUST FIT THAT SPOT! You might have to bring down that arm that's up in the air to fit it in there & experiment around & do whatever you want. That would sort of help them identify, because we've had the others with the same people at different angles. Those big individual people really attract the most attention, & to show that couple right in that corner there I think would be gorgeous, don't you? So if you don't mind, that's the only thing I can think of adding. You know me, I hate to see any blank spaces. They could be like they were a lot closer to us than the mansion, sort of looking down on the whole scene.
       82. OH YES, & RIGHT UNDER THE WORDS "FRONT VIEW," I GOT INSPIRED TO WRITE: "OF OUR SKY-HIGH MANSION!--WANT ONE?" How's that? I like to put something in their minds to make them make a decision. Oh yes, & in the triangle between'm I thought I might as well put in a last punchline & draw the net. Right after "Do you have one?" I said: "Just receive Jesus today!" And then there was a little space left so I put: "GBY!" I hope that doesn't mess it up too much, but I think the Message is important. That gives an invitation twice. "Do you have one?" is fine, but I'm just trying to make it really punch & tell'm what they have to do! I think this Front View is almost the best one of all because we can see the people so well & all the activity & dear Maria & I are saying "Welcome!" so I thought that was a good time to say: "Want one?"--Ha! Make their mouths water!
       83. I THINK THEY COULD SELL THIS ON THE STREETS, IT'S JUST GORGEOUS! It might not go over with the church people, but I think other people would like it. People go for this kind of thing, sort of complicated, got a lot of art in it & almost a little surrealistic, only ours is very realistic! So how do you like those textual additions? Look'm over, try'm out, think about'm! I'm just talking about the black-&-white right now, but maybe we might even go to that on the colour if you like it!
       84. TELL YOUR PHOTOMAN I JUST LOVE HIS PICTURES--SEND ME SOME MORE! Of course, you'll have to paint'm first! I guess you've got all the info you need on the Angel Corner picture. The Angel ought to be a little tanned, his gown white, wings white, the Pearl pearl-coloured & then all the stones the different colours they're supposed to be. And of course the greenery should be green! Leave the roads kind of shaded, at least, & the heart red & that's about it! PTL?
       85. THERE'S ONLY ONE THING ABOUT THAT ANGEL PICTURE, I DO THINK PEOPLE ARE GOING TO WONDER ABOUT THAT THING STICKING OUT OF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!--Which is the road into the Heart. You don't suppose there's any way you can lower that Angel?--Or maybe raise the heart! It doesn't have to be right so square in the corner. In fact, in the City picture above it looks like it's a little bit out in front of the thing. I don't think you'd have to change the halo any to do that. In this case we can still cut-&-paste. Most of us are pretty simple-minded & it just looks a little funny the way it is. So do whatever you think is easiest! And no more sketchin'! It's enough! Just leave things as is & lower that Angel.
       86. THE POINT OF THE SWORD IS ALMOST A LITTLE LONG ANYHOW, it really shouldn't come down any further than his toes, so therefore you can save some space there & have his feet come practically standing on the promises!--The Scriptures! Then we could really get it divorced from that heart! In fact, if you lower the Angel, you wouldn't have to move the heart at all. I hate to ask that, but I really think you're going to have to do it. Just cut the Angel out & lower it to where he's got his foot right on the promise! He could even be touching it & it wouldn't matter. Shorten the sword so it won't pierce the Word & then we've got it!
       87. I REALLY THINK THAT'S NECESSARY BECAUSE WE DID CROWD IT UP THERE & IT LOOKS A LITTLE FUNNY & some people are going to misunderstand what that thing is coming out of the top of his head! His head ought to be completely clear of the roadways or anything at all, no background, nothing behind his head or on either side of his head between the wings. I haven't noticed anything else! I've studied every day & I can't see where we can do any better anywhere! GBY!
       88. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO MAYBE IMPROVING THEM ALL AS WE GO ALONG LIKE WE DID THE LIVING ROOM. Since you're going to be painting them bigger, I'll look for a little more detail in the big pictures. OK! That's it! You're finished with the First Floor, you can build on up from there! Just move the Angel down & go to work on the corner picture! Pick whatever shades for those stones you think look best, & be sure to use a few bright ones & not too many dark ones. I like bright colours! Since there's so many there, you've got lots of room to have lots of bright ones with just a few dark ones. I'll be looking forward to it!
* * *

       89. I SEE YOU GOT THE PRAYER TOWER ON THERE & I THINK EVERYTHING ELSE WE EVER POSSIBLY COULD IMAGINE! By the way, it's not going to cost very much to send the little black-&-white one at all, & do you know what I don't think would cost hardly any more? How would you like to have it in two colours? We could print it on that light pale canary yellow paper with nice blue ink! That would sure be unusual. I don't know though, because they'd all have blue bodies! Maybe we should use brown ink! There are so many gold buildings anyhow, how about brown ink?--Sort of light brown.
       90. I USED TO USE BROWN INK ALL THE TIME WHEN I WAS A KID! I liked brown ink! They had brown ink in those days. We had the old-fashioned filler fountain pens so I used to buy brown ink! I wrote some of my diaries in brown ink as I recall. That would be in a sense the same sort of colour. Sepia is a kind of a dark brown, dark yellow in a way, so that the shading of the same colour wouldn't look peculiar & that would make the bodies look natural. Of course, all the trees & grass would be brown, so maybe that's not a very good idea!
       91. THAT'S THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU START USING COLOURED INK, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO SOME OF THOSE THINGS. Maybe I'd better forget that idea because all the dark shading then would be brown. It wouldn't hurt too much for the shading of the building to be brown or the bodies, but of course the love heart & sky & grass & trees would be brown too! It might look pretty funny. I wonder if your dear photoman could think of any trick to do with photo paper that could make us a brown-shaded print so we could get some idea what it looks like?
* * *

       92. I LOVE THOSE TWO NEW FLYERS!--But I agree with you, we seem to go from one thing to the other on that pathway out of the heart! Normally from that point there should be three roads & that entrance should go three different directions. One is coming toward the Pearl, & that's the one that caused the problem. Now it looks like it's part of the wing! Don't you think it would look better if it would come down between the head & the wing & disappear behind his left shoulder? And then it ought to have branches above the wings that go all along beside the City Wall to the right & to the left. It should go three ways. And instead of having it look like part of the wing now instead of his head, let's bring it down sort of in a curve there around his head not touching wing or head, & disappear behind his shoulder, right about where his wing joins his shoulder. Normally we would have thought it would be a straight road, but we can use a little license here. It doesn't have to be straight, a curved road's even prettier!
       93. THERE'S ONE MORE THING THAT I NOTICED THAT I THINK WE CAN IMPROVE--WHY DOES THE TEXT ON THE SIDE VIEW HAVE TO BE SO SMALL? Everything else can be read from a fairly good distance. I think we ought to have all the captions as big as possible without ruining the looks of it, so it can be read easily & from a distance. That's the final improvement as far as I can see on the whole thing, everything else looks gorgeous! We've finished everything else as far as I can see in every way. Of course the folks here may find a few improvements or something they don't understand when they get theirs copies.
       94. SPEAKING OF PATHS, DOESN'T THAT ROAD COMING OUT OF THE PEARL ALSO NEED TO GO THREE WAYS? It branches into two branches down this way, but surely some people must want to go along the outside Wall someplace. I think we need a roadway going out along one side of the Wall & then out along the other too.
       95. I NOTICED IN THE TOP VIEW THERE ARE ONLY TWO PEOPLE SWIMMING IN THE POOL & IT LOOKS A LITTLE DESERTED. We've even got room in the Front View for a couple more bathers in the water! I don't hardly ever know of any time our pool has so few bathers! To the left of the fountain do you think you could stick in a few bathers in both pictures? That's the only place I noticed a little vacancy! You're so good at figures! The swimmers look gorgeous!
       96. SEE, I SAW SOME WHITE SPACES THAT NEEDED FILLING IN & I FIGURED THAT'S WHAT THEY NEEDED TO FILL'M! I know you want the Wall & the Pearl to shine, but as a practical City designer & highway engineer, I would put a road along each Wall. Because it's a long ways between gates & they need some kind of access roads to get around this Town!
       97. I HAVE AN IDEA AFTER YOU COLOUR THE ANGEL YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO COLOUR THE TOP VIEW NEXT! And by the time you get to these two glorious bottom views here, Side & Front View, which are the best pictures of all, close-ups, you'll be an expert at colour! You mentioned something about clouds--you don't have any clouds in this City! The clouds might be outside but not in Town! They're strictly out of town!
* * *

       98. I LOVED THE FRONT VIEW! The reason there doesn't have to be any people at the dining room table was because right after that meeting those people all left & went into the living room! Ha! This is just a few minutes later! And I loved the swimmers of course, very pretty & helps to give the pool a little more activity. And I loved your addition of those two flyers!
       99. YOU KNOW THE ONLY THING THAT STILL DOESN'T LOOK QUITE RIGHT IN THAT ANGEL PICTURE? Here I go! I love the roads along the Walls & all the roads. On black-&-white though, do you think they're going to have pure white alabaster roads? Don't you think those roads need a little bit of shading? Just kind of darken the road a little bit. Maybe you thought they were going to be alabaster white! Even marble roads would be a little darker & have some streaks. So just add a slight shading, the lightest shading you've got. If you want to just shade it in with pencil, it's okay with me. Make a few scratch marks or something if it's too hard to do the shading. With all those figures you've got on there already it might be difficult. Without shading it doesn't really bring out that road enough & it looks a little blank. You normally expect a road to be a little darker. I wouldn't expect blacktop necessarily, but I would expect it to be a little darker!
       100. THE TOP VIEW & THE NEW SWIMMERS ARE JUST FINE, EVERYTHING'S JUST GORGEOUS! I think we're getting there! I suggest we try to enlarge the type on that Side View, though, as much as we can! Let's make it as big as we can so they can read it from as far away as possible. Because that's the clincher! That's the final Message, the invitation! I think that's all! Everything else is fine!
       101. UH OH! LOOK AT THE TOP VIEW--DO YOU SEE ANYTHING THAT LOOKS A LITTLE BLANK? First of all, I think I agree about the sidewalk there, it ought to be a bit more marbly. I think you mentioned that in your note. All the walks should be a little marbly. You can put some little lines on there like you did on the inside floors. But another thing I noticed is that there's no contrast in the City Park & almost no shading. And since all that area between the pathways & the buildings were grass, which I would expect it to be, wouldn't that be a little darker shaded? It looks a little blank & bare. Just try to kind of shade the background so those buildings will stand out more. Some of that looks a little light on the big picture, but we've got enough in it it doesn't show so much. To me, it's not consistent if we don't shade the City Park here, because if it's a Park, most parks are made out of grass! I guess I'm too finicky or too perfectionist, I don't know. I just expect you to do the impossible! I mean, if we're going to make a really terrific poster out of this, it looks to me like it's going to have to be shaded!
       102. AND ANOTHER THING THAT IS KIND OF WHITE & BLANK IN THE TOP VIEW IS THE NEIGHBOUR'S GARDEN! If that's a garden like the one above, it should look similar, so it looks to me like you at least ought to have the grass shaded. That's really asking a lot, but the grass in both the City Park & the garden below on this Top View need shading. I mean, when you begin to look at the difference between the parts that are shaded & the parts that aren't, it just looks like it's a little unfinished. I'm sorry about that, but after all, this is supposed to be a masterpiece by a master artist & commissioned by the Great Commissioner as the only such work ever done, so it pays to take a little time at it! Those little tiny finishing touches are necessary!
* * *

       103. THE ONLY THING I NOTICED THIS TIME THAT MIGHT NOT BE UNDERSTANDABLE TO SOME PEOPLE IS THE ENTRANCE IN THE PEARL. We said, of course, that since the resident inhabitants of the City have supernatural bodies that can either fly over or walk through the Wall or the Pearl or whatever, obviously those gates must be for outsiders. The Scripture makes it pretty clear that only the Saved will live there, but it also says that the kings of the nations will bring their honour & glory into it, etc., etc. So apparently there will be visitors from the outside, probably with a limited entre' to go only so far & no further, maybe--I hope, to my Fair Corner!
       104. WE HAVE ALREADY PUT AN ENTRANCE IN THE PEARL, but there is a line at the edge of the pearl that crosses at the bottom of the entrance which some people will think you forgot to erase or wonder what it's there for. That's the only thing I've noticed since my last addition that I think might be a little difficult to understand. So to make that a little clearer, just erase that line. Otherwise the entrance is fine & the roadways are fine & everything else is just fine as far as I can see!
       105. AFTER ALL THESE BLACK-&-WHITE CORRECTIONS, I GUESS YOU CAN START COLOURING THE ANGEL PICTURE! I don't think I have any more advice to give on that, it's obvious what the colours are supposed to be. The Pearl, of course, is a rather silvery-grey colour, & the way you've got the Pearl & the Wall shining, I presume that will be white or gold, whatever you think looks good. I don't suppose you can get that iridescent sheen that Pearls have, but anyhow, you can get the colour. All the colours of the jewels are obvious, greenery up above, red heart, white angel, greenery down below & that's about it! I think we ought to just leave the background of the captions white, what do you think?
       106. THE ROADWAY WOULD BE BROWN, BECAUSE I DON'T THINK THEY'RE GOING TO PAVE ALL THE ROADS WITH MARBLE! It's a possibility! I like nice brown earthy roads. I'm sure you don't want any black macadam on there!--Blacktop!--And we don't want grey cement either. I think it gives us a nice chance to use a nice light brown, very light tan, almost skin colour. I'll be looking forward to it!--Amen? GBAKY till we get there!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       107. WELL GBY! YOUR COLOUR ANGEL PIC IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love it! Just beautiful! I really don't think there are really any changes, at least nothing major that we need to make at all. Only you were right about the sword, most swords are kind of a silver colour. This way it looks like he's already got some blood on it!--Rusty blood! Well, actually you can make it about the same colour as the Pearl, kind of a silvery-grey colour, that's what most blades are. Just make it a little grey, it wouldn't matter if it had a few little rust spots on it! It's sort of a rusty colour as it is. But don't change the handle, leave the handle alone, because it looks like it's gold. A lot of swords had gold-plated handles, but you need to make the blade more silvery. Everything else is just beautiful!
       108. YOU ASKED IF THE EMERALD SHOULD BE MORE GREEN, BUT I THINK IT'S VERY GREEN AS IT IS. Emeralds are almost exactly that colour as I recall. Of course, I haven't had too many emeralds! We're not too familiar with these rocks! It is a sort of a bluish-green, but I think that's pretty good. And the amethyst is sort of a purple. That's the colour of these as far as I know, but you're more of an authority on that than I am & you have a book on it.
       109. I AGREE WITH YOU ON THAT HALO AROUND THE PEARL, THOUGH, I THINK IT SHOULD BE A LITTLE LESS DISTINCT. I hope you can still sort of soften that edge without re-doing the picture, sort of smudge it out or fade it out. I think we should. I think it would look a little bit more natural. As it is, on the left side it looks like maybe the Pearl is throwing a shadow or something on the Wall. Whereas on the right side it's nicely faded out, except at the top it sort of has a distinct outline too. I don't even know whether we needed that halo, but I don't suppose there's any way to erase it now. Just fuzz out the edge of it where it sort of fades into the colour.
       110. SOME ANGELS' HAIR IS NOT BLOND, although when I saw my guardian angels that time--& it's funny, I can only remember one head & face really--he was blond. But they're not all blond. Dear William Branham said his angel was dark-skinned, black-haired & looked like an Indian from India! So I think his brown hair is okay!
       111. HOW COULD THE WALL OF THE PYRAMID AROUND THE HEART BE EXCLUSIVELY GOLD WHEN THERE IS SOME GREENERY BEHIND IT? I think you got it just right & it looks quite natural. Even though you're looking through a golden wall, that's kind of hard to show, regardless. In a sense it's crystal gold, see-through. I think it's beautiful! I think the colour background behind the Pearl caption I think looks beautiful, it really looks pearly! You got that really good!
       112. YOU STILL HAVE TO COLOUR THE INSET, & I thought the idea of a red arrow there against that green would be pretty & really attract attention & give us some nice complementary colour contrast.--A nice soft red like the Love Heart up above! That would be beautiful!
       113. THE ROADS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HEART LOOK ALL RIGHT TO ME, but if you want to touch them up, it's up to you. They look okay as far as I'm concerned. They look like they're tinted! I don't know why I get that effect! Maybe it's all the colour around them that reflects on them & makes them look like they're tinted already. They look tinted so why not just leave them alone? Why do any extra work you don't have to?
       114. I DON'T THINK THE BLACK LINES ON THE SPARKLE SHOULD BE TOO DISTINCT, it looks fine like it is. It should be sort of indistinct. We don't want to make them think there's something actually drawn on the Pearl. It should be a sparkle with indistinct lines. We don't want our sparkles to begin to look like they're something we drew on there, even if we did draw'm on there! They look more natural a little more indistinct.
       115. AND I DON'T THINK YOU HAVE TO ELIMINATE ANY TREE LINES AT ALL BEHIND THE CAPTION AT THE BOTTOM. It looks just natural & fine. I think it would lose something if you'd lose some of those trees there. They'd expect it to be on top of some trees. We don't have too much foreground in this anyhow, so we might as well keep what we've got!
       116. YOU'RE WORKING ON THE TOP VIEW ALREADY! GBY! That's great! If you do as well on that as you did on the first two, it'll be beautiful! Tell your photographer I'll be praying for him on his colour work. It's still new, I know, but I think he can do it. I know he can do it! He just needs the faith & courage to go ahead--like you! Good night, you did this one so quick I could hardly believe I received it already!
       117. I THINK ALL THE COLOURS ON THE TOP VIEW ARE PRETTY OBVIOUS. I don't think there's anything there, really, that I have to tell you. Grass is green, trees are dark green, bodies are tan or darker, water is blue-green, walkways are marble, etc., etc.! On those buildings in the park, maybe you can make that sphere kind of blue, & how about a couple of red roofs against that green grass? And then that bow over there on the left, you can make that different colours. The little cross in the middle could be a red cross against maybe yellow & blue. Everything else I think is pretty obvious!
       118. WELL, I CERTAINLY AM ENCOURAGED & YOU SURE OUGHT TO BE ENCOURAGED THAT YOUR FIRST TRIES ARE JUST PRACTICALLY PERFECT! GBY! It's just beautiful! TTL! Tell your photographer I'll be looking for his photos & praying for his materials & his skill, trying to make them look as close to the original as possible. The Floor Plan was just beautiful! Doesn't it thrill you to see it come to life? It's really just gorgeous! GBY! Lord bless & keep'm & give'm skill & wisdom & make this what You want it to be! Amen! GBY all!
* * *

       119. I THINK YOUR PLANS FOR THE COLOUR ON THE SIDE VIEW ARE VERY GOOD! There's only one thing about it that I noticed the blow-up lacked. You don't notice when they're that small, but you do in the blow-up. I really should have studied that before I let you colour it. It has nothing to do with the colour, the colour's beautiful, it's just something that is not as good as the rest of it, & yet it's almost the most conspicuous thing in the whole thing now that it's big!
       120. THROUGH THE DOMES OF THE MANSION, THE FURNITURE & PEOPLE ALMOST LOOK LIKE JAPANESE CALIGRAPHS! Those are little stick figures virtually, which are fine when it was very small. In fact, way down to black-&-white size, even the half-size you didn't really notice. But on this big size I'm sure people are going to notice it, for this reason: That fourth floor with those three children's bedrooms are supposed to be closer to the viewer than all those lovely figures in the garden & the pool, & yet they're just little stick figures! I wonder if you can just sort of enhance them, maybe add a few lines to them. I'm very sorry that I didn't notice that before. Maybe it's the colour that brings it out, or maybe it's the big picture. I guess I have to really check these pictures ahead of time before you start applying the colour, because it's my only chance to change anything.
       121. OTHERWISE THE PICTURE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, JUST PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL & I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING!--Except for those little stick figures up there! Don't you think they look a little incongruous compared to the beautiful forms of everybody else? I think some people are going to almost wonder what they are. At first look they almost look like some kind of Japanese characters. From this close a view, you should really be able to make out the figures much more distinctly, as well as the furniture. Nothing should be incomplete up there because it's quite big & quite close. I'm so sorry I didn't notice that ahead of time, but I think it won't be any problem to enhance the furniture, just add lines, etc., & I think you can probably do the same with the bodies, sort of fill them out.
       122. I'M REALLY STUDYING THE NEW SIDE VIEW NOW & I'D ALMOST SAY THE SAME FOR THAT. What little you can see of the first bedroom there could probably be seen even better now in this large picture. I know we're looking through a couple of walls so you don't have to worry about the distant rooms, but you would see this first one. You're sort of seeing the others through all the glass walls, & that's distant. That would also interfere with the lovely bedroom scene there on the third floor.
       123. I THINK YOU CAN DO THE SAME ON THIS SIDE VIEW ON THE CHILDREN'S BEDROOMS, & on the Front View, the same thing again. See, they were just little kids & in the small size I don't think you could have even drawn anything bigger than those stick figures. But now, compared to the other beautifully finished figures, some of which are at the same distance from the viewer--the figures in the distance there such as the lamb & the lion & the people in the arcades & on the balconies--they're too small. So why have stick figures in the kids' bedroom? We won't make that same mistake twice!
       124. I HAVE NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER IN YOUR CHOICE OF COLOURS & EVERYTHING, I LIKE IT ALL & IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! There are some that you didn't mention, but I'm sure you'll get them right. I think that horse might even look nice white, what do you think? You don't see too many white horses. He said we're going to come riding on white horses, so there's one of our white horses! (Rev.19:14.) You didn't mention the colour of the animals, but of course lions are brown, lambs are usually depicted as white, & of course the birds, flowers, grass & all those things are pretty natural. That big bird sitting up on the corner by the flower pot looks like a parrot to me, so it should be pretty brightly coloured--red & green & blue or whatever.
       125. YOU WANTED TO KNOW IF YOU SHOULD HAVE CLOUDS OUTSIDE? Well, I presume there'll be clouds. It's going to be a New Earth, but I don't think it could be much prettier than the one we already have. It will probably be pretty natural. I presume the sky would be blue with clouds. You do plan on having blue sky on there, but you can also put some nice fleecy clouds out there too. We'll still have the text there too, so maybe you could make it kind of light blue with a little corner of cloud background here or there. It's up to you. But it's all right to have clouds if you have any room for them.
       126. I THOUGHT YOUR ADDITION OF THE BOOKSHELF ON THE RIGHT WAS SO GOOD! All the other figures are beautiful & pretty clear! The people, of course, you can colour your usual variety of mixed colours. It obviously looks like a couple of couples in bed, one couple having a chat & the other having something else! Then there's a girl sitting at a dresser in one & the other one's at the desk--beautiful!
       127. ALL THESE PILLARS & PARTS OF THE HOUSE YOU CAN DO GOLDEN LIKE YOU DID THE OTHER ONE, TO KEEP PRETTY MUCH IN KEEPING WITH THE SAME COLOUR SCHEME. You asked what colour the bed should be--well, you know my choice of furniture!--Blond wood! I think wood is beautiful so the beds could be wooden. We've got about three beds there showing very nicely, also a desk & the dresser. By the way, on this one you've got Jesus in the TV, which is fine, because you can see His face! That's okay, the picture just changed!--Ha!
       128. SO YOU'VE GOT THREE BEDS UPSTAIRS THAT ARE SHOWING, it looks like two on the second floor & one on the third floor with a lovely loving couple. The other one, of course, is far away & doesn't show anything. I think since you've got some extra furniture pretty distinct on the second floor, don't you think we could also have a little more furniture in that third floor bedroom?
       129. AND REMEMBER, THESE BALUSTRADES OR BANISTERS ARE SEE-THROUGH, so don't you think we should be able to see both corner lines of the third floor bedroom a little bit behind the banister down to the floor line of the third floor? And it seems to me that if that's the floor line of the second floor, doesn't it look like that first bed is way too tall for the size of the figures in it?--And it looks like it's going right through the floor into the third floor bedroom! I think you should shorten that bed. In perspective, of course, it should be a little bit bigger than the one behind it on the left, because that's further away. But presumably they're both the same type & size of bed.
       130. SINCE WE'VE GOT QUITE A BIT OF FURNITURE ON THE FIRST FLOOR, WHY NOT PUT SOME FURNITURE IN THAT THIRD FLOOR BEDROOM TOO? On the first floor we're looking right straight across, & since there are see-through walls it's natural to see the second bedroom with the couple lying there talking. But I'm glad you didn't try to go beyond the first bedroom on the third floor. You should, however, try to put some more furniture around & a little more detail on that bed. From this angle we should be able to see the bottom of the canopy sort of like you drew on the other two beds on the first floor.
       131. AND THEN, OF COURSE, YOU CAN DO MORE FOR THE CHILDREN & THEIR BEDROOM. I can't tell whether that guy in the middle is lying on the table & the other kids are on pallets or what! At least you can bring out a little more detail on that. See, when you give me these big ones, then I really begin to notice things! It didn't matter that much in the small black-&-white where they're only a fourth this size & you can't tell that much about them, but when you see these big ones, you've really got to start finishing up detail! I think those are improvements anyhow. I think they'll get the point that the house is see-through from the things they see, particularly on the second floor there, although I think maybe the railing that's in front of the girl at the desk & the girl at the dresser could stand some more glass lines.
       132. UH-OH, THE GIRL AT THE DESK, YOU'VE GOT HER HEAD OUTSIDE THE RAILING! The railing is even outside the wall. It's sort of an "X-ray eye" picture which makes it a little complicated! You've got the railing outside of her chair where it ought to be, but it ought to cross her head too. And the floor line should cross her legs, because it's a floor line & it's quite a few feet this way. That balcony is only about 5 or 6 feet wide, as I recall, & it's this way.
       133. I THINK WHEN YOU BRING DOWN THE TOP OF THAT BIG BED YOU'LL BE ABLE TO GIVE SOME FEET OR SOMETHING TO THE OTHER BED. And add some more furniture. Nearly all bedrooms have dressers--& nearly all ours have desks!--Whatever you think is best there! And then try to fix up the kids' bedroom up there on top so it's got a little more furniture & a little more detail. That ought to have at least dresser drawers & chest of drawers, maybe a closet. I don't know whether they hang up their white robes at night or not! We want to make it at least relate, we don't want this thing so far out!
* * *

       134. I LOVED ALL THE BEDROOMS & THE FURNITURE & THE NEW FIGURES & BED!--Absolutely gorgeous, just beautiful, everything just perfect, the new lines of the building & everything! And I like your idea of maybe seeing a few clouds out there through the Wall. Why not, as long as they're outside? I don't believe there are going to be any inside, although that's always a possibility because it's a pretty big space. But go ahead & put the clouds out there--I always like to fill up blank spaces!--Not in the text triangle, but just under that guy's upraised arm, to be able to see them through the Wall of the building as you suggested.
       135. THE ONLY OTHER THING IS, I WAS LOOKING AT JESUS IN THE TV & I studied & studied it trying to figure out if that was a crystal ball He's got in His left hand, & is that some kind of a drape He's got over His right shoulder? I wondered what were those two black spots right in front of Him & it finally dawned on me that they're two heads! As familiar with this as I am, if I couldn't figure it out, I don't think most people are going to get the point! We don't have to be identical in exact positions from different shots, so I think you're going to have to move those heads further apart.
       136. YOU'VE GOT ENOUGH ROOM TO MOVE THE BIG HEAD ON THE RIGHT CLEAR OVER TO WHERE IT'S HALF OUT OF THE TV & half in front of it, showing that she's not in the TV with Jesus. And then you've got enough room to move the little head clear over to the tree so at least both heads will be clear of Jesus' shoulders. Even if she's half behind the tree it's okay. Even if you move the big head on the right far enough to the right that it covers that one little face, they could be slouching down in the corner on the couch. But I really think we need to clear those away from in front of Him or they'll never understand what that is! They'll be wondering, "What in the World, did he drip some ink on there or what?!"
       137. I KNOW YOU'RE TRYING TO GET ONE PICTURE TO COINCIDE WITH THE OTHER, BUT WE CAN'T ALWAYS DO THAT. They could have moved their heads a little time between pictures. After all, in the length of time it takes us to draw pictures, I'm sure they could have moved! They might have even gone to the bathroom by that time, the couch could be deserted! I do think it's better to have a couple heads there on the couch, although I don't think they'd ever really miss them, but if you can, I do think you should move them over. Spread them apart so we can see Jesus' shoulders, at least, so we won't have anything obstructing the view.
       138. AND I NOTICED THAT NECKLINE WITH THE HEART WAS UP PRETTY HIGH! It looked to me like the neckline was going to go over His shoulders instead of under His arms. So while you're doing that you can check that out. Everything else is fine! You can go ahead & start colouring! That's it! (Sings:) "Everything else is beautiful, in its own way! And Heaven is so beautiful, we're all going there some day!"
       139. I THINK THIS IS REALLY GOING TO WOW'M! They're going to really see how real it is! And we've got lots of substantiation & corroboration & documentation & proof that it's this way. Of course, they'll have to read a lot of my explanations to understand that! Okay, you bring it down to Earth!
       140. I'M SORRY TO CAUSE ALL THESE LITTLE NAGGING CORRECTIONS, BUT WE'RE TRYING TO REALLY MAKE THIS PERFECT, BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO LAST A LONG LONG TIME!--Not too long, but long enough. That's about all the Heaven they're going to get until they get there, but that's better than nothing! I mean, the Church didn't give us anything on it or any idea of it or explain it or anything!--They didn't even try! I've never heard anybody try to explain it! I've heard preachers all my life, read books all my life & all the prophecy books & everything else, & by the time they got to the New Heaven & the New Earth, that was it, they just went kerplunk! They flat out fell on their faces right there & they never even tried to describe it or picture it or give you any idea of what it's like at all!
* * *

       141. I JUST WANTED TO SEND YOU A FEW CORRECTIONS THE FAMILY HERE SUGGESTED SO YOU CAN GO AHEAD & GO TO WORK ON THE COLOUR OF THE SIDE VIEW. There were only a few that I would say are really justifiable corrections or good ideas. I thought it would be nice if the girl with the child on the left there could have a nice big pregnant tummy. Some of these women here are really for pregnancy! It's funny how the women always mention that & not the men! They must like it--& they should, God bless'm! It's almost the greatest job you can ever do, to bring another soul into the Kingdom & train'm from scratch, from the first scratching! So PTL!
       142. THE HEAD ON THE SO-CALLED "TIGER"--THAT'S WHAT THEY SAID IT WAS--NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! They apparently don't know a tiger has stripes! But I did think that lion looked a little odd, because not too many people are familiar with female lions. So why don't we give it a nice shaggy mane to show that it's a lion, otherwise some of the children might think it was a big dog.
       143. AND THEN SOMEBODY CALLED ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT THE RAINBOW ONLY HAD THREE COLOURS. Well, the primary colours are just three, but in your colouring probably they will blend into each other, which makes up the secondary colours. So I wouldn't worry about that too much, I think it will come out as you do it. In other words, don't mask the other strips, let them blend into each other like a rainbow does. That's going to be hard to do, but God bless you for trying.
       144. THOSE BLACK-&-WHITE LINES WERE NECESSARY FOR THE BLACK-&-WHITE, BUT YOU KNOW HOW FUZZY A RAINBOW REALLY IS. Maybe you could erase those lines, & by the time you've got them erased they'll be very faint, just enough for guidelines for your painting. Therefore the rainbow will really look like a real rainbow without any black lines between the colours, but simply colours fading into colours. Be sure you get them in the right order, for goodness sake! The bottom of the rainbow's red & the top is blue--or is it the other way around?--Better find out!
       145. FROM THIS STANDPOINT, THE FOUNTAIN SHOULD BE IN THE EXACT MIDDLE OF THE RAINBOW ARCH, BUT IT'S A LITTLE TO THE LEFT. That's the way you would see the rainbow, it would surround the source of the vapour, & I think it would be clearer that way, as to exactly what it is. There's nothing in the way of moving that fountain over just a fraction to the right to get it in the exact center.
       146. I DON'T KNOW REALLY WHAT IS SPARKLING THERE, BECAUSE SPARKLES ARE USUALLY REFLECTIONS ON THINGS. There's not really anything there to reflect, unless you're seeing stars outdoors. I think the sparkles are going to make them think it's a dome, because we've got sparkles on our other domes, etc. It's funny how you don't think about that until you really start studying it. So I really think those sparkles probably are misleading.
       147. SOMEBODY SAID--& THIS ONE I DIDN'T THINK WAS JUSTIFIABLE--THAT THE FLOOR LINES & THE BALCONY LINES ARE CONFUSING, WE CAN'T TELL WHAT'S FLOOR & WHAT'S BALCONY. I said, now wait a minute, use your head! The furniture is obviously sitting on the floor & the balcony lines cross right through the middle of the room, right across the furniture, so that's obviously not floor. So what in the World do you expect the poor artist to do to make it any clearer?
       148. IT'S BAD ENOUGH TO HAVE TO DRAW A PICTURE OF A BUILDING SUCH AS NEVER EXISTED BEFORE, that's transparent & which you can see through the walls & the floors & the ceilings & everything, without having to drive him crazy trying to make it clear! Of course it's not clear, it's going to be very confusing when you see a building like that! No building like that has ever been known to exist! So here our artist is doing the impossible, or trying to draw a building that has never been seen yet with characteristics very strange & not true of any other building, & that is the fact that it's not invisible but transparent. So I said, use your head, the furniture's sitting on the floor!
       149. ON THE SECOND FLOOR YOU CAN SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE FURNITURE FROM THIS PERSPECTIVE. On the third floor, although we're looking at the bottom of the floor, we can't see the furniture on it. However, I believe that the distance is going to kind of compensate for that, & if you start drawing the bottom of the furniture showing through the ceiling of every floor, you're really going to have them confused. On the top floor there's a lot of room there to show the bottom of the furniture, or at least faint lines of it.
       150. WE'RE LOOKING THROUGH AT LEAST TWO PLATES OF GLASS SO TO SPEAK, so it wouldn't be too distinct, but I do think it might help to show the bottoms of the furniture, or at least partial bottoms or faint lines of the bottoms of that child's bedroom, & maybe even on the third floor too. There's not much room for it, but there's a little. I would say that the ends of the furniture this direction really should show a little bit on both the third floor & the fourth floor, just like they do on the second floor.
       151. I HOPE YOU KNOW THE COLOURS THAT ARE IN A PEACOCK'S TAIL! And even the books on the shelves probably ought to be a variety of colours. I think you ought to bring out as many reds as you can in the flowers & things like that that are red. I just noticed that little squirrel down there--it's a fairly big squirrel. I thought maybe it was a skunk! You could trim his body & legs down--his legs wouldn't be that big. Squirrels do have big fluffy tails.
       152. SOMEONE ASKED IF THE GIRL LYING ON THE BED IN THE CHILDREN'S DOME WAS TOO BIG, BUT I TOOK HER TO BE A CHILDCARE WORKER! And somebody else mentioned that those two small flyers on the left looked a bit incomplete, & that's true, considering others at the same distance have a little better features, like the pregnant girl & the people in the library, etc., so they could be better. That was all you could do when it was real small, but that would look better.
       153. ON THE BUILDING I WOULD SAY YOU COULD ADD SOME MORE STREAK MARKS, & on the Wall of the City on the right, a few there in the various open spaces. But I would say in the distance anywhere else it certainly wouldn't be necessary & they wouldn't even know what they were. It seems to me they would go at more of an angle, not straight up & down, but almost the same angle as the guy's uplifted arm, to give it a 3-D effect.
       154. I KNOW YOU'RE NOT A MUSICIAN, BUT THE ONLY NOTES IN MUSIC THAT ARE HOLLOW LIKE THAT ARE HALF NOTES, & they require no flags. So since you've got flags on all those, you'd better fill in those notes. The musicians would notice that right away! The flags are not exactly musically accurate, but they're close enough. They'll give the artist a little leeway there I think, but they wouldn't forgive you for making all those half notes, or whole notes that have no flagstaff at all. So they should be at least filled in black.
* * *

       155. I'M JUST CRAZY ABOUT THE GORGEOUS COLOUR PRINTS YOU SENT OF THE TOP VIEW, THEY'RE JUST BEAUTIFUL! I gave them out to the whole Family! I think it's gorgeous & I'm sure we can roll it now! And I got your corrections on the black-&-white Side View & I sure like it better! Everything looks just lovely now!
       156. ON THE SECOND FLOOR, THE SECOND BEDROOM WHERE WE CAN SEE THE BED HORIZONTALLY WHERE THE TWO ARE TALKING, SHOULDN'T THE BED HAVE SOME SIGN OF THE BOTTOM OF IT WHERE IT'S RESTING ON THE FLOOR? And this first one here on the second floor, this first bedroom, we can see distinctly the bottom of all the other furniture so clearly, but a big bed like that, wouldn't the bottom show a little more than just two straight lines there? Maybe if you'd run a horizontal line across connecting those two lines, it would be a little more understandable. And I think if there was just some faint suggestion of the bottom of that other bed, they'd get the point too. Poor guy, having to pick your art to pieces! But this is a masterpiece & we really want it to look good.
       157. ON THE THIRD FLOOR, THAT DOORWAY HAS ONE SIDE EXTENDED DOWN, BUT THE OTHER SIDE YOU CAN'T SEE.--Or it at least ought to have perspective lines like the bed. I presume that's a stool on the right there, & if you can see the stool that clearly, it looks like you could also see the feet a little more on the floorline, & the same with the chest on the left. We're putting little enough there to indicate it's see-through. Since there is already a perspective line on the bottom of the bed, I think maybe one little perspective line from the left side going back in the same direction as the one on the bed would bring it out a little more realistically. And since there's another drawer down there, I don't know whether it would show or not. Having not visited this mansion I really don't know!--Ha!
       158. YOU DID ESPECIALLY WELL ON THE ONES ON THE CHILDREN'S BEDROOM, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE YOU FORGOT A FEW ON THIS ONE. As long as we're doing it, we might as well get it right. I'll just trust you on that, you can go ahead with the colour & I don't need to see another proof. I'm sure it will be all right. It's very minor & probably if you didn't do it they wouldn't even notice it, but I'm a perfectionist too & I just notice those things. I think it would be good. Some people are going to pick up on this, probably particularly other artists!
       159. NOW TAKE THE LEFT SIDE OF THE THIRD FLOOR WHERE THE COUPLE ARE THERE IN BED, LOOK AT THE BALCONY LINE LEADING OFF INTO THE DISTANCE. If the top of the balcony line is that clear, why wouldn't the floor line be that clear?--And the floor line does not begin right in the corner on the left side. It seems to me, if anything, you'd be able to see that floor line a little clearer as it fades off in the distance, rather than the balcony line above it. If you can see the balcony line that clear, surely you could see, for example, the floor line of the third floor bedroom, but maybe it's hidden by the sparkle. Thank the Lord for a few sparkles! A few sparkles cover a multitude of & other things.
       160. I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO PUT SOME CLOUDS? I guess you want to put them with colour. And you understood that on that rainbow, I didn't mean you couldn't have any lines at all, you could have some real faint blue lines to guide your colourwork which wouldn't show. Well, with colour photography you don't know what's going to happen, blue might show. Normally light blue doesn't show up on colour. Or you could just leave the faintly erased lines there.
       161. I'D SURE HATE TO HAVE TO PAINT A RAINBOW, A PERFECT CIRCLE, WITHOUT ANY GUIDELINES! I don't see how you could do it without the help of some kind of lines in order to get the rainbow perfectly circular. We're not that finicky that you can't use guidelines of some kind, & if you can faintly see them it's not going to be that bad. Everything else is beautiful, I'm just being finicky, just a few things that I notice as I study it.
       162. I GUESS WE'RE REALLY BEING PICKY, BUT AFTER ALL, HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET TO DRAW A SEE-THROUGH HOUSE? It's really a problem! Like that famous "X-ray Eyes" vision that time--that thing nearly drove me nuts! But Eman did a good job of that, he really made it look realistic & about the way I saw it. But I had to draw him a sketch to show what I felt showed & what didn't, etc., & it was pretty hard to do. Okay, next thing I'll expect to see is either the finished colour or a trial colour or partial colour! GBY!--Tx! ILY!
* * *

       (After receiving a colour print of the partially-coloured Heavenly Mansion Side View, Dad said:)
       163. WELL, I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN SAY ANY MORE THAN I'VE ALREADY SAID! I've just been gazing at the magnificent splendour of our Heavenly Home in full gorgeous colour & it is absolutely beautiful! This poster is going to be gorgeous, a masterpiece! I liked your streaks on the Wall very much! I like the way you've got'm in varying sizes & I think it gives the illusion of 3-D depth, which it needs for the Wall & I think they'll get the point. And just as you noticed, when you tinted them a little bit gold over the blue, they look almost a pale green. So don't be afraid of that, that's what the effect would be. When I look through my amber sunglasses at blue sky, it looks a little aquamarine!
       164. THAT GOLD TINT ON THE TWO STREAKS YOU COLOURED SLIGHTLY YELLOW IS A PERFECT COLOUR FOR THAT, BECAUSE THEY SHOULDN'T BE WHITE. They should have a little gold tint to them like that. That mixture with blue gives you the impression of almost a very pale green, yellowish-green sort of. That's beautiful, just beautiful, I like it! So go right ahead & finish the rest of it--rainbow, fountain, lion, etc. It's almost unearthly & that's what it's supposed to be! Everything's supposed to be a little more so & better there! So if things look better than the natural, well, why not?
       165. I LIKED YOUR FURNITURE & IT WOULD NATURALLY HAVE A SORT OF A GOLDEN TINT THROUGH THOSE GOLD WALLS, SO IT LOOKS FINE! I like the way you added colour to those curtains on the four-posted beds, that's real pretty. I just can't see a thing I don't like, I like it all! I love it! The way you finished off the furniture showing slightly through the floors I think is just beautiful!
       166. IT'S SO GORGEOUS, I WAS SITTING HERE THINKING THAT EACH ONE OF THESE ALMOST DESERVES TO BE A POSTER BY ITSELF! I wish we could! Somebody suggested we can go ahead & run off a lot of extra ones of this & then if we want to use them for other things we can just cut them apart. It's worth it! I think we ought to run lots of extras, because we're going to have a demand for them. Once they've got it on the press most of the work is done, it's just a matter of running it a little longer & more paper. All our hard work is the most priceless part of it--your hard work!--My critiques too, but you're the one that's done it! And it's a masterpiece, it really is! I really like it & I can't say enough about it!
       167. I LIKE YOUR IDEA TOO ABOUT THE SEE-THROUGH ROBES! The one white girl on the left shows through pretty well, so why don't we just let it all hang out on the brown girl & let her show through like you suggested. All you have to do to that is touch it up with a little brown showing through the white. I'll leave that to your judgement--you're the artist! Even the men's gowns ought to be a little more see-through, especially the one with the dark skin. Because that's the way they look, they're all see-through!--The ones that I saw anyhow.
       168. THERE'S NO USE IN US TRYING TO PLEASE PEOPLE THAT DON'T LIKE SEX & NUDITY! Let's really make it beautiful & let it all hang out! It's God's creation! Now don't go to the opposite extreme just because I said that, we've got to make'm look like they at least have something on. I told Eman that, because on the first couple batches of his slideshow art he got so scared he had those gals so dressed up they were long-sleeved & up to the neck & down to the ankles practically & you couldn't see a thing! I said, "One of your greatest talents is being able to draw those gorgeous gals, those female figures! What are you covering them up for?" And he said that he understood they were going to have to show those slideshows in churches.
       169. THAT'S WHAT GAVE RISE, BY THE WAY, TO THAT LITTLE TALK ABOUT "WE'RE STILL A REVOLUTION" & WE CAN'T TRY TO PLEASE THEM!--Never! It's impossible! It would be like Jesus trying to please the Scribes & the Pharisees, so we might as well not try! So I said, "Go ahead & let it show!" Well, what do you suppose? The next pictures I got they looked to me like they didn't have a stitch on! I had to look really close & I finally saw a few little tiny fine wavy lines that suggested that they had on some kind of a veil or something. These two gorgeous gals, the Holy Spirit & another one, sitting side by side with Jesus on thrones looked like they were absolutely stark naked! So I sent them back & said, "Now listen, you're supposed to make'm look like they've got a little something on, even if it's see-through! Don't make it so hard to find that you can't even see if they've got anything on at all!"
       170. YOU CAN OBVIOUSLY TELL THE FLYER ON THE LEFT THERE HAS GOT SOMETHING ON, BUT YOU CAN SEE THROUGH IT! We ought to be able to do the same with all of them. In fact, with all these Heavenly figures you draw, they should wear those beautiful sort of scintillating sparkling gowns, really beautiful! One of our girls used to have a white veil like that with little sparkles on it, & boy, I looked at that see-through veil & said, "That looks like the stuff they wear in Heaven!" They're almost like white robes of light! Well, I know you're going to try to put some sparkles on the robes now, but that's too much work! I don't know how you'd do that anyhow. But that's the way they look, like beautiful white see-through gossamer gowns, like robes of light that sparkle!
       171. I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO TRY IT, I SHOULDN'T HAVE MENTIONED IT! Well, it would look pretty with just little tiny sparkles, not big ones like you've got on the mansion. Just little tiny tiny ones, not more than a couple of millimeters long, very small. They don't have to be covered with sparkles, don't go to the other extreme, just a few little glitters here & there like they almost have little diamonds on them or something. Now don't go to too much trouble, please! The biggest & best sparkles as far as I can see are those glorious bodies that God made showing through, that's what really sparkles! And you sure know how to draw'm, boy! You & dear Eman are some of the best of any of our artists at drawing gorgeous bodies!
       172. AND I DON'T THINK THOSE STREAKS BEHIND THE MAIN FLYERS NECESSARILY HAS THE EFFECT OF SLOWING THEM DOWN, BECAUSE AFTER ALL, THEY LOOK TO ME LIKE THEY'RE SORT OF HOVERING THERE. If you can fly, you can float too, so they could sort of just be hovering there looking at the mansion. Why not? They don't have to be zooming around all the time. The smaller ones look like they're zooming, so that's fine. Some are zooming & some are hovering! Oh, won't our kids have fun? Hallelujah! You're on the home stretch! I think you've just about got it done!
       173. FROM SEEING THIS OTHER PRINT WITH THE TEST STREAKS ON IT, IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE YOU HAD THE WHOLE THING DONE ONCE BEFORE! You are a rascal! You know what you remind me of? You remind of that old joke about the two old Okies & Arkies! You're not old enough for this, but when I was a kid they still had these things. They'd show a great big watermelon in the store window, & of course it was just to draw a crowd & get shoppers & that sort of thing. They'd say on Saturday when everybody came to town from the country, they were going to have a watermelon-eating contest, & whoever could eat that watermelon, or one just as big, would get the prize. Ever so often they used to have those contests when I was a kid, but too many guys killed themselves overeating! It got to be a hazardous contest!
       174. WELL ANYHOW, THE OLD JOKE GOES--& I THINK YOU'LL GET THE APPLICATION--THE TWO GUYS WERE STANDING THERE LOOKING AT THE WATERMELON & one guy says, "Hey there, Zeke, do you think you could eat that melon?" He said, "I think so, Josh, I believe I could eat that melon!" "Well, why don't you join the contest?" "Well, I've gotta kinda think it over a little bit & wait awhile, I'll see." "Well, if you decide to join the contest, I'll see you later!" So a couple hours later Zeke & Josh came back & Zeke was all primed up & ready to eat the watermelon.--And he did, he ate it, the whole thing! So Josh said, "You really did it, you won the prize, you ate it! But why did you tell me you had to go home first & think about it?" He said, "Josh, at home I had me a melon just about that there size & I figured if I could eat that one, I could eat this one!" Get the point?
       175. YOU GET ONE PRACTICALLY DONE & YOU FIGURE, WELL, MAYBE YOU CAN REALLY DO IT, THEN YOU PAINT ANOTHER ONE! You rascal! The first one you did with the streaks was pretty enough! Well, if you said you made a mistake, you're the doctor, & I'll let you have your way, as long as it comes out beautifully in the end. But I don't want you painting too many pictures! Now don't you go home & eat too many watermelons! If you eat too many, you might not be able to finish up the prize one!
       176. GOD BLESS YOU, SON, YOU'RE REALLY DOING BEAUTIFULLY, JUST GORGEOUS! It just thrills me & makes me want to go there too! I hope it's going to make everybody want to go there, including all the folks we're talking to. Maybe it will encourage them to make a decision! Why not? That's the whole idea, to make us all want to go there & take everybody with us! The kids really love'm!
       177. AND PLEASE TELL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER HE JUST DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB ON THOSE PRINTS! I think he's just getting down to perfection, like you & your pictures! I don't know if I've been much help, it seems like I've been more hindrance, telling you more things I want in the picture & finding more things to change! Well, I just look at it & study it & think & pray & I just sort of envision it & get visions of the way it is! I'm sure you are, Boy! You sure did a gorgeous job, bless your heart, & I'm sure He's given you visions--obviously! They're really coming out gorgeous!
       178. ISN'T THAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME? Wow! This Side View is the first one really close-up of the house, & boy oh boy! I think the Front View is really going to be the grand finale!--Not to even speak of the City, of course, but that's going to be the most gorgeous one of the house! GBY! Well, finish this one up & shoot it back to me for final approval! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!
       179. THESE ARE PRICELESS & A WHOLE LOT OF WORK, GOD BLESS YOU, BUT NOW THAT YOU LOOK AT IT, DON'T YOU FEEL LIKE IT'S REALLY WORTH IT? I feel like singing that song: "It's gonna live forever, it's gonna learn how to fly!" They're going to be flying all over the World like a flag, advertising our Heavenly Home! So I really think it's worth it!--Just beautiful!
       180. LET'S PRAY THE LORD WILL BLESS & KEEP US SO WE'LL LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO FINISH THIS! And then we've got to start the next one with the beautiful River of Life you already drew & the outside Ministry of the Leaves that you already drew & the Heavenly Village you already drew! We've got the other poster half-done! So there you are! Now don't let that discourage you, that's the future! We've gotta keep going, you know! After all, we shouldn't be the only people that know anything about Heaven, we've gotta tell the people that don't know! PTL!--Let's tell the whole World!
* * *

       181. GOD BLESS YOU, SON! THE FINAL PICTURE YOU SENT ME OF THE CORNER PIC WAS JUST GORGEOUS!--How you brought the bright colour of each layer right up to the Pearl & the Angel instead of having the colours fade out. I showed it to everybody & they were all raving about it! They couldn't think of anything else we could do to it! I told them by the time we get that far along they can forget about making any changes anyway, because all you can do is make a little change in tint or colour or something & that's about it. But I don't think it needs any at all, no change whatsoever on anything! They thought the green was plenty dark enough & beautiful & they loved the new contrast between the Wall colours & the Pearl, it really looks so much better!
       182. I DON'T THINK YOU HAVE TO RE-TOUCH ANYTHING! I think the risk is too great & I don't think it's needed at all. Everybody says it's just gorgeous & I think it's ready to roll! And I don't think we can improve on the Top View any either--everybody thought it was great! So I would say the three vertical pix are done, finito, & from what I last saw, the Side View was practically done & will only need one more check by me for final okay! So that makes four that are virtually done!
       183. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M THINKING?--THIS THING'S COMING ALONG SO FAST, WHY EVEN SEND OUT A BLACK-&-WHITE POSTER? The only reason they might need a black-&-white is if they want to get copies made for the street, so we might go ahead with it. The point is, it's to sort of whet their appetite for the big one! They could get one of those banners & posters like they use in demonstrations & carry the big colour one & offer'm copies of the little one! After they've seen the big one they can run home with the little one! Well, we'll think about that, now I want to talk about this Front View!
       184. I AGREED WITH ALMOST ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS EXCEPT FOR A COUPLE, & I MAY HAVE A BETTER SUGGESTION FOR SOME OF THEM! I don't think we should have any smaller people in the living room, I think they're just about the right size. However, on this big a picture, I think they should perhaps be a little more distinct. The people in the alcove along the columned walk have features, so why not the people in the living room? All you have to do with most of them is the back of their heads, & the others you don't have to change very much. They shouldn't be any smaller but they could be a little clearer.
       185. I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE GIRL IN FRONT ON THE LEFT WALKING WITH THE YOUNG FELLOW WHOSE FEATURES YOU PLAN TO MAKE A LITTLE PRETTIER. I never liked heavy-jowled women with big jutting jaws, they're kind of masculine. You know I had you change some of those on the Maria poster. So I agree with that, you need to make her look a little more feminine & pretty. And guess what else? They're always wanting a pregnant woman somewhere & she's the ideal one right there in front! Let's smack'm in the face with it! I mean, one of the biggest proofs we've got of sex in Heaven is that there's going to be pregnant women there! So let's sock it to'm with a pregnant woman there in Heaven! Make her nice & pregnant, boy, right smack dab there in front! Hallelujah! The young couple on the front bench here makes it pretty obvious that there's sex, but we're going to show that there's results! Hallelujah!
       186. YOU TALKED ABOUT SEEING THROUGH THAT RIGHT GLASS WALL, WELL, YOU KNOW ME & BLANK SPACES!--IF YOU'RE GOING TO SEE THROUGH IT, YOU'RE GOING TO SEE A LOT MORE THAN THAT! You're going to see the neighbour's rear garden just like ours, with a railing in the back at about the right distance. And you know what else you're going to see? In the City picture our mansion is really supposed to be facing out, & if you were out in front of that like we are here, looking back across our mansion in that direction, do you know what we would see in the City?--The top of the Crystal Tower! I'd say it would be at least up level with that palm branch that's sticking out there, about that height, & you could have the top of the Crystal Tower showing there with the top of the Crystal & all in the distance! Look how close it is to our mansion! Look how tall it is! You can look right out over the back porch & there it is!
       187. AND THEN OF COURSE IF YOU HAD THAT THERE, TO GIVE IT A TOUCH OF COLOUR, SOME NICE BRIGHT BLUE, YOU COULD JUST SHOW ABOUT A QUARTER OR EVEN LESS OF THE SPHERE! Don't you think maybe a little bit of that ball could be showing just above the balcony there behind the trees & the flowerpots? And you know what would finish up that nice big corner space with nothing in it above the Crystal Tower? You know what I really like on these! Take a look at your Side View--the other pair of flyers! Just turn'm around the other direction & stick'm right up there in that corner! Have'm close enough that we can see'm, even if you have to put them partly over the Crystal Tower!
       188. COME IN A LITTLE FROM THE BORDER ON THE RIGHT & THEN HAVE THE CRYSTAL TOWER ALMOST OVER TO THE BALCONY & ABOUT AS TALL AS THE FLOWER POT. And so they can recognise that that's the view beyond the neighbour's garden, etc., you've got to complete a little bit of garden for the neighbours with the railings like we have on the back end of ours. Then you're going to have to show the Crystal Tower sticking up above their railing, & if you can get that touch of blue ball it would sure look pretty! We may not be too realistic on our perspective, but at this angle, how are they going to know? It's pretty hard to tell--I haven't looked back at the City from this angle! I'm looking at it now though!
       189. I NOTICED THAT LITTLE FLYER TO THE RIGHT OF THE DOME IS PREGNANT!--That's nice! That ought to encourage the pregnant mothers that they can fly & they don't have to be so heavy! You could move her over a bit if you need the space, like she's about to fly right into the children's bedroom, or she could be flying into the children's bedroom!--That's how she gets there! Then you've got plenty of room for your other pair of flyers. Then when you find out how much room you've got underneath them, you'll know how big to make the Tower & whether you can show a little bit of the blue ball behind the balcony. Now don't forget to give the neighbour a little bit of garden there!
       190. WHAT ELSE IS IN THAT DIRECTION FROM OUR HOUSE? I think that's all you need to show, we don't want to get too much in there. I think that's the only building that's tall enough that you could see from this angle. Take a look at your City--if you were looking out of our house over the neighbour's yard, wouldn't you see that Crystal Tower there? It's the tallest one & we're bound to be able to see it! It's pretty close too. That way they can see what's behind there & they kind of get oriented with their bearings, where they are & what the view is out back. We should be able to see the neighbour's garden there & the top of the Crystal Tower.
       191. AND AS I SAID, WHEN YOU GET THE FLYERS IN THERE YOU'LL KNOW WHETHER YOU'VE GOT A LITTLE ROOM BEHIND OUR FIRST FLOOR BALCONY TO SHOW EVEN A SLIGHT CURVE OF THAT BLUE BALL behind those flowers against that golden building! Wouldn't that be gorgeous? If even some of the palm fronds were hanging down in front of it you'd have a lot of colour in that corner! First of all give the flyers priority & then fill the bottom part in with the Crystal Tower & the blue ball! It needed something there!
       192. OH, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'D SEE OVER ON THE OTHER SIDE?--YOU'D SEE THE CHILDCARE BUILDING WITH ITS BIG RED HEART STICKING UP THERE! You'd see just a tiny corner of the neighbour's garden behind the horse, with another line showing the rear railing, & then just beyond that you've got enough room underneath the flyers to put that heart so it would be right about in the middle of that space beneath their feet, between the tip of the cypress tree & the flowers on the balcony, & just show a bit of the building underneath it there so they can get their bearings of where they're at! Wouldn't that be pretty? And that would give it a nice big touch of red right there, that big red heart! The more colour we get, the better!
       193. ON THE SECOND FLOOR, THE RIGHT-HAND BEDROOM WHERE THE GIRL'S THROWING OPEN HER GOWN THERE SO BEAUTIFULLY & HER MAN IS SITTING THERE VIEWING HER, I REALLY LOVE THAT POSE! You're not going to clothe her any more, I hope, because I think she's beautiful the way she is & he's apparently enjoying the view! I guess he's already in bed & she's tossing it off! She's doing a dance for him! Gorgeous! Hallelujah!
       194. I HOPE THOSE ARE INCENSE POTS THERE ON THE SECOND FLOOR BALCONY, BECAUSE THEY WON'T NEED ANY TORCHES! A little incense is fine though. And since we had music coming out of the Side View domes, shouldn't we have a little music here too? That's something you can fill up the sky above the domes with a little bit. Our people are always playing music, so get some notes up there! Don't forget that those 8th notes, 16th notes, etc., are filled in black, even your quarter notes. Quarter notes don't have flags on them though. 8th notes have one flag & 16th notes have two flags as I recall. A whole note is a hollow oval, a half note is a hollow oval with a flagpole, & a quarter note is a solid filled-in black oval, smaller, with a flagpole. The eighth note is the same thing with one flag, 16th is two flags, etc. We didn't expect you to be a musician, but maybe someone there who knows their music can tell you how to do those! You did fine on the ones you did, but let's have some up there in the sky. We've always got music, & up there in their bedrooms they're bound to be playing music!
       195. THE COUPLE STANDING OUT ON THE BALCONY ON THE THIRD FLOOR, LEFT-HAND SIDE, MUST HAVE JUST GOT OUT OF BED BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON! Well, that's okay! They just jumped out of bed & they're standing there enjoying the view--why not? I like them like they are! They look really nice! All the girls here "oohed" & "aahed" when I suggested you were going to show a little more of the men's bodies through those gowns! "Oh yes!" they said & practically swooned! They said we don't show enough handsome men's bodies in our pictures! Maria's really stuck in a rut, she said we ought to have more pictures of me!--Ha! Ho, ho! Well, they've got one picture of me there, that's enough! At this distance it's the only one you could possibly recognise anyhow. So PTL!
       196. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT PREGNANT MOM IS DOING ALL BY HERSELF UP THERE BY THE DOME! Well, if she's going up to take care of the kids, she could be going by herself. She could have just been coming up from the lower floor or something. Right now she looks like she's been on a shopping trip to the City! Hey, you know what you could do?--You could even put her right inside the dome like she's just flown in & she's hovering over the kids like a guardian angel! And I'm sure you're going to do a little bit more for the furniture & the folks up there.
       197. ON THE THIRD FLOOR I CAN SEE THE TOP OF A COUPLE OF PEOPLE'S HEADS IN THE RIGHT-HAND BEDROOM BED, BUT WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THE MIDDLE BEDROOM?--I guess they went down to watch television! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned, so why don't we add a couple there sitting up looking at the view or talking to each other or something? They could be leaning up against opposite bedposts looking at each other talking. I thought that was a clever way you had that in one of those bedrooms downstairs. Not everybody is always fucking, they could be talking to each other! We don't make love all the time! I think that would help that third floor center bedroom not look quite so empty!
       198. THEN ON THE SECOND FLOOR, THE LEFT-HAND BEDROOM, I THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO PUT A MAN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GIRL. You might even put his one arm around her with his hand on her you-know-what or whatever & have them look like they're kissing. He'd be big enough to be able to see him on the other side of her. At this distance & that small, you could even put him a little bit on top of her maybe. What's wrong with that? We've got one couple making love right in front of me coming out the door, so you'd certainly be expecting to see somebody in bed making love! That looks to me like that would be the ideal one. Since you've got to draw a man in there anyhow, why not put him half on top of her?--Sort of a little bit to one side so you can't really tell what he's doing, but then if you wanted to imagine it that way you could! Savvy? In other words, any critics couldn't prove it, maybe he's just lying on the other side of her.
       199. THE COUPLE EMBRACING IN THE SECOND FLOOR MIDDLE BEDROOM, DON'T YOU THINK THEY'D LOOK A LOT BETTER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BED where we could see them & see what they're doing? I like'm, they're obviously male & female in embrace, so why do we have to have a chair in front of them? You can leave the chair there but just move them over in the middle. If they're going to be loving up that much, they could be naked too! After all, they're up there on the balcony just outside their bedroom.
       200. WE'RE NOT GOING TO PULL OUR PUNCHES ON THIS PICTURE, LET'S LET IT ALL HANG OUT! We're not trying to please the church people. These big colour posters are only going to be hanging in our Homes anyhow & on the small black-&-white you couldn't tell what they were doing, it's going to be so small! So you don't have to worry about that one. These couples sitting right here on the front bench are going to be obvious enough. Whatever the people are doing up there in those bedrooms is going to be down to such microscopic size on the black-&-white that nobody could possibly tell what they're doing!--But in the big colour poster you'll be able to see'm & appreciate'm!
       201. WE'VE GOT ENOUGH NUDITY IN THIS, WE SURE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY MORE! We've got naked girls right here in the front & naked couples sitting right on the edge of the pool & one that's almost naked sitting right here facing us on the bench, so why worry? This is real art! It's not pornography, it's art! It's a masterpiece & they've got plenty of nudity in art masterpieces! Righto? Okey-doke! I guess that's enough to keep you busy for awhile! You'd better finish colouring the Side View first, & then you can work on this Front View! GBY!
       202. LORD BLESS & KEEP HIM & GIVE HIM WISDOM, INSPIRATION, GUIDANCE & VISION TO DO THESE LITTLE CORRECTIONS & finish up the colour & all that needs to be done. Guide his hands & protect the pictures so he won't make any mistakes or spoil anything, Lord, when it's so delicate in finishing the colour. Do bless & help him & keep the pictures safely & help us to get them out. We're thrilled with the progress, & these are going to be a tremendous blessing!
* * *

       203. IT'S JUST ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, OF COURSE, AS I EXPECTED, & YOUR ADDITIONS WERE VERY GOOD! I've got one or two little suggestions but nothing major, don't worry! Let's start in the upper right-hand corner & go the Jewish direction, shall we? I love your new flyers! I just wish they were bigger to show how pretty she is, because when this gets down much smaller they're going to hardly see it! It wouldn't matter to me if their legs were under the title, their whole legs up to the knees even, & if his hand is almost touching the dome & if her body was over that top palm frond! That top palm frond could even be bent over a little bit. I'd like to see'm almost twice that size, really, or you can't really appreciate the beauty of it! The people are the most interesting of all! You could have their legs stuck underneath the text over there even up to her thighs, if necessary, as long as you see the most beautiful parts of her. I realise a woman's legs are beautiful too, but in this case we've got to sacrifice the legs for the body! I'd like to see them almost that big. We don't need that palm frond as much as we need to see them!
       204. NUMBER TWO SUGGESTION, TAKE A LOOK AT THAT SPARKLE BELOW THE TITLE. Now what is sparkling? It seems to me now that you've got that beautiful blue dome you're going to have back there, that globe, that should be the place for your sparkle, right about on top of that globe or somewhere near the top of it.
       205. NUMBER THREE, THE FIRST THING THAT STRUCK MY EYE WAS THAT OUR CRYSTAL HAS SUDDENLY TURNED INTO AN OIL WELL! What's it doing sticking up above the roof? It's supposed to be pivoting between a pivot at the bottom & a pivot at the top, & here it's gone plumb through the roof! Don't worry about it, all you have to do is raise the roof--like I do sometimes! There's room enough to get it up there to where the top point is hidden behind that cross bar. Make it a little taller & make the columns a little longer.
       206. BECAUSE IT'S REVOLVING, IT'S OBVIOUSLY PIVOTED ON THE TOP & BOTTOM, or maybe it's spinning like a top on its bottom, but anyhow, the top point did not reach up through the roof. If you'll look at your original on the City, it reaches to the roof or to that top, whatever it is. If it's not a roof, at least it's some kind of a circle & it has something to do with the top end of the crystal, probably to keep it balanced or pivoted or something. The pivots would have to be, therefore, in that top--what I call the roof. So I would raise that to where the top of the roof is just barely above the point, or even to where the point just meets the top of the roof, & of course the point would then be out of sight. So let's raise the roof on that to where the top point of the Crystal is inside of that rotunda.
       207. NOW, GOING FROM THERE, READING JEWISH STYLE TO THE LEFT, I LOVE YOUR PREGNANT MAMA WHO'S HOVERING OVER THE CHILDREN IN THE RIGHT-HAND DOME, & you sure improved the furniture & the way things look! But look at the other two children's bedrooms--they lack people! I don't think I've ever seen our kids' bedroom when there weren't two or three kids in it at a time. They look a little lonesome up there all by themselves! So I'd add more people, at least another child or two in each one.
       208. AND I DON'T BELIEVE IN LETTING KIDS JUST BE BY THEMSELVES, I THINK THERE OUGHT TO BE AN ADULT IN EACH ROOM! Kids that small ought to have teachers & watchers! "A child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame." (Pr.29:15.) So I'd put some more people in there. I never noticed that till you got it so nice & clear now, & it looks so nice with Mama hovering, bringing back a basket of eggs or something for breakfast or whatever. Anyhow, she's beautiful, & I'd like to see at least one childcare worker in each one of those bedrooms & maybe another kid or two or three! If that's a desk in front of the chair, we should have kids that are old enough to sit at a desk doing their homework, okay? You can spread'm around any way you think is best. Some of them might be taking naps. David usually sits up & does his schoolwork while the girls are asleep. He doesn't take naps any more, he's a big boy now!
       209. THIRD FLOOR BEDROOMS, EVERYTHING'S FINE! I don't see anything that needs to be added at all. It's very beautiful. It looks like somebody is in the bed on the right, you can't tell it very clearly but I guess they are. It seems to me there used to be a couple of heads there! But anyhow, it shows a couple of lumps there so there must be two people in that right-hand third-story bedroom. You might be able to make their heads a little clearer. It looks like there's a brunette boy on the left & a blonde girl on the right. You know, we're expecting the impossible of you, Son!--To make microscopic figures, micros!
       210. THE SECOND FLOOR IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! I don't think you can add a thing to it, it's just fine! You didn't put the couple in the middle bedroom in the middle though. I think they would be more obvious & you wouldn't have to look for them if they were standing right in front of the bed, just like the bed was a frame around them. If you just move them over there I think people would notice them more, otherwise you see this empty bed first & then you look around & just happen to notice them outside. They're a little inconspicuous. I mentioned that last time but I guess you didn't catch it.
       211. NOW DOWN ON THE FIRST FLOOR, I SEE THE TOP OF THE CHILDCARE BUILDING POKING UP THERE & IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! I hope they'll understand that that's what it is, but if they don't, that's okay. If they think we've got that heart out on the railing, that's all right. But anyway, that's the best you can do, you can't show the whole building because it's too low.
       212. IS THERE ROOM TO INSCRIBE "CRYSTALS OVERHEAD" ON THE TOP OF THAT CRYSTAL BUILDING? That would remind them what it is & they would relate then & realise, "Well this is the City I'm seeing over beyond the garden!" I'm sure they'll recognise that Love Heart & remember what that was, but they may not grasp that Crystal Building right away. Don't you think that'll help ID the building so they'll recognise it & kind of get an idea of where they're at?
       213. EVERYTHING DOWN IN THE LEFT-HAND GARDEN IS BEAUTIFUL! Everybody raved about your peacock, of all things, the lovely colour you got into it in the Side View! When I was looking at that couple walking along there, it seemed like they should have had a little child by the hand! I want to see lots of kids around! He's got his hand out, & I looked at it a couple of times & thought, well is that supposed to be a child there?--Just sort of like I missed a child being there. So the father there can have a child by the hand!
       214. NOW GO TO THE LIVING ROOM & THE MOST CONSPICUOUS THING YOU MISS THERE RIGHT AWAY IS JESUS IN THE CRYSTAL BALL! Why don't we just put the same one in, & this time He's facing this direction! After all, if He's going to have an audience all around, He probably turns around while He's talking or something!
       215. AND THEN GOING ON ACROSS, WE KNOW THAT'S THE EMPTY DINING ROOM BECAUSE EVERYBODY'S IN THE LIVING ROOM! But don't you think we should be able to see those chairs a little clearer, clear down to the baseboard? Just continue those lines down to that bottom line. And those frames on the other side of the room, I can't tell whether those are windows or doors! If they're doors, it seems they'd come down a lot lower, so I think you can just raise the bottom line. Maybe I'm wrong, but take a look at your floor plan & see where your doors are at. The left-hand door is even out beyond the left-hand end of the table, so from this angle I think you could just about see the whole door clear down to the floor. I want to make it realistic, Son, & make it look like they're looking into the real thing! Those aren't two windows there!--Maybe they were originally, but now we've got doors! We finally decided they weren't going to just shove the food through a window, they're going to walk into the kitchen!
       216. FROM THIS ANGLE, I WOULD SAY THE RIGHT-HAND DOOR IS ABOUT THE RIGHT PLACE, only we should be able to see the top of the door. Sort of turn it around & continue the lines down to the table or chair or whatever they hit, to show that somewhere below the table there is the bottom of the door. But I believe you could see the whole left-hand door there, & if you can see the whole door, if you look at the picture of the floor plan you can see people working in the kitchen! We can think of more things for you, Son! I've got more ideas than a dog has fleas!
       217. THAT'LL GIVE IT DEPTH IF YOU SHOW THAT FULL DOOR & THEN YOU SHOW SOMEBODY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR WORKING AT THE KITCHEN TABLE! Actually the right-hand door ought to be a little more to the left. Look at your floor plan & position yourself--you're looking at that table from a little beyond the left end, so therefore we should see that left-hand kitchen door in full & then the other one closer to the fir tree. You can show somebody through one kitchen door or both of them! They're out there doing the dishes! After all, it looks like they're finished with dinner & they've all gone into the living room to watch TV!
       218. NOW OUTSIDE THE DINING ROOM, THE COUPLE WALKING THERE LOOK JUST FINE, BUT HE'S GOT HIS HAND OUT THERE LIKE HE COULD BE LEADING ANOTHER CHILD! We have lots of kids, so how about having another little child there? I don't like to see these couples going around single & childless! Hallelujah? There's room right there for him to be taking another little child by the hand. The little children really notice these things & if there's a lot of kids I think they're going to be pleased to see they're going to have lots of friends & fellowship. We also need a child with his arm around the lion just like you had in the Side View.
       219. I DON'T THINK YOU COULD COME UP WITH ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL FIGURES THAN YOU'VE ALREADY DRAWN ALONG THE POOL! I love your pregnant woman, that was a great idea! It looks like he's patting her fanny! She's just gorgeous! What a shocking picture of Heaven, huh? People are really going to be amazed at our ideas of Heaven! Well, I think we proved it! That revelation we got about what's going to happen to all the pregnant mothers caught in the Rapture, that just about nails it down! (See No.1560.) After all, if pregnant mothers can go to Heaven & have babies up there, then why can't we have all the rest of it up there too? I think that just about proves it by plain simple logic!
       220. I LOVE ALL THE REST OF IT--YOUR SMILING DOGGY, THE MOTHER WITH THE BABY & THE LOVING COUPLE there totally ignoring them because they're absorbed in themselves! If I was really risqué I'd have her hand on his you-know-what, but I think we'd better leave well enough alone here! You know what your lute lacks, which shows you're not a musician?--It lacks the keys! Take a look at a guitar & add keys on the end of that lute, the same thing as a guitar.
       221. A LUTE IS REALLY VERY SIMPLE TO PLAY BECAUSE IT'S A MELODY INSTRUMENT WITH ALMOST NO CHORDING. Your strings are arranged in chords so that every stroke across the strings gives you a chord, all you do is change frets. Actually it's an 8-string instrument, double strings for each note. In other words, it's four pairs of strings & each pair is attached to a different key. So there ought to be four keys up there, two on each side, at the end of that lute. It's the father of the mandolin I used to play. It's funny how I don't see these things till you give me a big picture, then I can see every detail! Some of those details are absolutely yummy!--Makes me want to climb in & climb on! Hallelujah!
       222. YOU KNOW WHAT? TAKE A LOOK AT THE BENCHES & THE FLOWER BEDS & THE NICE LITTLE GRASS SPACE BETWEEN'M. If people were really walking back & forth there very often, which they must do to sit on the benches, you'd see a nice little brown pathway worn there between the flower beds where the earth is showing through, because so many people walk back & forth! They'd fade out at the margin, but would sort of widen to the right & left, sort of hourglass shaped, on both sides. That won't be too hard to do, you just make a little edge of green around the flowers on both sides & then a brown pathway. We need to make it realistic! I looked at this & thought in any garden I ever saw folks would have worn a pathway there by this time!
       223. WELL GOD BLESS YOU, THAT'S ALL THE SUGGESTIONS I HAVE FOR NOW! These aren't corrections, they're just additions! I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings when we make improvements on your pictures & you don't mind if we add a few things. This is going to be a product of all of us! After all, two heads are better than one! GBY!
* * *

       224. BESIDES THE SUGGESTIONS I GAVE YOU, I HAVE ONLY ONE MORE FROM THE FAMILY!--ONLY ONE MORE VALID ONE! There were a couple of other questions but I answered them easily, a couple of things like how come nobody's at the dining room table. You can see them in all the rest of the house, for goodness sakes, you can't eat all the time! Somebody wondered why the girl by the pool only had one leg when it's so obvious she's sitting on her leg!
       225. SO THE ONLY VALID SUGGESTION THAT I THOUGHT WAS GOOD WAS THAT THE KIDS WANT A CAT SITTING THERE in the little pathway next to the couple with the lute--l-u-t-e! Looks like's he's getting the loot! And I'll tell you what the cat would really be looking at--the parrot! That's what the cat should have his eye on! That's the natural place for the cat to be looking, so you'll have a left profile. That shouldn't take too much time to just draw a little cat. Remember, cats' ears don't flop down like dogs, they stick up! You'd better find a picture to copy from, because animals are a little hard to draw.
       226. SOMEBODY WAS WONDERING WHETHER THE CRYSTAL TOWER & THE LOVE BUILDING WERE THAT FAR APART--they still don't seem to have any idea of the immensity of this thing! But I thought we picked the right buildings myself, about what you'd see. Anyhow, that's it!
       227. YOU KNOW WHAT WE'RE HAVING OUR KIDS DO WITH THESE BIG TRIAL XEROXES YOU'VE BEEN SENDING ME? They not only colour'm now, but we got a brilliant idea! They colour'm & then they paste them on a sheet of cardboard & cut them up in little pieces & make jigsaw puzzles! We were trying to think of something else to do besides just colour'm. We have some other jigsaw puzzles that they get a lot of fun out of, & I just got the brilliant idea that these are just about the same size as their jigsaw puzzles! So I said, "Well why don't you colour'm & paste'm on a piece of cardboard & cut'm up in little pieces?" Your kids may enjoy that too, I don't know if they're old enough to do that or not.
       228. TECHI DID A PUZZLE RIGHT AWAY WITH ONLY 12 PIECES, so for your younger children maybe you could make'm only about six pieces so they could easily put it together. Then the next one maybe you could make a few more pieces just to see how well they can do. That also gets them studying the picture: "Where is this? Where is that? Where does this go?"--Because you've gotta really study the picture to figure out where things go! And with your spare pictures, a very easy thing to do would be to take the identical picture & lay it down in front of them, give them the pieces & tell them to lay each piece where it belongs. There's an idea for you! We might as well have our own jigsaw puzzles!--A good idea for the Family too! We could easily send them these individual big black-&-white pictures like this & suggest that they colour'm, stick'm on cardboard & cut'm up & make their own jigsaw puzzles! Okey-doke! Here we go, another idea!
* * *

       229. YOU'LL BE EXCITED TO HEAR THIS NEWS! As I suggested once before, I think we're going to push to get the colour poster out first, put our best foot forward to really impress the folks, & then I think they will appreciate more the black-&-white issue after we send them the colour. And you know what?--We've upped the ante on the colour! We're thinking about sending the first one out airmail to each Home, but following it up with about 15 more per Home for them to either sell or give to important people or post up in the post office or whatever!
       230. WE'RE GOING TO REALLY PUB'M! And we'll also have plenty left on hand in case we get any other orders & requests from people who really want'm for some reason or other. I think that will really go over! That's why these big companies can afford to print so many & sell'm as cheap as they do. Of course, they sell'm anywhere from $1 to $3. The first run, just enough for one per Home, costs us about $1 a copy, but after that, guess what? If we keep on runnin'm they only cost us 12 cents a copy! Isn't that amazing?--Not much more than the price of the paper! Isn't that terrific? So I said, well what are we thinking about? Why be such pikers & get so few that cost us so much, let's have a long run of maybe 70,000 copies so that every Home can have a whole bunch of them to use!--Amen?
       231. THIS IS REALLY A MESSAGE & WE REALLY WANT TO GET THIS MESSAGE OUT! The colour poster would really publicise it! We'll send the first copy airmail, one copy per Home, but the next ones we'll send surface mail in a package that'll be the equivalent of the thickness & weight of one of our books!
       232. THEN ON THE BLACK-&-WHITE, INSTEAD OF SENDING AN ADVANCE RUSH COPY OF THAT, which they really couldn't appreciate once they've seen the colour, I think the colour one will then sell them on the idea of distribution. Most of the places where they're at, small towns out in the boonies, usually don't have very much in the way of facilities for printing. If they have a small litho they're doing well! They probably can't do any enlarging or reducing or any fancy work like that, they just have to take a flat facsimile & make a plate of it & that's it. Anyhow, we're planning to do the black-&-white 1/4-David size, & they could just take it as is & a little local printer could just plate it like it is. Also it would be cheaper for them & much easier for them for distribution. And I think they'd really go!
       233. WE'RE PLANNING TO PUT A CONDENSATION OF THE SUBJECT ON THE BACK so they'd have all that information on the back & have this little thing right in their hand! Wouldn't that be great? This is about the size of some of the TKs they distribute, maybe twice that size, & I believe they could afford it. I believe they'd really get something out of it & people would really be willing to pay what it's worth & it would really have a message & really attract attention!--Especially walking down the street holding up the placard of the big colour one!--Ha! They could wear two as sandwich boards!
       234. WELL, THERE'S THE GOOD NEWS OF THE HAPPY FUTURE & WHAT A TREMENDOUS CIRCULATION WE'RE GOING TO GIVE THESE POSTERS BOTH IN BLACK-&-WHITE & IN COLOUR! I'm going to really put everything into it & trust the Lord to supply! I think it's really got a message--tremendous! I think we maybe ought to re-pub the Prophetic poster too with the recent revisions. We did that one in colour once but we were pikers on that & we didn't pub enough of'm! I think we really could have gotten those out too! I don't know whether they ever used the small black-&-white ones for distribution or not, but I think they would have really gone over, because people are really interested in the Future! Then wait'll we start doing more! Hallelujah!
* * *

       235. THAT MAXFIELD PARRISH BOOK IS PRICELESS! I was so thrilled when we got that book, it was just like it dropped out of Heaven, because he's almost unheard of today! Nobody goes for his art nowadays that I know of. His art is the nearest thing to Heavenly that I've ever seen by a secular artist! Several of those pictures could easily be used for Heaven, especially if they're colour, & we could stick those in amongst ours. Maxfield Parrish, of course, might suffer by comparison with ours! I think ours could sure stand up to his! But anyway, they're already drawn & coloured & beautiful, so why couldn't we use some of those for our next Heaven colour poster? Please think about that, because he was one of my favourite artists & painted the most Heavenly pictures I think I ever saw before ours! Don't hesitate to use'm wherever we can.
       236. HIS ART WAS SO REALISTIC & HE WAS SUCH A REALIST AS FAR AS THE FIGURES & PEOPLE WERE CONCERNED, THAT SOME OF HIS CRITICS EVEN ACCUSED HIM OF MERELY COLOURING PHOTOGRAPHS! Of course, he certainly couldn't possibly have photographed the background. I think the critics just didn't like it because it was such superb art & they were trying to find fault with it. In other words, they criticised him, saying it was too good to be art, it must be photography! It is really beautiful realism, & at the same time it's Heavenly. We can also use the black-&-whites wherever they'd be fitting, so by all means use as many as you can, anything that looks Heavenly or Millennial!
       237. BY THE WAY, DID YOU EVER COUNT HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN THAT FRONT VIEW PICTURE?--We've all come up with 80-some! Every time I count'm I get a different number, but it's always in the 80's! David swears up & down it's 84! He stands pat on that, he's positive! It makes you realise how much work that's been for you, Son, drawing all those tiny little figures & trying to make them look normal & human, etc. You've drawn portraits of about 84 people in just this one picture! Now that was a lot of work! You really ought to get a pat on the back & a special hug & kiss for that one, because that's really a masterpiece! All right, on with the show!
       238. I'M SENDING YOU THE FIRST PICTURE OF HEAVEN WE'VE GOTTEN AFTER THAT APPEAL IN "SHOW ME," & that appeal went out a long time ago!--It was in the first Heaven Book, so they've all gotten it, & so far this is the only one we've gotten! It just shows you--the great Artists never did it! So who done it?--We done it! We're doing it & we've got it more than half done & it's absolutely gorgeous! But don't go Home to Heaven yet even when you finish this poster, because we've got a few more to do!--In colour! Amen? Hallelujah? And the same to your photographer!--We need those gorgeous prints! Lord bless & keep'm & help'm to do a good job! Give them wisdom & inspiration, guidance, skill, the equipment & everything they need for the task, Lord, in Jesus' name!
* * *

       239. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT OUR HEAVEN GIRL OR SUPERGIRL? I'm trying to think of what to call her. What do you think about Heaven Girl? Heaven is a name for girls--Heaven Girl! Maria likes Supergirl, but you know, they've got Superman, Wonder Woman & all that kind of stuff, & she's so far superior to them that I don't even want to call her by that name! I just sort of like Heaven Girl! Maria said, "Well, it might sound too much like she's an angel or something." Well, she's like an angel! It also keeps you Heavenly minded. When you think of super, well, their Superman & Wonder Woman couldn't even hold a candle to our Heaven Girl! I think Maria just isn't used to hearing Heaven Girl, that's all.--So it's different!
       240. WELL LISTEN, I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS SO YOU WON'T FEEL BAD IF YOU DON'T GET THE JOB! I'm going to be keeping you so busy with all these other things, you've got so much to do, but I've been wanting to give Eman some major project to really keep him inspired. He's just thrilled with the idea of doing a composite of some of his existing colour Heavenly art perhaps for a poster, & I thought that would kind of cheer him up & encourage him. We could have one poster of his art & some of yours, etc. Then after I had this dream about Heaven Girl, I got inspired to think, "Now there's a job Eman could do!" So while you're real busy with all this other, I hope you won't mind letting him do that job!
       241. YOU KNOW, THAT'S THE ONE THING WE HAVEN'T DONE YET, WE HAVEN'T ACTUALLY CREATED WHAT THEY CALL A COMIC CHARACTER, a standard character like ones that run in the comic strips & the comic books, all the same person in different scenes & different positions & expressions & situations & all that. That's a little hard to do, to draw the same person constantly & make it look like the same person in all the pictures, & we've not really done that yet. Maybe in a few of our Komix they've done it--they've drawn quite a few pictures of one person I know of!--Me! But even he looks like a lot of different persons according to their different conceptions!--Which is good, it's better security! Ha!
       242. BUT ANYWAY, HEAVEN GIRL WOULD MAKE A WHOLE KOMICBOOK & EMAN'S GOOD AT THAT SORT OF THING! He's particularly good at that sci-fi kind of art, he likes sci-fi, & that's really what this would be, a lot like sci-fi. I just thought maybe I'd let him give it a try, because I think it would make a great series, terrific, & something to encourage our folks not to have such a gloomy prospect of the future!--That it's not going to be as bad as some people have made it sound! I think that especially dear Sam Warner in his first books & his own first self-drawn pictures seemed particularly fond of monsters & horror stories & the most gruesome kind of pictures I ever saw, so they've got a pretty bad outlook on the Tribulation.
       243. I WANT TO CHEER THEM UP A LITTLE BIT & GIVE THEM A LITTLE MORE CHEERFUL, OPTIMISTIC VIEW OF THAT PARTICULAR PERIOD. It's going to be pretty bad, but it's not going to be all that bad! They've got to have a little more faith to look up & realise how much God's going to help us! If you read the Letters (see Nos.1623 & 1624) you know what I'm talking about! So I hope you don't mind if I give that job to Eman & if he makes up a Heaven poster too. I thought we could make one up from his existing colour art, a composite poster, because they have those calendars & they've probably got'm plastered around on their walls, but to put it all in one poster I thought would be kind of a nice idea. He could sort of blend them together or even put'm in sections like we're doing. Since we've already got the colour art & overlays it wouldn't take much to put it together!
       244. WE ALSO NEED TO REPEAT THAT PROPHECY POSTER!--Especially now that they're really studying it & we've got so much on it! It also needs a few little revisions, like shifting the position of the War category to where I think now that it belongs. Thank God we can change our minds if we have to, if we find out better & we're wiser tomorrow than we were yesterday! I think due to the BOF & all these recent things on that subject we really need to get out that poster again! We really didn't get out enough of them & probably a lot of people don't have'm now. And I think to help'm really get things straightened out in their heads, there's nothing like a picture! So that's something else we can work on!
       245. I THINK WHEN WE FINISH THIS POSTER, THE PROPHECY POSTER IS PROBABLY THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT ONE! The next Heaven poster can wait awhile! Well, in your spare time you can look at it & be thinking about it, because I think that's one of the most needed to get out again. And you won't mind if I give that Heaven Girl job to Eman, will you? You've got enough to do, Son, so if you don't mind, I'd like to give him a little something to do to keep him busy & inspired & encouraged! Besides, he's got the talent & we might as well keep him busy! I'll tell you, you sure do too! The Lord has really gifted you, Son, & as you use it, He's increasing it like the talents He gave the guys in the Bible! You put it to use & it looks like He's not only going to give you ten-fold, but maybe a hundred-fold!--He promised! HAL! TYJ!
* * *

       246. I WANTED TO GO OVER SOME OF THE SUGGESTIONS SOME OF YOUR FOLKS HAD ON THE TOP PIC! Your photoman said he thinks Maria's leg should be at another angle, more like she's flying gracefully, & that it seems inconsistent with my position, like I'm flying real fast. Well, I'm glad he has such lovely ideas of Maria's legs, but frankly, I don't see a thing wrong with them myself! That's the way she does her cute little paddling in the pool, so why shouldn't she fly like that? Besides, how does he know how she flies?--Ha!
       247. AND ABOUT THE GEESE NOT BEING IN A V-SHAPE, A SUGGESTION FROM ONE OF YOUR GIRLS, WHO SAID THEY WERE GEESE? Maybe they're flamingoes! Maybe they're a totally different breed! Besides that, they look like they're flying in a V to me! They never fly in an exact V. They used to fly by way down South where we were for awhile in big long V's, & almost always the one leg of the V was much shorter than the other one. So here we've got a leader with two behind him on the left & one behind him on the right! What's the matter with that? I don't really think either of those corrections are necessary.
       248. I LIKE MARIA'S FEET THE WAY THEY ARE! She looks like she's cutely sort of paddling'm, twiddling them! It looks so much like her! And the geese may not be exact or accurate, but they're good enough! How does she know what kind of birds they've got in Heaven? Please tell them I'm sorry but we just don't want to cause our poor artist any more trouble. I'd rather they be too picky than not picky enough though, so tell'm thanks, but we do think that the time is short & the days are evil & we didn't think it was really necessary to make those changes right now at the last minute.
       249. TELL'M IF THEY WANT TO MAKE ANY CHANGES THEY CAN DO IT THEMSELVES ON THEIR OWN COPIES! I want to see what kind of legs he's going to draw & where she's going to put that other goose! I know where I'd put a goose! Tell her if she needs another goose, I'd be glad to give it to her! Maybe that'll cheer her up! If you want to change it, okay, but I don't really think it's necessary. But that's really the way Maria's legs look & the way she paddles her feet! Me, I'm always zooming around, diving full blast & kicking like a frog! But how does he know I'm not just sort of paused there in slow motion? Things there seem to move in slow motion--except when we want to go a long ways fast! Maybe that's when we take the flying saucers!
       250. I JUST NOTICED WE DON'T HAVE ANY SAILBOATS ON THE GREAT BIG LAKE above the Childcare Center, sort of between the Temple of Isms & the "Train Up a Child." There's a great big lake up there & we sure ought to have some sailboats on there. They'd be pretty small, but some sailboats are pretty big! And I think I only have one more suggestion!
       251. IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO A WORLD'S FAIR OR STATE FAIR, ONE LITTLE PROBLEM I NOTICED WAS WHEN THEY HAD A RIVER GOING THROUGH'M, IT SEEMED LIKE THEY NEVER HAD ENOUGH BRIDGES ACROSS THAT RIVER! You had to walk so far to get across the river. So pity the poor people from the outside who can't fly, & how about adding at least one or two more bridges? You've just got one bridge on the main road coming in, & then one bridge clear over on the right at Merlin's Hat, & nary a bridge between!
       252. THERE'S A NICE BIG SPOT FOR ONE BETWEEN THE HOUSE OF LIGHTS & THE BOTANY BUILDING! Of course, you need to run a couple of paths toward it. Well, there's paths on both sides of the river, so I presume you wouldn't have to as long as you connect those two paths. Another place I can see that would be a pretty good place is on the left side of the Sonic Temple. That's almost a mile between bridges as it is, so I think it needs at least a couple there. Then between the Botany Building & the Crystal Ball there's a little space for a bridge, & then we'd be well-supplied with bridges! I don't think that would be too much trouble! It's just absolutely gorgeous & I can hardly wait to see it painted!
       253. YOUR PHOTOMAN ALSO SAID THE ANGEL NEXT TO THE FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT LOOKS LIKE HE'S MISSING HIS LEFT ARM & LOOKS AWKWARD. Well, tell him to try flying himself sometime & see how graceful he could do it! People have kind of an idealistic conception--I'm trying to bring it down to Earth! That angel could have his left arm half-a-dozen places!--In front of him or under his wing or wherever!
       254. I ALWAYS HAVE WONDERED ABOUT THAT BIG ANGEL STANDING THERE THOUGH, WHAT IN THE WORLD HE'S STANDING ON!--WHETHER IT'S A BALLOON OR WHAT. It's obviously the top of something way above the stuff below. It's not a pearl, it's not a gate, maybe it's a guardhouse!--Ha! The Security Building! I mean, with all those visitors there from the outside, surely we must have some security officers!--That must be why those angels are flying around! Maybe you could letter that in on his right there: Security Building! There's a big angel standing guard!
       255. SOME PEOPLE, OF COURSE, ARE GOING TO ASK THE QUESTION, "WHY DO THEY NEED SECURITY IN HEAVEN?" Well, why have they got that big wall around the outside? How come only certain people are allowed in? With all those visitors from the outside they're bound to need a little traffic control or something! How about that! It just dawned on me that that's why that angel's standing there!--And his buddy just flew off down to take care of some trouble spot! So tell your photoman that's why he looks a little awkward, he just jumped off & he's flying down to a traffic jam! He was in a hurry so he didn't have time to be graceful!--Ha! It looks like that angel's really on the lookout & kind of centrally located too, he has a good vantage point there! His buddy just took off & he's got a few other cops flying around too!
       256. MARIA WAS LOOKING AT THE PLANET EARTH & SHE SAID, "WHAT'S THAT 'INSET' THERE FOR?" I said, "Listen, if you don't put that there, you know what some of them are going to think?--They're going to think that one corner of the Heavenly City is sitting on top of the Planet Earth, hovering above it, & that it's somehow propping up this corner of the Heavenly City!" Some of them are just that dumb! They don't really absorb it, read the text & get the point. So I said it's better to have that there to let them know it's not a part of the picture, but a separate one.
       257. WELL, I'M JUST GETTING A REAL BIG KICK OUT OF THIS! After all, why not? Isn't that something? Imagine, with all those specific measurements given in the Bible for 2,000 years & nobody ever even vaguely tried to draw one according to the measurements! I never even heard of any really great controversy of the church on what the shape was, although the measurements there are exact! The only controversy I ever heard was in Bible College when we were reading that & some of the guys were arguing as to whether that meant it was a pyramid or a cube! However, as I recall, most of the professors favoured pyramid as it's an accepted, beautiful, very common form of architecture. Cubes are not all that beautiful, especially in buildings. They build too many cubical buildings! Pyramids are sort of mysterious & magical & sort of Egyptian as well as Heavenly! So why not?
       258. UNTIL THEY SETTLE THAT, I GUESS I MIGHT AS WELL GET MY WAY, BECAUSE WHEN I WAS THERE THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE TO ME! I wouldn't absolutely swear ... oh yes, I think I could swear to it!--Because I remember looking up toward the inside of the peak! I could see all the way up to the top, & there was something up there! I didn't know what it was, but I didn't have time to go up there. I figured that may be where the Lord had His throne & His council & things like that, Family Fellowships & whatnot! All I remember is I was looking out through one side of the City at the astonishing view, how gorgeous & beautiful it was, Heaven-on-Earth itself! It looked a lot like today's Earth, except no big mountains, no seas, just beautiful rolling hills & trees & forests & flowers & lakes & everything.
       259. SO I GUESS MY CONCEPTION IS AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER THAN THEIRS, ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY'VE NEVER DRAWN ONE! Imagine, with all the great artists that ever lived & all the inspiration they had & all the instruction they had right there in the Book--measurements & everything--nobody's ever tackled it! That had to be a miracle in itself--the Lord reserved it for us! So we'd better get this thing out, it's the only one there is!
       260. I THINK THE FLAG ON THE PRAYER TOWER LOOKS NICE RIGHT OVER THE TEMPLE OF LOVE! It looks like it could be part of it or something! We could have named it something else, but I don't think the public would have accepted it! Ahem! It's so close to the Cathedral of Love, we could call it a Spirt Spire or Power Tower or something! Anyway, PTL! Lord bless & help you & give you skill & wisdom as you finish these corrections. Make it what You want it to be, Lord! Protect him & protect it, Lord, & help him to finish the job, in Jesus' name! ILY! I'm really thrilled with the picture!
* * *

       261. WELL, WE'RE ON THE HOME STRETCH! PTL? It looks gorgeous & I believe we're going to make it! On the final touches here before you go to colour, I hate to disappoint some of these people that made corrections or they may never feel like making corrections again, & it's such a small thing really to try to please'm. We're not going to change Maria's feet, though! That's the way she looks when she paddles around the pool!
       262. BUT IF YOU WANT TO MOVE THAT ONE GOOSE ON THE RIGHT BACK A LITTLE BIT SO IT LOOKS LIKE A V, IT'S OKAY WITH ME! It looks like a V to me anyhow, but apparently it didn't look like that to one of your dear girls! So unless you can convince her that it is a V, maybe you can just move that right-hand goose back a bit. Maybe you can just cut him out & slide him back, but since you're so fast you can probably draw it in a couple of minutes! Or instead of having to go to that trouble, it would give the same effect to put another one right behind him! Maybe if you put one behind that goose on the right it would look more like a V. Maybe that would make her happy & show we tried anyhow.
       263. AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE CREATION BUILDING ROOF? I hate to have to ask you to do anything you don't absolutely have to do, & I don't think most people would even notice it, but one of your girls did! So even if it doesn't bother us, if it bothers some people, it wouldn't be too much trouble to pull it down a little bit. It kind of looks like the lid's tilted up a little. I'm just making these optional, & if you want to do them to make the people happy, go ahead. If not, let's go ahead with the colour & forget it! Maybe if you tell them: "Would you rather see this thing coloured or me still working on the black-&-white?" Maybe if you ask them that, it would soothe their ruffled feelings at not having their corrections made. But I'm not going to change Maria's feet because that just looks like the way she does it!
       264. I HAVE ONE SUGGESTION THOUGH ON THAT SECURITY BUILDING, IT CAME TO ME AFTERWARDS IT WOULD SOUND LOTS BETTER IF WE CALLED IT A SECURITY CENTER! So I hope that won't be too much trouble just to stick "Center" over that! Do you like that idea of having a Security Center manned by the angels? Good idea, huh? After all, if we have visitors in here--& it says the kings are going to come in & give presents & things like that (Re.21:24,26)--maybe the people are going to come in & visit our Fairground! It would be selfish to keep it all to ourselves, wouldn't it?--Since you've made it so beautiful! So I would suggest we need that Security Center for the sake of those outsiders.
       265. I DON'T KNOW WHY WE HAVE TO BE SO SPARING ON OUR SAILBOATS! I said three or four sailboats up there & we've only got two! That's a big lake quite a ways off in the distance & I think it might have quite a bit of commerce going back & forth! So don't forget to have'm sailing different directions. Now that you've got those two right in the middle, just put a couple more on each end. And I agree with one of our girls here, we need a few more people out there in front of the Creation Building in front of the left entrance.
       266. I SURE LIKE YOUR NEW BRIDGES! It's going to make it a lot easier for those people that have to walk & can't fly! I'll tell you, I never did so much walking in my life as at those World's Fairs! I just about wore myself out. But anyhow, it was sure worth it! You never see enough though, you just never can see it all! They'll be the rest of Eternity visiting all these buildings & doing everything! There's no limit to what they can see in some of'm! PTL! I really think it's terrific & I'm just thrilled to pieces with it!
       267. YOU SAID ON YOUR NOTE IT'S LIKE TAKING A TRIP TO OUTER SPACE & I WROTE ON THERE: "WELL, NOW YOU'RE DOING IT!" You're really doing it & you're bringing it back for us to see! You're bringing it down to Earth! You're bringing it much closer, right down to Earth, with the Lord's help! Amen? I'm sure He's thrilled with it too! It may be a little bit childish to Him, but aren't we pleased with our kids' artwork even if it's not perfect? At least it's got the message & will give them some idea at least, whereas they really don't have any idea about Heaven at all that I've ever seen! So PTL!
       268. DIDN'T WE USED TO HAVE A LITTLE DOOR IN THE BOTTOM OF THE HEART, KIND OF AN ARCHWAY OR SOMETHING LIKE WE DID IN THE PEARL? These Earth people can't walk through walls like we can! So why don't you make some kind of little archway down there in the point that they can walk through so it doesn't look like it's just solid. You've given it nice 3-D depth & curvature & everything now so it looks really solid, therefore they've got to have a hole to crawl through!
       269. ON THAT PLANET EARTH, MAYBE YOU CAN SHOOT THE COLOUR ONE FROM THE BOOK YOU GOT IT OUT OF DOWN TO THAT SIZE! That'll save you all that colouring since it was already beautifully coloured. And don't forget to shade one side of the Pyramid a little darker than the other, the backside there on the right, so we can see it better. That's about it I think! I can't think of anything else right now. Your female form of the flyer at the top is just gorgeous! It's going to make them all want to go there real quick!--Wanna go quick!
       270. NOW MAYBE I'LL REVIEW OVER THOSE COLOURS AGAIN TO MAKE SURE YOU'VE GOT THOSE THE WAY I SUGGESTED. I'll start in the upper left corner. You're going, of course, to make Jesus' hair white as it says in the Bible--in Revelation at least it's white--& His beard should be white too of course.--With the golden girdle & red heart & white skirt. In this case, if you need to colour His eyes at all, I presume they'd be blue. You could make His skin tan, because He was quite olive-skinned when I saw Him--the only time I ever saw Him in those unusual circumstances of making love with Mary & Martha!
       271. OF COURSE ALL THE OUTSIDE EARTH WILL BE THE NORMAL COLOURS--green grass, darker green trees, blue or aquamarine waters, whatever you prefer. I'd say those birds ought to be white. You may have never seen any white geese, I don't know!--But this is Heaven! The roads would be brown, & of course you already know all the colours of the Wall & the Pearl & the red heart at the corner. The Reception Center I thought looked good white, Grecian, with white columns. Maria & I flying there, we're supposed to have on white gowns & you can colour us as usual.
       272. THE MANSIONS AT THE TOP WOULD PROBABLY ALL BE GOLDEN TOO with a touch of green around them just to show that there's a little garden around them. They're pretty small but maybe you can just touch it a little bit. That shouldn't be too difficult if you can get that same golden colour that you've got in these others. They're just gorgeous! It looks like the real thing!--It is the real thing! Hallelujah! The Lord showed it to us, amen? PTL!
       273. FOR THE FLYERS IN THE MIDDLE--WHAT DO YOU SAY WE MAKE HIM WESTERN & HER EASTERN?--Because he looks pretty Western & she looks quite Eastern with that lei & that flower in her hair. And don't be afraid of black hair! You can make it have some shiny sparkles or something, shiny like the beautiful hair they have in the East! I think that glossy black is gorgeous! Why everybody has to go nuts over blonds, I don't know! If you ask me, I don't think they have as much fun as these Black-haired girls in the East! He should then be tan, at least, with maybe golden hair & a little white skirt, & she can have that nice glossy black hair! If you can, make her look like she has more Oriental eyes or something, & make her body darker brown. Okay?--Not black, but brown.
       274. OF COURSE THERE SHOULD BE BLUE SKY IN THE BACKGROUND WITH THOSE WHITE CLOUDS WHICH YOU SEE ABOVE THE HORIZON. I'd expect it to be fairly normal, only if anything, maybe even better, but very similar! I don't know whether the sky will be bluer & I don't see how the clouds could be any whiter! That takes care of the outside pretty well. I like the way you made the edge of the City real bold black & the base too, so they could really see there's something there. And of course in your gold tinting & streaking you'll make it a little more obvious that there's something there, the golden crystal City Wall!
       275. SHALL WE TAKE THE CRYSTAL BUILDING NEXT? You know, diamonds are all colours really, & the way you did it on the Front View was perfect! I thought it was just beautiful, you really brought it out!--With the blue & white & all colours of the rainbow & sparkly & all that! And because we don't have very much red, we need a little red here & there, so since most of the New Earth outside is green, I thought the framework of that Diamond Building ought to be red! The floor could be grass, it could be green! That would look pretty with the red pillars against the grass!
       276. THEN MOVING OVER TO THE NEXT ONE, OF COURSE THE SOLAR SPHERE IS BLUE WITH SPARKLING STARS & VARIOUS COLOURED PLANETS! Mars should be a little red, Jupiter I think is a little blue, Saturn's all colours & all kinds of shades like that! Make the Earth a little bit green. I don't know what Venus is, but it's a very bright star at night I know. Anyhow, just take your choice on that, & if you have a kids' astronomy book or encyclopedia where it shows colour, try that!
       277. OF COURSE THE CATHEDRAL OF LOVE HAS A RED HEART ON THE TOP, SO WHY NOT MAKE THE WHOLE THING RED? That would really draw attention! It's a red-hot building! You know what's going to be going on in there!--Or maybe you'd rather have the building some other colour & the hearts red. White would really stand out & it would look like a Birthday cake! If you decide to make it any other colour, let me know, but I suggest either all red, or it would make a nice contrast if it looks white like a cake with red hearts around the top. After all, we've got to have some white buildings! Why not?
       278. ON THE PRAYER TOWER, I'D SAY THE HEART & MAYBE EVEN THE LETTERING ON THE BANNER COULD BE RED, & since it's sort of a thing that goes off into the blue, maybe the dome on the spire could be blue. And what about making it a gold building? I'm getting over on the right side now, but maybe I should have just stuck to the left side since you'll be doing this other side later. Maybe I'll go back to the left side & we can do the right side later.
       279. WHAT ABOUT THE PAVILION OR CANOPY UNDERNEATH THE SOLAR SYSTEM? Wouldn't gold look pretty against that blue? It kind of overlaps the building a little. Then the Molecular Power Building underneath, those spheres would look pretty light blue, & maybe that point on top would look nice red since it has greenery in the background. And then since the spheres are blue & that's red, how about making that a gold building? It says that a lot of them are gold, so why not make them gold? The gold background will look pretty against the blue sphere.
       280. THE REASON I CALLED THAT THE GENEALOGY BUILDING IS BECAUSE IT KIND OF REMINDED ME OF THE TRUNK OF A TREE, SO HOW ABOUT MAKING THAT A NICE BROWN? Just sort of leave white spots there where the wording is. That would be something different! Then of course within the City, all the natural scenery is natural as usual--green grass, darker green trees & bushes & the aquamarine or blue river. That blue river is going to look pretty against so much gold!--Crystal blue!
       281. I THINK I'D LIKE TO SEE THE DIRECTORY BUILDING WHITE, SORT OF LIKE THE RECEPTION CENTER. And right next to that blue river, what would go pretty is another gold building for the boat house & gold boats in the river! It says in the Bible all the streets are gold, so make all those streets gold, Son! (Re.21:21.) Outside the roads can be brown, but inside the streets are gold! You could even make them sparkle a little bit so they can see the difference!
       282. THAT ABOUT COVERS THE LEFT SIDE & WE CAN WAIT & GO INTO THE RIGHT SIDE LATER WHEN WE GET TO IT. You're not going to be doing anything there yet except the natural scenery. If you get that far ahead you can proceed with the greenery & the bluery & whitery & all that, & we can finish off the other buildings after we see the left side. Your photographer wants us to do one side at a time so he can photo it that way, so I hope that's okay with you to do the whole left side first & finish it, then let him shoot it so we can have our copies. It's not much bigger than about three of those pictures you already painted, so it shouldn't take you more than about three times as long, maybe not even that long!
       283. DON'T RUSH, SON! THERE'S NO RUSH! Now don't get in a rush & don't rush to try to meet mail runs! Just take your time & if it's not ready, don't send it, forget it! Just go ahead at an easy speed, whatever's easy & comfortable & relaxed. Don't rush it! After all, it's a masterpiece! Nobody ever did this before, so this is really something! Take your time & get it right! It's better to get it right & get it beautiful! It's better to get it right than to get it out! In some cases it's almost better to get it out than perfect, but right now it's better to get this as perfect & as beautiful as you can because it's going to last a long time. This one's gotta last until we get the real one!
       284. --AND I THINK WE'RE GOING TO BE USING THE REAL ONE ALL THE TIME! I don't think it's going to be so far away, I think it's going to be pretty close! Like I said before, there are all those verses about the Holy City Jerusalem being the Lord's Headquarters during the Millennium, so why couldn't that be the Heavenly City? Who knows? The way He talks about it, it sure sounds like the Heavenly City to me. I sure wouldn't think that that dirty stinkin' old Jerusalem over which they're scrappin' all the time & which has caused more trouble & wars in the World, that that dirty old place was going to be His headquarters! Who'd want it? Let the Antichrist have it! Jesus might have His Heavenly City hanging in the air above that or something, but I don't think He wants to have it very far away.
       285. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SOME PLACE TO GO HOME TO, MAYBE EVEN AT NIGHT! How about that? Why not? Amen? I mean, it wouldn't have to come down from God out of Heaven & onto the Earth yet, but it could be right up there a little ways where the wicked people can't get at it & where we can use it for our headquarters! Wouldn't that be handy? We'll get to enjoy the inside there & all those buildings in the Fair Corner maybe for a Thousand Years of the Millennium before we allow visitors! We get special consideration the first Thousand Years before things get too crowded! And by the time the Thousand Years is up, maybe we'll have seen enough that we won't have to see it quite so often, therefore we can let the others in, once it comes & sits down on the Earth! Well, there's kind of an idea anyway.
       286. SO WORK ON THE LEFT SIDE UNTIL YOU FINISH THAT SO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CAN SHOOT IT IN COLOUR FOR US & LET US HAVE OUR PRINTS! These colour prints of his are just gorgeous, & I understand this time he's going to make them about twice the size! You're inspired, Son, so roll it! GBY! I really think we're going to have a gorgeous poster!--The prettiest pictures of Heaven ever seen! So God bless & keep you & give you real inspiration & wisdom & guidance & vision & courage! I know it must take real courage to attack that canvas or that art board or whatever it is with that colour! You've gotta have guts & real faith that you can do it!
       287. YOU KNOW, THOSE ARE ALL THE QUALITIES THAT A PIONEER IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE!--YOU'RE A PIONEER OF HEAVEN, SON! You're pioneering Heaven! Hallelujah! We're pioneering Heaven, how about that? We've had our folks pioneer everything else, now we'll pioneer Heaven! Lord bless him & keep him & help him so he can really do a good job that's going to be pleasing to You & to all of us, a real inspiration & a real thrill to everybody, to make us all want to go there & take as many people there as we can!--In Jesus' name, amen! GBY! ILY!--Amen?
* * *

       288. SON, YOUR QUESTION ABOUT WHETHER TO PUT GREEN GRASS IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING ENTRANCES HAS RAISED A PROBLEM! It's a very justifiable problem & it is a problem. I've been studying it & thinking about it & looking at it, & of course in all the areas where you don't have a lot of people walking it's very simple to make the grass green & the trees & bushes a darker green. Then on all the walks where the people are walking, that's no problem, they're gold. But anybody with a lick of sense knows that with millions of people treading over those areas where we didn't have walks--like into those buildings around those entrances--you're not going to have any green grass, it's just impossible!
       289. I'D SAY THAT WITH SUCH A SPLENDID CITY AS THIS, NEITHER WOULD YOU JUST HAVE DUSTY DIRTY BROWN DIRT WHERE THEY'VE WORN OFF THE GRASS--YOU'D HAVE GOLDEN PAVEMENTS! As I look at it, it would be fairly simple, all you'd have to do is draw some lines to show where the pavement ends & the grass begins. That's going to mean some more work, but I think it's worth it! I shouldn't have to have all the ideas, you ought to come up with some! I just pray & then I say, "Well, now what really is sensible? What would have to be done?"--We've just got to pave those areas, that's all. We can't just have'm treadin' through the dust!
       290. SO I WOULD JUST CONNECT THOSE ENTRANCE AREAS, ETC., WITH THE WALKWAYS, & YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE THE WALKWAYS AT ALL, JUST DRAW LINES.--And they don't have to be straight lines, they can be nice curved lines! Take, for example, the Crystal Building--see the main entrance right there in front where you've got your people? Well, just on the other side of the curved line of people on the right, draw a nice curved line around them & over to the walkway that's already there, between the trees & the people. In other words, draw a nice curved line from near the entrance, around the people & this side of the trees until it meets the street. Let's call those walkways streets, because the Bible calls them the streets of the City. (Rev.21:21.)
       291. THEN ON THE LEFT SIDE DO THE SAME THING, JUST DRAW A LINE BETWEEN THE PEOPLE & THE TREES & THEN IT WILL GO OUT OF SIGHT BEHIND THE NEXT BUILDING. We can do the same thing on the left & right entrances, just draw a dividing line. They don't have to be regular, they don't have to be even, they don't have to have exact balance or anything. We've got a lot of liberty here! In other words, enclose the people in a couple of lines, one on the left & one on the right in all these cases, & colour that gold pavement. Then the areas outside of those lines could be grass. I think that solves the problem!
       292. YOU'VE ALREADY GOT THE BOATHOUSE TAKEN CARE OF, THAT'S OBVIOUSLY ALL PAVEMENT THERE. And isn't that something, on your street right in front of the Crystal Building you didn't put an edge to the street there. In other words, the pavement just continues right over to the entrance. Then on the street that goes around the Directory, that's all taken care of because that's obviously street, so that's going to be golden.
       293. ON THE OVAL INSIDE THE CRYSTAL BUILDING WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE STANDING THERE WATCHING, THAT OUGHT TO BE PAVEMENT TOO!--Because with millions of people walking over that, the grass would never last! That ought to be nice golden pavement inside there. As far as the colour of that building, by the way, I think it should be a dark red, don't you?--What they call a royal red. They used to call it Chinese red, that beautiful deep dark red. We don't want to have any flamboyant bright red here, it's not a very popular colour nowadays in certain areas of the World!--Ha! I even had a guy criticise me years ago for using a red pen! "What are you, a Commie?" Can you imagine! I said, "No, I just like red! It's one of my favourite colours!" I think probably outside of blue & gold, red's my favourite colour. Of course, I love green too, & all the colours the Lord made!
       294. BUT WHAT TO DO YOU THINK ABOUT HAVING THOSE PILLARS ON THE CRYSTAL BUILDING DARK CHINESE RED? And those decorations at the top of each pillar, why don't we make those gold? In which case, what about making that crown on top of the building gold too so we have a little variety. By the way, I think the circular base on which the pillars stand should be gold along with the pavement.--The whole floor, in other words, & the base of the building all gold. The pillars up to the friezes dark Chinese red, gold friezes at the top--I think that's what you call them--& the crown gold. Hope you like that!
       295. LET'S MOVE OVER TO THE ASTRONOMY BUILDING. Except for a few people who wandered off onto the grass there, I think you can make that pretty much a golden V of pavement there, a walk over to the entrance with a line on each side of those people. We've also got a right-hand entrance to the Crystal Building, so we've gotta have that gold pavement there too. And except for that little patch of trees & bushes & green there, those pavements could even join. Take a line just outside of those people there & just over to the right & kind of run it around in a curve between the two patches of trees & join the pavements just in front of the Astronomy Building. You'd only have a little patch of green there on this side, & on the other side of the line you'd have the green grass & the other trees & all that stuff.
       296. I'M SURE YOU CAN FIGURE THAT OUT, I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU! Just draw a line like edges of the pavement on each side of the groups of people & make the areas where they're standing or walking golden pavement. Then the areas between the pavements will be grass, even if there's a few people on the grass. But on the major areas where they're really going to be walking, you've got to have pavement.
       297. UNDERNEATH THE SPHERE OF THE ASTRONOMY BUILDING, I THINK YOU COULD DO THE SAME THING--JUST MAKE SOME PAVEMENT LINES COMING OUT FROM THE ENTRANCE. They don't always have to include all those specks of people. Inside the bottom of the Globe there, because it's inside the building, you could have an indistinct sort of blending & fading. You could make the bottom of the building gold where all the people are, like there's golden pavement in there blending into the blue.--No definition line at all, just sort of blending the two colours into each other. In other words, the inside bottom of the globe is like it's golden pavement, & then the blue sort of blends into it. It's going to be indistinct anyhow because they're looking in through the walls of the Globe.
       298. YOU'VE GOT AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE OUT IN FRONT OF THAT ASTRONOMY BUILDING BELOW THE SPHERE, so I don't think it would hurt to have that all coloured golden pavement there. See where those musical notes are coming?--From there clear over to the base of the Crystal Building, all that area in front could be golden pavement joining the streets. And all the area on the right there just above that corner, between the Astronomy Building & the musical notes, that could all be golden pavement. It says the streets are gold, so why not? I'd say everything around that Astronomy Building except where the trees are should be golden pavement, right beneath the Sphere too. There's quite a few people walking over there on the left bottom of the Sphere too, so you could sort of make a walkway to include that around the building. Then everything else over there where there're no people, you could just have green grass & trees. I can't tell you every single thing to do, but that's the general idea!
       299. YOU'VE GOT THE SAME THING UNDER THE ATOMIC ENERGY BUILDING. You've got an entrance right in front, so just make your pavement with maybe a curved line--I like curves!--To where it sort of comes from one side of the entrance to include the people & then sort of make it curve right into the street, on the right side also. Remember how you made your little brown pathways between the flower beds on the Front View in an hourglass shape?--In this case, though, they'd be more like almost V-shaped because each one leads toward an entrance.--Or like a trapezoid, if you know what that is, a four-sided figure where the top side is shorter than the bottom side. Then instead of having straight sides right & left, you'd have it sort of curved so they'd blend to the curve of the street!
       300. WELL, THAT ABOUT TAKES CARE OF THE LEFT HALF! All areas where there are no people & no entrance areas or streets can all be green grass & trees. But entrance areas are all going to have to be golden pavements, & I think the simplest thing will be to draw lines to define the edge of the pavement where the pavement leaves off & the grass begins. That's the only indeterminable aspect that we hadn't covered, those paved areas, & I think that solves it! Put edges to them & make them gold & the rest can be grass & trees. I think that rule will hold for all the rest of the picture too on the right side as well. After all, it's a masterpiece & it's going to take a little time, so try to be patient!
       301. YOU SAID IN YOUR NOTE THAT WHEN YOU READ OVER "SPACE CITY" (NO.75A) YOU NOTICED THAT THE TREES WERE ALSO DIFFERENT COLOURS & that you're planning to throw in some more colours! God bless you for being faithful to the Word! I'd even forgotten about that! I always remember those flower-shaped trees, they were the most striking to view, & we really ought to have a few of those around! A lot of those palm trees sort of look like that. They were like giant flowers, some of them as big as the palm trees, so you might be able to see them from this distance. You've got a few spaces there where you could put some of those, so if you want to add'm that would be great! I think Eman had some of those in some of his pictures & you can kind of take your cue from some of that!
       302. SO YOU'RE RIGHT, SOME OF THOSE TREES COULD BE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COLOURS, BEAUTIFUL, & LOOK LIKE FLOWERS THEMSELVES! You can really colour that up & add a lot of colour by colouring some of those bushes & trees different colours! That's really about all you need to do, you don't have to re-draw or draw any new things, although you have a few spaces where you could. From this distance you could hardly tell the shapes, they're just more or less clumps, but you sure can tell the colour! That's a great idea! God bless you for thinking about that! Boy, this is going to be gorgeous!
       303. ONE OTHER THING, THE LINE AROUND THE MUSIC NOTES COMING OUT OF THE SONIC TEMPLE MAKES IT LOOK LIKE A PATHWAY!--Then suddenly you get to the Temple & you see it's not a pathway. So I think I'd take those sidelines off--you don't need lines on those musical notes. You don't have to do that till next picture though, so please don't stop to do it now. That's the right half, so let's not slow it down for that. I hate to change anything we don't have to, but I do think that would be clearer if we didn't have those sidelines on there. Well, let's not talk about that right side right now!
       304. OKAY, GOD BLESS YOU, SON! WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU! Lord bless & keep him & give him wisdom & skill & accuracy, Lord, & divine guidance, Thy guidance, to make it what You want it to be & to be a blessing & inspiration to many, in Jesus' name!--Amen. GBY! ILY!
* * *

       305. I JUST GOT YOUR BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF THE HALF-COLOURED TOP PIC & THOSE POLAROIDS AT LEAST GAVE ME A LITTLE IDEA OF HOW IT'S COMING & IT JUST LOOKS GORGEOUS! I was thinking maybe the Directory Building needed some colour, & if you feel like it needs some colour, what about blue? I notice on that side we don't seem to have too much blue except for the Sphere & the River & those little spheres on the Atomic Building which were tinted blue a little bit. I think we need to leave the Reception Colonnade white, but just looking at the general little photo here it looks like the Directory Building may need a little more blue. That would be nice & it's far enough from the blue Sphere.
       306. FOR THE SONIC TEMPLE--WHAT COLOUR DON'T WE HAVE? We have lots of green, some blue, a little bit of red. Well, why don't you take your choice! Maybe that one would look kind of pretty alabaster or white!--Maybe white marble! I think white marble buildings are beautiful!
       307. THAT HOUSE OF LIGHTS REALLY OUGHT TO BE QUITE COLOURFUL! Maybe the central tower could be sort of brilliant white, & then those things coming up around it, those candlesticks could be all different colours!--Because light is composed of all colours of the rainbow! I think it would be nice for it to be a white tower, or is that too close to the Sonic Temple? It needs to be real bright white, a lot of light! But each one of those candlesticks could be a different colour, all the various hues of the rainbow, because light's composed of all colours!
       308. WHAT ABOUT MAKING THE DOME ON THE HOUSE OF LIGHTS RED? We don't have much red in that part of the picture except for the Atomic Building, but that's all right, it's sort of in keeping with the idea. We've got a red heart up there & a red top on that, not too much red, but just a touch of red here & there. So what's the matter with red for the dome?--And maybe even blue for the little tower underneath the dome, & the little peak on top of the dome could be gold.
       309. EACH ONE OF THOSE TALL CANDLESTICKS CAN BE A DIFFERENT COLOUR & THE TOPS OF THOSE OUGHT TO SHINE LIKE CANDLE FLAMES! They ought to have some shine to them! Then of course on the floor below where all the people are, that's got to be gold pavements. You can make the little shining lights different colours, like coloured fountains or something. Then in the next circle it's all greenery with gold walks, etc.
       310. DID I EVER MENTION THE GOLD BOATS ON THE RIVER?--Blond wood is a kind of gold colour. You can't really see them very much from here anyhow, but just a touch of sort of a blond golden wood colour. Okey-doke? You're really getting along there! Good boy! It just looks beautiful, even this little old Polaroid! It really shows up the colour! TYL! GBY!
* * *

       311. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE READING THE PAGE & LOOKING ACROSS ON THE OTHER SIDE TO SEE WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! That's one thing that bothers me about some of the articles the Family sends in, it always annoys me & irritates me when they put the pictures on one page & you have to turn the page to read the captions! So if we had the pictures right there that they could look at while they're reading the opposite page, it would be wonderful! Why not? What's the limit? What are we limited on? We've got all these gorgeous pictures & we think pictures are important, so if they're important enough to talk about, it's important enough to show'm!
       312. SO DON'T HESITATE TO PUT IN LOTS OF PICTURES, EVEN EVERY OTHER PAGE! Every time they open the book there's a picture & there's the text describing it! Well, it may not be exactly like that, but I think we've got enough pictures. After all, we've got 84 people in one picture--there's 84 pictures right there! After you've taken the trouble to draw'm & we've taken the trouble to describe'm, why not take the trouble to put'm in there so they can see what we're talking about!
* * *

       (After receiving a colour print of the beautifully-coloured left side of the City:)
       313. WELL, GOD BLESS YOU, SON! IT'S TERRIFIC! IT'S ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL! IT'S PHENOMENAL! I'm thrilled! I went over it really carefully & prayerfully, it's absolutely gorgeous, & I'm just going to give you a couple of little suggestions!--Nothing very serious & very easy to be made. You said you were half-done but it looks to me like you're two-thirds done! You've got all that background done & everything, which is half the battle! And the Wall's already done! That's terrific! I think you're really coming along & I don't think it's going to take you as long as you think! Well anyhow, take it easy, take your time!--It's a masterpiece!
       314. THE MOST AMAZING THING TO US IS HOW YOU DID THAT DETAILED FINE MICROSCOPIC WORK! You must have used a magnifying glass on all that scenery & those little trees & bushes & different colours! I hope you don't ruin your eyes on this picture!--And I hope it's the last one we ever do where there'll be so much infinitesimal detail! Of course, I don't think we'll probably ever do anything this colossal again in the way of trying to get so much into one picture with so much detail!
       315. I'LL TELL YOU, WHILE I WAS STUDYING THIS PICTURE I GOT SOME CRAZY IDEAS! You don't really appreciate it until you get the colour, & I thought, what a kids' game this would make, one of those path games: "Proceed to Reception Center! Go back through Heart!" You could draw cards like you do on those games, following the paths as they go from building to building. Each card would tell'm where to go, whether to go forward or skip some or go back or they misbehaved & they've gotta go outside! It would make a terrific path game & we're going to get enough copies made so that each Home would have at least one they could devote just to the kids' games!
       316. THEY COULD HAVE THE BIG TOP PICTURE FOR THE PATH GAME--like Monopoly & a lot of those path games you play by drawing cards--& the bottom pictures they could cut up into jigsaw puzzles & things like that!--Tape'm on cardboard & cover'm with stick-on plastic! Wouldn't that be terrific? The kids could really go into this! I can just see'm lying on the floor on top of one looking & studying just like Techi does! She studies every little tiny detail & she never misses a thing! She asks you about anything she doesn't understand & she just practically gets into the picture! And when I see that colour, I just nearly fall in myself! It's absolutely terrific! Hallelujah! Well, we know we'll never fall out, thank the Lord! We're not up & down & in & out like some of the poor church people!
       317. IT'S JUST ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS HOW YOU DID ALL THAT INFINITESIMAL DETAIL! I guess I'll never know how you did it, but you must have done it, it's coloured! It didn't happen by a miracle!--Only it's miraculous that you did it so well, just absolutely amazing!--I mean, every little tiny bush & tree!
       318. OH, WE THOUGHT UP ANOTHER GAME FOR KIDS TO PLAY: COUNT THE BUILDINGS! COUNT THE FLYERS! COUNT THE MANSIONS! Count the boats on the river! Or they could take a tape & measure how long the streets are & see how many miles of streets we have! Count the Flying Saucers! There are a lot of'm & some of'm they might miss & not even notice! It would be really fun for'm to count up those things. I didn't intend to talk to you about it now, but anyhow, I got all excited about it when I was studying the colour picture & we started talking about it. You can have "Count the Boats"--not only on the River but if you say boats, they might forget the ones up on the lakes!
       319. THEN, OF COURSE, IF YOU WANT TO REALLY MAKE IT COMPLICATED: COUNT THE TREES, COUNT THE BUSHES, COUNT THE PEOPLE!--Ha! I wonder how many thousands of little dots you've got for people! You must have made thousands of dots! Think of all the work that was, just making all those little dots! And you had to make'm little lines so they'd look a little bit like people, straight lines standing up. Just think of the work this thing has been! You're going to need a vacation when you get done! Where can we send you? Well, we can't send you anywhere because we don't dare take a chance on risking your life! GBY! Well, I'll give you a vacation now & you can just do all those funny pictures for Book 16!
       320. ANYHOW, THOSE ARE JUST SOME CRAZY IDEAS WE GOT JUST LOOKING AT THAT PICTURE! They can count the colours too, count the angels & all that sort of thing! Count the fountains & see if they can come up with the right numbers!--Anything that'll get'm to really study the picture! We used to play those path games for hours & kept looking & looking at those stupid pictures, whereas this is something really educational! They'll absolutely memorise this picture & never forget it!--And the more the better! Hallelujah! Well, there's just an idea in passing!
       321. THE ONLY SUGGESTIONS THAT I HAD IN LOOKING AT IT WERE THESE: On the Pearl, part of the first part of the "J" of "Judah" seems to have flaked off or something, & yet there is actually enough room there to complete the lower curve of the first part of the "J." It looks like "Iudah"! Some people might think it's an old Model-T Ford horn! That was one thing that I noticed, & I may notice more things yet when I get more time to study it.
       322. THEN ANOTHER LITTLE INFINITESIMAL DETAIL, MAYBE YOU JUST HADN'T DECIDED WHAT COLOUR TO COLOUR THAT ROAD THAT'S OUTSIDE THE CITY BETWEEN THE CITY & THE WALL. I would consider that not a City street, but part of the outside World, so I'd say colour that brown. That would give us a nice treat because we can't discern hardly any brown roads on the picture. About the only one we'd be able to see would be the one right behind the Pearl Angel because the others would be so small.
       323. WE JUST RAVED ABOUT THE BLUE RIVERS & THE LAKES & YOUR DETAIL ON ALL THE VILLAGES & HILLS & TREES! This was a monumental masterpiece & for you to get it done in a week was just almost unbelievable!--Even the colouring, much less all the rest! It's just terrific! You don't even see some of the things until it gets coloured--so much is lost in the black-&-white. But the black-&-whites are good enough for a little tract to sort of whet their appetite! They can tell'm: "If you want to see the real thing, come over to our house!"--Invite them to see the real thing if they're really interested. That would be a good come-on to come for a visit. And we're going to send'm so many, they could have a few tucked into one of the pockets of their sandwich board & be able to say: "Well, if you want to really give us a generous donation, I'll let you have this nice big one like the ones on the sandwich board!" How about that?
       324. EVERYTHING IS JUST BEAUTIFUL & THE COLOURS ARE GORGEOUS, THERE'S ONLY ONE OTHER THING THAT MARIA & I NOTICED. The colour just brings it out & calls it to your attention. The bodies of the flyers & all are so gorgeous with their see-through gowns, etc., but we looked at Jesus' skirt & you can't see through it! You know what the church is going to say: "Oh, they've got a naked Jesus!" Well, take a look at all the classical art of Jesus washing the disciples' feet or hanging on a cross & all of that, & some of them are about as naked as you can get, especially the crucifixions! So what the Hell are they worried about?
       325. WHY CAN'T WE SHOW A LITTLE BIT OF THOSE BIG MUSCULAR BROWN LEGS THROUGH THAT LITTLE WHITE SKIRT ON HIS TUNIC THERE? It just doesn't look right for the rest of them to be showing so well & His legs not showing! You can still do that with a little tan colouring. You don't have to show the crotch, of course, but there could have been a little bulge there! Well, maybe we'd better not go too far. You can certainly show a distinct outline of the hips & the legs up close to the crotch & strong tan colouring showing right through. Why not? I think you probably could almost see His navel! Just have a couple extra folds of dark shading over the crotch. I think we ought to really show the gals how gorgeous He is!
       326. WE PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE MADE EVEN THE ANGELS A LITTLE BIT MORE SEE-THROUGH, BUT I THINK IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT. Come to think of it, the only time I ever saw my bodyguards, I think they were absolutely nude from the waist up, arms & everything! All they had on were little short skirts. It's too late to change all that, but maybe you could just show a touch of brown or a touch of tan through it. Why not have their legs a little more brown & the gowns a little more see-through? I mean, we're going to be like the angels, & angels are like us, so why not?
       327. ISN'T THAT SOMETHING? IT NEVER CAME BACK TO ME TILL JUST NOW THINKING ABOUT MY ANGELS! I remember I described their faces & their hair, their sword, but you just take some things for granted as you're seeing the picture yourself & you forget to describe every detail. They were absolutely stripped from the waist up with nice big muscular arms & shoulders & just a little tunic on. I guess we missed the boat on our corner Angel, but he's not too bad. Maybe you could still bring out his legs & all through the skirt. You can't change the gown on the top, but you could still make that more see-through too.
       328. I STILL THINK ON SOME OF THOSE OTHER FLYERS YOU DIDN'T GET'M QUITE SEE-THROUGH ENOUGH. Like on the Top View, maybe you can still colour'm a little & make the flesh show through a little bit better. And on the Side View, you never did bring out that right flyer's body through that see-through gown. I mean, as dark brown as her body is, it should have shown through that dress a lot more! After all, we've got nothing to be ashamed of!
       329. I HOPE YOU DON'T RUIN YOUR POOR EYES BEFORE YOU GET THROUGH WITH THIS PICTURE! I don't see how you ever did those little tiny microscopic things without a magnifying glass! How do you do it? How do you see it? For goodness sakes, they're so small, all these tiny little trees & flowers & everything's so tiny, how in the World did you ever manage to colour such tiny little things? I hope we'll never have to do anything this complicated & infinitesimal again! That colouring of the foliage & the grass & the trees & all that is the most difficult part because it's so tiny!
       330. I THINK YOU'VE GOT THIS THING TWO-THIRDS DONE, MAYBE THREE-FOURTHS DONE! You've got all the outside Earth done up top & the mansions, & you've got all the inside greenery & everything, all you've got to finish is the golden streets & the buildings! By the way, I love your entrance pavements, they worked out just beautifully! It looks so realistic! That Wall must have been a real job, Son!--How you ever got those little tiny fine lines done without any jiggling! I would have gotten so nervous I think I'd have had them looking like scribbles! I don't see how you get along without a microscope or a magnifying glass on some of this fine work! It's just almost unbelievable!
       331. BY THE WAY, INSTEAD OF 50,000 WE'RE GOING TO PRINT 100,000!--GOD WILLING! We found out that the jumbo size is too big to fold by machine, but they will fold the next size down, which is half-again as big as the David-poster size. In fact, we put the size that we're going to make it on top of the jumbo size & there was only about a five-inch strip around it in difference, so it's actually about half-again or more the size of the David-size. To be exact, it's 75 x 102 centimeters, & that can be folded by machine, which is a lot faster & also cheaper!
       332. FOR ONLY A LITTLE MORE MONEY THAN WE COULD HAVE ONLY GOTTEN LESS THAN 40,000, ACTUALLY 38,000 PRINTED IN THE JUMBO, WE CAN NOW HAVE ABOUT 100,000 PRINTED, over twice as many, machine-folded & everything! Don't you think that's terrific? That size, by the way, is larger than the one you're actually painting, but we just can't quite go to the jumbo. Actually, most of the folks around here in handling them said it seemed to them that the slightly smaller than jumbo size was easier to handle & easier to find wall space for & all that sort of thing. Well, it has its compensations--we can send out a lot more of them! There's quite a bit of difference between 38,000 & 100 thousand! Isn't that terrific? We can really saturate'm with'm! I believe they'll really make a hit!
       333. AS THEY PEDDLE THE BLACK-&-WHITES DOWN THE STREET WEARING THEIR SANDWICH BOARDS OF THE BIG ONES ON THE FRONT & THE BACK, they can have a few big ones tucked away folded up in the pockets inside for the people who give a really generous donation!--Something like $100! I think they're worth at least $100! Well, actually they're priceless, there's nothing else like'm in the World!--Never has been, never will be, except the real thing! So I think they're worth at least $100! Well, that'll be up to the distributors. All right, I'd better quit countin' my eggs before they're hatched! Let's get back to the picture!
       334. THE TOP OF THE SPIRE IS GOING TO BE BLUE & THE SHAFT OF THE SPIRE IS GOLD. "His banner over us is Love" has a red heart & red writing & the banner itself is white to make it stand out more. On the Cathedral of Love, the Birthday Cake, the top heart is red, of course, & all the hearts are red, & the building itself can be white. That'll make that Family Building really stand out! The columns under each heart could be red or a little pink! You're the doctor, you're the artist, so why don't you decide? Whatever you like! It'll look kind of like a birthday cake anyhow, so the more decoration the better!
       335. ALL RIGHT, NOW DOWN TO THE HOUSE OF LIGHTS! The candlesticks are each different colours & the flames should probably look like flames, sort of yellow-orange & shining a little. Maybe you can still draw a few shine lines radiating out from each of them. And we decided to make the body of the building white & the tower or rotunda blue with a red dome & a gold cupola on top.
       336. ON THE SONIC TEMPLE I THINK THE IDEA OF THE STAFF LINES WAS GOOD! You can just kind of put faint staff lines so you don't mess it up too much. You just need three inside & the outside ones suffice for the 4th & 5th. Just sort of faintly suggest staff lines so they'll get the point that it's not another pathway. And we're going to have the Sonic Temple alabaster white, righto?--Or since it's a crystal, would you rather make it scintillate with a little colour? Crystals have all colours of the rainbow, sort of like diamonds! Maria just raved about your Diamond in the Crystal Building, how gorgeous that was! So if you could give that Music Tower a little of that crystal touch, I think that would even be better than white! You draw those crystals so beautifully, I think it would be a waste of space to have that all white! I was in a hurry when we were picking out these colours before.
       337. SO YOU'VE STILL GOT TO FINISH ALL THE GOLDEN STREETS, but I think all your shrubbery & everything's finished except for adding some colourful tress, bless your heart! That is really finite work, but it really makes it! You can just practically crawl into this thing, it's so real! Hallelujah!
       338. WHAT ABOUT THE ANGEL & THE SECURITY CENTER? The Angel is white, of course, but on all these angels slightly tanned bodies ought to show through. People usually think of angels with golden blond hair, but of course not all angels have blond hair, some even have darker bodies with dark hair. That angel that William Branham saw could have been his spirit helper instead of an actual angel, so that maybe is why it looked like an Indian man. But the popular conception of angels, of course, is white wings, white gowns & blond hair.
       339. WHAT ABOUT BLUE FOR THE SECURITY CENTER?--OUR LITTLE BOYS IN BLUE! People usually think of blue as a police colour, don't they? Well, our policemen are dressed in white, but they could be headquartering in a blue building! The Fountain will be light blue or aquamarine water & don't forget to colour the little flying angel good too! Let's show more of those bodies! We're not trying to please the church people!
       340. THE NEXT ONE UP IS THE FOOD BUILDING! We don't have an awful lot of red down there, so what about a nice dark Chinese red?--A nice warm red! Good idea?--Or do you want to make it a different colour? Whatever you think! It's right in the midst of all that green so I think red would look good there!
       341. THAT BOTANY & HORTICULTURAL BUILDING ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A FLOWER! Since we're going to have the Food Building red & there's so much green around it, don't you think this one maybe ought to be different colours like a blossom? Have you seen hibiscus that are different colours?--They're beautiful! They're pink & red & yellow inside & they're all different colours! So since the Food Building is a dark Chinese red, maybe that blossom on the Botany Building could be coloured sort of in pastels, partly pink & fading to that beautiful yellow, & the inside petals different colours. Why not have as much colour as we can? It's in colour, let's get the colour! I'll leave that up to you!
       342. AND WHAT ABOUT BLUE FOR THE PISTIL?--THAT INSIDE ROUND THING INSIDE THE BLOSSOM THERE. We're going to have the outside petals sort of yellowish at the base fading into pink at the top like those hibiscus blossoms, & then different colours of the petals inside. There's never been any flower like this but we're going to design one! Try & see what you think! You may have to experiment on another little piece of paper & see how it looks. You never get the contrast & the blending & how it's going to look until you try it, & if it doesn't look good you can always change it if you just practice a little bit. Something as complicated as that blossom would take a little experimentation to see what looks best.
       343. NEXT, THE PYRAMIDS ARE BOTH GOLDEN & WHAT ABOUT A BLUE TIME BEAM BETWEEN THE GOLDEN BUILDINGS? Then of course there are more fountains with blue water--or do you want to make them different colours? They'll look more natural blue, but maybe you want'm to look unnatural? Well, we don't have too many other colours to work with, but if you want you can have one orange or pink or green. There's too much green around already & we need to bring out more colours, so I think blue is better, it gives a more natural look. Natural blue water looks prettier. The Lord made all of His water blue, so why not? He didn't think it was too much. He didn't think all this blue water we have was too much, we've got whole seas full of blue water! So why not?
       344. HOW ABOUT THE KIDS' MERRY-GO-ROUND THERE?--THE CHILDCARE CENTER? Maybe we ought to put the word "Carousel" or "Merry-Go-Round" on it somewhere! There's really not much room to put anything else on it, but on the left side there's quite a bit of room coming around from the back end of the building. You can look at that & see what you think. But what colour are we going to make it? We've got a gold spire next to it, a white building with red on the left, golden pyramids below, what about kind of a powder blue? Light blue?--Baby blue? People always talk about baby blue!--And the inside tower in the middle pink! The floor of course is gold, streets of gold, & it looks like we have a little greenery in those sections, so that'll be green.
       345. WELL, LET'S SEE NOW, WE'VE COVERED EVERYTHING THIS FAR OVER, HOW ABOUT THE CLOTHING BUILDING? How about finishing off that collar & make it really look like a robe or something? Well, the writing sort of hides the collar so that looks finished enough. It almost looks like a cross, but that's okay, it's got the lettering up there to tell'm what it is. Well, since all the robes up in Heaven are white, how about just white? We don't have too much in the way of white buildings & this is far enough from the other ones I think that this would do.
       346. TEMPLEISM!--WELL, I'M ALMOST TEMPTED TO HAVE THAT ONE BLACK! You know what they use a lot is very dark deep somber blue, or maybe even purple, that's even more weird! Those demon-worshippers use a lot of purple, deep purple. How about a purple building, & what about the dome? Let's have a different colour. We don't want to make it look too pretty, maybe a bright red of warning--stop! Red is usually a warning sign. We could just leave the pillars white & make the collar around the building purple & the dome stop-light red! What about making that inside base of the dome below the pillars black & maybe make the little cupola on top black? We've got to have some parts black, that's one of their favourite colours too. Hey! You know what the favourite witches' colours are?--The Halloween colours, black & orange! That's a good idea! So how about purple collar, black base & orange dome! Black & orange! Then a black cupola on top too to get that black & orange contrast. You can make the columns all orange with a black bottom, black cupola, orange dome, orange columns & with a purple collar.
       347. DID WE FINISH THE CLOTHING BUILDING? Why not make the collar around that red, sort of a bright red since we're going to use orange. Red-orange is one of the colours mainly used for warnings, but you can experiment with it & see how it looks. Actually there ought to be something to show that that's a hole in the top.--Maybe yellow?
       348. SHALL WE GO ON TO MERLIN'S HAT? Well, of course that's supposed to be blue & the figures are all different kinds of colours that will stand out nice on the blue.--Everything from gold & red & green & white & whatever you think is best! Kind of experiment with it a little & see what looks best. The base or pedestal it's standing on could be blue too. Maybe we ought to make those flying saucers sort of a gold colour landing on the blue! Of course the biggest one wouldn't stand out much against that gold building, so maybe make'm sort of blue & gold, the domes blue & the rim around them gold. And since it's the Golden City, how about another golden tower there for the Observation Tower? That would really be a chance to bring out some beautiful gold!
       349. WE'RE COMING DOWN THE RIGHT SIDE TO THE FLOWER BUILDING THERE--GARDENING & FLORAL DISPLAY--WHERE YOU'VE GOT A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER WITH THE STAMENS COMING OUT OF THE CENTER! The background around there is mostly green, so I think here's another chance for some shades of red & pink, etc. You could even make those stamens different colours!--Make the stalks different colours & the little nobs on the ends different colours from the stalks & have the flower petals red & pink & shades of red, whatever you think. Just play with it & see what you come up with & I'll take your judgement. You're the artist!
       350. BY THE WAY, WHAT ABOUT THE STEM OF THE FLOWER, THE BASE THAT IT STANDS ON? It's got gold pavement around it & then there's some green & trees. Do you want another brown or blue or what? It would look more natural like a flower if it's brown, like the Wooden Tower, the Roots Building! I guess the little Sign Pyramid there needs to be golden--all of our pyramids are gold--& then another gold Pyramid Sign in front of the Creation Building against all that greenery, etc., & we're almost done!
       351. HOW ABOUT ROYAL BLUE FOR THE CREATION BUILDING? That's one of my favourite colours! Let's make it maybe two or three different colours!--Maybe a royal blue base & a gold second part, the upper half of the building. We don't have any gold buildings right around here, so why not? Blue & gold are my favourite colours you know! Up on the roof, if we make that a red star, you know what some people would think! You know what a red star stands for today politically, although it would sure look pretty! Maybe that would make some of those people happy! After all, it's a seven-pointed star so how could they confuse it?
       352. WE'VE GOT BLUE & GOLD WHICH ARE TWO OF THE PREDOMINANT COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW, SO WOULDN'T THAT MAKE A NICE RED STAR? Have you got any particular prejudice against a red star? Red looks good against green. It would look like a Christmas tree then for sure! Ha! We've got green quite strong all around it, but not too much right here except one little bit on the right, so why not have it a nice dark green with a bright red star, a real red star!
       353. BELOW IT IS THE WORLD OF WATER & THOSE BUILDINGS ARE GOING TO BE MULTI-COLOURED CRYSTALS AGAIN LIKE THE SONIC TOWER! That gives you a chance to really make something pretty! The waterways will be blue & I guess for the troughs or the aqueducts, if you make'm gold it might confuse'm with the pathways, so maybe we can make them sort of blue or leave them white or crystal with blue water & little gold boats!
       354. I THINK THE CRYSTAL BALL OUGHT TO BE EITHER BLUE OR GOLD, SO WHAT ABOUT BOTH?--Sort of like you did on the bottom of the Sphere where you blended the blue into gold, I thought it was so pretty! It looked beautiful! Why can't we do that with the Crystal Ball & have it sort of gold at the top, shining gold all around Jesus' head. He's got white hair, you can leave that alone, tan His face & neck a little, & I think it's almost too small to give Him blue eyes, but you can try it! Anyhow, you can have Him sort of radiant gold. It would go from gold at the bottom & radiant gold around His head, to blue at the top & sort of a faint blue down around the outer sides of the ball.--Or maybe a darker blue as it goes down where you've got those shade lines. Experiment with it & do whatever you find out is best!
       355. I THINK THAT'S ABOUT IT, WE END WITH JESUS! What better ending could you have than that? Hallelujah!--Forever! PTL! Amen! God bless'm & help'm, Lord, in this tremendous task that is such a great commission, the greatest art commission ever given! And we thank Thee for Thy humble little artist who's willing to undertake it & do His best with Thy guidance, Lord, & the talent & gifts You've given him. Thank You for the marvellous skill & accuracy You've given him in this intricate job, Lord, of so much tiny infinitesimal detail! We do ask Thee to continue to keep him safely & guide his hands, strengthen his body, give his fingers skill, Lord, & accuracy & help him to finish this gorgeous, glorious, Heavenly picture in safety, Lord, & those around him too, Lord, keep their Home.
       356. THANK YOU FOR SUPPLYING EVERY NEED, LORD, TO MAKE THIS ALL POSSIBLE so we'll be able to feed this out to the Family to inspire them & encourage them, Lord, & lift them up to the heights of Heaven!--In Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory! Amen! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen? Hallelujah? GBY! I think that's it! ILY! Oh, down in the very lower right-hand corner of the picture, that looks like water & boats! Got it? Okay! Sail away!--Into the sunset!--But come on & rise with the dawn & bring it back! GBY all! Thanks a lot! Bye for now!
* * *

       357. I GET THRILLED EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT GETTING OUT SO MANY OF THEM, TO REALLY GET'M OUT! This is terrific! I'm thinking maybe we ought to do twice that many--100,000! We need to get out the Word! Well, I just stretched it about as far as I thought we could afford right now. It's really going to have Worldwide coverage! Every artist wants to be appreciated & recognised & exposed, as they say, have a lot of exposure for his art, & you're going to get it! TTL!
       358. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WORK YOU'VE DONE, EVERYBODY'S JUST ABSOLUTELY THRILLED OUT OF THIS WORLD AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS! I've got one hanging up right in front of me--all the five that are finished at least--& I can just dream away any time of day! It really is an encouragement to have one there where you can look up every now & then & think about how wonderful it's all going to end! What does the Scripture say?
       359. THIS IS BUT FOR A MOMENT COMPARED TO THE GLORIES THAT SHALL BE! That's a good Scripture! I think we got that into our verses on Heaven, didn't we?--Something about our trials of this moment are not worthy to be compared with the glories that shall be! (Rom.8:18.) I'm not very good at quoting them & I'm no good at all on references but I know that's in the Epistles, that's about all I can tell you! I can tell you what town it's in, sometimes I know the block or the street or the suburb, but I have trouble remembering the house number! Well, I think the Family's going to be thrilled!--Amen? I know I am & hope you are too! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen.--Till the real thing comes! HAL! TYJ!--See you there!
* * *

       360. THAT BLACK-&-WHITE POSTER MIGHT EVEN BEAT THE BIG COLOUR ONE YET! Then wouldn't they be astonished by the big one?--Absolutely! Maybe this could be kind of a preview still! I don't believe in saving anything--as soon as something's ready I believe we should shove it through the pipe! Otherwise, if the black-&-white came out after the colour one it might be an anticlimax! Ha! But this way they're going to get a real thrill just to see this one first of all. I think we just ought to shove things off as fast as we get'm done, & whatever makes the line first, off it goes, it's the winner!
       361. I CAN'T TELL TOO MUCH FROM THIS TINY MICROSCOPIC POLAROID PICTURE YOU SENT ME, but I can tell one thing right away just from looking at it--it doesn't look like you put any colour on the Heart Building besides the hearts! I'm awful sorry, but it's just too big a blob of white & looks like a blank right in the middle of the picture!
       362. I THINK WE COULD JUST GO AHEAD & COLOUR IT ALL PINK!--Or would some of the mothers who have boys object to pink? What do you say, since it's supposed to be about babies, maybe we can make it pink & blue! I hope you can still paint over those pink stripes & make'm red like the hearts, then alternate the pink & blue sections in-between. It was just too much of a blob of white right there. You couldn't tell that, of course, till you got it all coloured around, but it really needs it!
       363. ALSO, THE HEART DOORWAYS AT THE BOTTOM SHOULD BE SHADED TO SHOW THEY'RE THERE, because they would look a little more shadowy than outside. And those heart windows, you couldn't very well make them red, so I like your idea of making them gold to look like there's light inside.
       364. SO MAKE THOSE PILLARS THAT THE BIG HEARTS UP THERE ARE STANDING ON RED STRIPES ALL THE WAY DOWN! A couple of them run right into those candles below, though, so watch out you don't run'm clear down! Then alternate those spaces between the red stripes girly pink & baby blue! Good idea? We've got so much colour in there, there's no use having a great big blank white spot!
* * *

       365. I HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO REALLY GET QUIET & STUDY THE PICTURE YET, BUT I SHOWED IT TO THE FOLKS AT THE TABLE & THEY LOVED IT, THEY'RE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT! They just "ohed" & "ahed" & thrilled, they just couldn't say enough! One thing our attention was called to, & I think it was a good suggestion, is perhaps all those little flying saucers in the distance ought to be the same colour & look like the ones around Merlin's Hat so they'll recognise what they are. They thought some people wouldn't even notice them if you didn't colour'm.
       366. THAT'S ONE OF THOSE LITTLE INFINITESIMAL DETAILS, BUT YOU'RE REALLY AN EXPERT AT IT! Those close-up pictures for the text are just beautiful! It's amazing how pretty those close-ups are! It just shows you what perfectionist work you did! A lot of art couldn't stand close inspection like that, so you really did beautifully!
       367. SO THEY WERE JUST THRILLED, EVERYBODY WAS EXCITED & "OHING" & "AHING" & "OOHING"! Techi always sits right by me on my right hand, & I was holding the picture there while she was looking & looking & I could just tell she was dreaming herself into the picture! She really enjoys it! When it captures the interest & the fancy of little children, then you know you've succeeded, so that's what we're trying to do! If you can hold a child's attention, you've got something, & it really kept her attention! The children just kept looking & looking & calling attention to this & that: "Oh Grandpa, look at this! Look at that!" They really are fascinated by it! It was a big hit & I think it's going to be a lot bigger hit when you get it all done & we get it all on posters!
       368. EVERYBODY HERE IS THRILLED WITH THE IDEA OF GETTING OUT AS MANY AS POSSIBLE, & I'M TALKING IN THE VICINITY OF 100,000 NOW!--God willing! I'm going to, what you call in the gambling game, go whole hog or none! Go for broke!--Only I don't think we're going to go broke! If nothing else, we're going to store up an awful lot of treasure there just by getting out the Word & the encouragement & the inspiration, not only to our own folks but that way it will reach millions more!
       369. AND THIS BIG POSTER SIZE, OF COURSE, IS NOT INTENDED JUST FOR PRIVATE CONSUMPTION! They'll have to stick it up someplace where everybody can see it! So I believe there're going to be lots of people seeing it & really studying it! And the little black-&-white one will be a real nice little brief guide to it & they can even get those printed & distribute them. They can reach millions that way! So PTL! GBY!
       370. ANYWAY, I'LL STUDY THE PICTURE & SEE WHAT I CAN SEE, BUT I DOUBT IF I CAN THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE! Someone else called my attention to colouring the little white flying saucers & I like that idea it because it adds another touch of colour! Just make them blue enough to see. I don't know whether you can get any gold rims around the bottom, but on some of the bigger ones you might draw a few gold lines around.
       371. WELL, GOD BLESS YOU! ILY! YOU'RE JUST ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL & YOUR ART IS JUST ABSOLUTELY ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE! This poster's so beautiful it's almost unbelievable! It's really fantasyland!--Thank God it's real! And when the little children take to it like they did, we've done what we set out to do! You did a tremendous job, Son, & I hope you take a little rest now, a little time out till you hear from me next! I haven't found anything I don't like yet or thought of any new ideas yet, so you're almost safe, but I still need a little more time to study it. I'll give you the final word next tape! In the meantime, relax!
       372. YOU DID A TREMENDOUS JOB & EVERYBODY REALLY LOVES IT! The kids were just almost falling in! So we've just about accomplished what we set out to do! Pray we'll have the funds for the 100,000!--If we have the funds, we'll have fun! This is the kind of fun I like! If I'm playing with anything, I'm having fun playing with this! So God bless you! I know it was a lot of hard work for you, but it's going to be a lot of fun for a lot of folks & I think it's maybe going to cheer a few folks up when we tell'm we're going to have lots of fun there! GBY! ILY! Bye for now!
* * *

       373. WELL, I STUDIED & STUDIED IT & I COULD ONLY THINK OF ONE THING IT NEEDED! Didn't you think that the colours on the bottom of the Wall were a little bit pale & pastel? The top half from the yellow & red line on up is very colourful, but the bottom half looks a little washed out. We've got red, yellow & blue coming out strong on the top half--isn't there anything else that maybe is red or yellow or blue in that bottom half that could be brought out a little stronger? They're so pale they look almost white!
       374. HERE'S OUR CHANCE TO REALLY GIVE A LOT OF COLOUR & PEOPLE WILL EXPECT THAT WALL TO BE REALLY COLOURFUL, DON'T YOU THINK SO? So I hope that's something you can still do!--Just take your little fine brush & maybe gently go along that. Don't even mask it or try to spray-paint it, just go along one of those with a steady hand.
       375. THAT WALL WAS THE THING THAT DEAR TECHI MARVELLED OVER ALMOST MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE! She said, "Look at that Wall! How did he ever do that? I just cannot do that, I try & try, but I just can't keep straight in the lines! How did he ever do that?" She was just absolutely amazed! So you've got a real appreciator here, a real fan who marvels at your skill! Maybe you'll be encouraged that somebody noticed that Wall, that it's really an intricate art job!
       376. ISN'T THERE ANYTHING ELSE RED DOWN THERE MAYBE?--Or blue or yellow? If so, let's bring out a stronger blue & a stronger yellow at least! I think one of them is a little bit yellow. Going down from the red, it looks like there's a white strip, blue strip, white strip, very pale blue strip & another white strip, & I don't think we should have so much white! I really think we need to give that Wall a little more colour!
       377. MAYBE WE COULD JUST TAKE THE BLUE STRIP THAT'S SECOND-FROM-THE-BOTTOM & MAKE THAT A LITTLE BLUER! It's sapphire & surely that could be bluer! I had a star sapphire that was black with a star in the center of it, & it was still called a star sapphire! I mean, even black would look better than just all washed-out with no colour at all! I didn't really notice this until I studied this big picture & saw that the bottom of the Wall looks washed-out from the red on down! I know that's a tough job but we might as well get it right!--And that's so noticeable!
       378. SO COLOUR THAT NEXT-TO-THE-BOTTOM PALE BLUE STRIPE YOU'VE GOT THERE A REAL BRIGHT BLUE! Going up from the bottom we have jasper, which is diamond, so we can leave that as it is, then that blue strip, let's make that at least a bright blue. Next, the one that looks white is a chalcedony or quartz. Some stones do vary in colour or shade, so as long as we've got the license & the liberty to choose the colours, let's choose what we like! Maybe just painting that sapphire a nice bright blue would do it! It would almost look like a red, white & blue flag then, but the U.S. flag doesn't have blue stripes, it just has red & white stripes. Well, we'll have blue stripes! We don't want a red & white striped flag, that's for sure!
       379. SO I WOULD SAY IF YOU BRING OUT THAT SAPPHIRE IN A BRIGHT BLUE, THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH, & THAT WON'T TAKE MUCH EXTRA WORK. Then the other white stripes will show up by contrast instead of the whole bottom looking washed-out. Right now, three whole stripes look almost white! So that isn't too much of a job to re-colour that one stripe, just take your little brush, take your time & colour that a nice bright blue!--Even if it's a royal blue, a different shade of blue than the others. Quartz more often than not is a white or yellow, so that's about right, I'd say you just made the sapphire too pale.
       380. MY STAR SAPPHIRE WAS SUCH A DARK BLUE THAT IT LOOKED BLACK, then it had this beautiful white scintillating star right in the middle of it!--A natural stone, very rare! That's the beautiful gold ring that Hezekiah made for me that we lost in France. It was very original & I had several jewelers remark over it, that it was a very rare stone & a very unique gold setting. It was very big & heavy too so it must have been worth something. Whenever I lose something I always trust the Lord that somebody who really needs it finds it! Maybe it was too flashy for me to be wearing around anyhow, especially in some of these poor countries.
       381. ALSO ON THAT LITTLE ENTRANCE WAY INTO THE PEARL YOU NEED TO ADD A LITTLE SHADING TO MAKE IT LOOK MORE LIKE AN ENTRANCE. People will naturally expect it to have a little shading there, at least to show that it's an entrance. And while you're changing that blue, maybe you can do the same for that Corner picture! We just don't have very many bright colours to work with, I know, but at least you can colour that next-to-the-bottom stripe a nice bright blue, something like the Sphere, the brightest blue you can find!
       382. REALLY THOSE PRECIOUS STONES IN THAT WALL SHOULD HAVE HAD A FEW SPARKLES, but if you can't do it easily I think it's better to just leave it alone. And by easily I mean without taking any chances of smearing things & messing it up! I'd rather leave well enough alone. I never missed the sparkles till now, but in just studying & studying it I was trying to think of all the things it would have & it dawned on me that Wall could have done with a few sparkles, like at least two or three in front & maybe one behind, near the corner Angel. But if it's going to endanger smearing or messing it up in any way or making it bad for the lasers, then don't do it, leave it alone! Okay?
       383. I THINK THAT'S ABOUT ALL, I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE! Everybody loved it! The colours were just absolutely gorgeous! You made that Botany Building look like it was glowing with light from inside! And the Birthday Cake looks so much better now! It really looks more like a birthday cake, all that pink & blue & red & everything!--Really gorgeous!--Almost makes you hungry!
       384. BY THE WAY, GOING BACK TO THE FIRST FLOOR PLAN, SOMEBODY SAID, "WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH A LAUNDRY IN HEAVEN?" When I was making out the Floor Plan I just automatically called that "Service Porch & Laundry," but when I got to thinking about it, there's not supposed to be anything there that defileth or anything unclean (Re.21:27), so I can't see where those robes of light would get very dirty, if at all! So I kind of agree with the guy who asked the question, what do we need the laundry for? Let's just white out that word "laundry" so that we won't get some of these poor souls upset that they're still going to have to be doing laundry! Service porch is all right, maybe they can have a church service out there! I've already explained why there's a kitchen, that we can have banquets & feasts if we want to, but we don't have to, it's a pleasure! Maybe even cooking will be a pleasure because you'll only have to do it once in awhile!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family