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{\b WORLD CURRENTS!--No.10: Central America, the ACs, U.S. Wars, Lebanon, Helicopters, Spy Plane, Habré       }DFO 1633       10/83

       1. THE U.S. MILITARY ACTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA is going to bring about--& has already started bringing about--a lot of anti-American feeling even in South America, throughout all of Latin America & throughout the World! But especially it's going to be tense in South America for Americans, as it will increase anti-American sentiment throughout Latin America.
* * *

       2. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE [EDITED: "ACS"] ARE OPPOSING U.S. INTERVENTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA. The Nicaraguan government the U.S. is fighting & whom the U.S. claims is supporting all the rebels round about, they're the ones that the U.S. helped to overthrow Somoza & then recognised the new Nicaraguan government. Nicaragua has done much the same for its people as Castro did for Cuba, has really helped the poor & redistributed the land, built schools, clinics & done a great deal for the people, so that the poor people love it. So you know who the rebels are that the U.S. is now supporting to fight Nicaragua from Honduras, where they're building big U.S. bases & all that?--You know who the rebels are that the U.S. is now supporting?--The same Somoza men that the U.S. helped to overthrow in Nicaragua, that they helped Nicaragua to throw out!

       3. IT SHOWS THE U.S. DOESN'T HAVE ANY PRINCIPLES, they just do it on practicality. I mean that is the last thing the people even want! The paper admits the Nicaraguan government seemed to be benign & the poor people seemed to be solidly behind the Sandinistas, & the last thing they want is a Somozan government return of the rich!

       4. CAN YOU IMAGINE?--THE U.S. IS NOW SUPPORTING SOMOZAN REBELS AGAINST NICARAGUA! I mean the U.S. is so mixed up it's pitiful! They're so confused they don't know who they're fighting or who they're fighting for or what they're fighting for, just as long as it's anti-Communist!--That's the only rule! If the Communists have anything to do with it they're agin' it.

       5. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT OLD STORY ABOUT THE FARMER AT THE TOWN MEETING. HE SAID, "I DON'T CARE WHAT FARMER BROWN PROPOSES, I'M AGIN' IT!"--Because they were bitter enemies. The U.S. is really getting itself into it, & you know what it looks like to me? It shows you how smart the Communists & the Russians are!--There is nothing they'd like better than to get the U.S. involved in a whole lot of little brush wars in Central America & Chad & in places that hardly even count, & they're already supporting the Afghans in Afghanistan.

       6. THE AMERICANS ARE FIGHTING ON SO MANY FRONTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD already & they're spread out so thin that even when Reagan announced he was going to send all these ships & men to Central America the Pentagon got all upset because they said they just haven't got enough ships & men to share & put in so many different places! But this is the typical tactic, very smart tactic of Communism--get your foes spread out so thin & involved in so many places in little brush wars that they cannot possibly be prepared to really fight the main war.

       7. THE U.S. OF COURSE IS HELPING ISRAEL FIGHT THEIR WARS TOO. They're behind that war, the Afghan War, the Chad War, the Central American war & supporting what really amounts to the Thai War. I mean they are fighting on so many fronts it's ridiculous! If they'd suddenly be needed to fight a war in Europe or anywhere it would be almost impossible!--They'd have to use the nukes!
* * *

       8. I AGREE WITH ASSAD OF SYRIA WHO SAID THE U.S. & ISRAEL ARE THE SAME POWER. It's almost funny how the anti-Christs are bitterly against the war in Central America but gung-ho for the war in Chad, & I'm sure the reason is they want the U.S. to concentrate on the Mideast & on Israel & Godahfi & not fool around in Latin America. I tell you, when the anti-Christs say they want democracy what they really want is demon-ocracy for the Devil to say his say & for Satan to have his way! They don't just let him have his way, they promote him, he's their god! They are diabolical & of their father, the Devil, as Jesus said! (Jn.8:44)
* * *

       9. THE NEW PREMIER OF JAPAN IS CONSIDERED A HAWK & pro-U.S.--another step toward war.
* * *

       10. THE U.S. IS ALREADY AT WAR IN LEBANON! They're directly at war with Syria. Imagine the U.S. shooting 238 half-ton shells indiscriminately into Lebanon from their warships into residential districts, apartments, homes & civilians just because some of their marines got shot because they were somewhere they shouldn't be!--Just because the U.S. Ambassador's residence was shot at!--Shells that even one of which could turn a high-rise apartment house into a parking lot! The International War in the Mideast has begun, the one that Israel wanted to get the World into, & it's now succeeded & in progress! While Israel gets the U.S. to fight its battles, Israel retires from the fray!
* * *

       11. HELICOPTERS HAVE SOMETHING VERY OMINOUS ABOUT THEM. They're the ugliest-looking things, nothing beautiful or graceful about them like an airplane or a bird, they're not like anything that God made. They look like something the Devil made!--And they're extremely dangerous!--If anything goes wrong they drop like a rock & usually all occupants are killed!
* * *

       12. THE U.S. IS POURING IT ON THE RUSSIANS A LITTLE TOO HEAVY THIS TIME, it's almost pushing them over the brink!--Especially when the Russians know they're being falsely accused & they were not the guilty ones really, because the U.S. is actually lying about the whole affair, & the Lord is really against false witnessing, false witnesses! (Pr.6:16-19) The whole U.S. Government is lying, covering up.--They know good & well it was a spy plane, they know it was loaded with passengers. The U.S. know they risked their lives & they know that they're the most guilty!

       13. THE RUSSIANS WERE ONLY DOING WHAT THEY HAD TO DO: A U.S. spy plane was coming over their territory with, for all they knew, maybe bombs or whatever! And it wouldn't go down so they had to shoot it down! The U.S. just thought they could get away with it, but they didn't. I heartily agree with the Russians, they did what they had to do & the U.S. is lying about the whole affair!

       14. THE U.S. USED A LOADED PASSENGER PLANE FOR A LOADED SPY MISSION! HORRIBLE! WHO WAS TO BLAME?--THE U.S. OF COURSE! They literally tempted the Russians to shoot it down, so they did. Now they're acting so hypocritically horrified at this "terrible atrocity" which they themselves caused, & then adding insult to injury!--They almost as good as forbid Gromyko to come to the UN, which he does once a year for the General Assembly Session.

       15. I MEAN HOW MUCH CAN A NATION TAKE IN THE WAY OF INSULTS & LOSING FACE & BEING FALSELY ACCUSED & ALL THE REST? He's just making the Russians furious! Reagan himself, imagine, said, "This is a turning point in history." He said, "To quote John F. Kennedy after the missile incident in Cuba, 'We're approaching the twilight of our relationship with Russia.'" In other words, it's getting to the end of the day. This is the end. Imagine! Coming out flatfooted & just as good as saying, "Well, war is inevitable."--We're almost there!

       16. THE U.S. MAY GET THEIR WAR FIRST AFTER ALL IF REAGAN KEEPS FOOLING AROUND! Maybe we were right the first time. Maybe there's going to be war first & peace afterward, instead of peace first & war afterward. It's a very very important time for you to watch the TV news! How Reagan can one minute call the Soviet Union all kinds of names & curse them & then expect to talk peace I don't know. No self-respecting country is going to put up with that kind of insults!
* * *

       17. I JUST CURSED HABR, I PUT MY THUMB ON HIS DAMNED FACE & CURSED HIM! SO I HOPE IT WORKS! Thank God the French have refused to fight unless they're attacked in Chad, so they're just helping Habré hold the South while Godahfi's side holds the North & they all seem to be satisfied with that arrangement except Habré, he wants'm to pitch in with their tanks & their planes & help him win the war! In fact, he'd probably like'm to go right on into Libya & lick Godahfi!--And so would the U.S. and the anti-Christs!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family