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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.11--World Anti-Christ Linkage!       DFO 1640       10/83

       1. (MARIA: YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO TELL US ABOUT THE GRENADA SITUATION.) Yes. Actually, the correct pronunciation is Gren-ah-da, but since it was British & since all the British commentators pronounce it Gren-ay-da, I notice the American commentators have also gotten into using this same British pronunciation. It sounds like a hand grenade, & right now it's about blown up like one! Maybe the English pronunciation is good because it differentiates between Spanish Granada, which is a beautiful city in Spain, as opposed to this little Black Island of Grenada with only about 100,000 nearly all-Black natives, former slaves imported from Africa. It used to be under the British but the British have relinquished their responsibility in almost all these places all over the World--for which I don't much blame them as they were most of them pretty unappetising situations.
       2. WELL, LET ME CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO SEVERAL INCIDENTS. You've heard, of course, about the latest bombing in Beirut. The U.S., in spite of all denials, is now at war! And even if the leaders didn't get mad & insist on persisting there, which they are doing, the American people are that kind of people. You can't do that to them without them getting a war fever, & I wouldn't be surprised that the U.S. people right now are demanding that U.S. forces go in there & clean that place out. I mean, 200 Marines were killed at one stroke & about 50 Frenchman at the other stroke by Kamikaze truck drivers!
       3. THAT'S WHAT THEY USED TO CALL THESE JAPANESE SUICIDE FLYERS DURING WORLD WAR 2--KAMIKAZES. In those days they didn't have very big bombs & those little fighter planes couldn't carry very big bombs, but they would load up the plane inside & out with as many bombs as it could possibly get up in the air with, & then they'd fly as high as they could right straight over one of those great big battleships. The only other thing that had the power to sink a battleship was a big torpedo from undersea. Some of those torpedoes were almost 15 feet long & this big around, loaded with almost a truckload of TNT, & when they'd hit they'd blast a big hole & the battleship would sink.
       4. THE JAPANESE ARMY & MILITARY WERE LED MOSTLY BY TOP SHINTOISTS IN WORLD WAR 2. They're the ones that commit ritual suicide & believe, like the Muslims, that if they die in battle for their country they go instantly to Paradise, etc. [DELETED] So these pilots would volunteer--I suppose they volunteered--or were assigned to take a load of bombs in the plane, fly high & then dive straight down, aiming for & frequently hitting the funnel of one of those battleships.
       5. BATTLESHIPS HAVE TO HAVE SMOKESTACKS TO LET OFF THE FUMES & THE SMOKE just like any other combustible engines, & if you've ever seen one of those funnels close up, some of those things are about twice as wide as this table & about half as long. They're usually oval-shaped & more than large enough to accommodate the fuselage of those small fighter planes in those days. If they could hit a funnel they went straight down into the engine room, & boom!--Blew the battleship apart & it would sink in a few minutes with heavy loss of life. And that got to be a common practice during the last desperate days of World War 2 with the Japanese. They called'm Kamikaze suicide pilots.
       6. I GUESS YOU HEARD THE NEWS ABOUT THOSE TRUCKS. They tore through road blocks & everything coming down the highway even before they turned into the Marine compound. I mean, you'd expect that of the Lebanese--although maybe they would have done better--but I was amazed at what poor security the U.S. Forces had. They said anywhere up to 600 men could have been sleeping in that dormitory in the middle of the night, & probably 100 Frenchmen in the other one. I think they're trying to be conservative on their estimates of the dead so as not to scare the people too much, just like that massacre. They started out saying there were 100 people killed, then 200 & finally it rose up to nearly a thousand! The Palestinians still claim it was about 3000.
       7. ANYHOW, THEY CAME RACING DOWN THE HIGHWAY THROUGH ROADBLOCKS & everything & made a sharp turn & then crashed right through the gates of the compound.--It said through sandbagged blockades, but you know good & well no truck can run through a sandbag blockade. They probably had sandbags on both sides with a driveway between, because they weren't going to be moving sandbags every time cars & trucks go in & out. But in spite of guards & everything, it crashed right through into the basement of one building & blew itself up! And the other one, they crashed right through the front door into the lobby & then blew up! They said it was perfect timing by guys who apparently knew what they were doing & were willing to give their lives to do it.
       8. RIGHT AWAY REAGAN SAID THAT THE IRANIANS WERE UNDER SUSPICION! Some other group claimed credit, but of course immediately you know who Reagan began to blame: "The Russians are coming!" (Maria: The Force!) The Force be with you!--Only to him, of course, the wrong force. And in his speech he as good as said: "We can't move out of Lebanon, because if we do the Russians will move in." Well, he's probably right. But the moving in of all those thousands of American troops that they're now planning to move in, that's going to practically assure the fact that the Russians will be coming, because they're not going to let the U.S.A. get away with occupying another country in the Mideast--they already occupy one, Israel--& strengthen their forces there, when after all, the Russians are planning to do it themselves!
       9. SO IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE WE'RE AT WAR ALREADY IN LEBANON! When they sent in those first troops I thought, "Uh oh, they're asking for it!" Really nobody's ever been able to conquer the Lebanese yet, 'cause they're too fractured & split up & fighting with each other. The Lebanese defeat each other & are their own worst enemies. They're like Mike & the skunk. Did you hear about Mike & the skunk?
       10. PAT & MIKE THOUGHT THEY WERE CHASING A 'POSSUM UP A TREE, so Pat said, "Well, I'll stand guard down here, Mike, while you climb up the tree & flush him out so we can shoot him & have a nice 'possum dinner." They're unclean animals, you know, fat & greasy, ugh!--And pretty slow, really. Does that word "'possum" have any Latin or Greek significance? They will curl up & pretend to be asleep if you catch'm. So Mike climbs up the tree & pretty soon he comes slithering down like mad when he found out it was a skunk! And Pat said, "What's the matter, Mike?" He said, "Let's go, that 'possum's going to stink himself to death!" So just leave the Lebanese alone & they'll kill each other off.
       11. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF THE BIG ONE!--Especially if in some of those "Five Wars of the Antichrist" (No.1528) they fight them carefully & stick to conventional weapons, which everybody's been doing so far everywhere. There haven't been any atom bombs exploded on enemies since Truman dropped those two on defenceless civilian populations in Japan! Isn't that a nice reputation for the U.S.A. to get?--The first to use the atom bomb on cities, civilian populations, old men, women, children, the works!
       12. SO FAR THEY'VE MANAGED TO STICK TO CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS IN A LOT OF BIG WARS SINCE THEN--the Korean War, Vietnamese War, what else? Name some more that have been going on. (Family: Afghanistan?) Yes, the Afghanistan War between the Afghans & the Russians. Actually, the war in Afghanistan is between Russia & the U.S. The U.S. is supplying all the munitions & training & everything else for these Afghan rebels. I mean, before the U.S.A. & the CIA came along to supply them with modern weapons & bazookas & everything else, they were fighting over there with muskets--scattershot muskets with flared ends like they used to use back in the Revolutionary War in the United States!
       13. BUT THE U.S.A. HAS MANAGED TO IMPROVE WARFARE ALL AROUND THE GLOBE. As you read in one of the WNs, it's the largest merchant of arms in the World next to Russia, & I think France or someplace like that comes next. All these big powers are busy selling arms making millions off of the little folks of the World, all the gangsters of the World, in order to pay the billions that their own wars cost'm.
       14. THE WAR IN IRAQ & IRAN HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR THREE YEARS NOW & IT'S A BIG WAR USING BIG GUNS & PLANES & TANKS & EVERYTHING, without resorting to atom bombs yet because they don't have any. Iraq's been busy trying to develop one & now she's threatening to Exocet the Iranian oil facilities. So there's quite a few good-sized wars that have been going on--wars in the Caribbean & war in Central America now. Costa Rica is no longer a safe place to be. It looks like the way things are going in the Caribbean, even Puerto Rico & Dominica are not going to be too safe either, & now Grenada.
       15. I UNDERSTAND THERE'S A U.S. NAVAL TASK FORCE ON ITS WAY TO GRENADA. In the old days they would have just marched right in & settled the hash right on the spot, but now they're so sensitive to public opinion, World opinion & U.N. opinion & they don't want to be accused of imperialism.--And the only reason they don't want to be accused of imperialism is because they want to accuse the other guy of imperialism! So they're very sensitive about being called imperialists, which of course they are & which they are called all the time by the opposite side who are also imperialists.
       16. SO IT'S POSSIBLE FOR PRETTY GOOD-SIZED WARS TO GO ON AS LONG AS THEY THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT WITHOUT RESORTING TO ATOM BOMBS. And it could be that they've now decided that it's safer to fight a war in the Mideast on a conventional level, even more so than in Europe where all Hell would let loose & they'd probably escalate very rapidly to atomic warfare. I think they figure in the Mideast they might get away with slowly progressive warfare, & it's been escalating all the time.
       17. ISRAEL'S INVASION OF LEBANON WAS ANOTHER ESCALATION. As soon as she found she had made peace with Egypt & wouldn't have to be fighting on two fronts she immediately invaded Lebanon, as soon as she was ready. And now I think it looks like at least the Israelis themselves are pretty sorry, because they've lost more men in that war than they ever lost from all the Palestinian terrorism that ever existed!--And besides, they couldn't afford it. It's bankrupted the Israeli economy--in fact they were already bankrupt--so now they've summoned in the U.S. Marines to take care of the War for them. That's what it amounts to.
       18. THAT'S WHY THE [EDITED: "ZIONISTS"] ARE DOING ALL THEIR PROPAGANDA FIGHTING AGAINST THE WAR IN CENTRAL AMERICA & are dead set against that one & criticising Reagan right & left. But they're gung-ho for the one in the Mideast, because they figure after the U.S. has taken over the Mideast for them, they'll of course turn it over to Israel. Well, the U.S. may find out they're going to bite off more than they can chew, because it's a Hell of a lot harder to fight a war when you're about 10,000 miles away & when Russia is only about 600 miles away! And Russia's getting well-prepared for it!
       19. RUSSIA'S BEEN EXTREMELY PATIENT & LONGSUFFERING & VERY CLEVER IN SLOWLY TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Stalin taught'm that to begin with. The hotheads like Lenin & Trotsky wanted to take the World right then! Once they had Russia they figured they could take the rest of the World over quick, pull a revolution all over the World & take the whole World for Communism immediately!--And in the '20s they almost did, they nearly took Europe & they made pretty good inroads in the United States. The only thing that stopped them in Europe was Hitler. Germany had gone almost completely Communist. [DELETED]
       20. (FAMILY: SOMEBODY SENT IN A LITTLE ARTICLE THAT SAID ANDROPOV IS OF SUSPECTED JEWISH LINEAGE & IS MARRIED TO A JEWESS, & a lot of the top leaders are married to Jewesses in the Soviet Union.) (FN 59, pgs.35-38)--Brains! Look at all the FFing the Jews did! They were notorious for it! It was common in all their years of persecution & they had to to survive. The Gypsies did it too & that's about the only way they were able to survive. It's a survival tactic. So thank God He showed it to us--it sure has helped us a lot.
       21. BY THE WAY, THOSE NEW DEPROGRAMMING TEAMS IN CALIFORNIA ARE NOW SPONSORED BY THE JDL! You know what that stands for, don't you?--The Jewish Defence League!--The militant Jewish terrorist organisation who don't stop for anything--bombing, assassinations, killings, sniping, torture--all kinds of horrors! The latest deprogramming in California is being backed by the JDLs, & the item you gave me to read said that dear Deborah & Jethro are cooperating with these people! She's writing a book against the Family & has been on TV against the Family--can you imagine!
       22. LOOK AT ALL THOSE DREAMS I HAD ABOUT DEBORAH--"Alice in the Magic Garden", "Bewitched", "Cesspool." (Nos.290, 291, 664) (Family: "If the Truth Kills.") (No.678) Well, that wasn't a dream, that was just a policy!--But I mean outright revelations where she was so easily deceived by these witches & wizards & whatnot, & apparently now she's totally under their control, just completely virtually almost demon-possessed!
       23. WHEN THEY GO BACK THEY ALWAYS CLAIM THEY'RE NEVER GOING TO GO THAT FAR, BUT THEY ALWAYS DO. Imagine cooperating with JDL deprogrammers! They're probably the bitterest enemies we have. Probably nobody hates us worse than [EDITED: "they do"], outside of some church people.--Some church people, not all of them, thank the Lord! Nearly all of them think we're wrong, but they don't all hate us quite that much.
       24. BUT THINGS ARE REALLY GETTING HOT FOR THE FAMILY IN THE STATES & IN ENGLAND & IN EUROPE & ALL THE PLACES WE'VE BEEN TOO LONG. I'll tell you, if those people don't get out of there pretty soon, they're going to be sorry.--France, Italy, I don't know about Spain. The Lord's been merciful to Spain because they really received us. We had the highest distribution of literature in Spain of any country in the World for a long time--by the millions--& they received us.--Not the government, not the Church, but the people.
       25. --JUST LIKE THE COMMON PEOPLE OF TENERIFE LOVED US! Even the local officials loved us & were good to us--the police, the Secret Police & the Guardia Civil, the Special Police of the President, the dictator Franco. The Guardia Civil really originated as Franco's own private army, & they were the most loyal of all his supporters. They loved us!--The local police, the Police Chief, all the rest of'm. When the local Governor & the Bishop demanded an inquiry, the Police Chief politely invited me into his office one day & practically apologised for even questioning me!
       26. THE LOCAL PEOPLE LOVED US, it was just the Bishop & the top governors, the Francoites that seemed to be stirred up by the Church to fight us. So Spain was good to us--except for that damn judge that ran me out of Tenerife! Well that, of course, was not what he was planning to do, he was planning to put me in somewhere rather than run me out! I got away first, thank the Lord! I even had a dream of where he was going to put me!
       27. SO ALL THOSE PLACES WHERE WE HAVE REALLY SATURATED THEM & THEY'VE HAD THE MESSAGE & WE'VE REAPED THE HARVEST ARE NOW BEGINNING TO REALLY BITTERLY PERSECUTE US! They're having bitter persecution in England, Germany, France & Italy, but I believe the Lord is going to be merciful to Spain in the coming War because they were good to us. But you know England's going to get it!--London's surrounded with missile bases. And you know Germany's going to get it, Germany's just fully occupied.
       28. LET'S FACE IT, GERMANY IS AN OCCUPIED COUNTRY! There're a quarter-of-a-million American soldiers occupying Germany, plus a lot of British & French & so-called Allied soldiers. Now they only have token forces from those other three countries. In fact, I think the British wanted to pull completely out & the Americans objected. The Americans only object when everybody doesn't side with them & when the other European nations refuse to help them with some of their wars. The U.S. is the one that usually gets them into it, finally.
       29. SO IT'S GETTING HOT IN THOSE COUNTRIES--IMAGINE COOPERATING WITH DEPROGRAMMERS OF THE JDL! I can imagine they're probably professional torturers, horrible! I'll tell you, I certainly wouldn't want to be in the U.S.A. or Europe or any of those places today! I think I'd get out at any cost, & we have! It's not easy to have to move around from country to country. It's not easy to be a faith missionary either, but I think I'd rather die trying than let them kill me! PTL!--Amen?
       30. SO FOR THE CARIBBEAN, OF COURSE REAGAN'S DETERMINED TO HAVE A WAR DOWN THERE, & now Grenada's just blown up & the hard line Communists have taken over. I guess they just almost finished the big air base there now, the big runway to accommodate the biggest bombers, etc. (This was before the U.S. invasion.)
       31. BUT THE THING I STARTED TO TELL YOU IS, THE RUSSIANS ARE SMART, GIVE'M CREDIT FOR THAT, & THEY'RE ESPECIALLY SMART AT INTERNATIONAL PLANNING & PLOTTING. They have a plan, they know where they're going, they know what they're doing--they're out to conquer the World! They've got it plotted & planned & know what they're doing & where they're going & how to do it.--Whereas the U.S. doesn't have the faintest idea, it has no foreign policy, it has no synchronised, integrated type of plan, no purpose, no ideal, no ideology, nothing! They're like the last days of Rome, all they want to do is keep what they've got.
       32. THEIR ENEMY IS FIGHTING THEM ON DOZENS OF FRONTS ALL OVER THE WORLD! Did you know about the same time those two big buildings were being blown up the President was nearly taken hostage on a golf course in Georgia? I don't think that was coincidental!--And at the same time the Communists took over Grenada! There were several different things that happened about the same time & I thought of several the other day.--Also the war exploding in Central America. I knew I should have dictated them at the time, but Maria's so busy nowadays, she hardly has time. She tries to be faithful. She'll even run into the bathroom when I'm sitting on the throne reading the paper & commenting on the news & tries to get it down. It wasn't your fault, Honey, I just didn't want to bother you. You weren't in there anyhow. After all, I'm not going to get you out of bed to come in the bathroom at 7 o'clock in the morning!
       33. BUT ANYHOW, THERE WERE SEVERAL, WHAT I CONSIDER, RELATED INCIDENTS AT VARIOUS HOT SPOTS ALL OVER THE WORLD THAT ALL HAPPENED AT THE SAME TIME, DISCONCERTING & DIVERTING ATTENTION IN ALL THESE DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. You see, if the Russians can keep the U.S. busy in so many different places, they don't know which way to send their ships now! They send'm rushing across the ocean to Lebanon, then they've gotta send'm back quick to Central America, now they've gotta send them to Grenada & now they've gotta send'm to the Mideast, now they've gotta send'm here, there, they're just running around like chickens with their heads off! They're so confused they don't know what's happening! It's pitiful!
       34. BUT LIKE THE OLD SONG THE DEAR BRITISH USED TO SING, "CONFOUND THEIR KNAVISH TRICKS, CONFUSE THEIR POLITICS!" God bless'm! It's in "God Save the King!" It used to be "God Save the King" when I knew it, now it's "God Save the Queen."--To the same tune of America's "My Country 'Tis of Thee." It was a beautiful hymn & one of the contenders to be the U.S. National Anthem, but they refused it just because it sounded like "God Save the King." It talked all about God & prayer, really a spiritual hymn.
       35. THAT "STAR-SPANGLED BANNER" IS ALMOST THE WORLD'S WORST NATIONAL ANTHEM! It's even a disgrace to call it an anthem! It is a hymn to battle, a battle hymn, glorifying rockets & bombs & flags & baloney!--And that's the one that won the contest to choose the U.S. National Anthem! This guy who was prisoner on a boat during the Revolutionary War in Charleston Harbour is the guy who wrote this song, all about battle & war! I don't think there's a mention of God in the whole thing, is there?--Not one! It's amazing they've even kept God in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag!
       36. THE KOREAN PLANE INCIDENT WAS A LITTLE BEFOREHAND, BUT I DON'T THINK THAT WAS THE RUSSIANS' FAULT. The U.S. precipitated that spy plane downing. They're the ones that flew it & did it, all the Russians did was shoot it down to defend themselves. (Family: Also when that thing happened they diverted a whole Task Force up there around the Korean Peninsula.) Yes, they're keeping them busy everywhere! They've got more places to have to worry about than a dog has fleas! (Family: The Strait of Hormuz too.) Yes, there's another one. Did you have your hand up? Don't scratch your head or I may think you're raising your hand. (Family: That thing in Burma too.) Yes, half the Korean top leadership was wiped out in that bomb blast in Burma! There are attacks going on all over the World!
       37. AND ALL THESE BIG ANTI-MISSILE DEMONSTRATIONS IN EUROPE WITH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TURNING OUT, SHOWING THAT THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT THOSE BOMBS & MISSILES!--But their leaders are determined to go ahead with it no matter what they say. They're hell-bent for destruction! Remember I told you I had a dream or vision once of poor Germany virtually an atomic desert after the war, & the Germans have been pretty bad to us lately. They were kind of good in the beginning, but they were one of the first countries, like the U.S., to clamp down & start persecuting us. (Family: They're planning to place the missiles right down the center of West Germany!)--Just like the spine of Germany.--And all around London, all over Britain in fact. It's pitiful.
       38. THE DIVISION OF THE WORLD AFTER WORLD WAR 2 WAS ONE OF THE MOST TRAGIC THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED! In fact, there was a furor over it in the United States & Europe. Europe was completely divided up, in fact the whole World, into spheres of agreed influence in those conferences, both toward the end of the war & just after the war. In the Yalta Conference, FDR was there with Stalin & all, & they were already agreeing on how to divide up the World. Since Russia was one of the Allies & fought together with them--not one of the enemy--the Allies were meeting to decide on how they were going to divide the spoils.
       39. SO BOTH AT YALTA & THEN RIGHT AFTER THE WAR AT POTSDAM WITH TRUMAN, THEY FINALISED THE DIVISIONS & THE BOUNDARY LINES & EVERYTHING, including the division of Germany, cut a whole country in two! It was virtually a scandal, which showed that the Catholics had more influence in the United States than the Protestants, or were more in the know. They pulled a fast one, keeping the most industrialised richest part of Germany & the most beautiful resort part of Germany--Bavaria, the Black Forest & all this sort of thing--& virtually all the Catholic part of Germany.--Whereas the poor agrarian Protestant part was given to the Russians! Think of that! That was one of the World's worst sell-outs!
       40. AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO CHINA! The U.S. just virtually sold China out to the Communists. The U.S. can thank themselves today that China is Communist, because they backed out & deliberately gave it to the Communists. Because at that time some top General said the U.S. couldn't defend it from the Russians! What was that guy's name? He was considered an absolute traitor to the government & China!--General George Marshall.
       41. SO THE DIVISION OF THE WORLD AFTER WORLD WAR 2 WAS AN ABSOLUTE RAGING SCANDAL FOR AWHILE! Certain parts of the World were just furious! Poland had always been on the Western side & democratic & sympathised with the West, but just because Russia demanded Poland, they sold'm out to the Russians! So all the trouble that's going on in Poland must really eat on some of those guys' consciences that gave Poland away, & East Germany too!
       42. I DON'T THINK THE ALLIES CARED TOO MUCH ABOUT THE BALTIC COUNTRIES. They were pretty Slavic anyhow, a lot like the Russians, so they didn't have much to do with them. During World War One I think they also fought with the enemy against the United States, so they didn't care about Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary & Yugoslavia & the rest of them. Dear Tito held Yugoslavia virtually on his own with almost no help from the Allies. In fact, at one time he was fighting the Russians & the British both! And he held out, God bless him, & they're still independent.
       43. BUT THERE HAVE BEEN TOO MANY THINGS HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE TO JUST BE PURELY COINCIDENTAL OR ACCIDENTAL, ESPECIALLY SOME OF THE THINGS THAT HAPPENED RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME. I think these things were probably all timed. Of course many of the demonstrations are probably led by Communists & Communist Unions, etc., that's common knowledge, as well as the Greens & Leftists & all that, for which I don't blame'm.
       44. BUT ANYHOW, IT JUST SHOWS YOU HOW WELL-ORGANISED THE COMMUNISTS ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD & HOW ALL THESE INCIDENTS & MOVEMENTS ARE SYNCHRONISED, particularly to put the pressure on the U.S. right now & keep it so busy with so many little brushfire wars & so many demonstrations, so many this, that & the other that they sort of can't really concentrate on their missile deployment. But they're still bragging that they're going to go ahead with it, come what may, Hell or high water, no matter what!--Even admitting in the newspaper now, "Even if it leads to a confrontation!" And do you know what "confrontation" means? That's one of those nice new words they've got for war!
       45. WELL, I GOT SOMETHING ON THE RUSSIAN ICEBREAKERS WHICH I THOUGHT WAS RATHER INTERESTING. I think it probably came from the Lord, because I had never thought of such a thing before. I was wondering about that situation up there. This is the first time in many years that that sea has been frozen. Usually this time of year there's a warm South wind blowing that has thawed the ice & has kept the ice thawed & the water open for some time yet, several months yet before the dead of Winter. But all of a sudden nearly 30 ships got frozen in the ice, actually about 4 or 5 convoys of ships altogether up there--some of them got away & a lot of them didn't--which they said were on supply missions to the Northern very isolated Siberian & Arctic Ocean ports, ports which are usually only open briefly during the Summer & closed most of the year.
       46. SO I WAS THINKING THAT RUSSIA DIDN'T USED TO HAVE ANY PORTS UP THERE. They didn't used to even have any settlements along the top of Russia & Siberia up there where it's so cold, except right close to Russia, Murmansk & that area there. Further East over toward Siberia was desolate barren country. When I was in school I never heard of any ports along the Northern shores of Russia on the Arctic Ocean because the sailing season was so short. But during this season there's usually a warm South wind that keeps it open, but suddenly for the first time in years the thing was just frozen solid & ice-packed & trapped all those boats!
       47. YOU KNOW, THE RUSSIANS HAVE TO DO QUITE A BIT OF PLANNING IF THEY'RE PREPARING FOR WAR--which they are, as well as the U.S.--& a great part of that planning is getting into all the various positions that they need to be in to make sure they succeed. That's what Afghanistan is all about. Russia is building huge air bases in Southern Afghanistan beyond the mountains & on the South side toward the sea, toward the Mideast, toward the oil, & she's building & preparing all the time. Because when it comes--which it surely will--she wants to make sure she wins it & she's not going to take any chances. The Russians are not very good gamblers, they like a sure thing. The U.S.A. are great gamblers & right now they're gambling everywhere at terrible odds!
       48. SO JUST AS STALIN ADVISED WHEN HE OVERCAME THE TROTSKYITES AFTER THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION: "WE'D BETTER MAKE RUSSIA STRONG FIRST, THEN WE'LL GO AFTER THE REST OF THE WORLD!"--And following his advice they did & they have & the job's almost done! Once having made Russia strong, then they strengthened their position all over the World & they are preparing, getting in position.--And it takes time, it takes development, it takes building, planning & supplying to get into position where, when they are ready, they know they will win as quickly as possible with the least possible destruction to Russia. And part of that is positioning & logistics for those positions, right now encircling the Middle East, so that if they happen to get into a conventional war there they can be pretty sure they'll win it. (See WND 4.) (Editor: About the Russian General who defected with plans!)
       49. THERE'S SO MUCH SENTIMENT AGAINST THE BOMBS & AGAINST USING THEM & ALL THAT, I THINK RUSSIA MAY FEEL THAT THEY COULD POSSIBLY MUSCLE IN CONVENTIONALLY ON THE MIDDLE EAST. Like the Camel's Nose they've kept muscling in little by little, not enough to scare anybody or have the U.S. freak out & get hysterical & start shooting, but just enough to get control of things & at least enough of a foothold to have strong influence there, without necessarily precipitating an all-out nuclear war. That's what Russia's done all over the World already. They constantly gain territory & gain territory, mostly by political means, by persuading the people to either vote in a Communist government or themselves sponsor a Communist uprising & take-over, Russia seldom having to fire a shot!--Just taking over little by little by persuading minds & hearts. Because they've got a plan, they have an ideal, an ideology, they have something to work toward--World Communism! It's of course, you might say, an unworkable scheme, because you can't make people share without changing their hearts, but they're at least persuading their minds that it's possible & getting them to follow it up with their bodies & either vote friendly governments in or exercise coups & just get in by hook or crook any way they can.
       50. POOR MR. BISHOP, HEAD OF GRENADA, WAS SORT OF A MODERATE LEFTIST, MORE OF A SOCIALIST THAN A COMMUNIST. But the U.S.A. wouldn't leave him alone, they bullied & criticised & threatened to invade & everything else, when actually he was a populist & popular with the people, doing the natives lots of good & the country lots of good, more on the Socialist line & moderate, temperate & well-loved by the people, voted for more or less by the people. Of course, he perpetrated a coup himself when he first got in, but later he got so popular that they voted for him, as I recall.
       51. HE WAS JUST DOING FINE & GRENADA WAS PROSPERING & he claimed they were building the airport to accommodate larger tourist planes to come down--& of course the Caribbean is very popular & Grenada is one of those pretty places. But apparently he wasn't quite Red enough to suit the Communists, & during this particular period now where they're trying to get a sure grip on everything they can, they made sure that their man took over & they just lined Bishop & his men up & shot'm! So now a radical Red hard-line Communist is in control in Grenada with the U.S. fleets steaming down there & already landing Marines in Barbados, another British island.
       52. SO THE U.S. HAS GOT ANOTHER PLACE TO WORRY ABOUT RIGHT NOW, JUST ONE RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER, ALL OVER THE WORLD. It's got too many irons in the fire, too many fingers in too many pies & it's bound to get burned! No World power, not even the U.S. could be so busy in so many places, especially when they have no synchronised plan or policy or ideal or ideology or anything except to just try to protect themselves & keep what they've got. Whereas the Communists have had a plan for years & they know where they're going & what they're after--World takeover, eventual Antichrist government, & that's it! So they're just keeping the U.S. busy all over the place like a bunch of little fleas biting a dog! All that to say this, that I don't believe those things were coincidental, I think they were planned!
       53. BUT ONCE IN AWHILE THE LORD TAKES A HAND! I was sort of asking like I do sometimes, not necessarily really praying but I sort of had the question on my heart, sitting there studying about those ships up there in the Arctic Ocean, what are they doing with ports up there & all those supplies & sending so many convoys of ships up there right now? Why are they so busy up there, anyhow? And suddenly I was reminded as clear as anything that that's the Russians' Early Warning System up there, & a whole row of missile bases!
       54. YOU KNOW, THE UNITED STATES IS NOT 10,000 MILES ACROSS THE PACIFIC ONE WAY FROM RUSSIA & 5,000 MILES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC & EUROPE FROM RUSSIA THE OTHER WAY. The United States or North America is only about a thousand miles across the Arctic Ocean & that's where all the missiles are aimed! Their missiles are not placed all around Moscow--although they have them there too, I'm sure, as defence against any U.S. domination of Europe--but for an attack on the U.S., most of those bases are located along the shores of the Arctic, along the Northern shores of Russia, & that's about the only excuse they've got for having any settlements or ports up there which need to be supplied by ships!
       55. WHO KNOWS BUT WHAT MAYBE THE LORD WAS SLOWING DOWN THEIR PREPARATIONS WITH THIS SUDDEN UNUSUAL FREEZE FOR OUR SAKES! And I'm sure He's allowing the U.S. to get so busy in so many different places fighting so many little brushfires that they're not quite prepared either, not in the position they'd like to be to really make sure they win the big one!
       56. I BELIEVE THE LORD IS SLOWING DOWN A LOT OF THESE OPERATIONS, confusing the Americans & keeping them so busy with so many different problems that they don't really have time to properly prepare for the war, & freezing the Russians' boats up in the Arctic Ocean so they can't get ready too fast, God's slowing down the war & war preparation hoping we'll speed up! Really, I believe it!--Hoping we'll hurry up & get the job done so the Lord can let'm loose & get it over with. So think that over. It's a possibility. I believe it!
       57. (TO DAVIDITO:) LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY, HOW HE SITS THERE & LISTENS TO EVERY WORD! Isn't that amazing? He really absorbs it, he drinks it in. That's the way I used to do hearing all those preachers & everything. Thank God he only hears one preacher & he gets the real stuff, the right stuff! But I also got all kinds of different crazy ideas from these preachers, especially prophetic preachers, every one of them preached something different!
       58. WELL, IS THAT ENOUGH ON THE CURRENT SITUATION? WHAT OTHER TROUBLE SPOTS ARE THERE? (Family: The Iran-Iraq War is hotting up again.) Oh yes, & Iraq is threatening to blow up the Iranian oil facilities & ports, which they may yet do. And now Reagan is blaming these bombings of the Marines on Iran. He right away came out & said the Iranians were suspect. Now that tickles me, you know why? Because in spite of all the dirty tricks that Iran & Khomeini played on the Americans--including the hostages & chucking out the Shah & stealing all that American equipment & everything else--the U.S. was still trying to keep their friendship! They gave the Shah billions of dollars worth of arms to help them fight Russia which are now in the hands of a turbaned religious maniac! That doesn't mean he's necessarily insane or not smart, he's plenty smart, but he's a religious maniac just the same because of the way he's doing things & fighting.
       59. A LOT OF LITTLE COUNTRIES HAVE DONE THIS SAME LITTLE TRICK! Khomeini was smart enough to know that in spite of all the dirty tricks they've done to the U.S.A., that the U.S. was still needing them, so to speak, to try to contain Russia, since Iran is right on the Southern border of Russia.--In fact, the only major unfriendly non-Communist country standing between Russia & Israel!--The Turks & the Iranians & the rest of them are nearly all friendly to Russia.--Ha!
       60. AND HERE'S THE ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE PART OF IT! It was Iran who called the U.S.A. the Great Satan & Israel the Little Satan & has bragged how they're going to march on Jerusalem & free Palestine from the Israelis & have carried on a constant vitriolic hate campaign of propaganda against the U.S. & Israel as their greatest bitterest enemies, yet it is the U.S. & Israel who have been supplying them with sufficient arms & ammunition to fight Iraq!--Ha!
       61. THERE ARE SOME REAL CONTRADICTIONS & REAL ENIGMAS IN SOME OF THESE CRAZY WARS & POLITICS! It shows that the Superpowers are even willing to use their bitter enemies as long as they're a bitter enemy of a more bitter enemy or a bigger enemy that they're more afraid of! So here the U.S. & Israel have been the major arms suppliers, spare parts, ammunition suppliers, plane suppliers & all the rest for Iran!
       62. AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN, GET THE SWITCH! When it looked like suddenly Iran threatened the Hormuz Straits & to cut off the Arab Gulf oil supply to the Western World--in fact, it didn't even look like it, Iran came flat out with it--all of a sudden the U.S. begins to threaten Iran & now blames Iran for blowing up the Marine barracks!
       63. YOU BEGIN TO WONDER A LITTLE BIT, ARE THESE U.S. GUYS CUCKOO OR SOMETHING? I mean, one minute they say out of one side of their mouth or behind their backs or under the table they're helping a country like Iran, supplying it with millions of dollars' worth of munitions & weapons & arms supplies, etc., to fight Iraq, all because Iraq is supplied by Russia & a friend of Russia. Then the minute Iran threatens the oil supply, whisst, roll over!--Flip over in fact!
       64. ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY'RE NOW THREATENING & CONDEMNING & CRITICISING IRAN & sending another fleet to the Indian Ocean & up to the Gulf & all this sort of thing in order to make sure Iran doesn't carry through with the threat to close the oil supply.--And because Iran has, of course, in the past threatened to march to Jerusalem & is still threatening because now the U.S. wants to help Israel take over Lebanon. That's what they're there for. They moved in under the guise of peacekeeping forces & just look how they've kept the peace, would you?
       65. THESE GUYS ARE ALWAYS SAYING, "WE'RE ARMING IN ORDER TO ENSURE DISARMAMENT! We're securing the World with great forces & more arms to prevent war!" It's so ridiculous! Reagan's propaganda line has been that they were there to keep the peace & to ensure that the legal government of Lebanon would have the freedom to establish itself, etc. Well, the "legal" government of Lebanon is about as illegal as it can get! It doesn't rule anything but Beirut, & not even most of that, & it was put in power by the Israelis & the Americans! It doesn't even represent the majority of the people, not by any wild stretch of your imagination!
       66. THE DRUZE & THE MUSLIMS ARE NOW IN THE MAJORITY IN LEBANON, & that is what both the U.S. & the Israelis--which are one & the same, & of course which their enemies flat-out accuse them of--are trying to prevent. But the U.S. still carries on this charade of pretending to be neutral & merely trying to be a peacemaker between two enemies, Israel & Lebanon, blah blah, when the U.S. is there for nothing in the World but to protect Israel & to take over Israel's gains as Israel moves out in order that Israel won't lose what they gained. They even helped them kick out the PLO & the Palestinians & failed to protect the poor refugees who were there from a massacre!--And Israel's kept Southern Lebanon!
       67. IT'S SO FUNNY, IT'S SO SILLY! YOU CAN'T IMAGINE SENSIBLE, LOGICAL PEOPLE HAVE THE NERVE TO PASS OUT A LINE LIKE THAT! It's like the lie they used to accuse Hitler of [DELETED]: "The bigger the lie you tell, the more people are apt to believe it!"--Because they couldn't even believe that you'd have the nerve to tell such a big lie unless it was true! And that's what both Israel & the U.S. are doing in Lebanon, the whole thing is a bunch of lies! About the only ones actually telling the truth are what the West considers the wrong people. The Syrians have got the thing flat-out straight, they're telling the honest truth about the situation, & that's about the only place you can get a little honesty nowadays is, of all places & from of all people, the Russians & the Syrians & some of those guys! Can you imagine?
       68. LIKE I USED TO SAY YEARS AGO TEACHING CLASSES AT OUR SCHOOL: "THE RIGHT PEOPLE HAVE THE WRONG MESSAGE & THE WRONG PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT MESSAGE!" The church people & the so-called Christian West are preaching the wrong message of Capitalism & selfishness & are the worst warmongering nations in the World!--I mean, preaching that kind of a message, & at least practicing it if nothing else. Whereas the so-called wrong people, the Communist World, the Antichrist World, is preaching sharing, Communism, equality & peace! Of course they're planning to establish peace with war too, that's what they always plan.
       69. NO GREAT KING, WORLD DICTATOR OR WORLD CONQUEROR EVER PLANNED TO HAVE A WAR, THEY ONLY PLANNED TO HAVE PEACE!--BUT THEY HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH THAT BY WAR, that's one little problem. The excuse has always been peace. Well, many centuries ago they weren't quite as subtle about it. They sort of enjoyed making war & were proud of being conquerors. But nowadays it's sort of embarrassing to be a conqueror. It's sort of against World opinion, imperialism & that sort of thing.
       70. BUT IF I KNOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, EVEN IF THEIR LEADERS DIDN'T NOW LEAD'M TO WAR, I'M SURE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE & THE HARDHATS ARE GUNG-HO TO GET IN THERE: "Let's send in the Marines like Eisenhower did & let's clean out that place of all those damn Commies & Mohammedans & whatnot & turn it over to the good Jews & Christians!"--Because of course the Jews have been the ones that have been backing the Christians! They can almost say "Christians" like this instead!--I'm putting quotes around the word "Christians," then I just took one pair of quotes & put them over my head like a pair of horns!
       71. MY GOD, IF THAT'S CHRISTIANITY, I DON'T WANT ANYTHING OF IT!--Where they're killing each other all day long & pretending to be Christians! There are even several different kinds of "Christians" in Lebanon, they're really fractured--& hardly any true Christians as far as I can see--& all kinds of Muslims. They don't like you to call them Mohammedans, by the way.
       72. (FAMILY: IT SEEMS FUNNY THAT THERE HASN'T BEEN MORE OF AN UPROAR ABOUT THIS THING.) They don't want to scare the people, because if the people freak out & get hysterical about another Vietnam, they might not be willing to keep the guys there. But they want to assure everybody: "Keep calm. We're going to send more Marines, yes of course, but just as peacekeeping forces. We just have to secure the Lebanese government, we have to secure our position. Keep calm. It's not another war, it's not another Vietnam. Just keep calm, don't lose your temper over this incident." They want to just keep pouring the forces in & keep things calm so that Congress will vote in favour of it & keep supporting it.
       73. AS LONG AS THEY KEEP THE PEOPLE FROM GETTING AROUSED & IN A WAR FERVOUR, THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!--Whereas if they let the people get whipped-up to a war fervour, then they're bound to have an all-out war before they're ready for it, & they're not quite ready for it yet. (Maria: But there must be quite a group that is for pulling them out, because on the news they said it was a real touchy subject.)
       74. THE THING THAT AMAZES ME IS HOW MUCH BIPARTISAN SUPPORT THERE IS TO HAVE THEM STAY! The Congress immediately voted a vote of confidence for Reagan to have'm stay in spite of this incident, an immediate vote to keep the Marines there! In fact, this seemed to more solidify their unity & their backing of Reagan to keep the Marines there, when before that he was having a big problem with a lot of controversy to pull'm out. This seemed to unite the Republicans & Democrats more than ever in keeping the Marines there.
       75. AND I THINK PART OF THAT IS THE FACT THAT YOU NEVER YET SAW AMERICANS EVER TAKE ANYTHING LIKE THAT, YOU MIGHT SAY, LYING DOWN! It's against the cowboy ethic: "You shoot me & I am going to shoot you!" That's just the ethics of it, good old Jewish ethics: "An eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth!" What they're thinking is: "You guys have gone too far now! We're going to come in now, we're there to stay, & not only to stay, we're going to come in & we're going to take over!" I believe this is going to ensure a U.S. takeover of Lebanon if they can.
       76. BEFORE THIS REAGAN WAS SAYING: "WE'RE JUST THERE TO KEEP THE PEACE & SUPPORT THE LEBANESE GOVERNMENT & SUPERVISE THE SO-CALLED WITHDRAWAL"--WHEN NOBODY'S WITHDRAWN! The Israelis have anything but withdrawn, they only fell back to the Awali River which cuts Lebanon almost in two! Somebody said on a correction or something to me the other day, on one of the rough drafts, "Don't you mean the Litani River?" No, I didn't mean the Litani River. The Litani River is another 20 or 30 miles South, closer to Israel. They're at the Awali River North of Sidon, cutting Lebanon almost in half, that's where they've settled down & built permanent fortifications. That is now the new Northern border of Israel, as I told you, & they'll never move unless somebody drives them out! They have got what they came after, half of Lebanon, to keep the Palestinians away from Israel, so they say.
       77. AND NOW THIS GUY SHAMIR, THE NEW PREMIER OF ISRAEL, HE'S WORSE OF A HARD-LINER & ASSASSIN & TERRORIST THAN BEGIN WAS! He even split with Begin because he thought Begin was too soft, so he's worse than ever! He's the guy that murdered the famous Swedish peacemaker from the U.N., Count Bernadotte--murdered him! You guys must not read what I have written, because that was in one of the WNs. How do you like our little News Digest? We're going to get that out now every time we get a full signature of them, 64 pages. I'm going to ship it off as fast as we get'm to keep'm moving!--D.V.
       78. BUT SHAMIR'S WORSE THAN BEGIN & HE'S GOT A HARDER LINE ON THE WEST BANK & SETTLEMENTS & EVERYTHING EVEN THAN BEGIN, & BEGIN WAS BAD ENOUGH! You probably thought nobody could be any worse, but Shamir is. So they're not about to begin to ever pull out of Lebanon, not unless somebody drives them out. That's what the Southern Lebanese are complaining about now & demonstrating & squawking about! They said: "Israel is taking over the government here & building permanent facilities & everything's permanent, nothing temporary about it! That's the Northern border of Israel!" And now Israel's bragging that because of their war they have opened the border of Lebanon & Israel, they now have an open border.--Yes, Israel on both sides!
       79. THAT WAS ONE FAMOUS RUSSIAN SAYING ABOUT MILITARY TACTICS, I'LL HAVE TO GIVE'M CREDIT FOR THAT!: A Czarist foreign minister once said, "The only safe Russian border is where the Russians are on both sides of it!" (See WND No.2, pg.25.) That's the Israelis for you! The only safe Israeli border is where Israel's on both sides. They're definitely on both sides in Lebanon, they're practically on both sides in Egypt because they've made peace with Egypt, they're just getting ready for the next one now. And if God hadn't slowed'm down with practically going bankrupt, they probably would have tried to take over Jordan next.--Or still will!
       80. SYRIA, OF COURSE, IS THEIR WORST NEARBY ENEMY & JORDAN HAS STAYED SORT OF OUT OF IT BECAUSE IT'S JUST A LITTLE TINY COUNTRY WITH ALMOST NO FORCES. But now the U.S. is trying to build up their forces, to be friendly supposedly. Dear Hussein had better watch out for any U.S. help in so-called building up their army & forces--it may be just another ruse to help the Israelis take over. Because with the U.S. [EDITED: "advisors"] inside of Jordan, supposedly training the Jordanian army & supplying & everything else, they'll know everything about Jordan's inside & its forces & its army & its defence & everything else!
       81. I MEAN, TO BE A FRIEND OF THE AMERICANS IS TO BE A FRIEND OF [DELETED] THE ISRAELIS! And how some of these stupid dumb people can let those American journalists in like poor Arafat did, thinking they were friendly, I don't know!--When all the time they were nothing but spies for Israel! I mean, to be an American today is to be virtually an Israeli & vice versa.--Except when the Israelis & the Americans don't agree, then Israel is for Israel.--Israel goes her way & the U.S. goes Israel's way!
       82. SO THAT'S THE WAY IT IS & WHERE IT'S AT! ANYTHING ELSE I HAVEN'T COVERED? (Family: Since no one's really claimed the bombing of those two buildings, do you think the Israelis might have planned it?) Honey, everybody has suspected everybody, that maybe even Gemayel's so-called government of Lebanon was afraid the Americans might pull out. The Israelis could have been afraid the Americans might pull out. In fact, as we said, this has created more bipartisan unity now & more guarantees & promises by Congress & the President & everything else that the Americans are there to stay! They may never get out now!
       83. AFTER ALL, EISENHOWER SENT IN THE MARINES ONCE BEFORE & TOOK OVER THE COUNTRY!--10,000 Marines, wasn't it? After they had voted in a pro-Communist government, the U.S. couldn't have that, of course, especially when it had just liberated the country from France, etc., & supposedly made it another free country, one of those nice free gifts of freedom the Americans pass out.--Except when they vote for Communism, now that's another story. So Eisenhower sent in the Marines & took it over, set it free again so they could vote the right way on second thought! Well, you can see the mess it's been in ever since.--A real mess!
       84. SO I THINK THIS INCIDENT HAS JUST ABOUT GUARANTEED THE AMERICANS WILL STAY, not only stay, they're claiming they're just going to stay put. Now isn't that silly? Why would any country be sending thousands of Marines there just to sit behind barricades & sandbags & hide out from their enemies? Nobody ever won a defensive war! What are soldiers for? What have they got the guns & everything for if they're not going to fight? But of course they have to get'm all in there first under this ruse of peacekeeping & not fighting, so that when they're ready to fight they can say, "Go! Now's the time!" But in the meantime they've gotta give all these excuses to the World & the Lebanese & everybody, especially the enemy, the Russians, not to worry.
       85. IT'S JUST LIKE THE CAMEL'S NOSE ALL OVER AGAIN: "DON'T WORRY, WE'RE NOT REALLY GOING TO COME IN, we're not really going to take over Lebanon, we're not really invading the Mideast, we're just here in peacekeeper capacity, like our peacekeeping missiles." They even named a set of them "Peacekeepers"! They're all peacekeepers: All these armies are peacekeepers, all these Marines are peacekeepers, all the missiles are peacekeepers!--Ha!
       86. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD'S EVER GOING TO KEEP THE PEACE BUT THE LORD! Well, since the Antichrist is the false messiah, he's going to at least pretend to keep the peace for awhile & he might succeed to some extent, but otherwise it's going to be pretty much Hell on Earth from here on in!--Or I should say from here on out, thank the Lord, because we're not going in, we're going out! Hallelujah! PTL!
       87. (FAMILY: IT'S INTERESTING HOW THOSE PEOPLE COULD GET THROUGH ALL THOSE ROADBLOCKS & DRIVE THE TRUCK RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE BUILDING WITH NO MISTAKES, PERFECTLY TIMED!) The Lord certainly must have allowed it! He could have prevented it. I'll tell you, if there's any foul-mouthed foul bunch of people you ever want to have to associate with, it's the U.S. Military! How many of you have ever been in the military, in the Army? Oh wow! I really managed to keep you out, huh? I'm the only militarist in the bunch! Well, they are the dirtiest, most violent, foulest guys you'd ever want to have to associate with--that is, outside of journalists! The journalists aren't quite so violent, but they are foul & foul-mouthed & some of the worst riff-raff you'd ever want to know, those war correspondents, etc.
       88. BUT SOLDIERS, UGH!--I DIDN'T KNOW THAT MEN COULD BE SO EVIL & SO FOUL & SO VILE & SO WICKED & SO VIOLENT AS THE AMERICAN MILITARY! I was in the Army, but the Marines are supposed to be worse, because they're supposed to be tougher! The Navy & the Air Force are supposed to be a little bit above that, the upper class, you know. The upper class never wanted their guys to get in the Army or the Infantry, they want them to fly high above the scene or sail on high upon the high seas far away & shoot big guns that hit the enemy 20 or 30 miles away & not have to go into hand-to-hand fighting. So the rich people & the aristocrats, they always made sure that their boys, if they had to fight at all, got into the Navy or the Air Force & stayed as far away from the action as possible. They're the elite cadre of the military. But in the last war it seemed like it was such a dirty business, nobody could stay too far away. In Vietnam they all got into it!
       89. SO I THINK THEY'RE NOT GETTING ANY FURTHER OUT OF LEBANON, THEY'RE GETTING FURTHER IN! They're there to stay & they plan to stay there most of all to protect Israel. [DELETED]
       91. [EDITED: "THE ACs"] ARE ACTIVE EVERYWHERE IN ALL THESE THINGS, PROBABLY EVEN RUSSIA, & NOT ONLY IN JAPAN BUT CHINA, TRYING TO GET THEIR WHOLE ACT TOGETHER TO CONTROL THE WORLD, WHICH THEY WILL ONE OF THESE DAYS! And in spite of the supposed wars between forces, they not only instigate wars, for example to protect Israel for one thing, but to take over the World when it's shot itself to pieces! And of course if the Antichrist is smart enough to figure out some kind of peace first to keep it from going to pieces, that's even easier. (See No.1518.) But if it comes to the point where they've got to blow it up rather than lose it, they'll do that.
       92. WELL, I THINK THAT'S ENOUGH FOR TONIGHT! I came down here with the definite intention of having you guys tell me some things I wanted to know. Instead of that, you rascals are always pulling it out of me instead. It's not very hard to do, I must admit. Well, I think the Family probably needs to know the whole general overall situation. Although I keep explaining it here & there, tonight I tried to link it all together to show the linkage of the whole thing, how it's being linked & integrated & is part of an overall plan.
       93. OF COURSE THE AMERICANS HAVE NO PLAN--EXCEPT FOR THE [EDITED: "ACS"] WHO RUN IT, THEY'VE GOT A PLAN, & their plan is going to work out with even the Russian plan eventually so that their whole government can take over & put the Antichrist in power. And I don't see how it can be very much longer. It looks to me like it's just about gotta be soon before they do blow themselves up. So let's get busy & do all we can, amen? PTL! We'd better pray. Amen! PTL!
       94. THANK YOU LORD THAT IN SPITE OF ALL THAT'S GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY WE HAVE PEACE & we have Heaven on Earth in our happy Heavenly Homes, Heaven in our hearts--wonderful wonderful peace, glorious glorious peace, sweet peace, the gift of Thy Love!
       95. IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, LORD, AS THE WORLD GETS WORSE WE REALLY BELIEVE WE'RE GETTING BETTER & HAPPIER & MORE EFFECTIVE! We're doing more & better than ever before, Lord. Thank You Lord, we've kept the Family busy for Thee, & we even thank Thee that You have not allowed the numbers to grow so that they got out of hand, but You've kept us trimmed down to a Gideon's band that are faithful, loyal, true, determined, no compromisers, all-out, forsake-all, wholly-dedicated, genuine missionaries, 110%ers who really are determined to serve Thee to the End, Lord! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!
       96. SO BLESS US NOW & HELP US TO KEEP BUSY FOR YOU UNTIL OUR JOB IS DONE, & WE KNOW YOU WILL, LORD! Thank You for how wonderfully & miraculously You've protected us from our enemies & You're only allowing them to attack us where we need to move out & get out of some of those countries, trying to flush us out so we'll all get out to the fields, Lord. You've provided for us so miraculously & wonderfully so that we not only have our needs & conveniences & comforts, but even luxuries, Lord, even above all we could ask or think, the desires of our hearts, our wants, because we delight ourselves in Thee. (Ps.37:4) And what we want most of all, Lord, is to serve Thee & to help others find Thee & enjoy Thy Love, Thy Salvation & Thy freedom, & eventually, Lord, our marvellous reward of that beautiful Heavenly City! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen!
       97. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL?--YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT TILL AFTER A THOUSAND-YEAR MILLENNIUM TO SEE THAT CITY, YOU'RE GOING TO GO STRAIGHT THERE IN THE RAPTURE! You're going to see it right away! TTL! Amen, as we pray Thy prayer together, Lord: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.") Give us a good night's rest & safekeeping, Lord, & strength for tomorrow. Thank You for this sweet little time of fellowship together, in Jesus' name. May we be edified by it & encouraged & enlightened, Lord, & knowledgeable, because we know what's happening & what's going to happen, & to thereby be inspired to work even harder to get our work done for You, in Jesus' name, amen! TYJ! God bless you all! PTL! (Sings "God Be with You Till We Meet Again.")
       98. WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE TO MEET, AT JESUS' FEET!--Right here at the table, amen? He's right there, didn't you know it? Because He said He's going to be in the middle of us. (Mt.18:20.) That's the middle right there, so He must be sitting on the table, or standing up. Well, by this time He's probably sitting down & awful tired, Grandpa talked so long! PTL! Well, I don't know that the Lord always has time to go around in Person to all these places, but He's sure got a representative, that's for sure. But He said, "There am I" & that representative is He or She! His Spirit is here!
       99. (TO TECHI:) GOD BLESS YOU, LITTLE ANGEL, MY LITTLE FAIRY PRINCESS, THE LIFTER UP OF MY HEAD! TYL! Wasn't the Lord good to give me her in these Last Days, & such a wonderful boy to carry on the ministry. [DELETED] PTL! Anything else? Don't you dare ask a question now unless it's urgent! PTL! GBY! ILY!--Are you ready? GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

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