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MORE ON "HEAVEN'S GIRL"!       DFO 1630       10/83

       1. THE BIG NEWS IS I'M GONNA WRITE A BOOK! That's a joke, huh! Well, this is going to be different from anything ever before! I never did intend to write a book ever, anyhow. I never even intended to write, period, but it just kind of turned out that way!--Sort of like the guy who said, "This is a non-profit organisation--of course that's not the way I intended it!" But anyhow, this is a prophet organisation! Hallelujah!
       2. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO THINK OF WHO COULD WRITE "HEAVEN'S GIRL" FOR US & BEEN TRYING TO GET OUT OF IT, BUT WHY ELSE DID THE LORD GIVE ME THAT DREAM, ANYHOW? I think He was trying to inspire me to write it! Like I said, my Grandfather used to write movie scenarios. Now I couldn't write a scenario, or maybe I could, but I would feel restricted if I had to try to even write a script. Somebody else could make it into a script or a Komicbook or whatever, but I would just have to write as I was inspired.
       3. I THOUGHT BACK, HAVE I EVER DONE SUCH A THING? I'VE ALWAYS JUST TOLD THE FACTS! And yet remember that "Whispering Vision"? (No.334.) That was really an actual imaginative dramatisation. I did it one night late in a hotel room on my first tape recorder! That was actually my first taping, the first thing I ever really, you might say, wrote. That really was the first one! Late one night when it was dark & I was in bed already & the tape recorder was there, I just suddenly felt inspired to sort of simulate the events & imagine them. And it unfolded to me just like I was watching it, like I was really part of it, almost like I was experiencing it! It was really real! So maybe it was really a revelation!
       4. AND I BELIEVE THE LORD COULD DO THE SAME THING FOR ME WITH THIS! It's sort of just like the way I relate the dreams, the Lord makes them even more vivid to me as I re-tell'm. I see the scenes again & I really get into it. He sort of triggers it with the dream or something & then I'm off & away! About all He needs to do is light my fuse, or have something light my fuse, & there I go!
       5. IT WOULD BE LIKE A PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE EVENTS AS THEY HAPPEN--NOT THE BOOK OF THE FUTURE BUT A TALE OF THE FUTURE, Story of the Future, Story of the End or something, using us as the real characters & events just as I would actually expect things to happen & the way I would expect them to happen, & I really believe I'd get inspired as I go along!
       6. I HAD A LITTLE CONFIRMATION THIS MORNING WHEN I WAS TALKING ABOUT IT TO MARIA! I really got the witness, one of those hot flashes, & I suddenly got a little something. The Lord said, "This is no more than I've already told unto thy father David!" In other words, the Lord was trying to say, "It's no big thing, no greater than what you've already done!"
       7. BUT BOY, I'LL TELL YOU, I THINK THAT WOULD BE THE CLIMAX OF MY CAREER if I'd actually sit down & really try to imagine & envision the events happening to real people as they happen, just like telling the story in the first person, maybe even about myself, what's going to happen to me, & then what's going to happen to her, describing it as I see it & as I watch her go through these things!
       8. I CAN EVEN READ HER MIND & TELL WHAT SHE'S THINKING BECAUSE I'LL BE IN THE OTHER WORLD WATCHING OVER HER & I'll know everything that's going on, have the advantage of the bird's-eye view, the Heavenly viewpoint! I could really describe the events as they transpire & as she lives them & as she experiences these things & as she does these miracles & as she leads you all, just like it was happening.--Sort of the same as that "Whispering Vision!" (Family: It's so exciting!) Do you really think so? (Family: It's thrilling, it gives me goosebumps to think about it!) Me too! Isn't that funny?
       9. I KEPT FIGHTING THAT OFF, EVER SINCE I HAD THAT DREAM, thinking, "Let's see, who could we get to write that? It really ought to be a Komicbook & Eman can illustrate it, but who's going to write it?" I thought about one boy who likes to write scripts & that's his great big thing, but he got too lifted up about it & we had to put him down. So I don't know, I can't think of anybody else. I've been trying to get out of it but I can't think of anybody else who can do it! (Maria: Only you!)
       10. WELL, I BELIEVE THE LORD COULD REALLY INSPIRE ME! I have read a few other little books that were written along that line by the church people, but they're so screwed-up on their interpretation they couldn't possibly get it right!--Although they were rather interesting. They were exciting, fascinating stories in story form about fictional characters, but I could write about real characters! We have'm! You've got'm! We've got'm already!
       11. I'LL JUST BE WRITING THE STORY OF WHAT I FEEL OR SEE OR THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME & YOU & US & HER & EVERYBODY, JUST LIKE IT WAS HAPPENING!--SORT OF PROPHETIC FICTION! I don't see how prophecies could be fiction, but I believe some great books have been written that way, famous Biblical fiction & historical fiction, things like The Robe. And after all, even these big movies like "The Ten Commandments" & "King of Kings" were all actually imaginative accounts of the real event. Sholem Asch's [EDITED: "1880-1957"] books after he got saved like The Big Fisherman & The Nazarene & different things like that were all really thoroughly authentic as far as the historical detail, etc., only he made'm come to life with living characters really experiencing the event!

       12. DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD MAKE A GOOD BOOK, AN EXCITING BOOK? That would be the biggest project I ever tackled! (Family: Look at the rewards, it would be so thrilling!) Well, if it helps you folks & encourages you, that would be reward enough. I wouldn't expect it to be any best seller! Besides, I'm not going to sell it, so how can it be a best seller? (Family: Best give-away!) It might be the best give-away!--Ha! But anyhow, pray God's will be done!
       13. I'VE GOT AN AWFUL LOT OF LOOSE ENDS TO TIE UP BEFORE I COULD TACKLE SUCH A PROJECT, BECAUSE I'D HAVE TO REALLY SORT OF CRAWL INTO IT! It would be almost like dreaming or getting prophecies. It's a lot like I get prophecies, visions, pictures & dreams, & I'm sure the Lord could give'm to me so they could be authentic & could be true. Well, it's not all that easy, I never tackled anything like that before. I never tried to write a book before or tried to write anything! In fact, I tried to keep from writing anything for years!
       14. THAT "ENDTIME VISION" WAS REALLY THE FIRST THING I EVER DID, ISN'T THAT SOMETHING? I don't even know why I did it, I was just inspired to do it one night after I got that tape recorder. It was real late at night & I was in my hotel room, lights out, lying in bed thinking about it, & I finally just picked up the mike in the dark & turned it on & fired away! I had to whisper because I didn't want to disturb my neighbours, so it was the perfect setting in a way! I had to keep quiet & whisper & the lights were out & all that, like just what was happening!
       15. WELL, DO YOU THINK THE LORD COULD GIVE THAT TO ME? (Maria: Yes! I know it!) Well, I never did anything really so imaginative before. I'll tell you one thing that's sort of given me a little experience along that line is even this poster we're working on. I mean, if the Lord lets us get away with this, why not? It's authentic & it's documented & it's to scale & all these things, but we're having to sort of fill in the little gaps here & there by our own sort of envisioning & imagination & trying to visualise what it could or would be like. What's the difference between trying to visualise that & just trying to visualise the actual events & describe them, like they're going through them? Do you think that would interest them? (Family: Oh, everybody would love it!) Well, pray about it! (Maria: We don't have to pray about it! The Lord's already confirmed it!) Well, I'll have to get time to do it.
       16. I'VE HEARD OF MAYBE ONE OR TWO LITTLE BOOKS PUT OUT BY THE CHURCHES ALONG THE LINE OF THE END OR THE SECOND COMING OR THE TRIBULATION, but nothing reliable or very accurate because they're all screwed-up about pre-Trib Rapture & all that stuff! They were lies because it's not the way it's going to happen. So why shouldn't we write the truth, the way it's really going to happen? But I've got a lot of things to wind up first, & Book 15's one of them & this BOF is the next one--as well as the Heaven Posters.
       17. I MUST ADMIT, IT GIVES ME KIND OF AN EXCITING THRILL TO THINK ABOUT VISUALISING IT! I don't like to say imagining it or writing fiction like it wasn't true, I like to try to feel like I would be inspired, to really envision it almost prophetically, really foresee the future as it would apply to us individually.--In other words, tell the story the way I would expect it to happen, sort of watching & experiencing the events transpiring & saying what's on our hearts & reading their minds & describing in detail actual happenings, just sort of like I was seeing in that dream. That's what got it started or I never would have thought of doing such a thing! So it must be the Lord!
       18. I REALLY GET A KIND OF A LITTLE...WHAT DO YOU CALL IT WHEN THE HAIR SORT OF STANDS UP ON THE BACK OF YOUR NECK?--Some people used to call it the witness of the spirit!--Sort of a little strange twinge or exciting flush or thrill, sort of like when you fall in love, that little pitty-pat that skips a beat when you see her or him, sort of exciting!
       19. MAYBE THAT WOULD HELP MAKE IT REALLY REAL TO DESCRIBE THOSE DETAILS! I'd hate to be wrong & I'd hate to mislead'm & I'd hate to make'm think it's going to happen exactly that way, so I'd have to give an introduction that this is the way I would imagine or envision it to happen. It might be interesting! We could have some good romance in there too, love stories & lots of sex & exciting things for Eman to draw! It'll make a terrific Komicbook! We can't afford to produce a sci-fi movie, but what would you call this anyhow? It's not science, neither is it fiction! I guess you'd call it a prophetic Komic! I'd sure like to see it visualised in a Komic, wouldn't that be great? So pray the Lord will have His way! But I just get kind of an exciting thrill about it & I believe it can be done. At least we can try!
       20. ANOTHER THING THAT CAME TO ME IS HOW WE COULD WORK IN ALL THE VARIOUS MIRACLES THAT HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED, which shows they can happen now before we have our resurrection, & supernatural raptured bodies. We don't have to wait till the Millennium, we've got lots of miracles happening right now & manifestations of healing & power & protection & defense & supernatural guidance & angels & all kinds of things that happen right now & have happened! It's happened for thousands of years already to men & women of God throughout the ages, so there's nothing new about it!
       21. THE LORD COULD REALLY POUR IT ON DURING THOSE LAST FEW YEARS TO REALLY KEEP US! If He could keep all His children for the last 6,000 years, He can sure keep'm for the last 3-1/2 years! We could sort of work in all those various kinds of miracles she could do or they could do. She wasn't the only one, but it was like she was sort of symbolic of the rest, & you have to have a central character. The Lord just gave it like that & it was so vivid & so real, just almost like He was dictating it!--And maybe that's what He's going to do when I get started! He's done that before!
       22. THAT REMINDS ME, THAT'S THE WAY JOSEPH SMITH GOT HIS {\ul \i BOOK OF MORMON}, AN ANGEL CAME & DICTATED IT TO HIM! He just claimed up & down that's how he got it, & that's how a lot of the Prophets got theirs, including Mohammed! He's not the only one who had an angel dictate to him! So who knows? I'm sure I've had some dictating to me, or some of His helpers! I know that, because I've written things I never dreamed of writing, poetry that just flowed without stopping, without even thinking! It hardly passed through my head, really prophetic! So you know the Lord can do it, & if you need it, He can supply it! (Maria: We need it!) (Family: I got the verse, "Greater things than these shall ye do!") (Jn.14:12) Hallelujah!
       23. WELL, WE HAVE THE MEANS AT OUR COMMAND, WE'VE GOT THE TOOLS, God bless you all, & we've got the personnel & the labourers, the instruments, all we need is a little inspiration & dictation from above! First of all, we've got to wind up these other major projects--we've got to finish the Heaven Poster, at least this one, & maybe you guys can continue with the other ones while I devote myself to that. We're a few books ahead because we've been getting them out more than one a month, so maybe 14 & 15 will suffice for the next month or so, certainly with the BOF too!
       24. SO WE'VE GOT ABOUT THREE BOOKS TO GO ON YET THAT WILL LAST US FOR THE NEXT COUPLE MONTHS & maybe give me a little time to take a vacation to just crawl into my cave & hear from the Lord! Maria wants me to finish "Questions & Answers" too, but I'm afraid that would be another section for Book 15! So if He wants me to write that book, He'll sure have to give me the time somehow!
       25. WE'VE JUST BEEN CHOCK FULL OF BUSINESS LATELY WITH THIS RADIO REVOLUTION & all these moves & emergencies & everything else, so He's going to have to slow things down a little bit or make some way I can kind of get away from it all or the rest of this for a little while to write all that, because that'll be quite a major project & really take some time to get alone with the Lord & really get inspired! After all, if the Devil can inspire his people to write books & fictional things with tremendous imagination, seemingly realistic, that people love to read, exciting & thrilling, etc., why couldn't the Lord inspire us to do it? PTL!
       26. WE COULD HAVE OUR FIRST NOVEL!--Ha! Well, I'm kind of like the guy that ate the watermelon, after writing about 20 Books already, I think maybe I'm ready to tackle the big one! I've already eaten 20, I guess I can eat the big one!--God willing! If it's His will, I'm sure I can, & it seems like He's been confirming it! PTL! Well, if I don't survive long enough to do it, I guess Maria or someone else will have to do it, but I'll try! God bless & keep us & give us wisdom & have Thy way, Lord. You know what's best, Thy will be done!--In Jesus' name! Amen!
+ + + + + + +

       27. IT COULD BE A BOOK ABOUT YOU, HONEY, & WHAT HAPPENS TO US ALL IN THE FUTURE! Wouldn't that be thrilling? We could make it Scriptural, Prophetic & very accurate, according to the events we know are going to come to pass. I think that would be my supreme masterpiece! The Lord could give that to me, sort of a prophetic insight into the events of the Future, really living them & describing you & those with you. What could be built on greater truth than what we already know about all these things & the Future?
       28. BOY!--WHAT A STORY THAT WOULD MAKE! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! I think maybe, I know the Lord could help me do it! It would be my last legacy to you, Honey, to encourage you all to see you through. (Maria: Sweetheart, I really appreciate the thought, but I don't know if it's going to be your last. The "Garden of Eden" was going to be your last great work, the "Garden of Eden" tapes, & look how far you've come since then with the MOFs, the BOF, the Heaven Poster & others!) Well, Honey, I can only take one thing at a time & this is pretty big. (Maria: If the Lord could help those fiction writers to see back into the past, just to really re-live it like that, they must have had spirit helpers. He certainly can go ahead into the future & help you to see it.)
       29. I COULD START & TRY IT & SEE WHAT HAPPENS.--SORT OF LIKE DESCRIBING A DREAM! (Maria: Honey, you've got to do it!) That's what I do when I describe those dreams, I really get inspired & the Lord really makes them vivid & I really re-live them. That would really be some book! (Maria: Oh yes, make it big, Honey!) Of course it would have to be illustrated by Eman, he's so good at fantasy & females, & Jac is so busy already.
       30. THAT WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME I EVER STARTED OUT REALLY TO WRITE A BOOK! Ha! (Maria: Of course you've already written quite a few books, but you didn't really do it intentionally.) I didn't plan to write any books at all! In fact I never even knew I was going to write any books. In fact, I never even knew I was going to write anything! I actually tried to avoid it & I even thought I shouldn't when I was young, but I guess the Lord's hand was in that, so I'd get full of the Bible first & establish implicit faith in the Word of God, the already recorded Word of God, so I would be ready to write His current Word & have faith that it was His Word because of my prior knowledge of the Bible, because everything that I've said & done or written He's always confirmed with Scriptures from the Bible to encourage my faith in their Truth & myself, my calling & what He's giving me.
       31. THE BIBLE DOESN'T HAVE TO ENCOURAGE YOU GUYS, BECAUSE YOU ALREADY BELIEVE ME, BUT I HAVE TO BELIEVE IT, so He has to give me Scripture to prove it & corroborate it before I'll believe it. I've got to know that it's confirmed by the Word, the Bible, to be sure I'm right & then go ahead. Well, we've got all this now in the way of prophetic Biblical interpretation of the Future.
       32. NOW, I WOULD SIMPLY NEED THE LORD TO INSPIRE ME TO DESCRIBE THE EVENTS as though I & you were actually going through them. (Maria: Yes, I know He can do it!) Boy! What a prospect! Whew! It excites me even to think about it & it starts coming to me already! Honey, I've got to finish what I'm doing before I get started on something else. That would be totally absorbing. I'll have to be absolutely inspired!
       33. THAT'S WHAT I USED TO TELL THOSE MOVIEMAKERS THAT DO THOSE BIBLE MOVIES, "WHY DON'T YOU READ THE BIBLE & GET THE FACTS & MAKE THEM TRUE TO THE SCRIPTURE?" There's nothing more powerful or more dramatic than the actual Scripture itself. Here we have the actual Scriptural prophetic events already all outlined, all we have to do is give a personal description, an account of someone going through them as though it's actually happening, which it will.
       34. I BELIEVE THE LORD COULD HELP ME SORT OF FORESEE IT, even actual details of everyday life, the events that are transpiring & how it affects us personally, individually. That sort of thing people will read, the fascinating, exciting, thrilling details that make it real & personal & that they can feel & identify with & really get into. Honey, I've got to finish up what I'm doing. Stop talking about it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family