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THE WATER TOWER!       DFO 1631        10/83

       1. EITHER THIS MORNING OR YESTERDAY MORNING I HAD A DREAM THAT I'LL CALL "THE WATER TOWER!" Maybe I had it this morning, I don't know. It seemed like it was during the Tribulation & we were hiding out in this water tower. It was really amazing, so vivid & so real, that I've got to tell it!--Because when they're that vivid & real, then I know that they must be some kind of a message. It's quite an idea, quite a little scene!
       2. WE WERE RUNNING FROM SOMEBODY, TRYING TO HIDE OUT, & WE CLIMBED THIS WATER TOWER. Do you remember those old-fashioned stand pipes or water towers we used to have back in the good old days in Texas?--A big tank way up on four huge legs real high. I used to climb those things when I was a kid & scare folks to death! I've got a picture of me somewhere standing up on top of one! Some of them were 75 to 100 feet high, the water tank for a whole town. So this one was sort of like one of those old-fashioned water towers, but it seemed to be lots bigger than normal, almost like a lighthouse. Instead of just the usual ladder up one of the legs that went up the side of the tank, this had a lot more to it than that.
       3. IT FIRST HAD A PLATFORM UP QUITE HIGH, ABOUT HALFWAY UP, & WE HAD CLAMBERED UP THERE REAL FAST, LYING FLAT ON THIS PLATFORM TO HIDE FROM WHOEVER WAS LOOKING FOR US DOWN BELOW. They were all prowling around looking for us down below & couldn't find us & apparently didn't think about climbing the tower. The top half under the tank of the tower seemed to be enclosed like a lighthouse & we were sort of on this platform, then there was this door that led to a spiral stairway that went on up higher inside the enclosed top half.
       4. WE WERE LYING THERE FLAT, SCARED TO DEATH, & IT WAS ALMOST A NIGHTMARE AT FIRST! I was really scared! And not only that, but it was almost like I had vertigo--fear of the height! I never had any problem with that when I was young, isn't that funny? I would scare people to death by standing on the tips of cliffs & high places & water tanks & tall trees, & heights didn't bother me in the slightest! But since I've grown older now, maybe the Lord knows it's not a very good idea for me to be climbing water towers & tall trees at my age!--Ha!
       5. IN SOME OF THESE TALL BUILDINGS LOOKING OUT A WINDOW OR SOMETHING, IT REALLY GIVES ME KIND OF A COLD CHILL! Actually, it's a funny thing, I get a pain in my balls when I have that sort of a fear of heights, vertigo they call it. A few times in dreams that I've told you about I've had that experience since I've been older, where I was afraid of heights. One particular one I remember was when I was climbing under that bridge & the kids encouraged me to go ahead & told me what to do & helped me down, it was really sweet! (See "The Children's Dream!", No. 582.)
       6. BUT I WAS REALLY SCARED UP THERE PEEKING OVER THE EDGE OF THIS PLATFORM! It just seemed like there was nothing hardly to hold onto & we just had to lie flat. And somehow or another it seemed like from down below--I don't know whether they did it with a pole or a beam or something--they were trying to see if there was anybody on the platform & they pushed something up that tipped it & we nearly rolled off! That almost scared the balls off me! When you get that kind of a fear or vertigo, it really actually gives you a painful physical reaction! Some folks freeze & can't move!
       7. BUT JUST ABOUT THE TIME I THOUGHT WE WERE SURE GONERS because they were shaking the platform & lifting it to try to shake anybody off that might be up there--I don't know why they didn't try to climb up, I guess it was too much trouble or something because it was quite high--suddenly this door opened which led to this spiral staircase! We were so relieved, because by that time it seemed to be dark & we could safely stand up without being seen & somebody opened this door & invited us to come on up!--A bearded old man.
       8. SO WE WENT UP THIS SPIRAL STAIRCASE, WHICH JUST LIKE A LIGHTHOUSE LED UPWARD AROUND THE INSIDE, TILL WE GOT UP TO THIS BIG ROOM UP AT THE TOP RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE WATER TANK! It was like the inside of a lighthouse but right under this water tank. There was this big room there with some refugees, fugitives already there hiding out, & they had some food. They said, "There's one thing we don't have to worry about, we've got plenty of water! Just turn on the tap!"--That whole tank full of water which was supplying the whole city apparently was right overhead! They had foragers that seemed to go out at night, as I recall. You wouldn't call them provisioners because they weren't necessarily going out asking for it, they more or less had to go out & steal food at night when it was dark, & they'd come back with their hauls to keep us going.
       9. SO WE WERE HIDING IN THIS UPPER ROOM RIGHT UNDERNEATH THIS WATER TOWER. It was very realistic & that's about as far as the dream went, that was it. It just was a great relief to see that spiral staircase & to climb up there & see this big room & that there were others there. There seemed to be this old man who was sort of like the keeper or some leader who was there, & it seemed like I was almost young again in a way. Maybe that's to represent you & the old man to represent me or something.
       10. IN SOME WAYS YOU COULD SAY THE DREAM WAS SYMBOLIC, SORT OF LIKE THE LORD IS OUR HIGH TOWER & IT SPEAKS OF HIM AS BEING A TOWER OF REFUGE ETC. (Ps.18:2; 144:2; Pr.18:10) And He sure is a Water Tower, the Water of the Word, & feeds us daily! Sometimes we have to go out & get it from the System, but He provides & with every trial He makes a way of escape. (1Co.10:13) So you could say it was sort of symbolic, too, of what the Lord does for us. The Upper Room is symbolic of prayer (Ac.1:13-14), right underneath the water, plenty of water, abundant water supply & the Lord's protection & His provision & His security & safety & all these things.
       11. ALTHOUGH I WAS SCARED STIFF IN THE FIRST PART, I WAS TREMENDOUSLY RELIEVED IN THE LAST PART & really happy & enjoying it & thinking how wonderful it was we'd found fellowship there & a place of safety & friends who were also hiding out. I also thought, "Well you know, things like that could happen!" So maybe it would be an encouragement to our folks. We're going to be hiding out in the wilderness, in a sense, in a lot of places, & there are going to be people helping us hide too. So we should be encouraged that we're going to survive somehow & the Lord's going to take care of us, protect us, keep us, feed us, water us & give us fellowship & the strength to survive the ordeal! So that was "The Water Tower!" It could be an experience in, I started to say this series that we're going to have!--Heaven's Girl!--Amen?

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