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THE END OF THE CRASH!--When the Bottom Falls Out!       DFO 1639       10/83

       1. THE CRASH HAS BEEN ON FOR A LONG TIME--I TOLD YOU THAT A LONG TIME AGO! I said, "The Crash Is Here!" (No.854) It was the beginning of the Crash then, & it's been crashing ever since, but one of these days the bottom is going to drop out! I told some folks in a business conference the other day, "This October kind of reminds me of a very famous October in the past!" Does anybody else know about a famous October? (Family: October 29, 1929.) And what is it famous for? (Family: The Stock Market Crash called "Black Monday.")

       2. YOU'VE ALL HEARD ABOUT THAT, but how many of you knew that the Stock Market had boomed & reached its highest record levels ever in its history that same month just a few days before?--Just like it has this month! Let me tell you, when the bottom finally falls out, it really falls out, & it can happen overnight like it did then!

       3. THEY WERE STILL ENJOYING THE POST WORLD WAR 1 BOOM & TREMENDOUS PROSPERITY & everybody thought business was going great. People had faith in stocks & bonds & business & industry & thought it was going to continue the great boom. Well, it boomed, all right, it boomed out! And just that very month the stock market had reached record highs, the highest ever. But that's the trouble with the stock market--which is a kind of a business barometer or indicator--what goes up must come down!--And it's built strictly on faith, usually false faith, of the people in the System.

       4. IT CAN ONLY GO SO FAR UP, then people begin to realise it can't keep going up forever & they all want to make a killing, they all want to reap all those big profits, so they start selling like mad. What was a bull market becomes a bear market & the whole thing comes tumbling down because everybody's trying to sell theirs so fast before the other guys sell theirs & before the price goes down too far, & the stock market just took an absolute nosedive! Stocks that had been worth millions the day before were worth pennies the next day. So it can happen real quick.

       5. AND IF, AS WE ARE ASSUMING FROM OUR RECENT REVELATIONS & INDICATIONS, IT'S QUITE LIKELY THE CRASH & THE GREAT CONFUSION WILL COME FIRST--which the Antichrist will have to try to solve & bring peace--that means it can happen any day. The stock market has reached record highs this month & is already beginning to tumble. The bottom could fall out this month before the month is over, & when that happens don't forget, suddenly companies, corporations, factories & businesses go bankrupt! They're already bankrupt.

       6. BUSINESSES ARE GOING BANKRUPT RIGHT & LEFT! It's in the paper & the business news but it gets no big publicity because it's becoming so common. "Just another great multinational corporation gone bankrupt, so what? Happens every day now!" But now they're beginning to worry about all the countries that are going bankrupt & can't pay their debts, with debts up in the billions, & they don't know what to do. That's why they're having all these big banking meetings & conferences. They know it's a crisis but they don't have any solution, they just don't know what to do.

       7. AS SOON AS THE PEOPLE FINALLY WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THEIR LEADERS & RULERS & ECONOMIC EXPERTS DON'T KNOW THE SOLUTION & the World is in trouble, they'll all lose faith in the System & boom, the bottom falls out! The Crash has been going on for years, but eventually it hits bottom & goes right through the bottom & the bottom falls out & finito!--And this time I am convinced it's going to be finito to the present economic, monetary & capitalistic system. So it could happen any day!

       8. I DON'T WANT TO SCARE YOU, BUT I WANT TO WARN YOU! Who knows? This October may become famous as the great Black October of 1983! The dear guy who wrote The Crash of '79, that Swiss banker, was a pretty smart boy, only he was a little premature. (See No.762.) But he described it pretty accurately: All those Arabs will have to do is just start pulling their money out of American & European banks & the banks'd really crash!

       9. THAT WAS THE BIG LESSON OF THAT JANE FONDA MOVIE, "ROLL OVER," & the thing I'll always remember was how that big tall Arab said, "Your System will crash, not ours!"--Well, theirs in a way too because they've gotten a little too involved with Western economics & money & dollars & they've got too many dollars. That's one reason it's not crashing & one reason they're not pulling out, because they've invested too much in dollars themselves & too many banks have got their dollars. They know if they pulled out, the whole thing would come tumbling down around their ears & they wouldn't have the Western World to help'm any more, they'd have to help build their own countries, & they know that the whole Earth may be engulfed then by Communism.--Which of course it will be one of these days.

       10. SO IT CAN HAPPEN ANY TIME!--SUDDENLY! It only takes virtually overnight. Most great Crashes have just occurred overnight or over the weekend, & it's been going on a long time, stalling a long time. It was one of the longest prosperities after any war because of all these safety measures, government measures & laws supposed to make it guaranteed foolproof against Depression any more, but they're not going to fool God! If the people deserve it, they're gonna get it! He's gonna jerk the rug out from under them one of these days & they're gonna sink, because they didn't consider the plight of the poor & these poor countries.

       11. WHAT HYPOCRITICAL SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS!--This American paper criticising these poor little Third World countries for their small indebtednesses as compared to the U.S. & their three trillion dollars! Theirs is a drop in the bucket & nothing compared to what the U.S. is indebted for & European countries & South American countries. They're all broke, living on borrowed money & borrowed time, & the bottom could drop out at any minute!

       12. ARE YOU READY? I was talking to our business heads here the other morning & telling them, "Well, you'd better be ready, it could happen any minute! The end of a long Crash usually happens overnight & this one has been the longest ever!" It was preceded by the longest boom, which they managed to keep propping up mostly with borrowed money, in fact counterfeit money.

       13. THE GOVERNMENT TOOK THE U.S. OFF THE GOLD STANDARD, THEN OFF THE SILVER STANDARD, NOW IT HASN'T GOT ANY STANDARD, IT JUST PRINTS PAPER MONEY WILD & FREE! And yet people have confidence in those dollars just because the U.S.A. is behind it, think of that, & they think, "Well, if anybody survives, certainly the U.S. is going to survive!"--So they keep buying dollars, even selling their gold to buy dollars! Well, I don't think anybody should keep too much gold, but they'd better not keep too many dollars either! You'd better have your reserves dispersed & scattered a little bit. Well, we just have to get along on whatever we've got. But anyhow, the Lord's never failed us, thank the Lord!

       14. BUT HERE'S A COUNTRY WITH THREE TRILLION DOLLARS INDEBTEDNESS!--THE USA! That's such a big number you can't even hardly fathom it. Did you know that only 50 years ago back in the 1930s, three trillion dollars was all the money that there was in all the banks in the whole World? That's all the money there was in the whole World, counting Francs & everything else. The total value of all the money in all the banks, all the nations of the whole World in everybody's pocket & whatnot, was the equivalent of three trillion dollars! Now the U.S. debt alone is three trillion dollars, & of course they'll never get it paid.--And they know it, they never intend to, & their creditors know it too. They just hope they can somehow try to keep a little bit coming in.

       15. THERE'S A GREAT HULLABALOO BY THE BANKS THAT ALL THESE LITTLE COUNTRIES AREN'T PAYING'M BACK & all the Third World countries are going broke & bankrupt & they require "rescheduling"--& I put a little article in the WNs by Art Buchwald on what rescheduling means: "The Loan Ranger Robs Banks!" (See WND No.1.) He's the Loan Ranger & he goes around figuring out how to just put it from one computer to the other computer in the bank office & no money transfers really happen or anything.

       16. BUT NOW, NOT JUST COMPANIES BUT COUNTRIES ARE BORROWING MONEY!--Not to pay back their debts, but just to try to meet the interest or even make small payments on the interest. The rescheduling is a new system they've got to try to stall off making any kind of payments for awhile, or cutting down the payments. And of course the banks are howling that they're going to go broke, blah blah--which they will--because the Third World countries are not paying their debts.

       17. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL FACT IS? The yearly cash flow in payment & part-payment or even tiny payment of these debts is going ten billion dollars a year from the Third World into the still-rich coffers of the Western rich North! If that isn't robbing the poor, I don't know what is! In spite of all the bankruptcies, in spite of all the non-payments, in spite of all the stalls & rescheduling & postponements & all this stuff, 10 billion dollars a year is still flowing from the Third World countries into the rich coffers of those [EDITED: "AC"] bankers of the North!

       18. [EDITED: "THEY"] REALLY LEARNED A LESSON FROM DEAR OLD JOSEPH IN EGYPT! There was famine in the land, famine in the World, so he sold grain--it kind of sounds like the U.S.A. right now--& finally there was so much famine the people even sold their bodies as slaves to get something to eat! Dear old Joseph was the good old [DELETED] banker who knew how to really pull it. Probably when they had no more money to pay, they sold themselves, & that's exactly what's happening & exactly what was predicted in the Protocols!--That they would get to the point where the [EDITED: "ACs"] would control World financing & their banks would tell the countries what to do!

       19. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE WORLD BANK & THE IMF--INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND--IS DOING RIGHT NOW! They are telling these countries how to run their internal business & their government if they want to get a loan. They have to do everything just the way they tell'm to do or they don't get it. And countries who don't obey, they pull the rug out, pull the money out, just like the [EDITED: "AC"] bankers are doing right now, & the countries go broke!

       20. WHAT COUNTRY IN SOUTH AMERICA HAVE THE [EDITED: "ACS"] BEEN AFTER FOR A LONG TIME? Argentina's one of the primary ones because they wouldn't kowtow to the [DELETED] U.S.A.--What others?--Brazil, Mexico, Chile, all the leading countries of South America & Latin America. When they tried to thumb their noses at the U.S.A.'s leadership & domination & oppression & tyranny throughout Latin America, the [EDITED: "AC"] bank leaders of the U.S.A. began to just pull in the purse strings & the Latin American countries have gone broke, bankrupt, one after the other! So now they're going to become slaves, literally!--They're already slaves & don't know it. The [EDITED: "AC"] bankers aren't going to feed'm unless they sell their bodies in slavery to follow what they want'm to do, that's what it's come to.

       21. THEY'VE GOTTEN CONTROL OF THE MONEY, CONTROL OF THE FINANCES, CONTROL OF WORLD ECONOMY, & just like they predicted in the Protocols, they said, "We will get control of the banks & the money until we control governments!" I mean, they came right out & said it, imagine!--100 years ago when that was written they came right out & said that, "Countries will become our creditors & go bankrupt unless we give them money, etc., so that we will control not only businesses & banks & industries & the media & economies, but we will control whole countries until we finally control the World!" And that's the way it's going, just like they predicted!

       22. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN THE {\ul \i PROTOCOLS}, ONE THING YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN IS THE FULFILMENT. You may not believe some of my prophecies & the Lord's prophecies, but when they happen, you're going to have to believe in the fulfilment, because it's happening. You can toss the Protocols out the window if you want to, but everything they predicted, most of it has already happened & is happening right now!

       23. THEY'RE ON THE HOME STRETCH! They've now got a stranglehold economically on every government in the World. They've got them by the throats & they are strangling them to their knees so they'll have to say "Uncle." Right now they're saying Uncle Sam, but one of these days they may be saying Uncle Andropov instead--soon. But that's the way it is. It's happening, it's happened, & we're getting near the end of it.

       24. THE END OF THE CRASH WHEN THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT, THAT'S THE WORST PART, resulting in the greatest Depression the World has ever known, the greatest Confusion, upsets of governments! They have so many nice words they use for it in the newspaper nowadays so they won't scare people--it's not a Depression, it's just a Recession. It's not a Crash, it's just not quite a Recovery. Every time the Crash slows down a little bit, it's still going down, but they call it Recovery. It's coming down, & then it slows down a little bit like this, & they call that Recovery, even though it's still going down! They actually had the nerve to put a chart like that in the paper & I put it in the WNs, showing how it's been going down like this, then it didn't even level off, it just sort of slowed down a little bit like that & they call it recovery! "See? We're recovering! The rate of decline is not so fast.--We're not crashing so fast!"

       25. THAT'S LIKE IF YOU WERE FLYING UP IN AN AIRPLANE & THE ENGINES ALL STOPPED & you're in a nosedive heading for the ground, & the pilot manages to get ahold of the controls so it slows it down a little bit so you're not going straight down, you're just sort of going at an angle & you won't crash head down. Well, the end result's the same, it crashes & everything's destroyed. Well, that's the way the World's going.

       26. ONE OF THESE DAYS YOU'RE GOING TO REMEMBER SITTING HERE AT THIS TABLE TONIGHT HEARING THESE WORDS & you're going to say, "Well that's just exactly what Dad said was going to happen!" It's already happening & it could be this month. They're having these desperate big international banker's meetings to try to solve the situation, but there's no solution. The only solution is the Antichrist's solution, the total abandonment of today's World System of economics, the World Monetary System, & establishment of his credit system.

       27. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE MONEY! They can't solve the problem of the money system & it's a mess! The only thing that's going to solve it is when the Superman comes along & offers to solve it for them at his price: "Fall down & worship me!" He doesn't say that right off the bat, though, not till the middle of the Seven Years. He rules for 3-1/2 years before he finally says that, but the effect is the same. They give him control of themselves & their nations & give their power to the Beast for that last hour in the World's history. That last hour is seven years, or if you want to call it just the Tribulation, 3-1/2 years.

       28. I USED TO THINK FOR A LONG TIME FROM LIVING IN THE STATES THAT THEY DESERVED DESTRUCTION RIGHT NOW, so surely the Atomic War was going to come now. It took me quite a few years to get over that War mentality. And I'm still not sure that they're going to escape it, because according to the Bible, the Antichrist fights at least five different wars! What kind of wars we don't know, whether they're limited nuclear wars or what, but in order for him to finally get in full control there still may be some pretty nasty wars. (See No.1528.)

       29. BUT THE ONLY SOLUTION, THE ONLY WAY HE COULD POSSIBLY STOP THEM IS TO SOLVE THE WORLD'S ECONOMIC PROBLEMS.--Because their usual remedy has always been another war! That's the only way they've ever been able to pull themselves out of each successive Crash, because another war gets the people's minds off of their own troubles & everybody gets flag-waving, red, white & blue or whatever colour, & patriotic: "Let's forget our troubles & all the troubles our government has brought upon us & let's be patriotic & fight for our country, even for God's country, blah blah!" And then the government spends money like mad that it doesn't have, that it borrows, & if it can't borrow any more it just prints it to buy billions of dollars worth of arms!

       30. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BILLION DOLLARS THE SO-CALLED DEFENCE BUDGET IS? Isn't that a nice word--"Defence"? They no longer call it war. He's no longer the Secretary of War, he's the Secretary of Defence. It's no longer the War Budget--that's what it used to be called when I was young--it's now called the Defence Budget.--And in one year it's over 213 billion dollars! There was a day when the whole U.S. government budget wasn't even a billion dollars!--The whole budget!--Even only a few hundred million. And they balanced it, they didn't pay out any more than they took in. That's what you call a balanced budget, you keep your expenses within your income & you live on what you earn.

       31. BUT THEY ABANDONED THAT WHEN I WAS STILL A TEENAGER & BEGAN RUNNING OVER THEIR INCOME & BORROWING MONEY TO PAY THE EXTRA EXPENSES. They began that living on borrowed money & borrowed time when I was young, & the economic & political prophets who were conscientious & righteous used to warn'm even then: "Well, you may get by with it, & even your children may survive it, but it's your grandchildren who are going to have to pay the fiddler!"--And you are it! You are their grandchildren & it has come, & of course the fiddler will never be paid. The fiddler in this case is the Devil & will be the Antichrist, & the only way he'll be paid is by slavery & your bodies in bowing & worship!--Not yours, thank the Lord, but the World's! So it can happen overnight.

       32. AS I STARTED TO SAY, THEY HAD THE LONGEST BOOM BECAUSE OF ALL THESE STOPGAP MEASURES & guarantees & different kinds of emergency laws & everything else to try to support it, & then they kept having little wars too. The U.S. has been almost continuously at war, one war after the other since World War 2. I mean, it was just a short time before the Korean War, & then just a short time before the Vietnamese War, & they fought the Vietnamese War about 10 years, the longest War the U.S. has ever waged & the most costly. It cost them more in the economic field & they dropped more bombs & everything else than any war, even than World War 2, think of that! So they weren't exactly little wars.

       33. AND NOW THE U.S. HAS ALREADY GOTTEN ITSELF INTO ANOTHER WAR, THE LEBANESE WAR, WHERE THEY'RE ALREADY GETTING KILLED OVER THERE FIGHTING FOR ISRAEL. That's who they're fighting for. They're not fighting for the Lebanese, they couldn't give a damn for the Lebanese! They couldn't care less about the Lebanese! They're over there to protect Israel from the Syrians. That's what the U.S. troops are there for, & the other stupid Western nations they persuaded to go in with'm! The talk that goes on behind-the-scenes & under the table is something different from what you read in the paper. The truth never really comes out of what they're really up to, but that's what they're there for, they're there to save Israel's neck & to try to save Israel's economy, but it didn't work!

       34. ISRAEL WAS IN BAD ENOUGH SHAPE ALREADY BEFORE THE WAR, NOW SHE'S ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY BANKRUPT, BROKE & LIVING ON HANDOUTS FROM THE U.S.A. & WORLD JEWRY! And the only reason in the World she backed out of Lebanon is because things were so bad at home, she just couldn't keep going. So U.S. Jewry finally persuaded them to back out to save their own necks at home financially. Then they persuaded the U.S. & the other countries there to walk in, so-called "peacekeeping forces," to try to help save Lebanon for World Jewry from those horrible Communistic Soviet-backed Syrians!--Ha!

       35. THAT'S THE WHOLE MOTTO & THE WHOLE EFFORT RIGHT NOW, THAT'S THE NAME OF THE GAME: "SAVE LEBANON FROM COMMUNISM! SAVE LEBANON FROM THE SOVIETS!" That's what they're saying, really. But since Israel couldn't afford to save Lebanon, the U.S.A. stepped in to try to help Israel out, to help save Lebanon from the Syrians, & they're already at war shooting each other. And if they don't get into it, it will be some kind of a miracle! Maybe that's where the Antichrist Pact will come in, who knows? It'll take some supernatural, miraculous Pact to solve that problem which nobody's ever been able to solve any more than the Afghan problem & those obstreperous natives over there that no country on this Earth has ever been able to conquer, they're such wild, vicious, savage people!

       36. AND OF COURSE YOU KNOW WHO'S PAYING FOR THE AFGHANS' GUNS & THEIR AMMUNITION TO FIGHT THE RUSSIANS NOW, DON'T YOU?--THE AMERICANS OF COURSE! Most Americans don't know that, they don't say that. They talk about the Afghan rebels all the time, & now it's coming out pretty obvious that they're hinting that they have to support the Afghans. Nearly all the newsmen, you notice, are always with the Afghans & on the Afghan side & the only side you hear is the Afghan side.--And of course, because the Western nations, particularly the United States through the CIA, is supporting the whole Afghan War against the Russians!

       37. SO WHEN YOU SEE ALL THOSE LITTLE CHILDREN IN THE MOVIES SUFFERING FROM THE WAR & they tell you what horrible monsters the Russians are & what terrible atrocities they're committing in Afghanistan, remember, if it weren't for the American CIA's support of the Afghan rebels, there wouldn't be any war in Afghanistan, there would be Russian-imposed peace! Yes, that's true, it would be Russian, Communistic, but at least it would be peace. It takes two sides to make a fight & the U.S.A. is doing its best to whip up the other side. So those little children who are suffering from the horrors of war, it's brought on by the Afghans themselves accepting U.S. help! I wonder if they would have even fought that hard & suffered so much if the U.S. hadn't egged them into it? I'll bet they're sorry now because they're losing a lot too. They don't always tell you the whole story.

       38. WELL, I'VE TALKED TOO MUCH ALREADY! I sat here quietly for a long time & tried to keep my mouth shut--whose fault was it this time? I think it was yours, Honey. You shouldn't ask me questions like that. Just like Maria! You get me teed-off & light a match to my fuse & away I go! Well, I gave you two whole lectures tonight, one on the great Revivals & how the Lord's going to take care of us no matter what in the Tribulation, & how something is about to happen, War or Crash, it can't go on much longer.

       39. THE WORLD IS CRASHING ECONOMICALLY, & AS I STARTED TO SAY, THEIR SOLUTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN WAR. And the only thing that could possibly save them from war this time would be something virtually miraculous & supernatural in the way of some Superman offering a solution, an economic solution which will not require war, at least perhaps at the moment, we hope. That's the only possibility of avoiding war, otherwise they're headed straight for the next catastrophe, the cataclysm! [DELETED] So it won't be long, you won't have to wonder much longer about what's going to happen. PTL!

       40. SO ENJOY YOUR DAYS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH WHILE YOU'VE STILL GOT'M, the peace we still have, the plenty we still have, plenty of food & comfortable lodging we still have & the opportunity to still serve the Lord & get out our pubs & radio programs & all the rest & still preach the Gospel throughout the World in 100 countries, still winning thousands of souls to the Lord, thank the Lord!

       41. THANK THE LORD FOR IT! ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN! Don't be like the old lady who can't enjoy it now for worrying about the future. He says don't worry about the future! "Fret not thyself for tomorrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." (Mt.6:34) In fact, we don't even hardly have any evil happening to us right now, everything's going great, thank the Lord, beautiful! We're booming & still winning tens of thousands of souls to the Lord every month! Our soul-winning stats are way up, back even beyond what they used to be before the RNR & a lot of that padding we used to have back yonder. Well, maybe some of it now is padding or kind of optimistic guesstimates, but nevertheless, we're still winning souls.

       42. WE'RE KIND OF LOW ON WINNING DISCIPLES RIGHT NOW, BUT WE'VE SURE BEEN HAVING LOTS OF BABIES & THEY'RE THE BEST DISCIPLES YOU CAN HAVE! While you're taking care of so many babies it's pretty hard to win & train grown disciples, so the Lord's given our poor mothers & families a little respite from having to win new adult disciples & take'm right into their Homes & train'm. He's given them brand new fresh-from-scratch little disciples via the birth canal, the best of all! PTL?--Because He's going to need'm in those days to come, & we're going to need'm. They'll probably be part of our salvation & our protection.

       43. DO YOU SEE THE WAY DAVID EATS UP THE WORD NOW, SITS THERE READING HIS BASICS & THINGS LIKE THAT? Most kids his age haven't even gotten out of comic books or the funny paper! He's serious & sober as a judge reading all that stuff. I don't know if he even understands what he's reading, but he sure acts like he's interested & he reads it. He's feeding his input, getting programmed for the future when he'll really have to put it out then & produce the output in those days ahead! Some of us will have pretty much done our job & a lot of them may have to carry on, who knows? We may get wiped out but they will carry on.

       44. WE'RE NEVER ALL GOING TO GET WIPED OUT THOUGH, DON'T WORRY! Considering the numbers of Christians & the numbers of the Church throughout World history, a very small infinitesimal fraction of them ever actually had to suffer martyrdom. The Lord takes care of His Own. There have been a few great martyrdoms & a few great persecutions like the Roman Persecution, & there was the massacre that was famous when I was a kid, the Armenian Massacre in which the Turks slaughtered at least a million Armenians as a result of World War 1. Just like in World War 2, they gave over certain parts of the World to different peoples, even the enemies. Turkey was given certain parts of the World & they just went rampant over the Armenians. Poor Armenia still is not a country today but is part of the spoil of Turkey, Russia & Iran, & all those countries are going to have to pay for that!

       45. ARMENIA CLAIMED TO BE THE FIRST CHRISTIAN NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!--The first nation which officially became Christian with a Christian government in the early days of Christianity, & they've been Christians ever since! Of course the Armenian Orthodox Church is pretty formal now & a lot like the Catholics & all, but there are still many Armenians who went through the persecution & suffering. I've talked to Armenians personally who went on that famous trek across the desert in which the Turks expected them all to die, but the Lord by a miracle saved them, thousands of them, & they made it into Iran where at that time Iran was friendly & helped them to survive--where the Prophet Avak originated!

       46. WE GOT WORD THE OTHER DAY THAT SOMEBODY HAD MET SOMEBODY WHO'D MET AVAK & that they say he's still in the United States, still around. He's a pretty old man by this time, I guess, because he was older than I am, but he's still around. I think he'd have gotten a lot further if he'd joined us. Poor fellow, I hope I never get as bad off as he was, he was still busy trying to figure out how to run the Millennium! Well Avak, join us! We'll help you run it!--Or you can help us run it!

       47. SO DON'T WORRY! TOUGH TIMES ARE COMING, BUT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH TOUGH TIMES BEFORE & THE LORD HAS NEVER FORSAKEN US, never deserted us, has always kept us, always provided for us & we've never starved yet!--But even starvation is one of the easiest ways to die, so don't worry about that either. He's never let any of us suffer too much & He's promised never to let you suffer more than you're able to bear. (1Co.10:13) PTL!

       48. SO THOUGH WE HAVE SOME HARD TIMES COMING & NO TELLING HOW SOON THEY'LL COME, WE'RE PREPARING NOW FOR IT & PREPARING TO BE ABLE TO SURVIVE, AT LEAST SOME OF US, TO CARRY ON. I don't know, we might not have quite as many Units any more, they may have to hit the streets like everybody else, but some of us have to carry on. I told your leaders the other morning, "Well, it won't be anything new to us if we go back to nobody but Maria & me & one little typewriter & seven sheets of carbon paper!" That's how we started.

       49. WE SENT EACH ONE OF THOSE LETTERS TO A DIFFERENT AREA & THEY HAD TO DUPLICATE IT THERE TO SPREAD IT ABROAD AMONGST THEIR COLONIES. That was when we had 50-some Colonies, mind you, & at one typing we could only make seven carbons. The last one you could hardly read so we kept that one for the record. We sent the original & the other six carbons to all the different major areas & they duped them. Of course in those days not everybody was allowed to read'm, just the leaders, so it wasn't too great a problem duping them. They just Xeroxed enough to send to the heads of all the various Colonies. So if we get back to that, praise the Lord! At least the Word will still get out & at least your leaders will get the Word & read'm to the whole bunch like they did in those days. That's no terrible thing as long as we still get the Word, amen?

       50. NOW DON'T YOU START WORRYING ABOUT YOUR JOB! "Oh my, that means if the Crash comes tomorrow, I'm out of a job & what'll I do then?" Let me tell you, none of the Lord's workers are ever going to be out of a job! The whole World can go broke & unemployed or even suffer slaughter, but you're not ever going to be out of a job! You've always got a job, & it's going to last as long as you last or until the Lord comes! It may not always be the same job...well, yes it is, it's always going to be the same job, preaching the Gospel, one way or the other.

       51. RIGHT NOW YOU MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE DOING THE PREACHING WITH YOUR MOUTH--I SIT HERE GABBING AWAY, BUT YOU HAVE TO HELP ME SPREAD IT & PROCESS IT!--Or make it possible for me to eat so I can talk, keep the house clean so we can be comfortable & take care of the children so we have time to do what we're doing. All these things have to be done--feed me, clothe me, wash my clothes. Thank God you don't have much clothes-washing to do any more, I don't wear anything more than a pair of shorts & I wash those myself! It's only once in awhile that I go to town & I wear a shirt, pants & a pair of socks & we have to put those in the laundry.

       52. BUT ANYHOW, YOU ALL HAVE A PART IN IT, YOU'RE ALL PREACHING THE GOSPEL! All of you, every one of you has a part in preaching the Gospel. So don't worry, you'll never be without a job! You've got the best job in the World, preaching the Gospel in some way or helping somebody to preach the Gospel. You'll never be broke! The first King David said: "Once I was young, now I'm old, yet have I never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed go begging bread!" (Ps.37:25) How about that? They might call you Gospel beggars sometimes & it seems like a lot of our folks do a little begging, even provisioning is a type of begging, but we look on it in a little different light.

       53. WE'RE NOT ACTUALLY BEGGING, WE'RE JUST COLLECTING WHAT THEY OWE US! We're collecting our dues from the System, what they owe us for being here & therefore the Lord protecting them & giving them peace while we're here.--Otherwise the Lord might have wiped them out or given them all kinds of trouble if they hadn't been good to us. So they owe it to us, we're just going around collecting it, that's all, collecting our taxes. We're not begging, they owe it! So don't be ashamed to ask for it! Tax collectors are not ashamed to ask for it!

       54. ANYHOW, THAT'S A GOOD NOTE TO END ON: DON'T WORRY! You'll never be out of a job & you'll never be broke! Well, you might not have any money, but maybe there won't be any money! But the Lord will take care of you, you'll have something to eat. As long as He wants you to be strong enough to still help the Work & preach the Gospel, He's got to take care of you, & He's promised to take care of you, so what are you worried about?

       55. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE CRASH OR THE TRIBULATION OR THE WAR OR ANYTHING! You're God's pets & He is going to take care of you until your job is done, till the very End, & then He'll still take care of you & take you to Heaven! What better place to go? PTL? Are you getting a little bit better idea of Heaven now? Doesn't it sound like a place to be, a wonderful place to go? TTL! So why worry? We've got the best Boss in the World, the best job, best income, He never fails, the best protection, we've got the best of everything! We are the best of everything, that's why the Lord gives us the best of everything, & He'll take care of you right to the End, so don't worry. PTL?

       56. IN FACT, THE DAYS AHEAD ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE GREATEST OF ALL! There may be more trouble than ever before, but there'll be more help & more power & greater evangelisation. We'll even have the angels helping us preach the Gospel, think of that, flying through the Heavens! You may think sometimes you never had it so good, even while they're trying to give you a lot of trouble. But you never had it so good spiritually, you never had so much help from the Lord, you never had so much power before because you never needed so much before. It's going to be wonderful, really wonderful!

       57. THE TRIBULATION IS ACTUALLY SOMETHING IN A WAY TO LOOK FORWARD TO BECAUSE OF THE MIGHTY EVENTS THAT ARE GOING TO TAKE PLACE & the marvels of the Lord & the mighty miraculous protection & preservation & provision & the Lord's wonderful manifestation of Himself & His power & His angels & miracles & signs & wonders & all the rest! Isn't that exciting? [DELETED]

       58. SO IN SOME WAYS I LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAYS AHEAD & I ALMOST WISH I WAS GOING TO BE HERE TO SEE WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! They'll be thrilling, exciting days, terrific, when grace still abounds even more than all the Devil can possibly do when he pulls out all his big guns & tries to destroy everything! "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." (Rom.5:20) It's going to be glorious to see how the Lord's going to keep us & keep him from doing his damnedest & keep him under control! PTL? Do you believe it? It's the truth!

       59. LOOK HOW HE'S KEPT US NOW! I mean, they've been after us for years. They were trying to find me & kill me ten years or more ago & they haven't found me yet, thank the Lord, they haven't stopped me yet! They haven't shut my big mouth yet & it's still going & we're getting out more pubs than ever to more millions of people than ever! We're spreading the Word more than ever!

       60. JUST THINK, THEY'VE BEEN GETTING LETTERS & {\ul \i KOMIX} INSIDE RUSSIA & IN THE EAST BLOC & THE SEED IS BEING SOWN & THERE'S A REVIVAL THERE! Well, that's a good place to stop, that's where we started the first lecture! It's all your fault & your fault & you guys that ask too many questions! Well, I guess that's the way the Lord works it. I come down here & figure I'm just going to take a nice little rest & sit here quietly while you testify & tell me all the good news, & then somebody strikes a spark & lights my fuse & I guess that's what the Lord wanted you to have!

       61. BUT DOESN'T THAT ENCOURAGE YOU & CHEER YOU UP & GIVE YOU A BRIGHTER OUTLOOK? No matter what happens the Lord's going to take care of us, so don't worry. He's going to keep us going somehow. If Maria & I have to go back to our little "Brother" portable typewriter & seven sheets of carbon paper, you'll still get the Word somehow. PTL! Amen? Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       62. YOU NEVER FAIL, LORD! YOU'VE NEVER FAILED IN ONE OF ALL YOUR GOOD PROMISES! (1Ki.8:56) You've kept Thy children throughout all ages. You've given them the Gospel, You've given them a chance, reaped harvest after harvest in generation after generation & civilisation after civilisation, country after country. You have been merciful from generation unto generation! Thy mercy is everlasting unto all generations! (Ps.100:5; 103:17) You've never failed, Lord. You're not going to fail this one, You haven't, & You're not going to fail the next one, these children, the Last Generation!

       63. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FAIL NO MATTER WHAT TIMES OF TROUBLE ARE AHEAD! You're going to take care of us, You're going to protect us, provide for us, feed us, empower us & give us a mighty witness, Lord, no matter what! Even when sin shall abound, grace doth much more abound! (Rom.5:20) And even when iniquity abounds, Thy mighty power will much more abound! When the Devil casts out a flood to try to drown us with his iniquity & his devices, Lord, You're going to let the World swallow his shit & protect us & keep us! You're going to save us, Lord, & not allow us to be inundated or overcome by the flood. (Re.12:16) TYJ! When we walk through the waters they'll not overflow us, walk through the fire it will not burn, walk through these trials & tribulations they'll not overcome us, Lord. (Is.43:2) You'll do mighty signs, wonders & miracles to keep us & keep us going & keep us preaching Thy Love & showing Thy Love to millions to the very End! TYJ! Hallelujah! Do you believe it, Beloved? PTL!

       64. SO DON'T DREAD IT, DON'T FEAR IT, LOOK FORWARD TO IT WITH GREAT ANTICIPATION, BECAUSE EVERY DAY THAT PASSES BRINGS YOU CLOSER TO THE GLORIOUS END! Amen? So thank the Lord for every day. As things get worse, the worse they get the sooner it's going to get better. PTL?--So even that's something to be thankful for. As you see times waxing worse & worse (2Tim.3:13), just remember that you're that much closer to the End & that the sooner things are going to get better. PTL?--Of course when the Lord comes is what I'm talking about, & even in the Tribulation. Many things are going to be better. Many things are going to be more wonderful than ever before. TYL! I think that's why the Lord gave me that little dream about Heaven's Girl (No.1623), because that little tiny female frame was more powerful than the gigantic demon she was fighting & able to overcome him! TYL!

       65. WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY, WE DON'T HAVE TO FEAR, WE TRUST YOU, JESUS! We can't sing that old song "We Know Not What The Future Holds" because now we know!--But we also know Who holds the future!--It's all in Thy hands. And we know who You hold, & that's us, & You'll take care of us no matter what, in Jesus' name. As we pray Thy prayer, Lord, for the sake of these Thy children & these little ones that need to get to bed: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.")

       66. WE KNOW YOU'LL TAKE CARE OF OUR SOULS, OUR SPIRITS & BODIES, LORD, RIGHT ON TILL IT'S TIME FOR US TO GO, & WE THANK YOU FOR IT! Help no one to be fearful, help no one to fret, help no one to worry about it, Lord, but just to rest in Thee. "Thou shalt keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee." (Is.26:3)--In Jesus' name.

       67. AMEN, DO BLESS & KEEP US & GIVE US A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP & STRENGTH FOR TOMORROW'S LABOURS AS WE CONTINUE THY WORK. Do help keep this government as long as it pleases Thee, Lord, to be at peace, so that we can continue to work here, & we know You'll take care of it, in Jesus' name, amen. ILY! PTL! GBAKY busy for Him & others till Jesus comes!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family