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THE DAVID PROPHECIES!--Of the Bible!        DFO 1642        9/83

       1. VERY FEW PROPHETS IN THE BIBLE HAD THEIR COMING PREDICTED. In a way, the Patriarchs were predicted. Of course, from beginning to end Jesus was predicted, but He's in a class all by Himself. But of the Men of God who were coming, how many of them were foretold beforehand? That would be an interesting study. I can name a few right off hand. Of course a number of children like Isaac, Samuel & John the Baptist were predicted, such as the children of some barren women which were a miracle.
       2. I CAN'T RECALL WHETHER MOSES WAS PREDICTED, I presume he was or at least by inference, but John the Baptist was predicted as "Elijah which was for to come", (Mt.11:14) that he would have the spirit & power of Elijah, & now we understand that he actually had the spirit & power of Elijah himself! In other words, in a sense he was possessed by Elijah, that was exactly the effect of what Jesus said. I've about run out of predicted Prophets already, except for the David that was promised to come, so he must be pretty important, huh? (Maria: Amen!) The Lord didn't foretell the coming of very many Prophets, so the ones that He did forecast must have been pretty important. Praise the Lord!--Also I think to encourage the people during very trying times.
       3. IN SOME OF THE PROPHETIC VERSES ABOUT DAVID HE COULD HAVE BEEN SPEAKING OF THE OLD KING DAVID, but of course they're just as applicable to a latter day King David as well. (Maria: Just like we rightly take the Scriptures that were written for their comfort & encouragement also for our comfort & encouragement.) Exactly! And just as Scriptures which were spoken to people in ancient times were also spoken to include us today. That should be easy enough to understand, that a prophecy could fit more than one person.
       4. BUT I REALLY THINK HE MUST HAVE HAD ME IN MIND IN A LOT OF THESE, & I think in many of them He was specifically speaking of me, because they couldn't possibly have been applied to old King David & neither could they be applied to Jesus, which is the way the church tries to interpret them all. You know how the churches are & the preachers, they don't like to confess that there's anything they don't know. So this David was a real mystery for thousands of years & they really couldn't explain it so they tried to apply it so that it either meant old King David or it meant Jesus, because they couldn't possibly foresee a future King David in the Last Days. But the Lord Himself spoke it & applied it & in such ways in certain prophecies that it couldn't possibly refer to old King David or Jesus because some of them were made long after old King David died, about a coming David which couldn't possibly have meant him because he was already long gone.
       5. SOME ALSO COULDN'T POSSIBLY HAVE APPLIED TO JESUS because He was not David in any sense of the word, He was a descendant of David & He was Jesus, & only He was Jesus! So He had an absolutely unique place as the only begotten Son of God, the Saviour, the Messiah & the Son of God, & there is no reason why God should have spoken of Him as being David when there was already a David, the old King David, & there was a coming King David. So I'm now convinced that these prophecies which they have a hard time twisting & fitting to Jesus did not apply to Jesus at all, but actually apply to us today, that's the simplest interpretation of all. We don't have to twist or wrest the Scriptures to make it fit Jesus because they really don't. The Scriptures speak expressly of David in the Latter Days, in the Last Days, in the Latter Day He would raise up this king. (Ho.3:5)
       6. SO THAT'S ALWAYS BEEN A MYSTERY TO THE CHURCH, but of course they always brushed it aside & said, well, that's Jesus. But even as a lad I wondered how that could apply to Jesus because it just didn't seem to fit. (Maria: It's a little bit disrespectful & demeaning & degrading to make it try to fit that way, make Jesus try to be like David!) Yes. Why should Jesus be called David? Now He's called a Branch of David & He's called the descendant of the old King David etc., & there are many prophecies along that line about Jesus being the Heir of David in the sense of the Throne of Israel, King of Israel etc. & those are perfectly simple, understandable prophecies that are obvious.
       7. BUT THESE VAGUE MYSTERIOUS PROPHECIES OF A LATTER-DAY KING DAVID in the Latter Time in the Last Days, the Latter Days King David that is going to gather his scattered sheep & search them out & all of these things, well, I mean there just is no way to interpret them as being Jesus, much less the old King David. So since the Lord Himself named me from my Mother's womb, filled me with the Spirit from my Mother's womb & confirmed it by those three different prophets in three different places, men who didn't even know who I was, who laid their hands on me & prophesied that prophecy of the David of the Church of Philadelphia, & if the prophecy of Philadelphia is not only symbolic of that kind of church but also of a Latter Day church, then it would have to be an Endtime David. (Rev.3:7-13).
       8. I CERTAINLY FELT I WAS CERTAINLY ANOINTED OF THE LORD, CONFIRMED BY THE MOUTH OF THREE WITNESSES, when I received that same prophecy from three prophets in three different cities who didn't even know my name or that they were praying for a man who actually had the name David! Think of that! I mean, that was a marvellous thing to me. And at the time of course I never really realised the significance of it, except that I felt the Lord was being very encouraging by calling me by name & giving me a prophecy right out of the Bible which I took to be applied at the time directly to me, not realising that it was an actual prophecy about me personally, originally.
       9. IMAGINE! THAT WAS A PROPHECY GIVEN AFTER JESUS HAD COME & GONE & THE OLD KING DAVID HAD LONG AGO COME & GONE! So how could it apply to either one of them?--The Philadelphia Prophecy. I mean that was an outright absolute direct prophecy to me given on three different occasions by people who didn't even know my name, & in fact, not one of them had ever seen me before but were just drawn to me in those prayer meetings to lay hands on me & prophesy. Think of that!
       10. AND THEN MRS. GUNN WHO CAME FROM FLORIDA, just think, she was a marvellous Prophetess of God, really anointed & inspired & gave beautiful prophecy! She was so convinced that this David she was reading about in Ezekiel was me long after I had left there, months after we had left her home in Florida, that she drove all the way to Texas, 1500 miles, a 3,000 mile round-trip just to tell me that the Lord told her, she said, that I was that David of Ezekiel 37! Think of that!
       11. WHAT OTHER CONFIRMATION DO WE NEED? I mean, it took me awhile to grasp the enormity of the thing because it was almost hard to believe, but there was such a series of miracles of confirmations & prophecy. Oh, another thing, it also came from my own Mother in all her prophecies about me being the David & the Daniel in the Last Days etc.--And from Mrs. Gunn & all the Prophets in between.
       12. I WAS FINALLY CONVINCED, I was finally practically forced to believe the Lord that that was I, that the Lord was talking about me, & since then in reading those prophecies they make so much sense because they're all about the Last Days.--A David of the Last Days. And there was no reason in the World for thinking it was Jesus & that God was calling Jesus "David", & the very first one by Moses in Deuteronomy didn't say it was Jesus or the Messiah nor the Son of God, but he said, "I will raise up a Prophet from amongst thy brethren like unto you", he said, in other words, like Moses, an ordinary man & not the Son of God, not Jesus, but He would raise up a Prophet like Moses from amongst his brethren, the Jews. (Deut.18:15,18)
       13. HE DIDN'T RAISE UP JESUS AS A PROPHET LIKE MOSES. Jesus was very little like Moses. I'm a lot more like Moses than Jesus was. I don't have the patience or the tenderness & meekness that Jesus had. I'm more impatient & violent & bombastic like Moses was & a lot more human than Jesus, just like Moses. (Maria: Then this Verse wasn't talking about the old King David--because it's in the Latter Days, right?) This Verse points out about the Latter Days, so it couldn't have been old King David because he didn't live in the Latter Days.
       14. GOOD NIGHT!--NOT IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD DID OLD KING DAVID LIVE IN THE LATTER DAYS! If anything, you'd call it the Middle Ages of World History in which David lived, a thousand years before Christ, 3,000 years ago & only 3,000 years after the Creation, right smack in the middle of World History!--Three thousand years after the Creation of man & the Earth & 3,000 years before now, so old King David didn't live in the Latter Days in any sense of the word whatsoever. He lived in the Mediaeval ancient times of World History, so it couldn't possibly have been that King David, & Jesus Himself was not born until after 4,000 years of World History & 2,000 years ago, so how could He be the David of the Last Days?
       15. AND YOU KNOW IT'S FUNNY THAT ALTHOUGH MEN OF GOD IN RECENT TIMES HAVE CLAIMED TO BE EVERYBODY FROM ELIJAH TO JOHN THE BAPTIST REINCARNATED, AS FAR AS I KNOW NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER CLAIMED TO BE DAVID NOR MOSES! HOW COME? WHY NOT? Why does no one else ever claim to be this mysterious David? Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Because He reserved that for us! Just think of that! He reserved that name & its fulfilment for us. Now that is just absolutely amazing! Nobody ever claimed that before, & apparently the church did their very best to make sure nobody ever did by insisting that was Jesus, when most of those prophecies don't fit Jesus at all!
       16. SO PRAISE THE LORD! HE FINALLY CONVINCED ME, BUT NOT BY JUST A PROPHECY. They were hard to believe when I first got'm before I saw any signs of any fulfilment, but now we know, we have seen the fulfilment before our very eyes, of how much the Lord has done through us & that we've fulfilled those prophecies to the very letter in gathering His scattered sheep, searching them out & bringing them together & making me a king--Prophet, Priest & King to them like Moses was. No other Prophet before & no Prophet since Moses, except old King David himself, were both Prophet, Priest & King to their people! Think of that!
       17. MOSES & DAVID WERE THE ONLY MEN OF GOD IN HISTORY WHO WERE BOTH PROPHET, PRIEST & KING--all three to their people, & that's exactly what the Lord called me, by both of their names, Moses David! How about that? Isn't that something? Only three of us in History were a prophet & a priest & a king to our people! Of course Jesus was, but He was the only begotten Son of God, the unique Messiah, the Saviour, so He is not even in our class, He is far above us. We're talking about ordinary men born of natural fathers & mothers, ordinary brethren, ordinary men of God.--Well, the three of us were a bit extraordinary--Moses & old King David & me, so we have a rather limited fraternity amongst the three of us, but we're the only men of God that I can recall at this moment in all history who were all three to their people--Prophet, Priest & King!
       18. MOST OF THE KINGS HAD PROPHETS & HAD PRIESTS, BUT THEY DIDN'T TRY TO DO ALL THREE JOBS because they weren't called to do all three jobs. The only ones I can remember who had to handle all three jobs, & tough jobs at that, the only ones I can remember who ever had to be Prophet, Priest & King to their people were Moses, old King David & me--nobody else of any other ordinary natural men of God with normal human parents.
       19. JESUS HIMSELF OF COURSE WAS ALSO A PROPHET & A PRIEST & A KING, BUT HE WAS ALSO THE UNIQUE SON OF GOD, Messiah & Saviour, which none of us were nor ever claimed to be, although in the Last Days some will claim to be Christ. In fact, He predicted that many would claim to be Christ, but I never heard of anyone else claiming to be David, even though a David was predicted so many times in the Bible. Neither did anybody claim to be Moses or old King David because they were come & gone, & although some did try to claim to be Elijah because he was predicted to precede the Lord when he came, Jesus Himself said it was John the Baptist who was His literal forerunner at His first coming, but no one else has ever fulfilled these prophecies of a Latter Day David.
       20. BUT I THINK ALL YOU HAVE TO DO NOW IS SIMPLY LOOK AROUND US & SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE to know that He must have been talking about me, because here we are & here we've done it! So that's it as far as I'm concerned. I'm convinced. I'm willing to accept it & believe it because the Lord has already done it & I'm already it! Ha! As the guy said, "And besides me there ain't no itter!" So the Lord tagged me & I'm "it"! But you better run, or I'm going to catch you too, or already have! God bless you! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen!
       21. LISTEN TO THIS! HERE'S A PSALM: (Ps.89:19-21) "Then Thou spakest in vision to Thy holy one", & said--imagine now, this is old King David speaking, prophesying, & the Lord is telling him--"I have laid help on one that is mighty. I have exalted one chosen out of the people."--Out of the people, not the only begotten unique virgin-born Son of God, Jesus! But "I have found David My Servant", the Lord didn't have to go around looking for Jesus & Jesus was not His servant, He was His Son! And "With My holy oil have I anointed him with whom My hand shall be established. My arm also shall strengthen him." Think of that!
       22. (MARIA: WAS THE LORD TALKING ABOUT THE OLD KING DAVID?) HERE HE WAS PROPHESYING OF THE FUTURE DAVID, old David was already there & he was an old man by this time. (Maria: Not when he was a young boy sitting & playing Psalms to his sheep, this was later after everything was pretty much over?) Nearly all these Psalms were written after he was an old man. (Maria: How do we know that? Are they dated? In one he did say, "I have been young & now am I old, & yet never have I seen the righteous forsaken.") (Ps.37:25) There are quite a few indications. It is very unlikely that any of these were written when he was a boy. It's possible, but they just don't sound like it. (Maria: A lot of times he says how old he is & how he is almost ready to die.)--And after he is already king & everything. So he must have been speaking of a later David--Amen? PTL!
       23. ANOTHER THING THAT STRUCK ME JUST NOW IN THE PHILADELPHIA PROPHECY IS THAT HE SAYS, "LET NO MAN STEAL THY CROWN" (V.11), AS THOUGH HE WERE SPEAKING TO A KING! Well, I've surely had to be a King to my people, to help manage their business & national affairs, even when I didn't want to. (See Nos.51-53,55,129,155,164,253,310A-B & many more!) I always preferred to simply be your Prophet, to receive & pass on the Words of the Lord. But He also made me your King, whether I like it or not!--And nearly all these prophecies are already fulfilled, TTL! GBAKY & make you always a good & faithful & loyal citizen of His Kingdom!--In Jesus' name, amen.--Amen?

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