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OUR HEAVEN OR THEIRS?--Which Do You Want?       DFO 1627       9/83

       1. WE'VE GOT A SEXY RELIGION, SO IF SEX OFFENDS YOU, THIS IS NO PLACE FOR YOU! We're even going to have a sexy Heaven! (Dad displays new colour print of Heavenly Mansion Front View!) (Sara: [EDITED: "Someone"] said, "Grandpa put mats under the naked girls!") Ah! We wouldn't want their nice pretty little bottoms sitting right on the ground, not even on the marble! Well, you can thank our dear thoughtful artist for that, as well as a lot of other things! I think he really did a gorgeous job! Beautiful! That's worthy of being a poster all by itself! And on the jumbo giant poster we're going to have, God willing, it's actually going to be bigger than this!
       2. YOU COULD JUST STUDY THAT FOR A LONG TIME & ENJOY IT & ALMOST DREAM YOURSELF RIGHT INTO THE PICTURE!--With all those gorgeous dream girls!--Some dream boys too, girls! You don't see that kind of scene in many yards! (Maria: Except ours!) (Family: It's been so inspiring to see it go through all the different stages.) Well, it's taken time. But now the five small pix are finished! How long have we been working on this poster now?--Anybody remember? I think it was since May. We actually started working on this before we finished the GN Prophetic Series in July, because we wanted some pictures of Heaven, etc., & we couldn't find any decent ones that would do it justice. We still haven't found any!
       3. SOMEONE IN AUSTRALIA JUST SENT US A PICTURE OF HEAVEN USED IN A DENOMINATIONAL FELT-O-GRAM SERIES--flannelgraphs you call'm. They used to call them felt-o-grams when they could still afford felt instead of having to go cheap & buy flannel! I'll have to show you that picture! Every building in the Heavenly City looks exactly like a church, just churches & cathedrals, that's all! Can you imagine! Well, they're going to say, "Yeah, well, yours looks like a circus!" Hallelujah! I hope so!
       4. THIS ONE LOOKS LIKE AN ORGY, THAT'S WHAT THEY'LL SAY ABOUT THIS ONE! Well, the worse they say the better! Hallelujah! We don't want to be like them, that's for sure! I think it's beautiful myself, God's natural creation & all the beauties that Jesus made, including the Mansion He's gone to prepare! ([EDITED: "Fam:"]: If the Systemites won't see that poster, why did you put the fountain covering the people?) This little couple here that's making love you mean? Well, you know, some Systemite might happen to see it sometime if they visit one of our Homes, so we have to be a little bit careful. We can't have everybody lying around making love! We thought we were stretching it a bit even to have'm this nude!
       5. (FAMILY: WE COUNTED THE PEOPLE!)--YES! [EDITED: "SOMEONE"] GOT 84! I think I got 81 the first time, then the second time I got 83, so I don't know how many there are there! I kept counting them over & every time I got a different number! By the time you count'm to the 80s it's a little hard to keep track! (To the Baby:) Do you like it? Isn't it pretty? She's really looking at it! You want to show me one of your toys too, huh? Well, this poster is my favourite toy right now & I'm having lots of fun playing with it!
       6. WELL, IT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN, ANYHOW! If I were to design my Heavenly Mansion & people it with the kind of people I like & the kind of activities I enjoy, why, that's my idea of Heaven! If you don't like my kind of Heaven, you can go over in the other corner. Oh, you've got to see this churchy picture! How do you like this by comparison? (Family: It looks like a morgue!--Like a cemetery or a mausoleum!) Well, of course it's a cemetery, it's for all those dead Christians! They wouldn't feel at home unless they were in church! So this is the Church Corner here, & I hope it's in the opposite corner from us, 2300 miles away! I'm sure the Lord will be merciful to them & perhaps give them a corner like this way over there as far as they can get from us so they won't have to associate with such terrible people! Can you imagine? That's their idea of Heaven--a bunch of churches! Isn't that something?
       7. WELL, I LIKE MY IDEA OF CHURCH A LOT BETTER THAN THEIRS! (Points at Front View:) That's a church! That's an ecclesia, an assembly of the saints, the called-out ones! In fact, if they'd see those people in church, they'd sure call'm out! They'd get called out!--Ha! So which idea of church do you like best? Isn't theirs a scream?--Every building's a church building or a cathedral! It just shows you how they think! After all, Church is the closest thing to Heaven they can think of! Well, I'm about as close to the closest thing I can think of as being very Heavenly, & that's you girls! But that's the church people's idea of heaven, a whole bunch of churches! Isn't that a scream? Take your choice, folks! Put in your reservation now! Do you want a mansion or do you want a church? Do you want a pew or do you want a pool?--Ha! I sure like these church members I see here in our picture!
       8. I DO THINK THAT CHURCHY PICTURE IS THE WORST I'VE EVER SEEN! This is for use with little kids, isn't that sad? They've just got to associate Heaven with church, & that of course, nothing could be more like Heaven than church!--So they put this in the flannelgraph as their picture of Heaven! I think this is the first picture we've gotten from the Family since we sent out that appeal to send us pictures of Heaven, any kind of pictures of Heaven, & this is the only one so far! (Thank you, Caleb, in New Zealand.) Isn't that a scream?--Church! It really looks ominous & dark & evil & it probably is, with all those churches packed into one place!
       9. THEY DO HAVE AN ANGEL STANDING ON A PEARL, BUT IT'S ABOVE THE GATE, IT'S NOT THE GATE, & THEY DO HAVE A FEW SPIRES. They wanted to bring in the kind of dome-shaped spires to include the Orthodox Church I guess. They couldn't possibly be Muslim spires, could they?--Minarets? I doubt it! They look a little Oriental but I think they were supposed to include the Russian or Eastern Orthodox. Isn't that funny? I sure like my picture better! What a comparison! I don't want to go here, do you? I want to go here!
       10. (FAMILY: LOOK AT THAT BIG LOCKED GATE!) YES, IT'S SHUT! THE DOOR IS SHUT!--When the Bible says definitely that the gates are never shut, they're open day & night! (Rev.21:25.) So where in the Hell did they get this idea about Peter having the keys & that he has to open the gate for you? That's a popular conception--especially Catholic--of Peter standing at the gate with the keys & he only lets in the people that he thinks should go in, & he has to unlock the gate because he's got the key. Well, there it is. It looks like the doors are already shut, I guess you're not going to get in, so sorry! You'd better come over to my house, it's more fun over here! (Family: Ours says "Welcome" on it!) Yes, absolutely! I don't see any welcome sign in this other one anywhere! The gate is shut & it looks like they turned out all the lights!--A dark city with nobody home!--Either that or they're all dead!
       11. CAN YOU IMAGINE ANYBODY HAVING THE NERVE TO DRAW A PICTURE LIKE THAT OF HEAVEN? Even the Muslims have a better idea of Heaven than that!--Rivers of wine & lots of beautiful women, Houris of Heaven! I think the Muslims are going to like our idea better! Maria says they're a little bit conservative in some of those countries about nudity, but I've seen some pictures of the Houris of Heaven--old famous classical paintings, supposed to be Arabic art--in which they were semi-nude! So they haven't always been that conservative. It must be Khomeini that's done it! He wants to drape'm all in black like a bunch of spooks--hide even their faces & everything! Boy, it shows you it's the Devil! That guy is absolutely apparently demon-possessed, he's following the Devil! Isn't that horrible?
       12. WELL, I SURE LIKE MY IDEA OF HEAVEN ANYWAY, BETTER THAN ANYTHING THE CHURCH EVER HAD TO OFFER! Does it make you want to go there? (Family: Yes!) (Holds up church pic:) Do you feel like going here? (Family: No!) You mean this doesn't make you want to go to Heaven? What's the matter with you? There must be something wrong with you! Aren't you a Christian? Aren't you a good church member? You don't want to go to church? Look! They must not have anything going on there but church, because there's nothing there but churches! I guess for variety you just go from one church to the other & sample all the denominations! You can even sample the Eastern Orthodox!--Although they didn't make those domes quite flat enough, did they? You've seen pictures of Saint Sophia & some of those Eastern Orthodox churches, haven't you?--They have those sort of onion-shaped things on top with a little spire. They've got some here but they're real skinny like somebody sort of squeezed all the juice out of the onion!
       13. THEY'VE GOT TWO MORE ANGELS ON TWO MORE LITTLE PEARLS ON BOTH SIDES, BUT THEIR WALL ISN'T EVEN MADE OUT OF JEWELS! I mean, here's the whole description right in the Bible & they draw pictures like this! Isn't that something? I really don't think they believe it! They think people would think they're absolutely crazy if they drew a picture exactly the way it's described in the Bible. I've never seen one true to the Bible description & measurements, have you? This one sure isn't! I mean, it could be maybe a couple hundred feet high & that would be stretching it at that! I'd say maybe 150 feet high instead of 1500 miles!
       14. BOY OH BOY! WHAT A MISERABLE, DEPRESSING THING TO SHOW KIDS AS A PICTURE OF HEAVEN! Isn't that sad? Most kids would give that one look & say, "Ugh! It reminds me of church!" Even if you could fly, it would be a very dangerous place to fly! Look at all those sharp points you might land on! (To the Baby:) Which one do you like best? She looks up at our city & she looks at me. She won't even give this churchy pic a second look! She just looks at this pretty one & then she looks at me! ([EDITED: "Fam:"] Probably because that one's the most colourful.) Yes, of course!--And the most beautiful & the most like Heaven! ([EDITED: "Fam:"] I think that might be a statue, or is it a real angel?) I don't think it could be a real angel, because that doesn't look like Heaven to me! If you ask me, these gals around our pool look more like real angels!--Ours looks more like Heaven! TYL! Hallelujah! I can even prove there are no churches in Heaven!: "And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty & the Lamb are the temple of it." (Rev.21:22)
       15. ANYHOW, THAT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN & IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, YOU CAN GO SOMEPLACE ELSE! The Lord says if I delight myself in Him, He'll give me the desires of my heart, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised that that's what I'll find as my mansion when I get there! (Ps.37:4) If that's my idea of Heaven, why shouldn't the Lord give it to me?--With all you guys there! Only we must be having a real party, because that place couldn't really house 84 people! Well, it could if we slept on the floor like hippies & all made love on the floor!--Otherwise, it's only got nine bedrooms.
       16. I ACTUALLY DESIGNED IT TO BE A HOME ABOUT THE SIZE OF OURS, OR MAYBE EVEN UP TO ABOUT A COUPLE DOZEN PEOPLE!--At least that's about all the sleeping space there is. Of course, you don't have to sleep unless you want to! But they could put in quite a few more beds in some of those big bedrooms. So since they don't all live there & can't all sleep there, this must be a party going on, huh? Hallelujah!--Fellowship Meeting recess or recreation period! It looks like quite a few of them are busy re-creating! Ahem!
       17. BABIES IN HEAVEN! BOY, THIS PREGNANT GAL HERE IS GOING TO SHOCK THE CHURCH PEOPLE FIRST, HUH? It's going to shock the pants right on'm! They're gonna make sure they've got'm on! And this baby over here.--That's so shocking to them because, "Good night, if that's so, then there must be sex in Heaven!--And of course that's impossible, because sex is so evil, so horrible, so terrible! That's one thing we get to leave behind in this evil, corrupt, fleshly World!" Well, that's funny, because the Lord made it!--He made this World, He made sex, He made the flesh, how come it's so evil & corrupt? It shows you how the Devil has made their minds evil & corrupted their whole concept of everything, it's pitiful!
       18. I THINK IT'S BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL! TYJ! PTL! THAT'S THE KIND OF PLACE I WANT TO GO TO! There I am right there, see?--Maria & I are coming down the steps. I think that was our artist's idea, bless his heart!--But I liked it! After all, I figured if I'm there & I'm the host, I'd be welcoming you all! "Y'all come! Come in! Have fun!" PTL! After all your hard work down here & trials & tribulations, wouldn't that be a fitting reward?--With people like our Heavenly angelic girls sitting around here already! Just think, Heaven's going to be full of'm!--Heavenly Queens like Maria & Sara & all you girls!
       19. THAT'S ANOTHER THING ABOUT THIS OTHER PLACE, IT'S DESERTED!--NOBODY HOME! After all, you can't keep churches open all the time, you can only open them once a week, or maybe twice a week. (Fam:] "Welcome, thou good &faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!") Amen! PTL! That's a good verse for it! Ours looks more like joy to me than this, huh?--All those girls look like joy to me! PTL! (Sara: What's that joke about the party?) (Family: Everybody at the party was feeling merry, & when Mary left they jumped for joy!) Ho, ho, ho! The old English walnut logs are beginning to crack now!--A new ripple of laughter goes on! If you didn't comprehend that joke, I don't want to corrupt your pure minds! You'll have to explain it to the rest of them some other time, Son!
       20. DID YOU NOTICE THE HEAVENLY FAIR BUILDINGS YOU CAN SEE IN THE DISTANCE? We want to give you a little orientation so you can relate to where you are! You can see the Fair Corner just beyond. Imagine, won't that be great living that close to a Fair all the time?--A real World's Fair! Maybe we'll call it the Universal Fair! You wouldn't even have to go climb down the steps or anything, you could just go over there & stand on this rail, [DELETED] & just take off flying! You can even fly right over the top of this building or this one or anywhere you want to go! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!
       21. HAVE YOU EXAMINED EACH OF THOSE BEDROOMS & SEEN WHAT'S GOING ON? Our dear artist wrote a note saying his mate looked at the third floor right-hand bedroom & said, "I can't tell what they're doing!" He said, "It's none of your business!"--Ha! Isn't that cute? I like those flyers up there too, aren't they pretty? Do you like our nice colour mix? PTL! Our artists are getting to be experts at female forms! I'm a kind of an expert at female forms too! I can't draw'm, but I can feel'm & look at'm & appreciate'm! PTL!
       22. WELL, HALLELUJAH! TYL! MAYBE YOU THINK I'M A LITTLE FOOLISH, BUT YOU KNOW, THERE'S NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL & I SURE LIKE FOOLIN' AROUND!--Especially in a place like that! PTL! Well honest, I'm sincere! I believe Heaven's going to be like that! At least if the Lord wants me to be happy there & keep me happy, He's going to have my outfit like this! Maybe He's going to please everybody & give'm what they like.--Give those dark, dead church people what they enjoy, somewhere they can go to sleep & sleep forever, but we're going to live forever! Hallelujah? TYL!--Live & love forever! PTL! I like it! God bless our artist & all you folks that helped us with it! TTL!
       23. MARIA WAS SAYING TODAY WHEN SHE LOOKED AT THIS PICTURE & STUDIED IT A LITTLE BIT: "THE ONLY THING I'M WORRIED ABOUT IS EVERYBODY'S GOING TO WANT TO LEAVE & GO THERE BEFORE WE GET DONE!" A lot of people are writing in that they want to go! I'm going to have to write a Letter & tell'm, hey, wait a minute! We're not done yet! You wouldn't want to go up There & be ashamed that you didn't finish your job & be forever in shame & contempt for failing to bring everybody with you that you could have, would you? You'd really feel bad if a lot of folks weren't there that you could have brought with you if you'd stuck around & done your job.
       24. (MARIA: AND ON THE MORE SERIOUS SIDE OF THAT SUBJECT, ONE OF OUR GIRLS HAD AN OPERATION & NEARLY DIED RECENTLY, & we heard that a week or two before she had said, "Oh, I'm so tired, I really wish I could go Home to be with the Lord! I'd just prefer not to live any more!) You'd better not tempt God by challenging Him like that!--He may just take you at your word!--Or make you come mighty close & wish you hadn't said it! (Maria: But when she nearly died, then she wanted to come back! She was all worried about her kids & her husband & everything & that she wasn't finished!)
       25. THAT'S THE WAY WITH A LOT OF THOSE FOLKS THAT HAD AFTER-DEATH EXPERIENCES, they suddenly realised they had a lot left to do & they wanted to come back & finish it! There were still a lot of people that needed'm. So don't take off yet, folks! I've been tempted to go a lot of times, but I'm still here because I figured you needed me yet. But you're getting closer all the time to not needing me. But I have a few little jobs I want to finish first.
       26. THE LORD JUST ASSIGNED ME A NEW JOB THE OTHER MORNING!--Something to live for besides the Index & besides finishing up any other things He's given us that we need to finish, including this Heaven poster! We're not quite finished yet, we've still got to do the top part. Of course, it's all drawn & inked & the black-&-white issue has been finished, but we still have to do the colouring. The colour is finishing a lot faster than I expected! TTL!
       27. THE WAY WE'VE GOT THESE PICTURES ARRANGED NOW, ALL THREE VERTICAL PICTURES ARE ACROSS THE CENTER, saving these two horizontal pictures, the Side View & the Front View, for the bottom as the grand finale! The Corner Pic is under the corner of the City, then the Floor Plan & Top View like you're kind of circling around & coming in closer, & then finally you fly around there in the Side View & the Front View & there you land & enjoy the whole works! PTL! So he's still gotta colour the top one, & that's going to be the most intricate, delicate & difficult! So please pray for him that the Lord will really give him skill & guide his hand & inspire him & lead him & help him to do that without mistakes or any accidents.
       28. OUR HEAVENLY FAIR CORNER IS A LITTLE BIT CROWDED BECAUSE WE WERE TRYING TO GET IN AS MUCH AS WE COULD! That's all we had room to show of the Heavenly City so we kind of stuffed it! It may look a little crowded to you, but I think you'll find when you get there there's plenty of room! There are a lot of walkways & parks & grass & trees. And remember, those are all pretty big buildings & you have to look pretty close to see the people. They're just little dots down below, really!
       29. AND IN CASE YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE OUR HEAVENLY MANSION IS, LOOK UP THERE BETWEEN JESUS & THE TITLE "OUR HEAVENLY CITY," & I THINK IT'S IN THE FIRST ROW LEFT! See the one with the three domes?--It's the middle one there. That's why when you're standing out front looking back over the house you can see the City behind it! I just imagined myself in the front yard, which is on the other side facing out of the City toward the outer Wall & the beautiful New Earth beyond. Right now you're looking at the back side of the house from the rear garden, from this direction anyhow. So you just imagine yourself in front looking back across the house, & you can see the tops of some of those buildings.--At least I thought I could, so I had him put'm there! After all, if I designed this corner, I have a right to put'm wherever I want'm!--Ha!
       30. WELL, JESUS IS THERE, SO HE MUST LIKE IT! AMEN? PTL! I THINK HE DOES! I believe He does! I believe He inspired us! At least this is a better conception of Heaven than I've ever seen before! It's a darn sight better than some of these church pictures that these church people screwed up! Some of ours I saw, & we designed those buildings to fit what my description was, so it's not all imagination! Some of it was there when I was there!--That big tall Crystal Building & some of those flower-shaped buildings & things. (See "Space City!", No.75A.)
       31. I CAN'T REMEMBER TOO MANY BECAUSE I WASN'T THERE VERY LONG, SAD TO SAY! Some of the unbelievers in the crowd woke me up. Jethro was in on that session, can you imagine?--Such a cynic, sceptic & doubter as Jethro! But God bless Deborah, she helped. She was in tune in those days till the Evil Magician got ahold of her. That was the trouble with her, she was so sensitive in the spirit. But it just seemed like that was about the only time I think in our whole life that she & I were ever in tune! She was like my sister--we were always fighting it out!
       32. SO THAT'S ACCORDING TO WHAT I HAVE SEEN & WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS!--BY ACTUAL MEASUREMENT! We did this to scale, believe it or not!--To scale, & the angle & the works! That's the size of the Wall in comparison with what the size of the City is there, & if you'd continue that angle on up to the peak, that's how big it would be. And of course we made the rest of it & the people more or less to scale according to the size of the dimensions & the measurements that we know, that are in the Bible, particularly that Corner Picture there with the couple coming out the Gate.
       33. WE'VE GOT IT REVISED NOW TO WHERE THE PEARL IS NICE & BIG LIKE IT IS IN THE CITY CORNER! I figured, why be pikers & have such a little tiny pill-sized pearl? I must give our artist credit for the fact that he had more faith than I did & he made the Pearl as high as the Wall! At least I had faith as a grain of mustard seed if you can see it!--About pea-size down there on the first copy. We have re-drawn these so many times! Our poor artist! Pity him! But anyhow, it looks a lot better now in the latest ones which you have on your walls in colour already.
       34. BUT THAT WALL IS ACCORDING TO SCALE & the layers according to scale, & if we didn't get the Pearl according to scale it's because there was no scale for the Pearl! It doesn't tell you how big the Pearl was, so I guess we can use just about any size we want!--Artist's license or imagination! And when I looked at the difference between mine & his, I decided his imagination was better than mine!--Ha!
       35. THAT LITTLE PYRAMID YOU SEE SITTING ON THE PLANET EARTH, THAT'S OF COURSE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SCALE, but that is drawn to scale exactly the size & dimensions of the Heavenly City as it would look sitting on the Planet Earth, that little one. How about that? Think of that, how big it is! Think how far away you could see it at night, glowing golden all night long! Wow! They're going to figure there's a party going on there every night, all night long!--Especially when they see my picture!
       36. JUST THINK, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SLEEP IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, but some of you who like to sleep, I'm sure the Lord will let you take a little time out! You don't have to make love, but you can! You don't have to eat, but you can! You can do just about anything you want to do! Of course, I'm sure you'll just want to do whatever the Lord wants you to do, right? And I think He's going to want you to do all those things & enjoy yourself!--Enjoy all the wonderful things the Lord has already created & designed for your pleasure!
       37. IF HE PUT ADAM & EVE HERE & HE CALLED THAT GARDEN OF EDEN A PARADISE, THEN THAT MUST BE HIS IDEA OF PARADISE! (Rev.2:7; Ezek.28:13a)--A beautiful garden full of naked men & women! How shocking can you get? Well, the Lord was that shocking, that's what He did! Just think, they had sex & they weren't even married! Tsk, tsk, tsk! I just can't picture God standing there with His little black book performing a ceremony, can you? My idea of the Garden of Eden & Adam & Eve was that the first time after he woke up & took one look at her, ahem! I'll bet he was onto her real fast! He caught on to what she was for in a hurry!--Especially when he had that sudden funny reaction that sort of changed his appearance! She must have looked shocked when she looked down & saw that thing comin' at her! But then when it seemed to just be in the right place to sort of hit the right spot & it sort of fitted & felt good, I guess she didn't mind!
       38. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT THE VERY FIRST SEX THAT MAN EVER HAD ON EARTH WAS STANDING UP!--LIKE THE TENERIFANS! They're pretty close to Paradise & Adam & Eve, & they loved it standing up, didn't they? It was one of their favourite positions! They'd just grab the girl like that & have her put her arms & legs around'm right on the spot & just stand right up there & do it! And after they were finished, they'd wait about two or three minutes, five minutes maybe, & without even pulling it out they'd do it again! I'll tell you, I don't think there are any more virile men on Earth than those Tenerifan men! As dear German Al said, who ran one of the clubs we went to: "It's a good thing the women of Europe don't all know about these Tenerifan men, otherwise there'd be so many of'm down here they'd sink the island!"--Ha! See, I can't even start talking about Heaven without talking about sex!
       39. WELL, THAT'S MY IDEA OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN & ADAM & EVE & THEIR FIRST SIGHT OF EACH OTHER! It sure probably didn't take'm long to figure out what it was all for & to use it! PTL? This idea of them not having sex till after the Fall, that's the churches' idea, & there's not any kind of proof in the Bible that that's true. In fact, the Bible proves it's not true!--Because the Lord told them to be fruitful & multiply even long before the Fall. (Gen.1:28.)
       40. THAT WAS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT IN THE BIBLE TO MAN, BUT WHAT DID I TELL YOU OFFICE FOLKS THE OTHER DAY when I was reshuffling your furniture & getting you over closer to the window? What did I tell you was the first commandment in the Bible? (Family: "Let there be light!") And did the creation obey?--"And there was light! And God saw the light was good!" Amen? "And He divided the light from darkness." (Gen.1:3,4.) I was down in the office playing God the other day!--I was dividing the light from the darkness & I saw that it was good! I don't know whether you'll like it or not, but anyway, I tried! I forgot to tell you, Son, you can turn your desk around any way you want to. And if you get tired of looking at one girl, you can turn around & look at the other!
       41. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS FOR CHURCH MEMBERS? Look around you, Son! Are you afraid to look? If you like the looks, you can always take a little feel too if you want to! That's what I call the feelies! The World has the movies, we've got the feelies! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! That's what it's for! I was telling Sara when I was kissing her bosoms the other day, in fact I think I've told all the girls this: "You know, this is the first thing I ever wanted!" That's the truth! That's the first thing a baby wants, right?--The nipple! Well, sometimes they cry & sometimes they like to sleep a bit, but the first thing they really desire is that nipple!
       42. SO WE MEN ARE JUST THE SAME, WE HAVEN'T CHANGED A BIT! As the guy said, "A man spends nine months of his life trying to get out of that place & the rest of his life trying to get back in!" You say, "Oh Dad, you are coarse, crude & vulgar!" Well, God made it, what makes you call it vulgar, coarse & crude? I don't exactly want to stick my nose in it, it wasn't made for noses, it was made for toeses & fingers & other things! At least all the girls seem to like the way I do it, so PTL! How did I get on sex anyway? Here I'm describing Heaven & I wind up on you Heavenly women! TTL! I think you're just absolute angels!
       44. WELL, WHERE WERE WE ANYHOW?--FINISHING THE HEAVENLY CITY! PTL! So it's drawn to scale, as much scale as the Lord gave us in the Bible & measurements, etc., & according to some of the scenes I saw. Like Paul, I don't know whether I was there or it was a vision or a dream or what, but anyhow, I saw it & it was beautiful! It's far more beautiful than we could even draw! How could we even depict the beauty? But I'll tell you, he's getting close with some of these pictures!
       45. THAT'S GOING TO BE THE REAL TEST OF HIS TALENT THOUGH, THAT TOP PICTURE! That is going to be a tough one! If he can do that in a week I'll be surprised--pleasantly surprised! But God bless him, he knows just about all the colours we want now & what colour to make everything & he's got the picture all drawn. That was the biggest part of the battle, now all he's gotta do is colour it! PTL! What do you think, [EDITED: "Honey"], is it easier to draw pictures or colour pictures? She's quite an artist. ([EDITED: "Fam:"] It's easier to colour them.) I think so too! But that one's going to be a little hard to colour with all that fine work!
       46. ANYHOW, PRAY FOR OUR ARTIST AS HE DIVES INTO THIS CITY PICTURE NOW! That's really the most complicated & the most difficult, but I think it's going to be beautiful & it's certainly going to stand out more. You're going to be able to distinguish more between the buildings & the scenery & the wall & all those things, it's going to really be beautiful! Please pray for him that the Lord will help him as he works on it, because we want to give our little children especially a beautiful idea of Heaven!--And we want to give our whole Family a good idea of Heaven, at least my idea of Heaven, & it must be the Lord's too because He's the One that gave the measurements & the visions & the inspirations & let us do it, & I believe it's going to be good for us!--For the whole World maybe!
       47. I HAD PRETTY SMALL FAITH WHEN WE STARTED THIS PROJECT. We were going through some tight financial times & I thought we couldn't afford more than just a black-&-white poster. But then when I saw how beautiful it could be in colour, I thought, "We've just got to do it in colour!"--Especially after that first sample of colour I saw, I thought, "Ah, it's like the difference between night & day!" We wouldn't really be doing it justice if we didn't do it in colour!
       48. SO AT FIRST I THOUGHT, WELL MAYBE WE COULD DO IT THE SIZE OF THE DAVID POSTER IN COLOUR! But then we saw the difference between the sizes & how much more you see when it's blown up twice that size! I mean, you can almost go right into the picture! You can just drift & dream your way right into your part of the picture! So I saw to do it justice we just had to do it the giant jumbo size, the biggest size on the biggest press in the World that will accommodate those great big posters! I thought, well, it's so expensive we can only afford one per Home! But good news!--After the first batch of about 1500 or so, then they get so cheap we found out we could do nearly 40,000 for a certain price! I thought, oh boy, how nice! Then we got the figure of how we could do almost 25 per Home at that rate, including air mail for the first one & surface mail for the rest! Then they'd have enough for all their friends & fish & kings & queens & the post office wall & the City Hall, sign boards, put'm up everywhere!
       49. WE MAY SEE THAT POSTER IN RUSSIA YET! Oh, that's something else very interesting! We got news today from our man in Russia, a couple in fact, who have discovered in their latest trips that there are thousands of hippie-like young people in Russia today!--Thousands of Christian hippies in Russia who are about where the hippies were when we first got started! There is actually what amounts to a hippie Jesus Revolution going on in Russia! Hallelujah! (Tongues.) TYJ! PTL! The minute I heard that I told Maria, "I'll bet they got it from us!" It's the Jesus Revolution carrying on in Russia! PTL! TYL! Amen! PYJ! Hallelujah!
       50. DIDN'T THE LORD SAY THE REBELLION OF DAVID WOULD CIRCLE THE EARTH?--WELL, IT HAS TO GO TO RUSSIA! And dear old Ivan Ivanovitch even claimed there was a poster up in the railroad station! (No.279.) Well, how do you know?--Maybe he was predicting the future! Maybe somebody's going to sneak this in & plaster it on the wall of the railroad station! Wouldn't that be beautiful? There's nothing churchy about it unless they relate that picture of Jesus up there & they finally read those Scriptures & recognise them. We put those references in pretty small fine print, they'll have a hard time finding some of'm.
       51. AND IF THEY LOOK AT SOME OF THOSE PICTURES THEY'LL FIGURE, "WELL, THIS SURELY COULDN'T BE ANYTHING CHURCHY OR RELIGIOUS!" It's beautiful! Of course, the Russians are a little puritanical & narrow-minded about nudity & sex too, so they might think we were being a little risqué, but it sure wouldn't look like church! It sure wouldn't look like religion, right?--Not any kind of religion they're familiar with anyhow, so they might be able to get away with it, even in Russia! How about that? Wow! Wouldn't these posters be bombs if they had enough of those to spread around?
       52. THEN WE'RE GOING TO REPRINT IT IN SMALL SIZE, BLACK-&-WHITE, no bigger than the average little litho press that they may have in some backwoods town in China or someplace, so they don't have to do any blow-ups or reductions or blow-downs or whatever, & they can just facsimile plate it & run'm off by the thousands in a small size, black-&-white, with all the Scriptures & things about Heaven on the back, that they would be able to distribute by the thousands! Won't that be wonderful?
       53. I CAN JUST PICTURE SOME GUY GOING DOWN THE STREET WITH ONE OF THOSE POLES & THIS BIG HEAVEN COLOUR POSTER ON TOP to advertise this big batch of black-&-whites he's got over one arm & with the other arm he's making change as fast as he can!--Ha! Wouldn't that attract attention, somebody walking down the street with a big colour poster that size on a stick? How 'bout that! Wouldn't that attract attention? Don't you think he'd really make some sales that way? I believe the thing would really be a hit!--For those who've got the guts & the courage to hit the street with it!
       54. OH I KNOW WHAT THEY COULD DO, IT'S A PERFECT SIZE FOR A SANDWICH BOARD! They could have one on the front & one on the back! Then it's wide enough their arms & all their junk would be well-hidden inside & they'd be well-protected from the front & the back & they could take in the money on this side & hand out the small copies on the left side or vice-versa! They could have all kinds of cubbyholes on the backside of the sandwich board. And that's tall enough that they could walk along & just kind of slouch down & it would sit right down on the sidewalk. They could get somebody to watch it while they duck out & go get a hamburger!
       55. WE HAD A BUILDING UP THERE THAT LOOKED JUST EXACTLY LIKE A HAMBURGER, & another one with a sort of a rainbow or something & I said, "Well, you know, some people wouldn't be happy in Heaven without hamburgers!" So on one of the original copies I drew, "McDonalds Burger King!"--Ha! But Maria said, "We don't want to make them think this is just a farce & a spoof, we want them to take it seriously!" I said, "Well how do you know we're not going to have hamburgers in Heaven? I've seen some hamburger drive-ins called Hamburger Heaven!" Right? I mean, some people can't live without hamburgers, so why not have a Hamburger Heaven? I think I kind of compromised my convictions when I erased that! But Honey, I think you were right. Maria's usually right. (Maria: I thought it would already be included in the Food Pavilion!) Free samples & all that, right!
       56. BUT THAT BUILDING REALLY DID LOOK LIKE A HAMBURGER, DIDN'T IT? It had a dome on top, & the funny part was, it had a dome on the bottom & then something in-between & it really looked like a hamburger! So I was going over the buildings he'd drawn, trying to think of a good name for each one & what each one could be used for, etc.--give our artist a lot of credit for his imagination, or his inspiration, or his vision, whatever you want to call it--& I came to that building & thought, "That looks like nothing but a hamburger to me!" We can't have any competition in Heaven & by that time McDonald's & Burger King would have gotten together, so I put across it: "McDonald's Burger King!"--Ha! But I finally agreed with Maria that it was a little far-out & would be a little hard for some people to swallow!--Only I think they could have swallowed that hamburger better than they could have swallowed some of our sex! So anyhow, we sort of revised the Hamburger building. I think you'll still find the dome of it up there somewhere but we changed the outlook otherwise.
       57. SO ANYWAY, I HOPE YOU LIKE MY HEAVEN, & IF YOU DO, YOU'RE WELCOME THERE! When I get there I'll be happy to show you around! ([EDITED: "Fam:"] If it's a hamburger building, it must be a hamburger boat!) Well, I don't think we put any hamburger boats there! But we did have hamburgers there & we do have boats there on the River of Life! He drew a beautiful close-up of the River of Life with the boats & all, & there's the Heavenly Village & the Ministry of the Leaves & the Golden Bird!--We've almost got enough pictures for another poster already! So when we get done with this one--if our artist survives--we may start colouring another one!
       58. I WANT YOU GUYS TO GET A GOOD IDEA OF HEAVEN & MAKE IT SO REAL THAT YOU'LL REALISE THAT IT REALLY EXISTS! It's in the Bible! If you don't believe the Bible, believe me!--Ha! Most of you didn't believe the Bible to begin with, but you believed me, TTL! I persuaded you to believe the Bible & then I turned around & said but now it's too late to read it!--Ha! (See No.1592.) Anyhow, that's my idea of Heaven & I think you're going to like it! I like it! PTL? If you don't like it, you can go in the other corner someplace else, that place where they've got all those churches & cathedrals & temples & stuff! You can go to Temple Corner, I'll stay in Fair Corner!
       59. BUT THE MOST WONDERFUL THING ABOUT HEAVEN IS GOING TO BE THAT YOU'RE THERE, EVERY ONE OF YOU!--That's going to be the best thing! (Whistles!) Am I glad you're going to be There! I'll never get tired or be impotent again, isn't that wonderful? You know, when you get to be my age you can't always make it, but I can always make them! PTL! They seem to like it! How many times did you go the other day?--Five? Only I think Dora still holds the record of 6! Nobody's hit the 7 jackpot yet! Maria, she goes so good a few times that she doesn't need any more! PTL! TYL! Enough said! That's enough about the Heavenly City for right now! We don't want to give our poor secretaries & transcribers too much hard work, not to speak of all your hard work having to proofread! Hallelujah! TYL! PYJ! Amen!
       60. THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL HEAVENLY CITY YOU'VE GONE TO PREPARE & THOSE MANSIONS YOU'VE GONE TO PREPARE! You said in Your Father's House are many mansions, if it were not so You would have told us, Lord. You've gone to prepare a place for us, that where You are, there we may be also. (Jn.14:2,3.) And we know it must be the most beautiful place that ever existed because we've seen it & You've described it & Your Spirit has revealed it unto us, Lord, according to Thy promises, & You're still revealing it! We thank You for helping our artist & me & some of the others, Lord, to help visualise it & recreate it, or at least picture it & colour it, so that our whole Family & perhaps the whole World can enjoy it, Lord!
       61. MAKE IT A BLESSING & HELP IT TO INSPIRE THEM!--NOT ONLY TO WANT TO GO THERE, BUT TO NOT WANT TO QUIT THEIR JOB HERE UNTIL THEY'VE GOTTEN EVERYBODY THEY POSSIBLY CAN TO GO WITH'M TO BE THERE, LORD! The happiest part about Heaven will be all the souls we see there that we won to You, Jesus, all the ones that we had a share in winning to You! TYL! That's going to be the most satisfying, joyful part of all Heaven besides Your "Well done, thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!"--And all of Thy joys, & all of Heaven's joys! The greatest joy, Lord, is going to be Thy Love & the love of others & the gratitude of others, Lord, the thankfulness of those we helped get there! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       62. SO HELP US NOT TO QUIT TOO SOON OR RUN AWAY FROM OUR JOB TOO SOON OR WANT TO GO THERE TOO QUICK, LORD, but to be faithful & diligent, willing to serve & sacrifice here as long as we can, to win as many as we possibly can. Like that old song, Lord: "Wait a little longer please, Jesus, so many of my friends are still unsaved in sin!" Help us, Lord! So much of the World is still unsaved & still needs to know about You & Your Love, something besides the cold ice of the churches, but the warm, wonderful, even sexy love, Lord, of Thy Spirit, Thy Love! Help us, Lord, to impart it to them, to show them what You're really like, Lord, what Your Love is really like, what real religion is really like & what Heaven is really like so they'll all want to go there & we can all be together!--In Jesus' name! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! (Tongues:)
       63. "LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE WORDS OF THY FATHER!" Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! Amen! It must be right, the Lord tells you to listen! TTL! Anybody else got anything you want to give us from the Lord? I guess you've had enough. PTL! Amen, the Lord can use you too, you know. He can speak by the Spirit through any of you who have any gift that can be edifying to His people. Amen! TYL! PTL! TYJ!
       64. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THIS SWEET FELLOWSHIP, THIS SWEET SAMPLE OF HEAVEN RIGHT HERE WE HAVE RIGHT NOW!--Heaven on Earth! Heavenly Homes! Heavenly people! Heavenly Love! Heavenly Fellowship, Lord! Hallelujah! TYL! Bless & keep us now safely this night, give us a good night's rest, safekeeping & strength for tomorrow. As we pray Thy prayer: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.") PYJ! Hallelujah! Bless & keep us all safely close to You & in Your will until it's either our time or You come. Help us to finish our job, in Jesus' name! Amen!--And bless our Family around the World & make them a blessing! TYJ! PTL! I'll just throw you kisses because I kissed you all beforehand!--Unless you especially urgently require another kiss or I urgently require one! God bless you all!--In Jesus' name, amen!--I'll see you there!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family