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HEAVENLY TUBES!       DFO 1638        18/9/83

       1. IN ALL THESE AFTER-DEATH EXPERIENCES, NEARLY EVERY ONE OF THEM SAY YOU GO THROUGH KIND OF A LONG CHUTE OR A TUBE OR A TUNNEL. You know what came to me today when I was thinking about that? I thought, "Well, what in the World is that for? Why do we have to go through a tube or a tunnel or a chute?" Can you imagine? In those old-fashioned department stores they used to have air pipes in which they shot notes & bills around in little containers--for example, from the counter up to the office on the Mezzanine to check out your credit or your check or whatever. Then they shot it back down in this little round thing, kind of a tin can, through these pneumatic air tubes. It was a real old system. Not that we'll have to be shot through any pneumatic tube, but that's kind of the idea!

       2. THE THING THAT CAME TO ME WAS NOT THAT WE WERE SHOT THROUGH THE TUBE PNEUMATICALLY OR ANYTHING, BUT THAT OUR SPIRIT BODIES ARE GOING TO BE TRAVELLING, FOR EXAMPLE, FROM THE SURFACE OF THIS EARTH IN THE SPIRIT WORLD & we will pass into the World of the Spirit full of all kinds of spirits!--I mean, just absolutely crammed full of both good & bad spirits! And it just came to me today, I was thinking that tube could be sort of like a force field around us to protect us completely from all outside influences, good or bad, & shoot us right straight up to the Gate! How about that!--Our transporter!

       3. THEY ALL SAID WHEN THEY GOT THERE THAT THERE WAS SOME KIND OF A GATE OR A FENCE OR A RIVER, A DIVIDING LINE, & IF YOU CROSSED THAT YOU NEVER CAME BACK! So all those who came back said they saw that in the distance or nearby but never went through it or across it. Well, we've got gates there, we've got rivers there, fences there, walls there, we've got everything they say they've seen in their dreams or whatever! So that tube could be some kind of a protection!

       4. NONE OF THEM EVER SAID THAT ANYBODY WENT WITH THEM THROUGH THE TUBE, YOU SEEM TO ALWAYS GO ALONE. And when you think of all the people there are dying & how many of them die...Well, I don't know, maybe Doc Koger was going to take me through the tube, I don't know, but I never read any of those accounts that said anybody went with them through the tube. They say they go through at a very fast speed & they meet somebody at the other end usually. I saw Doc Koger on this end, so I don't know. Of course, maybe the Lord knew I wasn't going to go!--Ha! So He didn't have to provide the tube & He put Doctor Koger here where I could see him!

       5. THAT'S ALSO ANOTHER INDICATION THAT IT'S MAYBE NOT TOO FAR AWAY! He provides that tube for each one as they go, some kind of a vehicle, some kind of means or a duct to get up there--d-u-c-t, by the way, we're not going to fly like a duck!--They really fly pretty clumsy! We might do that too at first till we get the knack of it, because I really believe you kind of have to learn everything. We're not going to just know it all. Sort of like Superman, we're going to have to learn by experience. Like his little girl he carried along with him!--And Superboy is still learning!--Ha!

       6. BUT SUPPOSE THAT TUBE LEADS RIGHT UP THERE TO THE GATE, right up to where the Angel is going through the Book & the records or somewhere around there, some kind of a Reception Center apparently, because they always meet that Angel & he always opens the books to check'm out! That's one of my ideas of Heaven! (Family: In "Temple Time" you said there were three tubes coming down from up there.) (No.191.) How about that! I thought it maybe had something to do with the air conditioning or the atmosphere, but that's possible too!

       7. BUT ANYHOW, WE KNOW THEY DO GO THROUGH TUBES OR TUNNELS, SOME KIND OF DUCT WHICH CONDUCTS THEM UP THERE & stops at the gate or outside the gate, so that's an interesting point!--Something to protect them from both the spiritual influences that are around here & all the way up there! Good idea? I like to really figure these things out! I've always had an enquiring analytical mind & I like to ask why & how! It's getting awful close, so I think we might as well start thinking about it & know what it's for! Hallelujah! I don't think we have far to go when the time comes.--Only I'm not quite finished yet! Let's at least get this poster done & probably a whole lot more!--Amen? GBAKY till then!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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